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Tips for Sleeping on Planes || Thrillist Travel Guide

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When you’ve reached a comfortable cruising altitude and you’re ready to tuck in, Michael J. Breus, PhD, a sleep specialist and founder of The Sleep Doctor, suggests a calming breathing technique: Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, exhale for eight seconds and repeat 10 times. Obviously, if you plan on sleeping, book a window seat and buckle your seatbelt over your outermost garment so the flight attendants won’t wake you when the seatbelt sign goes on. Bring food and water When it comes to food and drinks, you don’t want to be at the mercy of the flight attendants or catering or if there’s a long delay. SmarterTravel.com serves up our travel-tested tips for sleeping on planes.

1. Choose your seat wisely Seats near the rear of the plane may be noisier due to the planes’ engines and clink. 6 tips for better sleep on an airplane. Jul 17, 2019. Share Tweet Pin it Fancy Add. The fact is some of us can climb aboard a plane, sit down in our seats, and pass out immediately.

While others of us fall asleep during takeoff, get to cruising altitude and wake up immediately, only to spend the rest of the flight trying to fall back asleep. Tips For Sleeping Better On A Plane 1. Choose the best window seat. Where you sit can make a big difference.

Book a window seat, which often has a 2. The extra legroom Vs. the reclining decision for tall people. I’m 6 foot 4 (193 cm), which means most standard 3. Bring a good travel. The Best Ways to Sleep on a Plane Before Sleeping on a Plane.

Without getting too carried away, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Make sure Carry-on Items that Help You Sleep on a Plane. You don’t need to add a bunch of extra items to your carry-on order to Key Positions to. Plan ahead of time 1. Score a window seat. If you can reserve a window seat, do it.

You’ll be able to lean over and rest your head on the 2. Pack some comfort items. Remember your favorite teddy bear as a kid? Think of this as the adult version.

Now’s 3. Stock up on melatonin. He adds. Sleeping on Planes: 13 Tips for Travelers Choose Your Seat Wisely. Your seat location could be one of the most important factors in how well—or how poorly—you Cut Down on Your Carry-Ons.

If you have two full-size carry-ons, one might end up under your feet, limiting your legroom Skip the. Sleeping on the Plane 1. Recline your seat. You are used to sleeping flat on a bed, so try to mimic this as much as possible during your 2. Take your shoes off.

Get comfortable by slipping off your shoes and placing them under the seat in front of you. 3. Use your neck pillow, your sleep mas. “Before going to sleep on a plane, I will change into comfortable sleeping clothes, brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on heavy face cream. Then, after I put on my eye cover and ear plugs, I will visualize that I am laying in my bed.

Normally that does the trick!”.

List of related literature:

Eyeshades and earplugs or noise canceling headphones may help sleep during flight.

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Pillow and blanket To increase comfort, pillows and blankets are sometimes offered to passengers.

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The seat on the plane was big and comfortable and I was able to sleep for most of the time, which helped me a lot.

“Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant” by Daniel Tammet
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I thought I should at least mention these tips because people do expect to see them in a book about sleep.

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Ear plugs or noise-reducing earphones, a travel pillow, and an extra blanket can help too.5

“Parents of Missionaries: How to Thrive and Stay Connected When Your Children and Grandchildren Serve Cross-Culturally” by Cheryl Savageau, Diane Stortz
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But I can’t sleep on planes, which is why taking overnight flights makes me crazy.

“Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work” by Tim Gunn
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2. to make something lie further back If you feel tired during the plane journey, recline your seat and try to sleep.

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If the plane flight is long, sleeping on the flight during appropriate hours (destination nighttime) may be helpful.

“Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Richard B. Berry
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from my own experiences, I find that a glass of wine with my airline meal (not recommended by FIMS) plus plenty of water to limit dehydration, greatly benefits the quality of my in-flight sleep.

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I prepared a strap and pillow to use on the plane that would keep my head in place so I wouldn’t hurt myself if I fell asleep.

“Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel” by Jason Padgett, Maureen Ann Seaberg
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  • When flying, I always get closer to our creator, God. I pray for a long time and if I feel fear or anything, I get closer again and pray. You will feel peace and tranquility in your heart. It does work ������

  • I usually just put the tray down, lay my head down and pull my jacket over my head. The soothing quiet of the plane and the rumble of the engines is enough to knock me out for about 75% of the flight!

  • This is for the poor who can’t fly business or first class. You can never can get a good sleep on economy class. All the 300+ trips, I been on economy class, not once I could get a good sleep.

  • Oooooorrrrr just go to the verrrry back of the plane and put all the armrests up, then sleep normally on your side.

    I missed that opportunity when I was on a flight home with my mum and there were barely any people at the back of the plane. ;-;

  • The f..g hard plastic arm rest annoys me like a hell. Yes it sucks.
    I have no idea..why the hell they have no cushion in it. It is hard like hell.
    I am skinny..but my neighbor is always a f..g shit fat ass, with 2m elbows, sticking 10 cms into my chest. I try to sqeeze as much as I can…but..shit..
    Trust me I hate those bastards..who dont care about others at all.
    Next time i will take a hard plastic plate..with me..and put along with sideof arm rest berween him/her and me to obstruct that bastard elbow. LOL
    One another thing.
    Air lines are getting so greedy in charging if you have 1/2 over weight. LOL.
    I weigh 57 kg, and majority of passengers are 100 kg. Why dont they charge them for extra 50 kg.
    Weight is the same..in flight or in baggage! right?

  • For me a short flight is anywhere under 6 hours, living in Hawaii with a passion to travel, and having a requirement to fly gets a person used to the roughly 5 hour flight to and from the mainland. I also have a difficult time sleeping during flights and pretty much don’t even try, even on red eye flights with Zzzquil, melatonin, or other sleep remedies, but here are a few things I do to prepare for flights. A few days out from flight time I start to drink more water than normal, then I take an empty water bottle thru security to fill and take on the plane, I feel better with filtered fountain water than plane served. For food I try to keep my normal routine and have some type of healthy light snack to munch on during the flight. Everthing I need is in hand when I board the plane, that way I can ground it in the seat, stow my bag overhead (never under the seat in front) and I’m good for the duration. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, have all electronics fully charged, Bose noise cancelling earbuds ready. I’ll leave it at that.

  • One other tip, don’t get a window seat RIGHT next to the airplane door. I took a flight where I didn’t get to choose my seating and ended up right next to the exit door. I thought this was a good thing, considering I’d be one of the first persons off the plane. Unfortunately, a small amount of air comes through the door and is EXTREMELY cold. I froze my legs off through the entire 6 hour flight. I had two blankets wrapped around my legs and my jacket and still the insufferable cold air seeped through. It was THE worse flight I’ve ever had. If the airplane wasn’t fully booked, I would’ve changed seats in a heartbeat.

  • I tend not to have trouble sleeping on a flight but one thing that works for me is to drink a lot of water while on the ground, before the flight, and I avoid alcohol while in the air. Hydration is key while flying.

  • Widow seat, and stay warm with a jacket or small jacket also if you can get good head phones ear plugs work good. Thanks this is a very important subject. I also try to break up a long distance travel by staying an extra day in Honolulu when traveling to Sydney

  • I flew to Australia. The flight from Baltimore to California was ok. The flight from San Fransico to Sydney was intetesting. When boarding the plane I said, “Look at this shit”! I said this while viewing the first class accommodations. Unfortunately, I was in a aisle seat for over 17 hours. I slept through most of it with the aid of medications. The last few hours were very difficult. Many people were doing exactly what you’ve suggested but I was concerned about my circulation. I was alright until I was lost in the Sydney airport. At that point I needed a cigarette! Australians began asking me questions while smoking. One woman told me I had to go to a domestic airport nearby for the flight to Melbourbe. She gave me 40’s and said “Welcome to Australia”. My jaw dropped so I went outside for another cigarette and answered more questions. I made it to the other airport and that flight was delayed for four hours because the back door wouldn’t close. I met lovely people there. The Cafe guy was baffled by me asking for ice for the tea. He said they had lemons then said they did not. An Australia man stood with me while I was waiting for this rude young man to give me ice cubes and lemons. I’m getting older and have trouble with liars and incompetency. I loved it there and had many issues like the flu then pneumonia. They certainly don’t have the answers and while I was in Melbourne there were murders and ethnic fighting. The most inexpensive hotel was great but it was difficult to find food during the Christmas holidays where most places were closed. My bank refused to allow me to use my card to withdraw money despite my many attemps at calling them, using the app and others calling on my behalf. I eventually had to appeal to the US consulate to get home. They were horrible towards me and the many attempting to visit here. One denial after another for me and others. The Consulate had an American employee from my city of Baltimore. She was ignorant, cruel and broke many privacy laws by telling me she knew all about my hospital stay in Baltimore.

  • You make those seats so comfy looking…

    Talk with Cathay pacific bc they clearly make plane seats for hobbits with the leg room they have…

  • I’d just want my seat to recline back more, I’m fine with the leg room i have because i have places where I can put my big that doesn’t intercept with my legs.

  • “commit it” the single worst advise I have ever heard…if you can’t sleep in coach as I just learned on two overnight long haul flights this advice will just leave you frustrated and annoyed.

  • I have friends in the airline industry & they say it’s wisest to wear your heaviest shoes on the plane AND to Keep Them ON. Not only because it keeps the weight out of the luggage, but because if there was an emergency situation, you may not have the time or ability to get your shoes back on; if there’s fire or metal damage, your feet are protected. Flip flops/sandals are The Worst thing to wear on an airplane.

  • The longest time that I am on the plane was 5 years ago. It was 19hrs from Singapore (the country that I am from) to Chicago and have to fly back to Singapore 10 days later. But thanks for the tips, I want to go back to America next year

  • I have found traveling if you just explain politely to the person beside you that you had a long day and would like to get some sleep on the flight and it is not that you wish to be rude.

  • I have to fly from South Africa to London, which is 12 hours,I have to wait at London Heathrow for 6 hours,then I fly to Manchester which is 2 hours. When we land in Manchester I have to take a 3 your drive to Liverpool.

  • I dont understand why some plane seats are concave shaped with head rest that protrudes forward, leaving your back hunched while your head is pushed forward. Why are some seats designed that way?

  • I’m 6.1 and I have wide shoulders nothing I do can make me sleep on long haul flight. Getting a window seat is making it even harder, can’t move..
    The only option is to be making more money to be able to afford business or first class.

  • Foam cervical collar costs less than $20 and prevents your head from dropping (causing you to wake up again) if you do actually nod off.

  • I always end up sitting next to someone who’s constantly farting or snoring or near babies that screams the aircraft down!!! ������

  • Today is a Saturday but, I had to go to school. (Normally i dont). Well anyways, I slept for like an hour before that night. So I was like uhhhhhhhh…… and at tuition, only half of the class showed up (normally 16 people) and it became 5 after 3 people left early. At least the tuition today was english and I got a handful of sweets that I never eat. Well anyways, good tip for LONG LONG LONG flights. My longest flight was probably either from Malaysia to Ireland, Malaysia to USA, or Ireland to Maldives. Well, a bad thing is that naturally sleeping is very hard for me. And also, medications NEVER work for me. I am supposed to take 2-3 injections every Saturdays but I had to go to school so I had to take them after school which is a bad thing because there are alot of stray cats and dogs and those injections are allergies injection.

  • Tip Number 1 tip should be “Sleep as little as possible the day before your trip”… By 10pm, after dinner is served, you’ll be so tired that you’ll fall asleep easily… of course if you have the travel pillow, the mask and the earplugs it’ll be easier. You’ll arrive in Europe or the East Coast ready to have a full day.

  • I have not been on a long flight, but I get nervouse alot, mostly do to fear of hights. My way to get comfty and relax is a good guided meditation or some soft music, It works everytime for me.��

  • I wanted to go to Bali and I said to myself I will take business class so that I would be more comfortable it shouldn’t be a lot of money 2500€???? Economy here I come.

  • I always take a small spray bottle and fill it with water; gently spritz my face from time to time. Helps with the very dry air in an airplane.

  • Do not put your face on the fold-down tray without at least wiping it off with an antiseptic/antibacterial cloth. Those things are dirtier than a toilet seat.

  • I always need to take an aisle seat because I go to the bathroom like 200 times �� I also put on some classical music on my headphones. I’ve never been able to use the pillow, I don’t like that I drool on it then it smells like hell ��

  • I used to think if I sat in first class I’d be able to sleep then when I bought a first class seat I still couldn’t sleep. It’s the fact that I’m in a pressurized ROCKET 30,000 feet in the air is why I can’t sleep lol

  • Thanks for this. Got a 6:30 am flight from N.Y. to LAX coming up and may look into the melatonin. Otherwise was just going to go with the travel neck pillow. Either way seems on that 6+ hour flight tiredness may just work…

  • I did the Dubai flight from Miami, Florida 19 hrs none stop. I only have 1 advice to give you people.Make sure you really want to go to the place your going to cause those flights feels ur never going to land and the food its no good on planes.������

  • HAAAAA jokes on you. A stupid flight attendant said in a T H I C C accent “No no, go back to your seat” in a rude accent as well. I flipped him off behind my back. Also, I was on my period and the blood was leaking through my pants because I bought a bag of pads just before the flight. I didn’t get a chance to change into it. So for 2 hours. 2 HoUrS. I was leaking. Bit by bit. Dying and dyingd

  • OMG you had us at sleep on the plane. What the hell is that? Dare to dream. One day, I promise, I’ll bust out that mask again.

    Great tips!

  • If you are a child that has a C-shaped pillow and you’re in the aisle, try this.
    1. Place your C-shaped pillow on the armrest with the gap facing down.
    2. Get into the uterus position.
    3. Place your head on the pillow.
    4. Wait to fall asleep.
    5. Fall asleep.
    6. Get woken up by a flight attendant delivering useless news such as when the moist towelettes are going to be passed out.
    Good Luck Flyers. Don’t Die. Have A Great Day!

  • What kinda ass rests on the table? How do you think the person in front of you is gonna be able to tolerate all the shaking on the seat?

  • If possible try and book the seats at the back of the aircraft…….especially if they are doubles…..done it a few times…….best seats in economy.

  • I have a moment about sleeping in an aircraft that annoyed me and make me mad. when I tried to sleep, the person keep jabbing the screen that attached at the back of my chair that I sit, so I felt dizzy and can’t sleep. at that time I already having a fever and always vomiting, the action make by passenger at the back is unacceptable. so, I switch to sleep on the flip table in front of me. I was so close to sleep but then once again, I got another problems. the person in front of me, incline his chair making my head bumped with the chair. it hurt a lot, I mean did he did not feel like he bumped into someone or something. and he did it twice. hello, did the first one didn’t give him a lesson? these people like this I called it inconsiderate and selfish people. like what, can’t he just incline enough angle,not just all over to the limit. and the person that always jabbing the screen forcefully like it will make the screen work, just accept that it’s your fate to have a broken screen. I hope these people get twice as much uneasiness that make people who have to go through others selfishness like what what I have experience. kindness and being considerate to each other didn’t cause a penny, just don’t act selfishly just to make yourself comfortable while you burdening others, so the boat of harmony will float together without one side weighing more than the other side.

  • 24 hour fly to korea, I ACTUALLY WENT TO IT BEFORE….. i slept and i was so embarrassed, i sleep snoring and the people on my back kept touching me to wake me up

  • Take an antihistamine as it is possible to make you drowsy so you can sleep. Although the seats don’t recline, seek out the emergency exit row, most people don’t like this row cause of the non reclining of the seats but, you can lift up all the armrests and make it your couch (even better than a first class seat). I flew once on Virgin America from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles and prior to the flight asked if the emergency exit row was taken and they said no and switched me and discovered after they shut the airplane door that no one else was going to be sitting in my row, had the whole row to me. I lifted up the armrests and had a fabulous flight. Nodding off occasionally and it was in the afternoon.

  • Great tips, we agree that sleeping back is so much more comfy than leaning forward!! One more tip to add for EXTRA comfort… We wear our rev’pod™ so we can be warm + cozy in those CHILLY airplane cabins… ✈️❄️�� Check us out at revpod.com!!!!

  • Audio books! People won’t engage you as much w/ ear piece. You can close your eyes, and be entertained. Get a boring book to speed up sleep. Ha

  • Great tips and as I have 2 transatlantic flights later this year will definitely help me. I certainly hope I can wake up on landing as well cheers Pete

  • I can’t sleep because I always think that the plane will fall or crash. Besides, I am fearful of air turbulence. So what should I do?

  • 1/2 Zopiclone tablet, Industrial earplugs, eye mask and an IKEA inflatable neck pillow is doing the job for me. I only fly long haul 11 to 12 hour flights.

  • I fell asleep for 4 hours on my flight which was 10 hours and when I woke up I remember my mom waking me up asking me where we were and we were above the clouds and I thought it was snow lmao

  • I’m using these for when I go to Mexico from Scotland next year it’s not just the flight that makes it long haul unfortunately because I have a one hour drive to Glasgow airport then a 4 hour check in then 10 hours on the plane and when I land I have to go on a coach for 2 hours

  • What a useless video. There is no information about sleeping on a plane here. Leaning on the little table was something I could do when I was 10, before I grew too large. If I try that now I’ll have to break my spine

  • Bought EXPENSIVE Bose sound cancelling headphones years ago… I cringed upon the credit card swipe, but they HAVE done a magnificent job, vs prev “cheapies”… invaluable on trips over 3 hrs! Worth every long lasting penney!!!

  • SOME good tips here but you will NEVER hear a health professional recommend drinking alcohol before or during a flight not only does it actually prevent good prolonged sleep but it also increases the chances of deep vein thrombosis (aka blood clots which in case you didn’t get the memo, can be very dangerous eg. stroke, heartattack, amputation). Also the reason melatonin works for some ppl and not others is because melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body, if you have enough (eg. you get enough light during the day & dark at night with adequate vitamin D levels and have regular sleep patterns ie. NO shift work!) then taking more won’t help you; also many find that after taking it for a few days (eg. for jetlag) it starts to lose its effectiveness this is because by that time you’ve increased your body’s levels so you don’t need any more, if your sleep pattern is still not adjusted out is suggested that you take it every 2nd night instead of even 3rd (this approach does not work for everyone but it’s worth trying MUCH better than taking sleeping tablets, many of which can contribute to early onset dementia with prolonged use)

  • #2) No one opens a window on a plane not made to be opened. Maybe they lift the shade, but never the window. Imagine if and how the cabin pressure would pull everyone and suck everything out the window, as the hole gets bigger upon descent. Btw, I was on a red-eye flight last week returning from S.A. The plane had empty seats, so after take off when it was safe, I and others occupied 3 seats each. Lying with my head on my purse, it was quiet without ear plugs.

  • Earplugs are a must! Those foam things are a complete waste of time, the best ones I have found are wax ear-plugs from the Pharmacy. If you have small ears…like me, you can pull them in half warm them up between your gingers to make them pliable and squash them into your ears and no noise….and they don’t stick out, or fall out! ��

  • Melatonin is a hormone, and it’s not a good idea to be self-treating with a hormone. Otherwise, you have good ideas. I find the Mack brand of soft, moldable hearing protection is good. You can put earphones right over them and listen to music (except really low music.)

  • I’ve got a 1hr drive, then a 3hr layover, then a 5 hr flight i, followed by a 3.5 hr layover, then a 14 hr flight, then a 5.5 hr layover, then a 2.5 hr flight, then a 2 hr car journey fml

  • Also anyone who has brought a plush toy on board (max size: 40 Cm when seated because cabin size) as a second cushion, how did it go? No judgement, just asking.

  • From the bottom.
    Comfy shoes. Don’t take them off, because that’s just gross.
    Comfy jeans
    T-shirt and a hoody that covers my eyes. Normally wear my Quicksilver hoody. Works a treat.
    Neck pillow, mine’s made of latex which can get a bit hot on my neck as latex retains heat.
    I also have Sony MDR1000 noise cancelling headphones. They are expensive but they are totally worth it. I’ve used good quality ear plugs on shorter flights.
    Lots of water, maybe a glass of wine with dinner.
    I also prefer an aisle seat so I can get up and stretch my legs when I want to.
    Occasionally I get lucky and get an entire row to myself.

  • I have a ‘uniform’ for long haul ; Cotton black baggy pants, a baggyTshirt with a print, and trainers. In handluggage I carry ; a soft warm fluffy Zip up top (I can use it on top of my blanket, snacks, extra pair of underwear, socks, lightweight leggings and Tshirt incase liquid is spilt on me on board ( happened to me before),magazines, sweets and chocolates for the flight attendants. I also take off my trainers during the flight and wear socks with a grip at the bottom. When I need to go to the loo, I put on the airline slippers.

  • I got a trick that helped me every time i have flown. I listened to my music and i was in my own little world for the entire flight.

  • After many years of flying I find I am still unable to sleep, 10 min. Catnaps are the most I’m able to accomplish. Conclusion! Flight is something to be endured in order to get to my destination, not an enjoyable experience, Airlines, airports, security don’t make it any more enjoyable.

  • Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow was life changing for me! I had never slept on a flight until I found it.
    I use the same type of earphones and listen to white noise or rain sounds on my phone.
    I also wear comfy clothes and I bring eye mask, warm socks, wool shawl, saline spray, lip balm and hand lotion.
    I eat something light prior to boarding and brush my teeth. I take either Melatonin or Unisom and once I get to my seat I’m ready to go to sleep.

  • Best tip for me would be just pop in sleeping pill…Again drink more water would be very inconvenient to walk out to restroom when sitting near window, right? I love window seat but at my age I need stretch every couple hours on 19 hours flight ✈️ so even isle seat not an ideal but still more convenient…but luckily next flight will be a premium seat so happy about it…wish me �� �� �� ������

  • The best investment I’ve made was getting a neck pillow. I’m asleep before the wheels go up. I guess I’m lucky to be able to get rest on a plane.

  • I endured with insomnia for over two years and thought there was no hope for me. I got this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it) from a cognitive behavioral therapist. It helped me find out more about sleep. I had been able to get a better sleep every single night. I love sleeping on my bed again.

  • If I had that much leg room, I wouldn’t be worried about any thing else. At the moment, the front seat is on your face and you’re at the mercy of the person in front. I don’t think I can use any thing on the tray in front

  • I didn`t took my insomnia very seriously before because it only occurs once in a while. But about Five years ago, my problem became worse. I was getting ZERO to 3 hours of sleep most nights. I followed this plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it). The same day I got it I began to sleep better. Within a week of utilizing it, I was able to accomplish four to seven hours of sleep. My sleep gets a lot better daily.

  • Window seat.
    King size pillow (on the flatter side) carried through airport folded in half in a large, handled packing cube.
    Socks with traction grips on bottom so when I pull my feet up into the seat they do not slide back off.
    Noise cancelling headphones
    Eye mask
    Light blanket (also carried in the cube with the pillow, socks & flat hotel slippers for walking around)
    When I want to sleep, I pull myself up into the seat and lean into the window/wall while hugging my long pillow. When awake I can put the pillow back into the cube and set it on the floor as a foot rest to elevate my legs. In addition to allowing for great sleep, these techniques have also completely eliminated my RLS on longer flights:-)

  • I once felt asleep on a plane and had a dream, that the plane crashed whoops

    But maybe I’ll try those tips next time even though I’m still a bit afraid because that dream felt so real-

  • Nothing works for me when your 6 feet 4 inches tall and wedge in like a sardine in can, can’t even put your knees together have to pay the extra for an exit row seat

  • Turn your neck pillow back to front, most people will nod forward or side to side when falling asleep, if you nod forward you will have a chin rest and side to side you will still have cushioning..It works a treat.

  • A lot of Airlines have Premium Economy Class now. So, there’s a reasonnable choice between cheap and narrow and comfortable but affordable.

  • In long haul flights I prefer the isle seat because I go to the bathroom many times during the flight. I also like to stand up, do some stretching and even walk a bit.

  • It’s 2017. The size and passenger space for airplanes are outdated and past times. Idk why (plz educate me) they aren’t making them roomier. Oh I know why. It’s all about the $$$