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Build a Healthier Nightly Routine #1 Prepare Your Breakfast. Skipping breakfast or opting for a sugary snack can cause a sugar crash later on in the day. Instead, take ten minutes to prepare ingredients for your breakfast tomorrow. You could even cook your breakfast at night and have it ready to heat up in the morning.

The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is at least seven hours. Most people don’t need more than eight hours in bed to achieve this goal. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends to no more than one hour. 6 Tips for Healthier Sleep While many people turn to caffeine after a night spent tossing and turning, there’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep. “You just can’t cheat it,” Watson said.

Here are six tips to creating a bedtime routine that will have you waking up feeling better. Remember, the key to these tips is making them part of your routine—so no giving up after two nights!Strong and consistent routines are the key to a successful healthy life. Here are the 8 steps of my night routine every single day. Routines: it’s one of the FIRST things I work on with my 1-1 clients, because without strong routines, you’ll never stay consistent or make time for all the things that make you feel your best and help you reach your potential.

Wellness Tips For A Healthy Routine From Morning To Night Follow this daily schedule and you’ll be on your way to more effective exercise, a healthier diet. For example caffeine stays in your system for up to six hours. If you’re accustomed to having a cup of tea in the evening, make sure it’s an herbal, caffeine free tea.

Otherwise, you might be jittery until 10:00pm or later. 2. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired when you want to be awake.

6:00 AM. I wake up at 6am every weekday morning and only look at my phone to turn off the alarm. From there I head into the kitchen, pour myself some water, give Trevi her breakfast and give myself about 10 minutes to go to the bathroom and get dressed. Pick one routine to stick to first, and then gradually combine one more routine to fit into your life each week.

In less than 2 months, you will be living a healthy and successful lifestyle in autopilot. Daily Routine for Good Health and More Energy. If you want to optimize your health or lose weight, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do.

Here are 17 evidence-based tips to sleep better at night. 1.

List of related literature:

Week 6: Lifestyle • Exercise on taking care of oneself ° Exercise ° Healthy diet ° Regular sleep • Name three things you are grateful for (encourage members to write down three things each night before bedtime).

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy” by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg
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See Chapter 12 for tips on establishing healthy daily routines.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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At the beginning of the day, follow your morning routine as usual—washing your face, brushing your teeth, styling your hair.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
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Days 7 and 8 will follow the same morning routine as Days 4, 5, and 6: lemon or lime water, followed by celery juice, followed by Liver Rescue Smoothie.

“Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease” by Anthony William
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7—Bedtime: have apple or papaya juice, or aloe vera juice.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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Simple daily routines 4.

“Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN Exam E-Book” by Patricia M. Nugent, Judith S. Green, Barbara A. Vitale, Phyllis K. Pelikan
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Example of four flexible mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit any time before bed, eat one serving of vegetables before bed, chew each bite 30 times at any meal during the day, and drink one glass of water before bed.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

All the usual recommendations bear repeating—and should now constitute a daily routine—exercise regularly, walk as much as you can, eat less but eat more healthy foods, drink a lot of water (up to a gallon a day), enjoy good wine in moderation, and get regular medical, dental, and vision checkups.

“The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life” by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
from The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life
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Routine is an absolute key And remember to leave yourself feeling pleasantly tired.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
from The Art of Running Faster
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Once you have an answer to these questions, you could make some simple lifestyle suggestions that will help your client enhance their energy levels, reduce stress or improve their diet—these might include exercise, hot baths before bed, or eating more fruit and vegetables.

“The Reflexology Bible: The Definitive Guide to Pressure Point Healing” by Louise Keet
from The Reflexology Bible: The Definitive Guide to Pressure Point Healing
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I found that one of the most important things is your diet, water consumption, and sleep, which without it most of the effort would be useless.

  • Night are best time to work if you get ride of night shift propaganda. Learn to sleep well, exercise, good sex and water is all you want.

  • Last point on books. Im quite opposite. I get curious of what’s next n keep reading n forget to sleep. Rather i choose some soothing self help like decluttering, n life science books. I agree we all varies. Good suggestions though.. Thanks for reminding Vera❤️

  • I change my sheets at least once a week if not two. LOL but I have dogs that I let sleep with me so I am a maniac about clean sheets.

  • This is delightful! I’m a (mostly) nocturnal artist at this time, and I’m looking for health hope for us incurable night owls. The only problem is those difficult days when we have to get out early to tend to necessary business, because everything closes in late PM, at least where I live. Thank you so much! You are a breath of fresh air.

  • I toss and turn every night as well. It has taken me over an hour some nights to just fall asleep. I have black out curtains so I’m definitely gonna have to look into getting a weighted blanket. I’ve heard that they help with depression as well

  • Sleeping on your back will probably cause you to snore and breathe through your mouth, which can cause facial deformation, teeth decaying, worst air going to your lungs, throat aches, etc. Its really not worthed

  • Thanks for all your tips guys. Personally I would say, try by any method, to sleep at least 6.5 better 7 hours of sleep. You will feel good and in shape next night. I did sooo many 4 hours sleep them felt so low. If somebody though has a solution to a better quality sleep?

  • Drink chamomile tea. And also sniff some tea tree oil. Its amazing talk about total relaxation. An. O i listen to whale sounds

  • having a healthy evening routine makes for a healthy morning the next day! I love waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day because I set myself up the night before:)

  • Love all your videos. You are so inspiring and make me want to do better for myself. I wish I had more motivation to do things. It’s really hard to make yourself just get up and go. You always make me want to do better for myself so thank you for that ��☺️

  • I am a side sleeper for life, Good sleep is much more important than worrying about smoosh lines in my opinion. I am 46 and don’t have barely a wrinkle. Not getting good sleep causing significant aging which is what I would be doing if I slept on my back haha

  • Hi Dr:Buntiny I discovered new way to prevent psoriasis coming back again I am ready to meet you and explain to you what I am saying thanks

  • Young people don’t like NOC shift. I loved NOV shift. It’s chill. You can sleep on your break, what we did is combine 30minutes break and 10 minute break and the other 10 minutes. So we get 40 min uninterrupted break. Then we brew coffee to boost our mind. When I get home, I don’t sleep till 12pm. I do my chores like laundry or shopping. Lol. Before I go to sleep, I take shower so when I wake up I dont have to. Taking shower before you go for NOC will make you sleepy. Drink coffee 2 hours prior work. Dont over eat. Count your calories. Do 2 hour exercise after work. You can sleep 4 hours after work. Then do another 4 hours later before going to work. When you get the days off it feels like 3 days. I did this for 5 years. I’m doing this again as a hospice nurse on call.

  • Thank you Dr. Bunting! It’s good to know I do all of the things you mentioned. Sadly though, I didn’t start as early as I should have. Unfortunately, this information wasn’t available in the 70’s and 80’s or even the 90’s.

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  • I love buying a big ol’ root of ginger, and cutting off about a 1/2 of a thumb-sized piece and dropping it in to my morning smoothies along with a handful of almonds and so forth. It’s wonderful for digestion and inflammation.

  • I change my sheets each week…maybe even every 6 days. The bed= clean! No day clothes of objects go on the bedonly clean pajama and body! I also am addicted to white noise. It’s full on “mission control” over here…(Fraser TV show reference!) Sweet dreams!

  • I loved your video as being an IT support analyst I have to rotate through various shifts. I liked your advice of keeping positive attitude…��

  • Since last year I’ve been unwell ect so I’ve had to write loads of notes to remember things.
    Allthough I feel I can be in the present because I’m allways writing notes of things to remember for the days ahead.
    Do you have any advice or suggestions on this Vera?

  • I cannot fall asleep on my back! It’s so uncomfortable for me. I started trying to sleep on my back in highschool because I learnt that sleeping on your stomach is bad for you. I am 30 now and haven’t been able to. Worst thing is that I now get very bad back pain from sleeping on my stomach which is what I do when i really can’t sleep. It’s like I try to sleep on my side but if my body needs to feel comfortable I sleep on my stomach. Anyone have any ideas?

  • 1) Always cleanse your skin at night
    2) Always protect skin from sunlight
    3) Always leave blemishes alone
    4) Always use retinoids
    5) Always sleep on your back
    6) Always consume good fats to nourish skin barrier

  • Hey doc, I hv been yoir supporter for very long. I live in the United Arab emirates I’m 36 with combination skin, have tried so many products but still my skin is loosing volume and is sagging, eyelids too. Pls could you share some genuine products of your entire experience for skin tightening, volume and brightening?

  • Trazadone. It’s been a godsend to help get regular sleep while working nights. But I still have to deal with those days where for whatever reason I just don’t get any sleep.

  • Thanks for these helpful tips Dr. Bunting! I was not aware of the side sleep problem, until recently I noticed just one eye-socket becoming outlined very finely….

  • Hey there, thank you so much for the informative video. I’ve really been enjoying your channel. I keep my skincare regimen pretty minimal as my skin gets overwhelmed very quickly. I have combo/oily, sensitive, rosacea, acne prone/hormonal skin. I’ve tried over the past 5 years to try a vitamin c serum without success. I’ve tried different brands/concentration and every time I introduce it again-I experience breakouts. I’m curious if you could recommend a specific brand. Are vitamin c serums typical for causing break outs?

  • https://drgirlblogs.blogspot.com/2020/04/best-how-to-adapt-healthy-daily-morning.html?m=1
    Daily healthy morning routine for healthy lifestyle check it out for more benefits ❤️��

  • I’m allergic to blueberries. What would be best to replace them with, to get nearly the same benefits? I’m not allergic to any other readily available berries. Not sure on some of the less commonly found berries.

  • Hello, I just discovered you and enjoy your videos. The screaming in the background is distracting and a bit nervewracking to your viewers. Just wanted you to know because your videos would be relaxing to listen to without the background noise. Thank you!

  • Been working the night shift for 3 years now and I totally sleep with the fan pointed towards the wall for noise too and black out curtains. Related to almost all of the tips but it took me years to learn all these these tricks and then I found them in one video

  • Hello Doctor Sam can you please do video on vitalligo or lucoderma people because am suffering from that…. Pls pls any suggestions for reducing and stop spreading tips ������ pls

  • I am really surpriced SPF wasn’t number 1! �� Imagine skipping SPF every other day vs forgetting to evening cleanse every other day. I almost never skip cleansing, but I imagine skipping SPF would have much worse long term consequences, surely?

  • I found the bit about health fats helpful. I always think about drinking enough water, but never about getting enough good fats in my diet. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Hi Dr Sam. I was wondering what you think of ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products. I started using the Beauty Kitchen range (Uk based small company) about 2/3 months ago but it is full of essential oils etc… I have a tube of tretinoin and i’m worried that the oil with essential oils may cause irritation. Cheers:)

  • What about vitamin D? I was led to believe that applyig sunscreen and covering up ALL the time is causing vitamin D deficicies. Personally my GP diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency and I did cover up and put sunscreen on all the time, I have very pale, sensitive skin. A lot of doctors out there are suggesting we need 15 mins of sun exposure a day. I also heard that skin cancer is on the up even though sunscreen wearing is on the up too.
    Also dietary vitamin D isn’t our natural source, supplements or otherwise. Animals make it from the sun.

  • I’m a Police/Security hybrid officer. I work 8-12 hour night shifts. I sit alone watching cameras all night and I’m not allowed to leave the room. It’s rough.

  • Working night shifts for 10 years now. Life is good. But, recently I have been a bit alarmed by people creating so much fuss about circadian rhythm so I want to know more about the side effects.

  • My cleaning lady comes every 2 weeks and then she changed them when she comes. I am a kid and my parents are divorced so they are only used 1/2 of the 2 weeks.

  • Sticking to a budget and making healthy food choices is especially important for seniors. To learn more tips to help seniors eat well on a budget, this article is helpful: https://absolutecompanion.com/nutrition-for-older-adults/

  • Cheapest and healthy:-
    2 bread slices
    Make slices of tomato and some slices of cucumber
    spread them evenly in bread slices and eat it

    Beat me.

  • Fine tips, thanks. “Between material things and spiritual things there is a connection. The more healthful his body the greater will be the power of the spirit of man; the power of the intellect, the power of the memory, the power of reflection will be greater.” – Baha’i Faith, Star of the West

  • Literally my first thought was the weighted eye mask would affect my my sinuses and that was your first comment! You are my favorite new YouTuber!

  • So I work with a bunch of Hairstylists and if anyone’s been around a bunch of women in a break room, they do nothing but gossip and put others down. My coworkers complain that I cook and bring the same thing to work every week. My food is homemade, inexpensive, healthy and it’s not going in their bellies nor are they paying my bills. I ignore them and continue eating healthy and within my budget. Ha

  • The healthiest animal protein you can buy is a tin of sardines. $1.50. One carrot. One stick of celery. One slice of wholemeal bread. That’s lunch.
    Those who claim eating healthy is more expensive, simply have no self-discipline. That’s right; you are just weak.

  • I really liked the “declutter with me ” videos. For example, the jewelry one where you showed us. Also, can you plzzz make more minamilism videos for kids?? Trust me, theres a LOTTTT of kids watching this:)

  • Hello Vera. Could you please tell me where you got your big plant (I think it’s a fern) that’s to left of your dresser? I want to get one like that for my apartment. Thank you.

  • Beautiful ideas for healthy and happy evening routines! We are creatures of habit and establishing wholesome morning and evening routines help us lead a happy life.

  • Thanks Vera, just what I need in this time when even if I’m work from home, I still get stressed at the end of the day… simple advices that really work! ����

  • 3:39
    Wow..the bible is true, the power of the tongue, you said it and that’s exactly what you did.
    Proverbs 18:21
    Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

    Proverbs 18:21 ESV

  • Hi Vera this is just what I needed I’ve tried most things here you suggested but not the reading so will give it a go �� Big congrats on reaching 100,000 subscribers ❤️ you deserve it.

  • Thank you Vera for sharing great tips. I will incorporate few of them to my evening routine. It Is true that human body likes routines. I’m at the stage that every day I’m going to bed at the same time and I’m waking up withou alarm clock after 5 am. Thank you Vera for your great work.

  • Hey!!! Congregation for 100k!!! Your videos are so inspired!
    I must askwhat do you do when you get so many notification on your phone… especially from YouTube?.. since I start my YouTube channel I feel that I got addicted and I’m checking my phone more that I use to…

  • I usually wash my sheets like once a month and my parents think even that is too often and that I’m weird ��
    These comments have made me feel like I’m gross ��

  • I just recently discovered sleep story in Spotify, indeed it is effective in making me sleep whenever difficulty in sleeping strikes!! Thank you so much for this wonderful content, I’ll tune in next week again:-)

  • Hello Dr Sam, just wanted to know your opinion on dermaplaining the face or shaving?
    I had light treatment for vitiligo and it really made the hairs on my face noticeable White so took the plunge and started to shave, it has made my face so much more sensitive and made the rosacea worse. Can you help with some advise? I’m so self conscious about it.

  • I really love your healthy and productive morning routine, but oh my god, I don’t think that condensing books down to a 15 min audio file is a good thing. My god, these author wrote their books in full length for a reason. And it’s not true that we are all too busy to read; we just have to make time for it (wake up and go to bed ten minutes early/late and voila, twenty minutes each day for reading are save). I think it is a really unhealthy and dangerous thing to do to condense literature (self-help or not) to fit our ever decreasing concentration skills. Sit down and read an actual book, people! Trust me, it makes a difference.

  • Congratulations honey…..wow…100K….I started following when you were in the teens…..soooo delightful to see how you have grown….Big hugs

  • My bedtime routine is one of the best parts of my day. My favorite of your ideas is to shake things up. My routine is set in stone-I don’t want it to become boring. Tonight, hmm… My Yoga teacher says a warm shower before bed does more than wash away dirt. So true.

  • Fantastic video Vera in the evenings I spend time burning aromatherapy oils instrimental music and artwork and when I get into bed a bedtime story or reading with my beautiful cat beside me. Love to you Vera

  • I want to change my sheets every sunday, but I still live with my parents and they get annoyed that I wash them too often. So now I wash them every 10-11 days. My parents still get annoyed, but I sleep with my dog and I want fresh sheets lol

  • Hello Dr Sam Bunting you sound like a good Dermatologist I have a question the name of the question is aveeno vs. Cetaphil lotion I’m a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with products and here are the examples of my skin: I have teenage skin I shave my legs I have mostly normal but a little oily skin and I know that we should moisturize after shaving legs is aveeno or cetaphil lotion better for that according to my descriptions of my skin if you got any questions just ask me

  • During quarantine I start to read “Change your schedule, change your life”, by Suhas Kshirsagar, and figure out how unheathy my daily routine was going. Specially at evenings, when I should be relaxing, I was trying to push my body to hard work and eating late. It’s not easy at all to change something encrusted in your habits, and every day became an effort to make tiny changes. Thank you for the tips, I will try to implement some of them (besides journaling, that’s already been very helpful in these difficult moments). And congrats for 100k:)

  • This is the best video i could find on how to survive night shifts. The best tip was not to consume statistics on how bad night shifts are for your health. Being positive and not worrying about what may happen to you is the key. There are a lot of people in world working in night shifts. Just love your work, do whatever you can to keep yourself healthy and happy. ��

  • Hello, my skin is just recovering from a very bad breakout(it’s awful). My derma prescribed me benzoyl peroxide every day then clindamycin and tretinoin every night. Can I still wear sunscreen? If so, should I put before or after putting benzoyl peroxide?

  • This video came at the right time. I was really in need of tips on how to change my afternoon routine in this quarantine (I’m trying to maintain healthy habits and your healthy habits video in the morning helped me a lot ❤)

  • After I’ve heard that some people have been working night shifts for many many years and they are still okay, I’m not scared anymore.

  • Simple Happy Zen I feel like you specifically made this video for me haha. I’m such a planner and have been told I look way too much in the future. I blame it all on being in the army for 4 years. Ideally it all comes down to discipline and what works for you. As I’ve gotten older, I really enjoy listening to some mellow music while falling asleep (check out the Allman Brothers) which has drastically made my sleep better. Anyways, amazing video as always Vera!!!..Take care=)

  • I change my sheets like… never really, only if they get a tear in them or if I totally fall in love with a new set (though that’s only happened once). I wash them every couple of weeks though! Fresh clean sheets for free:)

  • Hi Vera, I just wanted to say that I am loving being part of your new Patreon community. ☺️ I really want to pursue more meaningful, healthy evening habits and less fraught mornings of rushing around and this has some great ideas. Thanks! x

  • Dear Vera, it’s yet another quite interesting episode as how we should engage the evening in a effective manner. As I am astonished as you suggest Yoga as one among the tips. Every ideas are awesome friend. I have been always waiting for Saturday to see you. Good luck.

  • I have kitties, so if I don’t wash my blankets/sheets every week i get a bunch of fur on my lotioned hands and chapsticked lips at night.����

  • Start young. Get on some high quality skin moisturizer as soon as you can. Before you need it. Get a good facial product and use it. Don’t keep falling for gimmicks. It costs money to stay wrinkle free. I’m about to turn 60 and I look 29. No wrinkles or sagging, and firm of face. No jowls. Have not had surgery, don’t want to. I look better without makeup than with it on. Have never tried Retin A which is a prescription in the USA.

    I sleep on a silk pillowcase too. Finally learned how to sleep on my back by getting elevated. Keeps your hair neat too. So all that side sleeping didn’t wrinkle me but there are no certainties as I go into my 60’s.

    Get a wedge for under your pillow. Prop up on pillows. Or get a Sleep Number bed (high end) to get your head elevated. Use a noise maker so snoring won’t wake you up.

  • I change my sheets every week because I have dogs who like to take lots of naps on my bed. Here’s a hack to make doing your sheets more often, easier. I keep a second set of sheets and blankets. That way I don’t feel pressured to get all that laundry done by the end of the day. <3

  • This is gross but growing up I never changed them More than once a month, now I do every week however I change my pillow case every 2-3 nights

  • Hi, I just started watching your videos and you are stunning!
    I’m trying to eat healthy and you definitely are so inspiring with all your recipes ideas. Thanks

  • I had to quit coffee too. I feel so much better. I love having Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Tea with a splash of almond milk. It doesn’t need any sweetener! It’s naturally sweet.

  • Hi my friend Vera
    Thank you soo much for sharing. I loved seen you reached 100k. I love see you with your hair like this. Better then pony. You look like school girl��.
    Have a lovely blessed week.
    Your friend Shehnaz from
    South Africa ����

  • I change my sheets like every two months, but I sleep on top of my comforter and use a blanket, so I really only use my sheets once a month or so.

  • Is is the type of content i love to see you are awesome and i love how esthetic your videos are love you girl and would love to hear you sing not in the shower!!!

  • I’m in need of new sheets so thank you, now I know what to get lol. I love weighted blankets too, they have also been a life saver for helping me fall asleep.

  • Wonderful tips, Vera.
    Your simple and effective suggestions really help a lot with the stressed atmosphere which all of us experiencing now. Wish you a relaxed and peaceful weekend.

  • Love your videos from dubai been watching you for 2 years now helped me get over a lot ❤️❤️ my wish is you following me back on instagram you’re literally my inspiration I love you so much my Instagram is @rmab3 I really wish you’d do that ��❤️ I love you so so much

  • Great tips! I’ve been stretching more lately before and after my morning workouts. It’s so helpful and relaxing! Thanks for sharing, Vera!:)

  • Thank you so much! I did fulltime night shifts for 3 years (9pm-5am, Mon-Fri) and now work a job where I have rotating shifts (5 weeks of dayshifts, 2 weeks of nights) and I’ve found it SO hard to find resources, tips and ideas for shift workers. So often all you find is “DID YOU KNOW NIGHT SHIFTS CAN KILL YOU” lol. That’s nice… SOMEONE has to work those nights! Help them out instead of scaring them. You definitely helped and reassured me a lot! Those 3 years of fulltime nights had a huge impact on my health, and now I’m trying to minimize the impact of the rotating shifts. As a migrant my shift work has helped me start a career in a foreign country in an industry that I would have otherwise never broken into!

  • I work overnight 12am to 6 am and I sleep 7am to 11am and nap 8pm to 10:30 before my work. But no matter how sleep in the morning somehow I fall asleep at work. How I do about that?

  • Mjhy vitamin c injection bta dain koi jo gkutathion mein mix k r k laga sken… Gkutathion hai mere pas but vitamin c injection nai hai

  • I don’t like my cat sleeping on me or anyone touching me when I sleep. Weighted blankets would be the worst thing for my sleep ������ I need the opposite lol

  • I think I’ve used my current comforter set for the last 1-2 years. BUT. I wash all my sheets every week/two. I had spending money on stuff I don’t need, and I don’t need cute updated comforters when mine is just fine:))

  • Hei Monica, have you tried preparing salmon in the oven? Just put it in a casserole form (?) and add a little pepper on top, no additional oil needed. 180° celsius (whatever Fahrenheit that is..) for about 15-20min. Way easier than in a pan and less dry:) Enjoy!

  • I wash my sheets like once every 1-5 months?? Idk I don’t do it super often although I probably should. I should try putting a different set on too, that would probably feel so good to get in bed

  • I was having hard time sleeping at night. Because like you, I‘m also an over thinker. It’s hard but when I start changing my night routine, it’s actually helps!

    What I did was:

    1. After work, I always eat before 7pm.
    2. At 8:30pm, I will jog around my house for 30-45 mins. ( Usually I just want to complete 10,000 steps)
    3. Take shower after that, drink my lemon & ginger tea while reading book. Oh, lighting up your favourite candles actually helps like a LOT!
    4. Around 11pm I’ll be on my bed. Remember to NEVER play with your hand phone because you’ll for sure sleep late.

    Next morning I’ll wake up 6:30am.

    I maintained this habits for about a month & now that’s literally my habits! ��

    Guys, you should try! Perhaps it’ll help with the sleeping. Oh & Monica, I change my bed sheet once every 3 weeks hehe ��

  • আপনি কি স্বাস্থ্য সমস্যা নিয়ে ভুগছেন। লিভার, কিডনি, ব্যাথা, হ্যার্ট দুর্বল, নাকের পলিপাস, গ্যাষ্টিকের সমস্যা এছাড়াও বিভিন্ন জটিল রোগের সমস্যার সমাধান দিয়ে থাকে বিশ্ববিখ্যাত Tiens Group এর চিকিৎসকগণ। Tiens এর সেবা, পণ্য বা জয়েন্ট করতে চাইলে যোগাযোগ করুন।

  • Self-comforting, writing down our thoughts and meditation are my favourites ❤�� thank you Vera for your beautiful videos and congrats on 100k subscribers!!! You are amazing ���� sending lots of love!!

  • my boyfriend and i wash our sheets once a week, and we actually just got the same brand of sheets as you from bed bath and beyond but we got the blue. sleeping in healthy organic cotton is the way!

  • I’m starting night tonight pray for me on this new journey. I can’t sleep at all during the day today guess ima b up till I’m off at 7am

  • Hi, i have started using moisturizer n sunscreen i just want to know in both product sodium hydroxide is avaialble is this harmful to my skin? My skin type is normal

  • Dr, Kashif, the very well-known doctor in Peshawar, Pakistan, has treated my severe pimples, and now, I am feeling free from pimples.
    Thanks to Dr. Kashif Ali.
    I will suggest to everyone to contact Dr. Kashif and solve your facial problems easily in a very decent manner. https://drkashif.uk

  • My very first night shift was at the TSA! I was so mad and upset and nervous for my first night shift. I’ve stayed up until like 4am playing video games, but staying awake and professionally until 6am?? It was rough. I brought a half gallon mug of coffee to work with me to keep me awake �� now 4 years later, with 3 different night shift jobs, I’m so used to the night shift. I still get sleepless nights every now and then along with waking up so tired and stay tired the whole day

  • Great stuff! Personally I carb load myself to put myself to sleep and it works wonders!

  • I heard that Washington is going to experiment with giving a selected number of people $500 a month for 2 years. I hope you get picked!

  • I really love you and love your videos. I can relate to you so much more than a lot of the other people doing morning routines. Some of them are so fake it’s exhausting

  • Not a joke lol I use cannabis to help me go to sleep:) I’m a heavy smoker and have a high tolerance but at night when I’m ready to sleep I take a bowl, then an hour later I’m relaxed and ready to sleep ��

  • I’m working on a night shift right now and it’s really hard to adjust what I do during day shift to night shift, like exercising. What time of the day do you exercise?

  • I have been working night shift for 13 years (rotating). The only reason I do it is because my job pays well and it has all the bells and whistles. I find the people who ‘enjoy’ nights shifts usually have no kids or generally are the non compliant type at work and like working with less supervision. One piece of advise I would give, unless you are a nurse, doctor, cop,, good union, good pay,… look for another job. Night shift workers deserve more,…a lot more.

  • How is everyone? I’m a Personal Trainer working on designing a program Helping men who work long hours/ Night shift workers lose weight and help them feel more confident without having to spend hours in the gym. I’m just wondering if that is something you would be interested in i would love to have a 10/15 minute phonecall as i believe there is a lot of men out there who could use my help? Thanks very much. See below direct link to my FB page. Look foward to speaking with some of you.

  • i work 3am-9am not so bad i know but u just have to adjust ur lifestyle. I’m doing this to save up money for trade school so i just have to sacrifice my normal lifestyle so that i can work comftorably

  • Drink water! Lots of water, please!
    Post my first night shift and was so foxused on gettinv through it not realizing I didn’t have a lick of water & my heart is racingg.

  • I don’t know if this is mentioned in the comments, but take some vitamin B pills 2 hours before your shift. That’ll give you enough energy for a couple of hours at least. And try to stick to one sleeping pattern. Like I work from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. I don’t come home and crash. Instead I trained my body to go to sleep at least 7 hours before I go in to work. Like I’ll go to bed around 12 p.m. lol, while the world of day shift works on lunch break…. I’m on my sleep break ��

  • I start off with thanking God for the nights rest and the new day, I ask him to give me opportunities to be a blessing to someone. I stretch and exercise too and then listen to a devotion ( Alister Begg) while i make breakfast and i wish i could drink green tea but it doesnt like me.

  • I love your videos! They are my absolute favorites out of all the healthy life style videos! Keep making these. You always save my day! ❤️❤️

  • Appreciate answers

    Today it´s very common to exfoliate the face and to stimulate new cellgrow to look younger. And I have tried to find the answer somewhere but have not succeded. When you look in to cellpromoting product and treatments that active increase the cellturnover, it always says that new healthy cells will come to the surface. But this also mean that the body would be able to create endless of healthy cells this sounds good. Almost too good to be true.
    But what about the fact that cells actually ages everytime they replace eathother.
    “Telomeres are stretches of DNA and proteins at the ends of our chromosomes. Each time a cell divides, these stretches naturally get shorter. Once telomere length reaches a particular cut-off point, the cell becomes senescent, meaning that it can no longer divide and will subsequently die.”
    Would this mean that everytime you exfoliate or stimulate the skin to produce new cells, they also age faster beacuse of the shorter telomers? My question is if exfoliatation and cellpromoting treatments in the long term actually make your skin age faster or if its really “anti-aging”.
    Kindly regards.

  • Great advice about leaving spots alone and only using benzoyl peroxide on them. Don’t understand this new “pimple popping” fad. My brother had acne as a teen, so did I, but he religiously used benzoyl peroxide and was left with no acne scars. I, on the other hand, did not and have been fighting scars for over 20 years. Also just subscribed!

  • I just want you to know that I did everything exactly what she said and the difference is amazing! I never drag my feet at work, and I don’t drink so much coffee

  • anyone can learn to sleep on their back i slept on my stomach for 20 years, but with a bit of effort i have now been sleeping on my back for 8 years, and that’s the only thing that feels natural now!

  • Loved this video. I wake at 430 every week day morning but only because I have 3 kids and we all need to be out the door at 610 to miss the morning traffic on route to school. During school holidays I try to have a more pleasant morning routine and it definitely makes a massive difference to your day. You are looking beautiful and happy Liezl. God bless��

  • I use lavender or vetiver oils. Just massage them behind my ears (in the bony area) and they work great! I even add a drop in 4oz of water the benefits are the same. I also use ear plugs and an eye mask as well because I’m a light sleeper.

  • well, a different school of thought suggests that exposing your unprotected skin to sun, considering the fact that you dont burn, is better than putting sunscreen (chemicals) on all the time.

  • I wonder if you can link a reputable article on the association with skin wrinkles and NOT sleeping on your back? I have never come across this in the literature. Thanks kindly from Canada.

  • Botox Injection, Botox Guidelines, Side Effects, and Warnings: https://quickelink.com/botox/botox-symptoms-botox-guidelines-side-effects-warning-and-treatment/

  • I’ve been doing night shifts for about a year and a half now. Started doing them right after high school in July 2018. Got a job at Tim Horton’s (Canadian coffee shop) and got hired full time on the overnight shifts. I worked there for almost a year and then got a job in a gym (where I work now actually) and I work the overnight shift in the gym too. I’m so used to them that I’m usually up all night even on my nights off. Once in a blue moon, I’ll get some sleep throughout the night and be up earlier than I usually am. I love the shifts though as it’s not busy and I go home in the morning when everyone is going to work. My tips for people who are thinking of getting a night shift job or got hired for one but didn’t start yet: 1. Don’t wait until you start to get in the habit of being up all night. If you do this, it’ll be very hard for you when you start. Get in the habit of it before you start. This is something I wish I did before my first overnight shift. 2. Get a good sleep during the day. Most people who do days and nights get up at lunch time after working all night. Don’t do this. You’ll be tired for your shift if you do.

  • Hello Doctor, does thick muscle mass counts for Acanthosis nigricans as the overall weight increases which is one of the common causes for the condition?

  • I change everyone’s sheets on Saturday morning I call it de-skunking. My boys are smelly athletes who are not fans of deodorant. Great idea with the weighted blanket. I think I might try it. LIKE STAT

  • I’m most likely leaving my day shift about to start nights at another job, a better company. And pays way more. I wanted day shift but night was all they had. I’m only doing it to get my foot in the door. I gotta admit tho the pay is like ching ching on nights. Plus wknd differential. Il do my best but day shift i will return again. Thx for the tips! ��

  • Thank you for giving positivity to night shifts bc I’m dreading it so much and I’m having trouble with sleep now:/ sounds like it’ll get better soon though

  • I’m in nightshift for 7 weeks now, from 6pm to 6 am, and I’m now a lil bit conscious about my health. I always get dizzy and some times I have a trouble in breathing.

  • Love seeing that 100,000!!!! A beautiful video this week to celebrate ��♥️ Our habits really do greatly affect the quality of our life. Thank you, Vera!!!

  • The majority of the time, couponing is a waste of time. Every coupon I have ever seen (with some rare exceptions) are always for brand name items and with the coupon, the items are still more expensive than a store brand. Food Lion occasionally seems to offer coupons for X amount off a purchase over Y amount, but the prices at Food Lion are marked up higher than some other stores, so even after the discount, you can still get the same items for cheaper elsewhere. The time wasted trying to save money with coupons would be better spent trying to find the cheapest places in your area to get reasonable quality goods and what store brands are best for the cost. Walmart store branded items tend to be pretty good for the cost. The only exception I have found is canned potatoes. Del Monte is the only canned potatoes I will get (but will change this if they ever resort to using crappier potatoes).

  • I’ve been researching so many weight loss, health and detox programs. Do you or anybody know about any of these products or recommend them? https://topfive.health.blog/

  • I’m new to this skincare regime. I wanted to know about the serums. Is it okay to use serums like vit c or any other organic products?

  • I’m so inspired by your morning routine!�� Definitely makes me want to get my life together like yesterday!

    I make videos too btw! ��

  • That’s a chick thing �� Girls like the sound of heart beating idk why but iv had multiple exs tell me they like that sound tv doesn’t work for me but YouTube videos do for some reason I sleep with the main light on too idk why also showering before sleeping helps but I been up since 6am gotta work at 12 tonight starting a new job on third it’s gonna suck mostly because it’s 8pm right now and I’m not gonna be able to sleep at all

  • The weighted blanket makes sense. From personal experience my toddler loves to fall asleep with my arm resting over his chest and it is a weight. He calls it a stop sign ahah but really I am embracing him, having that bit of weight is peaceful. So as adults we lose that nurturing hug. Same concept with kids who fall asleep with their blankets really tucked in tight. The little bit of restraint just makes your body settle down more.

  • Oh God, condensing a novel into 15 a 15 minute app? It sounds like a joke, I can’t believe that’s real.

    One of the pleasure of getting into a novel is getting AWAY from my phone, sitting and just turning the pages, going away and wondering what happens. I also personally believe that actually READING rather than listening adds an extra level of benefit. I’ll see if I can find a study for this.

  • Got hired on the spot at my new job and there was a 3 day period between my hiring at the interview to my start I usually go to bed at 11 and wake up at 8 now I’ll be working 10pm-6:30am and I’m having a hard time trying to flip my sleep schedule before I start tomorrow

  • I don’t work night shift per say, but I have really long days�� I spent 14 hours at work yesterday so I basically do day and night shift ������

  • Love this, Love you, Subscribed! That burt bee’s lip gloss in my favorite I just use it in a few shades lighter pink. Chia pudding looks delicious

  • I like the extra amount of time I have during the day as I know have to work night shifts five days a week. I work form 9 p m to 6 a m and it is very hard for me because I am 57 years old and have not been used to this sort of schedule. It’s a very good company and worth the sacrifice but I see I am not alone in feeling so tired for the first week or so. We just had our two days off we get that after the fifth day so that gives us time to catch up on some sleep. I wish so much I could feel like this is so terrific and have so much energy all night long but it’s taking a lot out of mentally and physically. Maybe, it’s something one has to get used to. I don’t know. That’s why I am watching videos and reading many articles to keep me going. Thanks, for the tips. *I am not a nurse by the way. I now work on a Production line for a food company.

  • Been working night shift for 10 yrs now. I have insomnia so i mght as well use my hours at night working but i really have a hard time sleeping during d days too.

  • You definitely don’t need spf in winter in the UK, the UV index rarely reaches 2 all the way through the winter months, 3 and up is the point at which suncream is necessary according to the World Health Organisation

  • I see the video now at 6:00 in the morning ��”from Saudi Arabia ���� ♥️”when I exercise. Is this a coincidence��? By the I love you and your videos ��♥️♥️I

  • Doctor…. I’m from INDIA
    Plz reply my question sir!! ����
    I’m having “keratosis pilaris” On my arms since from my childhood…
    I’m 17yrs. Old…

    Is there any treatment for it?” Laser” or smthng…?? Bcoz of this I’m not able to wear sleeveless dresses too…����
    I always follow my dermatologists.. But not working since now!! ����

  • Please do more recipes like with eggs I’m not a big chia seed pudding fan it’s like all the rage now I can’t stand it ���������� or pancakes French toast etc… looking great by the way

  • Thank you for another great video Vera! My friend has asked me to help her declutter her house on Friday and I cannot wait to show her how amazing de-cluttering and minimalism is!

  • How do you make your chia pudding like this? I followed the exact same steps and mine just clumps to the bottom and the rest is very liquid like just the milk:( I had it in the fridge overnight. Does anybody else have this problem that the chia pudding isn’t like pudding??

  • Oh my goodness! I get so excited when you post a video! Always find them so helpful, calming and interesting. Thank you for working so hard to make such great content for us! ❤️

  • Love your videos. You give great healthy ideas. I noticed u love cinnamon. Try rolling dates in cinnamon as a snack with tea or coffee. It’s really good. Especially after dinner for a little sweetness. Have a great day!������

  • I rotate between 10mg of melatonin, 12mg of melatonin, and Benadryl (yes! I spoke with my doctor and for me, it is safe, PLEASE talk to your personal doctor first!!!!!!!!!!!!).

  • I cut my working hours, so I have time to do something what I love before going to work. I was depressed, but now I feel so much better.

  • You’re lovely and I love you channel. Sunscreen is extremely polluting and toxic. Google what it is doing to our ocean and coral reefs. It is AWFUL!! Please stop using it. Zink oxide is a safe alternative that doesn’t poison everything.

  • How come you don’t have any adds on your videos? Is there any other way how we can support you?
    Thanks for the motivation and some inspiration too!