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6 Quick Body Boosts to Instantly Ease Tension. by Brittany Risher. April 21, 2020. No Comments. Share it: Although working from home may not be all that different from working in an office, you may notice more discomfort in your body.

Blame that stiff neck, shoulder tension and backache on using your laptop on the couch, while standing at a. “The rolling helps to massage tension out of spine and wake up the body, and it works the core. The constant movement keeps the body energized,” she. Either way, spending a few seconds on each area. This technique is based on the idea that the mind follows the body. When you relax your body, the mind also clears.

Bonus: Research shows progressive muscle relaxation can also help ease chronic pain, improve body awareness, and help you sleep. 6. Write Down Your Worries. Quick stress relief at home. Entertaining. Prevent pre-party jitters by playing lively music.

Light candles. The flicker and scent will stimulate your senses. Wear clothes that make you feel relaxed and confident. Kitchen. Ease kitchen stress by breathing in the scent of every ingredient.

Delight in the delicate texture of. Continued 8. Shed extra weight. Losing extra weight can provide a powerful energy boost, says Stewart, of Johns Hopkins University. Even small reductions in body fat improve mood, vigor, and. Tension headaches can cause pain in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Here, doctors explain how to relieve a tension headache fast and how to prevent the pain. Holding a firmish grip allow the weight of your arms to pull your ears down. If you are holding lots of tension in this area you will notice instant relief as pressure is released from your head, your neck lengthens, your shoulders relax and you feel lots more space in this area of your body. Rub a few drops of essential oils onto your wrists.

Lavender is calming, lemon and orange scents are great for a quick energy boost, and frankincense will help you instantly feel more at ease. You can also use an essential oil diffuser in your home or office. 2. 11 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Endorphins. an organic compound that gives your body an endorphin boost, This Super Quick Tabata Workout Is All You Need rn.

Fight leg cramps and other severe issues associated with low potassium levels by quickly increasing the amount of potassium in your body. Step 1 Eat a banana or two if you find yourself having leg cramps associated with low potassium levels. The potassium in bananas increases your levels quickly, which will cause the cramps to subside.

List of related literature:

Rapid relaxation reduces tension in antagonistic muscles, giving athletes greater range of motion and better rhythm, timing, and feel.

“Sport Psychology for Coaches” by Damon Burton, Thomas D. Raedeke
from Sport Psychology for Coaches
by Damon Burton, Thomas D. Raedeke
Human Kinetics, 2008

This warmup, which takes less than four minutes, is a simple and efficient series of ten flowing movements, featuring deep breathing and tension release that blend elements of strength, suppleness, stamina, balance, and coordination into an enjoyable, easy-to-do routine.

“Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life” by Dan Millman
from Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life
by Dan Millman
New World Library, 2010

Progressive muscle relaxation, outlined in chapter 5, “Relaxation,” is the quickest and most effective way to let go of your muscular tension.

“Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life” by Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning
from Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life
by Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning
New Harbinger Publications, 2011

Massageisan excellent way to reduce physical tension and relax body muscles.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
, 2008

That chapter also provides two deeprelaxation techniques designed to reduce muscle tension and the effects of stress—progressive muscle relaxation and meditation.

“Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition” by Edmund J. Bournes
from Anxiety & Phobia Workbook: Easyread Super Large 18pt Edition
by Edmund J. Bournes

This technique is highly effective and has proved to be a valuable tool for quickly reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

“Stress Management For Dummies” by Allen Elkin
from Stress Management For Dummies
by Allen Elkin
Wiley, 2013

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Progressive muscle relaxation involves isolating one muscle group, creating tension for eight to 10 seconds, and then letting the muscle relax and the tension go.

“Natural Standard Medical Conditions Reference E-Book: An Integrative Approach” by Natural Standard, Catherine Ulbricht
from Natural Standard Medical Conditions Reference E-Book: An Integrative Approach
by Natural Standard, Catherine Ulbricht
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

(3) Of the four treatment combinations, the use of cold followed by the static stretching technique appears superior to the other three groups in reducing delayed muscle pain.

“Comprehensive Biomedical Physics” by Anders Brahme
from Comprehensive Biomedical Physics
by Anders Brahme
Elsevier Science, 2014

These techniques reduce muscle tension and decrease

“Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
from Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems
by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009

This technique teaches that muscle relaxation can effect mental relaxation and the reverse is also true of tension.

“Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing” by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
from Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
by Ruth Elder, Katie Evans, Debra Nizette
Mosby, 2013

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  • I came here to find a way to relax. I was listening to thunderstorm sounds when I found this. What I wasn’t expecting was the comments section. I’ve never seen such a gathering of positivity and support. I didn’t realize how stressed I was and how much I needed these messages until I started reading and found myself tearing up. Thank you all.

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  • You know your addicted if you have to use YouTube to sleep. When I was a kid, I used the tv. But sadly, many channel went off the air after Letterman or Carson. I love you YouTube!b

  • This calms my soul. So glad I ended up here. My mom and dad recently passed away from Coronavirus and im still trying to cope with that and being a single mom. I used to go to my parents for advice,guidance, and they were my safe haven..now i feel so disconnected and i barely sleep but as im laying here..listening to this..i feel like i CAN try to go to sleep without drinking..without crying..without being in so much pain. Thank you.

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  • In our city 2 people caught coronavirus. So, if you don’t live in earth, even I also gonna die. I wish coronavirus went extinct.��������.

  • Wonderful advice and natural recommendations. Perfect timing during covid-19 to put out natural remedies we can take to boost our immune system. We have a few new natural products too. Best luck, great clips!

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  • when I first came to the blue forest I tried to find your channel then I did, by the way, this is my fave one

    (your channel is the BEST)

  • All these comments are nice.
    But deep down it still feels hard for me. I wish I had the confidence of these people that things are gonna be okay.

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  • I am just not able to understand why people rely only on “food and herbs” to boost immunity? And why do some people misguid innocent seekers like this? Papaya, garlic, and many thing that this video talks about has some specific ways of eating in certain conditions. Stop getting fooled by such things. Body is very sensitive. Even an excess amount of water has the power to mess up with the digestion. We need to stop believing things blindly. Doctors in the world are not fool. ��

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  • Yeah tbh I don’t get the hype this genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I rather watch an ASMR video or listen to nature sounds.

  • 0:55 “Exercise increases bloodflow to your organs and engages muscles in the GI tract”
    Idk about that… exercise pulls blood away from the digestive system to the muscles which is why you often feel lack of appetite post exercise.

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  • Food not digesting?


    If u have Problem in Digesting the food

    Indigestion means staying food in upper abdomen for long time, not going to lower abdomen,

    1. Indigestion reasons:

    1. Gastritis ( no digestive juices
    production )
    2. Eating too much food
    3. Eating too much food in night times
    4. Drinking milk at night time, (after
    5. Taking eggs, non veg more
    6. Taking stress
    7. No physical excercise
    8. Not taking much fiber food
    9. Not chewing the food properly while
    10. Eating fatty foods
    11. Eating junk foods
    12. Bathing after eating
    13. Taking fast foods
    14. Taking too much dry fruits
    15. Eating less fiber food.

    2. Tests doctors suggest for indigestion

    1. Endoscope.
    So doctors can figure out whether u
    have gastritis or ulcer.

    So people who are suffering with gastritis
    They have the problem of less production
    of digestive juices.

    So you need to heal your gastric glands
    or upper abdomen or esophegus

    If u heal ur upper abdomen then ur gastric
    glands produces digestive juices,so you
    will have quick digestion.

    3. Indigestion symptoms

    1. Nausea
    2. Vomiting
    3. Burping
    4. Bloating
    5. Heart and chest back pain

    4. Solution for indigestion::

    1. Take quick digested foods like
    1. Idli
    2. Fruit juices and fruits

    2. Eat less food
    Dont take much food.


    1. In breakfast 9:00 am 2 idli
    2. At 10:30 am fruit juices
    3. At 12:30pm lunch light food
    4. At 3:30pm fruit juices
    5. At 6.00pm little bit snacks
    6. At 8:00pm take dinner lighlty
    In the night avoid
    1. Milk, tea,coffee
    2. Eggs, chicken, mutton,fish

    3. Do physical excersise a lot
    1. Threadmill
    2. Walking
    3. Jogging
    4. Running
    5. Gym

    4. Do yogasana
    1. Agnisar pranayam
    2. Marjaria sana (cat strech)
    3. Arda matsyendrasana( half apinal.
    twist Pose ).

    5. Chew food into small pieces in your

    6. Walk after eating

    5. Quick relief from indigestion:

    1. Syrups
    2. Jeera water
    3. Walking amd excercise.

  • I’m from Italy, I think a lot of times to pass away because no one in this world care about me. My mother don’t love me and my father died when I was 8. I have 20’ now and I feel that my life is not worth. Only goods think of my life are music and anime. I hope one day I can find a person that understand my pain and can help me. I love you all guys. Stay positive.

  • People such as here in the comments are the reason my faith in humanity is restored ��
    We need more people like this and this type of energy
    Sending LOVE to you all. Yes, there is still love in the world. We are special, YOU are special! ��❤️

  • I got here by accident and have to say, this is like kindest comment section iv’e ever seen on youtube. As i struggle with falling asleep myself, gonna try to listen to your videos and hope its gonna be finally solution for sleepless nights. Stay safe everyone ❤

  • Excellent tips. Thanks. “I hope that thou mayest attain perfect insight, inflexible resolution, complete health, and spiritual and physical strength in order that thou mayest drink from the fountain of eternal life and be assisted by the spirit of divine confirmation.” ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha’i Faith

  • Let say mom makes dinner and served dinner at 3:00pm and I finished it at 4:20pm (nice). How long should I wait to start exercising?

  • why isn’t this topping the news today? much more important than people panic buying toilet paper over fear of a virus actually less lethal and horrible than HIV? I got diagnosed 25years ago it has decimate people’s lives and remained in epidemic status for YEARS, claimed about 32 million people’s lives and infected 75 million people. I use @dr.kanayo 14 days herbal remedy to cure myself it was recommended to by my best friend. COME ON! This is worth celebrating I’m grateful to Dr kanayo Peterson look him up on your internet.

  • Idk y but I can’t stand against stomach pain literally I spended half of my year in school with stomach pain n really can’t stand against shitting…

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  • hello to anyone reading this comment:) u are loved, u are wanted, u are needed on thsi earth. this is a sign, stay for a while. Enjoy your time here. I love you!

  • Thank you. I also find that this helps >>> “When you have eaten walk a little, that the food may settle.” Baha’u’llah, Baha’ Faith

  • I love this, its the most successful video at stopping my anxious thiughts a d letting me sleep. I wish it was a few hours longer though, i keep waking it up when it ends aha

  • something is wrong with my anus i took a shit yesterday and my anus feels weird its itchy and shit its annoying i cant sleep its 3:40am

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  • If you need something to do something, you set yourself up. When you sleep your body heals and your brain resets, your spirit wonders off into other parallels…..

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    நீங்கள் குப்பையில் எரியும் பழங்களின் விதைகள் உங்களுக்கு பல வகைகளில் உதவக்கூடும். அந்த வகையில் நீங்கள் வீணென்று நினைக்கும் சீதாப்பழத்தின் விதைகள் உங்களுக்கு நம்பமுடியாத நன்மைகளை வழங்கக்கூடும்.

    இந்த வகையில் சீதாப்பழத்தின் கொட்டைகள் வழங்கும் நன்மைகள் என்னென்ன என்று பார்க்கலாம்.


    பேன் மற்றும் ஈறுகளால் தலையை சொரிந்தே நீங்கள் சோர்வடைகிறீர்களா? இதை போக்க கடைகளில் கிடைக்கும் ஷாம்பூ மற்றும் எண்ணெய்களால் எந்த பயனும் கிடைக்கவில்லையா? இந்த தொல்லையைப் போக்க சீதாப்பழ கொட்டைகளை பயன்படுத்துங்கள்.

    இதனை தூளாக அரைத்து தண்ணீருடன் சேர்த்து பசை போல செய்து கொள்ளவும். இதனை தலையில் தடவி 10 நிமிடங்கள் ஊறவைக்கவும், பின்னர் குளிர்ந்த நீரில் அலசவும். இந்த செயல்முறையை மாதத்திற்கு இரண்டு அல்லது மூன்று முறை செய்தால், பேன் தொல்லைகளில் இருந்து நிரந்தர தீர்வை பெறலாம்.


    உங்கள் வீட்டில் பூச்சிகள் மற்றும் எறும்புகள் தொல்லை அதிகமாக இருந்தால் அதனை சரிசெய்ய இந்த கொட்டைகளை பயன்படுத்தலாம்.

    கொட்டைகளை அரைத்து நீரில் ஊறவைத்து அதனை மூன்று நாட்கள் ஊறவிடுங்கள், பின்னர் அந்த கலவையை உங்கள் வீட்டில் பூச்சிகள் அதிகமிருக்கும் இடங்களில் வைக்கவும்.

    இதனால் கிடைக்கும் பலன்கள் அற்புதமானவையாக இருக்கும். பூச்சிக்கொல்லி மற்றும் களைக்கொல்லி இந்த கலவையை நீங்கள் பூச்சிக்கொல்லியாகவும் பயன்படுத்தலாம். தாவரங்களை உண்ணும் பூச்சிகளை விரட்ட 10 அல்லது 15 நாட்களுக்கு ஒருமுறை இதனை செடிகளுக்கு தெளிக்கவும்.

    இது உங்கள் செடிகளை பூச்சிகளிடம் இருந்து பாதுகாக்கும்.


    இந்த பழத்தின் விதைகள் மருந்து நிறுவனங்களால் மருத்துவரீதியாக பரிசோதிக்கப்பட்ட அபோர்டிஃபேசியண்ட் பண்புகள் காரணமாக பரவலாகப் பயன்படுத்தப்படுகின்றன.

    கருக்கலைப்பிற்கு பயன்படுத்தப்படும் மருந்துகளில் இந்த விதைகள் பயன்படுத்தப்பட்டு வருகிறது. வியாபார வேளாண்மை பூச்சிக்கொல்லிகள் சீதாப்பழ கொட்டைகளும், வேப்பங்கொட்டைகளும் சேர்த்து தயாரிக்கப்படும் பூச்சிக்கொல்லிகள் சக்திவாய்ந்த நச்சு பூச்சிக்கொல்லியாக பயன்படுத்தப்பட்டு வருகிறது.

    இந்த விதைகளிலிருந்து தயாரிக்கப்படும் பூச்சிக்கொல்லி இயற்கையானது மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழலுக்கு பாதிப்பில்லாதது. இந்த விதைகளில் இருந்து விதைகளிலிருந்து தயாரிக்கப்படும் பூச்சிக்கொல்லியின் பயன்பாடு மனிதகுலத்தின் ஆரோக்கியத்திற்கு மிகவும் நன்மை பயக்கும்.


    ஜெர்மனி போன்ற ஐரோப்பிய நாடுகள் இந்த சிறிய விதைகளை வணிக நோக்கத்தின் பொருட்டு இயற்கை உற்பத்திக்காக பயன்படுத்துகிறது. இந்த பழத்தின் விதைகளில் மீதில்-எஸ்டர் நிறைந்த முக்கிய கொழுப்பு அமிலங்கள் உள்ளன, அவை வாயு உற்பத்தியைத் தூண்டுகின்றன.


    பல நாடுகளில் இந்த விதைகள் அவற்றின் நச்சுத்தன்மை காரணமாக மீன்களை பிடிக்க பயன்படுத்தி வருகிறார்கள். இதனைக் பயன்படுத்தும் போது அதிகளவு மீன்கள் கிடைப்பதாக மக்கள் கூறுகிறார்கள்.


    சீதாப்பழம் பல ஊட்டச்சத்துக்கள் நிறைந்ததுதான், ஆனால் இந்த விதைகள் இயற்கையில் மிகவும் நச்சுத்தன்மையுடையவை மற்றும் இதன் தற்செயலான நுகர்வு கருக்கலைப்பை ஏற்படுத்தும், ஏனெனில் அவற்றில் சிறிதளவு விஷம் உள்ளது. இந்த விதைகளில் இருந்து தயாரிக்கப்படும் பூச்சிக்கொல்லிகள் கண்களில் படாமல் பார்த்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

    ஏனெனில் இது தற்காலிக பார்வையிழப்பை ஏற்படுத்தும். எனவே இதனை எச்சரிக்கையுடன் பயன்படுத்தவு

  • With a follow you help me so much
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  • Fun fact, this song is actually lethally relaxing. This song caused a crash when a yoga instructor fell asleep while listening to this, best part is that it was 8 am

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  • Everyone is saying it’s calming them down, but I’m so stressed out and tense that I can barely even tell. ��

    Edit: I can’t clench my jaw while listening to this. I usually clench my jaw when I’m stressed out, but it’s kind of just relaxed now. Feels good for once. No headache from grinding my teeth together. At least, it’s going away.

  • Back in early 2014 my math teacher told me and 6 other students about this song during a bad snowstorm in NYC, and now when I listen to this I can’t help but think of how good middle school and 2012-2015 was

  • This is probably the 1,000th night I’ve listened to this I just want to say thank you to the creators I feel so much better after listening and can finally get some sleep.

  • Thumbs down for being riddled with ads. We all gotta make a dime but smooth floating in space suddenly interrupted with an ad screaming at you is utterly disconcordant.

  • i was reading through these comments and noticed that it’s 3:33am.. i’m very spiritual and i’ve been seeing a lot of signs lately. an awakening is approaching us. prepare yourself to enter a new dimension. you are loved and you are cared for. blessed be.

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  • It is not to be thought that the life of darkness is sunk in misery and lost in sorrow. There is no sorrow. For sorrow is a thing that is swallowed up in death, and death and dying are the very life of the darkness.

  • Thanks for watching my latest upload with deeply relaxing binaural beats, hope you enjoy it ������ From where in the world are you listening? Let us know below!

  • Greetings from far away off a wonderful island of Aotearoa-Land of the Long White Cloud -New Zealand Thank you for this calming & uplifting soundtrack -To anyone reading this -I know times are hard right now but you will get through this -it may seem & feel like you can’t or won’t but you will -if it’s not broken,don’t fix it,if it is broken or there are obstacles in your way find ways to make things better,knowing you can and will learn from whatever it is your going through -stay strong, stay positive,stay safe,be kind to yourself & others,most importantly,don’t be hard on yourself you’re only human and doing the best you
    can with what you know and what you have -Kia Kaha❤️❤️

  • Listening from Galveston, Texas. This station has improved my sleep drastically snd improved my over all feeling of well being. Thank you!

  • Life is extremely hard right now. It’s been this way for years. I’ve been struggling with PTSD for a few years now but I’ve been suffering with severe anxiety and major depression since I was a small child. I’m 28 now. I feel like there is no way out of this nightmare. I can’t ever sleep. My anxiety is so horrible at night and I get scared that I’m going to die in my sleep. It’s terrifying… This comment section makes me feel safe and worthy of opening up about this shit. I’m so tired of living in worry and fear.

  • I’m praying this gets me to s better place I have PTSD list my job and have no food and it’s hard sleeping on an empty stomach but I’m praying it helps cause I’m sure this in the end I believe and I have no where to turn

  • I listened this last night when i was sleeping and today i feel so much better, anxiety taken a back seat and i listened for just one night.. thanks very much for this.

  • آپ کے کچن میں موجود صرف تین چیزو
    کے استعمال سے اپنی صحت کو بہت سی بیماریہوں سے محفوظ رکھے۔۔
    کمزور افراد کے لئے خاص تحفہ۔جن کے منہ پر دانے داغ دبے ہیں وہ ضرور دیکھیں
    ویڈیو دیکھنے کے لیا نیچے لنک پر کلک کریں ��

  • Been struggling to sleep, anxiety at an all time high, extremely depressed to the point im having physical symptoms and my ocd with thinking something might be wrong with me is nonstop. Praying this helps me fall asleep tonight.

  • Why is it that the nicest and sweetest people are the ones that are struggling and suffering. Its sweet and comforting just reading these comments to remind myself I am not alone in this fight with my illness. I’m sending you all my my strongest prayers that you will all beat this and feel whole again ��

    I had bad insomnia problem and a VERY ACTIVE MIND AT NIGHT
    There are times when my body is so tired but my mind is so active in the night!!!!!
    I cannot sleep in a natural way…..I need real treatment to help me sleep like a baby!!!! WITHOUT SLEEPING PILL

    I was already dozing off with my mind telling me that my body is resting…..

    THIS STATE OF DEEP RELAXATION…..how many hours will it wear off so we can wake up feeling refresh and not sleepy???
    Some people take 7 hours to sleep…..some need 9 hours to sleep

    YOUR MUSIC COMPOSED BY YOU…..how many hours it is program for the body to relaxed and TO WAKE UP…..NOT FEELING TIRED AT ALL!!!!

    Zac….can you answer my questions above……

    IS IT SAFE TO WAKE UP AFTER LISTENING TO YOUR MUSIC….like going to pee in the bathroom during the night???

  • Gotta say, this worked very well for me. Even dreamt through what could be considered a bad dream/nightmare and felt chill throughout it.

    Thank You. ��

    (Edit) Shoot! Corrected my typo and lost my ‘love’.��

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  • I live in UAE and i always eating junk food,smoking and drinking. my digestive get poor and poor i try so many allopathic medicines but have no relief.so i am lookiing some other way and a Friend of mine suggest me to take ayurvedic home remedies along with the #Amla Saar of #planetayurveda that i drink every morning empty stomach to stay healthy & now am taking this for last 4 months feel better and Healthy

  • Every night I listen to this calm my nerves my anxieties been single mom not easy 3 kid’s ���� good kids bless.. there just a point I feel so lonely..

  • The video was really awesome. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful video with everyone. I benefited greatly…………… https://ourbdtips.com/

  • I think it’s not my fault that i born in syria, but gays this sound literally let me to sleep peaceful at nights, i can’t even explain what is inside me, i really hope this horrible feeling kept inside me and don’t spread to another lonely gay like me.. may be continued.

  • I came here to listen and be with my fellow people that have anxiety as well! Love u all and we in this together! I’m here if u need to talk ��

  • key points are
    1.keep chewing
    3.No smoking
    4.reduce alcohol drinking
    5.eat more fiber
    6.Drinking water
    7.Reduce stress
    8.Eat warm food
    9.Use probiotics
    10.Lose weight

  • I have experienced some deep memories while listening to this song. I felt like I was again in the past, everything felt so real. Amazing!!

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  • Life is so abundant, so overwhelmingly precious, and there are so many in pain, alone and lost In this vast creation. Beautiful souls, i wish I could beam my love and protection over you. the little creatures, the children, the alone and forgotten, the unloved. You have a guardian, And I hope my light reaches you.

  • Hi all, I’m in Florida. My kids are going back to school tomorrow plus my daughter is starting middle school. I’m feeling really anxious and can’t sleep.

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  • Just subscribed because I need something different to try to calm my anxiety while trying to rest….. Reading through all of these heartfelt and kind comments is why I’ll be staying though. I’m in tears because even though we’re going through what is probably the hardest time in our lives, all of you still found the energy to say something reassuring to complete strangers. Need that now more than ever.

  • My aunt had chronic indigestion problem and she consulted several doctor GIT specialist and went for all the tests but of not much good to her. Then she was told about a herbal product Digestion support from Planet Ayurveda. She started using that and to all of our surprise she felt much better within a month and now it’s been around three months and doing really good.

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  • It’s month 5 of the pandemic and I decided to explore more of what YouTube has to offer. This video is soothing enough for a Sunday afternoon to ease into the work week. Thank you

  • I love this music and imagine I am exploring the mysteries of space and time while listening. Particularly that slowly emerging rattle and angelic burst that comes along every couple of minutes. I never get tired of listening to this. If you have noisy neighbors, this is the perfect white noise for drowning them out.

  • I’m investigating colon cleansing quickly and discovered a fantastic resource at Dajons Health Plan (google it if you are interested)

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  • I am in rehab, again… nights are hell. I feel empty and utterly useless. I crawl around the floor for some relief. This helps me somehow. Thank you.

  • Wow so many beautiful comments. I’m hoping to get some sort of quality sleep tonight. I’m struggling a bit with nightmares and vivid dreams and I’m constantly drained. Even if it doesn’t work right now listening I feel peaceful. Thanks x
    Love to all

  • Reading the comments and feeling the Compassion from everyone on this thread is both heart warming and inspiring! Let’s keep it going people! Let these ripples of hope and positivity turn into a tidal wave of love and compassion! The world so needs it right now. Bless you all! ����️

  • I wish a deep restoring sleep for you. Tomorrow gonna be a wonderful day for us!!!
    Desejo uma noite de sono restauradora para ti. Amanha será um dia maravilhoso para nós!!

  • Thank you sooo much. I had a really good sleep �� in a long time. My two �� doggies loved your music to. So relaxing!!! Wonderful!!!!!

  • To those who are suffering, it will end. We are One family and you are loved! There isn’t anything we cannot accomplish with focus & patience..anything.

    A good nights sleep is essential for optimal health. Difficulty sleeping is largely the byproduct of an overactive mind. And the mind is mechanical & predictable.

    The formula hasn’t changed. Exercise, plenty of water, God-given foods, great �� music & meditation. ����‍♂️⚡��

    Be Well ��♥️

  • I have been using 14 days negative for about 2 weeks now with raw honey, veggies and fruit when I read this story on his website in 2019 I started using the 14 days negative for my hiv infection and I just started eating veggies, fruit and honey…I recommended 14days negative to any hiv patient out there tired of antiviral treament and in 2 weeks no sign of hiv in my body…. i’m a firm believer in herbal medicine now. even tho i didnt beleieve before because my doctor told me there was no cure and herbal medicine is bad…I just wanted to give you my story to let you know your on point…if you are willing to talk to DR. KANAYO about your health through WhatsApp +1(909)375-5642 just want to share some information on my health experiments..

  • Beauty from all of you as it should always be xoxo �� your light never goes out xoxo and I constantly find more beauty here with all you amazing souls I can’t find the words to tell you all how much you mean to me xxx you were all here when I needed you most thank you with all my heart ❤

  • Agr ye sab nhi mill rahe ho khane ke Lia,ab chahe reason koi bhi hoo..app tbhi immunity increase kr skte ho..
    Go n watch this ������ n boost immunity https://youtu.be/D8jyh5KmsHs

  • Let’s walk hand in hand through brimstone and fire, together, as one. Take my hand brother, sister, do you see it? Cherish your healing and your journey, if you are going through hell right now, keep going. Who would want to stay in the fire? Come, let’s heal. I love you, everything will be ok. I promise you that

  • I really like this music a lot. But there’s a problem because it has a clicking noise in the background that I can hear and it is distracting, keeping me from being able to relax. Thanks for this track it is really a nice one but I will have to find something else that doesn’t have the click embedded in it.

  • You in the comments. Yes you. Just know I love you. And you will get through this. I am sending all my love to you, no matter what you are going through. Now go to sleep. It’ll all be alright at the end. Sending virtual hugs xo ��