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Hangovers are a common side effect of alcohol consumption, but luckily, there are ways to lessen their severity. Here are 6 science-backed hangover cures. Most hangover cures are unproven, with a few exceptions.

Here are 7 ways to prevent hangovers that have shown potential in scientific studies. 6 Ways To Prevent A Hangover. In the season of beach parties, roof top bars and barbecues – find out how to save yourself the pain of a hangover! Get our expert tactics to feel refreshed after a night out and protect your body from damage.

Discover how to pre-tox properly, our hydration hacks. What can you do to prevent and treat hangovers? Here’s what some experts recommend eating and drinking to help make a hangover less harsh.

Here, 19 expert-approved tricks to prevent a hangover at every stage of your bender journey. Just promise not to leave your phone in the Uber again. This content is. Many incorrectly think of vitamin B12 as a remedy for hangover. Studies only show positive results for vitamin-b6.

Here is how you take it: 400 mg of vitamin B6 when you start drinking, 400 mg three hours later, and 400 mg at the end of the night (good luck with remembering that). 6) Sleep. Poor sleep and sleep deprivation can affect your hangover. Treatment. Time is the only sure cure for a hangover.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help yourself feel better: Fill your water bottle. Sip water or fruit juice to prevent dehydration. Resist any temptation to treat your hangover with more alcohol. It’ll only make you feel worse. Have a snack.

Hangover Remedy #6 Prevent the Next One Hangovers are like pregnancies: The only way to avoid them is abstinence. But if you can’t resist that raspberry margarita or forgo your evening. Prevent the impending doom with these simple hangover life hacks.

So far there has been little research into the causes or cures for hangovers but with what research there has been done we have compiled this list of useful remedies. In this article, we’ll cover hangover. The bottom line. Prevention, by way of drinking responsibly, is the only way to truly “treat” a hangover.

While some strategies may help with isolated symptoms including nausea, vomiting and.

List of related literature:

There are many reported “cures” for hangovers, including eating a greasy breakfast, drinking sports drinks, and taking aspirin.

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Anecdotal remedies for a hangover include drinking sodium-containing (nonalcoholic) fluids.

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hangovers: complete guide to hangover prevention and added benefits.

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Preventing a hangover is way more complicated than simply chasing your beer or margarita or glass of wine with a pitcher of water (or coconut water or Gatorade or Pedialyte).

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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The key: Drink to the point just before you think a hangover is inevitable (or moderation), eat right, exercise, drink lots of fluids and take vitamins (especially the almighty C and any antioxidant).

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Things commonly used as remedies for hangover symptoms include food and liquids, analgesics, vitamins, exercise, stimulants, and depressants.

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2.Hangover cures.

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Folk remedies for hangovers abound: aspirin, vitamins, exercise, or eating specific types of food (for example, bread or pasta, or the traditional Mexican tripe soup called menudo).

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
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The fifth possible contributor for hangover is overconsumption of other chemicals in alcoholic drinks.

“Drugs and the Neuroscience of Behavior: An Introduction to Psychopharmacology” by Adam Prus
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The best way to cure a hangover is to avoid one in the first place.

“This Book Could Save Your Life: The Real Science of Living Longer Better” by Graham Lawton
from This Book Could Save Your Life: The Real Science of Living Longer Better
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  • Why are y’all hating on the man for giving some tips? Of course drinking isn’t healthy but some people like to enjoy their lives with some drinks and go out here and there!

  • How to pervent hangover’s. Just stick with the bud. Then your preventing hangover’s alway’s. Me being so stone off my ass. Watching a drunk person being so damn fucking stupid. I am so stoned off my ass sorry I got to laugh at your stupid drunk ass.

  • Come on, are talking about hangovers in a fitness channel? I haven’t had a hangover for 5 years, want the trick? Lol i dropped alcohol the day i decided to take bodybuilding seriously. Weed is a looooot better drug in every posible way, if used with moderation.

  • Veggies and Dip helps a lot because of all the nutrients it has. I also eat fruits high in vitamin c, potassium, and are carb heavy like pineapples, bananas, and apples. (If you were wondering, Im def not a vegan -_-)

  • You’re gonna think its gross and youre gonna call me crazy, BUT HEAR ME OUT! You wanna consume calories like you’re just taking shots while sipping a mixed drink and not even being able to taste the alcohol?? Mix vodka (or any light liquor) Strawberry Watermelon Mio (yes, mio, the water enhancer and ONLY the strawberry watermelon flavor masks the alcohol) and then fill the rest with water. Tap water, bottled water, doesn’t matter. You will not be able to taste the alcohol and you will be getting smashed while drinking mio water. Unless I really overdo it, I’m never hungover drinking this. You are literally drinking a glass of water with every drink, but it doent even taste like you’re drinking (so it can be a little dangerous), please drink responsibly!

  • Fill your belly before you start drinking and fill your gut when your done. It will prevent the deadly hangovers. Not saying it will prevent every hangover but it will prevent the gnarly ones. Also, try to go to bed fairly early. Sleep helps a lot. Once you’re hungover, there is no way to cure it. Just ways to prevent it.

  • Tricks: No sugary drinks. Pro-Tip: if you drink 100% pure BLUE agave tequila, you shouldn’t get a hangover, put it in a margarita or mixer? then that beautiful power goes away. Wine=bad hangover Beer=bad hangover Champagne=bad hangover watch what you drink and it will watch out for you.

  • If you’re drinking straight pickle juice, chances are you’re still drunk… or a quirky girl I used to be friends with in the before time, in the long long ago. Cheers to you, Roleypoley. I haven’t thought of her in at least 12 years… thanks for the memories, Buzzfeed.

  • Eat heavy and aleep well the day before, take a nap in the afternoon befire the party if you can. Eat well before going out (food with fiber, protein). Not only will it prevent a hangover, its just healthy living. Take some antioxidents, drink some green tea and sleep after

  • step 1: wake up hung over as fuck

    step 2: take a shit while questioning your life and existence

    step 3: throw up and pray to god even tho you know praying doesn’t do shit.

    step 4: chill

    step 5: sleep

    step 6: wake up and eat a banana

    step 7: watch porn and bust a nut

    step 8: take a piss

    step9: drink water

    step 10: go to sleep.:)

  • MELON!!!!
    Don’t eat while drinking
    But try after get drunk
    Half of regular size of MELON will get you back on your feet
    Won’t clean your % of alcohol in blood but you will feel improvement
    Try and you will see am I right

  • hey the Alovera juice helps you get it at the Latino markets,Asian markets or your healthy organic stores it’s better then Gatorade even tho l do drink Gatorade blue with Chik corn egg soup an hot sauce

  • #1 best way to prevent hangovers. DON’T *ucking drink. Problem solved. If you drink to any degree to give yourself a hangover, they you really aren’t serious about your fitness.

  • #1 tip for hangover! drink a few shots of vodka and just lay in your couch and watch movies or something like that

    (i was drunk when i wrote this xD Hi from Finland)

  • Scrambled eggs with ham (slightly raw so it has more protein), and orange and banana juice, because potassium and vitamin c, from real fruit into the blender, no sugar.

  • Cubby:less talky more sneezey (he sneezes)
    Rainbow dash:no
    Izzy:(she sneezes)
    Jake:(he sneezes)
    Cubby:(he sneezes)
    izzy:(she sneezes)
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    all:(sneezed at the same time)
    the mane 8:oh so close
    All:(almost sneezed)

  • Drink half to a full bottle of pedialite when your done drinking and about to goto bed, repeat when you wake up in the morning or if you wake up in the middle of your sleep. That’s literally it. If it doesn’t work then you’re just a savage for blacking out that bad

  • Before you go to sleep set an alarm for 2 hours then wake up in that next 2 hours stay up for 30 min then go back to sleep and when you wake up the 2nd time you won’t have a hangover

  • When you are at the bar all you have to do his order something without alcohol in it guaranteed to avoid a hangover 100%. But not much fun

  • Just wake up a little drunk and the hangover will be almost non existent.
    Also drink as much water as possible before going to bed.

  • When have a little too much to drink i always take 2 excedrens and a glass of orange juice before i go to bed, IT WORKS EVERY TIME IVE NEVER WOKEN UP WITH A HANGOVER

  • I jogged the pickle juice and ate the cucumber then 5 min later throw up massively.My nose shot out cucumber juice and burned but I feel so much better now

  • Chilaquiles, barbacoa,salsa verde, eggs, etc

    Mainly spicy, salty or greasy food.

    A restore vitamin water

    Don’t stand under the sun afterwards

    Drink water before going to bed

    Don’t connect it the next morning with beer, it distracts your brain only

    Some say that whiskey makes it easier

  • Before going to bed drink a half liter of instant soup or eat a teaspoon of salt to replenish the electrolytes that you loose from peeing all the time and take a low-dose aspirin (200-300mg) against alcohol-induece inflammatory reactions in your body. With this, I’ve never had a headache the next morning and besides some sleepiness I was perfectly fine.

  • Asparagus and lemon juice, followed by 3 water bottles. Good as new. Asparagus has scientific hangover benefits, and the cationic property of the lemon juice is a natural detoxifier. Combine with the water to rehydrate.. its a sure thing

  • The best hangover prevention is to just go full alcoholic on a regular basis. Increase your immunity. Its like working out for alcohol lovers. Gotta stay in shape…keep lifting those bottles on a regular basis and you’ll be good to go.

  • One very important key that this video left out. As a result of your bodies natural systems expelling water at a heightened rate, your vitamin and minerals within your body, some of the most basic things your body needs for cellular respiration and function, are depleted. Also particular to your liver, the main organ responsible for processing toxins in the body, vitamin B is depleted. Vitamin B Helps both ADH and ALDH in breaking down the ethanol.
    Long story short, go to the grocery store, buy a bottle of vitamin B complex (has nearly every vitamin B plus a few others your body needs), take one with a full glass of water before you start drinking and again the morning after. Never had a hangover under this program. If you don’t have b complex a simple multi vitamin will do.

  • Ummm ya, after bbq season in the summer, Christmas time is always a bigger drinking season. I’ve had a xmas party the last 2 Fridays and still lots to go! Great reminders and tips and yes….water water water before bed!

  • after heavy drinking, take a little puke before bed, makes you feel better the next day and you wont puke during sleep whitch may be dangerous

  • There is no way to cure a hangover. There are only ways to prevent the severity of the hangover. Eat food before drinking and after. Drink plenty of fluids before and after. It will significantly reduce the severity of said hangover. Also, get plenty of sleep. Once agin, drink a lot of fluids, such as, Gatorade, water or vitamin nutrient fluids with electrolytes. One more thing….take a couple of Advil before bedtime assuming you have something in your gut that is solid. Tylenol just makes your liver worse.

  • we’re keeping it plain and simple: lets break down chemicals… jesus are you serious? just say what fixes you. THEN waste my time listing chemicals and shit…

  • A heavy/filling meal always works for me. (Breakfast; Waffles/pancakes, eggs, sausage (and/or) bacon.) (Lunch; Bacon-cheese-burger, steak-fries, and Mac-n-cheese.) (Supper; Pizza/steak, and mashed potatoes and gravy.)

  • A few problems

    A video about hangovers so the target audience is people with a hangover currently
    So why a video with no talking so I’m forced to look at a bright screen for an eternity
    On top of that could you find music that is more ear piercing and annoying that that?

    Know your Fing audience and make a video accordingly good day

    And another thing you keep listening the same foods as if this is a recipe video, news flash, it’s not, just tell me whats good and way and I’ll be more than capable of figuring it from there

  • my perfect hangover cure, the three pronged attack. step 1: when you wake up have the fattiest feed possible, my preference is bacon eggs hash browns toast sausages and spaghetti, just anything fatty asf and filling. step 2: cannabis but NOT TO MUCH, one cone does it for me. step 3: an energy drink. about an hour after all three steps i feel as if i drank nothing at all. but thats just me, hope i helped atleast someone.

  • For me ceviche works pretty well for hangover (raw diced fish zit in lemon juice, onion and some other grains and sweet potatoes).

  • Aspirin plus C after waking up, coca cola or sprite with a fatty burger and large fries. Why soda instead of water? Because soda is carbonated and will prevent you from puking, the sugar in the soda will immediately help with the aching. The dissolved aspirin in the water will be carbonated so it will also prevent you from puking. Thank me later

  • Drink Iced Tea.. I know.. Because here in Sarawak we drink distilled Tuak which we called Langkau.. Tuak is the drink fermented from the rice… We called it rice wine.. The pure Langkau has almost 80% alcohol…

  • I’ve found that if I drink a full glass of water before and after, I do wake up with a hangover but not that bad, my stomach is what kills me in the morning, and believe it or not if i lit an eucalyptus candle it helps a lot to dissipate that dizziness also cantaloupes are great

  • I usually just need around ten hours of uninterrupted sleep to feel okay the next day, but if my friends for some reason decide to wake me up earlier I literally feel like dying. So I guess sleep works as a hungover cure?

  • I can’t even think about eating right now my stomach hurts sooo bad. I’m literally sitting in front of the toilet watching these videos waiting for the puke to come. Don’t drink kids. ��

  • Drink PEDIALYTE it is the only thing that I will drink that will restore you in the morning. It takes away that sick feeling, it makes you feel less vomity, gets rid of that headache, it is a wonderful product.

  • i dont get it…i am trying to stop my hangover after i have one….and these guys give me “eat heavy food before you drink”…watching these 3 min video is fucking hard

  • Rubbish! The only pro-active remedy that has really been working for me for years is to have one Ibuprofen 400 around 10 p m and one more before you go to bed. Ask you doctor for potential risks, side effects and hazards before trying. Better than buying yourself, have your doctor giving you a prescription for it. Talk of headache, that is one of the medically relevant indications for Ibuprofen

  • Here’s my personal advice from experience.If you are not a heavy drinker or you don’t drink much I strongly recommend this.1. Eat heavy and take a tea spoon of oil before you go out drinking.2. Snack on nuts while drinking, trust me, it helps.3. Do not mix, stick to 1 drink only.4. It’s obvious none of us will drink an entire glass of water after each drink, that’s just insane but drink a good amount of water after you are done drinking.5.if you are going to eat, try eating oily foods while drinking.6. If you find yourself drunk do yourself a favor and throw up, yes i’m being serious.Get rid of any alcohol inside you, eat a heavy meal after then go to bed.This will reduce the chances of a horrible hang over, please drink responsible but let’s be honest… Most of us won’t lol

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