5 Ways You may be Sabotaging Your Wellbeing (And the way to Fix Them)



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5 Ways You Could be Sabotaging Your Health (And How to Fix Them)

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Daily habits can be so ingrained that you may not be aware you’re partaking in unhealthy behaviors. Whether it’s too much time spent scrolling on your phone or not making time to get some sunshine, it can be easy to fall into routines that negatively affect your health.. Here, five common habits that are counterproductive and how to fix the.

A physical therapist can show you safe ways to get back into a routine, based on your current level of fitness and health and also help you eliminate the subtle ways you may be sabotaging your health. A physical therapist can also help you if injury or illness has held you back from feeling your best. Is your mental health standing in the way of your health goals? Learn 5 Common Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Mental Health and how to fix them.

You’ve Become a Hermit If you’re like most North Americans, you spend the majority of your day indoors. This makes sense, you’ve got stuff to do! But, you miss. If you can do these 5 things, you may be able to stop sabotaging yourself and start achieving your goals.

No matter our goals, sometimes we end up making choices or acting in a way that undermines what we really want this can lead to you sabotaging yourself and your progress. Exercise After 50What You Should Be Doing; Avoiding Harmful Boredom In Your Older Years. 5 Ways To Embrace The Aging Process; 6 Things To Be Grateful For In Aging; 6 Tips For Better Anti-Aging Skin Care; 10 Tips To Age More Gracefully; Solid Aging: Channeling Your Energy To What Matters Most; How Meditation Slows Aging.

You only think of it as that thing you do in the morning because you have to, because you don’t want your teeth to fall out. You manage the long-term goal (having teeth) by thinking only of the very manageable daily goal. Well, guess what: If you can apply that technique to other things, you can conquer the motherfucking world. The process of body transformation requires a long-term commitment and dedication.

Also, in order to progress, it is imperative to have the right prerequisites for success. Yet, there are also other elements that are part of the fitness equation. One of those segments is the level of effectiveness of your workouts.

Moreover, the training sessions can be one of the main. 1. You only talk about your accomplishments. When you’re insecure about yourself and miserable, an all-too-easy fix can be to talk yourself up to anyone who will listen. I’m in the 6.7% of. Along with you using your power of choice, here are 8 steps you can start taking immediately to stop self sabotaging your success in life: 1. Understand Self Sabotage.

To manage the behaviors that have a negative influence on your life, you need to understand what self sabotage means for you. With my clients, I consistently see the same behaviors keeping them from taking action. These methods of self-sabotage can prevent them from getting where they want to.

List of related literature:

The list should have at least 10 alternate Healthy Fix strategies per False Fix that stopped you in the past.

“The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction” by Pamela Peeke, Mariska van Aalst
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The key to changing individual health behaviors: Change the environments that give rise to them.

“Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives” by Pranee Liamputtong
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1—Change to a low-fat, mostly vegetarian diet the single most beneficial thing you can do to control any kind of arthritis, even in long-standing cases.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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Encourage others to exercise, maintain an optimal weight, have regular health checkups, drive safely and wear seatbelts, sleep on a regular schedule, balance work and play, and avoid cigarette smoking and other unhealthy habits.

“Handbook of Religion and Health” by Harold G. Koenig, Michael E. McCullough, David B. Larson
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With the provider’s advice, there are steps to take include: eating plenty of produce, grains, and low-fat dairy foods; cutting back on salt; stopping smoking; exercising regularly; maintaining a healthy weight; limiting alcohol intake; and reducing stress.

“Delmar's Comprehensive Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies” by Wilburta Q. Lindh, Marilyn Pooler, Carol D. Tamparo, Barbara M. Dahl
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With the provider’s advice, there are steps to take that include: eating plenty of produce, grains, and low-fat dairy foods; cutting back on salt; stopping smoking; exercising regularly; maintaining a healthy weight; limiting alcohol intake; and reducing stress.

“Delmar's Clinical Medical Assisting” by Wilburta Q. Lindh, Marilyn Pooler, Carol D. Tamparo, Barbara M. Dahl
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These diseases are caused in large part by unhealthy lifestyle choices: eating poorly, smoking cigarettes, being overweight, and not exercising.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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I believe exercise can help decrease the risk for disease and pre4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 Strongly Agree Mildly Agree Mildly Disagree Strongly Disagree

“Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
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These include a healthy diet, exercise, and avoidance of smoking and alcohol.

“An Invitation to Health, 18th Edition” by Dianne Hales
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Each of these can enhance or undermine your health.

“Life Over Cancer: The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment” by Keith Block, Andrew Weil, M.D.
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  • Absolutely spot on advice. I found myself singing in the car with the radio trying to mimic every singer that came on, just to prove to myself I could do it. Now I have a select set of songs I listen to for practical purposes that keep me well within my range. Also, I routinely follow up with an a cappella version to make sure I stay on track. And besides, there’s no where to hide. Great stuff. Thanks Madeleine, and welcome back.

  • Do natural popular weight loss diet plan like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have noticed several amazing things about this popular fat burn method.

  • Hello! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my cooworker lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We’ve heard several amazing things about this popular lose weight method.

  • Most if not all connected with me I can’t use a computer though say hi to the shift Society for Silas as soon as I can I will learn and I will get a computer don’t forget to be nice to yourself when you’re so good to everyone else��

  • Just count calories ppl and eat lots of protein and your golden. I’ve lost 26lbs by doing this and plan on 40 more. Limit your sugar intake and carbs and you will be so much healthier.

  • I really needed to hear this. I have lost some phonation in my higher notes and have become very discouraged. I even went to be scoped to make sure I didn’t have a node. No nodes, just a loss of sound. I think I am struggling with many of these saboteurs but also I don’t have a place to perform and I miss it terribly. -Casey

  • Omg i love you soooooooooo much im so happy youre back!!!!! Can i ask you a question? About my vocal range. Im 12 and im a girl. I can go from A3 ( a lil bit lower) to D6 and rarely E6. Is that good?

  • Don’t count your fruit calories from while fruit and watch your natural fruit juice. Enjoy your veggies and fruits don’t restrict. Pineapple and melons are awesome for you -!!

  • ALL OF THIS! I need to just listen to this every morning instead of trying to talk myself out of what I know I need to show up and do to move my business forward.

  • Just discovered your videos 5 days ago and it’s insane how much you’ve helped me, in performing live. I’m going to look on your channel to see if you’ve expanded on number 3 elsewhere, but if you haven’t yet, making a video on it would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

  • Hello! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (just search it on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve heard many amazing things about it and my cooworker lost crazy amounts of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • This is such great information. I get so nervous singing when I know people are watching me! And I always wondered why I sound like a robot when I perform in front of people. I love to sing but get so nervous about doing it front of others. I am trying to overcome this anxiety!

  • Try to be an over-green vegetable eater. You will feel the difference in approximately 2 weeks. Spinach, Broccoli, Cucumber, Almonds, GARLIC (Raw), Vitamin C, on top of the normal vitamins and minerals you need every day, and lots of water (try with a little baking soda and lemon-a great alkaline formula) that has a proper balance about it.

  • This video is really applicable to me and one I really needed!! I’m guilty of often getting in my own way and stopping myself from achieving my true potential!! Thanks so much for the weekly uploads, they’re always one of the best parts of my week ❤️

  • Sugar is not the problem, type in “fruitarian” on youtube and you will find a massive community of fruit munchers that are healthy and happy and living cruelty free sustainable lives. Don’t buy this bull! Check out freelee the banana girl to get the “skinny” on sugar!!

  • All 34 and 6, maybe more… how do we reset / retrain our brains… how do we finally believe we are enough and stop listening to our negative inner selves and ignore negative comments and actions from others? How do we treat ourselves with the respect, love & faith we deserve? How do we get out of our own heads and just enjoy what time we have left as well as do what is right for each of us?

  • Perfect! This topic came at the right time. I spend endless hours, days, weeks, months “getting ready” to do something but never starting; but I do admit that it’s an excuse that I use because of my fear of failure along with this perfectionist feeling that I just HAVE to do it right the first time or else I’m a failure. That and outside approval for things I should not care about keep me from taking action. I recently started posting some of my hobby work on Instagram. Even though I don’t think it’s that good, guess what? There hasn’t been that torrent of negative criticism and trolls that I expected. It’s just been….quiet.
    Motivation comes when I force myself to actually start doing something. Once I start an activity that I have been putting off I tell myself “This isn’t bad at all. Why do I let my fear always get in the way of getting started?” It’s unfortunate that there was person online that I followed that was a mental health advocate but I got a little tuned off because when the topic of doing something when you’re not motivated came up. They said you SHOULDN’T do anything when you don’t feel motivated because if it doesn’t turn out well you will feel even worse and not want to do it. Well, to paraphrase Joe Rogan, if I only did things when I felt motivated I would be completely out of shape. You have to force yourself to get started, especially when you don’t want to.

    Working on giving myself the permission to fail and recognize that it is normal and EVERYONE fails at something. No one who succeeded did so without a string of failures. Am gonna listen to this every morning for the next several days to stop doing all these things.

  • This guy is fruit loops. Why do you think Congress called upon him about his miracle claims?  There are all kinds of quack doctors who practice pseudoscience.  Oprah needs to get better cronies to promote. The problem is that she has made so much money she either is too ignorant to see it or she doesn’t care.

  • I don’t get what’s so great about fruit. No protein, low feeling of satiety and lousy nutritional content per calorie. You can call fruit empty calories when comparing to for instance fish or chicken. Get your vitamin Cs from vegetables instead. 

  • Why is it the never talk about PH levels?? MOST of the American Diet is extremely acidic, and you need to get more alkaline (base) foods in your diet to keep your body functioning properly and disease free. PLEASE research this as it is very important. Yes, too much sugar (including pineapple) can make you gain weight, and it is extremely unhealthy; it makes your body’s defenses drop so it can focus on getting your PH level back to 7.365. READ UP ON THIS, Great foods: SpinachBroccoliCucumber..

  • I know I’m self sabotaging myself. With my friendships and my health. I have OCD and retroactive jealousy. I don’t want both of those anymore. I want to step to the next level. I’ve always been this way and now at 28 years old I finally understand whats been going on in my Brain. I felt so lost and and I never understood why I could never be in relationship. I believe I come off as desperate and there is nothing cute about being desperate. I don’t care what I have to do to fix it. I have a lot of these issues. I need help.

  • most people really just need to eat a diet high in vegetables. When I started making my diet about 50% vegetables with lots of variety I noticed an improvement. I really watch my sugar intake and I make sure to eat something with protein every 3 hours. I still have more to learn but I’ve already noticed my sugar crashes are gone and that foggy brain feeling is gone as well.

  • Catch up time this one is particularly brilliant, and sums up everything I love about your approach, from exploring without judging first, to honoring uniqueness and the listening to the whole physical instrument which is so vital to any lasting success. Brava, brava, Madleine!

  • i notice that im comfortable to sing in slolo room, then i try to sing outside to try on many people. it felt nervous. but i kept to control and enjoy. but sort of the quality ouf sound area is i cant acces my own tone of voice to sing perfectly. maybe more enjoyment and litle by little u can manage own Memory Of Own Voice, the amplifier volume seems.adjusted to high volume that makes differrent output., thats right that give a self space private and Rehearse ur own Recording your ranges and like to mimic if its just fitted or on the right tone,��������

  • I just found your channel and I love your videos so far! This video really opened my eyes, I’m doing almost everything that you mentioned haha but I have a question tho, hope you’ll see this heheh ��
    When I practised singing when I was young, I was shy to let anyone listen to my voice so I always kept it quiet and I practised by radio so now I am by default mimicking the singer and always singing with the singer’s voice instead of acapella. So now I have a problem of hearing myself when I sing in different rooms or situations like karaoke (with a mic) or in the bathroom (which kind of makes my ears a lil uncomfortable bcuz I can’t hear myself) or in rooms with people. So my question is, what should I do to better hear myself in these kind of situations? Or is the reason why I can’t hear myself is just me holding back my voice? Hopefully you’ll see this! ��

  • Wow, I didn’t even notice how much I was sabotaging myself by telling myself that I don’t deserve what I want because I’m “not good enough” for it. Thanks for pointing it out and forcing me to deal with the truth ��

  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Eat whole food, primarily fruits (mostly raw), vegetables (mostly raw), whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, exercise 6 days a week, and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re not getting the results you want, eat cleaner and work out harder. That’s all you need to know.

  • So when you mentioned in your other video that you pick people that need to be fixed is a send of self sabotage. So this prompts did my husband choose me as a form of self sabotage? Am I the project from his view?

  • Great point Dr.Oz you are right, gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss unless you do it the right way. Our program utilizes the gluten free whole grains you recommend amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat. Thanks for sharing the truth, I see my clients make these same mistakes when they come my way. Those beanitos look tasty too!

  • I love your information and passion….. i would love to follow an exercise for soprano with you… would you do scale exercises videos?

  • finally I found THAT video again. What you said has popped back into my mind over the last days and has helped me noticably when singing difficult parts:

    Singing is the relief that comes
    as we release the voice from the body

    Thank you! <3

  • Yep. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Listen My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

    have a look here bit.ly/17p066t?=yjrei

  • this was the most helpful video for singing i have ever watched. yes the exercises help, but without having someone tell you all of this, you practice with all the bad habits you’ve had for so long. thank you so much for this video. i cannot wait to finally free my voice.

  • That thing about the no fresh fruit is a load of bull. When people gain weight it is never from eating too much fresh fruit. I can’t believe a Dr. is saying this kind of stuff.

  • The mental aspect is so essential. Intellectualizing and trying to micromanage tone, pitch and the sound in general is my greatest problem. I judge myself too much as I am singing. Letting go and accepting the results without being overly critical is a challenge for me. I enjoyed your video.

  • Seeking outside approval and living after people’s expectations makes the doubt to creep forward self-sabotaging becomes an escape

  • Oz my fav show cos im health concious. I think ppl should go for blood tests. Many ppl dnt even knw dey hv thyriod probs. Im balanced person, i only eat gluten on saturdays n sunday morning. I lost weight abt 6kg few yrs bak by elimatin most flour,sugar,salt n very spicy food. Western diets r goddamn salty,too sweet, too much flour (gluten). I eat lotsa veg everyday. Meat only once or twice a wk.

  • If you wish to go Gluten Free, replace wheat with something nutritious. Nobody should indulge in today’s modern wheat and we do NOT need grains to be healthy.

  • I am so excited to apply your vocal warm-ups and teachings. I so badly need it coz after giving birth, my voice got so ruined, it cracks and the quality got so bad. How many minutes should I warm-up everyday? Thanks for your videos! I really really love it!

  • Thank you for making this video and giving me some tools to overcome my holding back and hesitation. They are my biggest hurdles for me to jump now.

  • If you want to lose weight Do not listen to Dr. Oz…lol he is suggesting chips? hello, that is processed, dry…if you wanna lose weight eat fruit and veggies people!!! exercise…the problem is people are lazy and want something fast and easy…

  • I just want to know what to do if your allergic to most fruits and veggies. I makes it had to diet when your allergic to all the healthy stuff. I do have to say…if I steam the veggies I can it them… It’s fresh I can’t.

  • Glad to be in the “shift society” it has helped me already change my perspective…I have a lot of these and did not realize I was self sabotaging things…but I am! Very insightful…for me a big one is “waiting to be motivated”…and “believing the lies we tell ourselves”

  • Listening to you has given me the opportunity to evaluate my personal roadblocks and deal with them. Thanks again f9r the common sense ideas that work to bring more clarity and success into my life. I look forward each week to your presentations.

  • Hey. Im new to this chan.. Juss wanted to say keep up the good work. I rly love the depth you put into it. Like music.. Its the energy you put out.

  • Love �� you!!what about eating the engine 2 way it’s similar to your the first time I did that in 2014/15 I lost 11 lbs now I’m stuck and not able to eat alot

  • I love this video and Thank you for being back Madelyn. This is a very close topic and an issue that i really didn´t recognize to me right now, thank you for putting up this video. I have kept the hardwork and improved a lot in singing thanks to your videos. Sorry for bad english.

  • I totally agree about self-sabotage. I wanted a certain career and I said maybe if I study mom wavy if I just wait or maybe it’ll come to me or always excetera excetera. Can I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Maybe I need to read faster to get a lot more knowledge everything you’re saying from 12 all the way up to the last number I was blown away because I just needed a sign or something and you said it all now I’m scared a little bit to move forward it’s the what ifs����

  • I do so many of these! I don’t know where to start… also did you mention the fear of failure and embarrassment? I have that. Thanks Julia Kristina. ��

  • You’re back!! I’m so happy!! Welcome back to YouTube! And your videos have helped me so much although I’ve not started practising yet but I will one day. And I feel so confident because of you, you’ve poured confidence in me. I want to be singer in Hollywood but I’m an Indian girl. Hoping for the best.

  • Hi! I just discovered your videos and I’m hooked! You’re teaching me so much �� could you please somehow incorporate Pentatonix into a future video? Maybe talk about their technique or something? I’m a major pentaholic and often sing along to them (they’re an a capella group) ��

  • If you don’t move to the direction you want to move by, it means you probably sabotage yourself. We must have the self consciousness sufficiently to know well who you really are,what do you need and what you deserve. Lack of the certainty can result in death at the eventuality. Anxiety of the unknown future is a common stuff into the western community as they always find themselves vulnerable to threat concerning their whole own life. Waiting to know everything prior to start is sufficient to sabotage your life. Letting others opinion portrays your life and contributes to making your decision, pursuiting perfection, focusing on other people trouble in such excessive way as there is a distinction between being generous and being distracted with others stuff, procrastination as you shouldn’t put off untill tomorrow what you can do today and waiting for the inspirational things to take step forward it is massively sabotaging yourself. Nevertheless we need to learn more about what we are about to start however it shouldn’t paralyse you based on you need to learn everything. Making excuses holds back and do harm more than good. We never be fully prepared therefore waiting for being entirely ready might result in paralysis instead of pushing forward.

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on a lot of videos and I thought they were scam. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • If you shed off pounds quickly then you are at a risk to go on a plateau much quicker too and it will be harder for you to lose the extra pounds.

  • I feel like my brain wants me to hate myself because of the pain I’ve experienced. I use to be confident, passionate, kind, caring, helpful and considerate. I was more focused on helping others more than myself which was my fault. It wasnt for validation or recognition, it was just how expressed affection.
    Now I find myself in a cycle of fear and anxiety. I struggle with so many of these things and I am frozen in staying still and it is driving me insane.
    There’s still alot of things I need to make progress in life. It took me feeling like I was going to die during a panic attack to get help. Pushing myself, dragging myself and failing alot to get physically active.
    I used the “I don’t know what to do” excuse when I started having severe anxiety because the process terrified me. I still have to fight myself everyday to keep going and just live. The point is dont stop trying. Dont ever give up on yourself. Even if you are unconsciously self sabotaging yourself, when you realise itface it. Dont hate yourself like I did and still do sometimes for standing in your own way. I know its difficult to do when you are the one making life harder for yourself but we live and we learn. Learn who you are. Discover your faults and shortfalls. Take the leap and learn what you love. Learn about yourself the way you learn about someone you like/love so you can learn to love yourself the way you love others. I chose this video to post this on because when you realise you are the rock blocking your path, its difficult to accept and overcome.
    You can do this. Watching these videos is a fantastic place to start
    Thank you Julia

  • Hello miss Madelaine I want just to get an advice from on how to improve my singing voice because some of my friends told me that I have a not good quality singing voice but when I sing alone it doesn’t sound like on when I sing in front of my friends

  • Excellent! I will watch this video again and make a list. The list of 34 itself is motivational! Naming these saboteurs will help me to make concerted efforts…I am hoping!

  • Sounds like you’ve been gone for a while, I had just recently found you and was enjoying your videos. I’m really appreciating your help and I hope to catch up and continue working on my vocals. Thank you and Welcome back. ��✌

  • Wow what you explain in this video is so profound and beautiful ( about heart, body and mind ). Madeleine, you are amazing. Thank you so much:D <3

  • Thank you so much, Madeleine! This was so helpful to think about. The one I was most surprised by was singing with the radio! I do it all the time. I definitely want to sing more acapella to be able to find my unique voice ��

  • Hey, new here. Quick question. I’m 21 with absolutely NO singing or musical experience. Found myself taking an interest in singing but am unsure if it is worth the time at this age. I really just want to work on singing with a more full and powerful voice. I sing alone and can feel the weakness in my voice. I guess question is, should I take singing lessons and start really practicing? I’m not seeking to do this as a career really, just like trying things I never had the guts to do as a teen.

    P.S. I Box and train in BJJ. I do neck strengthening exercises and deal with getting choked quite a bit. Will this affect my vocal cords in singing?

  • Wow didn’t expect this appearance. I’ve been waiting for this day to say thank you. You’re definitely the best coach we have here on YouTube! Wish you all the best!

  • I know you said that singing can be just as difficult and attached to discipline as ballet dancing but there’s sometimes right here people who have hardly taken any singing lessons and they have this beautiful quality about their voice would that just be natural Talent?

  • Hi,I got my range in B1-G5 sometimes it can goes to A5 to C6 but only 1-2times per warming and i start to tension after that,i want to extend my range but it stuck there for a long times(1-2years was spent for extending),is there anyway to break this limit or it is my range limit,if u have any advise.Thank you:) ps.sorry for my english,hope u understand my meaning lol.

  • This is probably my biggest struggle! Amazing how just because our brain is wired with so many obstacles, we fall into this self sabotage! This is it. I have to overcome because I have no other choice.

  • I waited and waited and kept thinking I was not ready to start my business, but finally, I did. I still have difficulty with marketing in person, as I don’t know who and how to approach, but I am working on it. I went live today on Facebook and will go live tomorrow, with my business, just to prove to myself that I can.

  • Thank U Madaleine!! Very good to see you again!! Your message are so helpful!! Greetings from Brazil! Keep going please!!:D:D:D

  • Hi Madeleine! You have a wonderful way of presenting your points, and after many years of singing and exploring with my voice I could not agree with you more and for me, your point number one is a timely reminder for me in my vocal journey! A basic reminder I can never get enough of. Thanks for so succinctly explaining! I will look forward to more videos!

  • Top dieting mistakes, taking advice from a snake oil salesman called Dr. Oz!!  This guy was caught with his pants down lying about the effectiveness of his diet drugs.  You want results from a diet, don’t shovel funnel cakes down your throat every 5 minutes and get out of the house, STAY ACTIVE!!

  • One of the best psychotherapist I have met in a long time told me I am doing an excellent job at self-sabotage I was pissed he was right��

  • please do me a favor…
    please I want to change my permanent voice to a much thinner voice… just like 15 year old Justin Bieber… please help me..

  • It’s not about what you eat, its about when you eat -_if you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you aren’t hungry anymore, you can’t get fat. Dieting is only ruining your relationship with your body. Would you go on a program that told you that you have to go to the bathroom everyday at 6pm regardless of wether you have to go? It’s a bodily function that is never the same every day, just as eating is. These ”doctors” just want you to trust them over your own body which knows what it needs and make money off of it >:l

  • Nothiing new. Only other commercial fraud. But let’s stop being naif…. food business is a huge business… and dieting business is even bigger and more profitable… No one wants you to be healthier or thinner.

  • Hi, Madeleine! Welcome back! I missed you tons. I love your teaching style I’d love for you to discuss nasality. I have seen some videos on it but they haven’t really helped so I’d love your input. Cheers from Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina.

  • I just discovered your channel, I’ve only watched 2 videos so far and I’ve already learned so much. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve experienced damn near every single one of these and I didn’t even know I was doing them, let alone how much damage it has been doing. Thank you!!!

  • Can u please make a video about how to sing “rise up Andra Day”. That would be awesome! Ps: I really love ur viedeos, they’re so helpful ��

  • Hi Julia I am also in the comment below they say if you think you’re smart then you’re not so I am telling you you are smart I’m also telling you you may be obsessing on your weight eat something fattening and yummy you will thank yourself���� a message from Silas thank you so much for carrying enough to care about us I survived my last catharsis because of you the crappy childhood fairy dr. Ramani the harp twins and the little Japanese drummer girl yoyoka children have a right to be protected and encouraged and loved at all cost��������‍♂️��‍♂️♥️��

  • Has anyone used the Fenoboci Diet Plan to lost a lot of weight? Just simply do a google search. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how exactly you can lost lots of fat. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • You literally had to make this for me specifically lol. I try all the time to Mimic Ariana cause I’m so obsessed with her head voice and whistle notes. Your videos are the best thing for any inspiring singer! Thank you so much Madeleine you have helped me overcome a lot of things holding my voice hostage, I love it!! ����

  • I am so happy that I stumbled upon your channel Julia. New subscriber and am religiously going through your videos. I wish I could join the Shift Society but unfortunately it’s just too much for me with the conversion rate:( But your videos here on YouTube are amazing. Thank you for uploading them.

  • Litterally everything you said is what I am doing. I seriously need to stop being a perfectionist. But it’s the only way that I feel like I am actually achieving something.

  • Hashimotos is a `gluten problem` Dr. Oz via TPO anti-bodies. And don’t forget to mention all the added folic acid in enriched flour products (by law) which are detrimental to 30%-60% of folks with the MTHFR mutation. Maybe also talk about resistant starch in black beans.. and what that means for folks. I wish you wouldn’t talk to your viewers like they’re children. No wonder people take anything these days, it’s empty info like this that only confuses folks…. facepalm When will we advance people…(!!)

  • So glad I found you Julia and these videos. Could you tell me if you have made videos that address accepting ourselves as we are right now. I am in process of learning to accept myself as I am today right now, but I’m overweight and I’m not sure how to accept being here when I have a desire to improve. Does accepting myself as I am right now mean I accept/like being overweight? How can I accept myself and desire to change both at the same time? Every time I look in the mirror, it is SO hard to accept what I’m seeing yet I understand if I can’t accept where I am right now, that even if I DO lose weight, I’m still not likely to accept myself then. I realize accepting myself as I am today doesn’t mean I choose to stay where I am right now but I really cannot see how to accept me as I am today while desiring to improve myself at the same time. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any guidance…:)

  • people eat rice in many countries they don’t get fat people eat wheat n slim only problem with fat people they fucking have no right to eat to live

  • “Singing is the relief that comes as we release the voice from the body! ” This is the biggest breakthrough statement I have ever benefited from! Dear Madeleine: I am writing this Thank You note to you with tears of joy in my eyes. I think this is a God sent message to release my voice, finally after all these year of trying hard. I repeated listening to this profound statement a few times and then I finally realized one truth: I used to feel released only after I finish singing solo onstage (I am a worship vocalist). Each time, my body and throat somehow tense up and it never performs the way I had hoped. Now, I know why. Since I enjoy singing so much, it is actually the other way around. Singing is supposed to make me feel relieve and only through releasing my energy through singing will I experience that sense of relief! Getting to know my body first what it means to be relieved and then sing to achieve that sense of relief! I think I did it and I love that new feeling! It is almost like a instant change of how I sing with a good flow of air. I am so exciting! Thank you again Madeleine! You are the best Youtube Vocal Teacher I have ever met! I want to give you a big hug!!! =))) God Bless!

  • Which do I do? Way too many!!! I’m glad you said by working on a couple, many will fall away! I’m constantly waiting to feel motivated or blaming others or needing everything to be perfect… It goes on and on. I’m often tired and anxious so the feeling ready usually means just well rested and calm but the others are just a change in thoughts! Thanks for the video and letting us see all the ways we self sabotage!

  • Hi Julia, I think I do most of the self sabotage ways you mentioned, especially those connected with perfectionism
    I feel like I connected to the one about waiting for “when I feel like it” most
    you got me thinking about going from one extreme to the other and being out of control in that way going from doing nothing to trying to do everything or feeling like love is the most important thing and then suddenly jumping to rejecting it completely
    you also said there’s a difference between self sabotage and a need for a rest, which is really hard to comprehend sometimes
    I have done a lot of work on myself already and it can be quite overwhelming, since it is a never-ending process, but hearing other people go through the same motions seems to be the best way to deal with the weight of it all, so thank you for sharing <3

  • Does my penis sabotage my life? I feel every time I want to do something my penis wants something else… so it’s a constant struggle for dominance.

  • I totally distract my self by helping others before myself and my family.
    Waiting on motivation
    Fear of being judged by others
    Poor planning
    Letting fear take over
    Meanial tasks to avoid the big ones
    This video really made me think deep about myself…
    I really appreciate it so much

  • Thanks again Emmie, for making what can be often a confusing part of a person’s weight loss program so make more simpler. You make weight lose so much more fun and enjoyable with your beautiful and ineffectious personality and attitude. Rock on Hunny.

  • Just found you thanks to Isaac’s reaction video and yeah, his reaction is just his reaction and his opinion I don’t care at all what he think about other people.

    I’m just glad I found you ������ so many videos with great topics ������

    And this video got a soooo good message to all of us! To look at the average weight every week ❤️

    Wish I could hug you for so long and in that hug I wanna give all the love and compliments face to face to you to show my appreciation and say that I love you and your channel and that I look forward to all your future videos ������

    Oh btw, I really have to say: I looooove your hair ������

  • I love all your videos ma’am and am glad to tell you that your video concerning vobrato really helped me, it attracts audience when I sing. But my plea here is, I wish to here you sing.

  • I’m gonna fail my life I’m not doing anything in school I feel like I accumulated so much delay I’m in 12th grade and I never really worked in school always took my knowledge for granted now I’m sinking I don’t even know if I would be able to catch that much up I think procrastination is the worst but I don’t know what I want and I don’t have any motivation

  • I needed to watch this today because self doubt has started to creep into my dream of building my own business as I go through the process. It is something I have wanted for so long and I am “just doing it” even though I have some fear. I noticed a belief surfacing that I probably won’t succeed and my brain is letting me know all the reasons why. So this video reminded me that this is just my old self sabotaging ways.Thank you for making this video!

  • Hi Julia Kristina I’m a subscriber..look forward to your topics. I’m 60 and never to old to learn. I love how you explain things and clarify. Appreciate your channel.��

  • Sometimes I hold back, but when I don’t hold back it sounds noticeably off which is why I’m usually holding back in the first place (until I’m comfortable with the song). The judgement of others affects everyone and it’s easy to say we should just gnore them. How does one keep the balance?

  • Hi. I’m so grateful that I found you u have helped me as I’m in a toxic place ex boyfriend n ur support n all you do is n say. I’m learning. To break free slowly. Ooooox love to all.oox

  • Have just found your channel. Just want to let you know you’re a wonderful teacher! Charismatic, didactic, articulate and beautiful. Subscribed without thinking twice. Thanks for taking your time to create such an amazing content!

  • and Bell Pepper has 6 times the vitamin C, but the govenment doesn’t want you to know that, Oranges are cheap and easy to produce, that is the only reason O.J. is so common in american households. Also the sugar in an orange is at a horrible level, and too much of anything will kill you. It’s all about balance but we are all built differently. LDL and HDL “cholesterol” are not cholesterol at all, they are a protein that carry cholesterol, but people don’t do research and just repeat others

  • Waiting to be motivated! Oh man I was such a go getter…. now I cant even find motivation for my day to day. I wonder what happened to me?

  • All of these hit home for me! I’m hoping to make a job change soon. Finding myself feeling very frustrated with almost everyone at my job now. I’m scared that if I make a move and then I’ll feel overwhelmed with the change of position and different responsibilities and new skills to learn. Instead I need to stop the insanity and trust that I have all the knowledge and experience needed to transition into a new career. I need to find a way to feel grateful for my job now and appreciate all that I have. Thanks

  • Most fruits are also very acidic, and like your body constantly fights to keep its 98.6 degree temperature, so does it fight to keep a PH level of 7.365, the more acidic your body is, the more it has to leave from it’s normal defensive duties to get your body back to normal-all the while weakening your defense system and causing greater probability of becoming ill, as well as cancers, etc. Please do research, I.E. Most people don’t know an orange has little vitamin C compared to any other fruit

  • Perfection paralysis is definitely my self saboteur. It is the root of my procrastination and my ‘I’m not good enough’ negative self talk.

  • Wow. 16 of 34 I’ve got some work to do! I actually (kinda) added one more FEELING unprepared when you ARE prepared. That’s one of my biggest problems I actually know much more than I feel comfortable with, and as such, don’t put myself forward because I don’t trust my own preparedness.

  • These are such useful reminders! I have been working on changing my subconscious programming and I have noticed a lot of anxiety surrounding relationships that was created from childhood attachments. I have really had to work on changing that because I would sabotage relationships often since I couldn’t trust and I was full of fear. So good to be aware of self sabotage!

  • My daughter bought me six singing lessons for Christmas a few years back. I have a dull vacuum cleaner drone of a voice. I don’t like it. But what you say about the self, honesty, tension, fear, perfection etc. are so spot on. And in a video you posted a while back about ‘owning’ the room you suggested looking and filling that room into every corner. Anyhow I must start back to all your videos. The complexity is mind-boggling. In my first lesson from the Christmas present I leaned that it’s technically impossible to sing consonants; how we can only sing and project vowels. That’s a head-wrecker and epiphany right there. One of a million or of an infinite range if ‘things’ to do with the voice, singing and everything else about our beings. You speak it so fluently it’s nuts. You simplify it so as I come to understand it a bit better, our whole lives, experiences, feelings, fears, our humours everything about us has to be dredged up and be allowed together to be like a piano’s soundboard. Do that the noises we then utter can resonate and projected as broadcasts of ourselves. Our whole selves, nothing held back, no embarrassment whatsoever (and that’s a clumsy word but it’s a reason I’m sure lots of people like me don’t sing). I can’t articulate as brilliantly as you do, but I get the message. Even this most recent video about what our voices says about us, that lesson just there could really be liberating and life changing in a way not many other lessons could be. I’m tying to sing James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James while in Coronavirus lockdown. I’m avoiding the temptation to try to copy him and instead to sing in my own true way. Easier said than done. But after your above video I’ll approach it differently today. Thank you.

  • there is a term “Tutorials hell”. It is when you are stuck in reproducing tutorial tasks and content, never really do a thing on your own. I happen to be there for a wile, but later I was just learning on projects and gets payed. It is cool to have a great reputation. Finish projects. But I might be not lonely in my “never finish anything” career path. Even this is not a reason to give up on yourself. I am just doing best I can, and one day I no longer will need to be working on someone just because of all those knowledges I’ll collect. So don’t feel like crap and don’t give up. If I see things this way you definitely should! But I really see this pattern of “I am stupid” self sabotaging, because I was learning quite good at school and IMHO I am solving really crazy professional troubles. It is just like I am always looking for some swamp to dig in it, because I am not worthy of adequate job or friends… Damn, I really should do something about it.

  • Lovingly & painfully Brilliant! Thx! For killin me softly Julia! I will watch this 2 more times minimum, right after my nap! ������ -greatful student!!! Thank you!

  • New subscriber here, great video thank you! I related to all of them haha, in my life I find myself usually taking on impossiblely high goals, then failing, then telling myself I knew you couldn’t do it you can’t do anything why even try

  • Well I watch the “World/ and Local ) News” personally and it’s caused me to be concerned��‍♀️��

    But I understand where you are going with the video.

    For me: fear, perfectionist, wait until I am Motivated, I’m not sure where to begin? I’m not sure if I can do it? Yeah, I like this video.

  • I like this… where i come from doctors dont step into shoes of nutritionists and nutritionists dont step into the shoes of doctors.. so its VERY refreshing to hear a doctor talk some nutrition sense! I hv a degree in nutrition, btw.

  • I’ve been using the “other people’s problem” self sabotage way for so long and this is the first time someone put it into words and made me realized that I’m not doing it because I want to help but to run away from my own life and responsibility to heal and grow �� this is tough….

  • I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular lose weight methods?

  • “People aren’t in the hospital for microwaving their broccoli” Girl yes. I’m an ICU nurse and for real it’s the people eating processed crap and tons of meat. I also love how our “heart healthy” menu consists of a giant ass steak….um, yeah, ok.

  • jULIA,, I found your video on being mentally strong really interesting and wanted to leave a comment but was not able too as there is something wrong with the site/google not allowing comments,,, just thought you would like to know

  • Hi Julia. You often have a couple of things to say that connect with me. But in this vlog i think everything did. My self talk is awful. I had no idea how bad until this vlog
    So thank you because i am going to listen again and address one or two things at a time to move my life along.

  • Grief. Massive multiple sudden loss of 2 loved ones will set you back. Well for me. I am frozen. I’ve lost my business I worked so hard to build. During this sudden loss of my sister, I had to take my fathers care on alone. His dementia was & is still devastating. All awhile with zero help. My ex husband died (whom remained my dear friend ) also my sons Dad, also died suddenly just after my very close younger sister. Two sudden deaths & having to take care of my father. No mother. She passed away already. Being alone & not being strong enough to handle the grief. I allowed my business to fall apart. I focused on my Son & my father. Forgot about myself.
    Always there for others. That’s self sabotage. Not being strong in grief. I thought I was strong. Found out I was not

  • So happy you’re back I did subscribe dome months ago I almost loose hope to see a new video. But now I can say it was really worthy to wait. I enjoyed a lot.

  • Wow thanks for the video right on key on everything I struggle with. Especially when what others think and perfection paralysis. Being uninformed and unprepared. Avoidance of self

  • i do this with friends I think. I always want to be with lots of friends and be part of a group and when I get it I start to feel uneasy and I do something to ruin the friendships so I end up alone again. I think it’s because I’m so used to being alone and although I want to be with people and not be alone that is like my…neutral state of being and where I feel “home” so I sabotage relationships to make myself alone again. With friends and also with boyfriends. Wow Such working against myself! What a way to make myself miserable and deny happiness to myself! My cruellest greatest enemy is really just myself!

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Gosh all of these to some degree!!
    I just had an epiphany yesterday that most of the things I thought I did for others out of ‘compassion’ I’m actually doing out of a overwhelming self of worthlessness. I thought I was being caring and helpful!!
    Then this is in my emails this morning..very on point!
    But now the motherload must be unpacked! Such fun!!!

  • Emmie do you find that its very difficult to eat enough calories on this diet? I find if I just eat “mindlessly” on a plant based diet then I tend to undereat and then problems come up (cravings for junk food, less energy, insomnia etc).

  • She’s funny �� and I’m Vegan, it’s been like a year and a half because I was in the middle of 18, and I’m 20 now. So ALL most 2 years, but it was in the middle of 18….. LOL ANYWAY…… I love it SO much, and I work out a lot too.

  • I so love that I DON”T Have to follow recipes because honestly? I like to just get the food out and the quickest way to prepare, cook and eat it works for me!