5 Self-Massage Options to Relieve Pains and aches


Instant Headache Relief in Seconds with Self Massage. Do-it-Yourself

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Massage therapist self-care: Thumb pain

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Massage therapist self-care: Wrist pain

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TMJ Pain Relief with Simple Exercises & Stretches Ask Doctor Jo

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How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage

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Self-Massage for Carpal Tunnel Pain

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Self-Massage for the Hamstrings

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5 Self-Massage Alternatives to Relieve Aches and Pains. chevron_left PREV: 4 Tasty Ways to Cook With Matc chevron_right NEXT Beldini suggests doing some light stretches and self-massage work while you soak. Unlock an experience that’s like having a dietitian, trainer and coach at your fingertips. Few things feel better on sore, tight muscles than a massage. Massages  offer plenty of benefits: “Any type of massage or soft tissue release helps improve blood flow and circulation, drain and move stagnant lymph, and remove toxins stuck in.

Therapeutic massage may relieve pain by way of several mechanisms, including relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints; relieving stress and anxiety; and possibly helping to “close the pain gate” by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain. Therapeutic massage is an active area of research. 5. Swedish Massage: It is the commonest type of massage advised to first timers.

It is a basic massage of the entire body with typical hand movements like kneading and mild punching to relieve pain. While it can be done to cure general body pain, consistent aches needs a more specialised approach. Common relaxation techniques include any of the following: Aromatherapy is a way of using scents to relax, relieve stress, and decrease pain. Aromatherapy uses oils, extracts, or fragrances from flowers, herbs, and trees. They may be inhaled or used during massages, facials, body wraps, and baths.

Pain meds like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or a medicine especially for migraines that contains caffeine, acetaminophen, or aspirin, can offer relief -but don’t take it for more than 3 days. 5 ways to help soothe everyday aches and pains These self-massage tools will help stretch and soothe away the pain, plus we talk to an expert for their top tips. Jun 01, 2019 12:00pm.

Cold can numb pain and ease swelling. Try a cool cloth, cold pack, cold compression wrap, or ice massage. To make an ice pack, put crushed ice in a plastic. Self-massage tips to ease aches and pains We all have aches and pains at some point in our lives. Some can be caused by muscular tension, and when this is the case, a massage can really help.

This can be as simple as a foot, back, or hand rub. With your whole hand, the heel of your hand, or your fingertips, apply gentle pressure in slow, steady, circular movements. Warm oil or lotion.

List of related literature:

Relaxation massage focuses on moving body fluids, such as lymph and blood, nourishing cells, removing waste from local tissue, relaxing muscles, and decreasing pain.

“Current Therapy in Pain E-Book” by Howard S. Smith
from Current Therapy in Pain E-Book
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Self-massage offers all of the above-mentioned benefits except the soothing touch of another, which itself can yield miracles.

“Ayurvedic Massage: Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind” by Harish Johari
from Ayurvedic Massage: Traditional Indian Techniques for Balancing Body and Mind
by Harish Johari
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Massage—systematic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues that promotes healing and relaxation.

“Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing E-Book” by Ons, Joanne K. Itano, Karen N. Taoka
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Deep massage, however, must be provided by another individual such as a physical therapist.

“Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion E-Book” by Jeffrey P. Okeson
from Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion E-Book
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The majority of massage is prescribed or sought out for muscular aches and pains.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
from Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice
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There is increasing evidence that massage can reduce DOMS.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
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Nursing and physical therapy have come to reincorporate massage techniques including simple backrubs, reflexology, therapeutic touch, and aromatherapy massage.

“Pain Procedures in Clinical Practice E-Book” by Ted A. Lennard, David G Vivian, Stevan DOW Walkowski, Aneesh K. Singla
from Pain Procedures in Clinical Practice E-Book
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Additional methods that modulate pain sensation and perception that can be incorporated into the massage include simple applications of hot and cold hydrotherapy, analgesic essential oils, calming and distracting music, and (possible) north pole magnet application.

“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book” by Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow, Glenn Hymel
from Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting E-Book
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According to this collective evidence, massage might be an effective therapy for patients suffering from back pain, cancer pain, and fibromyalgia.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
from Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences
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Massage not only benefits the muscles and tissues being kneaded and stretched but also has been found to lower stress levels significantly.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
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  • We all know this feeling, sore muscles, pain, but you still want to hit the gym, still fancy to exercise. Proper stretching helps to release tension in your muscles. You can also use a great Gun Massager for: myofascial release, lactic acid decomposition, deep massage. Hightly recommended. Stay healthy and flexible 😉

  • holy cow I did the horizontal pulls  across my neck, moving downwards a few times so as to go from scalp to top of spine, and it immediately improved the pain I had in back of neck. Thank you as always.

  • i have hurt my hamstrings by over stretching them.i raised my bed up on milk crates cause the bed bars were not good.now when i sit in a chair,i hurt,.hope this video helps.how long does healing take.thankyou.2020

  • Hi, I stumbled onto your video because I am forever looking for help in taking the pain out of my thumbs. I will try to make this quick and short. I am a cake artist. Two years ago I finished a cake with some fondant…not more than usual. I talked with my MD who said to ice my thumbs. Sounded like “tendonitis”. Nothing helped. I saw a Neurologist who did EMG’s..found “carpal tunnel”. Although I never had usual symptoms. She injected three times (no numbing gel..holy HELL!). All the cortisone did was stiffen my thumbs a bit. I saw an Orthopedic surgeon. Xrays showed Osteoarthritis. Splints, braces and more xrays. He operated on the trapezium joint and the Carpal Tunnel and I was so hopeful. Nope…didn’t help. Now, come to find out, I have Dupuytren’s Disease. He injected my “knuckle” and that didn’t work either. It is huge and painful I have looked at so many diagrams of thumbs and muscles, tendons and nerves. Nothing is helping. I went back to what my MD said about Tendonitis. She prescribed Diclofenac gel. It does take the sting out…for about 5 minutes. Still does not take the pain away.
    I am going to try what you suggest here, in this video. I have done everything else so I hope this works. I will let you know!

  • There are several components to relieving carpal tunnel syndrome pain quickly. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Dariks pain destroyer (check it out on google) it’s the most useful guide that I’ve seen. Check out all the awesome information.

  • We all know this feeling, sore muscles, pain, but you still want to hit the gym, still fancy to exercise. Proper stretching helps to release tension in your muscles. You can also use a great Gun Massager for: myofascial release, lactic acid decomposition, deep massage. Hightly recommended. Stay healthy and flexible 😉

  • my jaw lock in the tmj area. but im okay now since i alrdy go to an eent doctor. its been couple of days since it happen, im gonna do this exercise now to help my jaw muscle to relax.

  • I saw your video regarding to check slip disk, amazing. I found it was not slip disk and in 1-2 days pain went away as well, which saved me huge amount of money from doc visit:). I loved it but forgot to subscribe that day. But today subscribed. Both of you really great. Keep up the good work.

  • I know this is going to sound odd…but have you heard of using a car buffer with the sheep cover for massaging the arch of the foot and also the I-T band?

  • all of these massages techniques, i can get them intuitively.. i do not know how, but i love massaging. massaging is a stress reliever for me.

  • Haha. Love the comment about Brad’s wife giving a foot massage. Ha. You have to earn it Bob. Do a barter. There must be something special she will trade for that foot massage you want? Or you can move to southern California. SO cheap to get 30 minute foot massages everywhere there, on every corner. Heavenly! Love you both! THANK YOU. Great tips.

  • I feel like this helped my pain a little tonight, first video that has ever made me feel a little better after watching it and trying it, thanks hun. I wish you the best:)

  • Hey what about some massages for someone who have damage nerve pain.(nerve damage on the left foot from the knee to the ankle.!??

  • love your videos! I am 5 weeks away from finishing my program and have learned some great techniques that my clients in student clinic have loved! Keep up the awesome work!

  • It helps for a while but i want to know how long does it take to go away

    I’ve been doing them for 3 days
    It’s gotten better
    But it still hurts

  • You guys have helped me tremendously in the past few days. I fell, sprained my neck on the left, and broke rib #7 on 18 April. The pain in my upper back and left arm were making me really sick, causing scary weight loss. I thought I was on the way out. You taught me how to take the pressure off the nerve. Now I’m getting better. Thank you!

  • I am so glad I found your video. I was barley able to open my jaw to brush my teeth. It was so painful. I’m now able to eat without pain. Thank you for this video!!

  • Hi There, thanks so much for the video, really helpful, it’s been three weeks since I got injured at massage school and I stopped working with my thumb, I think it’s my joint, I looked it up and it’s the metacarpophalangeal, can I ask, when you say to tape it, you keep it that way for four hours a day, but then I heard 46 hours, is it 46 hours continuously or 4hrs a day for 46 hrs? Thank you so much again. Lilly B.

  • How do I give a proper massage if all the joints pop in and out all the time I have tried to figure out how but I am new to massage therapy.


  • I don’t even know whats going on man one day i woke up and for some reason the left joint on my jaw hurts when ever i try to chew or even closing my mouth and i don’t know what to do

  • I feel like when i use earphones my ears really pain! So i have stopeed it…i wanna know does there any sleeping position require..because when i wake up it really hurts..excericse was helpful though.♥️

  • This is helping a bit. Thank you..I have been suffering for the last 8 years…nothing seems to be working…My Dr is recommending botox, dnt want to do that…Any other suggestions?

  • Where I live it’s very difficult to get a doctor, walk in clinics tell me to go-to the hospital cause they can’t tell me what’s wrong and the hospital is quick to get you out if your not dying ���� But my right palm but mostly my thumb all around hurts so very badly, it’s swollen, and there’s a red odd shaped spot on the thumb palm spot!! But here’s the thing, I have been sitting on my couch watching tv for the last almost year so I haven’t done anything different nor did I injure my hand or over use it!!??? What do you think?? Please I’m begging for some answers ������ The pain is getting worse and the swelling is worse even though I ice it!!!

  • My doctor says i have tmj i first started with numbness in my left side chin and lip (lower lip) then that night my headache started. It’s really dull it makes my ear hurt also my lower teeth and gums feel uncomfortable because of the numbness. My headache comes and goes but I’ve never experienced numbness in my lip and chin before and it’s been the same way for 5 days and the numbness doesn’t go away. Should I be concerned or is normal with TMJ? The numbness feels tingly, prickly and a feel of coldness but to the touch it’s not cold. It’s a bit painful and uncomfortable.

  • does pain relief mean that the jaw will go back to the normal position and function like normal or just relieve the pain?
    my right side of my jaw has been locked for 2 days but it doesnt really hurt anywhere unless i try to open my mouth more than it can

  • Hi Ian, thank you so much for producing this video. It has really helped with taking care of wrist issues in between massages. Self-care is so important for us therapists and our tools. Also, I really like that T-shirt.

  • Ian, I am a new therapist. I was massaging with my hand but my employer said to save my hands I needed to use my knuckles. Now I wake up with stiff, sore fingers. Do you have a video about finger pain?

  • Hi Dr. Jo. I am regular follower of your videos and immensely thankful for them as I have mentioned many a times in my comments. Would like to place one particular questionI had total 3 RCTs in 2018 Feb(right upper 2nd molar) and 2019 May(right lower 1st & 2nd molar).(Right upper and lower 3rd molars are extracted long ago due to erroneous alignment and subsequent problems) After the second RCT procedure I started having jaw pain problems extending till head and ear. Will these excercises be ok to do? Afterward x ray reports are totally ok. Trigeminal neuralgia is what’s been diagnosed. Been on muscle relaxant medicine and ointment for quite a while. Only temporary relief is what I got. Please let me know.

  • I have had throat tension/spasming off and on for many years. I’m going to try your exercises, see if my pain is related to TMJ. I do have some TMJ; never been treated for it.

  • Hi I used a black cotton swab to clean inside my ear and it makes my ear itchy pain and feel dizzy been 2 months. My doctor says it’s fine when it’s not went 4 times still he says it. It’s near the hole on the side. What do I do please help.

  • I have double jointed fingers and am suffering with sesamoiditis in my thumb. Will your tips help with this issues? I have been having physical therapy for 8 weeks with little results. Playing the flute has stressed my thumb joint. It is impossible to bend my thumb like the other one. Hard to use it for everyday activities of daily living I will try your steps. too bad I didn’t see your video earlier. thanks

  • Wow, the exercises are very helpful!! I am having acute pain on the right temporalis and close to the ear. This is difficult to deal with. I thought it’s ear pain, and then migraine as I was getting lot of headache. It was tough to find what is this all about, then came to know it’s TMJ. I have habit of grinding my teeth in sleep, it’s involuntary. And also I found out that I am having a new teeth at the end on the right lower set. I hope this all contributes to TMJ and nothing much to do with migraine or anything serious. I tried taking Advil and then Naproxen, but don’t want to be on pills. How to fix this permanently? Please guide and help me!! ������������

  • Hi mam i have a face tmj problen ma face is locked and give diferent voice of muscles i sufer this problem for 2 year any solution plz

  • Mam i dont have pain but my jaw gets locked everytime i close my mouth and yes even popping sound will these execise is really helpfull?

  • Hi Jo, I have used MAS for 1 year and stopped after the hige pain and move my bite.
    Now the jaw is tired, still feel like out of the place and uncomfortable in the years.
    Would you recommend this exercises?
    I would also like to ask, when doing these exercises, should I bring the lower part forward or backward (the MAS left it forward than the normal bite place)
    Now I choose to use a CPAP and stopped the splints
    Thank you

  • Hey, can you suggest me about my left side upper jawline pain.

    I fell down last week due to low bp. There was a bump on the back head but now it’s almost recovered. But the jawline is a frequent visitor. Sometimes I can’t even chew the food.
    Due to corona, i can’t even visit any doctor.

  • How do you know if your jaw is “in alignment?” My jaw pops loudly every time I open my mouth. I can’t find a place where it doesn’t do that. I’m guessing that means something is off?

  • Thank you so much Doctor Jo.
    Though I think I’m in some advanced stage. Been suffering since an extraction of my upper right wisdom tooth. Starting with being unable to close my jaw after a jawn few weeks after the extraction. And tinnitus developed. The articaine shot might have been too close to a main facial nerve. I also had necksurgery due to spidersbites on mostly right side of my neck. Necrosis had to be removed. On top of that afterwards due to a rhinovirus they put me on fluticason medication in combination with claryl antibiotics without weekly checking the values in my blood. Resulting in more trauma to my jaw and neck due to the interaction of the two sorts of medication. It caused bronchospasms which went to my esophagus and windpipe. Almost died 11x of suffocation.Couldn’t even swallow my own saliva. On top of that my jaw locked up and got angio edema. I consciously had to be careful not to swallow or the spasm would begin andcontinue up to my windpipe. Average person swallow few thousands times a day. Couldn’t eat for 2 months. One smart doc gave me diazepam injection and I was almost reborn. They put me on clonazepam. But it’s causing decalcifacation of my bones. Found out during a bone density scan. Osteopenia and osteoporosis in neck and lower back. I hear terrible scratching noise while stretching. Left to right. And even massaging the masseter muscles is almost impossible. Could you give some advice on where to begin looking for proper ‘plan de campagne’? I seem to be allergic to corticosteroids. Running out of options here.
    Can’t even smile at my one year old son or kiss my wife.
    Greetings Raphael.

  • ive been experiencing toothache/facial pain for the past 2 days..but i cant really tell which tooth.. i tap on all the teeth but i dont feel any pain.. but the part of my body that im sure im feeling pain is the left side of my face.. could it be that its tmj and not a dental problem,??i massaged my face and the pain significantly decreased… and i was able to eat without experiencing pain n my teeth..im worried that my tooth will get pulled out by my dentist eventho its healthy and the problem really is tmj

  • Hello i really love your videos! i am a physical therapist and i do about 240 min each day Lymph drain massage, and 40 min normal massage in my 480 min of daily total work minutes. i really have wrist pain the last month and the last 2 wees also numbness has also started.. i am 25 years old and i think the minutes that i have lymph drain are so much… lymph drain i think is worst than massage for the wrist. What is your opinion and what would you recommend?

  • Thank you now I can sleep I wake up sometimes your only warning do this exercise at night sometimes the pain just starts at night it’s weird

  • I love this guy, you are amazing! I wish I had you as my instructor, my wrist was hurting all day today, next to my arm, sometimes it hurts horribly during session, and we only have 5 minutes in between each session, so sometimes I dont have time to make my wrists feel better, and right now my right wrist with my flexors hurt quite bad, well I tried your techniques just now and my arm amazingly feels so much better, imma do it again tomorrow, but wow you are good, I love your videos:)

  • So i had my wisdom teeth taken out 3 weeks ago and I’m noticing that i struggle with opening my mouth, would these be a good thing to practice just to get my jaw muscles working again?

  • Dr. Jo, thank you! It’s been 2.5 years that I’m suffering from TMJ and nothing seemed to work, not even the nightgard. I tried many exercices previously, but the one that you are showing in this video worked for me. I have less pain and I can yawn without holding my jar! Thank you so much, you just don’t know how grateful I am!

  • I’ve always had a type of tearing sound in my right jaw from being hit there when I was young. Never gave me problems.

    But fast forward 20 years I now have clicking on the bone near the ear after I woke up a couple days ago. When ever I chew, or put pressure on my forehead, it causes this clicking noise and it’s very annoying. There’s also some slight discomfort and feels a bit tight.

    I believe falling asleep with bulky muffs on (was trying to ignore noise while I was reading) caused this, as it seems like because earmuffs rest along the jaw and I may have slept in such a way putting more pressure into my jaw which caused this as it happened the morning after.

    It’s been 3 days now and it’s not improving. Do these types of injury take longer, or could this potentially caused a permanent issue.

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  • Thanks so much for this! Today’s the second day in a row I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with my jaw locking every time I close it, and I have to painfully pop it open. The pop is so loud it makes my ears ring. These stretches helped relax it almost right away!

  • Thank you, I didn’t even know exercises like these were an option. No one locally would treat me except an oral surgeon, and I couldn’t tolerate the splint (although, atm, unsure if the lisping, drooling, and gagging was truly worse than the pain from my recent injury). I was told the only other option was the ER for controlled substances and I didn’t want to do that. I’ll try this (I have hEDS, jaw arthritis and a displaced disc on the right side. I was doing much better until recently when I enunciated too hard and felt my jaw kick out and my ear buzz. It’s been terrible off and on since).

  • Hehe, what if you have no lower teeth? I had all my teeth pulled by a shady (but well-intentioned) Dr back in c 1997. I took to the upper dentures with no problems. I wear them all the timeESPECIALLY when I’m sleeping.
    I never adapted to the lower ones though.

    I have EDS 3, so I hyper-extend many of my joints (without meaning to). I’ve always had some TMJ since way back then, but it has become almost unbearable over the last c 7 months. Using my CPAP machine may have triggered the worsening.

    Great video! I’m definitely of fan <3

  • Wait, the neck and the face are connected?

    Recently I developed aching on my face, jaw, nose, sensitive molars. Mostly on the left side, But also on the right, just not as intense.

    I have had neck pain for years, The left side of my neck and left shoulder are worse than the right.

    The left side of my face is also the one that feels the most tension, So there must be a connection then.

  • Hi B&B, love this vid. Thank you. Also, would you consider moving the SM plugs to the end of your videos? I know how to find and follow you as do your “minions”. With some videos having the plugs at the beginning I don’t think you would lose any body. I bet most of us are skipping to the 2:30 mark, BTW.

  • You are truly the king of massage therapy. l love love love watching your videos-you are an amazing teacher and have helped me so much in my career!! Many thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge with us.
    -Michelle from Jerusalem, Israel
    P.s. Is there any way to get in direct contact with you for further questions?

  • Hi…I have not been able to close my jaw completely for months. Went to Dr who prescribed Advil and Tylenol and hot/cold therapy. Not much help. Did these stretches and exercises a few times, especially the tilting the head with the hand under the thigh…I can shut my jaw!!!! Thanks!!! ����

  • Wow man this knowledge is saving me I’m a new therapist (with prior wrist injuries, slight arthritic damage) and my wrists have been really killing me, it’s been hard to get feedback from a professional with your experience and this video really helps!

  • Your personality is awesome!
    i really like that you act in a calm way infront of the camera.

    That makes me also calm and willing to hear more thanks for these great informations.

    i’ll absolutly subscribe because this is what i want to hear

  • Thank you so much for this video. Appreciate the time and the elaborate necessary explanations!!!!
    Currently learning massage therapy and the timing of seeing this vid is a blessing ❤

  • What kind of therapy putty do you recommend? I went to Massage Warehouse, and they have different degrees of firmness. Should I just go for “medium”?

  • Hello massage sloth, I have been a massage therapist for six years this is the first time that I have experience wrist issues, at first it started off in my forearms with tightness, then moved up to my wrist and to the back of my hand with aches. Basic things like just holding my phone, using my tooth brush machine became an issue because of this I was taking time off from my injured hand (left hand) but overcompensating with my other hand that started to act up as well. I have seen your videos for self-care and how to work without using your thumbs and using palms but I haven’t seen anything that has to do with not using your wrist and hands at all because I do believe I need to rest but I also have to make money since I’ve already taken a week off for my wrist problems and was doing self-care like icing and stretching but after doing 2 deep tissue massages, it kind of  brought me half way to square one. I do utilize all my tools in my practice ie: fingers, knuckles, palms, forearms and elbows. I am wondering if you can release a video on self care and different working techniques for someone that is going to through something like this especially on both hands.

  • Thanks Doc… mine seems to be mostly joint pain, I don’t feel much of anything in the muscles, but this definitely allows me to feel more normal after waking up with pretty bad pain.

  • You promised another video on stretching the thumb. It was earlier, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have been through every video on your channel.

  • I’ve been having headaches quite frequently, and I think it’s because my jaw tends to tense up a lot. I am really hoping these stretches and exercises help!

  • Great find for ME!…you and your channel, that is. Many thanks for your wonderful disposition as you share, advise and instruct. I’ll be replaying this one for sure. 2 thumbs UP:)

  • I don’t think ships in the night touch as they pass, I guess it is more likely than touching as they pass during the day though…

  • Before I so my stretching at night and morning, i use my pariffin dip bath. I get a pulsating underneath the wax. It feels so good. I use compression too. I need to use more ice. Love your ideas. Thank you for sharing

  • Under a lot of pain from this. Its been 2 weeks. Hasn’t hurt as bad as the first week and has gotten better. But now its at a pace where it doesn’t get better or worse

  • My wrist was fractured 8 months ago
    Doctor said its a hair line crack still iam getting pain…
    Am a volleyball player.
    Is it possible to play in future.
    Is there any chances for again refracture…

  • I just worked a fully booked day in thumb vacation mode, and got mad huge tips! I wish I didn’t have to learn everything the hard way, but I think my little injury is forcing me to level up my technique and body mechanics! ��

  • What do you recommend for cold hands? It’s only in my right, but it is a noticeable difference and has been ongoing for months now… thanks!

  • Could you do a video about the position around the table when we apply massage to someone? I recently began to have back pain and I don’t know how to position myself when I apply massage. Thank you!

  • Really useful video dude, i’m gonna try these technique.

    One question tho.
    I have 2 days that i’m doing self massage to my forearm and the other side because lately i found my hands really stiff especially the left one.(it might be that i hold heave stuff with it..Bad idea w/e.) And i’ve seen that i can move it better but now i can feel more stiffness from the other side of my my forearm (i know it as DUCK in the gym world) and at my wrist too..Is this normal? My tendons are getting better so now i can feel that stiffness that i didn’t felt before?

  • EXCELENTE, Gracias por tus consejos. Soy Terapeuta y quisiera saber que consejos tienes para asistir las muñecas (Hand Doll). Saludos.

  • I’ve been working on a huge landscaping project this past summer and I developed what I believed to be small joint pain (mostly at night) when I wake up in the morning my hands are so stiff. I have been doing self massage for last 2 months regularly and its effectively working. Additionally I am using this kind of hand exerciser http://amzn.to/2vhIheT so I can get more strength in it.

  • I found this works really well with office work fatigue. I find this really calms down the muscles from working long days at a computer. After time I noticed I was getting stiffer fingers and even with static stretching, it didn’t seem to help a lot. It started to get hard lifting my fingers off the keyboard. I’d stretch my fingers which would help a little but never really seemed to work well for the specific problem. It wasn’t until I including the muscle massage when they finally relaxed. This is something I’ve never done before, and it works really well.

  • Could you tell me your best table hight for working on a client. I’m a tall male therapist and I was taught to keep hight at about hip hight? I know massage can be practiced on the floor as well.. Please can u add your thoughts opinion? I think your a boss masseur

  • hi MS! my sister suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. do you have tips for enlarged rheumatic pain in the wrist? your videos are great.

  • Hello Ian,
    I have a sharp sometimes burning pain on my left side shoulder blade on the side where the scapula is. the pain radiates to my left arm down to my finger tips.
    usually the pain is more in the night. i applied cold compress. i do the chin tilt exercise but the pain still here. what can you suggest.

  • I hurt my muscle in my shoulder and was put on muscle relaxers ive taken a few but I don’t like taking stuff like that do you byave a video or advice on how to help

  • Mam i don’t have any pain but I think it’s dislocation of my jaw but thank u so much
    Can u tell me when i will be fine for always.

  • You are my (nerdy, massage therapist) HERO! THANK YOU!!!! I had not been paying attention to my pain until I realized, “Wow, I can’t move my thumb in any way without wanting to scream. Hmm that’s not right.” I thought about a thumb-vacation and torturing my trigger points…The thumb-vacy has helped. The trigger points made it hurt more at first…I hadn’t even thought about icing. Doing it now….

  • This exercise is really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Did this 1-2 times a day and now I can sleep peacefully without having to worry about TMJ pain

  • thank you so much for this video and your voice is so relaxing as you are explaining compared to all the other videos:) could please do a video on how to release index and middle finger (trigger) i have tendinitis on one wrist and now my middle finger does’t want to straighten up> upon waking up opening up my hand is a challenge:( thank you in advance

  • Yeessss! In the first min im already doing stuff wrong haha I use most of my weight on the carpels. Mainly because it helps me not slip on bigger clients but also because I flex my wrist almost 90 degrees when I get the the iliac crest and do this windshield wiping motion which is so bad for my wrist haha I was also doing a bunch of circumduction + pressure in the neck everyday and that’s when I really messed it up. I iced and wrapped it for several days but I would leave both the ice pack and wrap on when I slept. I would even wrap it and then put a brace on top of that. Oops! haha Since eliminating those moves as much as I can the pain has subsided and I am back to normal. Though my teacher said my carpel was out of place, as it sticks out of my wrist:P

  • There are many components to relieving carpal tunnel syndrome pain at home. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Dariks pain destroyer (check it out on google) definately the most helpful resource that I’ve seen. look at all the awesome information.

  • Okay I laughed WAY too hard at the Big Ben part. I’m so glad you posted this! My tendinitis has turned into Golfer’s elbow. The orthopedist said it’ll probably come back. I struggle with self care. You’re more helpful than you know.

  • I woke up one morning and my thumb hurt I don’t remember hitting it, no accidents however, I’ve been dealing with the pain for 2 1/2 months,
    You are Soooo awesome ���� ������������thank you for giving detail instructions you help me so much…..You are a amazing “Teacher”

  • Wow! I had my first major flare-up of what I’m reasonably sure is arthritis at the base of my thumb and everything you suggest here makes perfect sense to me (and I’ve watched several other videos, too, that weren’t as clear and concise). I’m out of ice cubes but I’m on my way to get the bag of peas out of the freezer! Thanks!!

  • oh my god,you guys are magicians..arent you? i was having a tough time writing for bloody 2 weeks because of my thumb….and after i did one of your massage technique….. i can write already!!!!!! though its aching still when i pull my thumb backwards but not when i pull it forward to hold the pen..do i can write! its magic for sure…thank you <3

  • Thank you from a non-therapist for this video. I started this and the pointers appear to be helpful. Also, thank you for your calm, relaxing manner without the testosterone-infused gym scene with obligatory head-banger heavy metal anthems! Your voice and manner are very soothing.

  • never ever thought I could give my thumbs a vacation! I will try this, see how it goes because I can’t imagine n o t using them. But they are injured, as I learned from you, I thought this was normal after all these years. Thank you so much, you are so good.

  • Excellent info. I’m an L.M.T., and my thumbs are killing me right now. Will start icing when I get home. I’ll start using the techniques you shared to substitute the thumb while massaging my clients. Glad I found this video clip.

  • Super helpful. Thank you! What about the value of gripping a “jammed” wrist and applying light tractioning with the other hand (arm held across abdomen)?

  • Bruh sat there and gave a self massage, while instructing on how to do it, and made that shit look like it felt good the whole time ������

    Had to sub

  • Excellent video! I like, “treat yourself like you would a client” very true. I just had my first pain from a massage I must have been lazy about.

  • I try not to use my thumbs during massage but I still find that they hurt. Even more so if I go to events and am providing treatments through the clothing I find my thumbs hurt a lot more. I don’t find I’m using them at all though? Any tips on that?

  • Aloha MS! I’ve been so very grateful that my hand, wrist, and thumb problems have been minimal after 20+ years of massage. I think it’s because I respect the work they do and take good care of them. Arms and elbows work really well when hands are in need of healing.:))))))

  • Hi Ian, It’s amazing how I didn’t notice all theses painfull mouvements I do in my massage!! Thanks a lot for the tips, I’ll try them my best…And I want to say, also, I use Palma Christi oil on my wrists at night. Either on a little cloth wraped for the night or I only massage a little bit with the oil before bed. It is very helpfull for me.

  • Love your humor.:) Great explanation, thank you. I do not use my thumb overly, but it still does get tired from trigger point work. Will follow your instructions!

  • Thankyou for all the tips. I have just started getting the pain in my thumb and now its getting worst and i feel less grip. Hope the video helps me

  • Wow! Your presentation,without annoying music in the baground, is EXCELLENT. Hmmm “thumb vacation” Don’t I wish! Doing the massage according to your advice is definitely a method I will try,especially without using the thumb.Aha! Now I know how to correctly bandage my thumb.. Your video is wonderful.

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    Or misslittlepiggy on Instagram

  • thank you for this i am planning to see orthodontic this week coz i’ve been suffering pain for almost 1 week already and my dentist told me i have jaw dislocation. i will follow this exercise 1st. to relieve the pain

  • “screw you hand!” Hahaha! Have you been spying on me? I’ve been hammering too much on my thumb apparently. Thanks for the great video.

  • I work for starbucks and, after some research, feel like I’ve injured the flexor pollicis longus some where. I’ve had a lot of forearm pain that’s mostly subsided after about a week. Initially I thought it was tennis/golf elbow and used compression and heat along with stretching, but my thumb still feels tight, occasionally painful, and a little numb. Going to try icing and wrapping the hand next, thank you for the good info!

  • I’ve been suffering from a lot of tmj pain but haven’t been able to go to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment because of COVID shutdowns. I did the stretches in this video and 90% of my pain went away. I haven’t been this pain free in months. Thank you!!

  • The pain is actually lessening, I can’t believe it. Thank you so much. I was literally starting to lose my mind, nothing was working.

  • to make everything easier, I just roll my feet over a golfball while sitting in a chair. it’s also more sanitary than touching your own gross feet after a long day at work

  • YES, YES, Ian Harvey, You are the BEST, the BEST INSTRUCTOR that I have reviewed yet. I had a serious horrible fall and fractured my right wrist (doctor) said in 5 places. I tripped & hit the concrete ground (HARD) walking outside & it felt like I was going 20-30 miles an hr. when I hit that ground & also cracked my front tooth. I refused operation, then later on I did get the operation & Doc placed a titanium plate & 8 screws inside by my wrist. Had therapy session. (Hand/Fingers were swollen like crazy) It’s been 3 months now & I’m able to move fingers around abit but thumb and pinky fingers not too much. HOWEVER, I want to get these screws & plate out ASAP. BECAUSE now I’m feeling sharp, quick, striking pain like a huge shock which hurts like HELL ONLY around my wrist. The pain comes every now & then and even when I’m not doing any movements either. My surgeon refuses to take out the plate & screws. She said give it 2-3 more months. BUT I truly believe its the hardware that’s giving me this pain & want it taken OUT. (My job calls for typing & writing all day). Your tips are excellent and I am trying out everyone of them. As I said this pain is horrible. BUT, BUT, BUT not as bad as DeQueven’s pain. Because I did have DeQueven’s about 30 yrs. ago & I think no no no Pain is more painful then DeQuevens. OMG! However, I do not think what I have now is DeQuevens now, but your exercise is helping me. But I still want this hardware taken out of me & I’m sure that pain will stop. I’M GOING TO CHECK OUT & FIND ALL YOUR VIDEOS AND PUT THEM TO THE TEST. Do u think the plates & screws should be removed??? Thank you for your Helpful advise.

  • So enjoy your gentle style and demeanor in your teaching, Ian. I will recommend your site to our new massage students this semester.

  • Great video!Thank you so much. One thing I didn’t understand is why do you wrap it if it decreases circulation, with blood supply being so important for healing?

  • I have added heated bamboo massage (Mu-Xing Therapy) to help my hands. It’s really awesome to have the tools make the big bulky work for you.

  • I injured my thumbs during a cycling trip about a year ago, and your tips helped very much. Also, you have a very relaxing voice. Thanks very much!

  • Thank you very much. I have been suffering from hands pain for more than 6 months now. I have a little bunny who puts his head under my hand most of the day, furthermore I believe I have been overusing the keyboard. I already used ice for some weeks but I
    never put my finger ” on vacation ” as you said, I will do what you suggest because I have incredible pain in all my fingers, soft tissues and even tendons.

  • HiI had a root canal on a molar tooth on the bottom RIGHT side of my mouth 3 weeks ago. The Endodontist used a prop on the left side of my mouth to keep it open. My mouth was propped open for 1.5 hours the first visit and again 2 weeks later for an hour. Since the last visit, I’ve had tongue numbness and burning on the LEFT side of my face, cheek and tongue. In the last 3 weeks I’ve seen 4 doctors (ENT, Neuro, PCP and Rheum). Neuro says Trigeminal Neuralgia, PCP says Trigeminal Neurapathy, Endo and physical therapist say TMJ and/or compression injury to nerves when my mouth was propped open twice for a long period of time. They both think the pain will go away in the next few weeks. My dentist and Endo say that my mouth being propped open is unlikely the reason behind my numbness. I refuse to believe I have TN. My PT did perform dry needling and while that hurt, two days later my numbness is intermittent.
    In your experience, is it possible my jaw is just irritated and can TMJ cause tongue numbness?

  • Thanks so much for this useful video! Your tips will save me from wrong self massage techniques and wrong thumb position during a massage!

  • Great advice. I hurt my thumb skiing.I don’t believe I have a torn ligament, I can still play guitar with the hand.But it has been kind of painful for a few weeks. It is getting better ever so slowly. I think this is going to help me.

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    Thanks again!!!!

  • Hi sir I’m cricket player.thumbs finger injury,not bone injury but muscle tear. But 2 week full rest but no improvement knows anything, please help me sir
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