5 Proven Behaviors That Boost Existence Expectancy


Gordon Lithgow, Ph.D. on Protein Aggregation, Iron Overload & the Search for Longevity Compounds

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Jed Fahey, Sc.D. on Isothiocyanates, the Nrf2 Pathway, Moringa & Sulforaphane Supplementation

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Longevity 6 Tips to Increase Life Expectancy

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How To Live To 100

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5 Habits Scientifically Proven To Increase Longevity And Improve Bone Health

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Five healthy lifestyle habits to boost life expectancy

Video taken from the channel: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Dr. Elissa Epel on Telomeres and the Role of Stress Biology in Cellular Aging

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Their analysis found that five lifestyle factors — eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol and not smoking — could add more than a decade to life expectancy. The study analyzes five factors that could affect a person’s life expectancy. These factors are not smoking, eating a healthy diet, regularly exercising, keeping a healthy body weight, and moderate alcohol consumption. The results showed that following all five lifestyle behaviors is linked to improved longevity for both men and women.

Date April 30, 2018. July 27, 2018. Trending. Five simple steps would tame COVID-19.

Cheap, frequent COVID tests could be ‘akin to vaccine,’ professor says. Forestalling food waste. ‘Indian Sex Life’ and the control of women. Leading Harvard economist Emmanuel Farhi dies at 41. Maintaining five healthy habits — eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not.

5 Lifestyle Habits May Increase Life Expectancy. Factors Such as Diet, Limited Alcohol Proven to Add 10+ Years. Americans tend to have a shorter life expectancy compared with adults living in other industrialized countries, ranking 31st in the world in 2015 with an average life expectancy of 78.8 years. 5 Lifestyle Habits May Increase Life Expectancy.

Factors Such as Diet, Limited Alcohol Proven to Add 10+ Years. Americans tend to have a shorter life expectancy compared with adults living in other industrialized countries, ranking 31st in the world in 2015 with an average life expectancy of 78.8 years. Following five healthy lifestyle habits may increase life expectancy by decade or more.

Boston, MA – Maintaining five healthy habits—eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol, and not smoking—during adulthood may add more than a decade to life expectancy, according to a new study led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Taken together, these habits can boost your health and put you on the path to a long life.

Written by Alina Petre, MS, RD The gap in life expectancy between counties has grown since 1980. In. Scientific research has linked excessive alcohol intake to lower life expectancy, but consuming certain types of alcohol like red wine in moderation has been shown to improve longevity.

The results you see here are based on a statistical regression, meaning that the model is built based on observed data. Nowadays, the life expectancy of people in the United States is nearly 79 years on average—81 years for women and 76 years for men,   and in some countries, life expectancy is even longer It’s very possible that humanity’s true longevity might be much higher. Their life expectancy is nearly 10 years longer on average than most Americans.

The Adventists’ age-enhancing behaviors include regular exercise, a vegetarian diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy weight.

List of related literature:

The reduction of life expectancy that accompanies obesity is likely due to its medical sequelae that include type 2 (insulin-resistant) diabetes mellitus, altered circulating lipid profiles, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, musculoskeletal disease, skin disease, infertility, and neoplasia.

“Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice 2nd Edition” by Alexandra H. A. Dugdale, Georgina Beaumont, Carl Bradbrook, Matthew Gurney
from Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice 2nd Edition
by Alexandra H. A. Dugdale, Georgina Beaumont, et. al.
Wiley, 2020

Cigarette smoking, high-fat foods, alcohol abuse, for example, and sedentary styles of life have all been shown to increase substantially risk of sickness and premature death.

“Morality and Health” by Allan M. Brandt, Paul Rozin
from Morality and Health
by Allan M. Brandt, Paul Rozin
Routledge, 1997

For example, people who are married have a longer life expectancy, ‘Marriage reduces the risk of an earlier death as a person is less likely to participate in risky behaviour and more likely to nurture or “guardian” each other’s health through promoting good diet and physical care’ (Elliot 2008 p 1).

“Psychology for Health Professionals” by Patricia Barkway
from Psychology for Health Professionals
by Patricia Barkway
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

Studies suggest that life expectancy increases if one or more of the healthy lifestyle behaviors are pursued [34].

“Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World” by Debasis Bagchi
from Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World
by Debasis Bagchi
Elsevier Science, 2014

The first is longevity: People who enjoy optimal health live longer.

“Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity” by Robert Scott Kretchmar
from Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity
by Robert Scott Kretchmar
Human Kinetics, 2005

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  • well i don’t want to live forever but of cour i want to live past my 60s as that is too young dont think about death till your at least 70 i want to get to between 75 and 80 75 doesn’t sound too hard but 80 is harder

  • The educational quality is superb. This is the best use of technology for this. How generous for Patrick to do this; how lucky we are to be a receptive part of the audience.

  • How about rhodiola? I’ve heard that it extends the lifespan in worms substantially. Any evidence for it fighting aging in humans?

  • I feel optimistic about being a centenarian. Reason being is because I am a future enthusiast, or an amateur futurist, and I wanna see as much societal change as one person can, and given that IF I reach 100 it’ll be 2105, it is very exciting to me

  • Sulforaphane: Its “Coming of Age” as a Clinically Relevant Nutraceutical in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease

  • I never watch a 2 hr video on YouTube but this was well worth time spent. Thank you both for this valuable insight. Please do more videos on broccoli sprout SEEDS.

  • https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prostaphane-Active-Sulforaphane-90-capsules-New-in-box/274339960481?hash=item3fdfef96a1:g:tKMAAOSwf4lemea4

  • No amount of alcohol is good for you as the Cambridge study(UK) shows https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-drinks/drinks-to-consume-in-moderation/alcohol-full-story/

  • Hi Dr…just curious are you intimately familiar with tinnitus research? We have a lot of young men and women coming home from military service that are basically being told by health professionals to “just learn how to live with it” Downright rude and unprofessional shit imo… it’s hard to believe that after all these years they haven’t come up with much more than masking, cbt, meds, habituation etc.

  • Hi Rhonda, love your podcasts, I am listening to all of them and changing my habits. Thanks! Would you maybe one day do one about menopause and hot flashes?

  • Watching this discussion take place with relevant references and definitions popping up on the bottom was an incredibly educational experience. Thank you and congratulations Rhonda.

  • Meant humorously and really benignly: You felicitous mingle-minx! Good fortune!
    And also: Thank you for your contributions!
    You glow so brightly that the pressure of the photons is palpable. Good.

    (If you don’t like this comment, please feel free to delete it. Or I shall on your request.)
    (From a tscherman cosmopolitan with best regards.)

  • Hello Dr Ronda Patrick, would it be possible to make a video on your supplementation/diet routine during your pregnancy/right after? I also learned about visbiome recently and would have loved to use your affiliate link:)

  • I simply cannot believe this priceless content is available at no cost. There’s many, many serious problems in this world, but here we have 2 exceptionally well-informed researchers sharing the best science currently available so anyone with internet access can benefit. It’s a great reason to be optimistic about the future of humanity. Thank you, to both Dr. Epel and Dr. Patrick.

  • Ok I finally accept it, I accept that my love is married and having a child.Dr can you please add time stamps to the different topics of discussion?

  • What a fantastic episode! I loved seeing these two great minds coalescing! Can you imagine the spectrum of light �� just absolutely flying, in every direction in the Universe’s Synapses from these two’s efforts!?!

  • Regarding the 15m mark, I’ve heard Peter Attia mention that telomeres may be more of a marker of aging (like hair color), so extending them (or coloring), isn’t likely to help.

    However, after listening to this, it sounds like there is some causal relationship.. especially considering how people with lower amounts of telomerase (via genetics (progeria) or environmental), leads to a greater probability of CVD/dementia… or how women, in addition to longer telomeres at birth, estrogen up-regulates telomerase.. and therefore might partly explain the longer lifespan compared to men. And since women have a higher risk for autoimmune diseases (but less cancer) suggests the force driving longevity must be pretty strong! Perhaps the pre-menopause blood/iron donation is also a factor.

    Finally, would have loved to have heard their take on cloning as it relates to telomeres. For example, while Dolly the sheep’s early death might have been viral related, weren’t her telomeres much shorter than her chronological age would have predicted? Has 20-years of cloning since provided any additional insights between the connection of telomeres and life-span?

  • Thank you Rhonda and Jed for your amazing and very important work!

    I wonder if lacto fermenting the seeds/sprouts will convert glucoraphanin to a shelf stable form and ready to eat sulforaphane.. maybe even more bio available,
    but maybe instead of lacto fermenting a specific species of bacteria starter should be used, a Myrosinase producing bacteria which would pre-digest for people that don’t have enough.
    Also, the fermenting environment should have this main bacteria and other harmful ones hopefully don’t survive, like e.coli from unclean sprouting

    I would love to hear Rhonda’s thoughts on this

    I just saw on Mercola’s website fermented broccoli sprouts,
    They write “…And because we use fermented broccoli sprouts, the conversion to sulforaphane happens before you even take it!..” I wish I could find more information on this

    And this patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20160279090

  • Hello Dr. Rhonda Patrick,

    You rock! I, however, am very confused about what good fat and bad fats are considered these days. Would you be willing to talk about this in more detail? I know there is evidence that full-fat dairy is actually good for us and it does not cause heart problems, on the contrary.

    However, the government has been promoting low-fat (mostly full of sugar) options for a healthy lifestyle. I am on a keto diet and I struggle to understand which fats and why are good for me and my toddlers who also need loads of fats. I am not educated on the topic but would really appreciate if you would help shed light on this one. Because if we search for what good fats as, this is more or less clear omega 3 fatty oils, fish, nuts, avocados, etc. The struggle comes on the bad fat research. Full-fat dairy appears to be in the bad fat group (the saturated ones). Could you please explain what are the kind of fats out there and why they are good/ bad? This would be soo useful for people on a keto diet, I´m sure!

    Thanks so much!

  • Yes the Boca Raton Community garden at the library in Florida zip code 33432, zone 9 grows a Moringa tree. As well as cocoplumb with the Womens Junior League. They donate 10% of produce to Helping Hands, a food pantry. You can just go pick some organic moringa pods. They are shaped like snap peas but jelly or guava texture inside. I think bitter.

  • We have Moringa oleifera in Puerto Rico. I’ve seen the trees here and there, usually growing along fences. I’m going see if I can find some & see how it tastes. Apparently, from Wikipedia, many parts of the plant are eaten.

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick is the best, and I love the way Dr. Epel articulates the dangers of a toxic lifestyle, yet speaks about eustress (positive stress).

  • what is processed meat? and red meat was mentioned, can this be explored more specifically, as in what type of processing… does that include salami made in the traditional way say recipes from 200 years ago, or meat that is butchered on a home farm and eaten within several days, or perhaps bacon made with celery juice and prepared at home, compared to say beef hot dogs, purchased at Walmart or Sprouts

  • Hi Rhonda! I really like your videos and I think I can count on your opinion. Its off topic, but recently i read about spinach extract which contains beta ecdysteron. What do you think about it? Does it work? If it does it would be interesting to make a video about it. Thank you for your answer in advance! Have a nice day!:)

  • Rhonda, how come you didn’t talk about the fact that curcumin, berberine, quercetin, resveratrol all inhibit the telomerase in human cells, and so most likely shorten telomeres? And also prolong fasting (more than a day) shortens telomeres too.

  • I love a scientist who will say “we don’t know”. I have noticed a huge difference personally in the past couple weeks from sulforaphane.

  • Wait, what, the females in M/F twins have male-length telomeres? That’s a huge insight briefly mentioned and so surprising what the heck is the mechanism there? What does “masculinization” mean in utero? This seems like it has to peg telomere length determination after sexual differentiation AND as a function of factors present at the placenta/uterine interface.

  • What a great interview and what a nice guy, really down-to-earth and dedicated to his work with the ultimate purpose of doing good for people. Thanks Rhonda for what you’re doing, now back to eating those sprouts.

  • Great suggestion @ 20:20 We take too many metals with vitamin pills. What I do is to cut the pill in 3 parts, so that there is never an overdose of something. A day of fasting can balance out the body and remove the excess.

    Another great trick is garlic, celery, and wasabi, which helps to remove damaged protein and heavy metals from the body.

    41:31 bada bing, bada boom:-)

  • I added a teaspoonful of broccoli seeds to my smoothie. It made me sicker than hell. I vomited about 10 times in a row. The seeds were certified pathogen-free. I suspect that the dosage of sulforaphane was either too high, or my tolerance too low.

  • Me thinks the good doctor is having trouble averting thine eyes. In his defense her chest is absolutely magnificent………………….

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    [FMF Clip] What makes women live longer? | Elissa Epel

  • I assume, from personal experience, that ones creative pursuits plants oneself (assuming you capability to make time for it, or go discover it) into a deeply relaxed, creative, and curious state. From a love for mathematics and coding to a love for creating art, writing, playing/ making music, reading, or whatever your preference is. Getting in that deep parasympathetic state, raising vagal tone, stabilizing your heart rate, getting you into a deeply focused creative zone. Ide assume creative pursuit is a great proxy for meditation, considering you are sober. Especially if you do some deep breathing while you do your craft. You enter a reparative state that anyone should be attracted to, not only so you are perusing, bettering your craft, but addittionally you are activating/birthing new creative nuerons, and potentially reversing oxidative stress on your body. Nutrition for the brain coming from your own hacking/ understanding of homeostasis.

  • Thank you so much Rhonda for this podcast!! I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and listening to your podcast reminds me why I fell in love with the subject! You are seriously someone I aspire to be like!

  • Thank you for the work that you do in editing these videos. The time stamps for the topics are nice but I imagine you did that as a way to maximize your own understanding of the information shared with you during this very rare encounter ;). Also, overlaying the commentary with the relevant data really puts into context what he’s bringing up and helps in grasping what he’s discussing. It helps too, that he talks in a very understandable manner.

  • Great people and great interview. Thanks. But as a friend asked me, “Hasn’t the Horvath clock replaced telomere length for gauging biological age?” Was this taped 5 years ago?

  • Dear Ronda Patrick Look what kids came up on their own and what they think of your recommendations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZkEIAGF4SU

  • I have been eating broccoli seeds for quite a while. Actually I find them quite tasty. The reason is figure 7 in this paper:
    Actually I came across this in some other video on this channel.

  • rhonda is an inspiration. a model other health-nuts can follow, just imagine her physical beauty, her knowledge and articulation, and pleasant way of being. Now apply it to yourself, isnt it something like what we had hoped for ourselves? So i realized the sense of admiration I had for her for knowing and applying knowledge related to physical and mental health (against alzheimers or dementia, cognitive decline) is something I had for myself all along. And it makes me want to pursue my goals, i was imagining looking sexy like her and being articulate in my communication, and I was saying to myself “I want that ;o)”

    thank you rhonda

  • God bless those who can make it to 100… sometimes I think I won’t make it past my 50s in the future because of stress and my high blood pressure and stuff like that

  • Congrats! When you are back in the office I am curious about how this study fits in with your latest findings > http://neurosciencenews.com/microbes-alzheimers-neurology-3826/

  • Last digit of your like is how many lives are you having starting now
    1. 88 years
    2. 56 years
    3. 12 years
    4. 98 years
    5. 76 years
    6. 46 years
    7: 62 years
    8. 30 years
    9. 100 years
    0. 20 years

  • My grand-grandma is 95 years old, i love her!
    She is very nice, if you hate your grandma or grandpa, you should love them alot, because they love you.
    Love to all.

  • hes doing an amazing job at not making eye contact with her boobs. A man of pure genius. im sorry but Dr Rhonda Patrick is an A++++

  • Here are two very intelligent professionals discussing very critical, environmental or epigenetic factors in longevity. It would have been even more interesting had you discussed HeLa cells. Is this research not applicable to your discussion?

  • I’m 53 and have eaten a lot of sugar over the years and about 30 pounds overweight and as a programmer use my brain non-stop all week. So over years the brain fog has built up and just a couple weeks into getting lots of sulforaphane I can tell a huge difference in brain clarity. This substance may not help a young person much but if you are older I would sure recommend it!

  • So are the seeds better? Did she end up just doing seeds? That would be so much quicker, a quick blend and a quick bitter shot in the morning and your done.

  • How is it reconciled that high coffee consumption was shown to increase telomeres when coffee increases cortisol which shrinks telomeres? If the factor is caffeine, then why wasn’t black tea mentioned? Also, Dr. Epel asked about sex factors in aging. I am aware that iron is a mitochondrial contaminant and it is thought that women typically live longer than men because of the monthly loss of blood (thus the menopause factor as observed in mouse studies) and may be one reason hormone replacement doesn’t work. Also, how can epigenetic stress factors affect the mothers eggs when she is born with all of them as-is in the ovaries?

  • Thank you! I was making a presentation on sulforaphane, NRF2 and a paper about it relieving doxorubicin induced heart attacks. This video was a great help as some of the papers I cited were by Dr. Fahey

  • Broccoli or Sulforaphane: Is It the Source or Dose That Matters?
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6804255/ Published online 2019 Oct 6. Jed W. Fahey…

  • I don’t have to wonder if your baby will be getting the right nutrition and no vaccines. I usually cringe when I see a baby thinking I hope they did their research so another baby isn’t vaccine injured.

  • You only touched briefly on iron/ferritin wish you would do a whole show on unliganded iron’s role in increasing aging and therefore age related diseases. “Normal” serum ferritin levels are defined as 30-200 ng/ml, a 10 fold range! Yet menstruating women lose the equivalent of one unit of blood per year and so have ferritin levels of 15-30 ng/ml while men have up around 145 ng/ml!!

    This is actually a toxic level long-term, and explains why men have much higher rates of cancer, heart disease and brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and generally live significantly shorter lives.

    Huge topic, lots more to mention, (for example, iron supports excessive bacterial growth and associated chronic inflammation) but bottom line is, get your serum ferritin tested. If its over 50ng/ml, donate blood until you get it down around 20-30ng/ml. Each blood donation lowers it about 30-60ng/ml. Iron overload affects most Americans, not just those with Hemochromatosis!

    Decreased cancer risk after iron reduction in patients with peripheral arterial disease: results from a randomized trial.

    Ferrotoxic disease: the next great public health challenge.

    Are menstruating women protected from heart disease because of, or in spite of, estrogen? Relevance to the iron hypothesis.


  • He destroy his credibility by making political comments. One cannot trust people’s judgments when they have a political bias. One cannot trust an establishment that has a fascist anti-democratic viewpoint thinking they should be able to dictate what people believe rather than having universal education and letting people make their own decisions.

  • So many people are tip toeing on Vitamin intake… Why? because the ignorant MD community has not a clue. The last person I would consult on any vitamin is my MD. Clueless. When I asked the oncologist about vitamin K2, She responded, why are you taking potassium? I shit you not. And I am going to consult with her on vitamin D? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’ll go to the researcher any day and every day.

  • You may be interested to know that the University of Malta has been researching the use of heat shock protein extracted from the Prickly Pear on cancer cells and in the control of diabetes: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20130926/local/Prickly-pear-extract-may-help-patients.487731 & https://www.um.edu.mt/_data/assets/pdf_file/0004/148441/Christina_Fiott.pdf

  • Only lab mice have long telomeres because nearly all of them come from a single strain and have adapted to their environment. Mice in the wild don’t have abnormally long telomeres. This was all proven by Biologist Dr. Bret Weinstein.

  • Great video. Do you think that if the sauna available is at 200 deg F that less time will provide the same result in HSP increase?

  • Dr Patrick did a great job interviewing as usual, but I also have to applaud the interviewee for answering questions so clearly and at an understandable level. Sometimes these interviews go over my head.

  • Reg. there discussion on the long telomeres in mice.
    Labmice are according to Bret Weinstein bred and sold by one company alone and have a mutation. Wild mice don’t have long telomeres. Unexpectedly long telomeres in labmice expained here. https://youtu.be/JLb5hZLw44s?t=4016

  • Does anyone have any info on how good broccoli seeds are opposed to broccoli sprouts? I haven’t started sprouting any but have started eating the seeds by just putting them over some salad.

  • Another fabulous interview by Dr Rhonda Patrick. Dr Epel states that sugary drinks and red meat are inflammatory and likely to accelerate Telomere depletion. I get the sugar link, but didn’t Rhonda Patrick (citing others) challenge the ‘red meat bad’ claim? If I recall correctly, it was based on one flawed study where the red meat consuming group was completely uncontrolled for other lifestyle factors and was compared to vegetarians who are more likely to be at least a little conscious of what they consume.

  • Myrosinase is destroyed by heating, but the precursor is not correct? Meaning you could lightly toast the broccoli seeds and mix in some brown mustard seed powder after its cooked (which has high myrosinase activity) and theoretically get an alternative quicker to make.

  • I asked my dad how did my great grandpa live for 103 years.
    He just said he only ate bread and water when he woke up, ate low-fat fish for lunch and never stopped working.
    Bruh if i do all of those things i would probably die at my 60s, soo…

    screw it ill eat pizza for my whole damn life.

  • Dr. Rhonda, you should really start to think about reversing your push of sulforaphane in those smoothies etc…. it really turns out that you could be unknowingly hurting a lot of people because of toxicity issues……… look it up, things change according to the data, follow it.

  • I buy organic Moringa powder and put a teaspoon on my food once in a while. I also use organic Astragalus powder in my coffee 2 or 3 times a day along with Reishi mushroom powder. I also eat Fo-Ti root powder with Chaga mushroom once a day I mix it with avocado or peanut butter. I work out 3 times a week and i am 61 years old and feel like I am 30 I could say honestly that i feel like i am getting younger and i see my grey hair turning back to it’s original color and wrinkles are diminishing. I also don’t have a gallbladder so my stomach bile is limited.

  • Wow! From this I took that I can grind broccoli and mustard seeds (about a tablespoon each) put it in my smoothies and sprinkle fresh ground seeds on my cooling cooked foods.
    I’m interested in any further studies on the effects of the seeds on cell activity. Any hints?
    Thank you for your well thought out information! It’s so refreshing and enheartening for me personally to see professionals disbursing this information freely. It’s helping me to change my attitude to everyone with a ‘Dr.’ before their name!

  • From what I understand sulforaphane activates NRF2 and deactivates AMPK. some NRF2 activations is good but too much is bad right? so if too much NRF2 is a bad thing. and I already to intermittent fasting 20/4 typically. presumable activating NRF2 and AMPK. should I not break my fast with high sulforaphane broccoli sprouts? it seems like that my keep NRF2 high all the time? Perhaps I should eat the sprouts as the last thing before starting a fast?

    will sulforaphane work in tangent with a fast or will it counteract the benefits of a fast? I have read that sulforaphane actually downregulates APMK.

  • Dr
     Patrick, so i can grind broccoli seeds and add them to my smoothies and i would be getting the most
     out of them and i don’t have to grow the sprouts?

  • The UCSF initiative for no sugary drinks isn’t as great as she makes it sound. They still push large coolers of coke and soda beverages, including diet coke, coke zero, etc. Just not straight high fructose corn syrup. As well as a cooler of ice cream and cookies at the cash register. In my mind it stops extremely short of what it could’ve been, maybe even harming the consumer in different ways that otherwise wouldn’t otherwise drink diet soda’s.

  • Short answer, no you can’t delay or reverse aging! low calories diet, maybe, but you won’t get as much energy.
    I never even heard about reversing white hair to their original color, while these are easily accessible cells… CRISP-R? Not sure it could help here.
    Not directly related, iron (supplements) is also very dangerous for women, when taken together with grapefruit, it can cause irreparable damages! Never take both together!!! look it up in case of doubt, really.

  • So can you just chew the seeds @foundmyfitness? Lots of people would like to know. Thanks for all your hard work, A gift to humanity.

  • It’s cool how now everyone can speculate together and comment and share to grasp these overly complicated systems into manageable and hopefully useful ways. Thats crazy about the fever study. I just assumed “fevers” were a reaction to pesticide on processed and store bought food but to truely understand how all these compounds interact and commune is really cool. I normally don’t like scientist and doctors but I like these two curious and smart people. They are sticking their necks out even making these videos

  • all your video’s are awesome even if not fully understood. I am requesting David Sinclair if he is relevant in your knowledge he is about the aging process…

  • Some of you observant folk have begun sending well wishes and congratulatory statements. So I’ll respond all at once… thank you! ��

    On another note… If you found the discussion surrounding the hemochromatosis and transferrin gene polymorphisms interesting and have done 23andme, you can actually run your raw data through the foundmyfitness website to learn about your personal genotype (for informational, non-medical purposes). Learn more about how to do that at foundmyfitness.com/genetics.

    Additionally, if you just loooove the podcast, videos, newsletter or any of the other various things coming from FoundMyFitness, you can learn how to support the podcast in a variety of different ways, including a pay-what-you-can subscription, by heading over to foundmyfitness.com/crowdsponsor. This includes direct subscription options, patreon, and more.

    All of that said, one of the very best ways you can support the podcast also happens to be free! Just by passing it along to a friend. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Raw nuts and seeds often have enzyme inhibitors on the outside which is only removed by soaking and rinsing at which point you are on the road to sprouting having germinated the seed.

  • Hypothyroid? Then be careful with moringa leaf. See Tahiliani and Kar “Role of Moringa oleifera leaf extract in the regulation of thyroid hormone status in adult male and female rats”. Moringa reduced peripheral T4 to T3 conversion in female, but not male, rats.
    See also Mondal & Chandra “Goitrogenic/antithyroidal potential of moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera) and spinach (Spinacia oleracea) of Indian origin on thyroid status in male albino rats”, Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2019. “The serum T3 and T4 levels were significantly (P<0.05) decreased in animals after supplementation of moringa leaves and spinach as compared to respective controls." Moringa was far worse than spinach in reducing thyroid hormone levels.

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  • Thank you Dr. Fahey! One brave doctor among millions! Most of the GI docs I deal with still say that nutrition has nothing to do with disease conditions. Amazing. I understand they are protecting their practice, but they are QUITE pathetic doctors who actually think that mouth to anus and what you put in it is inconsequential to health. They are not healers.

  • dose,dose,done, then lay off then a wham superdose may be the key to getting the effect sort of like throwing a race car into 4th gear, just a thought which in either poppycock or has some metrit.

  • This comment section is filled with immature atheists who don’t know what the meaning of life is and just want to be immortal but at the same time aren’t determined to do anything on the video except beg their parents for pets. Eating KFC whilst staring at their broken iPhone 5 screen.

  • love your channel Rhonda but omg they are soo complicated, and ive spent prob 20yrs studying nutrition! although i know a lot (prob 50%) of what you and your guests are saying, i have to rewind constantly and read or whatever tto fully grasp it all, lol maybe im an idiot but this stuff is far too complicated for even somoene that understands nutritiion and longevity and related topics. Most of us havent been to 10yrs of school to know all the super super details…. i guess what im saying is i wish you could do more interviews with people that are more ‘down to earth’ and that makes sense without the Layperson having to make their brains explode trying to understand lol, but then again maybe im an idiot. So if your trying to get important topics across to average people that havent been to upteen years of schooling about how a mitochondria does Whatever! LOL (you get the point lol ) your most likely going about it wrong =(, most people initially give your channel a chance because one, (just being honest not rude) your a very beutiful woman, two they are interested in Health and longevity. Its kinda like a personal trainer telling their clients about every detail on a microscopic level (books of info) on how the muscle responds and all the client wants to know is how to workout and make it effective hehe. BUT then again maybe your audience is super educated on the microscopic level and thats cool =) this is not meant to be a Rant or Bashing you of any kind, im just rambling and putting my 2cents in i guess. i will Continue to watch all your Vids happily, mainly cause i think your a very beutiful person (inside and out) and i can understand at least half of what you and your guests are talking about =) Sorry for such long post =( And CONGRATS on your Baby! And i hope you are not mad, i respect you a great deal

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  • Telomere length associations with cognition depend on Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers.

  • 1:11 “fairly economically” good save, wouldn’t want them to cut funding eh wink wink nudge nudge know what i mean eh huh wink wink. good work

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  • So….if a person has already been diagnosed with uncurable stomach cancer…. would eating lots of these sprouts be of any help to fight the cancer?

  • Sulforaphane-Loaded Ultradeformable Vesicles as A Potential Natural Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Skin Cancer Diseases.

  • But does longer telomere mean the chromosome can be replicate more times? Does longer telomere just mean you lose more with each replication?

  • Wemon live longer cause they are smaller. Smaller members if a species live longer over all species. Of course that doesnt really give an answer.

  • Telomere length associations with cognition depend on Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers.

  • love the channel. Im glad you are specific and dont dumb down the science, there are plenty of simple channels on youtube! congrats on the baby!

  • People who eat meat and processed food die early
    That’s why God introduce Food that grows on Land and appear On trees to eve and adam no Animals no Meat pure and healthy and to live life healthy
    His omniscient he knows eating meat is Pleasurable But not That Durable to Live

  • sucks if u live in canada. u don’t get any vitamin d for half the year. but i think as of april 1st, u can get vitamin d from the sun.

  • Hello, I use a cast iron pan to cook, is that bad then? Because in the cooking process the food probably absorbed some iron from the pan?

  • The great majority of American scientists need to take some elocution lessons so that they may learn to respect the pronunciation of scientific terms.

  • Very informative. This encourages me to make videos similar to this. Thank you very much. Check mine to: https://youtu.be/qvptKRdENkQ

  • In this 2-hour and 30 minute interview, we discuss…
    00:00:00 the early history of sulforaphane research, including key initial discoveries.
    00:00:37 the serendipitous unfolding of events that lead to the converging of the research on the NRF2 stress response pathway with the sulforaphane-related research going on at the same institute Johns Hopkins.
    00:05:06 why cruciferous vegetables bother to create isothiocyanates in the first place.
    00:07:26 the involvement of the heat shock proteins, in addition to the increased activity of Nrf2, as an additional cellular response mechanism that’s been observed in association with sulforaphane.
    00:08:11 how sulforaphane affects a diverse array of biochemical processes from glutathione synthesis to elimination of reactive oxygen species and detoxification of harmful compounds, including carcinogens.
    00:15:01 whether or not to cook your cruciferous vegetables.
    00:15:34 the epidemiological (associative) evidence that cruciferous vegetable consumption may help reduce the risk of cancer.
    00:18:30 the extremely unpredictable nature of endogenous conversion of glucoraphanin (the precursor) into sulforaphane between person to person.
    00:22:14 practical information surrounding supplementation of sulforaphane.
    00:27:05 the effect one particular french sulforaphane supplement had on the doubling rate of PSA, which is a marker for prostate cancer recurrence in prostate cancer patients.
    00:28:17 the role that the Cullman Chemoprotection Center at Johns Hopkins has played, in addition to fundamental research, in providing early, vital infrastructure enabling some of the efforts of the international research community in elucidating the effects of sulforaphane and related compounds and the underlying biological pathways.
    00:28:26 the incredible, almost geometric growth in new studies that has occurred since the advent of a few of the key discoveries about sulforaphane and its method of action.
    00:32:48 the practicality of probiotics as a way to improve endogenous myrosinase activity needed to convert the precursor to sulforaphane into the bioactive sulforaphane.
    00:33:26 the involvement of our gut bacteria in our ability to convert the precursor of sulforaphane into its active form.
    00:37:13 whether or not endogenous myrosinase activity improves as a function of repeated challenge with glucoraphanin (the precursor to sulforaphane).
    00:39:30 why probiotics may vary in their degree of efficacy.
    00:43:00 why consuming isothiocyanates to reduce the number of bacterial colonies of h. pylori, a risk factor for peptic ulcers and stomach cancer, may turn out to be a better intervention than complete eradication of the species with antibiotics.
    00:47:21 the bizarre relationship h. pylori has with childhood asthma, where it has been shown that having some h. pylori seems to reduce asthma incidence in childhood.
    00:52:28 the effect sulforaphane has on inflammation and why inflammation is often a great therapeutic target for many different diseases, including diseases of aging.
    00:54:05 the life extension properties broccoli has been shown to have in an insect model of aging.
    00:59:27 the underlying causes of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria and the promise sulforaphane may hold for this disease of rapid aging.
    01:09:00 the effects of sulforaphane or Nrf2 activation on diseases of the brain, such as autism (human evidence) and Alzheimer’s (animal evidence), possibly through anti-oxidative or anti-inflammatory effects.
    01:11:09 the so-called autistic fever response whereby autistic patients report a sudden reversal of symptoms during brief periods of fever.
    01:10:05 the role heat shock proteins might play more broadly in the prevention of certain neurological diseases.
    01:19:00 the challenges inherent in clinical trials where scientists may be extremely optimistic about the effects that might be observed, but still have to exercise caution and choose trial conditions that may be conservative, for the good of the people whose lives and hopes hang in the balance.
    01:27:01 the role of inflammation and depression and what some studies on animals have demonstrated in terms of sulforaphane’s potential as an antidepressant.
    01:42:30 a special isothiocyanate-containing plant known as Moringa or sometimes referred to as the drumstick tree or the horseradish tree.
    01:46:32 Dr. Fahey’s inadvertent foray into the consumption of exotic meats during a visit to Africa.
    01:51:15 a compound commonly associated with broccoli: indole-3-carbinol and its downstream product diindolylmethane (DIIM).
    01:57:00 the practicality of using mustard seed powder as an extra source of myrosinase, possibly for your cooked cruciferous vegetables.
    02:00:13 whether or not it makes sense to freeze broccoli sprouts in order to extend their shelf life, and possibly even increase sulforaphane within certain contexts.
    02:05:25 Dr. Fahey’s thoughts on where endogenous conversion of glucoraphanin occurs in the body, as well as how long it takes before sulforaphane metabolites hit the bloodstream after ingestion.
    02:07:25 Some general thoughts on frequency in terms of how often one might need to take sulforaphane to elicit its biological effects.
    02:12:16 why sulforaphane may one day be a component of sunscreen.
    02:12:31 what some of the upcoming trials involving sulforaphane are at the Cullman Chemoprotection Center.
    02:17:07 the incredible way in which a sulforaphane-rich broccoli sprout beverage was shown to dramatically enhance the detoxification of benzene through excretion: one study showed up to 61% starting immediately after supplementation.

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  • Great stuff as usual from Rhonda. Now, here is a slight problem: an organism has only so much capacity to respond to stressors. If you respond to many stresses simultaineously you develop what is called allostatic load, that is a load on the stess response triggered by many unresolved stresses. All these pathways seem to go through the integrated stress response which reduces protein synthesis but increases the translation of micro RNA and seems to alter the translation program. If you took every so-called hormetic molecule and engaged every stress response system, you would collapse and die from stress overload. By the way, c. elegans is a good model, but only a few stressed worms live longer and while others die quickly. There is a bit of a statistical problem here.

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    You can do your research just as I did.

  • Why do women live longer? Grandmothers are needed more than grandfathers, might have something to do with it. �� But I like the physiological answer better. ����‍♂️���� In utero development, or lack thereof, marks for life. If the mainframe is missing parts or connections, the results will be deficient. Epigenetics is worthy of further study. My father was 30 when I was conceived, a latent benefit of WWII. Rushing into parenthood is, for some, pure folly. ��
    Lost 21 kilos recently. Was bordering BMI 30.

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