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5-Pose Yoga Fix: Yoga Stretches for Healthy Hips 1. BOUND ANGLE. This stretches the inner thighs, groin and knees. Make the pose more accessible by sitting on a blanket 2. HALF LORD OF THE FISHES. Besides stretching the hips, this twist opens the back.

If you can’t keep both hips on the 3. 5-Pose Yoga Fix: Post-Run Yoga Stretches. chevron_left PREV: This Londoner Might Be the Ins This stretches the hips, IT Band and the small, hard-to-stretch piriformis muscle deep in your glutes. Tags 5 Pose Yoga Fix creating healthy habits stress-busting yoga. About the Author. The move: Start in a tabletop position on your hands and knees so your palms press into the ground and your knees rest under your hips.

Make sure your wrists, elbows and shoulders form one straight line and your knees and hips form another. As you exhale, press into the ground with your hands and round your back like an angry Halloween cat. We simply practice yoga postures that open tight hips, release tension, and get the prana flowing freely throughout the body. Ideally, we do this on a daily basis.

Let’s explore five yoga poses for tight hips, so that we can move through life with less emotional baggage, while also keeping the pelvic girdle healthy and strong. Walk your hands to the mat next to your hips. Square your hips, making sure you’re not dipping to one side or the other. If you find there’s a gap between one hip and the floor, tuck a block or blanket under that glute for added support.

Deepen the pose by folding forward on an exhale. Top 5 Hip-opening Yoga Poses January 27, 2020 Rick Kaselj Exercise, Featured, Fitness, General, Health, Stretches, Yoga People typically under use their hip muscles, which leads to weakness and tightness in the hips, back and elsewhere. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose: With this yoga pose, you really should feel a stretch in your hip muscles.

Sit on a mat and cross your right foot over your left thigh. Possibly the most intense of all the hip stretches, frog pose is the one I enjoy doing the least, but I still do it, because I know it can help loosen deep connective tissue.. Please be careful with this pose — the stretch can feel extreme, so breathe deeply and ease into it! If you push too hard, your body will tense up, which is precisely the opposite of what we want from yoga. Yoga is about the journey you experience within your body, not on how far you can strain and stretch to achieve the perfect pose.

If you find it difficult to maintain stability in your hips or that your lower back is arching, sit on a pillow or blanket. 1. Bound Angle Pos. Sit on floor with knees bent, feet flat on floor, palms by sides with fingers facing forward.

Inhale, pressing through heels and lifting hips until spine is.

List of related literature:

Since thousands of books and videos specialize in the various realms of fitness (in particular, we suggest Lily Chou’s The MartialArtist’s Book of Yoga for detailed information on the yoga poses, and Bob Anderson’s Stretching), we provide instructions only for the lesser-known movements (see the Appendix, page 128).

“The Anatomy of Martial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw” by Lily Chou, Norman G. Link, Suman Kasturia
from The Anatomy of Martial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw
by Lily Chou, Norman G. Link, Suman Kasturia
Ulysses Press, 2011

Stretching, whether through a yoga practice or at-home moves, will loosen your hip flexors to help resolve misaligned pelvis or rotational pelvis issues (e.g., when you find one leg is longer than the other).

“Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner's Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run” by Amanda Brooks
from Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner’s Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run
by Amanda Brooks
Hachette Books, 2020

I have selected these 23 asanas because they cover all the basic positions of yoga: standing, sitting, forward bends, twists, inversions, back bends, and lying down.

“B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health” by B.K.S. Iyengar
from B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health
by B.K.S. Iyengar
DK Publishing, 2013

This relatively easy series of movements lets even total beginners benefit from yoga’s healing approach.

“The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series” by Kino MacGregor
from The Power of Ashtanga Yoga: Developing a Practice That Will Bring You Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Peace -Includes the complete Primary Series
by Kino MacGregor
Shambhala, 2013

The following script for seated yoga offers guidance through words only in the lefthand column, while in the right-hand column we offer comments to clarify and to expand into the deeper dimensions of embodying, orienting, languaging, and allowing.

“Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook” by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi
from Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook
by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Engaging a skilled yoga instructor for a private session can be very helpful, especially if you have injuries or chronic pain and need some individualized variations on the poses.

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
from Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith
Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2015

This yoga-inspired sequence is mostly aimed at releasing built-up tension in the hips because the majority of your movement stems from there.

“The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days” by Shona Vertue
from The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days
by Shona Vertue
Hodder & Stoughton, 2017

When you practice yoga’s sitting poses and twists, you involve a wide range of motion in the pelvic, knee, and ankle joints, and flexibility rapidly improves.

“The Woman's Yoga Book: Asana and Pranayama for all Phases of the Menstrual Cycle” by Bobby Clennell
from The Woman’s Yoga Book: Asana and Pranayama for all Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
by Bobby Clennell
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YouTube is filled with wonderful free yoga-class videos, and many of them are labeled “gentle,” how to safely practice each pose.

“Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle: How to Break free of Negativity and Drama” by Doreen Virtue
from Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle: How to Break free of Negativity and Drama
by Doreen Virtue
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Also called Nuad Bo’Rarn, a form of partner yoga consisting of stretching and compression _ 6.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
from Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • I have hip knee elbow and shoulder popping also ankle wrists but the last two dont hurt too much the rest does its annoying because i dont know if i should continue working out ( at home dummbell workouts) pr not and because of covid situation i really don’t want to go to the doctor as my country is experiencing more and more cases. If anyone knows why all my joints are clicking and popping and some of them are painful let me know thanks.

  • In general, you want to make a permanent lifestyle change. The reason a lot of people fail with diets is because they see it as a ‘program’ to lose weight, and ‘programs’ usually have an ending point. Making a lifestyle change is saying to yourself “from now on, for the rest of my life, I will eat differently”. That being said, a diet can be like the training wheels to proper nutrition. Use one while you learn how to eat properly without it. Any diet will be fine as long as you are learning.

  • This helped me alot i play soccer and everytime after i kick the ball a couple of times my hip snaps and its really painful after i used this video for a week or so it got less thank you alot����❤️

  • Tara! I would really appreciate it if perhaps you could do a yoga video on alleviating pain (specifically shoulder/neck/arm/wrist) caused by a pinched nerve in the neck.

  • I’ve had this since I was little. My hips would pop whenever I sit cross legged or even walk. It causes no pain but there have been people who would stare at me when it happens.

  • Im a gymnast so whenever i lie down and split my legs and bring them back up or do leg raises it pops and its so loud and feels so uncomfortable

  • Um I literally do these stretches everydayI’m a dancer. My hips have always cracked but just yesterday it cracked and now it hurts. I can’t go to the doctor rn but it hurts like whenever I move it in a way that isn’t walking

  • Thanks so much for this video! Really helped me today. If I could give one piece of feedback: please honour the breaths! I was rushing to keep up with you when you were telling me to breathe! This video demonstration would be perfect if you allowed us all to do the breaths!

  • Can anyone tell me if these exercises should be done every day, or is it best to leave gaps? Also how long should I expect it to take for these stretches to start taking effect?

  • Wow. How can I work these hip openers when my knees have issues (significant cartilage loss). I feel so much pain in my knees. Thanks

  • Wow!! I saw initially how thin the yoga instructor was but I didn’t realize how thin until she started doing the poses.  I wonder if she ever was a ballet dancer.

  • I do a lot of weightlifting and have been having very tight hips affecting my bottom squat position and I’ve been doing the last stretch you showed and now I can go A$$ to grass without being in pain!!!:)

  • Hi Tara! i have a terrible knee pain in my right leg from doing hip opening poses. I have very tight hips and still want to do hip openers. What shall i do with my knee problem?

  • so, everytime i do leg raises, my hips snap on the inner side of the thigh (both of the hips). Is that normal and is it the snapping hip syndrome? It makes working out uncomfortable

  • I commute via bicycle to work, and go running about three times a week, I recently started going to Bikram yoga (about 2 months) I love it and go 3-4 times a week, but have developed terrible soreness in my glutes. Terrible, I feel as if the deeper I stretch into my glutes I have the urge to vomit or pass out. In my head it feels like I am discovering something here….years and years off tightness release? Any advice? I wanna concur these glutes!

  • Hey Dr Jo, when I was doing the exercise when laying down with leg straight and pulling the heel up first, my hip always popped in a certain place. Is there anything more I can do either right before the popping point or during the popping point to work out whatever it is making it pop? What I just said was all over the place and not written very well I’m sorry hahaha

  • @MsShyteen cardio. You cant burn fat in a specific area of the body. Any cardio exersise that keeps your heart rate up will burn the most fat.

  • I hear and feel cracking in my hips (both) and sometimes in lower back but i don’t feel pain. Are these exercises good for it? Thanks:)

  • Hi Tara, my hips are too tight even for some of these. In double pigeon my bottom knee is elevated and won’t go to the floor. In the ones where the knees are crossed my feet won’t splay to the side but keep drawing together like magnets behind me. Any ideas? Thanks, Julie

  • Just trying to do these stretches last night has taken my pain away. THANK YOU!!
    IM A 62 Year old builder and I will be doing this until I die.

  • Awesome. This was so bad 5 years ago that it healed with my iliopsoas shortened, and I needed surgery to lengthen it. I have multiple sclerosis. I won’t ever let it get that bad again! Great video!!!

  • I had a stroke a year ago and have had soooooo many difficulties since then. I have an impinged rt FAI and lt shoulder and tendonitis everywhere in addition to bilateral feet pain and soreness. It’s a process!!!! I have had P.T. and watched your videos. Let me just say that your videos are awesome and very helpful. Kudos to you for taking the time to help people in their homes

  • If just of my hips is popping, is there any real importance to also do these for the “leg”, it’s additional time, or just focus on the hip that’s popping.

  • I am doing the stretches and excercise right now at this very minute, my legs are burning like hot LAVA! It is like my butt is breathing for the first in a long time with the IT band stretch:). For the figure 4 stretch, can I lie down on my back and stretch? Amazing video:)

  • I have had this snapping hip for a number of years now and it’s making it really difficult to do certain things, I do a lot of stretched etc but I also have hypermobility so I need to be careful, I can do a really intense gym work and be fine but if I try and run I’m in agony, I was signed up to do a race yesterday (10k obstacle course) I had to pull out at 6km because the pain in my knee was so sore, now today my knee feels so much worse as well as my hip flexor, I know the knee pain is caused by the snapping hip, but my question is can snapping hip be fixed through stretches etc without surgery or will this always be an issue?

  • I’ve been frustrated that in 10 years of dance lessons and doing yoga a few times a week for the past few years I can rarely get into full lotus position, and it’s never comfortable. It seems so easy for other people! I stumbled on this video and these stretches have helped a lot. After doing it 3 or 4 times I can get into full lotus on both sides. I think the difference is that she really gets into the proper positioning and breathing for each stretch. I realized I’ve been doing some of them all wrong. Agree with all the comments RE: showing both sides, but if you pause after each “1 sided” stretch it works for me.

  • Thank you so much! I got so much relief, especially in the figure 4 stretch. I was like yep that’s the spot. I never knew what my snapping hip was called, and I’m a dancer. I was searching on the internet and found your video! I was a dance major in college, and even my anatomy for dancers teacher wasn’t entirely sure what to tell me about my snapping hip except try to keep it from snapping and that it must need stretched. I feel so much better now! I definitely could’ve used this knowledge four years ago! ��

  • Hello dr Jo
    My both hips have pain in my groin and snapping. My doctor sad it’s looks like I have tendons problem (all x-rays and MRI done and pretty normal)
    Other youtubers saying need geve a time to rest and heal
    My Q is what about the streching… is it going to make it worse…what about to go for PT

  • I would have appreciated if this had been done as an entire flow in one video. It’s kind of confusing to watch the video again and try and just remember to do the opposite of what you say to make sure we’re keeping everything even.

  • Hi Jo! So a couple of months ago i experienced my first injury since going to the gym. I had a groin strain on my right side and the weird thing is after it healed i noticed that my left hip started clicking whenever i would squat or lifted my left knee up. It doesn’t hurt nor did it ever hurt but sometimes my left side feels kind of irritated. Also i did start experiencing lower back aching here and there could that signify an imbalanced hip?? To this day i still experience these symptoms and I haven’t had a chance to get checked out bc i don’t have insurance at the moment ): Do you think these exercises will help?

  • Dummies guide for how to make Yoga western.
    Make-up Idiotic names for Yogasana’s and remove the spiritual aspect out of it.
    Yoga is not meant for the Body alone.. It’s also meant for the Soul.
    The flexibility that comes naturally after Yoga is a byproduct of the whole process.
    You have to do it completely to realize it’s benefits.
    It’s not like a regular gym where you can just focus on specific areas of your body

  • Thank you for sharing this video. I took 4 days off from running so my leg can recover but it never did.After doing this stretch it feels way better.

  • I can’t believe how much residual emotional pain that I carry physically. When I stretch a new area I have never worked before, it feels like I’m squeezing the pain out, makes me cry. Thank you so much for this video. Thank you for your practice.

  • Definitely going to try these.
    Been feeling my groin pulling when I’m walking suddenly or just getting up from seated/lying position.

  • I enjoyed it all until I realized that I was left hanging with only one side done..please bance it out as you go or retrace the first sequences on the other side.

  • Hey Lisa: Excellent cues, very thorough explanations as to why and where the poses affect the body. Really appreciate identifying modifications which is key for people who are not as flexible. Feedback, if I may is to carry through with the 5 breaths because it seemed rushed. I know there is so much to cover, but when we’re following your video, we need to do each pose to it’s fullest. Keep up the GREAT work! Namaste.

  • Thank you for this pose, I am a runner doing the pose I felt all the pain and tightness on my joints. I felt really good stretching them out. I will be doing it everyday until I stop feeling the sweet pain on my joints or muscles. Great video for runners

  • Time out for a sec. So I have been running and training for a half the past 3 months. I decided to incorporate yoga in my training for flexibility for the past month. All of a sudden I’m getting this snapping hip on the right. My flexibility has improved greatly in this time. From the research I’ve done this can be caused also by weakness of the hip vs tightness and that stretching may complicate the issue. I’m pretty flexible as I come from a martial arts background. So how do I determine (other than going to a specialist) that it’s a weakness vs tightness issue? Ty ty!

  • Love, but way too fast and most likely people coming here are just starting out, please slow down. I gave a thumbs up because I appreciate her expertise

  • Hello, great video:) I have snapping hip issue, when I do stretches it makes my hip area groin area worse. To the point where I can’t walk.:( it seems I am fearful of doing any more exercises, any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Ok this stretch instantly gave me a tight feeling in the muscles behind buttocks and leg. It released without too much Charlie horse type of pain.

  • Hi Doctor Jo,

    I’ve done this but in exercise form. The single leg split lunge. Now i think i bend the leg too far putting it up on the bench. It resulted in a snapping kneecap and snapping hip ��

    I’m curious what i did wrong. Is it possible to fix the popping?

  • Hi Doctor Jo I have cracking in the groin and also on the side of the hip but with no pain, not sure will these stretches help at all?

  • When doing the splits, i was half way down. Almost done it! But then i hear a snap or crack coming from my hip. It didnt hurt at first but now it hurts. It makes me hard to walk. Is this normal to hear the crack when doing the split? Should i rest?

  • Hi guys, You asked for feedback from yoga peopleHolness Yoga here-the second posture you did I call sphinxis extra special when you root down (press down) through the pubic bone and your forearms and actively reach your chest (heart) forwardyou can feel the sensation of traction on your low backoh so nice. Have a great day, Gail

  • if i stand on my left leg and raise my right till my quad is perpendicular to my torso (neutral). Then if move my knee 45 degree outward i hear a pop ((hear it through my spine) and again when i move it back i hear a pop again 10-15 dergees from neutral. After the hamstring stretch exercises i seem to have gained more mobility and the pop starts at only 50-60 degrees. Left leg has more mobility and the pop is very soft. Can i emiminate it it completely. I play tennis and i am right handed. Also strain on lower right back above the glute..

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  • Please do a series for heart condition exercise for older people, I am 70 years old with heart valve problem thanks, love your videos.but give
    attention to older thanks

  • I did these poses for the first time today and I have really really tight hips. I can’t sit indian style at all, never could… When I do ankle to knee my knee doesn’t go down at all, it actually fights back. I’m going to keep trying but I’m seriously tight here and no yoga teacher has ever helped me with this. BTW I’m a Ashtanga Certified Teacher n it’s a bit disappointing not being able to sit indian style… and forget about Lotus. I’ve been trying and trying n all I have is pain in my hips

  • Great stretches although annoying to replay the video mid-session to work out the other side. I wish the video just continued on.

  • If you have been trying to get rid of fat fast, you should google Zippy Fat Loss. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  • watch your hip alignemnt in the sleepig swan or pigeon or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, you can put a pillow or bock under your hip to align your hip for a more terapeutic version of your stretch….

  • You are amazingly funneh yeeehhhhh hahaha
    Honestly, I lost it when you came out in the pink supergirl outfit.
    Lol good one O fair maiden

  • Hi, Tara,
    I am so grateful I found your programs. I am a yoga intermediate but I have problems with joints elasticity. Also, my knees hurt a bit when trying on the last pose in the video. What can I do to ease pain in knees and gain more flexibility? Thank you.

  • I had the hip cracking problem for years, i wasn’t able to do lower ab workous cuz of it and it was really frustrating. After doing the first stretching exercise for the first time, it decreased the tension for 90%! Thank you!

  • Hey Tara!
    I am a seventeen year old teen girl and I have a lot of fat around my lower back, thighs and hips
    my measurements are 34,29,41.. so you can imagine!
    I would be really greatful if you uploaded a video that can help me lose the extra inches.. in about 4 times a week..:)

  • great routine. but I kind of feel pressured not because of the routine, but because of the pace of her voice. too fast, definitely not relaxing.

  • Hi Dr. Jo, love your videos! How many sets should I do of the leg strengthening exercises, and how many times a week is optimal? Thanks:)

  • do glucosamine and chondroitin supplements help with this issue? i got this snapping in my right hip after forcing my joint because riding the bycicle on the uphills but this snapping persists from almost a year now. it is not painful but it’s a little concering

  • …when you do yoga, you do other poses and get your body warm and toned before you go into these intense stretches. + you start slowly, consistently and after some days or weeks or even longer you ‘ll go there comfortably.
    So: gently, do not force it.

  • Hi Bob n Brad, appreciate your helpful videos! Do you have any magical stretches for hip issues…arthritis n fascia sac issues.
    Many thanks in advance for the education n entertainment.:) Gail

  • Brad and Bob, I was doing this wheel barrow race where I was the wheel barrow; My shoulder felt like it force popped too far to the back (or somewhere). I couldn’t finish the race with my arm extended, so I had to finish it with the side of my forearms. This incident was 2 weeks ago, but I still feel pain. Any advice or tips would greatly be appreciated. I think I still have full range of motion, but I feel discomfort in my shoulder when I move my extended arm back (behind my head).

  • Brilliant but if only she did both sides, I watch one side, then rewind and try to do it on the opposite but keep getting confused and end up doing it on same side!

  • This is little strange… what about the other heap? Should I just rewind and do the other one? Great stretches though. Next time I’ll just pause it in between while I workout the other side:)

  • The fact that this isn’t for both sides is beyond annoying at least mention it in the beginning of your video so that people don’t waste their time watching it.

  • Amazing session. I feel so relaxed after trying the lotus posture. For the rest of poses…only time will tell. Thank you so much for initiating me into something I know will be tremendously beneficial to my wellbeing. May God bless you for sharing your gift.

  • I did this stretching two times already but on the second time i did this after the stretching my hip is getting hurt. Is it okay to continue this?

  • Good stuff! I noticed a regular snapping sound coming from my right hip during a run a few weeks back. No pain, but not a sound it should be making. It’s been coming and going, a bit more frequently of late. The foam-roller IT massage really hit the spot, just below the hip joint.

    BR, Tobias

  • Great video, went back and read the Runners World article, it suggests starting with 3 minutes and working up to 10. This represents 30 to 90 minutes of stretching. Has Brad added 30+ minutes to his stretching each day or how to incorporate these. I had a herniated disk and sciatica and have been doing up to 30 minutes of stretching and strengthening each morning (press ups, planks, hamstring stretches, pigeons like #4 but with a press up, pointer dog, squats,…. ) I can’t imagine adding more time, as you previously noted runners want to run.

  • Have been doing these for two months now, incredible difference! To get up off floor from cross-legged position before I would have to get onto knees first and then hang onto wall or something and pull myself up. After one month I could get straight up without using my arms at all. I am 56

  • Please tell what are the tests we can perform for popping hip bones. To better get to know what is the main reson for the popping sound in my hip bones.
    Please reply.��������

  • Hi Tara,
    Can you please make one video which covers everything like cardio, booty, opening chakras? Also I need to improve my Ass shape, can you please help with that?

  • I suffer from lower back pain from tight hip flexors cause by sitting for long periods of time. This routine helped a lot, thank you!

  • I have bad knees although I need flexibility, my hips tend to pop when raised above the belly button and when I do the downward dog I am very stiff. Do you have any solutions please?

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  • I had a cycling accident two months ago and fractured s4. I have severe backache and also the feeling that the right hip joint isnt rotating smoothly when I walk/run, there is pain and this weird feeling. Now I have plantar pain too on same side foot. Is this an SI alignment issue due to trauma or psoas issue? I am in physio and working on back and hip strength and flexibility.

  • Hi Jo, got an issue when I run I get a hot spot in my lower back to the out side of of my SIJ any thoughts. Thanks for the great vids

  • I have been following these stretches and wonder if it would be helpful for the whole routine, both sides so I can mirror image you. I have tried to follow but using opposite side, but my brain seems to struggle with this ��

  • I hula hoop for 3-2 hours a day and its great exercise especially for your abdomen, but lately I’ve noticed a reduction in my flexibility of lower back/hip area and some pain. This has helped a lot, thank you very much, your videos are great.

  • Stretches for a few days now and it’s really helping! Could you post a 5 min or so video to warmup/stretch right before a run? I go in the mornings and I feel so stiff before I go. Thanks for the great videos!!!

  • The biggest tip I could give is breath into the discomfort, not pain, you back off it’s painful. The deeper you breath the more you’ll relax because the para sympathetic nervous system kicks in creating relaxation. Also double up your mat or put a pillow or cushion below your knees and build up your time gradually starting with 2-3 minutes, some you will be able to hold for longer, remember to listen to your body and use props, bolster, pillows, blocks, straps etc all can be substituted with items in the house. I practiced yin and restorative yoga for a couple of weeks and when I went back to my doing my normal practice I could get into postures I’d struggled with and was able to flow with a lot more ease. So if you’re a yogi and haven’t it don’t practice yin or restorative postures, give it a try definitely made a huge difference for me!

  • Doctor Jo when I do leg raises I feel a deep crack in the inner side of my hip,this occurs since I started some hip exercises,would it get better if I do this exercises you suggested? I don’t feel any pain doing them

  • Hi, I am a figure skater and as you may know we need to be very flexible. For me I am unable to do certain things because I feel like my groin area stops me? Any idea what this may be? Please respond asap! I have a competition coming up:)

  • They are advanced moves and should be done on your back first for newbies and get done after at the end of an hour class of yoga.

  • Tara i have to honest i LOVE your videos but i liked your home vids better. Not sure why prolly a personality thing. Keep em commin!! loved your quick shoulder opener you had, i stock heavy bottles all day and it was great when i had some down time at work!:) THANK YOU! and namaste

  • Nice video, I’d rather you showed both sides one after the other as it’s gets a little confusing when the videos done and I’m not sure which side I’ve done lol

  • Thnx! Couple of questions:
    1. How often should you do these excercises?
    2. So it is not wrong to stretch before excercising?
    3. What if hips and it band is loose but adductors and outher hip keep hurting while doing the last two excercises?

    Thnx, Anne!

  • I have snapping hip chronically tight psoas’ but stretching them always makes them feel so much worse. I’ve tried doing it very gently and have excellent posture in doing it. Mechanically, what would the psoas be overreacting to for it to be so tight? I have strong glutes but they struggle to fight my psoas’ even with constant glute activation light exercises as well.

  • Hello! I get a popping feeling when I do for example leg raises and situps in my left hip. It gets really frustrating and can also happen sometimes when just laying down in bed and rotating/lifting the leg up or down a little. Found this video, will these exercises posiblly help? I have no known recent injuries and it started happening when I was doing sit ups at a situp bench a few weeks ago.

  • So much pain last couple of day just at Drs and have OA in my hip&knee left one the Dr push on my hip the other day every sent been in pain. It won’t go away been like this for 4days excise made hurt more.

  • In sleeping swan, if your hips are tight you can place a block, pillow or rolled up blanket under your hips to create space or pull the front heel closer to the body. Listen to your body. If 90° angles aren’t in your wheelhouse, please don’t force your body into them or you’ll need to be your own patient soon enough.
    Love you guys’ energy AND theme song������

  • Dr Jo I love your videos!
    Are these stretches recommended for prolonged sitting? I also feel my inner thighs and quads very tight when I try to work out and this makes it quite difficult��

  • Lisa I really enjoyed ur hip opener yoga video w very nice instructions 20 yrs ago I used to do it my memories got awakenened my muscles allowed me to mimic ur poses I felt great I will continue to use ur video. Thank u.

  • Personally, I think the exercises don’t seem to be too difficult and I don’t think you need more than 10-15 minutes per day to do this >>> https://t.co/KSU7eHT7YU so this routine can help you even if you’re a very busy individual.

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  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to uncover stiff hips and lower back try Nevolly Hip Relief Nerd (just google it )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • @AskDoctorJo
    The stretches felt great but sadly didn’t do much for my problem, perhaps you have an idea what my issue might be. Essentially standing or laying on my back, if I stretch my leg all the way up straight and back down I hear a pop in my hip, almost feels like it rides up my spine, if I just raise my knee up an down the same thing happens. It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t feel right either, any idea what this could be? Thank you.

  • Not for beginners or older folks that never done it before…. When people copy cat everything you are doing, you are holding some positions for way too long plus you are talking which we hold even longer eventually hurting. That is great that you are flexible but not everyone is. All I’m saying is this is not beginner friendly at all.

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  • Thank you so much for this vedio ����������… you made me realize how stiff my hip is.. I completed your instructions.. will continue doing this forever

  • Hi! Anytime I do a deep plié in turnout, my hip pops internally, as well as when I do the butterfly stretch and push my knees down. It also happens in many other stretches with my hips. Do you think I might have snapping hip syndrome? Thanks!

  • Nice and clear, Great video!! I am having a vibrating, crunching effect that travels below my hip joint toward my knee when I walk or go up stairs. I do have arthritis in both hips, this came on suddenly in only one hip. Effected leg feels weak overall. Is there stretch/exercise that can help?

  • Tara,
    I took a hard fall on my chest last year, mostly on the right side. I have pain under my arm, down the side, my neck down my back and it feels like a knife under my shoulder blade. I do yoga and I have gone to two different chiropractors but I haven’t been able to alleviate the pain, especially when I sit and sew for long periods. Do you have some ideas that might help me. Thank you, Laura

  • Love your videos. I am a dialysis patient and have a central line in my chest to connect to dialysis. I’m trying to find some safe yoga stretches for people on dialysis as well as yoga poses that can help your kidney function. Wondering if you might know of any that can help.

  • This was awesome but I do wish you had continued and guided the viewer through doing everything on the alternate side.
    I just went back and played it again, doing it all on the other side �� but it was a little bit confusing ��

  • Thank you for such a helpful video! Your knowledge is very deep. Nice presentation!!!

    One humble request though…
    If your dress was more modest, without cleavage. It would have been more professional, less distracting.

    Giving this session a sexual touch is counter productive ��.
    Thank you for your good contribution to the society though ��.

  • Could ya imagine this lady in the sack with those long monotone aspirations: that’s it; deep breath iiin; exhaaale slooowly, while puuushing it in forward, aaaand hooold it in there for a few breaths; twiiist it around; eaaase out now, cloose your eyes and let it ouuut.

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  • Hi Tara, I have a condition called genu valgum. Ive been hearing that Yoga will help straighten my legs. Do you believe this to be true?

  • Recently I just started to feel snapping hip maybe for few weeks, it doesn’t hurt but I could definately feel that uncomfortableness, fortunately I found this video and it works really really well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Whenever I lift my left leg and extend it, there’s a snapping sound and feeling deep inside of the hip area. Not painful but I have had lower back pain for years and just recently discovered that if I stretched the left hip it eased the left lower back pain. Is this snapping/dancer’s hip?

  • you make this look extremely easy and comfortable,
    how long have u been doing these poses as ur definetly flexible whereas im not, got tightness in my hips, so how often should one do these poses before you can actually feel the hips opening up your input would be highly appreciated tara

  • When lifting my leg perpendicular to my body, like up to the side, it feels like a muscle is snapping or slipping off a bone. Will these stretches help because it is getting extremely painful to dance:( the little work out at 5:25 is what makes it click as well.

  • My hips were too tight to do any of these poses. I can barely cross my legs right now. Not sure who this video was meant for, if not for people with tight hips.

  • I love real time videos, hardly any of them out there though. Pilates with Cassey Ho on LivestrongWoman is really good: all her videos are real time. Also Jillian Michaels does yoga videos in real time too, though that may be a bit more intense than what you’re after!

  • My hip snaps when I am sitting and putting on pants. No doctor will tell me the diagnosis because I feel no pain. Thus, I don’t know how to make the hip snapping stop. I am active in pilates where the class does pilate split exercises on the reformer. Will these exercises help or can you recommend others knowing that I am doing these corrective exercises at my own risk?

  • This is advanced hip opening. Needs to be both sides and more guidance/modifications, such as cow face requires both glutes to be on the floor. Using rolled up towels or blocks throughout the practice is recommended even for advanced yogis. Fire log, cow face are advanced poses for people starting a stretching/hip opening program. Don’t get discouraged, after miles and miles of walking and no yoga these poses aren’t easy, even for someone who has done yoga consistently (pre-virus) for 20 years.

  • Is it possible the glute stretch..where ankle is over knee can injure your knee? My knees been tingling and burning ever since doing thos stretch a week ago?

  • Would these stretches be good for me, my left hip pops on the side of my hip and I don’t feel any pain only discomfort. Im afraid that it will affect me in the future since i do alot of weightlifting.

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  • i have a big problems w my hips after years of too much training, so those are my fav moves to release the tension in those tight hips of mine, very helpful tutorial

  • she moves faster than she says to take breaths…more like 2 instead of 5. also, she is only working one side of the body. not good.

  • Hey dr jo
    When raise my right leg or extend my leg during leg raise, i feel small pop or click on my lower back.
    Is it normal or harmful??
    Can it be fixed??

  • Hey there, I have a scoliosis it’s pretty severe but I do not want surgery. I’m trying to really get into yoga it relieves me alot and it seems to be improving my back muscle imbalances. There is a curve to the right making my right shoulder blade stick out and up and there I a lower curve making my right hip high as well. If you could make a video on yoga for scoliosis or give me advice it would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to send you a picture of my back so you could get a better idea, please reply (: thank you. Peace

  • Doctor jo
    If I’m laying on my back and lift my hips in the air.
    With my feet ten shoulders touching the floor I get a snap elastic feeling on the side of my right leg on the outside of it between my knee and but almost in the center.
    Also I have numbness in the side of my leg in the same area sometimes it gets worse.
    Any idea where I should be and what would fix that thank you

  • Hi Tara, I have tendonitis in both knees and it’s really killing my drive to get up and do yoga in the morning when I have to constantly think about if I’m bending my knees too far or how to modify a pose, but I don’t want to quit all together. Any suggestions?

  • This is exactly what I need right now, just finished 3 breath for each stretch and my hip tension has all gone! Thank you so much for the content!

  • Tara, not only do I find the routines easy, I find your voice very soothing and very relaxing. You have a very calming way about you. Thanks for these videos.

  • Hi! would like to get rid of my “love handles”, do you have a yoga solution for that? Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, it means a lot to me.