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Spending hours in the gym isn’t the only way to get stronger, sculpted arms. Yoga uses your bodyweight to build upper-body strength, as well as elongate the muscles so you’re long and toned. Try these five poses and variations on familiar postures for amazing arms.

DOWN DOG PUSHUPS. On its own, down dog stretches and strengthens the arms and legs. Add a pushup and you’ve got a killer arm. On an inhale, sweep your left arm up and around, bringing your torso and right arm with you.

Arms stretch in opposite directions at shoulder height, palms down and parallel to the floor. Hips face the long edge of your mat. Strengthen the pose from the bottom up. Inhale and sweep your arms overhead. Keep your low belly drawn in to help counteract arching your back.

As you exhale, hinge from the hips and swan dive forward with your arms out like wings. If you can, keep your torso long and your knees straight. Rest your hands on a block, hold onto your ankles or place your palms on the floor.

As you inhale, press into the backs of your arms and feet, tilt your pelvis up and lift your hips up until your thighs are about parallel to the floor. Place a block under your low back for added support. The block can be on the short, medium or tall height. Take your arms. You’ll do this Yoga Shred and come away with longer, leaner, more defined arm, shoulder, back and chest muscles.

Let us know how it goes in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe here: https. Setubandhasana or bridge pose is a backbend that works as a great bone strengthening exercise.

12 It strengthens the legs, hips, neck, and spine. 13 Lie on your back with knees bent so that your feet are firmly flat on the floor about hip-distance apart. Reach toward your heels with your fingers, lengthening your arms.

Your palms must face down. Keeping both arms straight, rotate your entire left arm inward, lifting the left shoulder off the ground until the palm faces the floor. Inhale here, then slowly release the contraction in your chest to lower your left shoulder to the ground.

Lift your knees back up to center and take a full breath in neutral. Yoga can be as relaxing or vigorous as you want it to be. Add a little challenge to your routine, get your blood pumping and muscles working.

You’ll feel stronger all day and strength lends to more energy and confidence. Cat-Cow: Come down onto the hands and knees. Be sure that the wrists are directly below the shoulders and the fingers. You start with your stronger arm and perform 8 challenging, but perfect, reps with a 25 pound dumbbell.

After you complete the set with the stronger arm, you then move on to the weaker arm. However, you may only be able to perform 6 reps on the weaker arm while maintaining proper form. Want to get into an arm balance or hold one even longer? Strong deep-abdominal muscles are the ticket.

They also give you better posture and keep your torso toned. This creative vinyasa sequence builds your core from the inside out; each pose becomes easier as you master the one before it. And the more awareness you cultivate for how your torso.

List of related literature:

You can also perform the pose with one leg stretched behind the torso and one leg stretched out to the side, with the inner thigh resting on the back of the same-side upper arm; Iyengar calls this One-Leg Koundinya’s Pose II (eka pada koundinyasana; Light on Yoga #160).

“Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga” by Richard Rosen
from Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga
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The second set is more challenging because the relaxed and passive arms are unable to prevent flexion of the torso.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
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In some patients, better activation of the upper trapezius may be achieved by performing the shrug exercise with the arms abducted to at least 30 degrees (Fig. 15.9).53 Dosage: Upper trapezius is trained, as an example, by performing three sets of 10 repetitions of scapular Fig. 15.8 ■ Facilitation of upper trapezius.

“Management of Neck Pain Disorders E-Book: a research informed approach” by Gwendolen Jull, Deborah Falla, Julia Treleaven, Shaun O'Leary, Jeremy S Lewis
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Two acu-yoga poses that are known for their overall rejuvenating effects are Bridge Pose and Wing Lifting Pose, outlined below.

“The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing” by Cyndi Dale
from The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing
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Engaging a skilled yoga instructor for a private session can be very helpful, especially if you have injuries or chronic pain and need some individualized variations on the poses.

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
from Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
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In Hatha Yoga, the practice of Mahamudra is usually used for balancing the right and left sides of the body, touching the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes while sitting with one’s legs extended, alternating between the right arm and leg and the left arm and leg.

“Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda: The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality” by David Frawley
from Soma in Yoga and Ayurveda: The Power of Rejuvenation and Immortality
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These physical practice chapters break down a number of poses for you so that you can learn the finer points of each pose.

“Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits” by Candace Moore
from Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits
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It is also effective when applied during practice of yoga asanas (postures) where the arms are outstretched.

“Mudras of Yoga: 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth” by Cain Carroll, Revital Carroll
from Mudras of Yoga: 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth
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After finishing the desired number of repetitions, repeat the exercise with your left arm.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
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Applying the proper form and alignment of yoga poses is, of course, important, but this book is about what goes on for you after you take the pose—in what I call the receiving pose.

“Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice” by Baron Baptiste
from Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice
by Baron Baptiste
Hay House, 2016

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  • it’s always been so hard for me to do push ups and stuff like the starting pose because im double jointed and my elbows literally face backwards ��

  • Thank u so mch 4 giving sch a very nice exrcse to gid rid from rounded shoulders…. i will definietly try this from today… love from India

  • I have started doing regular exercises
    I am so glad and yup I am developing this passion in me
    It has improved. Lot….
    Thank you mam ����

  • This is so cool. I can literally see how I’m gaining strenght (and building muscles) every time I do this!
    UPDATE: I am now able to do push ups. This is so amazing.

  • Shira exhibits impressive flexibility. What advice do you have for those of us who are very stiff and can only dream of doing these contortions?

  • You have hyperflexible joints and are resting all your weight on the elbow joint in upward-facing dog, it shouldn’t be popping out like that and it doesn’t help strengthen the muscles. Remember to slightly bend the elbows and press the fingers down I really wish teachers would raise more awareness about hyper-mobile joints as it’s one of the leading causes of elbow and knee pain in asana classes. Namaste

  • My mom brought me a posture corrector. Bc my back is so uneven and it vibrates everytime i lower my back. I only have to wear it for 15 minutes though so ill defo do these excercises

  • Great exercises thanks! One suggestion can you alternate exercises and propose a routine of 4 things done one after the other and three sets for the whole thing, rather than just saying do three sets of this one thing and then two to three of the other one… feels more cohesive and easier on my muscles (unless I’m missing the need to do it the first way!):)

  • If you haven’t already, I highly highly highly recommend reading a book call “movement that matters” by Paul Chek. His ideology’s are along the same line as yours. Hands down, the rings and crawling are the best mobilization routines you can do for the body. Especially if your lifestyle is anterior biased. Excellent content. Keep it up.

  • What’s a modification for upward dog. My lower back hurts when I do it. Should I keep my glutes relax. I love this video. Also do you have any other videos with dolphin pose.

  • He explained very well. Just that if he needs to touch the student so much to emphasize his teachings then he probably should get a male student

  • It was my first time doing this video, I thought it was pretty fast paced but I loved it and I really felt it in the back of my arms.

  • Wall Stretches
    Scissor Swings
    Single Arm Row (one arm at a time, on one knee)
    Modified Back Bow (look like flying bird)
    Scapular Push Up (keep arms locked)

    For reference when visiting back the workout

  • Hello, could someone help me?

    Im 13, and I have been sitting on my laptop for hours everyday. (i know its bad, i wanna change that) And my posture went round and it got worse and worse and now my shoulder bone literally shifted to the front and i have 2 bones sticking out a little bit further back from that bone on each shoulder. Im pretty sure i have scoliosis. How can I fix this?

  • Thanks very much for the video! Quick question though: my elbows naturally turn outwards the same yours do here (for example in plank) and I am never quite sure whether that’s ok for the joints etc. or whether I should “force” them to be in a straighter alignment (where I then seem to have less strength though). What do you think? Hope my question made sense:)

  • Busted my rotator cuff 7 months ago benching and it still isn’t quite right. This gives me hope, thanks for the thoughtful content.

  • Intense, but honestly amazing and worth it. I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge so far, as it has helped with my mental health. I’ve already been seeing some results too! Once again, amazed at how fast the workouts go. Definitely ready to start my day now.:)

  • I have right wrist problems…? Is there a modification for the scapular push-ups? I don’t won’t to cause paint to my right wrist. I will definitely do the others for better posture! Thanks for sharing!��

  • when i search for short videos for arms or abs, i only find power yoga. i’d love to see some brief gentle practices, for people who are brand new/weak/recovering. i’ve been practicing yoga for decades, but fell away for a couple years due to several injuries. now easing back in a rebuilding my strength. thanks.

  • Thanx a lot 4 giving sch a very nice exrcs to get rid from rounded shoulders…i will definitely try this from today….so mch love from India

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am transitioning into office work after 20 some years of physical work. My upper back is not faring so well it is just time to change it up. Thanks for sharing this you are super informative and easy to understand and follow the explanations for why the exercises work and what they counteract helps me to know what is going on with my body and how I can change.

  • My upper body strength is so poor but I feel like this is really effective already! Is this routine safe for people with scoliosis?

  • Awesome bro as always! I to have rotator cuff issues. I used to do powerlifting and Olympic lifting which originally contributed to it. Over the last 6 months or so have been getting into natural movement, natural parkour. Your videos are great inspiration and have been practicing all these types of movements along with others. At 57 this is doing wonders for my shoulders so I am going to dive deeper into this type of training. Also it goes beautifully with martial arts another form of training I Like! Keep up the good work bro you do an excellent job of this!

  • Not yoga, but still a very good upper body work out. I developed more strength as well as a better range of muscle mition. If you’re looking for actual yoga you might be disappointed with these videos.

  • This short intense Power Yoga Workout for Toned Arms will help you gain strength and tone up fast. For the best results practice 3x in a row and once or twice a week. Enjoy! �� SUBSCRIBE for MORE free yoga each week: http://bit.ly/sarahbethyoga

  • First time doing workout: hardly passes first round.
    1 month later: easily does 3 rounds
    Now: does 100 push-up challenge, THEN workout 3 burning times ��

  • Sara you have to be in my honest opinion one of the doorstep yoga teachers out there. Your videos and lessons is what got me into yoga even got me into yogi training. But seriously thank you if my two cents is worth anything your hands down the coolest.

  • great exercises! Great to watch other trainers teach this stuff! I do posture work with my clients do and have a video on the daily habits to take to change posture.

  • Omg this one is soo good. Ive finally been cleared to doing yoga again after going through some things and my weakest spots right now are my arms and my core
    So this one was amazing my arms felt like jelly after. I absolutely love following along with your yoga videos. And your voice is so calming and relaxing. Thank you so much for being on herr and guiding us! #strongereveryday ��❤

  • Really good content. So stoked YouTube recommended you on my feed! Your form is spot on! Subscribed:) I’ll be checking out ALL your videos:) Aloha

  • Great session for arms. My arms arent long enough to keep my bottom off the ground in the ‘bridge’ pose so I will use blocks haha.:-D x

  • It’s a little more advanced but I wanted to add chin ups/assisted chin ups to this list. I’ve been doing some of the workouts above with little gain, but I’ve done the assisted chin ups twice now and it really hits the spot. The entire upper back has been getting a really good workout, DOMS in everything from traps to rhomboids.

  • 2018…think of these now we’re in quarentine, all in front of a screen…Thank you from the future:) hahaha Now, that I’m at home all the time, I hope that this would be a rutine for me.

  • As much as I love yoga, I hate working my arms, but I’ll have to push myself into doing this everyday because I have strenght in almost all my body but my arms and it’s irritaring

  • you have the best power yoga vids. Very classy. Not clumsy. Great job. I like your routines…I only do Power Yoga, gotta go with the flow!

  • Oh my goodness! I often feel like my arms are getting the short end of the stick in favor of leg work and back bends… woo after this video 2x (with some breaks, granted) and my arms are shouting “ok, we take it back! do leg work instead!” haha. Thanks for another great video! Any time someone asks me about good yoga videos, I point them towards you!