5-Pose Yoga Fix Lengthy Trip


5 Poses to beautify

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Sadhguru If you can sit in a posture for 2,5 Hrs you’ll attain Asana Siddhi!

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5 Pose Yoga Challenge Backbends!

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Improve Your Posture Yoga Class Five Parks Yoga

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The Top 5 Poses Lotus Pose Mobility Learn to Sit in Padmasana Full Lotus | Yoga With Tim

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Extended Child’s Pose Yoga With Adriene

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The Five Tibetan Rites | SRMD Yoga

Video taken from the channel: Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

5-Pose Yoga Fix: Long Trip 1. CHILD’S POSE. This pose is a salve that soothes and calms the body. It stretches the low back, hips, thighs and 2. STANDING FORWARD FOLD.

This posture provides a deep stretch for the hips, hamstrings and calves. It. READ MORE > 5-POSE YOGA FIX: LONG TRIP. 5. BOAT TWISTS. Boat is the ultimate core pose.

It works the abdominals, back, oblique muscles, hips and thighs. It improves balance, aids digestion and hopefully makes you feel strong and powerful. The Move: Sit on your mat, bend your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Gently hold onto the backs of. Think of it as our cramped airplane seat as we depart for our trip.

The most challenging journeys often lead to the most beautiful destinations, such as a spectacular vista after a long hike or self-discovery after a difficult period. See also 5 Poses You Can Practice on a Flight. Practicing yoga regularly is known to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health. We’ve put together the most effective yoga poses that can transfor. 11 Yoga Practices for Working Through Stress and Anxiety It can be hard to feel grounded and calm in the midst of uncertainty and chaos.

Here, meditations, pranayama, and asana sequences to help you let go of fear and find peace. Yoga is often thought of as a restorative practice, since many poses are gentle and focus on stretching and flexibility. And plenty of people, MORE: 60-Second Fix For A Stiff Neck.

There are usually two, two-hour-long classes a day with chanting, talks on yoga and healthy veggie meals (including raw chocolate cakes, naturally). • From £595pp for 4. The Largest Yoga Fitness Educational School. Founded in 1994, YogaFit is the largest yoga school in North America.

Best known for our safe and inclusive approach, we offer 200 and 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training as well as a Yogafit healthcare specialty track. Guests combine physical activity with the spiritual engagement in Celtic sauna rituals, yoga classes, and Ireland’s first “snow paradise,” a Finnish-inspired room cooled to 5 degrees and covered. Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Beer Can’t Fix. © 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC http://vevo.ly/r451Bx.

List of related literature:

Bikram yoga goes through a series of 26 poses in a very hot room so beware.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
from Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening
by J.A.H. Diouck

Engaging a skilled yoga instructor for a private session can be very helpful, especially if you have injuries or chronic pain and need some individualized variations on the poses.

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
from Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith
Llewellyn Worldwide, Limited, 2015

Applying the proper form and alignment of yoga poses is, of course, important, but this book is about what goes on for you after you take the pose—in what I call the receiving pose.

“Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice” by Baron Baptiste
from Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice
by Baron Baptiste
Hay House, 2016

Keep in mind that the Yoga breathing we recommend for this routine (Chapter 5’s focus breathing or belly breathing) is just as important as the Yoga postures.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
from Yoga For Dummies
by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
Wiley, 2010

If you try this relaxed twist at the beginning and then at the end of a session of hatha yoga postures, the experience will be markedly different.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners
by David Coulter
Motilal Banarsidass, 2004

The second yoga sequence consists predominantly of standing postures with a mix of floor exercises.

“Pain Management E-Book” by Steven D. Waldman
from Pain Management E-Book
by Steven D. Waldman
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

After several moments in the Relaxation pose, have participants roll to one side and rest for a few more breaths then gradually return to an easy cross-legged sitting pose.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
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Each pair of active poses represents both a vinyasa (a continuous flow between the two poses) and poses you could also practice separately.

“Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain” by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
from Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain
by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

The remainder of this book provides a step-by-step guide for how to perform a wide array of yoga poses or asanas.

“Hatha Yoga Illustrated” by Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro
from Hatha Yoga Illustrated
by Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro
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After doing the asana, if you want to stretch deeper, exhale and stretch again.

“Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom” by B.K.S. Iyengar, John J. Evans, Douglas Abrams
from Light on Life: The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom
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  • That’s a keeper!!! Gate (?) poses were intense, but so needed! I practice with your videos (and other instructors I follow) day after my cardio sessions so these types of flows are so rewarding!!

    Bravo on this one!! Thx so much!! Namaste!

  • What does it mean if it actually feels a bit painful in my upper back and upper arms when I do this? That I just need more time and stretching or that I’m still doing it wrong?

  • What are Sip bones? I’m being serious, I want to do this right, but I don’t understand what you mean, when you say to stretch your spine by picturing your sip bones extending to the end of your feet in the exhale

  • So this human can ensure someone is fixed without spirituality? Can allow things others choose to do? I agree on on hand and on the other hand, I do not. This is balance. To me, sadguru is not god and should not play god, however is welcome to contribute to god which is all. We can, if we like, contribute to healing, guiding, realigning, caring, sharing gifts and juggling to improve self and maybe bring a smile to an unsmiling face. Is this so bad that they deserve punishment and why does sadguru mind so much?

  • I would suggest doing these in sets of 3, 6, 9 and so on up to 21
    3 and 6 existing within a higher dimensional order, with 9 being the god number which stands alone and governs all of creation.
    Honor what your body is telling you.
    Let go and allow.
    There is know right or wrong way.
    Trust your natural knowing.

  • Hey! Just writing to say thank you! I’m on my 9th day, and already feeling 3x more flexibility, 20x more calm and 1000x more focus on my office routine. Really recommend this ritual. Ah! I’m already doing 7 rounds each, and performing the ritual really well. Thank you

  • Nice class Erin, thanks. Just what I needed to wrap up my week. I spend lots of time at my desk and as you promised, this helped to open up my chest, & shoulders and stretch my neck. Keep up the great work.

  • I am a male at 74 who had a sedentary job and got lotus rather quickly 4 years ago even though balance poses and straight leg forward folds are still problematic. My “trick” was to find a cross-legged pose where both knees were beginning to touch the floor. I didn’t realize that most people can’t cross their legs at all with knees very very low.
    My journey I had gone to an intro class, and the instructor was sitting in half lotus when I arrived, and I said to my self I can do this and 4 seconds later I did it. After this I went home and found a Youtube instruction that I could follow and 3 weeks later I could do left leg then right leg, and 5 weeks more I could do right leg then left leg. After I started a regular practice 20 months ago, my instructor said I had flexible hips, but stiff legs. The reason is that I race walk (33 years), and we practiced rotating our hips to get a longer stride length, which is useful if you want to win races. I can also do pigeon forward folding all the way down pretty easy. 
    Since sun salutations are awkward for me, having some small competency keeps me going to yoga class. I always do a lotus pose at the end of class even if no one else does. I find once in lotus, I do not want to come out, and it is better to try to get the pose tight as after a minute or two it will feel better.

  • I teach a lot of older not as fit people and some people find it hard to get up and down onto the mat. I was wondering if I could change way they are done? IE 1 spinning 2 Arching 3 J
    4 Table Top 5 the 2 Dogs it’s just a little less up and down some of my Yogi’s just find it hard to get up and down. Please advise ASAP
    Yoga for life Yoga for Everyone

  • Thank you, Tim. I am getting a very good vibe from your video and the way you instruct. So chill, without any distraction (in my case). Will be looking more into your channel. Thank you.

  • Good morning Erin! Today is my rest day and just did this class at 5am. My whole body feels so good! I truly always appreciate your clear instructions so much! Thank you so much for this and all your yoga classes! Have a wonderful day! ��

  • I tried this but I can’t perform correctly second and last exercise how much I tried. Will it be better by time or I have problems with my body?

  • How do I do this position without feeling like I’m about to get Raped. I read that this might help with anxiety but how is that supposed to work when I don’t have side mirrors to make sure some Big Guys aren’t sneaking up behind me

  • What do you do if child’s pose causes your nose to flatten on the mat? I’m flexible enough that relaxing my forehead down to the floor means my face is flat and my chest hits the ground, too. It’s hard to breathe and uncomfortable. =[

  • I follow his speeches very keenly. But I have a disagreement with the statement that its wrong to heal people if someone has the ability to do so. I don’t find it wrong. Making a person not getting angry for an year and all is secondary. Primary aspect of every being is existence itself, isn’t it? We consider doctors as life savers. We respect them. Then why not? Helping the under abled is the responsibility of every abled human being isn’t it? I don’t find any wrong in that.

  • Wonderful class! Loved the rain sound, help release tension on shoulder/neck/upper back. makes me want to stretch out the rest of my body:) thanks for a great class!

  • Huh! I used to be able to do that when I was a child. I could get on the bus, sit in a position, be comfortable and not move for hours. It was a very long bus ride.

  • Good vid…. I was struggling with my right leg getting over the top… this work is getting me much closer… thanks… I’ll keep working…

  • I find Tibetan Rites and 5BX exercises a great combo, though I do them at different times of the day. That and meditation (have been following the meditation curriculum at Drukama.com)

  • We can reach 108 Surya Namaskar in 54 days. Use below link if you want to reach 108 in 54 days. It has invocation, count, and then relaxation that helps in daily practice.  We started with 10 rounds 18th July, 2020 and are increasing by 2 rounds daily. We will reach the count of doing 108 in 50 days. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLynMLQyvsnpSNKvvcryWELF3utKaDQ8H3

  • Namaste Adriene! I have been doing Yoga since my school days…. but watching you I have become an avid learner of Yoga again. Stay Blessed!

  • thanks ��������������������
    but i am bhogi
    our culture explain all this sprtuality in symbolic way, something happens to me and i started observing all this thinks and
    through meditation i find my question answer.
    i am 21 year’s old student of B.H.U.
    by birth i am bengali
    now i am in the stage of natural MULBANDH ��������
    joy is unlimited
    sobka mangal ho

  • Plz teach how to perform Asana Siddhi, I am in big need of it. I am suffering with unknown problems in my body.Plz help Dhanyawad!!!

  • Oh that Rain!! This is an Amazing class!! Thanks again Erin for your time and awesome energy! Much Peace, Love and Good Health from the beautiful Northwest!

  • Rain was lovely and your outfit was on point! Love your yoga pants. The yoga wasn’t bad �� but seriously I love the attention to exiting a pose as well as entering. I love graceful yoga.

  • I’m going to go back and try to read the invisible part of the six page treateyes I w3 wrote on saying goodbye with Aloha and hello with Apwh’a (I’m using greek phonetics)

  • What a great routine Erin. Thank you for classes at just the right pace and your clear instructions. I love your yoga classes all the way from South Africa. Looking forward to some more.

  • I can highly recommend the 5 Rites. On my 9th month of practice, and the feeling of wellbeing, core-strength and mental stability they give me is remarkable.

  • If you can sit in a car with windows closed in the peak of summer… wow you will attain highest yoga union with death.!!!!!

    What about yogis lifting weights with their penis
    Is that yoganis????

    What a lot of BS as usual.

  • Dear SADGURU, If there is no point in doing any MIRACLES or as we call it, then why does it ever happen?
    All the Great SAGES, SIDDHAS, MESSIAHS, the AVATARS have performed numerous MIRACLES.
    Was.there NO POINT in all that?
    What other YARDSTICK do we have to KNOW an ENLIGHTENED as HE TOO wears..the MASK of the ORDINARY.
    If ADISHANKARA Couldn’t RECOGNIZE the GREAT LORD SHIVA Camouflaged as a CHANDALA what chance have we?
    I DO NOT AGREE with you on this SCORE, we NEED a SIGN both DIRECTLY & INDIRECTLY to recognize the DIVINE.
    True, there is a chance of being MISLEAD, but the same can happen with so many UNENLIGHTENED GURUS claiming that they are ENLIGHTENED with Interesting STORIES.
    Atleast MIRACLES relating to HEALTH MATTERS are a LIFECHANGING & LIFELONG reminder of the DIVINE PRESENSE.����������

  • Your yoga videos are amazing. After I started exercising with your videos I let my gym membership go. LOL I feel like I get much more exercises done with your videos than from attending yoga classes at the gym. I love the rain sound and the background. It is so heavenly. Thanks for sharing the videos with us.

  • I’ve been practicing yoga every day for a while now, and I just couldn’t do the lotus pose! and just after doing this video I’ve made it!!! thanks so much Tim!!!

  • Correction:
    Right now you are who you are, only because of whatever you have perceived till now.

    And you will be, who you will be, only on what you perceive now. (Not perceive in future)

  • Hi Tim. Your videos are always helpful. When I sit cross legged my knees are very high but I’m working on it. I add pigeon pose to what ever practice I do every day. Now I will add the poses you have demonstrated. Thank you for all the tips. At my advanced age I will be amazed if I get my knees parallel to the ground but it’s fun trying. Namaste.

  • This was an amazing sequence of movements that somehow actually got me into a backbend! I feel so proud of myself! I really didn’t think that I could ever do a backbend and I have tried many times. But the build up to the backbends in this video was exactly perfect for my body. I feel very connected, physically and spiritually….in all ways! Thank you Leslie for this helpful and calm video. I think that the calm, even tone of your voice, along with the gentle encouragement in your words makes you a supportive and effective instructor!

  • i started practicing pranayama a few months ago, after a couple of months as my consciousness rises, i started to search stand alone asana exercises for beginners, to add to my mind flexibility also physical flexibility and i came along with this incredible video and person. i’m practicing it each morning pre to my pranayama techniques and the results are well shown.

  • After almost one year of practicing with you daily my posture has improved naturally, moreover it not only improved my scoliosis is actually gone. Still, I enjoyed this class, calmer pace and the rain sounds are absolutely mesmerizing. At first I was wondering if it is raining here in Vienna haha, but no it was in the video. It would be great if you created a yin class with rain sounds, or deep stretch class with silent holds and also rain. It really adds something special. Thank you for everything you do! I dream of one day joining you on a retreat. Namaste:)

  • Only started a few days ago but super loving the series! Question re knee widening can you widen too much? The wider I go, the harder it gets but not sure if that is me challenging myself (good), or overextending the pose and losing all the nice benefits (bad)… halp

  • Awesome video to get into Lotus pose, I still working on but your last tip pose was excellent ����. Thank you for sharing. Namaste����

  • I am still grateful for the teachings of Sadhguru, not even 2 months now I have studied so I’m not even able to crawl as yet in these terms, but I’ve trained my mind and I have worked hard on quietening my mind and removing negative thoughts, recently I have begun healing my body With success I’m 45 and have suffered Multiple Sclerosis since the age of 27 I found out by waking up blind this happened a further 5 times Pain not for an hour or a day or a week or even a month but years! not simple pain like breaking a leg or cutting flesh with a knife…real raw neurological pain this happens to be a way to madness….but I came thru broken but alive Neuro pain is the Most pain that your nervous system can output…..for any sensation!!!! I have seen this Illness take my family members in terrible undignified ways, there are a hundred more things this has taken from me and each one I have fought tooth and nail to regain.
    Thankfully these teachings are available for everyone, and I am not of “your School” I will continue to heal myself.

  • Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this since talking to you about Lotus in Auckland (I’ll be spending a lot of time in the penalty box (for now)):)

  • Thank you so much for this, I go back to it myself when my practise has lapsed and to refer clients to when I teach my Healing course.

  • That last exercise you did was golden! Totally tricked my body into doing it without even realizing. Then I tried just normally and couldn’t do it. But that trick really does work!!!

  • What does he mean if anyone of his deciples use their knowledge he will throw them out and “fix” them? Is he going to use his powers on them because they used their powers on someone else? Maybe just to heal?

  • Merry Christmas 2019! You have saved me with this flow! I was so stressed and low in energy, now I’m ready for cooking, baking and family and friends!

  • 0:41
    Thank you for these. My Teacher taught us these a decade ago and I lost the instruction and have since moved. So good to have it back!
    Why some people gotta make this 10 15 minutes long, I don’t understand. Few newbs can start there. A simple instruction to increase as you get stronger is all we need.

  • Yes! Awesome as usual! The seated staff pose looks so simple, but it is the most intense pose for me. I love the sound of the rain! So relaxing:) Thank you Erin!!!

  • Just remember on every video every life, people say ”they understand finally now”, everyone just understands for a week, but you can forget it in a week as well, Completely, you can only understand it not after a video but by doing what you learn frequently for a long time..then you understand that and the other.

  • Hi there, thank you for this impeccable video. Where can I find more about the specific effects/benefits of each posture? For instance, what are the benefits of spinning? Are there any contraindications?
    Thank you

  • This yoga class is incredibly wonderful as always, Erin! It has helped me to stretch and strengthen my spine��. See you on the mat! Namaste����

  • Pure heaven. Amazing class again, I loved every second of every minute of it. Perfect for the first week of January, where I am still taking things slow…:) Thank you so much Erin!

  • Hello i am little bit confused. Do i need to increase the asana rounds each day upto 21 times or do i need to increase the repeatation of rites each day upto 21 times

  • is there any way to avoid the nose squish when the forehead comes to the mat? or just gotta embrace it.. I’m cool with that just wondering if i should be tucking my chin to chest more? <3

  • Brilliant waking up to extended child’s pose. God willing all is well with you and yours this day. Hey, Benji wherever you are, long time no see and I am sure I will see you soon. Jai Namaste����

  • Watching and practicing yoga with your help from more than two years now.. @ 8:09 when you suddenly say Pune, India i was stunned because i am from Pune and never expected to hear any experience from Pune in your videos ever… Thanks for your videos Tim!! Love them all:)

  • You make it look so easy! Helpful pointersdefinitely can’t be done with cold muscles. I think it’s inversion of the ankle, sole goes in toward midline. ��

  • First time yoga here, this video just shows up on my account page, exactly what I do need right now. I will try, and let you know… namaste.. thank you for sharing.

  • How to sit in asana,no elaboration????, Thats the problem with sadhguru’s videos, no practical solution or steps, just philosophical stuff!!!, I watched the video in hope to learn or practice how to sit for 2.5 hour, but again a philosophical talk!!!!

  • Wonderful class! Loved the rain sounds. Happy to support your efforts financially because your classes make a difference in my life! Thanks, Erin.

  • True.
    Compaired to seeing a broken door forcebly opened, which will somehow require an effort, two or even more for repairs…
    a door can do open naturally even without using a single force, it will only open when it opens. As said.
    For only when a door that opens naturally will enable you to see true satisfaction, better opportunities, and never deny a very good possibilty of good outcomes as well.
    But also to humbly consider in never forgetting that in life we all need to be flexible. As to your door needs to be swift as the wind, invisible, being guided only by crumbs of bread for those who are righteous enough to see what is inside.
    Words can be words, as well somehow let others see what only they percieve, but also not forgetting that, it can also mean something else, most especially if in a positive way of thinking, which can be also be considered as a form of humble “permission”.

  • F I’m too fat to do this haha. I’m trying to get into yoga but it’s a little discouraging when my size makes it impossible to do the poses, no matter how strong or flexible I am.

  • Good morning Erin! Today is my rest day. This class was exactly what I needed. My shoulders, arms, back, and spine feel so much better. I appreciate your clear explanations. You are so wonderful and amazing Erin! And I love the sound of the rain so much! I live east of San Francisco where there is always drought. The rain is music to my ears. Thank you so so much for all of your classes. I enjoy doing them so much. Have a wonderful day!:-)

  • Every living thing has a right to learn and practice what it has learned, and to use this knowledge or skill in everyday life. What I don’t understand is Sadhguru saying he will fix people and make sure they leave the ashram never knowing spirituality…isn’t this going against the very basis of creation, every living thing has the right to pursue it’s own path and the right to make mistakes and learn from them.

  • but if u can help someone heal then why not is he allowed to do so?Its also a service isnt it?I did not understand this point of sadhguru.I want to understand this.

  • My husband and I are preparing for ski season and this is an excellent class. I love extension poses as I have very tight chest and shoulder muscles. Thank you so much! I’m incredibly grateful for you and your willingness to teach this wonderful practice.

  • Every 3 weeks I need a Yoga class or two that take it easy on my wrists, and this offered just that. Opening my shoulders, chest, throat, all so important for not only does my job require sitting at a computer all day, but also talking to callers. Thank you so much for this, and for a class that Has No Vinyasas!!

    I also loved the guitar during Savasana. Reminded me of my folk music days.

  • It’s been 8 years with Isha and after doing all the programs, realized that
    He performs occult to influence people, their minds and trap into Isha activities.
    They will brainwash you and loot everything that you have, money, time and energy.
    Their main motto is to get you from the front of your monitor to a full time member at ashram.
    They trap people based on financial status and profession

  • Hi, when I sit for mediation, cross-legged, I start with good posture, but in no time I find myself slouching and head hanging down. I repeatedly go back to an erect posture, and in no time, I am back to slouching and hanging head.

    Is sir it ok to do this or leave to slouching posture and to focus on the object of meditation?


  • Hi Erin! I love this amazing class! I it’s not too hard and best for my body. I still the rain and love your all classes! Thank you a lot!

  • Asana siddhi is obtained after mantaining the pose comfortably day and day at least during a month. The holding time for the pose is not certained: between 2 and 6 hours ( according to different traditions). Sivananda says three hours. For Dhirendra Brahmachari the minimal time is 3 hours and 48 minutes.

  • Sadhguruji many women in india have difficulty sitting down after scissarian type of child birth women india face lot of health issues,once upon a time women used to do lot of work but now a days even forced their minds n bodies to work in their own…..it doesnt allow to do simple house hold job its a big issue guruji no one is helping women in india….mainly married women who do job n do house hold how to manage home…work…n own health……women cant take out time for exercise n relaxation methods…..coz of multiple hand work n load on one person most men dont do simple jobs of their own…..lot of work load on todays generation women….they have to earn for own requirements even after marriage women of this generation should compulsorily earn………n do work of family too…..kindly help guruji……

  • Shane Baird  it all has to do with previous karma since all suffering come from it. If u created suffering in some forms and if u did not experience this yourself u have to experience it true karma. It’s not a matter of punishment. So if someone is using his ego intentionally to remove this suffering he thinks he knows better then the universe law. I do not agree on the punishment part or that he have the ability to even block someone from spiritual growth. This is a fixed answer and there can be no fixed answers in the universe. But maybe he want to scare people from doing these actions since it would give actions from the universe itself in the response to their own karma. If the healing come from a enlighten being it just happens. Without though or mind. Just as when the scorpion stings the alligator giving him a ride across the river. It’s my nature

  • When something is too good to be true, it often is.
    I don’t think its as simple as sitting in a posture for 2.5 Hrs and you’ll attain Asana Siddhi.
    You have your monkey mind to contend with, and the posture is also important.
    The basic lotus posture will get you pins and needles in your legs, a chair and you’ll risk DVT.
    You probably have to build yourself up in stages to reach… ehem, attain that 2.5 Hrs.

  • Nobody can know what will happen in the future. Maybe something but not read the future. How can such a well know teacher say that he will tell people exactly what will happen in their future?!

    That is a load of crap!

  • Thank you for this. I’ve been super frustrated that I couldn’t get my bum to my feet. Nice to know it’ll just take time. But it also still feels like I just can’t. Idk.

  • Crisp opening poses, understated technique, heartfelt intent and drizzly costa ricait all came together beautifully. Peace in your words. Peace in your heart. Thank you.

  • Hii Adriene �� This week was a yoga journey for me. I packed one of my mats and took off to class with each of the different instructors at my gym this week. I love home practice, but I also remember that part of the reason why I started home practice was to heal enough of my anxiety and self to get back into the world. So as uncomfortable as I was initially, I reminded myself that “if I want something I haven’t had before, I need to do things I haven’t done before.” I had these irrational thoughts of yoga classes before even going, but after this week I can say it was really rewarding!

    I made some new friends, and really vibed with one of the instructors. Everyone had their own style and pace, and thankfully with your help for the past two months, I was able to do really well. ��

    I didn’t hit all the poses, but I didn’t judge myself for them and that was a huge shift in my mindset. The last class I took this week, the teacher enjoyed a faster paced (vinyasa?) practice, and I fell on my butt when I was squatting because my legs were sooo done. Lol.

    I feel like I’ll be doing this often in newer classes, and this guide is probably as good as asking an instructor in real life. The advice on the external rotation of the shoulders in this pose is really helpful. I’m excited to see how my yoga journey will unfold this year.

    I hope many people start taking what they learn from you and try branching off and making yoga their own because as you always say, “take up space.” Usually you refer to it on the yoga mat, but I’ve been extending it to my real life.

    Anyway thanks for always reading my essays! I’m beginning to feel like I made a yoga pen pal in Texas who I write to almost every day; and it’s really cool to see in your older videos the comments you leave, so that I don’t feel as self-conscious about posting so often, because I see you posting often too. Maybe us only children love talking a lot. Lol. Going to check out corpse pose tutorial and then call it a night. Namaste ��

  • I’ve recently experienced pain with my sacroiliac, I was told to try this. I found this when told to do child pose to alleviate pain and realign. Here I go!

  • Does your shavasana still count if your 3 1/2yr old happens to walk into the room and snuggles up on top of you? That rain is so wonderfully peaceful. Thank you, I really needed this today!!


  • why “healing miracle” is banned? isn’t a Yogi healing in hospitals sound wonderful for the human kind? (in oppose to telling someone’s future)

  • I am thanking to ONEPATH you tube channel,by putting small set of videos with more meaningful to particular aspect of life or solution.

  • I have some vestibular issues. My neurologist discourages me from tipping my head back as I see in many of the positions you have modeled. If I don’t arch my neck backward, will I still get the benefits of that pose?

  • It’s third year I practice the rites every day and I encourage everybody to do the same. The benefits to the both, physical and mental health are so obvious. At the beginning it was pretty difficult; I felt down after only several rounds of the first rite! But very soon, I realized all the power and beauty that these exercises can bring to everybody’ s life.
    While performing and after finishing exercises, I just feel relaxing energy flowing through my brain and body. Results of regular exercising are so tangible that they have transformed my life. I am 67 now, and I only regret that I did not know about it before.
    Dr. John, thank you for your efforts to propagate this wonderful practice by sharing this video, which I consider that it is the most accurate, simple and informative among many other videos in YouTube. I also wish you great success with your enlightening mission to bring to the Western civilization the marvels of East philosophy and culture.
    Agron S. Dida, Kosova

  • What is that one Asana to be mastered for mastering everything in the world? Please reply. Is it to keep your spine erect for 2.5 hours?

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  • A wonderful, very helpful video. Thanks so much. A question: Is this practice ok for cervical spondylosis? I noticed some backward head movements are similar to yoga poses for this condition. The Rites give me tremendous flexibility and improved posture. But there is some temporary pain after practice in the neck and spine area. I would appreciate your thoughts.

  • Thank you so much Erin! Not only do you help me stretch out my tight body after a long day at a desk job, your energy also helps to ground my mind and lift my spirit. I feel completely rebooted and am truly grateful beyond words.

  • I really struggle to do the Table Top exercise properly. Maybe because I age related degeneration in my lower spine. ( Its my son and his wife in the photo, not me!). Does it matter if it’s not perfect, can I benefit anyway? Thank you for your beautiful demonstration, I’ll be watching daily while I do my practice. ��

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