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5 Yoga Poses for a Great Butt

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The move: Standing at the top of your mat, take a big step back with your left foot. Keep your right toes facing the front of your mat and angle the left toes in slightly. Lift the right arm to shoulder height, palms down and finger facing the same direction.

The move: Kneel on your mat so your hips are lifted off of your butt and hips and knees form one line. You may want to double up your mat or place a blanket under you if you have sensitive knees. Press your palms into your low back so your fingers face.

The Move: From staff pose, cross your right ankle over your left thigh, just above your knee. Slowly, bend your left knee and walk your left foot closer to your butt. Flex your right foot and gently press your right thigh open. Hold for 5–10 breaths, and switch sides. READ MORE > FIVE-POSE YOGA FIX: SKIERS & SNOWBOARDERS.

4. SPHINX. There are a variety of Yoga moves for Great Butt, but only a few are worth your time. Today we will see 5 Yoga Poses for a Great Butt.

These poses not only tone and firm the glutes, they also. The move: Begin on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders. Engage your abdominals, tuck your toes and step your feet back. Keep contracting your abdominals so you create one long line from head to heels and avoid sticking your butt in the air or drooping your belly. And take it from a yogi who would know.

When I was a fresh out (read: overly keen) yoga student undertaking my 200 hour teacher training in India, I was unlucky enough to experience yoga butt. The move: Kneel on the floor (a folded blanket can help pad the knees and shins) with thighs parallel and butt lifted off the legs. Slide your shins and feet out just wider than your hips.

Sit down on the floor between your shins and feet. If your butt doesn’t hit the floor, sit on a block or a book. Cross your right foot over your left thigh, just above your knee. Hold onto the back of your left thigh and gently pull both legs toward you. Flex both feet and keep your left foot at knee height or higher.

Hold for 5–10 breaths and switch sides. Yoga is a fantastic way to combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day and other things that contribute to bad posture. Heart openers are the category of yoga poses that invert the hunched back and shoulders which is often a result from sitting too much. Practicing yoga regularly is known to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We’ve put together the most effective yoga poses that can transfor.

List of related literature:

Engaging a skilled yoga instructor for a private session can be very helpful, especially if you have injuries or chronic pain and need some individualized variations on the poses.

“Anodea Judith's Chakra Yoga” by Anodea Judith
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The beauty of repeating this yoga flow is that it provides multiple opportunities for branching into frontextension postures, such as Sphinx, Cobra, and Kneeling Forward Lunge, or into the crawling postures from Table pose, or into the seated postures, such as Pinwheel, Seated Forward Bend, or Spinal Twist.

“Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body's Own Wisdom” by Don Stapleton
from Self-Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness Through the Body’s Own Wisdom
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Perform the same motions with the left leg: step back, press the heel into the ground, straighten the leg, and contract the buttock muscle; hold for a beat; return to the starting position.

“8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot” by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
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To achieve a basic pose like Warrior Two, for example, you need to stand with your feet apart on the yoga mat, stretch your arms straight out in either direction, bend your front knee, pivot your back foot forward about ten degrees, and hold.

“Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything” by Alexandra Carter
from Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything
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Mountain pose (Tadasana): A classic yoga asana intended to promote balance and stability.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing
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Yoga postures and body alignment ■ Seated spinal twist ■ Cat and cow poses ■ Modified child’s pose ■ Mountain pose ■ Forward bend and backbend ■ Side stretch ■ Modified Sun Salutations

“Voice Disorders, Third Edition” by Christine Sapienza, Bari Hoffman Ruddy
from Voice Disorders, Third Edition
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Before you experiment with various Yoga postures, you need to know how to combine postures correctly.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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and fourth is great yoga.

“The Cult of Tara: Magic and Ritual in Tibet” by Stephan Beyer, Kees Bolle
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Yoga is not only what happens during the pose but also what happens before and after the pose.

“Hatha Yoga Illustrated” by Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro
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In the following pages, you will learn five restorative yoga poses that may be practiced on their own or in a sequence.

“Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain” by Timothy McCall, Kelly McGonigal
from Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind and Heal Your Chronic Pain
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  • So good! I love you yoga videos, they challenge me but they also feel amazing. Your cues are perfect and I love you realness ( if that is a word lol). Hope that iguana stayed put!

  • I had some piriformis pain today after a 10 hour flight and this video was just the ticket to soothing the tightness away. Thank you.

  • I did not have peace in my thoughts during that bridge section towards the end, lol! Great class thoughthanks Erin! Love your videos:)

  • Thank you for this video. This is the first video I have done of yours, and I enjoyed the balance of stretch and strength. Coming from a fitness regimen of weight lifting, I found the exercises in the video to be challenging. I liked the dog at the end, and really liked the message you shared at the end-peace in your thoughts, peace in your words, and peace in your heart. Thank you.

  • I hurt it yesterday in a football camp and it’s really hurting even when I walk should I do this stretch are would it make it worse?

  • Nice practice, some movements are weird hehehe, i try to follow you almost all time at my own pace, i enjoyed a lot, thanks for sharing, namaste.

  • This exercise will help for sure. Had the same problem 2 years back and got recovered. But, the old strain returned due indiscipline i have everyday. Time to get better once more. Thank you. Your video helps a lot.

  • Will this help me I got hit in my butt right side 3 months ago with a forklift at work I got xrays they told me nothing was broke or fractured they told me it is sore now it just bother me sometimes it has a aching pinching feeling but sometime i wont feel it as much only when I sit down they recommend therapy but with this pandemic I’m not able to get therapy at the moment I’m not sure if it going to heal ever do you think this exercise will help? Also I think it still just really sore

  • I had partial anterior hip replacement about 2 1/2 months ago. exrays show good healing. My regular doctor told me to do lunges and squats and I eveidently was doing them wrong and now I have pain in my butt when I walk. Started taking neproxon which was prescribed because I have scoliosis. How many times a day should I do these exercises. How long should I expect these exercises to start relieving the pain. Thank you. How

  • Thank you Caroline, my mom does this every day. The stretches are helping her pain and keeping her positive. Thanks so much for your amazing videos!!!!!!

  • Hi there that video was great! I struggled to do the last stretch with the band because of sensitive knees and my lack of coordination! is there something else i could try instead? thanks!

  • Hi how to make sure that am not hurting my knee while stretching quads? I have been avoiding any knee deep bending poses as i read that it is not good for runners knee.

  • Hi!! Im a dancer and I always get pain in my right lower butt after stretching. I was wondering if you had any idea of what it was and how to fix it?? Please help, it gets in the way with dance and cheer

  • taking your challenge and doing this every evening after work! Today was day 1 and I feel more relaxed and flexible through my quads and low back already

  • Thanks Helen for you video, just a suggestion,. The sound can be improved with Bluetooth earbuds with microphone connected on your phone, You. will record video with the phone and the audio with the earbuds. I do appreciate so much your video,. Namaste

  • Thank you!!! Don’t know why I had this on “Do Later” list?!!? What took me so long to practice this one?!!?
    Great one! Moved to FaV!!! Do love your 40 min or less practices!!! I get distracted by the longer ones or may be a bit too advanced for me! Still do them but modifications especially the ones with many inversions������

  • I accept the challenge, Caroline! What was diagnosed as hip bursitis is now bilateral femoral-acetabular impingement disorder. I just tried your video, and it hurt, but felt so good so I think it’s just what I need to help me. Thank you!!

  • Hello. I believe I have a glute strain. About 3 months ago, after sprinting in my yard, my left glute and hamstring were sore, much more than usual. I stopped running but I didn’t do any other treatment. The soreness continued and gradually abated but it’s still there. My range of motion is the same, but walking on an incline or up stairs or sitting on a fitness ball can be painful. Will these exercises help me?

  • I felt a pain in my upper left glute. When I started touching it, I felt two little holes. Is this a muscle tear? Or is it a strain? Should I stop running/bicycling? How do I treat this? Am I going to make it worse by doing the exercises?

  • Hi I have done these stretches for a week now they have helped a bit, I have a gymnastics competition in a week and I have to do the splits at the start but because of my pulled gluteal muscle I can’t, what is your advice I need my splits down ��.

  • Hi I need some advice I’ve been stupidly sitting crossed legged for years leaning forward on my pc, I am now 60 and very inactive with agoraphobia I never imagined in a zillion years I would be in so much pain especially in my hips and backside, I would love a few safe exercises tyx

  • Hi, stumbled across ur video after watching dozens of videos about glutes and back pains, I always do my own research for anything I need or any information I need. So question for you? I have pain in my right leg glutes making my pelvis shift to the left, hurts like hell. Everytime I try to straighten it out, my pelvis tilts foward arching my lower back, so I’m constantly fighting to walk straight otherswise hurts like hell walking being shifted. I had same problem last year only worser, after I healed I didn’t work on my glutes, so probably strained something again. So is that gludias medias issue? From all the reaserch I did that’s the best solution I’ve coming up with

  • THANK YOU, DOCTOR! I pulled my left glute and the hardest exercise for me was the figure 4 stretch and not the squat at the end. Any idea why that might be? I pulled it when I picked something up from the ground in a sort of squat motion and I almost yelled in agony. Haha

  • I’m not sure what to do, I’m not sure if it’s a strain. It’s been lingering for about 2 months and now it has become a struggle to play my sport with. I’ve been to the physio and he didn’t help. It makes me anxious because I’m 15 and I can’t do any activity which my life revolves around l, what do I do?:(

  • i had horrible si joint pain 3 months postpartum did this exercise for a week and my pain is almost gone, the poas are still tight tho, will keep doing it ����

  • If you are looking to stretch your hips and your butt, this is the class for you. We’ll strengthen and then stretch! Let me know what you think below! Please remember to Subscribe to my channel if you want more yoga classes each week. And a huge THANK YOU to all of my Supporters I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your support. You’re amazing! To learn more, head to http://FiveParksYoga.com/Support

  • Hi Dr Jo. I’m 72 years old and have a fractured tail bone and of course some bad lower back problems too. (Hmm, my whole body is shot) Anyway, would these exercises be good for my lower unit problems? Thanks

  • I get really bad, sharp pain when I lift my bad side’s leg above my head while lying on my back. The pain radiates throughout my uppermost glute area, from the sacrum to the hip. The cobra pose makes that pain in the upper glute feel a really sharp pain as well. Do you think this is a glute issue, or do you think it stems from a herniated disc? I’ve seen several doctors and no one can provide a consensus diagnosis of what the main issue is

  • Can you still workout if you have a mild glute strain? I think I strained it last week doing squats. It hurts when I stand up or sit down, but it’s not excruciating. However, I don’t want to do any more damage either.

  • Can tight and/or weak glutes cause back and leg pain & stiffness? My back and legs feel a lot better after doing these stretches, exercises, and using a massage ball on my glutes.

  • I have problem in my left glute muscle,, whenever i try to touch my toes while legs straight,,it hurts and its a stretch pain,,,,, can these exercises help me for relief????

  • I had severe pain in my left leg glute muscle and I wasn’t even able to bend and with had to go through the pain.
    thank you so much ��❤️. I’m all good to go within 5 mins after trying this.

  • My doctor says I have glute adhesions. I have been watching videos about how to stretch the sciatic nerve because I have pain shooting down the side of my left leg. This might be a better set of exercises. What do you think?

  • Thank you for this video. I’m a powerlifter and I have struggled for about a year with intense glute pain in the 90% deadlift range. It’s very frustrating and demoralizing. I just did your routine today and will continue. Hopefully we can get this to go away.

  • Oof. I didn’t think the strength portion would be this intense. Lol. I thought you just meant… stretch and slightly more stretch. Haha. Loved the happy burn!

  • I’m going to keep doing this routine. I went through the steps JUST ONCE and my lower back pain went down a lot. Thank you Caroline!

  • There a pain in my glutes but it runs down my hamstring but some stretches for hamsting tightness doesn’t work but some do same with the glute stretches so some do some don’t I wanna know what I can do to help it

  • How soon after a glute strain can I start these? Tried these today. The movement of swinging my leg side to side while standing hurt to where I didn’t want to go past center crossing my left leg.

  • Hi Dr. Can you figure out what damage I did? I was pushing a big heavy box forward on the floor. Suddenly I heard/feel a pop on the left butt. I felt a bit of pain after. It has been 5 days now. I can walk but with some pain. Have a hard time standing up from a sitted position.

  • Thanks for the video. I hurt my hip two days ago and I went to a physio session today. She did some massage and comment that was gluteus muscular strain. Before I went there it was not that painful, it only comes suddenly and then go down to the leg. I barely feel it while sitting or any other position. After I came home, my hip becomes very painful even I just lie down in my bed. In this case, can I do any stretch or exercise from this video? Thank you!

  • Awesome stretches!!!!! Thank you so much. Wanted to add that one of the causes of piriformis syndrome is hyperlordosis (arched lower back). These stretches really helped me today. I appreciate you posting this.

  • Thank you Erin, I love your classes! I particularly appreciate the 30-minute classes, then I’ll have time for yoga on my lunch break!

  • I tore something in my glute. I heard a loud pop and it’s been two weeks. Made progress but still hurts to sit. Is there a way to gauge how severe the injury is by the rate of healing? Awesome video by the way.

  • Are the glute medius and quad muscles connected? My quad has been cramped for months and my glute on same leg is sore. If hold the glute while walking, my quad feels normal again.

  • I just started crying as soon as we got to the end. I loved this. I haven’t felt this feeling in a long while and it feels good. Thank you. I wish I could work along side of you in person. You are a gift to this world

  • I think I have my glute muscles pulled. I cannot sit, walk, bend. It’s been more than a week and the doctor prescriptions aren’t helping. will this benefit? I apply ice packs everyday but again, it’s not showing difference

  • Hi Helen, I just wanted to let you know your particular exercises in this sequence completely changed my life. For 4 years, I have been dealing with a major issue where I couldn’t sit comfortably anywhere and hold my children or pick up groceries or do very simple tasks because of my piriformis muscle. I did have back surgery which fixed a herniation the back pain 2 years ago but I still had trouble sitting or being mobile. After a few more years I got another MRI and EMG and found everything was clear but I still had pain. The doctor suggested I had Piriformis syndrome & an IT band issue. That night I found this video and immediately felt a release of that muscle! All of my mobility came back 100% so thank you!!!!! They were the perfect exercises!!!

  • I’ve been doing a booty program the past few weeks and this morning I went for a cycle for half an hour and the whole day my under butt has been hurting

  • This has become a regular part of my fitness routine and it is well worth the time. Psoas, hips and most importantly my low back feel great. Thank you.

  • One of the best classes for me, it is just perfect for the parts of my body I want to work on.
    Thank you Erin you are the best!!!������

  • I couldn’t stand up straight, or walk without severe pain, and limping. After doing this video once, I am standing up straight, without pain. Excellent information, and instruction. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  • First time reviewer. My daughter introduced me to you and have been watching your videos for about 4 months.This is one of my favorite workouts. You have helped me find muscles that I didn’t know I had! Thanks so much Erin! You are with me every morning!��

  • Erin, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia just 3 days ago so I came looking for hip strengthening poses. You didn’t disappoint! I’ve been doing your classes just about every day since the quarantine and LOVE the classes!! Thank you so much for doing what you do. (And I loved the ‘backstory’ video of how you came to do this.)

  • I am so grateful for this video. It has renewed my hope. I was so frustrated with my limited mobility. I have been using this video regularly for two weeks, and I have experienced incredible relief. I can stand up straight after a full day of work and I don’t have any trouble getting out of bed in the morning. This video is a life saver. Thank you.

  • Erin, I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your page. My body had felt so foreign and physically weak since giving birth in June. I have not had access to a studio where we have lived since September (on a small Canarian Island) and was suffering intense back discomfort. It was not until finding your videos a month ago that I truly felt the healing start in my body, both physically and mentally. Your pace is perfect for me and I love the freedom that having a home practice has now given me. I have regained a deeper connection to my breath. They have given me strength, confidence, focus, and peace. Thank you!!

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else wants to discover video for yoga exercise for bottom try Yanas Yoga Results (just google it )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.

  • Did this video for 31 days straight. Along with the other exercises I have been doing, long walks being one of them, my hips have not been this aligned in years. I can’t actually remember the last time they felt like this. Thank you for this video and for challenging me

  • First of all Thankyou doc for the great information about how to stretch the muscle.i have issue with glutes Right butt cheeks is smaller and weak its like dimple on the butt what should i do plz help me for getting this worse situation

  • Just love it, perfect for a long of day… the guitar music is so meditative… thanks for share for so many wonderful yoga classes ❤️

  • From 4:28 4:58, you performed single leg per set.
    Is it problem if we performed both legs per set?
    Single leg safer than both legs per set?
    Many thanks!

  • Favorite yoga instructor to date. Thank you Erin for providing such a diverse and thoughtful line of workouts and flows! I look forward to being able to join one of your yoga retreats in the near future. Peace and love to you.

  • Have just started today with this video can’t say I have had any relief as yet but will do it for a full month and see if it makes a difference. Also do your bursitis routine about 3 times a weeks thanks for the videos keep up the great irk. ��

  • absolutely amazing. felt the burn! that was one of the best of your videos, not only because of the great work out but also because of your own spirit this time.

  • This is just awesome practice!! Hopefully I’ll be able to loose some fat from my hips as I have been struggling it for last couple of years…

  • Erin, such a well composed and sweet class. I loved it from the beginning until the end. Thank you so much for your effort in providing us with such good classes to practice with. Om Shanti!

  • Great video. 

    What mic do you use for sound when you film these YouTube videos? I need to purchase a mic so I am looking for some advice. Thank you.

  • Holy cow, this class was awesome! I’ve kickstarted race training again after being sidelined for 2 months with a broken toe, and I’ve been noticing weakness and imbalance in my hips, IT band/periformis, and glutes. I definitely will be working this class into my strength training!!

  • I’ve got a problem that’s been bothering me more than a year now. I can’t feel my right glute when I do lunges or bulgarian split squats. I can’t feel any burn or anything because it won’t activate. I’ve seen both a physiotherapist and osteopath but nothing seems to work… The only thing I do feel is my knee eventually start to hurt. I’m under the impression that the problem is somehow caused because of an imbalanace in the hips or glutes. The osteopath I went to told me that he thought my right glute couldn’t activate because the left glute or hip is weak and causing overload on the right one. Not sure if that’s the case or not. I just know I’m getting sooo sick of this… The osteopath has been cracking my back and hip/pelvis but I haven’t noticed any difference. The mobility is a little better (not as stiff as I used to) but I still can’t activate my glute. Any suggestions of what I could do?

  • There are several components to ebooks about yoga booty exercises. One plan I found which succeeds in merging these is the Yanas Yoga Results (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful plan that I have ever seen. Check out all the awesome info.

  • Helen I wanted to let you know that I’m so glad I found you after googling “yoga for piriformis”. I was having so much pain from a ten year old piriformis inury last week and this has given me so much relief. I’ll do it every day and all exploring your other running videos too.

    I wonder if you’d consider re-recording this with better audio?

  • Thanks for this video.
    I squeezed my glutes until I felt a stretch (like a crack).
    It felt satisfying but it still got me worried.

  • Second day for me, just wondering whilst in the lunge position with the left leg forward only my right glute will activate, also performing the mat quad stretch my quads are extremely tight and if I incorporate the glute at the same time the quad get very tight, is this normal? I feel much looser in the hips even from 2 days, I’m definitely going to practice these moves daily
    and I appreciate the video you’ve made. Thank you Caroline.

  • Adding this to my dailies!! I may not sit right for a week but my bootie thanks you! Great for balance and alignment, too! Thanks Erin

  • im going on a plane ride this week and oh my god my butt is hurting so much and i need to do something fast because the plane ride is 3-4 hours and i don’t want to be in pain the whole time. so thank you this was actually very helpful and i’m slowly making progress.

  • Hi Caroline! I have suffered from ilio-psoas tendinopathy, pinching hip and tight SIJs/lower back pain for ages and I found this video today. I’m going to try do it 3 times a week but I feel excited as I did one today and it already feels like it has helped! Thank you so much

  • I enjoy all of your classes but this one was especially wonderful. It was just what my body needed after a long run yesterday. Thank you for the awesome classes. Namaste!

  • Hi, i m suffering from piriformis syndrome. I cant stand for more than 3 minutes. And as I sit, pain goes…its almost one month..very painful. Will these exercise help me..And how many days it will take to recover? Please reply

  • oh boy!!!! my glutes will keep me thinking about you and this awesome flow for the next couple of days, i’m sure 😉 thank you sooooo much!! you rock!!!

  • Namaste helen thk u for this video.
    im 60 years old
    i had a small lesion on the left hip muscle with inflamation so doing external rotation is very painful as pigeon in yin yoga i cant do it.
    Sitting on meditation with a small cushion under my left hip its also painful. Doctor said to do injection of cortison but i refuse im allergic.
    I ate some turmeric supplement what is yr suggestion to doing soft exercice. Thk u.
    Could u reply on my mail [email protected] gmail.com. Anita

  • I’m a gymnast and I pulled a glute muscle and now whenever I try go into splits I can’t get all the way down, if I do these stretches every day do you think in a week or 2 I could possibly get them down again?

  • These stretches feel amazing. I have scoliosis, stenosis and degenerative disk disease. So, basically, I’m the oldest 34 year old I know. My right leg/hip is in constant pain. I’ve gotten a few epidurals in my back and been told I’m a candidate for surgery. But just don’t trust spinal surgery enough to go that route. I can’t afford physical therapy or to keep getting epidurals (which I hate anyway! Needles in my spine at $500 a pop, every other month!) So my spine doctor told me to look up piriformis stretches. After I do these I’m nearly pain free for a solid 5-6 hours! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot. But I haven’t been pain free in years! So 5-6 hours feels like heaven! I’m sure if I keep up with these, the 5-6 hours will just get longer and longer! I can’t do the full pigeon pose yet, my knees don’t like it. But the rest feel so good! Thank you so much! You’re a wonderful teacher! You answer the questions I have without even knowing I have them. ☺️ ��‍♀️

  • Good morning Erin! I just finished your hip stretch and strengthen and it’s the best one yet for my SI joint!! Thank you and I hope you and your family is healthy and safe! We are on guard here in the US against corona��

  • The noob are not gonna be noob forever..we have to try harder and harder until we did it and be the pro…don’t believe and cry when they call you noob..when you be the pro they will be noob again..Just saying for other people not for 123 go..please like my comment

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to discover how yoga helps to buttocks try Yanas yoga results (do a search on google )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.

  • Omg!! My right hip flexor and thigh were hurting when I started the video and now I feel great!! I have been getting osteopathic manipulation for many years for SI joint and hip and back pain and some of the things we did in this video are things my doctor does to me. Amazing!! I will be adding this video to my workout routine!

  • At 18:04 you say “your ankle is allign with your feet”. Does it mean that we put the half leg verticle on the floor? At 21:54 your half leg is not verticle. I’m confused.

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else wants to discover yoga for exercise and bottom try Yanas Yoga Results (do a google search )? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

  • I did this for the first time yesterday, and my low back and psoas felt better all day and through the night. I’m going to try and do it everyday for a month. Thanks

  • Hi I love your videos. Can you please make a morning yoga video for about 30 to 40 mins with all the necessary asanas and also please let me know how many times should we do this Asana in a day

  • I’m day 15 of this routine and I can report that I feel BETTER! Will continue to do this and share it with others who can benefit. Thank you Caroline!

  • just a warning from self experience:if you’re pregnant or postpartum avoid doing the deep lunge or figure four and any excercise that stretches your si joint ligaments even more, it may feel good now but it’s not good for your already stretched and lax ligaments

  • Your classes are the most enjoyable part of my day. Especially the ones from Costa Rica. I took particular liking to the one you did at night. I don’t see that very often and I am a night person so I liked it very much. Namaste

  • Hey…i have struggled with SI back pain for yearrrrrs….i did these exercise around 4 times a week for a month (as well as other pilate routines)…but these exercises work…i no longer have regular pain…im going to keep doin these regularly thank you!

  • It’s 2am and i cannot sleep due to my lower back/glute pain. I came across this video and i can’t believe how much release in my hips and thighs you’ve given me. ����thank you.

  • Erin, this yoga class has made me feel great and it also has made my hips “burn”! Thank you very much for creating something new and great for our bodies, minds and souls every time! I’m looking forward to do more yoga with you, as always��. Namaste����

  • Hi, in the bridge pose, do we have to tuck in the butts as well or normally lifting it like that? and also how many reps. Right now i am doing 2 reps for 1 min each. kindly suggest

  • Yesterday i streched my leg so much that i heard a tearing sound it was a little bit painful but the pain is increasing and am not able to walk properly i dont know what tore exactly

  • When I do squats my right hip pops if I ignore this and do like 15 to 20 reps I get a pain in my knee, it only happens in the right side…I had x Ray and that was fine,nothing wrong with my bones, I don’t understand what exactly it is.

  • Thanks Erin! I sincerely appreciate your yoga and communication skills. =) I have piriformis issues and I bet others do too. Hoping you can focus on this some day?

  • I strain my right glute while doing a sumo deadlift and I an snapping sensation followed by an instant sharp pain it has almost been 2 months and the recovery is really slow.so how long until I can ecxercise with no pain again?

  • I just discovered your video yesterday. I have an injured iliopsoas for months, seen a body therapist, doing stretch exercises, some relief but not like this. OMG! Your video already helped from Day One (yesterday)! I followed again today..relief! THANK YOU! I plan on doing this for the next month. Question: How many times can I do this each day?

  • when I did this exercise, my entire right leg started shivering too much. is it good sign or bad sign?
    I have lower back pain since 9 years. Pain goes in both legs, mostly in right leg. My MRI says that Disc bulges are seen at L4/5 and L5/SI levels indenting the thecal sac without any nerve root compression.
    Minimal marrow edema is seen in the subchondral portion of right sacral ala. Will This exercises help to reduce pain?

  • Hello, I’m 16 years old and 3-4 weeks ago I was squatting and while bottoming out of the squat I heard and felt a large pop right inside my glute, where the joint connects my femur and my pelvis. I felt instant pain but soon afterwards it subsided and I only felt large pain while moving my leg and bending over. For the days following I was walking with a limp and could not bend my leg at all without pain.
    Since then it has gotten better and I can now walk without any issues and I only feel the pain when I am doing lunge movements and while at the bottom of a squat and while exploding up from the bottom. (I have not tried any weighted squats of course) I would really like to get back to squatting and deadlifting as soon as possible, but I don’t want to rush it and re-injure myself. If anyone has an suggestions/ advise, please tell me and if anyone has had the same problems, please tell me how long it took to recover/ what you did that helped your injury. Thanks so much

  • Amazing. Thanks so much Helen. I have had hip problems for 3 years. Different diagnosis and even surgery on my hip. Your yoga is the only thing that has worked. I love it. Now that your yoga helps so much I think I will see a neurosurgeon to get a diagnosis on piriformis, maybe this is what has been causing the pain. If it is confirmed then I already have a massive headstart from your exercises. I’ve done a week and feel amazing!

  • Thank you Erin for this wonderful practice. I have been following and sharing your channel for close to a year now. Each time, you never failed to deliver. This particular practice will surely go to my fave list for Tuesdays, dedicated to strengthen my lower body. Namaste from Davao Philippines!:-)

  • Caroline, I cannot THANK YOU enough for posting this video! I have been praying for pain relief and a simple video to follow and the Lord led me to yours. I have completed your exercises in this video every day for five weeks…and what a difference it has made! My hip pain has been greatly reduced and I rarely take pain medicine. Thank you!

  • Well… I have this pain on my right cheek near my tail bone. It feels like its bruised �� been hurting for 3 days when I started doing crunches on my carpet floor and now its stopping me from my ab workouts.. I literally had to find a solution for it cause I can not do my whole exercise routine. BTW sorry if this comment too long to read (butt) if you’re reading this, thanks for your time and I hope this helps me ��

  • I was running at school and my muscle pulled and I couldn’t walk because it hurt too bad and now it still hurts and I cant squat low will this help?

  • Hey doc, I’m truly at my wits end here. The problem is my right glute can easily active and grow but my left glute max can never seem to activate. Every time I try activating it the side of my glute takes over. I can activate my side muscle but not the main inner glute. My right glute is bigger than my left glute which is really bothering me because I can’t make any more progress until I fix my left glute. Any advice please?

  • Hi I believe I have a left SI joint problem however I’m not so sure. Is there anyway I can confirm or have a test to show its a SI problem? Also I’m getting pain in the bottom of my left foot. I have started training again after a few years off due to lower back injury. When running on the treadmill after the workout I get pain in the groin area. Is this SI related? Many Thanks

  • Hello doctar i want to make my glute (hip) muscles tighter i feel its very loose actually i dont want to loose weight i want to make it fit and tight so how can i do so?

  • Thank you so much for this video! I do it as often as I can it has helped me with my si joint pain a lot! I also saw that you have chair cardio!!! Omg sign me up!

  • I simply love your yoga classes! How can I find this beautiphul melody from the end od the practice? Namaste. You are anazing person! ❤️

  • 3 am and I can’t sleep because I’m in so much pain. Searched and watched 4 videos before finding yours. I already do a few of the stretches you suggest but they don’t flow and I only do when in pain. I will take your challenge and start in the morning! Thank you for this video! ❤

  • Caroline in the first exercise, with the lunge and twist, my right knee has a lot of pain and I cant get through the exercise. My entire right hip flexor is more tight, ive got a lot of lopsidedness going on but do you have any tips for reducing knee pain? I already doubled up my mat under my knee

  • hey Jo, I have trained my backbend yesterday and my glutes hurt rn. I don’t really know what happened but I think it happened bc I pushed my hips upwards. Do you have an idea what exercises could help, cause it really hurts (I didn’t do any squats or sth)
    I’ve already done the exercise in this video but nothing changed:(

  • Caroline, this was a godsend. My psoas and hip flexors are literally always tight, especially now that I’ve started running. I’ve done some yoga videos for the psoas but they never really help. This is dope tho! Thank you! I’m gonna try and do this every day!

  • has this beauty queen ever had a problem in her life? NO Sick and tire of the beautiful people having everything! the the downtrodded keep getting kicked in the balls

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  • It is hard to find a yoga class tailored to knee stabilization, as yours. This class was excellent!! Thank you so much!! Would love to see a video on yoga for preventing chronic wear and tear damage from running!

  • Thank you. I have knee problems, used to run, even took part in half-marathon but had a meniscus surgery after it a few years ago. Now I’m having meniscus problems on another leg I did MRI which showed also a meniscus problem but the doctor said that he doesn’t think I need surgery. So now I don’t even know if I will have an ability to run someday but at least I notice that my knees feel better if I do some easy activity every day than if I just sit. Thank you for this practice. I liked it!

  • Hey, I was wondering if you could help me. I can never activate my left glute max and when I try I just get pain along the side of my butt. My right glute worked perfectly fine and I could always activate it however recently it’s started to get weaker too and I’m struggling with trying to activate it again. The side of my butt completely takes over and I end up feeling nothing in the centre of my butt. Any advice?

  • Hi Tristan! Namaste ��.
    I’m actually a Cross-fit athlete & I think due to over-training/heavy training I got a strange upper patela pain in both my knees��. Really unfortunate!
    I tried your stretches & actually that helped. I just did for 2 days but still the pain in the knee is there.
    So my question is: How many times/days I must do this exercise/stretches & can you by any chance relate what kind of knee pain I might be having?
    THANKS A LOT in advance! ����

  • Thank you for this hip flexor release video. Great exercises and flow. My hip feels much better after only two days of doing this video!

  • Tristan, I’ve been struggling with runner’s knee in the last couple months, and your video really helped release some pressure off my knee. Thank you!:)