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Though he says timed light exposure is still the best way of resetting your biological clock, what he refers to as the “master clock” in the brain, Johnston says timed melatonin supplements and. Researchers suggest that fasting for about 16 hours (for example during flight and until the next local meal time) could help reset sleep clocks for humans and reduce jetlag when traveling across time zones. For non-jetlag sleep clock disturbances, you could try a 16-hour fast as well. The same happens in the middle of the night when you reach your deepest sleep. The hypothalamus operates the circadian rhythm in your body and if you disrupt it, it throws off your body’s sleep cycle.

That makes it harder to stay awake during the day and fall asleep at night. Your biological clock runs your circadian rhythm. If you do want to get your sleep schedule back on track, you’re going to need to reset your body clock.

Our body clocks regulate our bodies’ circadian rhythms — the patterns of physical. Some people are morning larks, rising early, and others are night owls, who like staying up late. Those patterns are regulated by the body’s circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock.

Doing so, you’ll be able to enhance your drive to sleep at night and will enable you to create a sleep-wake pattern. When you commence your daytime work, you have already reset your body clock. Eat meals at the proper time. Another way to adapt your circadian rhythm is to consume breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner in the evening.

5 Simple Tips To Reset Your Body Clock After A Time Change. Changing the clock for Daylight Savings Time, working an odd schedule, or flying to a different timezone can reek havoc on your sleep pattern leading to lack of coordination, inattention, general crankiness, and even, in. Looking for ways to sleep better? Insomnia and exhaustion are such a drag! If you are having problems sleeping read these 7 tips for better sleep.

The benefits can be felt the first night. It may take time to reset your “sleep clock” and undo disruptive habits to truly get to the point where you feel rested. Hang in there because it will be. Here is a short video I did last year as part of a 21 Day Detox, it is focused on getting a better night’s sleep and covers some tips, tests you can have your doctor do to see what is going on relating to your sleep quality/quantity (red blood cell magnesium, DHEA-S, IGF1 are the three I recommend), and reviews some supplements that you might want to discuss with your doctor (to assist you.

While your night routine may center around your bedtime, watching the clock during your wind-down hours can create anxiety. As the minutes tick by, you may assess and reassess your.

List of related literature:

For example, one of the best cures of ‘jet lag’ caused by circadian rhythm disruption is exposure to daylight to reset the body clock.

“Optics in Our Time” by Mohammad D. Al-Amri, Mohamed El-Gomati, M. Suhail Zubairy
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Simple changes in daily routine may be surprisingly effective in improving sleep quality.

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Repeated input from external stimuli reset circadian rhythms.

PHI Learning, 2015

Exercise can even restore an out-of-sync circadian rhythm to a more normal, healthy one.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
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Encourage the client to get adequate rest, limit naps (particularly in the late afternoon or evening), use a routine sleep/wake schedule, avoid caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, and eat a wellbalanced diet with at least eight glasses of water a day.

“Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care” by Betty J. Ackley, MSN, EdS, RN, Gail B. Ladwig, MSN, RN
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Unless you’re trying to shift your circadian rhythm forward by sending your body a message that it isn’t morning yet (review chapter 7 for information on timing your sun exposure, circadian rhythm, and sleep), you should expose yourself to as much natural sunlight as possible first thing in the morning.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Another potent signal that helps set your sleep-wake-regulating body clock is the regularity of the time at which you get out of bed in the morning (Bootzin and Nicassio 1978).

“Quiet Your Mind & Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety, Or Chronic Pain” by Colleen Carney, Colleen E. Carney, Rachel Manber
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  • What I do when I mess mine up is I get tired around 7am so I keep occupied until around 6pm then go sleep then it eventually goes go your liking.

  • This actually very useful even if you are just trying reset a sleeping schedule due to bad habbits. I dont understand why people are saying this is not useful

  • Somebody please help me!
    I used to sleep 6 hours at night and then one hour in afternoon but now my whole routine is disrupted
    I sleep 4 hour in night and sleep at the most crucial hours during daytime
    It ruins my day.I tried much to reset it but it only resulted in worsen my time table

  • One night I’ll be stuck awake till 7am and sleep till like 1 or 3 then that day I’ll have no energy and pass out at like 4 wake up whenever then. Wake up early use, go to bed at about 10ish and then The next day it all starts all over again. It’s a goddamn nightmare. I’m never really fully rested until that final day of the cycle.

  • Do you ever feel that you want to sleep early but your mind won’t just cooperate? Like you’ve been lying for 1 hour or more and it feels like 2 hours already and yet your spirit is fully alive lol

  • Was awake 37 hours 2 days ago. Fell asleep for 6 hours after that. Got sleeping tablets. Trying to fix pattern without them first. And I got work in morning next Monday.

  • i go to bed without cp or any gadgets at 7:30pm and i fall a sleep in 3:00am and woked up at 5:30am and stay awake cant go back to sleep

  • I need help��, but don’t we all?my pattern hits at 6am that’s when sleep overwhelms me.. Its quite hard to go to bed and just turn around in it at night when others are sleeping like babies, i feel they are always bragging silently at how easy they fell asleep��.. Oh my, yes i need help

  • It’s 7 am, i don’t like the daytime at all, i can get so much done at night, that i can’t do during the day, when the sun is still out, i feel so lazy, but night is work time for me, but of course, meetings and studies are during the day

  • I try to sleep early. I go to bed at 9:30, sleep at 11, wake up at 1 AM and go back to sleep at 6 am and wakeup 12 pm.

    Specially bad when im depressed or having health anxiety scare

  • This series earned the notification bell. Kinda hard when you’ve got a 9 month old but it’s good information still. Looking forward to more of these.

  • If you don’t have school or work, just stay up later every night till it’s back to normal, the first night try to stay up as late as possible

  • when i pull an all nighter i barley make ot through the day wanting to die the whole time, then 10 rolls around and im magically completely awake

  • I already did the all-nighter, but I seem to keep going back to sleeping at 5am onwards:/ thanks to chamomile tea, I can sleep earlier before the sun rises

  • I have had a crappy sleeping schedule since I was a toddler. Daycare I never did nap time and always got out of bed after being tucked in. Now, I stay up really late and my “bedtime” differs each night. I’ll fall asleep at 9:00pm, then 11:00pm, then 1:00am, then 3:00am, then 6:00am, they 11:00am,, then 4pm, and so on.

  • I’m 16 and with the summer holidays I go to bed at 4 am everyday and I play csgo and gta late at night with my real life friends (because people play a lot with in game only friends), and I think I’m healthy still, people say to grow more you should sleep more but in my case I’m 1.80 m (about 6 ft) at 16 and I rly don’t want to grow more. I usually wake up at about 1:30 pm, and I have 5 meals a day (2 after dinner), and I exercise at least 1 hour a day and also run or play good with friends. Should I start sleeping from about 11 pm to 9 am or is it healthy to keep my schedule, right now only problem is that sometimes my parents get mad at me because I wake up so late, but I think it’s normal for guys my age to do so.

  • What is called if I go to sleep around 10am and sleep for either 3 hours or 10? There’s no in between. I either barely sleep or sleep way too much.

  • I’m suffering so badly right now from living nocturnally every time I wake up at 3pm from falling asleep at 9am I have a panic attack and scream and kick my walls for hours because it means i have to go another 30 hours without sleep and most likely fail like I have been for weeks

  • i BOUGHT BLUE BLOCKERS TO HELP ( EYEGLASSES, THAT I WEAR OVER MY OTHER GLASSES) TO BLOCK OUT THE BLUE LIGHT yet I am still on my electronics too long. I need to do the dopamine detox………………( one of the other videos.)

  • Great video! I have so much trouble getting to sleep at the proper time. Mostly due to my work day starting at 3 am, meaning I’m waking up at 2 am. Also, I have ADHD which is notorious for causing sever sleep problems, one of them being delayed sleep phase syndrome. Any tips for those of us who are natural night owls, or have weird work schedules?

  • Pulling all nighters or 36hr without sleep just doesn’t work for me. My brain is very selfish when it comes to sleep. It will make up some of the lost hours and I’ll be sleeping at 12 and waking up at 12. Practically half a day.

  • Hi Dr. First I’d like to say Happy New Year to you!! Due to my 40 yr circadian rythym sleep disorder (which has STILL not been properly diagnosed by any physician), and also includes a pain disorder (which was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia when I was 17, but I actually feel I have a hypermobility syndrome somewhat like Ehlers-Danlos), I have lost every dream and goal I have ever had, and attempted to pursue. My circadian rythym disorder and pain disorder have literally destroyed my life in every capacity.
    I am 51 years old and bc of my sleep and pain disorder,both of which began around age 12, I have never been married, have never had children, have never been able to create a successful career, cannot work a full time job, and cannot travel, or even plan any kind of social events. Both disorders that I live and suffer with are disabilities to me in every capacity, yet I have been unable to get disability and have also been unable to even get a proper diagnoses for either disorder. I can’t believe so few ppl have watched or commented on your video, but maybe bc CRD’s are rare?? I truly need your help!! All of my life I have hit a brick wall trying to get help for myself in the way of a getting properly diagnosed and treated for these things I suffer from which have destroyed my life. Have you heard of or cured ppl of Non24? I have created 2 videos here on YouTube explaining what I go through while living with what I call “undiagnosed Non24” and “undiagnosed EDS”.I have tried every tactic ever suggested to fix this and nothing has ever worked. I would really like to speak with you personally about what I live with bc I genuinely want your opinion on what you feel is going on with me and how you feel I should go about fixing this..IF you feel there is even a cure for what I have. I truly hope we can connect so that I can fix this and then go on to helpi the thousands or millions of other ppl who live with stubborn circadian rythym disorders and chronic body pain. Im truly hoping that I hear back from you and that you can miraculously help me heal my CRD, once and for all!

  • The problem is that if I don’t sleep good just for a night, it fucking ruins all me sleep schedule. I am watching this in the morning and I am fucking lagging, I hate it.

  • me watching this at 5 am because your parents are yelling at me to get my sleep schedule fixed before school because quarantine has been keeping me up till 5.

  • wow randy your so bad i stayed awake for 8 days when borderlands 2 came out not even trying to set a record. it was scary because you feel tired but cant stop twitching your feet or sit still and you become exstreamly hungry real quick. and have psychotic outburst here and there

  • I almost feel jealous for Mike sleep schedule I’ve been going to sleep at 7 in the morning I’m waking up at 10 or 3 I really need to fix my sleep because of depression and just anxiety

  • Dr Van, I awaken very out of it and within the hour if feel exhausted and my eyes are bloodshot. I was on Lunesta for 10 years but have been off for 3 months. How can I fix my sleep. I feel awful everyday. Thanks

  • Guys tbh READ A BOOK or a podcast about sleeping to me it is hard bc u can’t stop watching ur device but I took 30min or reading a book and turned on a podcast and also let my roblox character get sleepy in royal high lol

  • The only problem is that when ever I try to fall asleep I cant and since I pulled an all nighter I messed up and fell asleep like at 4 and then at 4 i fall asleep then take a nap for like 5 hrs

  • Love these videos Dr. Mike, can’t wait for the next part. What kind of light would you say is the best for everyday use in your home during the day? I heard full spectrum incandescent lights are optimal because they don’t have a flicker that is bad for the nervous system and you I’m general. If true do you know a website or brand that is good?

  • An easier way is sleep, but sleep for 2-4hours. Then go your whole day without sleeping, (if you are physically active it works well) then sleep at desired time.

  • Sometimes I stay up till morning, sometimes I stay up all day and night, sometimes I sleep through the day, but I can never sleep through the night. I always wake up at 2am if I do sleep at night

  • with quarentine and no school i have nothing to wake up for and keep my sleep schedule in check so i end up sleeping from 5am to 1pm

  • my ‘sleep chemicals’ go off all day so I feel like absolute S#%t, then when its ‘bedtime’ I feel wide awake, and takes hours to fall alseep

  • my sleep schedule has been fucked up for 7 years and going and i once a normal day because the night before i was physically unable to sleep and just closed my eyes from 00:00 to 03:00 and staued up for about 38 hours and i have staued for 24 hours once before that and it helped a lot because i didnt use caffeine just a screen.

  • I fall asleep at 3:00 am and I live on the east coast. If I move to the west coast it would be 12:00. I just need to move to the west coast.

  • It’s currently 8am, still awake and I usually wake up at 7pm or 8pm. Srsly need to fix my sleeping schedule. Quarantine’s the cause. Hahahahaha

  • Im watching this 6 am and not feeling sleepy. I normally sleep 9am and wake up 4 pm since this quarantine starts. Im worry about my health and i think it is caused by sudden termination of school routine. Am i gonna get complications because of this?

  • I cant fucking sleep ive been trying to reset My sleep sceshulde i wake up at like 18:00 and go to bed at 09:00 i start school i 20 days please help ive had tryed not sleeping for then 24 hours. To try and then crash but then i cant sleep yet again

  • I lay in bed all night. I’ll fall asleep between 5am and 8am and wake up anywhere from 11am and 3pm. lately it’s been falling asleep around 8:45am and waking up around 2:45-3pm. drives me nuts but that’s how my body works. it sucks especially on sunny mornings the sun blasts into my bedroom and keeps me awake, I need blackout curtains

  • I’ve been going to bed at 10am and getup at abt 4pm, school starts in 2 days I’m fucked lmao! I’m definitely gonna be fine with school work but hell am I gonna make those zoom calls…….legit im nocturnal

  • At this time, 3pm, I’d wake up. I’m fixing this because i want to be more productive even in this quarantine (April 1st 2020). I gotta stay hungry man whatever it takes.

  • To sum up the video: 13:31 ❤️
    1. Avoid all nighters
    2. Move your entire routine
    3. Get sunlight first thing in the morning
    4: Avoid artificial light at night
    5. Don’t consume caffeine 8h before bed
    6. Get enough quality sleep

  • How I fix my wrecked sleep schedule:
    Get in bed by 9pm. At 9pm, lights out completely, pitch black no screens. Have a podcast playlist playing for boredom. Take 50mg diphenhydramine.
    Next morning: wake up between 6am-9am. Have to stay in bed til at least 6 but have to get out by 9. Pull curtains, and get as much sunlight as I possibly can until noon. Go for a walk, swim, or bike as soon as I can. Eat a 30g protein shake by 9:30am. And no caffeine after 12 noon.
    This is my go to when I’m what I call “time sick.”
    Good luck and good night ♡ ���� ��

  • Whats our treatment? Using Melatonin? You think its that easy? Sleep disorders can last a lifetime. No wonder 15% of the population abuses hypnotics

  • nigga i dont want a whole story or dumbass tips what do i do right now to fix it fucker its 8 am and i havent slept since 10 pm nap what the fuck do i do f

  • I really like that idea of sleeping without an alarm clock. I’ll be sure to link my boss this youtube video when I show up late every day of the week:P I won’t get fired right? this is just how the human body works

  • No matter what time I go to bed I wake up at 3:00 am to 3:30 am. I then can not fall asleep again. I’ve tried staying up all day, super tired go to bed at 9:30 to 10:00 pm. But no matter what I do, I wake up at 3 to 3:30 am. I sometimes crash out mid day and sleep 4 hours and then I’m up again until 11:00 to 11:30. But without fail, I’m up again at 3 to 3:30 am…. I really feel this is taking a toll on my health.

  • Literally if the sun is up I am tired. If the sun is down I am awake. I have managed here and there to condition myself to be awake during the day, but Ive never managed to condition myself to be sleepy during the night. Its pretty much impossible because while you can always force yourself to be awake, you can never force yourself to sleep. That’s why circadian rhythm disorders are incurable for the most part.

  • For a whole weekend I didn’t sleep at all like maybe only 2-3 hours during the day because of some personal stuff and it was only for that weekend and now I can’t sleep at night I’m literally sleeping at 4am and waking up at 11-12pm it’s as if I’m nocturnal. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • American and European people have treatment for every thing. You are poking your nose, they got treatment. You are looking at stars at night, they got treatment. You don’t love your dog, They got diagnosis and treatment. Just google why George Washington died, you will get to know how intelligent these people are. I work in 3 different shifts, there is no cure for sleep disorder for me except leaving job and starting some store business.

  • I have a bigger problem!
    I get sleepy and all but when I go to bed I start to think about random stuff, things that happened in the past and if I finished from all that I start to predict what could or could not happen in the near future and this continues for 2 to 4 hours from the moment I lay on the bed! I just can’t stop these ideas from crossing through my mind! if someone experienced such a thing and found the solution then HELP ME!

  • If you’re supposed to do things 15 minutes earlier everyday until you have a good sleep schedule than am I supposed to go to school before it even opens?

  • I get about 9hrs of sleep a night but I have a really hard time waking up and feel tired for the rest of the day. Is there anything I can do to wake up easier and feel more rested? I had a sleep study done and tested just the slightest sleep apnea. I dont think the apnea is the root issue here but would welcome your thoughts. Thank you

  • i’m watching this at 4am rn �� i normally go to sleep at 4 am and wake up at 1-2pm i’m starting school again soon so i’m not looking forward to waking up at 6am every morning

  • This video explains why Hopkins sucks. They never helped me and I’ve been here. Stay the hell away from this hospital. They have no idea what these disorders are truly like.

  • you are an idiot, if we could sleep just when we wished what was the point of making of this video and watching for us? this was for people who struggle with sleep

  • Thanks for this! I was concerned about getting enough deep sleep due to my fitbit readings as well. My hunch going in was that it had to do with coffee later in the day (I usually have a cup after dinner around 6/7) So, this just confirmed that for me. Also, screens near bed time are a thing as well. I always thought, well since I have no problem falling asleep, I must be fine, but my deep sleep is at about 10% -not terrible, but not optimal. I like the idea of blue cut glasses as a way to keep blue light from coming in even when we are using screens. They have the night settings on phones and computers now too which is good.
    Thanks for the info!

  • I just can’t fall asleep til 12 midnight no matter what if I lay down before that I can’t sleep at all!!! Walmart expects me at 4am. I constantly over sleep my loud 3am alarm. After 2 days I crash and pass out the next 3 days at 3pm and wide awake at 11pm then falling asleep at 1am uncontrollably then again over sleeping my 3am alarm. Then on my days off I’m accidentally sleeping til noon or 1pm. I’m a mess I can’t have a life. I feel crazy miserable and unable to stay on task even trying to clean my house or make dinner. What can I do? Is it me or is it Wal-Mart and their stupid division of shifts? I also developed a problem where if I sit down to watch a movie I’m passing out an hour in. Even at a theater!

  • On time I pulled an all nighter and I tried to sleep at 11pm but I tossed and turned till 5am and I woke up at 1pm which was the same time I woke up the day before

  • Thank you for the simple steps Dr. Mike! I’m so happy that you’re getting back into YouTube again, can’t wait for more videos! Keep up the great work

  • Just don’t sleep for a day and go to bed the next day at 11 pm and your biological clock will fix on its own. Just don’t deviate after that. Maintain your sleeping schedule after that.

  • I don’t know if I have insomnia or this I mean I think I have this I sleep like from 5am to 7am and I wake up around 1pm I tried to not sleep whole day and go to sleep around like 7pm but I couldn’t do it once I made to 4pm I haven’t slept for around 30 hours I slept 2 hours around 10pm I wanted to sleep I could like wtf

  • Normally during school I wake up at 7:00 AM and go to bed around 11:30 pm. Now during quarantine I wake up at 10:00 AM and go to bed at like 1:00 am

  • Avoid an all nighter…. too late for that, I’m almost half done!
    Edit: I did the math, I’m still 4 hours off from half way (I think, I haven’t slept in 16 hours, and I’m feeling it)

  • Everything so over simplified! I had alot of anxiety and you just hit me with a brick!
    1.”Determine what time you want to wake up and eat breakfast in the new time zone”
    -Ok I had a break fast so do I need to sleep now?

    2.”Avoid eating anything for the 12 to 16 hours before you want to wake up”
    -Are you suggesting me to sleep during that fasting time?.. Fast = no eat, no drink? or just no eating?.. Before I want to wake up?.. So I want to wake up at 8am so I have to eat around 12pm-2pm? So the breakfast you meant in 1 is not breakfast?..

    3.”Eat a healthy and nutritional meal with high caloric value after your 16 hour fast. This overrides your normal sleep cycle and resets it.

    -So breaking fast, eat alot… Im getting sleepy… Should I sleep? but Breaking fast time is the time I supposed to be waking up…


  • I would highly recommend eliminating all wake-up alarms, and even visible clocks from view from bed completely. Also, don’t where a watch. The more ‘time-prioritive’ activities in your life, the easier it is to fall down a rabbit hole of unhealthy habits.

  • 2:30 i wanna do this but i have diabetes, ive done it before but i love eating. i dont like having hours and hours of not being able to eat.
    sleeping all day is not good for people who have diabetes and dont like giving shots to themself..

  • Aaaaaa, my circadian rhythms so messed up. I wake up at 4 pm going to bed at sometime between 7 and 9 am, sometimes even later. It sucks that I’ve successfully pulled the all-nighter method to fix my sleep several times in the past few months but always end up back in the same hole. So tired if this, I really need to get my shit together because it’s so unproductive and I have an important exam in 2 weeks.

  • Hi Sir, my brain wake up at 0900 PM and feeling sleepy at 0900AM, I can not work well for my job in this state. Have tried blue light and intermittent fasting. But with only little effect. I also have ADD-PI and myastenia gravis. Kindly advise. (Only work is ritalin but i can not use it daily and its very short time)

  • Great video! I have so much trouble getting to sleep at the proper time. Mostly due to my work day starting at 3 am, meaning I’m waking up at 2 am. Also, I have ADHD which is notorious for causing sever sleep problems, one of them being delayed sleep phase syndrome. Any tips for those of us who are natural night owls, or have weird work schedules?

  • My solution to my sleep disorder would be to have a house in both North America and in Australia so I can always be up in the day time lol

  • Mine is due to playing video games i wont lie. But when i force myself to stay up all day ill just end up falling asleep around noon. It is so depressing man.

  • Blue light technology is at major default for everyone’s lack of sleep or lack of proper quality sleep. Public education truly took an psychological toll on its students as well. And then it’s the workforce, and further on that does. Very unfortunately so. It is normal, in my view, that if you sleep irregularly, you’d awake irregularly, or if your body is accustomed to such improper sleeping habits, it may become regulated to adapt to this behavior. That’s personally my experience, I’m not sure exactly if that’s classified as a diagnosis but, it is a common occurrence with many people. It’s the high cortisol, and less than enough melatonin hormonal imbalance, unfortunately. I personally believe this may be at fault for my acne issues. And 2 full weeks of proper sleep felt amazing, beneficial, and yet still slightly improved but not completely healed away my acne. I suppose it needs more time(?) lol, it’s a true struggle.

    Thank you for the information nonetheless.

    Treatment for this, seems to be radically choosing to reduce the blue light tech (protective glasses & turning cell phones off or downloading a blue light filterboth preferablyas to not use the phones as night). Taking Magnesium salt baths or warm showers at night, Magnesium foot sprays/4x, sleeping in dark rooms, preferably good temperature & the less sound, the better. And just sleeping according to the right circadian rhythm or sleep cycle pattern, more often.*
    I.e if you’re dehydrated, just start drinking more water & never stop.
    If you’re sleep deprived, sleep accordingly, and never stop.
    Realistically this can’t always happen, but the more we do so, the better our life’s vitality, health & function may be. It’s really in common sense, and it’s unfortunately so, cause blue light is everywhere we go. Invest in good prescription lenses or shielding eyewear eyebuydirect.com.

  • I sleep at 8-9 in the morning, every day, I fall asleep when the sun starts rising and a wake up in the dark. I’ve not been able to finish my degree and i have to work nightshifts now. I hate it, i absolutely do, doctor’s can’t help me and sleep medication almost doesn’t work at all…

  • My day job is dominating my schedule and affecting ability to pursue my ambitions and sleep properly. I am working on ways to take advantage of the time I do have.

  • i dont stay asleep long enough, how do i fix that? get really sleepy at 8pm but wake up 4 hours later at 12am every time. or if i stay up until 10pm ill wake up close to 2am

  • Yeah, Randy Gardner did. However, he was never the same because he deprived himself of sleep. Dumbest fact ever and accomplishment.

  • Just don’t go to sleep until it’s 9pm and them go to sleep cuz you gonna be tired and when I mean don’t go to sleep I mean a whole 24 hours P.S you might wanna go up sleep at 7pm cuz u gonna sleep in heaven and when I mean heaven I mean you’ll be sleeping great.

  • I got a problem since I can only sleep at 7am and wakeup at 5pm and then now I am stuck to be a night guy.
    School is happening and I am struggling to keep this up. I need a real quick way to help me with this problem

  • Do you know that there are light receptors on your body as well? You should look into it. We live in an era which has taken us far away from the natural environment which was designed to support our rhythm best. And I never heard of it yet but since I had experience to spend a few month surrounded by nature I realise that one parameter that must also greatly affect our rhythms is the rhythm of all the sounds that are naturally found in the nature. It struck me when I came back to my ” modern western apartment ” the absence of background sounds throughout the day. After spending a while in the nature it is something that hit me very bad and since then I know that I can never replicate anything like the beautiful circadian symphony of the nature and that my body will obviously be experiencing a lacking regarding this aspect. Because there is really an ongoing rhythm throughout the day and a 24/7 set up for which animal is going to express iself at what time and according to the weather, the light… I think there is something big to discover in term of research in this domain!

  • I just want to be able to sleep in!!! I go to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5! It’s so annoying because I’m the only one up for 3 hours every weekend!

  • I also prefer the later and later method. Only way that will work with out superhuman effort but you need a couple weeks to fix it with no obligations

  • I have reserved sleep symptoms. 12 hours dsps. I will get up/feel refresh at 9Pm and feel sleepy and tired from 9am(hypersomnia) to 6 pm(9pm). I have done everything but almost nothing help to reverse it. Kindly help sir

  • This past week and more I’ve been going to sleep at 7-10 in morning and waking up at 5-8PM. I wake up about a few times before but go back to sleep

  • Attempting the half all nighter tonight. Ie stay up until midday tomorrow then go to bed, hopefully wake up around 2 or 3 am the next day and reset from there.

    One thing u didn’t mention is using meal times to reset fast until a “normal” breakfast time, this supposedly helps and international racing drivers use this to avoid jet lag.

  • Okay so I thought my sleep schedule was really bad but then I saw other comments and felt okay at least I’m not that messed up�� I have a question, so my clock is currently 4am to 12 pm (I feel tired to but I really force myself to wake up at 12). Does the all nighter method suit for me?

  • Damn. I stopped using my lightbox couple weeks ago and my sleep went to shit.. I didn’t realize until now that’s probably why… lol!

  • For me it’s not that I have insomnia or anything, but it’s that I have so much in my mind. At nights since it’s the time where I’m totally by myself and can just think, I start thinking sooo much to the point where I can’t focus on sleeping. I can’t clear my mind and I’ve never been able to. I’m thinking about my future career, things I want to do in life, what I think I could be like in the future, etc. a lot of brainstorming goes down so my brain is keeping my body awake almost all night.

  • My carcadian rhythm is disturbed from psst 6 years, I tired everything but nothing helps even if start to sleep at night can’t have a deep sleep, narcolepsy I have I think.

  • Quarantine has really messed up my life and if I don’t get this fixed before school I don’t even know what the outcome is gonna be

  • Ok so I’m not crazy. I’ve just realized that this is a thing, I’ve been doing chrono therapy and I was completely sure that I invented it… Currently going to sleep at 10 AM wish me good luck

  • I’ve been trying to get my sleep schedule on track for years, I’ve tried all nighters and even when I do that I don’t get to bed until around 6AM and it really sucks when I have morning shifts I have to try and force myself to go to sleep. Usually I’ll only get 2 hours of sleep before I have to go to work then I pass out as soon as I get home even when I’m trying to stay awake to go to sleep early.. I’m really hoping I can take what I’ll learn from this and get my sleep schedule on track. I’ll have days where I’ll fall asleep at around 6am and wake up at 6pm then I’m up all night again, and I’m over it because I know that I’m not my at best going to sleep at 6am. I type this it’s 6:10 in the morning and I have yet to sleep.

  • when you accidentally pull an all nighter 1 day before you go back to school so you have 1 night to get your sleep schedule back on track

  • I don’t give a shit about this video just gonna wake up earlier and then I’ll be more tired at night and more likely to sleep earlier

  • yeah they ended up with a hole or something in their brains, it was about a family that had the sleeping disorder and they tested 2 women to see if the had inherited the disease. One opted to look at the results the other one did not.

  • Helppppp I’m trying to fix my schedule. I’m awake during night & sleeping during day. I’m not doing it on purpose, it just happens.

  • By reading all the comments down below, I do not feel alone anymore..lol. can anyone explain what they are trying to say? My sleep cycle revolves constantly like nowadays I go to sleep at 9 am and wake up at 5 pm. Sometimes I keep myself awake for the whole next day and it works for few days, i start sleeping around 10 11 pm and wake up at 5 am but after few days I gradually go back to sleep at 9 am. So what I have to do?. stop eating before 16 hours before 5 am and eat at 5 am then what I have to stay awake right?

  • I just want to be able to wake up at 10am. Quarantine has messed me up so bad that for the past 2 days I’ve been staying up until 6-7am, I’ll go have “breakfast” at 6 when instead I should be sleeping. Then proceed to wake up at 3-4pm. It’s currently 4:56am about to be 5am. I set myself up for sleep at 2am after watching anime with a friend, so it has basically been 3 hours of me laying on my bed trying to go to sleep. Save me.

  • I’ve been sleeping during the day (8am to about 4pm) and wanted to reset my body to go to sleep like a normal person at night.
    I tried this fasting method; I made sure to fast for 16 hours and ate a huge breakfast at 7am. But an hour later I felt extremely tired and went to sleep. The fasting didn’t fix anything. Was I supposed to force myself awake after eating? I struggled but my body wanted to sleep.

  • Thanks for your video, I have severe insomnia. Couldnt work over it. I’m wondering if my brains really bored or something. I do find I sleep but dont sleep more than 2 hours very annoying. I’m also going to reinstate my running. I’m going out at 8

  • Who else is watching this at 3:00am because there mom said to get on a better sleep schedule because she might take away your phone

  • Me watching this at 12:00PM ��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️ i have the worst sleep schedule in the comment section. No one else goes to bed at 3pm

  • Here we go sleep deprivation time I’ll update you hopefully on my success late update: it worked but I was tired most of the day couldn’t do much so yeah if you want this to work you have to set aside a day btw

  • My sleep schedule is so thrown off, I’m thinking of moving to LA just so I can be on West Coast time and feel like a normal person.
    I grew up in Mountain Time, in AZ, so I feel like my biological clock is still set to that time zone. Ever since, I live in NYC and time is never enough here! smh!

  • 11 days without sleep? Youch! I’ve managed maybe 30 hours, then I figured I’d better get the heck to bed before I get sick or a heart condition. Lol