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Hand and finger exercises to perform to DECREASE STIFFNESS

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7 Stiff Back Stretches Ask Doctor Jo

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BEST 5 Ways to Treat FINGER STIFFNESS after an Injury

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5 Ways to Ease Stiffness 1. Gentle movement. It may seem counterintuitive when you feel like you’re a puppet made of wood, but some gentle 2. Stretching. One of the best ways to counteract the rigidity in your body is to stretch. By definition, the more 3. Soaking.

This one is. A massage can ease arthritic pain by increasing your range of motion. The massage can be a few minutes every day or an hour-long treat once a week. The other benefit of having a massage is one sixty-minute session equals a full night’s sleep!Oftentimes, PsA also causes hand stiffness.

Simple stretches and exercises can help reduce stiffness. Try the following three exercises to decrease joint pain, keep your fingers limber. A simple, easy, conscious movement done with a certain level of awareness can immediately reduce stiffness.

With a little practice, the brain begins to remember the mechanism which opens the gate to relieve stiff feelings. Nature sets it up for the brain to reset effectively so you can say goodbye to stiffness and hello to feeling freer. The best way to ease stiffness in the joints will depend upon the cause. If your stiffness bothers you for more than half an hour after you awaken, or if your symptoms are getting worse, then you need to seek medical attention. Hot or Cold Compress Either extreme of temperature can be helpful for muscle and joint pain relief.

5 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness, STAT. 1. Eating Tart Cherries. The science: Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports found that marathoners consuming tart. Osteoarthritis has no cure, but it is possible to reduce its symptoms by making dietary changes. People can eat foods that reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, such as broccoli, oily.

Regular exercise to improve muscle tone and fitness can be very beneficial. Choose a gentle exercise that won’t cause pain such as yoga or swimming. If stiffness is the result of muscle tension or stress, treat yourself to a monthly massage and learn to manage stress levels better.

Simple stretches can help improve the blood circulation to the body parts and thereby reduce muscle stiffness and pain. A warm water bath early in the morning can also help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with body stiffness. Experts recommend that taking 10,000 steps each day can help in preventing body stiffness and pain. Stiffness after knee replacement surgery can generally be avoided with appropriate pain control, physical therapy, and steps to reduce the likelihood of complications.

However, in situations where stiffness occurs, there are steps that can be performed to try to improve the situation.

List of related literature:

What is stiffness?

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1 This will increase stiffness.

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Decreasing the negative allowance reduces the stiffness.

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For instance, a reduced stiffness

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The stiffness is reduced which increases the

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Reduce generalized stiffness by 75%.

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One easy way to avoid lateral deformation is to increase the stiffness which finally results as increased unsprung mass.

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  • Hello Dr. Jo, I am 14 years old, and I would like to ask a question about my knees. About a year ago I started to notice that my knees would grind when I straightened them, for example from a sitting position lifting them up. I didn’t think much of it because I thought it could be growing pains of some sort, and just blew it off. Come to a year later and my knees are still the same, and grind whenever I straighten them. It’s very discomforting and my knees don’t feel right when I run. I play basketball from time to time and when I’m finished playing my knees feel painful and sore, even though I make sure to stretch before. I was wondering what this could be exactly and if I should get it checked out because I go to the gym and refrain from working my legs as to not cause any more damage to my knees. I hope something like this can be treated for

  • Hello Doctor,
    I had an acl surgery, after that my surgeon advised me complete bed rest for 6 weeks. Now i am having an issue of bending my knee.
    What should I do??

  • My finger hv been stiff for 10months after surgery,,, and I just ignored it and expect it will get better by times,,, is it too late by stretch it and be like how it used to be? And where can I buy those stretching strap?

  • Dr Jo, I have lower back pain and I suspect it’s due to an Anterior Pelvic Tilt. The info I’ve gather online on how to treat it is basically: i need stretching of the hip flexors, and strengthening of posterior chain. Is there anything else I can add to this approach, and how long does it normally take to recover from an APT? Thank you and Merry Xmas

  • Thank you so much. Like most people, I had no experience with trying to move a repaired broken finger.
    I thought I had lost the full use of my recently broken finger but this has helped me get things moving.

  • Im military and my specific job is quite straining on the back (heavy armor for 12-14 hrs a day). I started developing back stiffness and even had a little bit of a strain the other day (and I’m only 19!). Figured I better start stretching. This video is perfect, thank you so much.

  • Hello, I have cervical spondylosis and it is getting worse. can you please suggest any helpful and effective exercise to reduce the pain?

  • Hi great video,I had tried my first exercises since a disolated little finger 2 and half months ago.I orginally had it buddy straped for 6 weeks.Then it wasn’t straight so had velcro tape tape around for three weeks which helps it staighten.I can’t make a fist but can get finger to come down some of the way.None of your exerices hurt but the C hand shape exercise hurt so do I continue on with that? If so how many times a day and for how long? If I don’t continue with that how long should I wait to do that exercise?Many thanks.

  • Hi! Super helpful video, thank you so much I’m wondering what I do about the buddy strap since I broke both my pinky and ring finger should I strap them both to my middle finger?

  • Hellomynameisjimmyzahirisuffersasrtrokewaybackinoctobersopleaseimaskingyoutopostmorevideosonrstrokrecoverymyrentireleftsidegotparalyzedanmnowiamtryingmyhardesttorecoveritishardformebecausemypthasbeencutbackquitedrasticlly

  • Thank you,I can use all the help I can get and it helps… the back of my knee hurts and seems to want to lock on me… your stretches help!

  • I have been looking for some help with my ring finger since I had surgery 6 weeks ago. Thank you so much! I will try everything you suggested!

  • I had a broken metacarpal. These were so much help getting a full range of motion back into my fingers. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

  • a good array of finger exercises. good vibe thanks for the video. I find my pointer finger is sensitive and cracking a lot the last few days. do you think this will help with that? built up gases?

  • I have a question. My right leg is flexible But with the right hurts so bad when i try to touch my toes and kinda hurts when i strecht it. So if i am doing these when the results will show?

  • Thanks a lot ma’am.
    I got an injury on my index finger 6 weeks ago and now it’s really hard move my finger coz of stiffness.
    I hope that it’s gonna help me out.

  • Thankyou so much for uploading and sharing these wonderful finger exercises…had a fracture on the ring finger and its not completely bending….came across your video and the joint blocking exercise will surely help…thankyou once again

  • Thank you so much for this video. I suffered a fracture in my ringer finger and had to have surgery which resulted in a plate and 6 screws. It’s 3 weeks after surgery. It’s not healed yet but my Doctor wants me moving the finger. Physical therapy is too expensive. The fracture is between my middle knuckle and the knuckle in my hand. So it doesn’t involve a joint. But my finger won’t bend much at the middle and tip and it won’t straiten out yet either.

  • Hello, I’ll m a guitar player, this video is very helpful, I had digital index finger surgery two months ago and I find the buddy finger excersise very useful and encouraging..
    Thank you Elvin A Cartagena, Guitarist

  • Hi I had patella fracture before 1 month ago..brace applied..now I suffering from locked knee..it is recover from physiotherapy..? Or only surgical treatment.. please reply

  • Hi i am sorry but if my finger is still slightly swollen, can i still do it? Dislocated my pinky and popped it in immediately. Still slightly swollen right now. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you

  • Right side of neck is suddenly started pain neither it’s bend other side whats types of exercise is suitable and what is the emergency treatment

  • Hi Michelle. I’m recovering from a mallet finger injury in my pinky, there was no bone damage. I wore a stack splint full time for almost nine weeks and am now trying to regain mobility in that finger. It seems healed, it is perfectly straight and I can straighten it after bending it but I can only bend it a tiny bit due to the extreme stiffness. I was wondering how much pain is acceptable, when you say to bend all the way down? I’m not going quite all the way down but I’m doing the best I can and I am in a moderate amount of pain. I also feel some creaking in the joint if that makes sense. Though I’m fairly certain it’s healed since it snaps back to a straight resting position with no trouble.
    I guess my question is, should I stretch through the pain for a fuller bend in the joint or just do smaller stretches daily until I’m gradually able to work my way up to a deeper bend? I’ll keep working on the exercises, appreciate the video. Thank you.

    Just an update for anyone who’s curious, I’ve been stretching through the pain and it’s getting better, it’s still a bit stiff and sore but I’m seeing a huge improvement. I could not bend it as far as she was saying to in the video so I just did the best I could at first (WITHOUT forcing it past the point where it felt like it would snap in half) and now I can bend it all the way with only a small amount of pain and stiffness whereas before it would only barely wiggle. I imagine if I keep going it will be doing just fine in a couple more weeks. Thanks for the video! Very very helpful.

  • When i woke of from my bed my neck hurt so bad i cant even turn my head left or right but thanks to you you saved me from suffering neck pain.

  • After an injury and surgery my pinky finger doesn’t want to curl up on the same motion as before the injury. It kinda want to bend a bit to the inside so when I try to make a fist the pinky finger kinda curls up underneath the ring finger. How can I realign the pinky finger who it doesn’t tuck itself underneath the ring finger. Is there an exercise for this. Thx ����

  • Doctor Jo. I have had bilat knee Replacements and one revision ont the right two years ago. I’m now only 59 years young and the initial Replacements are about 5 years and my life has changed dramatically. I was a nurse prior to that. I know and retired because of the initial meniscus repair. I’m know struggling with stability,stairs and pain with swelling including pain in the hip and nerve pain down both legs that pulls my foot back without warning especially at night. What are your recommendations.

  • I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever this week, and he told me I was really stiff and need to stretch more, so these exercises are perfect. They’re quick and simple, and I’ll definitely start doing them.

  • It happened on Wednesday when I was bringing up dinner from the basement to defrost. The whole muscle just stretched out and tightened up the wrong way. I can hardly even move it forwards or backwards. It hurts sooo much that I want to cry.

  • Thank you for your quick response. I have a consultation tomorrow to which I will ask more questions with regard to straining tissues. It has been 4 weeks since my surgery so I should give 2-3 weeks more I’m guessing to waiting. I was just concerned that my knuckles would remain stiff if I did not exercises as often as I am. I’m also into well-being myself as a pilates and Hanna Somatic coach soni have been mindful not to get amnesia in muscles that are rested too much.
    I will keep you updated.
    Many thanks

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    On 23 Apr 2019, at 14:46, YouTube wrote:
    Thank you for your quick response. I have a consultation tomorrow to which I will ask more questions with regard to straining tissues. It has been 4 weeks since my surgery so I should give 2-3 weeks more I’m guessing to waiting. I was just concerned that my knuckles would remain stiff if I did not exercises as often as I am. I’m also into well-being myself as a pilates and Hanna Somatic coach soni have been mindful not to get amnesia in muscles that are rested too much.
    I will keep you updated.
    Many thanks

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    �� Virtual Hand Care replied to Lynn Viccars’s comment

    Virtual Hand Care
    Hi Lynn! An MP replacement (arthroplasty) is a BIG surgery and one of a delicate balance with exercises to avoid over straining the soft tissue structures. I would highly recommend you seeing a Hand Therapist. You could also set up a consult with me if you’d like!
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  • thanks doc. Jo! You always bring some positivity to this condition and that’s really important to me as well as others I’m sure. Chronic pain isn’t fun and most of the the sufferers from it could use a positive blast. Also just showing us where those pesky trapezius muscles end really helps explain the pain I’m having up the sides of the neck. Again thank You kindly for your positivity and expert help.

  • I find it really helpful. I had 2 k wires on my left middle finger end joint. On the distal phalanx. When I’m pushing in I feel the pain, should I still try to push in or just gently push till no pain? Btw my k wires were removed just yesterday as doc told the fracture is well healed.

  • I had carpal tunnel surgery in my right hand almost two months ago, and I was told not to exercise, and physical therapy was not recommended. Now, I’m still having pain, and numbness in my hand (the left part of my palm, thumb and wrist). Thank you for these exercises!

  • My finger tip was crushed in Dec at work. They splint it and orthopedic said after 3 weeks take it off. Now after healing my finger is stuck in a bent position at the middle joint. I did everything I was told to do and so far orthopedic/physical therapy hasn’t helped one bit. I’m getting frustrated because I think it needed surgery from the start and now its seven weeks later and I can’t straighten or make a fist with my index finger. The therapist said exercises would fix it but after one session of exercises decided it needed to have a cast on it. So now we’re going backwards??!!!

  • Thanks we’re have you been, have trigger finger on middle finger �� and these exercises are helping me tremendously ������������������

  • Where can I get a buddy strap? I injured my index finger years ago and it is very stiff. I’ve been doing a lot of the exercises from your videos and they are really helping so thank you very much!

  • Thank you so much i’ve been having trouble with my pip finger joint after a fall 3 years ago where i’d damged my volar plate. Strapping my finger as at 6:20 has really helped the joint both with range of motion and no more pain. So glad i found this video.

  • I’ve suffered a radial fracture in my ring finger under the knuckle. 6 screws and a plate were needed. It’s been 3 weeks since surgery, not healed yet but the Doctor wants me moving the finger. It’s swollen and stiff. I can only move the tip/first joint right now.

  • I fractured my wrist in Sept of 2019 and now my fingers are stiff. I went to therapy but at some point we stopped making progress so, I found you. I love the exercises you suggest and I can get my fingers in a fist by doing what you say but, then they get stiff again in-between sessions. Will this improve over time?

  • I was in a car accident and damaged my wrist and forearm. In my case physical therapy is taking forever to get me in. (Long story ) anyways my appt is not till next week but I feel it’s taking to long and my hand and fingers are too stiff. I came across this video and omg it has been helping me. Some of the Exercise I have been doing but felt I could do more. The table top is one that has truly helped. Thank you for making this video.

  • Hello Dr. Jo… I am 1 1/2 years P.O but had some flexion problem…If I only do stretches I’m able to gain full flexibility. After sometime the knee is again getting rigid. Can you please help me?

  • I fell off my bike and Idk what happened but it felt like I broke my knee bone. It was soo painful I couldn’t walk at all. The doctors said that I stretched/sprained my knee/thigh muscle. So pls reply and tell me what to do to get rid of this pain.����

  • Buy a printable worksheet with the Back Stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-back-worksheet
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  • Hello doctor Jo Iam having lower back pain.I feel its muscles pain.I have long sitting working hours.please recommend me exercises or medicines I also have knee pain too

  • Thank you so much for this video. I have a PIP dislocation injury on my small finger and my orthopedic doctor told me I didn’t need PT and to basically just accept that my finger will always be stiff. I thought there must be a way to increase my ROM, or at least something I can try. I can probably get my PCP to refer me to PT, but that could take weeks. You’ve given me something I can do to be proactive. Very simple and helpful thank you so much.

  • When I did 3:00 I got some serious pain or something like that there cause I am playing basketball and my back and legs are really hurting this really helps thank you

  • Hi, i just had arthroscopic debridement and excision of plica on my left knee almost 2 weeks ago. I dont know whether it is normal to feel that tightness (even after 2 weeks post surgery) as i still cannot actually bend my knee in full. I had a couple of physios but tbh I am short financially to go to physiotherapy all the time. please help me. please. I am an athletic male of 32 years of age, asian, with height 161cm and weight 57kg. I have no other knee injuries prior to this. Please kindly help. Your assistance is very much appreciated.

  • thanks for the wonderful excercises. I broke my pinky three months ago and my lower joint is still pretty swollen/stiff so i cannot even force it to make a fist. what to do in this case?

  • Working for now for 3 months. My work area is my dining table and chair. I always come back to your videos for back relief. Thank you very much.

  • Purchase the stretching strap I use in the video here: https://amzn.to/2EtfitX (affiliate link)
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  • Thank you! I’m a dancer and although I know all of these stretches it helps to have a nice sequence I can do in the morning and night when my back gets tight. It’s recently been tight, which is uncommon.

  • Plzz can uh recommend me something I have gone through k wire operation on the middle side of my pinky finger and it’s been 17 days from the removal of k wire but my finger is’nt getting the movement back….how can I recover plzz

  • Dr Joe,My MRI shows tiny annular tear @ L3-L4. Was advised against twisting exercises. Can I still do the trunk rotation exercise? Its very helpful to relieve tight back muscles.

  • Good Evening Dr. Jo, these videos are AMAZING! Especially since you actually explain everything. I was run over by a car last June & the PT wasn’t doing anything. These really help. Thanks loads and stay well.

  • I had surgery on my stomach and couldn’t after because I couldn’t eat and in return I couldn’t walk from nutrient deficiency. When I try to kneel on my knees it hurts and it’s really tight. Will these exercises work for me?

  • After an injury and surgery to repair a tendon tear my index finger is very stiff. The last time I went to physical therapy on Tuesday the woman used some sort of hard plastic thing at the base of my finger where the knuckle is connecting finger to palm to break down scar tissue and it was intolerable. She told me pushing something hard on it was the only way to break down the internal scar tissue and prevent it from getting adhesions. What can I do instead? I think your techniques for range of motion are good, especially the one buddy taping the two fingers together, but do you know better ways of breaking up scar tissue? I think the local physical therapist gave me bad advice because it seems to be making my finger more swollen (thus making my range of motion exercises more difficult) and I just simply can’t take it. What she was telling me to do at home pressing/rubbing hard objects into the scar just over my joint is excruciating, on the pain scale it’s way off the chart! I nearly passed out from her doing it at the appointment.

  • I sliced my right ring finger pad on a mandolin just over a month ago. I had to go hospital. No stitching involved, just a compression dressing to stop the bleeding. The doctor informed me that new skin will grow from underneath. The dressings are changed every 4-5 days but I’m getting tingling and pinching pain not only at the tip of my injured finger, but also in the two adjacent fingers, pinky and middle. My doctor told me to take painkillers.
    Because new skin is growing I’m finding it impossible at the moment to bend my injured ring finger so I’m keeping in straight. Unfortunately the other two fingers have also been kept staright leading to this tingling pain. I can’t make a fist because when I try to bend my ring finger, it hurts just where the injury is. I’m unable to stretch the new skin that’s forming.
    Please can you post a video showing how to carry out finger exercises to recover from this type of injury.

  • I normally get stiff in cold temps or whenever I grab something to hard so these will definitely help after that moment happens. I was also told I had a protein that causes for my pain and it was low so I really didn’t get diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not surprised that I had a chance of getting a type of arthritis since my mom has it but doctors haven’t treated so both of her thumbs are stuck and I’m not sure if these could help, do you recommend something my mother should do to relieve are not stuck. The curl one that was meant for someone who can’t do a wrist would most likely help her a lot. Whenever I mean stuck I mean as way that when she moves the thumb join she can fill the stiffness in it all so if you put your finger near that area you feel the tension on her joint. Overall very helpful video would just like advice on the thumb area.

  • Purchase a Sunny Bay neck wrap like the one in the video here: https://amzn.to/2OpkQcv (affiliate link)
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  • Thank you for the clear, concise exercises. I tore a large flap off my thumb down to the bone and tendons when a crossbow misfired. The flap healed well but the stiffness was something else! Great to get everything moving again! I just keep at it everyday! Thank you again!

  • hi,Dr i had my knee arthroscopic 6weeks ago. i can bend my knee 90 hardly,my knee is also not straightn too. my theripst trying hard to get the range but its getting painful day by day.. what to do? is the pain necessary in therapy sessions to get range of motion?

  • How do you knoew if your finger is healed? I dislocated a pinky finger about 2 months ago and don’t want to aggravate it if it’s too early. There’s still a lot of swelling on the middle knuckle. Thank you!

  • I used to be a good sprinter when I was a kid. (34 now) Everything has slowly become tighter and stiffer over the years. I recently had to chase down a husky who escaped the house and my tendons in my knee have been sore for days now. These have helped a ton. Thank you!

  • Thank so much for your excercise video. I’m 57 and have recently started having stiff fingers in the morning with lots of pain. Refuse to take pills and really enjoy the relief I’m getting with your exercises. Now part of my early morning routine. God Bless.

  • My left index finger is stiff…I can’t straighten it and also not bend it more than 90 degrees and it has been like that for 6 weeks now…from when the minor accident occurred. Do these exercises apply for that or not?

  • Great video Dr Jo. Your exercises are really helping my sore knee. Where can I buy the head cushion/pillow you are using in the video. Thanks

  • on joint blocking ex. you should have shown them with you palms facing your face ) Different camera angle. (no face) ).
    As you show it it s misleading. because if a person tries to do it, he/she naturally will try to do the ex as i mentioned. And he will have to use different fingers on a blocking hand.

  • Recently started working out again and had some really bad knee pain, tried everything from resting and icing to stretches, but nothing worked. Weirdly enough I just massaged it for a few minutes like you said and it was gone! Thanks ��

  • Thank you Michelle I have had 6 trigger finger releases. My forearm broke 2 surgeries to fix. The Dr. now trapped my Ulna nerve Index finger to right elbow. Pick your surgeons carefully. No more surgeries for me. These exercises are great.

  • i got my index finger fractured (proximal phalanx bone) and yesterday my cast was removed but there is swelling and stiffness in finger and there is a bump at the middle joint and swelling on fracture side.Will these exercises help and ever my finger will become normal again?

  • within last 3 months my finger joints have become stiff, I cannot close my fists. It just started, no injury or surgery. please advise. Thanks.

  • I split my tibia around my growth plate and had a full leg cast. Yesterday I had my cast removed and I’m having a horrible time bending it at my knee it’s soo painful and my ankle isn’t too bad mostly my knee

  • Hello I had surgery on my index finger but before I had another surgery on the same finger because it was a very bad break and I had a nail thru my knuckle now that I have recovered from both very scary surgery’s I lost muscle control so my knuckle won’t bend so I have to force it down is there any exercises for that because it really hurts and if I don’t move it it would be permanently damaged thank you!!!!

  • Thank you so much. I just took off my cast and then me knee was stiff and it was hard to bend, So I watched this video and I feel so much better and now I can bend my knee.����☺. Thank you

  • Thank you this is exactly what i need. İ’ve been dealing with upper traps and neck pain for a couple of years + winging scapula was a major problem for me. Thankfully in the last 3 months i have been succesful streghtening my serratus anterior and in the prosses, i gained a lot of useful information and general body awareness. The only major problem left is my tight upper traps and levator scapula. So i am happy today, you helped me a lot. I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.

  • What about arthritis which has made the thumbs almost fused, can I unlock those by doing exercises or would I need injections of steroids?

  • Thankyou for these tips.
    I myself am struggling with my pinky finger being almost totally stiff since it got broken in November 2019. It was put in a cast for 21 days and the fracture was healed. Afterwards the finger has been stiff. With Covid-19 the health care has been so slow and it took time before they excluded operation. My pinky finger is stiff in the position it was put in the cast, meaning I can neither straighten it nor bend it. I can however bend it with the help of my other hand (passively), but not straighten it passively.
    The new thing I have learned from this video is the tip number 5. I’m wondering if you have any tip to try to stretch it out for straightening?
    Best regards from Sweden

  • Hi when I do tiptoe then bending the knee on myleft I feel pain behind the knee. Im having hard time sometimes to go down on the stairs. What remedies of stretching should i do?

  • I love the simplicity of your style! Who needs to go to physio and get left behind a curtain (for ages) waiting for the next “move”

  • Thank you for everything. It is hard to self motivate through pain. Also, while similar to what my tp showed, much more thorough. She dis not even talk on reps, or time for stretches. Bringing my own knowledge, light and long. 15 reps, 15 secs. Cast off today it is difficult to have NO range of motion, like is this even helpful. Slow, frequent, slow. Thank you very much, very informative.

  • Thank you so much mam for your video it helped.. I’m recovering from a ring finger fracture and it’s been six weeks with four weeks of buddy taping and two weeks of physio.. I’m trying to follow all that you have shown.. What I’m not able to do is ring finger touching the palm with full strength and there is a slight bend as well.. Could you please help me out? Let me know if you need to know anything else.. Again thanks for your awesome video

  • Thanks for the tips, had 3 metacarpals fractured a month ago and doing recovery but wanted some more exercises beyond wrist and hand open/close tabletop. Definitely working out individual fingers will speed up movement recovery.

  • What can I do my finger I can’t bend it anymore, it’s sore and stiff, sore at the 1st joint above the palm, one day I woke up like this, could it be from typing, I’m 19

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

    I had such a stiff knee from working out at OrangeTheory and I just could not relieve it. I used your techniques just tonight and I already feel some relief in the stiffness surrounding my knee. Where can we purchase one of those bands you are using? So helpful. I used a dog leash as you suggested!

  • I got a tuft fracture at the tip of my index one month ago.and kept splinting all that time till yesterday. Can’t bend my finger completely because of the splint I guess.shall I try these exercises or I have to double check first if the fracture already healed. Since it was only in fingertip.? Thank you

  • Omg thank you so much!! The pain was unbearable and I’ve tried everything in this video and I feel so much better!! Thank you so so much!!❤️

  • Thank you so much for this an other helpful videos! I’m coming off of a boxer’s fracture 6 weeks, splint removed, doc says bone is healed.. Can you please tell me how far to go pain-wise? I can do all these exercises except for curling the pinky finger that was broken. About half way curled and pain starts climbing to level 4, 5, etc. Just wondering..should I push it? Or not. Thanks again!! Greatly appreciate it! Maybe I’ll sign up for some help online.

  • Thank you!! I had to have glass removed from my hand from an accident. i could not make a fist and with your video i was able to make a fist and was released to go back to work!

  • I had an accident about two months ago, it was on a motorcycle, when i fell, my left knee hit first, i had dont CT Scan but the local doc told me there’s nothing to worry, but till date, my knee hurts, whenever i try to sit, i can hear a tick in my knee, and while moving, i can feel like as if the bones are touching. I have been walking a lot soo now, am suffering from more pain. Please help me out.

  • I was sceptical, because i think my stiff back is due to my pinched neck nerves. But the first 3 exercises gave me instant relief. Then the next two I couldn’t do comfortably.

  • Hey doctor jo basically I have gone to different physiotherapists and my posture is really bad my shoulders are very forward my neck is stupidly forward I know it is and how it feels yet all these people I have seen said it’s fine and posture dosent matter I’m not crazy I have seen on internet how forward neck posture can cause pain etc can u help me out bad bad posture definitely causes pain right???

  • Absolute gold as always. It would be cool to see the progression from pain relief to strengthening the muscles and preventative measures we can incorporate into training regimes to avoid pain in the first place. Many thanks for all your help.:)

  • Hi, thank you for sharing but I had severed fatal accident which I fell off from the motorcycle and broke my middle finger and the tendon fall off from the ground with so much of blood coming out then I had to go through surgery and they fixed my finger by taking the tendon from the wrist under palm. It’s been 2 year my finger is little bit stiff only little bit I can able to move:( will these exercises work? If not then sad. It makes me so much discomfort when my finger is not working 100% anymore:(

  • Can these exercises also be recommended after an extensor tendon rupture (Mallet Finger / DIP)?
    The Stack splint is now down after 11 weeks of wear, but the finger is still very stiff and a little painful when bending.

    My doctor only said that I should wear the splint for another 2-3 weeks at night, but not how I can now restore mobility.
    I’m afraid that if I try to make a fist too soon, the tendon will tear again.

  • Hello, my husband is experiencing finger rigidity and has trouble typing. He was diagnosed with PD 2.5 years ago. Do you have finger exercises for PD patients? Thank you.

  • I just woke up 2 days ago and my backs been hurting and feeling stiff it doesn’t hurt that much but what can be the cause of it? I’m 15 and maybe it’s because I’m growing?

  • I am recovering from a compound fracture of the radius with a fair amount of tissue involvement, around a week ago, I finally had the external fixation removed after around 7 weeks. I retained some finger movement but once the fixation was removed, the forearm muscles, basically cramped for over a week. Finger movement had really decreased, I just stumbled upon your page and have been working on your exercises for the past half hour or so and have to say that my finger movements is already much more supple, strength isn’t there yet, but that will come. I’m hoping to get both more movement and less cramping of the radialis and longus muscles. Thank you, they are simple but effective exercises..!

  • Your video is very helping,
    My index finger had mallet fracture injury 6 weeks back.. now doing physiotherapy.. and I am a surgeon ��

  • Great exercises! Wonderful demonstration. I’m doing the exercises on my good hand while my other hand and fingers are in a cast.

  • Ever since I had a fracture in my 3rd and 4th metacarpal bones, this exercises really helped me get back my movement into my hand. I was barely able to move my hand 2 weeks ago and now I can almost move it to almost normal standards again in 2 weeks. Just have to say, Thank you a lot.

  • Thank you for sharing your video, it was extremely helpful. The fractures on two fingers are healed now and I am working on strengthening movement and building up the knuckles. Luckily making a complete fist is relatively easy and pain free so I am concentrating on the fingers and your demonstrations are so clear and easy to follow.

  • I want to email a bone specialist to explain them bad I broke my wrist bone they inserted 7 pins but my finger are very hard n painful when I try to move them

  • Thanks a lot Dr. Jo. Really I’m finally feeling so relieved after so many months. Your stretching exercises really helped me a lot.

  • Hi I been trying out your exercise for the 1st time and its great. I do feel painful while getting the finger to curl to the palm. Should I continue to curl or stop at where the pain begins stay there for 10sec. Which is better?

  • I got mallet finger injury on my ring finger,i did the surgery,and now 1fter almost 4 and half months,no progress just a little bit,let’s face reality,if you’re facing this kind of injury,you’ll never reg1in full strengh for 4 months i did everything i could stretching my finger everyday for 2 hours,iceee,using an arm grip,electrotherapy,nothing works,and the worst thing about that,i’m a card magician,my career has reached its end!��✌

  • Hello! Firstly thank you for the upload, great delivery with clear explanation! I have 1 or 2 questions… at the start of the video you say that these should only be done after the finger is “healed” does that mean after the soft tissues are healed, and roughly how far along after the injury/event (e.g. 4-6 weeks after the finger was dislocated) would this be? Secondly, how much force should be exerted/is stretching into pain good or bad? For example, my little finger PIP joint won’t bend on its own (it is at 0 degrees and there is swelling) but the physio is able to bring it to end range, with considerable pain. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi i am Velu from chennai India one month before i met an accident on my fifth little finger and i go for netive treatments and it hope less and then i go to surgery to fix the bone and the Doctor said that your was fuse very much so we cont fix it better you do exercises to functioning the finger.So will you help to recovery my condition.
    Thank & Regards
    J Velu

  • This helped but I’m still in pain. It might be due to me constantly looking back as I drive a forklift in revere I turn back to makes sure nothing or no one is behind me. My neck has been hurting for two days but today is worse. It hurts when I turn my neck to the left side more so. I did about an hour so I don’t want to over strain will be doing this through this 3 day weekend

  • Hurts when I lift it and I can’t run as fast as I could before my mom and my doctor says it’s a growth plate pain but it’s been hurting since January and it’s June 20 have any response suggestions

  • I have a boxers fracture and when I took my splint off my pinky don’t move at all I feel like I’m trying to move someone else’s finger?! I also used a straight splint the whole time does this have anything to do with it?

  • The “joint blocking” technique is genius!
    Thanks for the new tricks, this video has been THE BEST advice I’ve found.
    I’ve been researching a lot too..I’m scared. My fingers still aren’t able to bend more than this much-����, even if I try to force them.
    It’s been 4 months, June 23rd I started my “distal radius fracture” journey.
    I’m going to a CHT 2 times a week, I’m constantly pressing, pulling & trying to use it as much as I can…but it’s not working.
    My wrist is “fused”, my fingers won’t bent and I’m a hair colorist!!!
    I dont know if I’ll be able to continue my career
    MY ADVICE to anyone who has a career that requires 2 hands -INSURE THEM!✋��������
    THANKS for helping,

  • I feel pain in lower back, just above lower back, mostly on left side and sometimes on right side. Most of time i sit, nsture of my job. I don’t feel while i am running or walking but it hurts when i stand up. I can’t pin point where pain is, also i feel my thighs, calfs and back very stiff.. I do workout 4 days a week. When this pain started i was not going gym.. So if you could advise..

  • Is there any recommendations on how to loosen skin between knuckles after a ganglion zist removal surgery because I have tight skin between my first and second finger on my right hand

  • Thanks for the exercises my hand and wrist does feel a little better. I did. not see the link to purchase the massage oil, membership or jointinga some tissue class. I use essential which do you suggest that I start with or maybe mixing a few with almond oil. My last question I have horrible pain in my r foot will these exercises be used with my heel.

  • Thx you ppl was saying I hyperextended my knee at my football game when i messed it up and the first day I couldn’t straighten it out or bend it completely without pain I though it was a miniscus but i heated and iced it with a heat and cold pack and it’s alot better and tried the first stretch you showed in this video

  • I met in am accident on December 11th 2019 my middle finger got a chipped bone and cut, I received 15 stitches. I dont think it is fully healed as yet. But I noticed it swells up and painful. I got some inflammation tablet from my Dr. Which I am taking currently. I would love to have my finger moving again. Should I wait untill it is fully healed before I start this therapy you demonstrate or I can do so now? I also noticed where the finger is cut the skin is lifting up. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for the video.

  • i had really bad stiff legs and could barely straighten my knee without pain i tried this dialy for 2 weeks and i can see a huge improvement Thanks doc

  • Does riding a bicycle help or hinder knee tightness? I tried riding this past weekend and real pain when knee came to top of stoke.

  • On #3 Passive Stretching, how long is the stretch held and are there repetitions? I broke ring and pinky on left hand 10 weeks ago & there’s still swelling and little flexion available in the joints. Excellent video!

  • I don’t know if you’ll see my comment or not, but I used to lift weights and now I’ve tight knees. I feel like there’s a steel plate on my patella and whenever I walk, the tight feeling bothers me. Sometimes I feel like my left knee is more tight. Then sometimes the tightness shifts to the right knee. Don’t know what’s even wrong with me.

  • I searched for so many videos to help this pain in my neck, I fell asleep on the couch with my head up weird and I used ice and other things to relax my neck I then decided to research for some things lol this helped alot.

  • Hello doctor,
    Ma dad had brain surgery two years before. Now he is perfectly alright. But he has issues with his legs, that he couldn’t straight his legs. He keeps his legs bend.. he sleeps too like sitted.. his knee place is very hard.. there is no softness.. what can we do for that?? Is there any exsrsis to do at home????

  • I’m wondering if you have good suggestions for pain for the hand. I don’t use narcotics by its been really painful and I’m recovering from a dog bite that got infected

  • Why my only right knee hurts when I’m sitting more then 15 minutes with crosed legs�� please help me mam..������������������������������������

  • Hi Dr. Jo. I enjoy your videos! They’re very helpful & informative. I have extremely stiff knees from arthritis and cannot bend them too far. I also have a very tight IT band. It is difficult to get down on the floor. I have tried some of the exercises on my bed. I use the hook of a cane rather than a towel or dog leash. I usually hurt after I do this, but I figure it’s because these muscles haven’t been used for a while? Would you have any recommendations for both the stiff knee and IT band issues? Thank you.

  • Hey Jo, I have some neck pain on one side, and when I stretch it it feels oke. but I can’t stretch the other side, because my head gets stuck quz of the pain preventing me to bend that side of the neck. how can I fix that?

  • I had a small fracture on index finger middle knuckle. I had it in a splint for 12 weeks then started doing rehab. It bends about 85% and more when warmed up then never got better so I stopped the rehab bending after 3 months. Now it is still at approx 80% after warming up. Should I have kept up the rehab? I think I should start doing what you have suggested and resume the exercises.

  • I really love the way u explained. Which healed my stuck knee.where i couldnt move my leg was very painful.i seen many videos in youtube at last found urs. After 2 hours of struggling. With one of the exercise got healed. I really love you for posting the video. Which made me free.im very happy.��

  • Please help me i have spasms due to muscle over stress in the whole of my back and neck for 9 months, I’ve tried everything but it didn’t go away, sometimes it getting better but the pain keep coming back worse than ever, I hate my life and im so depressed,,,,,,

  • Would warm wax therapy be beneficial? Hand surgery 2 weeks ago, the ringer finger does not straighten. I have RA that has affected those joints in the trigger finger. Was using warm wax on hands before surgery.