5 Ideas to Bring More Focus To Your Existence


If You Want To Attract Better Into Your Life Do These 5 Things!

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5 Tips to Bring More Focus Into Your Life. 1. SET A TIMER. If you’re taking on a certain task — for instance, doing a weight set at the gym, tackling a work project or making dinner 2. LISTEN. Stop for a moment and sit back, perhaps close your eyes and focus only on what you hear, suggests Alex. You will probably find that your enjoyable tasks are generally focused on 1) making something happen for the greater good, 2) assisting others to realize potential or make.

By being mindful and recognizing when your attention starts to drift, you can quickly bring your focus back to where it needs to be. Plus, you can actually train your brain to be more mindful by. 5 ways to bring focus to your life.

5 ways to bring focus to your life. Yassine General May 21, 2018 | 0. intelligence will help you save time because you´ll be able to understand people and yourself faster and thereby make more good decisions that help you build your definition of success or goals. 5.

5. Go outside for a break. Take time to go and stretch your legs, breathe in all that fresh air. If it’s summer, you’ve got a great excuse to go and soak up the sun; if the weather isn’t great, pack up an umbrella and go for a brisk walk.

Here are some essential things to consider when you decide to refocus your attention in order to determine what is most important in your life, and how to get there. 1. Determine what things. So start keeping a gratitude journal and at the end of each day, write down everything that you are thankful for and appreciate in your life.

So that way you’ll change your energy and vibration and become more internally aligned with what you want to create in your life. 5. Use prosperity affirmations. As you write your gratitude journal, it is also an opportunity to write down prosperity affirmations as well. Notice the feel and textures of the fabrics – how fresh they smell. Pay attention to the patterns and colours and the way they are affected by the light of the room.

Make folding into a sort of yoga practice and move with mindfulness, attentive to each fold. In. How to attract wealth in 7 simple steps explores concrete things you can take to instantly attract money more money into your life. Learn the secrets to wealth!

Focus. Set aside specific times throughout the week to focus on things like homework, laundry, and the gym. If you work in retail and have a schedule that moves around each week, it can be difficult to stay consistent with plans.

If this is the case, try to design your schedule when you find out your work hours each week.

List of related literature:

4) Try to engage in a daily meditative activity which focuses and calms the mind.

“Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood” by Douglas Bloch
from Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood
by Douglas Bloch
Nicolas-Hays, Incorporated, 2009

In particular, adults seem to use these settings to fill the first three learning needs we identified: to fill discretionary leisure time, to build identity, as a way of improving oneself, either personally or professionally and as places to pursue hobbies and continue learning in personally meaningful ways.

“Second International Handbook of Science Education” by Barry J. Fraser, Kenneth Tobin, Campbell J. McRobbie
from Second International Handbook of Science Education
by Barry J. Fraser, Kenneth Tobin, Campbell J. McRobbie
Springer Netherlands, 2011

3) Practice some of the exercises and meditation techniques daily.

“Art and Science of Raja Yoga: Fourteen Steps to Higher Awareness, Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda” by J. Donald Walters
from Art and Science of Raja Yoga: Fourteen Steps to Higher Awareness, Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
by J. Donald Walters
Motilal Banarsidass Publ., 2003

5 Tips to Master Your Time Do one thing at a time.

“Using Microsoft Outlook 2000” by Gordon Padwick, Helen Bell Feddema
from Using Microsoft Outlook 2000
by Gordon Padwick, Helen Bell Feddema
Que, 1999

Seven tips for a balanced and stress-free life!

“UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” by MJ DeMarco
from UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship
by MJ DeMarco
Viperion Publishing Corporation, 2017

These nine habits also guide their empathic urges and inspire them to help others.

“UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World” by Michele Borba
from UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World
by Michele Borba
Touchstone, 2017

A more balanced approach is to focus on four distinct perspectives, each of which impacts your ability to achieve your practice vision.

“Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult” by Lowell Ackerman
from Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Practice Management Consult
by Lowell Ackerman
Wiley, 2013

Eight tips for teaching mindfulness in high school.

“Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm” by Thomas Armstrong
from Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm
by Thomas Armstrong
ASCD, 2019

In general, keep the focus of your life on these five most important goals.

“Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days” by Dr. Mike Dow
from Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days
by Dr. Mike Dow
Hay House, 2018

Adjust Motivation How to select #3 Make new habit more Pick the new habit that is— motivating.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • FYI, you said, “Don’t apologize” but then you give multiple examples of what to say to people and in every instance you started with, “I’m sorry but…”It’s hard not to be apologetic but it’s something I strive for when it’s truly unnecessary to apologize!

  • I want to go to space… You think I can?im currently 12 and I really want to, not work to live, but live to work. I want to explore space and discover new things. I want to be an astronaut.

  • hey! I have some issus with these hacks that I’d like to discuss:

    0:36 – Make your houseplant leaves shiny

    actually I’d rather prefer the natural look. Sometimes fake things may look kinda much better but aren’t a beat for the natural looks. Keep your plants natural! Spray them with water to make them shiny and much more appealing.

    4:14 – Get the most out of your soap scraps

    well the time you’d spend scraping up the soap u can just go the market and buy another batch of soap. Well boiling the soap and all. Nice Hack tho:)

    6:38 – How to repurpose an old colander

    Nice hack! but some issues are that some people would rather use an old colander cause’ most people can’t afford to buy new ones. Well over all not bad.

    10:02 – A cool cleaning trick with your hair spray

    I think water does the job equally well! plus hairspray will make it sticky and a weird texture. I’d go with the cheaper method. Use water. add some soap if you’d like.:D

    12:44 – Emergency kitchen towel

    Hmmm ngl but this doesn’t quite make sense to me. Ditching an old tower and instead of buying a new one or washing it using your fashionable new belt to clean it up. I’d rather not do that.:/

    The other hacks are amazing tho! Also didn’t mean any hate. Just wanted to guide people as I’ve tried them and I observed some flaws. Hope this helped ya’ll! Btw I am a youtuber too! Sub to my channel as I am on the road to 1k!:D

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    So i hate other english learning videos in youtube, but i loved yours….. Keep uploading videos

  • Thank you so much! Sometimes we just need these kind of reminders about the BASIC things.:) Achieving balance is better than achieving perfection indeed.

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  • Usually what I try to do is convince myself that if I don’t finish my homework at LEAST an hour before I have to do another thing I can’t play Star Wars the Old Republic, my favourite video game. I also use forest to focus and it really helps me.

  • No self to believe anything at all, no opposites in reality, only in egotism, this is vain hypnosis, natural receptive Ness attracts wholeness, which is cosmic higher INTELLEGENCE, nothing from this world can save this world, go deeper!

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  • He rambles on until he gets to the point at 1.56. Just fast forward to 1.56. Or scroll down to kei krono to get to the point, Your welcome.

  • hello mam i love your vidoes mam i am in 9std and i have a problem in memorize plz help me with this problem keep it up mam love you a lot take care stay safe i hope i will get some reply

  • Having good psych and phy us impt but good techniques requires constant effort and awareness on what the he’ll you are doing. Most important part? Give yourself space to think. You don’t always have to do something to give you progress. Think carefully before you do. And do it quick. In fact master the idea of multitasking but knowing what the he’ll you are doing every single detail.

  • hi guys, the greatest results that i’ve ever had was by following the Magic Focus Plan (i found it on google) without a doubt the most useful method i’ve tried.

  • Hello Mr. Burchard. There was something off about this video. I think maybe you were tired today because your eyes seemed to have a dark glaze to them and are missing some off that energetic sparkle. You seemed older today.

  • Damn… These are the things I tell myself… but I never listen… I guess it’s about time to actually listen now that someone else is telling me!!!!!! ahh!!

  • this channel doesn`t deserve all this subscribers, 95% of your ideas don`t work on real life, you just do videos that in base of the logarithm to get viewers and get money even if your videos are completely fake

  • to everyone watching this video…Dont Give Up.. how much harder this can be…just dont give up…if this is your passion just continue…we can all get through this together guys…

  • To the people reading this:

    I’m sending you virtual hugs to anybody that needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive!

    My dream is to hit 5k, it’s free to help for any nice people♥️

  • 1) Make fewer decisions
    3) Focus on ONE thing at a time
    4) Do things INTENTIONAL
    5) Do the things that move you forward
    6) Define your daily mission( have intention doing stuffs…)
    7) Be clear about you mission
    8) Write a checklist, to do list,….
    9) Sort out your priorities, because when you don’t, you just get LOST!
    10) If you want to get focus, PROGRESS more, because then you start to pay attention about the things make you move forward.
    11) SAY NO!!! (Don’t do things and say stuffs right a way; Stop saying YES to everything and everyone.! Think, Observe, Value it and then make the decision saying No at first helps you to rethink it and make a better and wiser decision
    12) know the value of time and value criteria in life.
    13) Filter through criteria you say
    14) Move day by day, moment by moment to all the things that make you better…

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  • I am telling not to focus ☺�� be a teacher be a influencer be a simple human….focus makes u more desprate be aware of tht, wht i want u to know about he is making money by making video and presenting to u….all of the things is perfectly place where ever it is place

  • I have trouble focusing during class and I don’t get distracted I just randomly find my self not paying attention to anything and wandering in my mind

  • Good info the greatest results that ive had was with the Magic Focus Plan (just google it) definately the best method that I’ve tried.

  • Her:if you can’t seem to focus step away from your wor

    Me:Yk what, you’re right immediately leaves room

    Her:sleep well, eat well.

    Me: Ah yes good idea

    goes to the kitchen and stays there for the next 5hrs playing animal crossing

  • My problem is I can’t be a fake person.I can’t accept things other people do.I don’t smoke,drink,never had a relationship.And God doesn’t want us to worship material things.He wants us to worship him.Most people worship material things.

  • Great tip on cleaning up and moving forward even if you find something you missed or an error that was made. It is key to keep moving forward. I’ll keep this in mind next time thanks!

  • 1: i am beliving
    2: i am visualizing
    3: i must make a dreamboard
    4: i will take action to feel good and act like i have it every single day

  • Every “yes” is spending your every single hour. We should sometimes know to say “no” to people if we want more balanced life. thank you.

  • Solid advice here. The having a pad of paper to write down things that take your attention instead of actually stopping to do them is something I’ve only just worked out for myself tr last few days! Weirdly it gives you a sense of relief, just to get it on paper and out of your head and also stops you fro doing it and being distracted from your main more important task.

    Then when the work day is over, you have a nice list of fun things to do or look up on the internet.

  • The part about cognitive switching really hit home with me. I can just feel from my experience how true it is. Now that I’m aware of it I can look out for it. I appreciate the video, thanks.

  • I know a friend who used the Forest app to stop distractions and he ended up being so obsessed with his forest growth that it became his biggest distraction.

  • Always helpful…. i can relate to the time i do waste reading or navigating on my computer…when in fact i should put more work in my business. My excuses is i am already working at a job, in order to get my business off the ground… so i say to myself” oh… i deserve this time away from everything… 15min only “…well that 15 minutes turns into an hour easily… ;( so yes, focus is everything. Thanks Brendon!

  • It’s all great advice and I thank you, but like I couldn’t focus enough even on this video, my concentration just wanders off and I start thinking about other stuff and I usually overthink things, especially when I’m studying and can’t concentrate or understand things, then I start getting frustrated that I suck at everything and the time is running out for studying and I’m usually on a verge of crying and hating everything about myself. That’s how I got here to your video.
    The problem is I’m trying to write down the most important points of a recorded lecture and… it’s too much for me, I have to write down every single word because everything sounds important, but it’s in another language and I have to repeat the sentences over and over again and I knew I had to do this task earlier, but somehow I never learn and leave everything for the last minute and then I get anxious and panicky and it sucks, I just want to study like a normal human being

  • Visualize = VISUAL LIES.

    This “fake it ‘till you make it” magical thinking crap is merely a prettier way of saying “lie to yourself until you (and others around you) believe it” Sounds like a prelude to mental illness �� (a pathological liar is defined as ‘the compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation; chronically stretching or exceeding the limits of believability in their stories to get what they want’ ). Please explain how this definition differs from the method described in this video.

    There HAS to be a better way ��

  • I’m trying to finish the Harry Potter series by next Thursday so I’m trying to read 12 hours today but I’m struggling which is weird cause I like reading

  • Meditation is so stressful to me, I’ve tried to do it so hard but time and time again I can’t do it. It’s supposed to have such amazing benefits but I just can’t handle it:(

  • Thank you for your inspiring videos. I love listening to your up lifting voice, you really inspire my child like wonder, my day dreamer inside me, I have missed her, so again Thank you, thank you, thank you.������

  • Notes:
    1. Make fewer decisions. (Stop browsing/googling it’s making decision
    whether or not you should focus on one thing, do things that are intentional)
    2. What is your mission for the day? (What do you desire in life, or make a difference in the world)
    3. You need to progress more.
    4. Just say “NO”. (Put some thought, how much will you get out if you put in)

  • Stop browsing then I will have to close my fb, Instagram Twitter and snapchat as long as I still have them on my phone hey focus is gonna be hard as I am struggling to focus on anything xx

  • Stop doing any damage to me.through the lies and the disgusting way of explaining it.could you talk to me directly to avoid further damage you do by supporting the lies

  • OK.
    We visualise what we want.
    We work for it.
    And then we get it.

    But what about the price we have to pay for all that?
    Our time, energy, rest, peace of mind, etc.
    You do not talk about it.

  • Brendon i hope you make your vids a little shorter.  It’s hard to commit to 13 minutes of a video, even if you know it will be great.  Thanks

  • Brendon, All your work are brilliantly amazing! Thanking your from the bottom of my heart. God bless you for long and healthy life.

  • I’m gonna create a dream board. This sounds like having faith and “faith without works is dead”,says the Bible. So you need to work for the things that you visualize and act as if you already have it-believe!!!

  • I use time tracker called Checkiant, it tracks my worktime, tasks i do. Before the moment I began use it, I was doing non-essential activities about 4 hours a day! and now for the past week, it hasn’t gone above an hour and a half! Would really recommend it!

  • Thanks mam…
    Can you please make a video on how to solve numerics of chemistry and physics….
    Its my humble request to uh….

  • Tq Brendon I sincerely thank you for all your sharing. Really benefited a lot after hear each and every of your video. Tq and bow our mentor

  • I need to study for my GED but I have a slight add and it’s hard for me to focus also I have depression. How can I focus and study and retain the info.

  • Hi admin,

    Please read our article “International Students Losing Focus Due to Too Much Activity on Social Media” Get more information through this link: https://www.freestudy.com/international-students-losing-focus-due-to-too-much-activity-on-social-media/#freestudy

  • ابوس اديكم صعدو تعليقي ��صدكوني ماجذب اقرو قصتي الاخير.

    اسمي شهد من محافضه بغداد الحبيبة ع 20 _حالتنه
    ضعيفه وفقيره عملت قناه كمصدر رزق اليهه ولعيلتي
    انشر فيدوات القرأن
    ��وامي مريضه واخواني صغار مايكدرون
    يشتغلون_بالله عليكم الحد يجاهلني
    للكل تنسخ قصتي ويسبوني ويسبون عيلتي����
    والله العضيم مانخصر شي ذاشتركت فرحوني وفرحوا
    اخواني الصغار امانه رجوكم

  • “They are watching you… but you are stronger, more powerful than you can imagine, they cannot harm you anymore… you are made of light, you are eternal” This came to my mind while meditating with this music… my heart rate was strong, I started to swing softly… like… vibrating? I don’t know… just wanted to share… Love to everyone… specially YOU!

  • Mam though i scored so good in my previous classes….but m not able to focus on my studies in.my 12………m feeling depressed ����

  • …Literally 99% people won’t see �� this, but if you Do, GOD BLESS YOU, stay safe du®ing ©orona and other desease and you all live a joyful life with all famil¥ memb€rs and lover..����…

  • Its all about Karma.. what you project, the Universe returns…be kind, be loving, be tolerant, be compassionate, project Love…

  • why these people are not successful in anything but making video if they know so much about success and achievements. not hate comment just asking a logical question

  • There are many studies to show that you can not have balance in your live. Gallup in the book Strengths based selling talks about it in chapter 11 “The Myth of Work/Life Balance. What you can have is intergration in your live.

  • Hi Brendon!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this vid!
    You know? This is a principle I read in Stephen Covey’s the 7 habits of highly effective people book, among other resources, which basically says: prioritize important vs urgent things in your life. So I totally agree, and already shared the message!:)

  • Phone is the major distraction, but now a days in this lockdown period all my studies I have to do on my tab or on my phone so the point here is I have many more options in front of me along with my lectures which I can choose just with a click!!! I’m loosing my concentration only because if this and even faffing around makes me feel sad that I’m doing wrong as I have boards this year:(

  • Learn to say “not now, later”
    Many distractions come from the needs or availability of others.
    Focus without disruptions does wonders.

  • I start to work on school and I quickly start becoming unproductive. it’s boring and I could be doing so much better. Dues anyone has some tips to help with at?

  • Most-useful video. Powerful-words.

    A sneak-peak of what is going to come in the video was given in the beginning (which most videos don’t do).

    The same was repeated in the end (and of course, appeared in the main body of the video too). So, your words got embedded in my memory.

    Other people with exceptional wisdom (like you) RIGHTLY say, IMAGINE whatever WE WANT (which is NOT existing in front of us), AS IF it is EXISTING before our and we POSSESS the same ALREADY.

    This is the MOST POWERFUL formula ever existed in the universe.

    Can anyone perceive that, by SIMPLY imagining, we can POSSESS anything we WANT?

    Yes, it is TRUE.

    The secret is, some wise-men got what they wanted SIMPLY by VISUALISING as if it is real.

    It is also said that IF we want something FROM CORE OF OUR HEART and DREAM/ visualise ENOUGH, the universe/God CONSPIRES in our FAVOUR and brings those things to us in a PLATTER without much effort on our part.

    A wise-sage said that INVISIBLE THINGS CREATED visible things. INVISIBLE thing (God) created the VISIBLE things (earth, sun, moon, stars, galaxies, universe etc.,) from NOTHING. ONE second BEFORE Big Bang, NOTHING EXISTED EXCEPT GOD (no TIME, no SPACE, no living things, no light, no air, just vacuum).

    Moreover, by visualising, God created things like man/ woman, plants, animals, fish and birds, light etc., FROM NOTHING. By simple WORDS which are very powerful.

    Two things are most powerful in the universe: they are WORDS and THOUGHT (visualisation). IF our words AND thoughts are PROPER/ CORRECT/ APPROPRIATE we can get anything.

    Creation/ manufacturing (of anything) was LATER. VISUALISATION was FIRST (like engineering). This is THE universal law and it holds good for BOTH MAN/ GOD, as God is the one who made that UNIVERSAL law.

    Moreover, invisible things are POWERFUL THAN visible things.

    And invisible things (like God) are PERMANENT.

    Visible things (like earth, sun, stars, man/ woman, animals, plants etc.,) are not permanent.

    Many people DON’T get what they want, NOT BECAUSE the same is NOT available in the universe, BUT because they DON’T visualise or don’t want those things HARD ENOUGH. Rather, sometimes they don’t know what they (really) want. They don’t demand it with SUFFICIENT FAITH.

    Visualisation is SEEING things to the LAST DETAIL, AS IF those things really exist before our eyes and we are LITERALLY POSSESSING them.

    With high regards.

  • There are a few components to focusing. One place I found that succeeds in merging these is the Magic Focus Plan (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful resource that I have ever heard of. look at the incredible info.

  • I love your videos! Every night I listen to your videos, and it make me want to do positive things in my life and the next day I try to do something positive!

  • Really helpful video. I am preparing for NEET 2020 exam and in a day I do 3 hr. interval study course 4 times a day means 12 hrs of study time. But the distractions are obviously there. I never did meditation but now I swear I’ll do.
    My dream I will become a Doctor. yeeeessss!!!

  • 1. Plan out your times (start by figuring out which times of the day your brain is focused the most) most efficient hours and schedule your time accordingly
    2. Train your brain (don’t multitask put all effort in to ONE task)
    3. Let it flow naturally (if you can’t focus take a break to clear your head)
    4. Sleep well eat well! Take care of your needs = increased productivity
    5. Make a list make it clear to your self what you want to accomplish in each session be specific!
    6. Repeat repeat repeat (consistency) **
    7. Clear up (leave all potential distractions from your previous tasks behind) move forward
    8. Pay attention to your habits (pin point what exactly keeps you distracted and get rid of it)
    9. Times up! (Set times Take breaks)
    10. Separate relaxation space and work space (bedroom / study room) no working in bedroom X
    11. FINISH!! End the work with some thing you enjoy eg: watch a movie.

  • I\’m not sure but,if anyone else needs to find out about how to clear my mind and focus try Vaxicorn Instant Focusing Guide(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  • If your spiraling down a rabbit hole in LOA videos like I have… Let me sum it up for you:

    ASKFully know what you want
    BELIEVEAct & feel as if you have
    RECEIVEWatch it unfold ��

  • Joe Dispenza says you don’t have to take action because when you’re a vibrational match, the event will FIND YOU. He says that’s the old base model of reality of cause and effect. Obviously one day humans are going to evolve where you’re so in alignment that everything will fall into place and feel effortless.

  • Thank you universe for giving me Rs 190000 one lakh ninety thousand rupees in my current bank account of jobs cruze consultancy services on 14th may 2020.

  • Mam can u tell me one thing that now a day’s I’m facing few problems during studies is that when I try to focus n study hard for achieving a good secure score for my results but now for me I’m facing tremendous circumstances related to family & personal issues n that always comes to my mind n I get upset n get irritated so now I really can’t able to study though so what to do mam!?

  • Je m’appelle Céline, je suis sénégalaise mais je vie en France, je vais vous faire un témoignage miraculeux.
    Je suis issu d’une famille dont je ne connais même pas mes parents car j’ai fait l’orphelinat depuis mon enfance, les sœurs de l’église de l’orphelinat où on m’a mis m’ont dit que mes parents sont décédés dans un accident de circulation au cours d’un voyage mais ce n’est plus important.Le plus important depuis que je suis marié celà fait exactement 8ans nous sommes ensemble, nous n’avons pas encore eu un enfant à cause de mon fibrome jusqu’à la ménopause apparaît et les parents de mon mari ont lancé une guère contre moi, mais par la grâce de Dieu un jour je me promenais sur YouTube quant j’ai gagné une témoignage d’une dame congolaise du papa ALAFIA jusqu’à donner son numéro voici le numéro +22999844895, je lui ai contacté sur WhatsApp, après qu’il ait faire des consultations sur moi, il m’a fait des rituels et en suite il m’a envoyé deux tisanes par DHL depuis Bénin et j’ai continué mon traitement.En fin il ma promis que je vais tomber enceinte dans l’intervalle de deux mois, je n’ai pas cru. Heureusement au cours du traitement j’ai eu l’arrêt, je pensais que c’était un jeu or c’est une réalité jusqu’à je suis la mère d’un beau garçon aujourd’hui,mettez vous en contacte avec Papa ALAFIA sur WhatsApp +22999844895 pour tout vos problème de grossesse ou d’autre, c’est un marabout de confiance.

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    For making this videos…
    You really inspire me
    By the way i’ve got my goal which is learn how to speak english…and your videos are helping me to get my goal!! At the same time you are helping me to change the way i used to think and you make me believe that we are able to make our dreams come true!! Greetings from el salvador!!

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  • Recommended apps/extensions and one book:
    1. (the book) The personal MBA;
    2. (the apps)
    1-beeminder (if you are off track, they charge you);
    2-Focal Filter or StayFocused; (website blocker)
    3-Forest; (we all know that)
    4. (useful techniques which I tweaked a bit for personal use)
    1have a distraction sheet; (so that you can easily come back lessen the pressure);
    2burn the ship technique; (there will be nothing you could resort to);
    3eliminate all the distractions; (go to another place so that no one could find you; see his section on this);
    4real-time punishment (mentally hire a lady sitting next to me and give me a slap on the wrist while I get distracted or just get sluggish; just like Beeminder).

    (*/ω\*)Thank you, Thomas. I feel that the distraction sheet part could be life-changing.
    I have to count to ten in my mind to stay focused on one page.
    It has been nearly 5 yrs since you upload this video, but still, thank you. (*/ω\*)

  • Ok n were is the soul n were the heart n were the real gift of life freedom free spirit n were the real love which is ullu love were is it.just asking

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  • this tip may work for some. Listen to some calm music such as piano instrumentals or low fi hip hop music while working. Try to refrain from music that distracts you.

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  • Чек-лист милл.: Если ты из провинции, надо нажать на нормативный русский язык. Говоря,,ихние” ты заявляешь всему миру, что у тебя нет высшего образования и специальности

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  • I think it is important to know you can take control of your time we don’t have to tech-slaves. We can live purposefully and intentionally. But it is limiting your life to think all you need to do is live more for you. A truly fulfilling and meaningful life comes from seeking and obeying God’s will for your life. That’s where the better life balance comes from. https://youtu.be/lL2hIrYQN0E

  • i’m home schooled and staying focused is incredibly difficult. i do an online school on my laptop, and my laptop is the distraction because i have access to YouTube and other fun stuff so i cannot stay focused, help??

  • Faith means Trust, Obedience, Submission
    Understand your Past Present future & Hereafter ����
    God knows what’s best for you, Understand Purpose of Life Devine Law’s Plan’s for U, through God massage, Qur’an is Enlightenment Guidance Criterion for Believers for the Success of both the World’s
    Worship One Creator (Monotheism)��
    Not his Creations ��
    Dreams�� R unlimited but
    Life is Limited ⏳❓
    Well-wisher @ Peace ��

  • What is a better life is it money is it a job position is it being important or is a better life something so simple as giving value to oneself having a mindset of peace and gratefulness and knowing that one it’s worthy of a great life.����

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  • https://soundcloud.com/geano-rocha/sets/mind_ed

    No Nature sounds, no singing birds, no mountain flowing streams sounds. Here’s is the playlist Mind_/Ed. Well this is quite simple.. I just use music (made by myself) as a brain hacking and shift it on a second. I don’t earn a penny for all this content. I made it to myself, so fell free to try out this songs.

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  • Its funny because when i was little, my mom use to tell me to use clear nail polish/top coat on the inside of my rings to prevent that green ring left on your fingers. Im 31 years old and i still do it with my fake rings!

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