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5 Holiday Stressors and How to Deal. by Jennifer Purdie. December 14, 2017. 1 Comment. Share it: What’s often called the most wonderful time of the year can also feel like the most depressing, stressed out, chaotic time of the year to some.

If the latter better describes your holidays, the following experts provide meaningful advice on how to. How to deal: Find safe ways to connect. Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, licensed clinical social worker and author of “Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One,” shares tips to deal with loneliness at the holidays in a healthy way: Join a turkey trot or jingle bell run. With the Christmas holidays right around the corner, it’s that time of year again for those stressful situations some of us dread like clockwork.

Despite the spirit of Christmas and the reason for the season, many people have to deal with some common holiday stressors that only come around once or twice a year (depending on what you celebrate. Here are 5 triggers to holiday depression and suggestions to cope with them. Happy Holidays.

And I mean that literally. 1. Less Money, Mo’ Problems: Penny. 5 Common Holiday Stressors and How to Manage Them Norwalk, CT Family medicine physician discusses common holiday concerns and provides tips for reducing seasonal stress. Stress 5 Practical Tips To Deal With Holiday Stress: The RELAX Paradigm Five Simple Reminders To Cope with Holiday Stress. Posted Dec 18, 2010. SHARE. TWEET.

EMAIL. 1 COMMENTS. The holiday season brings with it a lot of stress due to full calendars and keeping up with obligations and expectations. And although many people get to spend Christmas with their families and friends, Christmas is a lonely time for many. The holidays are supposed to be a time of thankfulness, reflection, observance and celebration.

But too often, the idealistic visions of a perfect holiday are marred by tensions and stress. 4 Of The Absolute Worst Holiday Stressors And How To Deal With Them. As you return home for the holidays, you may find that you also return to familiar roles. You may be a successful adult now, but as soon as you get back home you become the baby of the family, or the troublemaker, or generally start re-enacting a whole host of ingrained.

If you choose to be stressed, then our friends at The Grit And Grace Project have some helpful tips for you this holiday season.. 1. Care for and pamper yourself first. 2. Say “No.” 3. Ask For Help.

For the rest of these holiday stress tips, head on over to the full list at The Grit And Grace Project.

List of related literature:

Some mentioned stress, such as ‘I think family holidays with young kids are very stressful unless there is some support for the parents and opportunities for parents to have some time to themselves’.

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Stressors may cause the family to increase their interactions with each other in order to cope with the event and to reorganize their relationships.

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
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Pre-trip stressors include trip planning (for example, flights, hotels, appointment arrangement) and work arrangements (for example, leaving the office in good order, delegating work to subordinates, dealing with unanswered mail).

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Once you have made a list of your various stressors, try to think of ways that you might eliminate them.

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Make sure that you take all the vacation time that you are entitled to and that you get enough sleep and relaxation.

“Transitions in Nursing E-Book: Preparing for Professional Practice” by Esther Chang, John Daly
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A focus on stressors is key in virtually all theories of family stress but different theorists envisage different conceptions of the nature of those stressors.

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These stressors can be dealt with by setting priorities, following a schedule, having resonable expectations, and delegating when possible.

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It is also important to warn parents that the process can be demanding and so the timing of the programme should not coincide with the occurrence of other family stresses, such as Christmas or an excessively busy work period for either parent.

“The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach” by Alan Carr
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Other common stressors include strained relationships, illnesses in the family, child rearing, legal problems, and things that seem to needlessly use up time (such as waiting in slow-moving lines or being stuck in traffic).

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Many of these stressors are addressed later in this chapter or elsewhere in this book.

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  • Kati, I didn’t see any videos on this when I searched if there is one let me know otherwise my question is: How do you tell your doctor you have mental health concerns? For me even just going to the doctors is hard but I figure that’s the best place to start. However I don’t know exactly how to start that conversation….

  • I know this is off topic but could you please make a video about losing a loved one by suicide?
    It would really help because it happened and I’m so lost and hurt and I don’t know what to do with myself I feel horrible and can’t stop crying.. nobody teaches you how to cope with something like that and I need help
    I watched your videos on depression so I guess I could understand his mindset a bit better but I’m still not okay
    It would mean the world, thank you

  • #katifaq I was wondering if you had any advice on how to ask your parents about starting therapy. I am not sure if I should even go and what their reactions would be. Thank you so much, I love your videos:)

  • kati i need ur help. im 13& well ive had a bad life with fostercare &a bunch of things. & my mom was suppose to get better before we came home. But she didnt. & aside from the bad stuff she does. she has bipolar disorder & PTSD and really bad anxiety. & idk what to do. like whenever i try to ask her something she just yells. or even if im not even talking shell get mad and hit me. and its like i dont even have a mom. some days she is in a really good. mood but then like literally one minute later she lashes out and beats me. i really dont know what to do. im already depressed as it is. becuz i have had alot of bad things happen. but i was wondering if u have any tip of how to maybe keep her from lashing out alot. i really dont know what to do anymore. i dont want to live like this. i have no one.

  • #KatiFAQ hey Kati, I had a job interview today to work in a hospital but the shifts are 12hrs and it will be a mixture of day and night shifts. I’m worried about having such long shifts because I suffer with multiple chronic illnesses and when my pain is bad I’ll struggle to even be able to stand and I’ll be pretty sick. I just don’t know if I’m setting myself up to fail. Mentally I know I’ll struggle too. I don’t want my illnesses to restrict my life but they will continue to get worse. So I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to let my family down or be someone who’s stuck at home all the time. I guess I was just wondering what you would suggest in this situation. I want to do nursing in the future and I know that it’ll be pretty intense, my mums a nurse. But if I can’t sustain a demanding job then I don’t really have a chance at being able to do nursing and that would really suck! There’s nothing else I want to do:(

  • What if you can’t get therapy because in your vicinity depression and anxiety is not considered something major?PS nobody understands.

  • Love this! Good on you for connecting with other popular YouTubers! Hopefully collabs like this will bring more people to your wonderful channel! Happy holidays!

  • I have that exact bottle of peppermint oil on my desk. I’ve been using it for headaches and sinus colds, but I’ll definitely try it out for sore muscles. Great tips!

  • i just binge today..just by thinking in christmas presents…been around people and is just not good..thank you for this tips…ima try them

  • #katifaq Hi Kati, did you already do a video on how/when to disclose your depression to a new partner? (I’ve been searching, but can’t find it…!) If not, maybe you could cover this? I’m sort of dating someone, and feel that my depression is a looming elephant in the room: disclosing this would explain a number of things about my life which I’m sure she’s wondering about including why I seem to be hiding something. But then, I’m worried about it being ‘too soon’, and, of scaring her off. I’m not sure how to start the conversation, probably because I’m not exactly sure what I want to get out of it…

  • you should do a video about how to deal being alone during the holidays and on Christmas day. lol Christmas will be a bit lame for me, lol just me and my horse

  • I just found your channel! And I have a question. My dad and I are both going through something involving my mom. I am really struggling to cope, but my dad keeps bringing up triggering things. These conversations will leave me spiraling for the rest of the day, and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice?

  • Kati I think I have anxiety and depression but i don’t know if I can feel both at the same time, or whats going on with me:( HELP

  • #katifaq hey Kati, recently I have needed to take a couple of weeks off school due to my anxiety making me feel too ill to go into school, I’m worried about returning and how I can tell my teacher the reason of my absence without sounding silly? Any ideas? Thanks x

  • I was wondering do I have an eating disorder? When I was really little I used to eat normally, but since I was about 6 or 7 I started eating less often… I would use every opportunity to miss a meal and it was never an issue. Now I’m 13 and I’m concerned cause I’m way too thin and my weight is way too little. My head hurts often and I get dizzy almost every time I stand up. I’m pretty sure I’m depressed but do I have an eating disorder? Help!

  • I have a question that I wondered if you could help me with? I have attachments that I make to female, young people in my life like my boss, teachers etc and my most intense attachment is with my psychologist at CAMHS. How can I detach myself from her? Should I speak to her about it? How do I bring up this topic as it is kind of uncomfortable to tell her that I have an attachment to her!

  • Thank you for posting all this useful content. It’s especially helpful for those who have limited resources or those who aren’t able to leave their bed in the morning.
    I’ve been in said positions and it is crippling. Your videos help to inspire and move forwards in the day.

  • loved this Kati like all your videos.Kati is it normal for me to wanna kill mainly family it’s such an intense urge and it makes me scared to even be in the same room if this isn’t normal then what could I do because it makes me anxious and makes me think I’m going back to when I was suicidal.I don’t wanna tell my mum and step dad and family about this Coz these are the people I wanna target who should I tell and when should I get help I’m terrified I have even been thinking g it out real bad like what I’m gonna use I’ve even been thinking bout it at skool doing it there and I’m so scared pls help and give me help.

  • I Like this side to Ingrid:) She seems mature. I do like her goofy side, but I think it is good to see she has so many other sides to her personality and she isn’t just one dimension. Kati and Ingrid’s videos together just gel well:) It doesn’t seem forced or anything. Good job, ladies!

  • #katiFAQ hi kati ive got into a really bad habbit of skipping class because i feel too anxious to go which means im not prepared for the next lesson making me more anxious and less likely to show up. The work im behind on is becoming overwelming and i dont know what to do.

  • I felt like she was spying on me when talking about Peppermint oil!My sinuses were a major pain yesterday so I was using it for my headache…never ever try putting it on your cheekbones! You’ll regret it! Always wash our hands after using it so you don’t accidentally rub your eye with it. IT BURNS!

  • #katiFAQ What can I do when I try to talk to friends about how I feel and they call it a Pity Party but it isn’t it is major depression

  • Hey Kati, I currently don’t have a therapist, but I have been having thoughts to talk to the one I had again. When I talked to her last she told my teachers, and that made everything awkward. So my question is how do I work up the courage to speak to her? And also how do I know when she has to tell someone?

  • #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, im in a strange situation right now… so i’d like to get your opinion/help and i’ll try to keep it short here ^^
    Okay… (im 17 btw.) the thing is i’ve been depressed for a few years now (sometimes less sometimes really badly to selfharm and stuff)… first i really wanted to get help but i never told anyone and with the time i just accepted it and started to feel comfortable with it.. honestly i dont know if thats even “normal” or possible to start liking it… anyways i dont wanna go seek help, but im scared that i could hurt my friends or family if they find out or see my scars… but still i dont wanna go into therapy cos i would have to tell somebody.. so what should i do? can i even do something or should i just go on living my life smiling and pretending..?
    (sry i couldn’t make it any shorter)

  • Hi Kati, i try to keep it short here ^^
    Soo… (im 17 btw.) the thing is i’ve been depressed for a few years now (sometimes less sometimes really badly to selfharm and stuff)… first i really wanted to get help but i never told anyone and with the time i just accepted it and started to feel comfortable with it so i dont wanna go seek help, but im scared that i hurt my friends or family if they find out or see my scars… but still i dont wanna go into therapy cos i would have to tell somebody.. so what should i do?
    (sry i couldn’t make it any shorter)

  • any tips for dealing with family during this holidays? I have a really hard time with this because I feel like I can’t be myself around them, as they have conflicting religious and political beliefs. they get so offended if I say my beliefs or but they say whatever they think and feel and expect me to accept that. I am also in an lgbt relationship which adds to this. I will be traveling and staying with my partners family for 7 days over the holidays and I am so anxious about it!

  • Amazing video! I am just now starting to feel stressed as being a primary school teacher at Christmas is very busy! So these tips are really going to help over the next few weeks:) x

  • Some people get power and energy from being around other people, but others’ energy is drained by this. I get so drained being around strangers in public, work parties, and family during the holidays. So many questions about what you’re doing for the holidays, what you’re going to do next year, are you seeing anyone, what did you get for Christmas, etc. Ugh. I am alone during the holidays and usually don’t even decorate much, but I just try to use the alone time to really look at what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year and reconnect with myself and my goals. I basically hit the “delete” button on all the unwanted comments or negative feelings that come from being around people who don’t really know me and focus on enjoying a couple of fun outings with my closest friends who know me best.

  • #KatiFAQ (english is not my first language, so sorry for the mistakes) i have a friend of mine who is really struggling with some kind of mental issue, but he’s very reserved and it took him ages to talk to me about it. The thing is that i don’t know how to help him, because i don’t even know what he has, and he rejectes any help (like seeing a therapist or even talk to me more about it) so i don’t know how to deal with this. Do you have any recomendations?

  • #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, so I am like 90% sure that I have an eating disorder but I haven’t been diagnosed because I don’t want to tell my parents. This is kind of weird but like, I look at pictures of skinny people so that it will make me not want to eat and I have noticed that I eat more when I don’t look at them that day, do you think that I actually may have an eating disorder or am I just tricking myself somehow? Also if I did and I wanted to get better does that mean I would have to eat more and gain weight or could therapy just help me with these thoughts/feelings? I still want to lose weight but Its starting to become an issue in my everyday life and I think its causing me to be sad and less focused as well. Sorry, also, I know this is a lot but do you know any good therapists like you in the orange county area?

  • #KatiFAQ Hi Kati. I’m a teenage girl and am 99.99% sure I have depression. I don’t know what kind or how severe but I know I’ve had it for years. My mom knows somewhat about it but I don’t tell her anything too in detail because I worry about making her sad or feel bad for me. I also have social anxiety so it’s pretty hard to open up to anyone at all. I think I should see a therapist, and I have talked with my mom about it in the past, but the depression has been more severe lately so I have been thinking of seeing someone soon. I’m worried about bringing it up though because we have so much else going on right now and my parents are in a financial rut. Also, I’m scared of just the thought of talking to a therapist and trying to find one I will like because of my S.A.D. What should I do?!

  • #KatiFAQ I just watched your video on alcohol/drug abuse & how it can relate to self harm. For me, I don’t abuse alcohol or self harm regularly like I used to when I was in the deepest stages of my depressionI would even consider myself recovered. But if I’ve had a few too many drinks and hit that downer phase when I’d already been feeling a little anxious, or maybe a conversation gets triggering, sometimes I end up cutting. I don’t bother with distraction techniques. It’s as if I look forward to doing it, and not having to really think about what I’ve done. Is it okay because at least it’s not as bad as it used to be? Am I still “recovered”? Thanks Kati, love you! xo

  • a small act of kindness i like to do is pay for the person behind me in the dunkin donuts drive thru. its usually only a couple extra dollars and makes me feel good the rest of the day:)

  • #KatiFAQ how is one supposed to get treatment for said eating disorder if the person is on limited income, has no family for financial help and has Obama care?
    said person has had a an eating disorder for 9 years, is there any real help. or will said person always have this problem?

  • #KatiFAQ Hey Kati, Do you think that there is a point at which completely staying away from an emotional abuser, e.g: not visiting a parent, is better than dealing with them or could that make them victimise you more? Lauren xoxo

  • #katifaq Why am I always so scared that I’m going to be assaulted or raped? I have a history of sexual abuse and I’m working though those issues that come along with it. I know these fears are irrational but I can’t seem to stop them! What do I do when my thought process is all jumbled but deep down I know I’m being ridiculous and my fears are not valid!

  • is it weird to think in plural. I don’t hear voices or anything but for example if my alarm goes off and I start to fall asleep I think to myself “We need to get up” or if I’m on my way to work and I realize I forgot my wallet I’ll think “we forgot our wallet” Do others do this?

  • Hey Kati!! Love ur videos a lot. Just asking, wether or not frequent daydreaming is a symptom of depersonalization disorder. I’m diagnosed with it but my doctor never said anything about the daydreaming, I have those short but frequent daydreams. Thanks so much Kati!!:)

  • I’ve been thinking about getting some peppermint oil for a while now and this video might just be the push I needed to actually go out and get some. Thanks!

  • #KatiFAQ What are the different signs of anxiety? There are many instances where I don’t necessarily feel anxious or nervous inside my head, but I notice some physical signs. A friend of mine who I was in treatment with once suggested to me that I talk to my psychiatrist about another anxiety med, but I was confused because I don’t always feel anxious. Maybe she notices some physical things I do like shaking my legs, scratching my thumbs or other parts of my body, and even staring off into space for a little bit and almost dissociating. I also have trichotillomania, if that means anything. Could these be physical signs of anxiety, even though I don’t always feel mentally anxious?

  • I was raised by perfectionists and grew up avoiding trying new things because I knew I couldn’t do it perfectly. Now I’m pushing 70 and have decided, even if I fail, so what? I’m going to try some of those things…..I’m not too old……I’m not wasting my time….I’m just going to try. Embrace change, that is going to be my new motto.

  • So much STRESS!
    I literally threw up midway through my Thanksgiving potluck dish preparation.
    I recognized my social anxiety pattern where I can get sick to have a valid excuse to SKIP THE PARTY, and I centered, and went on to have a successful event!

  • #katifaq Can you be depressed year-round but have SAD? Why I ask such a vague question is, every year, for…probably since I was 13, I’ve gotten more depressed than usual when the nights start getting cold. Feeling the cool air gives me such a sense of dread and hurt, for no apparent reason. I wonder if SAD could still affect someone with Chronic Depression or maybe just a trigger from the coldness.

  • Great video ladies
    #KatiFAQ my therapist keeps telling me that I need to cultivate motivation for recovery from an ED that it won’t just come to me, that I actually have to work for it to gain it. I do understand that, but my question is this, if I have that motivation, wouldn’t that mean I should be just recovered? I know that sounds simple, but how can I have motivation to stop something, yet seem to carry on with behaviours I know are contrary to it? Sorry I know this might sound stupid but just seems highly conflicting.

  • #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, im in a strange situation right now… so i’d like to get your opinion/help and i’ll try to keep it short here ^^
    Okay… (im 17 btw.) the thing is i’ve been depressed for a few years now (sometimes less sometimes really badly to selfharm and stuff)… first i really wanted to get help but i never told anyone and with the time i just accepted it and started to feel comfortable with it.. honestly i dont know if thats even “normal” or possible to start liking it… anyways i dont wanna go seek help, but im scared that i could hurt my friends or family if they find out or see my scars… but still i dont wanna go into therapy cos i would have to tell somebody.. so what should i do? can i even do something or should i just go on living my life smiling and pretending..?
    (sry i couldn’t make it any shorter)

  • This is why I do not like Christmas! Too much stress! Too expensive! Buying things for kids and Grandkids that have enough already!

  • #KatiFAQ in what way can being drunk alter our emotions? I got drunk the other day with my friends, not blackout drunk i’m pretty sure i can remember most things, but me and my friend were sat close and i really wanted to kiss her, can being drunk cause false feelings? Or does this mean that i actually do like her? Sorry if this is confusing and probably not important haha

  • Good advice, Julia! I like to watch “Home for the Holidays” (Robert Downey, Holly Hunter) It makes me laugh and remember we ALL have dysfunctional families in some way.

  • Hooray! Loved these messages. I’ve been going through all your videos the past few days. As a dietitian, I always approach health through a “wellness” focus and had a similar conversation with a client a few days back.

  • #KatiFAQ Hey Kati, if you go into therapy but you don’t know where to start when talking to them, can you ask your therapist to lead the conversation or ask you questions? If they do, what type of questions will they ask to get the information out of you?
    Thanks heaps! Xx

  • Hi Kati, I have a question I make attachments to young, female people in my life like managers, teachers, aunts but my most intense attachment at the moment is to my psychologist at CAMHS. How do I talk to her about this without feeling uncomfortable? How do I go about mentioning it? I LOVE your videos! x

  • OMG YES! I loooveeee ingrid! This was great! And holidays are realy stressful for me, i will try to use these tips to help! Thanks!

  • Family dynamics are difficult so I “try” not to focus on the situation. I checked out your shop. I love the affirmation bracelets. It will make a great holiday gift!

  • #katifaq First I love your videos……… Last weeks session in therapy was super intense and I ended breaking down. But I left really upset with myself and with me therapist because I hate crying but most of all I hate crying in front of other people. And she knows that and I understand it’s her job to push me and challenge me but at the time I was pissed out. I’m wondering is this something I should bring up to her in the next session.

  • I love Christmas, we are low key it’s all about family and including those that may be alone being together we have a memory table to celebrate those that are gone and share them with those that may have known them as we did.
    I love Christmas and my family comes together because it’s the time of year Mom loves.

  • Remember that people’s needs don’t go away after the holidays, reach out to those who need a hand, volunteer, be kind, all year long. You might find yourself receiving more than you give!

  • Beautiful celebration season but so much stress, anxiety and lots of gift shopping…It should be the season of happiness, laughter, love and compassion. God bless you all ��

  • I know this probably won’t be mentioned in a video, but that’s okay:) I thought of a really good journal topic. Since new years is literally days away write a list of 10 great things that have happened to you in 2015 and how they positively impacted your life.

  • Such good advice. There many holiday things to deal with. One is that I have No Family….none. And many precious people have passed. Thus, since finances and transportation are challenging I have to be very inventive when there is such temptation to continue isolating. Once I begin decorating
    the house the bright colors lift the spirits and act as an inspiration to remember what the season is really all about. When I focus more on the Christmas story and my faith i begin thinking more of others rather than myself. It is Not easy for one minute but it gives strength and purpose to do it.
    Another thing that helps give a sense of purpose for me is to go through some things…..clothes, dishes, books, decor, etc and donate them to one of the churches nearby. They set up a shop like atmosphere where their food pantry is snd people can come to find things to use or give as gifts. They even bag or wrap them for the people. By doing this early I can get a sense of doing something beneficial for people I will never see.

  • Take the pressure off yourself in any way possible! Please yourself and smile at yourself to be able to step out of the masses and remember your spirit and what is unseen… look at anything and everything beautiful in nature or in your dwelling as much as possible… read inspiring literature of any kind… in other words, relax!:) realize everyone of us have these seasons of up and down and all around, keep company with loving animals to stabilize emotions:) and not all negativity we create is true… thank God.

  • Good and true advice! I have so many things to be thankful for but along the way I’ve lost many family members and friends like most sixty-one year olds. How I deal with holiday stress is to remember my Savior, Jesus Christ; it’s His birthday celebration!! Thank you for your videos! You’re beautiful inside and out! Rene’ ��

  • Hey Kati. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about coming out as transgender (FtM) to a parent. I came out to my mom and she said she was cool with it but said I wasn’t because I didn’t have any of the “signs” of being trans. My dad once told my brother that if he wanted to be a girl it wasn’t okay. Because of this I am now scared to come out to him. A way I was thinking of doing it was through a note. I could leave it for him when I’m at school and he could read it and tell me (hopefully calmly) if he’s cool with it, and if he’s not weather or not I can stay. Or I could tell him over text message.

  • This was so well filmed Morgan and the message is so positive and true! I think we are all guilty of comparing ourselves especially with Instagram and we loose focus of all we have in our own lives to be grateful for.
    I dislike Twitter too, I don’t get the point of it and hate the layout while Instagram is so much more fun:)xo

  • What a beautiful video and message.It’s really true that we should stop comparing us to other people because no one really knows what lies behind the camera or behind the smile….And of course every day to do something fun. A smile and laughter change every situation and mood.��I wish you to smile and laugh every day. ��xoxo