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5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling. by Tessa McLean. August 31, 2018. After six months of bullet journaling, I feel more productive than ever — and I even sleep better. Here are the five main lessons I took away from six months of bullet journalin. Bullet journaling is surprisingly easier and more effective than you’d think.

More information 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling | MyFitnessPal. 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling | MyFitnessPal #bulletjournal. Bullet Journal: Lessons Learned in 6 Months Six short months ago, I opened up the first page of my brand new Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebook and began my very first Bullet Journal. What I didn’t know at the time was how much of an impact this “little” system would have on my life. 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling – – #Bullet #Healt Kerkmann Taschenablage weiß für gerade Theke Kerkmann FitFlop Eva FitFlopFitFlop.

Welcome to my not so new series, Bullet Journal 2.0. In this series, I’ll be discussing a number of topics, including what a bullet journal is, future logs, monthly spreads, weeklies vs. dailies, habit tracking (hey, you’re on this post), collections, getting over the fear of starting, what to. 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling – – #Bullet #Healthy #journaling #Learned Read More.

Jul 4. 0. by admin. Share. 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling | Wellness | MyFitnessPal Bullet journaling is surprisingly easier and more effective than you’d think.

Como Hacer Una Agenda Organizar Tu Vida Cuaderno De Tareas Libreta De Apuntes Organizadores Agendas Organizador Agenda Ideias De Caligrafia Decoracion De Libretas. Explore amelialang’s board “BULLET JOURNALING”, followed by 417 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bullet, Bullet journal inspiration and Bullet journal inspo. Stay safe and healthy.

Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and. 5 Healthy Lessons Learned From 6 Months of Bullet Journaling | Wellness | MyFitnessPal Bullet journaling is surprisingly easier and more effective than you’d think. Excursie Afspeellijst Film Marathon Hooglied Liefdesliedjes Gezegden Over Muziek Zomer Bucket Lists Filmmuziekboeken.

List of related literature:

Journaling has been shown to be one of the most effective learning tools and significantly helps you embed the learning you derive from each chapter.

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In addition, it would be ideal for you to keep a written journal while you’re meeting the ten-day Mental Challenge, writing your experiences each day and recording how you successfully dealt with those various challenges.

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Journaling is especially important when we are going through periods of change.

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  • I recently started my journey with bullet journal. It’s very inspiring to listen to you for a beginner like me. The 2 sentences of yours’ have made it to the first page of my BuJo. “Bullet journal is the paper version of what’s going on in your brain”. “Embrace the messiness of your life and your BuJo”. Thank you!

  • Hi Mariana! I kind of felt that the video had no ending. What was the solution that you’ve found besides bullet journals? By the way, I’ve tried it twice and gave up. ��

  • There is one wrong way to bullet journal: doing it in a way that does not benefit you and your life. If drawing makes you feel good, then you probably should draw in you bullet journal. It doesn’t matter rather your bullet journal is pretty or ugly; it does matter rather your bullet journal helps you live more inline with your own values, desires, and goals. In his book, Ryder includes an example of a bullet journalist who used practicing calligraphy in her bullet journal to help with her OCD so that her hands could heal well enough to squeeze a lemon herself. He even shows the special (artistic) spread she made to celebrate that day. It’s a bit like the KonMari “does it spark joy?” idea: does what you do in your journal spark joy? Does it enrich your life? Does it help you reflect on your thoughts and past actions to enable you to make better decisions about ur future?

  • I’m fairly new to bullet journaling (watching bunch of videos of everyone else’s and just in awe only because of how organized they are)
    I wish I new beforehand that it is perfectly okay to not have a set plan for the notebook. Mine so far consists of goals (mentally, physically, and book wise), quotes, a homework assignment, and a little doodle.
    I just enjoy not having strict lines and can do whatever I please in the notebook and can sometimes do a mixture of little doodles with what I am planning.

  • I have never done a bullet journal before, I just use a monthly planner to keep track of appointments. I am interested in bullet journals but I feel like I don’t have anything to put into one.

  • I don’t think Ryder designed the bullet journal concept to be ‘Instagramworthy’ more as a easy to use productivity tool. Why do people put so much pressure on themselves to present everything perfectly for others to look at?

  • All of these things are logical if you think about it…i dont see how they require an 11 minute explanation??? 11 minutes of my life i will never get back. Thanks

  • Hey, just thought I’d let you know, I had no idea what this video was about when I saw it in my sidebar. Will I could see in the title was “What I Wish I Knew Before I” and the thumbnail only said “What I Wish I Knew.”
    Now, I was watching another video about bullet journaling, so I guessed that this would be related to that, and I AM interested in this video, but I just thought I would let you know because that may not be something that ever really occurred to you.:)

  • My journal experience started with creating a place where I can organize my Animal Crossing experience on paper, and I didnt realize how much I would enjoy journaling. I have since bought a bullet journal and some productivity stickers and washi tape and I am about to start creating my own design! There are some nerves that I’ll screw up or mess it up but this video helped combat that! Looking forward to a productive year

  • I love how you say the habit tracker was ineffective for you, I love how you’re wording the whole video. I think everybody needs to hear this. I still can’t decide what journal or paper to glue into a journal with bujo spreads, education notes, or art spreads, it’s overwhelming.

  • tbh i wished i knew having a bullet journal isn’t for everyone! i don’t have a life busy enough to have one, most of my days and most of my spreads ended up empty, since i didn’t have much to do at that time, and after trying for around three years i now have realized that it’s just not functional for me. i now journal about an assortment of things i like, and i love it, since it lets me express my love and experiences with different things, and i don’t feel pressured to do it constantly!

  • I wish I knew that I could use bullet journal methods without buying a whole, blank journal. I use a planner with a “scribble” section in the back with a grid so I can make my own little spreads for goals or quotes or even just cute stickers that make me happy.

  • Thank you very much for that video:)
    I’ve been journaling for over 1 year and a half now, and I remembered having troubles starting it, although I was really really in a need for more organisation, and yes, a place to have my brain down on paper!
    It worked well for me since, I am artistry and it allowed me to spend some time drawing while getting organized, just what I needed. I also already had a lot of pen, whashi, notebooks (just discovered dotted ones, and they are my favorites now), so it just allowed me to expend more all of my collections!
    But recently, I had more troubles using it. Decorating it was a burden, something I had to do instead of something I wanted to. And it took me some times to realize it is ok to go back to something simpler. I do not change much my set-ups over the months, but I can go for a much more simpler doodle instead of a fancy illustration. And that maybe, the way I was tracking things over the month was not right, and maybe I can try new things, etc. And I found it hard to explain to my entourage why I had those troubles, and what bothered me, even to my roommate who is also BuJo addict.
    So thank you, it is very comforting to see that others are having the same problems and questions that I had:)

  • Thank you for this video, its great to be reminded that the journal is for us to be organized. I have been wanting to start bullet journaling and worried about the esthetics

  • There are many different styles of journaling. You don’t necessarily have to write about your day word for word. You can do a bullet style where you just note the important events of the day. You can use a style for self discovery and personal growth where you use question prompts (you can find these on different internet platforms) and you must soul search for the answers. You are an artist? Incorporate that into your journaling. Talk about your feelings and thoughts or ideas. Do some internet research and find a style of journaling that works for YOU and add or take away from it depending on your needs. There are also different types like dream journals etc There is a style where you don’t think you just free flow from your heart and subconscious until you don’t have anything else to say. Or you could give yourself a time limit. Some people even use voice recorders for journaling. It really can be fun and mind blowing sometimes. Maybe journaling should be called journeying because that’s what it’s about.

  • You are such a nice person. I’ve found you during a marathon of bullet journal watching. This video is what I need! Thanks for your help✨

  • I wish that I knew it is okay to mix things. You want to add collages and some art journal pages, go for it! Don’t let a certain thing guide your way

  • Im into bullet journaling since 2016, but there are times when i just want to stop because i lack confidence that my bujo is not that clean and cute as what others are posting. ������

    But thank you for this video. ❤

  • I always used a running task list at work but I wasnt using it efficiently. I started looking into bullet journaling as a way of better organizing my tasks. It’s still too big of a concept for me. However I have incorporated some of the tips I’ve learned through watching bujo videos. My handwriting is bad so I made my March spread on Word and then glued it into my notebook. I did similar thing for other things I need to track for work and glued those in as well. I use page flags and different bullets and highlighters to help with organization. It’s not everything most bujos have. But so far it works (I started in February). I’m going to keep working on it and make it better over time. I am really grateful for this video and some of your others that I’ve seen because I’m more confident that my handy dandy notebook as I call it can be what I want.

  • In agreement with the first few minutes of your video=》I wish I knew that there was a happy medium between aesthetic and functional bullet journaling.
    AND functional bujo-ing is beautiful too.

  • I’ve journaled for 45 years. I’ve had times when I’ve gone for days, weeks, months, and then for a year or two when I was temporarily legally blind and couldn’t journal. But I’ve always returned to it and now that I’m old and in my 60s, have plenty of time for it. I imagine someone 100 years from now finding my old journal volumes in an attic and reading about how life was for an avetage person during the different decades of my life.

    Nice to read something from a guy’s perspective.

  • Conta pra gente qual o problema que tu tiveste com tantas tentativas de se organizar e deixar o vlog/ canal atualizado. Realmente te ajudou ou te fez perder mais tempo? Pergunto porque as vezes perco mais tempo vendo vídeos na internet do que agindo como agora

  • I started out in 2014, after a friend had pointed me to the original website. In the beginning, I mostly used the bullet journal to track my work as a writer, so I always wrote down my words per day and per project (stories and blog posts, mostly). I decided, after seeing that the suggested notebook for bullet-journalling was 20€, that I could very well start my own journal in an exercise book for less than 1€, just to try it out. I’d merely note the day and the tasks and other things, kept a page for a simple calendar (just the numbers 1 to 30/31) and one for my monthly to-do list and that was it. Until last October, I actually kept it like that and it worked well enough for me. Then I decided to put in a few trackers (a few habit trackers, cut back on some after two months, and a tracker for my words, so I had a visual representation), make a nicer calendar, and add a weekly calendar. I’m now using a cheap notebook for 3€, an off-brand black fine-liner, a text marker for a bit of colour (I have a set of six I use on rotation per month), and an old fountain pen I’ve had for decades. So no expensive stationery, just the things I feel I need. I’m not taking my journal along, but keep it on my desk at home (but then, I work from home, so I spend a lot of time there), so the exercise books and one notebook of the same kind I had for almost two years before my current one were fine for me.

    I’d advise everyone who wants to start with bullet-journalling to experiment, to see what is there and what they might need. The nice thing about the journal is that you can change it whenever you want. You’re not bound for months, you can change a lot of things within a day or a week, so if you find something is useless for you, drop it. If you think something could be useful for you, try it out. Find out what works for you and don’t be afraid to make changes, even after years of bullet-journalling. I did it and I’m glad I did.

  • Start small. Stay easy. Add things as you want to not cause you think you need to. I pick mine up when my brain feels like it is holding on to too much. I use it until I don’t need it again. Then I drop it for a while. No worries.

  • As mewbie, I find it kinda hard keep daily entries… But I’m happy that at least once weekly I make myself sit and keep up woth it

  • My bujo is really free. I have a monthly tracker and then almost all pages are dedicated to my thoughts on the Bible. From time to time there are lists that pop out here and there (things I worry about, things I need to do, things I want to remember). I have never been able to finish a bujo before because I always feel pressured to use it to organize everything and being a stressed person it would make it worse. Now on the first page of my bujo is “This notebook is for me to use FREELY”

  • I wish I had thought that I could flip the book over and write all my garbage notes in the back, so all my planning and life logs are at the front.

  • Ok, so I’m a newbie and just have my little happy planner because I NEEDED a way of keeping track of what my kids were doing in their homeschool. Seriously, my 10 year old got away with not reading his reading lessons for almost a MONTH because I forgot to check ����‍♀️

    Either way, I love you, love your channel, love that you cuss and I think “douche canoe” is my new favorite insult.

  • Thoughts on a camping/ideas/foods/packing list spreads?? Totally new to this. Was just looking to jot some ideas down in a journal then came across this whole bullet thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!

  • At one point you say you don’t need to share your BuJo if you don’t want to. Many YouTubers don’t share theirs either; they have one BuJo for their videos Ryder does that too.
    A couple of years ago I went to Chapters in their sale clearance section and bought a few Leuchtturm 1917 for about $6 CAD each. What I regret is that I now know I don’t like dots, mainly because I can’t see them and those notebooks are hardcover.
    My DH and I do volunteer emergency training across Canada during the weekends and that book goes into my packsack and it dawn on me that every time I pack, it gets heavier.
    So when I’m finished with those, I’ll go with paperback with lines and probably with a spiral spine so I can open it up completely. I don’t have dedicated pens so I just use what’s around me, which is usually my Avon pens.
    My DH and youngest son are both gamers and they use notebooks for notes, strategies, money to spend or to acquire, maps, etc.; it’s like they bullet journal too.
    I really love your chit chats like this one. All of those points are correct and yes, we keep repeating them. TFS Nicole

  • My tip is to just practice handwriting using an entry level pen of some type and when you can write sentences without cringing at your handwriting start a journal

  • Love this video! I started a super simple bujo to manage work projects last month. Your two-page weekly spread has been SUPER instrumental in getting me to a usable form quickly (daily was way overwhelming, monthly was too long of a term). I have also adapted it to a two week spread when the to do list on the left is being stubborn. I combine it with kanban boards in the same book for tasks I’ve delegated but need to keep progress on. And I may have finally found the relief my brain needed. I love the idea of the brain dump.
    I would love to use this for personal journaling too, but I’ll add that later when I’ve gotten used to to the form.

  • I tried bujo twice, but both times I failed after couple of weeks. So I simplified things and bought a calendar that has more space than regular one. It worked and I have been using it 3 months now. But I’m slowly dreaming to return to totally empty pages to style everything by myself. I think the space in the calendar is still not enough ��

  • I really wish I wouldn’t have put so much pressure on my bullet journal to look perfect and be very complicated and aesthetic from day one. It just made me frustrated and feel like I wanted to stop because my bullet journal wasn’t up to the standards I saw on Instagram. I’ve been bullet journaling for more than a year now and there’s still no Instagram worthy spreads in it, but I’ve learned that the process of spending a long time, sometimes hours, on spreads is very therapeutic for me and now I do it for the process and the organization of my life rather than to impress people.

  • So glad you posted this and not just for bullet journaling. I’ve been right at the jumping off place for throwing all my art shit away thanks to Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Hey, I was wondering, did you read the Ryder Caroll’s book before you started journaling?

    I wanted to ask because I do have the book however i have not finished it yet but I’m very excited to just start journaling.

    So I’m not sure what should I do.

  • I just started and my bullet journal is basically how I always wanted my planners in school to look.

    ex: having a daily check in for mental health, a goal for the month to focus on, a small daily note section, top 3 important tasks for the day, and a general task list. I have a calendar for each month set up and a tiny year at a glance.

    artistic isnt something I’m striving for and im trying to basically just get rolling.

  • I get from the bujo community that it is more of a customized planner and everything seems to be very calendar oriented obviously planning has a time element but I don’t need my journal to have a calendar in it or three or more calendars. I am just not that linear I love the idea of bujounaling to make my journals less jumpy around-y but getting a $20 journal made me self consciece of how to set it up and not wanting to mess it up and largely not using it. there was just too much presure I would like to see something more journally and less planner I am not sure how to explain it. I resently learned about energy profiling and I have a flow energy and much of what I see is though very artistic a very boxed in self displined energy.

  • I just started on bullet journaling in 2020 in youtube feed. First thing i thought about bullet journal is got to be perfect with the kits ready. But hey posting youtube to show is a process and a journey from imperfection. ��

  • Hey PlantBased Bride, I’m Fox and I’m thirteen. I have been using a bullet journal for over a year (think 1 1/2 years) and I was wondering if you could a video for high school students and stuff. I know it doesn’t seem like we exist (haha) but I promise you I have three friends who also bullet journal.

    One thing I wish I knew/realized is that my bullet journal will be way different than other’s and that’s okay.

    I love your channel so much ����❤️

  • Larger journals aren’t better for me. The one I’m using right now has about 300 sheets and it literally feels like carrying a bible around. Next year, I’m gonna need a smaller one.

  • I’ve been using bullet journals for over two years now but a lot of this was still very useful and good to be reminded of even if you’re not a newbie anymore.

  • I have some sort of undiagnosed ADHD I’m scared I’ll overwhelm myself with BuJo book. I can’t hardly read a couple pages at a time let alone focus on 1 task. I’m also nervous that I’ll continue to set ridiculously ambitious impossible to do lists in this BuJo that I never ever EVER finish and always have to migrate, continuing more trouble than it’s worth.

  • So, I’ve always been the type of person who was stuck in my mind. I was always afraid to speak out and to try and have no filter. I also talk a lot to myself and in my head. I saw this video and journaling peaked my interest. I believe that it is a very different activity from person to person. I decided to try it out after I watched this video and I already wrote 3 pages on regular lined paper. My thoughts flowed seamlessly and it really helped me to express my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I really do feel like this is self therapy and I will definitely continue to do so in the future. I already ordered a journal and a nice pen thats coming in 2 days on Amazon!! If this comment can help one person who is stuck in their mind decide to journal, then I am very happy I wrote this!

  • I’m not very artistic so my artsy parts of my bujo are more basic. I used a key for a few years but now skip it. I also like doing my planner portion first as one big chunk and then use the rest of the pages for the other stuff. It is tedious and takes awhile to make but at the same time, I might not be motivated to do a whole month just a few days or weeks before that month is about to start.

  • I am new to bullet journaling and I struggled with the fact that I DO NOT have a set schedule (ie school or work, etc), just tasks to accomplish and trying to be more organized and productive. I have found that trying to condense all of my individual journals DOES NOT work for me.

    It does help me with ideas of how to organize my journals (and maybe get more creative).

  • I think, it is important to take time to figure out what works best. I have a bujo to organize my stuff and use an other notebook as a good old journal/diary…

  • It tooke me just a few weeks to understnad that it is verly stressful. But I’ve become 30% more productive than I was before after I stumbled across your channel Mariana!!

  • Sounds stupid but I wish someone told me that I could plan a weekly spread only if I needed it..
    Also, that a minimal style is a valid way to journal.
    I “”started”” bullet journaling in 2017 and I hated it because it was horrible lmao I used to doodle a lot in a style that wasn’t mine and also I used to go heavy with lettering and calligraphy but obviously I was new in that world so I sucked at it and it looked awful.. So I stopped for over a year, but still got along with lettering, so this year I decided give it one more try with just the monthly calendar, the trackers and spreads more focused on anxiety relief, and let me tell ya I’m in love with it so far.
    Also, if I ever needed a daily/weekly planner I can always set it up.

  • I love you! I first saw BuJo 4 years ago but it seemed SOO overwhelming despite having seen the original creators tips about simplicity. Finally took the leap this year. My journal has chicken scratch, I back tracked to “beautify” it. Some days only have tasks other days have 2 page spread of me just journaling or brain dumping. Despite the chaos everyone else would see, I love it, and it feels organized and make sense for me

  • Thank you so so much for making this. Sometimes I get hung up on doing things “right” (and honestly sometimes the “freedom” freaks me out) but thank you for these reminders ��

  • What never ceases to amaze me is that people who show their journals around don’t ever make mistakes. I can’t write two sentences without having to repair a word or two.

  • Well I’m starting like start of this year. Coz one of my best friend suggesting it. And it is indeed hard to keep writing it every day. Donno what to write…is it okay whenever I did or something happen that day then to write or it is have to be written everyday��

  • I`m not really bullet journaling. I just included some things into my diary but it is still mainly a diary. It just has a Birthday-List, a To-Do-List (daily and monthly), a upload plan and a habbit tracker now. Makes life a lot easier for me. And it doesn`t take up much space. And since it`s still mainly my diary I almost take it every day into my hands.

  • While I loved the writing and drawing (when I felt like it), carrying a book around to all my different things I do became prohibitive for productivity. Switching to a digital version with iPad/pencil/GoodNotes means I have it updated and available in my phone, which I have to carry all the time, but also get to write and doodle and set up my pages as I wish each day/month. Best of both worlds!

  • My legit only concern with starting my bullet journal is how many thoughts I can catch and how easy it will be to find things I’ve jotted down to look back at for reference. I’m loving your energy sis ������

  • wow, looks so analytical and scientific and structured. i like it. the only issue, does it become too manual and robotic that way.

  • Things I wish I knew before starting a bullet journal:
    1) as you said, I dont need to make it look like those I see on social media
    2) every spread i see people using is not always necessary for me
    3) I can put literally anything I want into my bullet journal

  • I think a few or even all of these issues could be solved by having a digital bullet journal. I can’t manage to keep a irl bujo for the same reasons as in the video. Especially because an irl journal feels so much more permanent when you make a mistake. But a digital planner has been working well for me because I can add pictures directly from websites, I can add pages when/where I need them, and I can hyperlink/bookmark entire sections to make an index. I know it’s not the best option for everyone, but if you already have, say, an ipad/apple pencil then you could try it out. I use the default grid paper but people also make pdfs of journals that are already all laid out and formatted.

  • Hi! Stumbled upon your video in my recommendations. I also just started this month and I’m currently not using my bujo because I want to start over. I’m trying to find a really good notebook with higher gsm as advised by some people I know who are artsy and bullet journal as well. Any notebook recommendations??

    Ps. I’m also from the Philippines so global stuff might be best. Thank you po! ����

  • I’m starting my first bullet journal! But I’m bookbinding it myself and making it a traveler’s Journal insert *which I’m also new too * but my question is does the journal need a certain amount of pages?
    And I’m keeping in mind it’s a small book *8″×5″ * so I’m trying to figure out if I should compensate the small size with more pages

  • I really needed this reminder. I’m having a block in trying to get my 2020 bujo going and i think this might have pushed me past it

  • Thank you for this, I feel like a lot of my journaling anxiety comes from me feeling like I HAVE to have my spreads done so I can use them but I’m lazy and busy so most of the time I’m still not done with my set ups until halfway through a month (like now I’m still working on January ��)

  • I generally use notebooks to plan projects but the bullet journal system seems so structured with spreads and whatnot, I don’t feel like could just grab it and jot down a list of things I need to pick up to start a new project or whatever I need spontaneously. The spreads are great for time management but I don’t now how to make the system more functional for daily work as a journal.

  • My advice? Don’t start simple just because someone told you to. You can try everything you want in the first few months if that’s what you’re comfortable with. I personally found a style of journaling in around four five months this way instead trying something new every month for a year. The most important thing is to not be afraid to fail. You can make a beautiful spread and never look at it again. You can make a spread that you view as the ugliest in your journal but it will be the most useful. Just do what you feel is right for you and don’t be afraid.

  • My cycle is always off… I wish I could still track mine but I would probably run out of room on the page due to my being late constantly. Love this video though, great spreads!

  • Something I wish I knew? That it worked so well for me. I had used so many planners and stuff that were a temporary fix but bullet journaling has been the best thing ever!

  • I remembered when I got so dang inspired, like really extreme adrenaline rush in the night and thought: “Hey, I should start journaling!”. So I went to the DIY store nearby and bought it instantly. My first journal was just plain, only using black pens but wow I enjoyed it.

    The first 5 days went great, until when the adrenaline rush had gone away. Not because I don’t like it anymore, it was because I got into depression and it just hit me differently and I was no longer interested in doing anything with my life. I did marked each date when I’m journaling and let’s say my first journal was very depressing.

    It took me absolutely 2 and a half year to recover and now I’m giving myself another shot on this. Thank you for this video:)

  • Ummm.. I think bullet journaling is a waste of time… a simple to do list will do good.
    U can do some other work in the time you spend in “perfecting ” ur journal ��

  • i want to start bullet journaling with the new school year. and although i know it won’t last for long, it’s nice starting in a journal that i know won’t last. (i keep a lot of notebooks and planners. so i’m using on of those)
    but that way i can draw a spread immediately go “ooo i don’t like that” ignore it and make a new one. and in a month or something i’ll a journal that i like better and tranfer what i like and never see my mistakes again. it just takes the presure off me to feel like i’m not “messing up” a nice new journal

  • I’m one of those that are afraid to start because I think I’ll fail. I feel like I fail at everything. My main reason for wanting to start one is to track my moods. My moods are extensive and can change, at times, every hour. Is there a way to tract that? How would I set it up? Suicide ideation is a very big part of my life. I feel like I’m being held hostage in a life I don’t want because I don’t want to hurt or embarrass my family and friends more than I already do. Do you or someone you know has a tracker idea for an extensive and forever changing mood?

  • Thanks a lot for the tips! For me, I KNOW I can’t follow up with habit trackers and I don’t need the weekly/daily trackers, so I’m actually thinking of combining my bullet journal with my Finnish language notebook, as my main goal is to become fluent ☺️

  • Just start & enjoy the process is just what I needed to hear. I’ve been so scared to start cause I don’t want to mess it up. I think I’m just gonna start simple like you said cause trying to find the right spread is overwhelming.

  • I wish i knew.. i didnt have to have so much shame for using a pencil for writing things.. im 23 and still cant use a pen without making mistakes so with starting bujo i kept getting upset i could nt use cute markers without making a buncha mistakes.. now i use a pencil then g.j o over it with crayola markers which i find r the best lol then if i make a mistake NO SWEST BC WAAAAAAAASHI TAPE

  • I made the mistake of making a grid with the 7 days of the week. It looks so nice and organized, visually plaeses so much. But, now I feel stressed about fitting my thoughts, tasks and events in the space. I’m looking forward to next week and starting over

  • This turned up in my feed today. I’m watching it two years and three month after you posted it (I think I did my math right). I’ve started four (?) bullet journals. Made it through 2 months, and then gave up! Four times! I started again this year, but I now know how I want it. I’ve unfollowed every BuJo channel here on YT, Instagram and Facebook, because I only wanted to do what they did. And that’s not right. That’s not what I wanted it for. I needed a planner system that worked for me, and bullet journal was (is) the system for me, but I started it all wrong, four times. Now I use the (weekly) running task list with a weekly for important stuff on the side, and it’s so much better for me. I’ve dropped all the fancy colors and all the spreads I don’t use. Thank you for this video! ��

  • Thanks for sharing! I think BJ initially is not supposed to be perfect/ideal and mistakes-free. Rather it is the ton of perfect looking pictures, that are posted here on Youtube or Instagram, that drives normal people crazy into following this trend of a picture-perfect BJ.

  • For me, I wish I hadn’t spent so much time researching what pen or ink to use that wouldn’t “ghost “. Guess what? A pencil doesn’t “ghost” Now I use it every day. Bonus: I can erase!

  • Like you I discovered habit trackers were the best way to not build that habit in the end I stopped trying to force myself into them. Same with mood trackers those tended to just exasperate me as I couldn’t decide what was most indicative of my mood that day and putting all the colours didn’t seem to be quite what it was intending me to do XD Cutting out what wasn’t working for me streamlined the whole experience for me as well as stopping holding myself up to the standards I set upon myself by watching artists who make stunning spreads month in and month out. It took a couple of years though!

  • I appreciate how you periodically change the layouts and formats for your needs, as you see a better way. I’ve been hesitant to get started as I havent been sure which layouts and formats to use, worrying it wont be right. Now I see I can go a week or month at a time and see how it works. If it does, continue on. If it doesnt, adjust. Thanks.

  • I have a whole set of pages in my journal just for quotes/Bible verses that I love. I also love using my fun lettering/fountain pens to create lettering in my spreads, even if it’s describing a bad/hard event… somehow having it look cute makes it feel a little better? Maybe? Haha. But yes, thank you, great video with great ideas. And I love seeing someone be open about mental health, therapy, etc… So many of us struggle and it helps so much to know you’re not alone. I was hospitalized in 2011 and diagnosed with Bipolar… during my hospitalization, it would have done so much for me just to have someone come alongside me to tell me that I would/could be okay again, and now I try to be that person for other people. It is possible to be diagnosed with a mental illness yet still live a relatively normal life. <3

  • People have been using a bullet journal format for decades, possibly centuries, especially in the military where bulletized situation reports are used by military leaders and they naturally adopted that format when writing daily unit reports,personnel reports, short range plans, long range plans, their personal diaries, and taught the concept to their subordinates, one major difference being the military journals stuck to the facts, there were not any artsy doodling in those journals. Until modern day planners were available, people would simply use a basic pocket calendar and notebook combination and achieve the same results. I have no problem recognizing Ryder Carol for his version of the bullet journal but his is just one in a very long line of bullet journal formats.

    Instead of taking notes verbatim, most people would just write key words and update after the lecture or meeting while it was fresh in their memory. If they knew how, they would use shorthand instead and various versions of shorthand have been around for over 2,000 years with the latest version of the popular Gregg Method developed around the late 1880s and a Century Edition update in 1980. Shorthand used to be a course taught in high school just like touch typing but sometime around the ’70s or ’80s schools stopped offering it even though it makes note-taking a breeze.

  • Thank you so much! I feel like you really touched some important points here that are not often addressed in the fancy bujo community

  • Thank God I’m not alone who gets even more anxious while bullet journaling instead of being organized and abandoning expensive notebooks over and over after few months. Thank you for being so honest.

  • For me, I like the artsy stuff that I can add to a bullet journal but that’s because /I like to do it/. I love drawing and adding splashes of colour that help me feel calm when I look at my journal, and it’s a self-care activity to sit down once a week and draw out my plans and pictures. What I don’t understand is people who force themselves to do it. If you don’t like sitting down to do all that then there’s no reason to. Bullet journals are for you. For your productivity, organisation, and enjoyment, no one else’s. I also like to imagine my journal as perfectly imperfect. It looks more charming with slightly curved lines and messy sprays of flowers rather than forcing myself to use a ruler for every little line and stressing over my drawings. I also have a spiral-bound book so that if something really goes wrong (I cannot use my watercolour paints in my journal, I learned) I can take out the page and move on.

  • I absolutely love this video!

    I really like the fact that your tracking your intake of “substances” and your mood. I’m an avid kratom user in the mornings, and drink kava almost every night. I will definitely be implementing these parts!

    I also love the lunar calender and the tracking of your menstrual cycle.

    I recently found out about this app (can’t recall the name of it) but it does this exact same thing. It tracks your temperature and determines when your ovulating etc.

    My girlfriends’ hormones are still out of whack after she had our daughter so I’ll definitely be suggesting this to her.

    Anyway, thanks for the great video and bringing some unique things to the table for us newbies.

  • I can definitely relate to being a perfectionist. For me, bullet journalling has helped me to be more aware of it, and to help me overcome my perfectionist side a bit. I also have made mistakes, or did spreads that I ultimately didn’t like, or just drew a line where there shouldn’t have been one or wrote the date wrong,… I have learned to just accept these things, correct them when appropriate (like spelling something wrong or writing the date wrong) or to just leave it as is and take away the lesson for next time (such as the way I want to do or organise a spread in the future).

  • I tried bullet journaling about 2 times. The first time, I set everything up and I absolutely hated how it looked so I bought a new one and completely redid the entire thing. I used it for half a month and never again after that. I’m really disappointed in myself that I tried to make it perfect so I I’m going to try one more time and try not to make it perfect (having too many expectations) ����❤️

  • Remember, Bullet Journal is a METHOD, but not the guide or template for beautiful book with calligraphy lettering and cosy spreadsheets. It just must to fit your goals in organizing your life. It’s not supposed to be a masterpiece, it’s simply a notebook for planning. Period.

  • This year I’m gonna start bullet journaling. But I’m gonna keep it simple. Not too many things to clutter it. Just gonna write down the most important things that I need to do. I think using too much aesthetics are tiring cuz they take time. Only a little bit of colour is enough. ��

  • I just finished my first Journal which I’ve been writing in daily (with a few exceptions) for 8 months. I started October 1st. I have to say it has been a really great outlet for me. Anytime I felt anxious or depressed (which can happen often) I’d write. The sadness or anxiety would fade. Not completely but just enough that I could have a temporary relief. Almost like Tylenol taking the edge off a headache.
    Thank you so much Matt for everything you do, I love your videos! This one has been a huge life changer, and hit close to home.

  • I have started to prepare a bullet journal for 2020. First lesson: I cannot draaw a table that does not looks as if I were drunk when drawing it. I wonder at all the self-drawn boxes and tables people seem to effortlessly draw. And, yes, I use a ruler for mine!

  • Mariana could you please make a video of how your doing your bullet journal simpler? I experienced a similar problem and I feel like if you made that video it would help me out a lot for sure.
    Besides I really love your videos thank you for existing ❤️❤️

  • It’s me again. Just an example that thing they call “Key” for the life of me I would NEVER be able to remember what was for what so that was never an option from the start ��♥️

  • I’m the over-whelmed person who fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole trying to make my journal look pretty. I’m so stuck by ‘perfectionism’ that I missed the whole point a tool. Something you said resonated with me the to-do list part. So I’m going back to start again and focus just on the to-do list and some future planning and see where that takes me. Thank YOU!

  • Your writing and journal spreads in both journals are handwriting goals. However, I love simplifying my journal and using less layouts that I just don’t use each month.

  • That’s funny “ I didn’t wanna boast “ I think that’s cute but it’s great to be grateful vs thinking of it as boasting and it’s interesting that after you realize your emotions changed.. it’s nice to actually see how our minds shift on paper

  • I’ve been using a filofax notebook and it’s been a lifesaver. I can easily remove pages when I make mistakes (perfectionism, sigh) and I can move things around, make different sections, etc. The only downside to this is that it’s smaller than a Leuchtturm so I have to buy a new notebook every 4 months. But then again, I just grab the pages I want to migrate and it’s done.

  • I just started this month. I don’t want to increase productivity, I just enjoy having a place to organize, because it helps with my anxiety. It’s a lovely new hobby so far, way better than some other ways to spend my time. So thanks for showing the freedom of this hobby in this video. Your advice made me feel reassured that I can just have this for myself and not for any one else. <3

  • really?? I am following this canal for organization tips and now it appears Mariana is a perfectionist who spends 3 hours a day making notes hahaha:D Thank you for being honest but now I cannot take your advices seriously. People, bullet journal is a tool for achieving a goal not a goal itself. A person who uses it as Mariana is, is missing all the point.

  • Usually when people ask me about ‘starters bujos’ I’ll recommend getting the cheapest you can find. It doesn’t hurt as much if you end up not using bc a bujo doesn’t work for you or if you ‘mess it up’ I used my super cheap bullet journal (on and off) for 2018, the entirety of 2019 and it will probably last me through April 2020 and I only know feel ‘ready’ for a more expensive bullet journal. Only downsides can be water colours or some pens that will bleed but you can easily fix that with some loose paper that you can stick into your bullet journal.
    I hate my 2018 spreads but at the time they were the best I could manage and relatively easy and quick to set up. 2019 got better, more artistic and I started to figure which elements I wanted and needed and I think I’ve come to a point where I do still change it up but overall I know which spreads I like and I know when I want to set up which pages.

  • Love your videos! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, they really inspire me! I totally agree with you about the bullet journal system. I try to adhere to it, but I find myself drifting off here and there. I’m now experimenting with a digital planner on Goodnotes! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, tips and tricks with us! P/s I also bought the iPad2018 because of your videos! Love taking notes with it!

  • I wish I had realized earlier on that there can be a happy medium between a minimalist and super artsy spread. I used to pressure myself to get a cover page and decorations done at the start of each month, but when I tried to cut it out altogether because I didn’t have the time/motivation, I would get bored because I was seeing the exact same thing over and over. I wish I had realized that it’s okay to leave pages simple with a nice title to leave room for the future if I feel like decorating it later. Your bullet journal shouldn’t feel like another thing to check off of your to do list and all of the decorations you add don’t have to be there immediately, you can simply wait for when you’re feeling inspired to decorate your bullet journal or you could never decorate it at all. You should allow yourself room to be artsy if you feel like it without pressuring yourself to get it done. That increased my enjoyment a lot.

  • I need to use a dated daily pages planner so that I can write down future dates and todos in concrete ways. I use a bullet journal notebook for future logs, trackers, lists, projects, goals, ideas, useful information, etc. I found I need an actual dated planner and a notebook. Trying to figure out how to write down todos for specific dates in the future was a nightmare with just a bullet journal as was writing down a packed monthly schedule unto the bullet journal format. Extreme headache.

  • Also, thank you Mariana for sharing your techniques with us. Your tips have helped me so much in my fight against procrastination!

  • When I originally started bullet journaling, I was fine until I got caught up in the decorative planning craze. I suddenly felt the pressure of “artistic perfection”; when added to my already present need for neat and tidy, I just found myself neglecting it. Once I got over the need to fit in with what others were doing and decided to do it my way, I fell in love with my journal and have used it to plan and structure my tasks. Now, after having read “The Bullet Journal Method” (in 2 days-I was hype lol), I feel even more energized in my simplistic use of the journal and reminded of how helpful the method can truly be when used without as much distraction as possible. The book really brought it all together for me and helped to drown out the social media noise.

    My advice to anyone struggling to keep up with it:

    A bullet journal can be SO helpful. You just have to remember the initial goal and reason for using it-focusing your attention, achieving your goals, and making purposeful use of your time. Forget how it looks for social media-those people can’t help you when it comes to actually accomplishing your tasks. Yes, you can make it your own but try to get the fundamentals of the system and it’ll be there for you to draw inspiration from if you find yourself getting neglectful in the future.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I hope it helps someone lol. 😉

  • When I started my bujo it was a complete chaotic mess, but now it’s clean, simple and neat a change in thinking yes and change of life. It’s now more of a diary and a to-do list perfect for me.

  • I really love bullet journaling. I am taking the simple and straight forward approach to it. No fluff, no complicated spreads. I really did not get all the decorations and spreads and trackers and anything. Because Ryder did simply said that you only need a pen and a notebook. the simplicity lead me to the bujo and I am happy with it.
    Well at the core the bujo is simply to collect all your to do lists in one place. Why make it a art journal when it is just supposed to log your to do, your thoughts, your tasks and meetings..? Why?

  • For me, I wish I had known of ring bound and especially disc bound planner possibilities before. And I regret not having started before.

  • A bullet journal isn’t supposed to be perfect; it’s supposed to be useful. Mine’s full of mistakes and crossing outs, but I use it every day. I don’t need something that looks pretty; I need something that helps me to organise my life.

  • As the year is about to end I’m determined to actually try to simplify everything. By the first of next year, I would like to be set using a method that works again. I loved the idea of having a notebook, a planner, and a journal in one notebook but it’s been getting hard to manage lately.

  • I do the same I have good journals and sketch books but that doesn’t help bc I don’t want to waste them w nonsense. I started buying composition books and I can get rid of them if I want to.

  • Mariana, you should just make a video of how to quit watching all this productivity porn and we could all start actually doing something.

  • Mariana it’s not just bujo but taking notes and stuff… I get so caught up with making it aesthetically pleasing so I can post pics that I pay no attention to actual memorization…
    This is actually completely opposite of productivity… I want advice idk what to do ����

  • I had never heard of bullet journals until last month and I am wondering if there are any good resources. I am looking for a way to track my health and pain levels with emotions, activity and sleep (to spot ways to improve) with a general to do section for my woodwork and crystal designs, a space for ideas for both my designs and writing and possibly a section for inspiring myself to reach my goals. I have no idea how to fit this all into one dotted notebook which is probably why it’s scattered across 5 different notebooks at the minute…..any resources or tips would be appreciated.

  • The aesthetic side of bullet journaling is killing it my paper one was pretty messy, but worked really well because I was systematic with the indexing. That said, I’ve been using Notability on my iPad pro for both bullet journal and notes instead for the last two years and it works really well. I replied to another comment before on it with my system

  • Hello! Great vid! Just curious. Having identified the reasons why you stopped bullet journaling, are you now going to start doing it again?

  • Been following you for a while and i remember you changing to 2 bullet journals in one year. Please don’t get me wrong but with my experience, I find it uselessthe time you spend “creating” your list could have used somewhere productive. Having a monthly over view with pages dedicated for daily task list works better for me with yearly time line on my wall to keep me on tract on where I am for my goals this year.

  • Couldn’t ever get the hang of it myself ����‍♀️ I always felt frustrated when I made a mistake and I would just throw out the entire journal to buy a new one

  • I think that bullet journalung is not for all, because every one of us, we use the method that is better forma us, so some persons love write and decorate a bullet journal, but others we think that is a lost of time but this depends that which one is the best for us. Good video!

  • I feel you! I’ve personally been really burnt out with my current bullet journal. Thinking I’ll start a traveler’s notebook next year…more structure, but the flexibility to design the way I like:)

  • The book was so refreshing to read. It helped me rekindle my love for bullet journaling. Been bullet journaling for 3 years now and it has absolutely changed my life for the better.

  • Perfection is the enemy of productivity. Many people think that a BUJO is an art journal. This is aniexty provoking.

    Numbering pages, future logs and indexes are the gold we all have been looking for

  • 1. Use only Leuchtturm1917 dotted journals has page numbers already done for you 2. Use only erasable pens 3. use one journal/year 4. use a clear ruler

  • I’m the same way with bujos! I am really into it for a couple months, but then it slowly becomes less and less helpful for me as a planner

  • I finally made it early.
    Love your channel and LOVE your accent. Your videos have helped me (I’m a 3rd year accounting student) and I’m going to be binging on your videos when my next academic year starts
    Love from South Africa����

  • Finally a content focused vid about bujo…Most are just doodling and scribbling useless junk, but you actually make it useful! Awesome. I’d love to see a vid about trackers and the period table!

  • Did your Skillshare classes (both) and found you now here. Just love your honesty. You are such a real human!!! Hope you are fine! ����

  • I’m about to start a bullet journal. You just said everything I was thinking about. I feel validated now. I will by an not/so-fancy get-the-job-done journal and enjoy it!

  • Love this your so fab and to the point I was sat her nodding �� your so right about other people’s journals “putting mine to shame” or so I thought when I first started now I don’t give a bleep it’s mine I do what works for me and I love my bullet Journal. Keep well stay safe. 14/4/2020

  • I love this video. I just found bullet journaling and loved the minimalism/pragmatism and decided to look into trying it. Literally found all the pintrestesque ideas and was disgusted by the fact that people had taken a tool for productivity and decluttering and turned it into something obnoxious. Most I’ve seen are basically personal journals that they’ve marginally (emphasis on marginally) arranged in the style off Ryder Carol and pass it off as a tool. Good video. I still plan to try the method over the next few months.

  • I’m thinking about making a Bullet Journal, and I’ll simply use that pretty notebook I have that’s empty and I already have a ton of stationary ( pen and notebooks obsessed ) so I definitely don’t need more ��

  • Spider-Man reference for the win!! ♥ lol

    And thank you for reminding me that my bujo doesn’t always need to be “perfect”, as a perfectionist with anxiety I let some little things annoy me far more than I should, I really need to stop that.

    So glad you finished your first book and liked it enough to start another, I rather enjoy your bujo videos although nothing compares to “Hot Mess Planning”, lol.

    Tyfs!! Hope you and the fam have a lovely weekend! Best of wishes to you and yours chicky. ♥

  • Thank you for being real. I thought there was something wrong with me. I just can’t get going. I thought there was something wrong with me.

  • I’ve been journaling for 4+ years, and I wish I knew how time consuming it was from the start, then my first 2-3 years would’ve been finished notebooks.

  • the whole “dont buy all the things” idea is SO important. ive made the mistake of wasting over $100 on supplies i might not even use! you really only need 2 things: paper and a pen. it doesnt even have to be an entire notebook. it could totally be like a post it or the back of a receipt. of course id RECOMMEND a notebook, but some people cant afford it! use what you have! same thing with pens, just use whatever pen (or pencil!) you like the most. now if you have some cash to spend, id highly recommend getting the crayola supertip markers. recently ive been seeing it on amazon and target/walmart websites for around $6 for a 50 pack! i think the normal price is about $10 but i could be wrong. its a really good product for those starting out because they double as calligraphy markers (it takes some practice for sure but its very possible), and if bullet journalling doesnt work you, you didnt spend too much money! as for notebooks, leuchterm is the most popular, but i personally enjoy the lemome notebooks and theyre a tad cheaper. but walmart sells dotted notebooks that are surprisingly good quality for just $10! theyre called “Exceed” and ive heard really good things about it! as for gel pens (of course you can always use ballpoint), i really enjoy muji pens. i know amanda rach lee enjoys the muji pens but shes stated before that they come second to the uniball DX gel pen in.38, but if you prefer larger tip sizes then of course thats your choice. altogether, those supplies would add up to approximately $20-50 total, depending on which notebook you get, if the crayola markers are on sale or not, and if you prefer to get just one individual pen ($2-$3 for the ones i mentioned) or a whole pack ($10-20 off the top of my head). extra things like washi tape, stickers, etc should only be used if you already have some on hand or after youve done bullet journaling enough to know that you really want to try them out and that if anything goes to waste it wont be ALL of your supplies, just a few stickers and tapes, etc. i know i really needed to be told this when i first started, as i find im much more of a minimalist bullet journaler, but thats just me!

  • This year I have one black pen, one purple pen, and a notebook. It’s not even a fancy notebook. Sometimes I will do a little doodle but I think I’m going bare bones this year.

  • 1 I totally agree. I only have the things I already do or need to improve.

    2 Well I didn’t really follow this but instead I used a binder and bullet filler paper so I could move things, remove, and add things.

    3 I think I will stick with what I have because I was already doing it or suffering from not doing it.

    4 I agree. Ihaven’t been on facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram with this and am not sharing it and just feel like my BUJO is making me a better person and maybe even saving my life no bad feelings about myself.

    5 I agree. It’s supposed to do the opposite of tearing you down. I went for fun/fun-ctional and skipped fancy impressive stuff.

  • I love journaling. I too was in the same boat when starting. I wasn’t constant. I only wrote when hard times hit but when I wrote it always gave me some kind of relief. it didn’t fix anything but it did put things back into perspective and helped me get back on track. When covid hit i left my job, decided that I would move back in with my parents, and felt like crap. It took me about three months to finally get working on bettering myself and creating a new track on life. Creating new habits and working towards new goals. Journaling had been a huge help with tracking my progress. I tried making a habit tracker in my planner but wasn’t a fan of it so I decided to use my journals to track it. It first started out with my feelings. I journaled how I felt about each day. Then I started writing about what I did each day. and then finally I started new daily habits and wrote in my journal to make sure that I was doing things daily. I personally have really enjoyed journaling for even just getting some thoughts out of your head. Overthinking kills but to be able to place some of those thoughts outside of your head space will help immensely. thank you for these 30 day videos, truly great content.

  • So I’ve been watching all kinds of bullet journaling videos and this one was a great one. I get very caught up in the IDEA of something and the way it may improve my life so going out and buying all the things is what my brain likes to do because I’m excited. So hearing a reassuring “you don’t have to buy all the things” was very helpful! Thanks for being you and sharing your experience/knowledge!

  • ahhh finally a real human who bullet journals �� i like making mine a bit artistic (as long as it serves a purpose but that’s my jam) but i used to feel like shiiiit about my journal too bc it’s not Perfect Aesthetic.

  • Hi! Quickly posting to say that i always thought Bujo was all about daily to-do lists (and those give me anxiety which is why i thought it would never be my thing). Lately i’ve been binge watching your channel and you have been a big inspiration! I’ve seen a lot of different spreads since then, and changed my mind That lead me to actually start planning mine and even come up with a few spreads!
    So i’m gonna give it a try! Keeping a journal has never been my thing but i feel like it could help me a lot.

  • I was able to be more consistent in my journaling when I let go of the preconceived notions I had about what a good journal was. I used to think my handwriting was sloppy, or my spelling was bad, or that my life wasn’t interesting enough to write it down. I let go of those notions and just started writing whatever came to me, as long or as short as I felt that day. Some days I basically wrote I had nothing to say, other days it was hard to put the pen down. I’m really glad I let go of the idea of perfection.

  • I think you are making universal points here! whether it’s with bullet journal or anything else in life you are 100000% right. We need to do what works for us, what is useful for us! and yeah we are not the tool, the bullet journal is the tool:)

  • Honestly i bulletjournal, and i get this your journal isn’t about being pretty or cute it should be fit to you, if you want to express yourself with a cute journal or just effectively writing it down in notes on your phone it should be fit to you and your schedule

  • She got me! Buying a thousand notebooks to find out the best one,still havent found the best notebook but I found a kink for new notebooks��

  • Your the best! I have ADD type person and need some help with to do lists, etc.
    I’ve been watching all these Bu Jo videos and Pinterest things. They look awesome but it’s overwhelming me so Im afraid to even start! I can’t do calligraphy and I’m not going to learn some crazy hieroglyphic system or chart what my mood.
    I just want to get more done, be a bit more efficient, and not forget important stuffwhich happens now. I have some goals and want to move forward with bite sized tasks.
    That’s it.
    So thank you for making this okay for real people who are not artists or type A nerds. I mean, isn’t this supposed to be helpful for ppl with ADD? Most of the videos look like they’re made by ppl with OCD. Lol
    So, okay. I’m gonna take a stab at it. Your F bombs and chat about bringing it down to basics helped!!!

  • Amen! Thank you for cutting through the cactus-doodle, 5 million fine-point markers, cutesy setup, crap! I love your video and subscribed right away.

  • When I started my first successful attempt at bullet journaling, I literally gave myself permission to have the ugliest bullet journal in the world.

  • I only like two colors on a page otherwise I can’t focus. I like the gray highlighter and paper mate flair pen. Simple and nice. Your tips are so funny but so true!

  • I really loved all your points.

    I wish I knew to start bullet journaling with a pencil. I’m getting back to bullet journaling after a half-year break and having to start in a new and different notebook. By starting with pencil, I’m not as scared to just start and if some parts of the layout doesn’t work for me, I can erase and not have to waste pages. Starting this way this time around has made it easier to find a system that works for me. Once I have completed a spread I was comfortable with, I switched over to a pen.

  • Way to school us on smacking down the poseur-wannabe within. Unfortunately, this is much needed.
    You are a breath of fresh fu king air!

  • Cindy thank you so very much for this advice! I have started a journal several times and when I would look on Pinterest or watch some of the people on you tube I would become very frustrated because I am not artistic as some are. I thought my journal had to be artsy and pretty and full of wonderful quotes and crap! Then one day I said “wait…this is MY journal…it is not for anyone but me and I need to create pages that will work for me!” Again, thank you. I wish I have seen your video when I first started.

  • You are one of the first REAL people I have ever viewed! Thanks so much for letting it all hang out and dropping the F bomb once in awhile! I am new to this and I spend hours a day watching pinterest and YouTube! Thanks to you, NO MORE! I have already ordered some of the basics and that’s it for me! Keep hitting us with the message: Keep it simple and make it work for you.

  • Sixty-two comments. No way I can read them all, so an A for effort for me.

    The thing I’ve brought into my Bullet Journal is what works for me in printed planners. I need a two page spread so i do that in my yes I’m gonna do it BJ. Saying “BuJo” makes me feel like I’m the main paddler in the douche canoe. I also change my spread from week to week based on what I need. The month of moving hell meant I needed a whole page for each day. My son is now off to school so I only need one page for a week. Last week I needed only two column but my health is acting up so now I have three.

    I do consume much on bullet journals but it’s mostly ideas. I have an old notebook I never used up so I will put really good ideas or spreads in them.

  • I feel like the whole video sums up to 1 point, your bullet journal is whatever you want it to be, as long as it works for you. Don’t be restricted by what you think it needs to be.

  • Great advice! If any of you are ADHD like me it might help to have two systems. I know that goes against what most people like about bullet journaling (having everything in one place) but it works great for me. I have my bare bones planner (bujo style) and a journal (also bujo style) for brain dumps (so I can actually sleep at night), artsy fartsy stuff, motivational stuff etc. I get overwhelmed visually and having a minimalist planner helps me to be productive and not a flake. My journal let’s me be creative and gives me motivation and a place to store my dreams and those things I won’t remember if I don’t write them down. I would love to know if anyone can identify with my weird brain.:)

  • i uh totally bought all the things but i already did a noob bujo once so now im doing it for real hopefully that justified my spending lol

  • Douche canoe??? Dude, I didn’t think I could love you more, but if you just let slip that you listen to True Crime Garage, welp, I think we just may need to be best friends now.

  • Thanks for this! I have a shake in my hands and my lettering will NEVER be ‘good’ because of that. but it can do it’s job and it can still make me happy and thats more than enough. I don’t need to make it look perfect.

  • yes.. i got stressed so quickly seeing other people made their bujo so damn uh ma zing whilst me.. standard (or maybe below that) haha. thankyou for the advice.

  • So about halfway through the video, I randomly realized all your tips for someone getting into bullet journaling also apply to someone getting into makeup. Just thought that was interesting.

  • Thumbs up from me because it’s refreshing to see a real woman using “real language” with great advice. Been through all of these problems with my bullet journal over the past year or so, BuJo noobs LISTEN UP! Best. Advice. EVER.

  • Haha loved this! I didn’t realize how many people felt pressured by these videos, so I guess my best advice for noobs is to pretend you are window shopping just take away the ideas that will fit into your life and match your style. I also have used traditional planners for years, so it’s almost embarrassing to admit it took me all this time to come up with my current system but I got there by watching a bunch of videos and taking away what worked for ME. Incidentally, I use an A5 sized binder with my own dot-grid page inserts so I can design my own spreads. I’m actually still tweaking that part but I love the flexibility of being able to change pages around and yet still create my own stuff; I was never a fan of pre-printed planner pages.

  • I have a gratitude journal where I write down one good thing that happened each week! I also journal every morning for a few minutes and write down how I’m feeling physically and emotionally, my intentions for the day, two things I’m grateful for, and one thing that would add to my happiness for the day.

  • I’m starting my first bullet journal. I work full time, I have 4 small kids, 3 of whom are 3, 3, and 2…everything is so cluttered in my head so I’m hoping this helps me get organized and maybe be a cheaper alternative to my make up hobby/self care routine ������
    Anyway, Im really glad I found your video today. I’m going to save it for when I need reminding to take it slow

  • I’ve been keeping journal for 2 years and i feel it’s worthy…why? I’m telling exact experiences I’ve had throughput the process.though, in my case i love the process of journaling. because, English is not my first language. journaling has helped me in re-collecting my thoughts and writing them down have given me a bit more clarity of what i speak. To be very honest, I’ve skipped journaling sometimes twice & thirce a week and sometimes I’ve missed months of not keeping journal active. but, now it has become my habit and I don’t need to put much pressure on myself to continue it. Hence, in starting you might feel like it’s not worty of doing but I’m genuinely telling once it becomes your habit everything will be more clearer to you.��

  • I love your channel and am slowly making my way through all your videos, but THIS. This video is so on point for the planner struggle I’ve had for years. I flip-flop between ALL sorts of planners and bullet journals all the time, and I stick with one for a few months at most, then move on to something else. It’s too stressful and it’s such a waste of my time and money. I agree with everything you said in this video. “It’s just a journal”amen!

  • I found myself abandoning journal after journal on the the pursuit of perfection and thinking mine wasn’t good enough because I can’t draw or handletter. I tried a very very basic one for work and I like it much more without the bells and whistles.

    I ordered Ryder’s book AFTER deciding to go the bare basics and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

  • I’ve been considering starting a bullet journal for a long time, but it’s exactly that feeling that I’m not going to make it as cute as the rest of what has prevented me from starting. I really needed those tips. Thank you

  • I do journal and have done so for years, BUT not every day.. I journal at the end of every month and try to take a bird’s eye view of my life, challenges and wins. I will also journal when i feel i need to put my thoughts down and in that way acknowledge what I’m going through, an aha moment or where I think there is clarity. I have developed many useful and supporting habits over the years and journaling is one of them; I would recommend this practice to anyone, particularly if you want to grow and be mindful of you development.

  • Great video! For me what finally got me to stick to bullet journaling was undertanding that at the end of the day my bujo is just a notebook. I can write whatever I want, doodle, scratch, anything because it’s not meant to be a work of art. I like the fancy part of journaling and I certainly appreaciat Ryder’s system but I also love that I can just use a full page to doodle while in a meeting without caring about how instragrammable it looks.

  • This is great honestly, because I’m new to the bullet journal thing and I’m 80% tempted to go spend all my money on fancy pens and shit, even though I already have a giant supply of pens. I also have no idea why I’m so obsessed with what pen I use for it, so thanks for all these reality checks

  • Ahhh thank you!! Im a simple person, no doodling, not into making it pretty just looking for a new way to keep my to do lists and goals. THANKS for this

  • I agree with an earlier post. I don’t think journalling initially should have rules. Tracking progress can be a sole reason to journal but, it can simply be one of many traits that make up your journal. Recording memories you don’t want to forget, posting pictures for yourself to come back too or even drawing your emotions that day instead of textualizing it is a valid action too. It is more of a qualitative method than a quantified process.

  • I wish I knew that this Indian method of duddling in and “adjusting” my agenda spreads as well as what I’d done in my “life binder” in school had a actual name to it and a community of people who do similar things it’s so awsome

  • This year is my first year bullet journaling. I lost track for four months due to personal issues but my plan is still to finish it for the year. bujo has helped me remind that everything does not have to be perfect and I find it therapeutic when I draw so I will continue bujo’ing as I found a specific joy.in it:)

  • Journaling does help a lot in finding out about ourselves. In our team we like to take our time, get comfortable and have some background music and then get to write.

  • I’ve been journaling since 2012 and it’s undoubtedly works great… I feel very clear and it’s dump go out from brain itself… If you guys are beginners, I’ve also shared some tips for journaling for beginners.. Check this out https://psychicstrong.in/tips-for-journal-writing-inspirational-article-on-life/

  • i been Journaling for the past two and half years, and in my experience you dont have to do it everyday or every week, just when you want to, and it doesnt have to be about the bad things, i usually write about a trip i had, about something Im thankful for, about people(seeing what someone made you feel a couple of months ago helps you make decisions) and every year on my bd I write something I learnt in the past year

  • Had been journaling for some years, though with breaks.
    What I have learned from journaling:
    1.Helped in recognizing those who were gaslighting
    2. Solidified thoughts on something that felt vague prior
    3. Realize why something had really bothered me
    4. Emotional and mental word vomiting helped get whatever was on my mind off my chest
    5. If the journal itself isn’t one you want to hold or care to write in you won’t write in it. (A recent, hard learned lesson. A journal should feel comfortable to write in. Not like you’re wearing clothes cut oddly and don’t fit right.)

  • I journal, but I don’t do it every day because some days you have nothing interesting to write about. But it still an habit for me and it helped me in a lot of dark moments. I really enjoyed your video btw

  • I follow The 5am Club method…the 20/20/20 rule. I move for way more then twenty minutes while listening to an audiobook. When I get back home from my walk, I usually just sit down breathe and start to journal. It is very helpful especially when reading self-improvement books. It helps to put things in perspective. It allows me to get my frustrations out instead of keeping it all in.
    Being a nurse during COVID-19 doesn’t help with the anxiety and depression.

  • I journal when I feel like I need it. It helps my anxiety a ton. It helps me see my life clearer. But I let myself skip days when I don’t feel like I need it.

  • I’ve been keeping a journal (diary) since I was a kid! I stopped writing often 2 years ago when I started having symptoms of clinical depression. Until then, I became less aware of what’s happening in my life, I lose track of things and important details of my life, I started becoming forgetful that my memory only lasts for hours, the longest would be 4 days. I wanted to go back to journaling, to my old self, but the void seem to keep on pulling me away from touching my pen and notebook. No words would cave in in my head. It’s just blank and blue.

    Right now, I am happy to share to everyone who’d read this that I discovered a new way of journaling, that is doing my daily devotions. I was healed from depression and I can say that it really put order and helped me discover the real purpose of my life since then. I’ve never experienced this kind of freedom, bravery, confidence, and tranquility my entire life until I’ve come to know Him.

    Right now, I’m not only doing my daily devotions, but I’m also back on journaling. Both perform miracle in my mental health:)

  • After failing to keep up with journaling, I have tried to build an app for myself to make it seem less like a chore. It’s a work in progress.
    Those of you interested, please check it out and let me know your feedback.

  • Due to pandemic covid 19, I am here back with family, Living with parents forced me to write journal every day.
    Whatever I read in self development, I am practicing now ��

    PS: waiting this pandemic to end soon, waiting to see my office again.

  • When ur every single day is same
    U didn’t need to write daily
    A paper is enough


    People hv different things to write daily everyday
    But mine
    Eat sleep phone stress and repeat
    On single bed day and night
    Every day feels same nothing new!!

  • i dont think this is minimalidt because it was still very detailed, but just had no doodles. nonetheless, great job! your spreads look very neat and lovely:)

  • Journaling has been an incredibly healing way to reconnect with myself, to my emotions and my desires and dreams. To build confidence, understand my past and rewrite my beliefs to create the future I want. I adore journaling. I didn’t do it consistently for a while, but it’s always been there, like an old friend to reconnect with whenever I need it. Now I think I’ll be journaling pretty regularly for the rest of my life

  • Maybe you felt that it was a chore because it was constantly on your mind. Try making it less of a chore and more fun and write when you want to write.

  • You truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to my experience with the bullet journal. I personally was so caught up on the “presentation” aspect, I ended up neglecting the “productivity” aspect, which is the original use for it! Now that I’m shopping around for planners and not finding anything I specifically love, I might start over my current bujo and turn it into the perfect planner for me. Thank you for making this video!

  • Yes recently from past 6 months, I started putting down my thoughts on paper. This actually helped me to understand what i wanted to talk and understand about both to my therapist and people around me.

  • Finally, someone who once felt they HAD to journal, HAD to fill pages instead of say they fell in love and naturally started doing it everyday.
    Not that he’s the first person, but the first person I found.

  • I have been journalliing since 9th grade if thats what it is called now coz back then it was writing in your diary, it was always of and on process, I only wrote when I felt like. My 3 years of memories are in my mobile memos and then 2 other journals in which I write my feelings because sometimes writing feels more therapeutic than typing. It’s really just all over, but everythings saved and backed up and I really like keeping my memories saved. I am now trying to daily journal on an app in my mobile, let’s see how that goes.:)

  • This video somehow felt like the BIGGEST disappointment, not what i expected at all, i expected him to say things like ”it was so much fun, i learned so much about myself and it helped me clear my thoughts as well as reflect on my day to day activities”! Thanks for the disappointment!

  • Try Journaling like thisyou don’t have to set time to write and try to recall whatever you did since the morning until you start Journaling. It doesn’t have to be one or several pages long. It can just be whatever and how much ever you would like to write.

  • I so appreciate your videos. The rabbit hole is a real thing. At heart I am a functional planner but I enjoy the pretty and really want to get better at lettering. BuJo works best for me at work. I am in a pocket Chic Sparrow for personal planning and I really find that pocket is great for me. I am trying to resist getting a B6 simply because EVERYONE else has one. Your video just helped me resist purchasing for the sake of purchasing. I am on like my 6th finished bujo and It is really helpful. They aren’t super pretty but they really help me get shit done.

  • This helped loads! I’ve already started mine, made a few mistakes so I thought, so glued the pages together and started again lol. Panic over my imperfect bujo is now actually perfect for me and no more panic ��

  • If you want to try free-form journaling that uses machine learning to help you self-reflect, check out Think Smart Journal: thinksmartjournal.com

  • couldnt afford a therapist and that made me start journaling 2 years ago. so far, im alive.

    one time i was so mad because of how my week went, at the same time i also wanted to write about it. so i just scribbled on the entire page.

    journaling is not supposed to be perfect. there’s no wrong way in expressing. i used to overthink my words, but i realized it only puts a filter to what i really feel. so be free, its not an essay assignment, she dont judge.

    it helps in dealing with regrets too. ive made mistakes in my life, and although ive said sorry to these people and they forgive me, i write a letter of what i shouldve said/done. sometimes my regrets bother me so much, i just write them down. its a way of forgiving myself. some letters to the people im grateful for too

    i write a movie line, quote, lyric, a lesson from a book, and poetry i wanna be reminded of when i look back. i relate it to my life, and how i understand it.

  • I use it as a brain dump. I write the date and whatever is on my mind. I don’t do it every day because I don’t NEED to empty my brain every day. I’ve been journaling since 2016.

  • I’ want to start bullet journaling but it’s almost a new month and i don’t know if it’s okay to start from March since I don’t have January and February?

  • I am only half a month in as I started late in April unlike others I love the artsy stuff not that I am that great but creativity and spending time absorbed really helps me in the current circumstances to escape be more mindful and focused I’m glad I researched before starting as I don’t think a lined notebook feels right for me I definitely having done my spreads am happy with a dotted notebook but I am still looking to future years as I hate the ink showing thro so that will take more experience also I know dailies are not for me so I have stuck to monthlies and weeklies as I am a diary kind of person also I have tried a mood tracker and I’m about 70% sure it’s just not for me

  • I do journaling, but I personally like minimal workbook journal which contains habits tracking, personal dreams and goals, how to raise vibration, etc.

  • Your Bullet Journal for 2020 is stunning!!! I love Art Nouveau the most, Art Deco is a very close second! I’ve decided to switch from using my phone calendar & wall calendars (old school gal), to bullet journaling. I appreciate your sharing your time & creativity along with your experience(s). Blessings & Hugs lovely young lady!!!

  • Reading most of these comments they are saying that artistic isn’t for them but I use my bullet journal as an artistic and creative outlet

  • Hello Matt,

    I’ve journals for about 2 years now. Despite this mutual feeling We Share about it sometimes feeling like a task, it has helped me in a mental health aspect (feeling of accomplishment when anxiety or depression was ata high). Currently reviewing these journals and will email I what I come up with. Thanks for your creations!



  • One day one of your videos showed up when I was browsing youtube. I fell in love. A bunch of your videos mentioned journaling, and I was thinking “maybe I could try it”. After this video, I got started. I LOVE it.

  • Wow this has got to take an immense amount of time…I’d spend more time on this compared to actually doing the things I wanted to do. Good for tracking and looking back, but for me time is priceless and limited, and I wouldn’t want use it on over elaborate planning /logging.

    I’d rather spend those extra hours “doing” which is kind of natural as my days tasks get done by force rather than by writing them down in advance.

    Make good things into habits then no need to write them down. Previous time saved!

  • I like to use journaling to help me figure out what’s bothering me. And trying to work out a possible solution to my problem. It doesn’t work all of the time and most of the time I’m feeling angry and hurt while I’m doing it. But in the end, I can say I feel a little better after doing it. (I’m able to write an angry letter, without having to send it anywhere.)

  • I do whatever the fuck I want with my journal. I write about:
    My day
    -My korean learning process
    -Theories about society and existence
    -Things I want to happen in the future
    -I draw
    -I write to-do lists
    -I free write
    -I write stories
    -I write my goals down
    -I do creative writing prompts
    -Skincare/hair routines
    And a shit ton of other things. Don’t stick to rules about journaling or you’ll get bored of it quickly ����‍♀️

  • When I journal, I write my whole heart out. I write out my strongest feelings and thoughts and although those feelings and thoughts may be sometimes scary and or very sad, it feels so good just facing them letting them out.

  • You are Awesome! You made me laugh and got me started as I sat looking at my 5 journals from Amazon!! Thanks for your inspiration ☺️

  • I tried a few times in the past to journal with the goal of doing so every day and I would always fail. When I started to keep a journal that I would use only when I felt like it that’s when I was able to “stick with it” for the last two years. sometimes if everything is going great I won’t journal for a month or two and sometimes when I feel stressed and overwhelmed I’ll journal everyday for several weeks and sometimes only every couple days. I do it without any pressure to try to make it a daily thing. It helps me the most when I can’t quite figure out what I’m feeling and why. I tend to do the word vomit thing and then realise what/who the common thread is or sometimes if there are lots of things happening at once it’ll help sort out of the stuff that is actually emotionally challenging from the stuff that has solutions. When I read over it it does tend to seem pretty negative because I mainly do it to sort through negative emotions but I know that when there are long periods when I’m not journalling at all that tends to be because i’m feeling pretty good.
    I would recommend people that have problems doing it every day to try just doing it when you feel you need to. sometimes having an outlet to the things your thinking where the person (or in the case thing) has zero input into how to handle it and just “listens” can really help you sort through your emotions while coming to conclusions that are completely your own and not influenced by other people’s bias on how to handle the situation. Also tbh I think its a waste of time to journal every day if you don’t feel you need to.

  • Wow this is just what happened to me I heard many youtubers talking about bullet journaling in their videos but I never really paid attention to what it was… and just a couple days ago I accidentally ran into a video about it… the “fancy” type you talk about. And at first I was like “yeah this is amazing it’s basically what I do with my checklists and in my planner and at work with a schedule that we use there…” but the more videos I watched, the more overwhelmed I felt and right now I’m more like “let’s not even try, I’m good at creating functional and helpful checklists or just systems of anything, but I can’t draw or write pretty, I’ll just feel bad”… So thank you for this video that I also stumbled upon by accident, it’s full of funny and honest wisdom that I really needed at this point.:) And I can’t wait to get started again:)

  • I would absolutely love it if you made a video about the reproductive wellness tracker you made……I struggle with unbalanced hormones and i have recently turned to journals as a means to help mitigate stress and help myself heal. This is something that I think i could really benefit from but there isn’t a singular source that does a good job of explaining it. PLEASE MAKE THE VIDEO! Love your work btw. Safe Travels from Miami!!!!

  • Like how honest and down to earth you were. What you said in the beginning that was me also journals with lots of blank spaces lol.

  • I started journaling back in February. The reason for me is because I wanted to improve my writing and seeing growth. I do my 30 days of journaling it really helped me stayed consistent, brought my journaling from Office Depot. I started off with a small to medium size journal.

  • Journaling is not about writing story of your life.
    Journaling is for your conscious mind and it is the the connecting Bridge between conscious and subconscious mind. It help to rethink on the thought of subconscious mind by the help of your conscious mind

  • I have been journaling for almost 6 years now.
    Am about to be 20 now.
    So for all of you, I have some points…
    1)It works when you are honest with yourself most. Sometimes we have people to vent out, for them journaling is bullshit but for those who think people don’t understand them, you should try it.
    2) You don’t need to write daily! Just write when you want to express something..
    Like Gratitude, sorrow, anger, happiness any extreme emotion.
    3) Be honest and sometimes do the details as if telling a friend coz when you return to your treasure after years, you are going to relieve your moments..
    4) It’s a very good practice.Do it!
    I have felt it has been a constant companion to me and still it is:)

  • It’s the first day of a new month!! Totally a second best time to start journalling >.< You had became my bullet journal inspiration, Elsa. Thank you!!

  • I’m only starting but I’m glad I had already figured all this out by myself. I’m in desperate need of organisation so I tried to get some inspiration on YouTube but I realised soon enough these youtuber’s bullet journals are not for me, I need it for my university, not to keep track of my followers (who cares about that anyway). Finding out a good way of organising my spreads is taking a looong time, btw ��

  • Minimalist does not collect this much of unneccessary information. This is a data scientist journal. I am minimalist and scientist. The key is to focus on the topics which I need to do and try not to do them either. If I need to stretch, I just do it 3 times a week. I don’t write it down. This takes at least 3 mins fo you to find the book and find the page, take the top of the pen and make a mark. Then put everything away. Minimalist just stretches and done. It is different if there is a goal. For example scientific research of fitness goal. But if the goal is life long goal to just be fit, then I suggest that save the time on keeping these kinds of journals. Bullet journal is super usefull and your methods are good, but I don’t understand why you measure those things?

  • Interesting for detailists but not for minimalists. If you “really need to explain some pages in an extra video” first, then this is not the idea of best practice for a minimalistic style.

  • That’s intense. How long does it take to make and then maintain? I hear that this is good method for peeps who have a hard time focusing like me. What do you think.

  • I might win as most minimalist ������ I write the month on one page, do the monthly log, make it pretty if I want and that’s it. I start a daily log and that’s it. There’s random notes and lists, but yes, very good for my ADD brain. I’ve used it this way for 4 years. I wish I did more but that’s what I do. I get tasks done and that’s what’s most important I suppose. Your journal is beautiful. I love how detailed it is. I aspire to be that detailedbut alas, I won’t ever do it. Lol. I love planner videos though.

  • Can you make a video and go into more details about the tracking of your vitamins and stimulants and other nutrients. I’d love to know what you’ve found! I also noticed you mark Kratom almost everyday, could you go into detail why you take kratom and cacao and what strains you like/dislike and how it affects your period and wellness. Or refer me to the video if you have already created it

  • I know this is late, but I’m in the final stretch of the Jewish holiday season (3 down, 1 to go!), my weeks are 3.5 days long and I’m kinda busy.

    I’ve been using a bullet journal since January, and this is a record. I don’t think I’ve lasted a month in any the journals, planners or list systems I’ve ever used before, beyond appointment calendars.

    My lettering is a joke, my handwriting is atrocious and I don’t even know what I’d do with washi tape or stickers, although I admire those who do. My ruler is my best friend.

    For me, it’s about memory and control. I’m autistic. My short term memory is spotty, but the journal remembers for me. And the world is chaotic, but I determine everything in the journal. It fits MY needs. It’s what’s getting me through a month of 3 day long holidays without feeling overwhelmed. It’s my only planner, but I have a simple job and we don’t have kids. I do keep a journal journal.

    My own advice start simple. Use basic supplies and the future, monthly and daily logs. Don’t even bother with collections or trackers until you feel you need one. And tweak as things change. I don’t do dailies until I need to. Then I do.

    And if you hate the idea of making your own, don’t. So many options, and what makes it work for me might drive you nuts.

  • You elevated my journaling so much!!!! I love the straight to point attitude too, when I try to draw something and the moment I mess up I’ll rip the whole page out and start over �� so this minimalistic look has helped me save so much paper ��

  • Looking forward to seeing some more of your videos!!! Good luck with growing your channel. Have you heard of smzeus!? I think it would really help you grow your channel!!

  • I’d love to hear about what you learned tracking the intakes, habits, and other “wellness” stuff. I’m about to set up my first bujo and I’m adding this spread for sure! I love your style and think I can mimic it with my own crazy dietary restrictions and needs for improvement.

  • Love this video. I’m much more comfortable now with a minimalist style. Once I really made the system my own and stuck to the simple Ryder Carroll style, it really has been a pleasure and joy to dive into it each day. I would love to learn more of your Mood/Habit/Stress tracker. Currently, I track Moods and Habit but would be interested in your definition of Stress to differentiate it from Mood I typically equate Mood with Stress, so it would be great to learn more on how you track this portion. Thanks in advance!

  • A lot of commentors are extremely judgy and pressed she lives off the grid n is tracking her health I think itd different and awesome to be that intuitive with your well being as a woman especially living a remote lifestyle

  • Love the tracker! I’m new to bullet journaling. And love your set up. Would love to get more details about the period tracker… and where you got your rings! Happy holidays!

  • I also wanna try journalling but after watching tonnes of video I found its moreover an art and craft thing, specially bullet journalling.

  • I journaled for roughly 2 years straight, at the time I didn’t see the benefits of doing it, but my therapist suggested I try it. I wrote about my fears, and anxiety, and slowly they dissipated. A few years had past when I found my journals again during a move, so I read them again what I learned was that my fears are all made up in my head, theirs no truth to any of the things that kept me up at night, and the overwhelming amount of worry. None of the things that I lost sleep over happened other things happened, but not my worst thoughts & fears.

  • too bad you felt this way. I can get all the stress for making it all instaworthy but really the point is to make you be better and deliver tasks in the best way. Bujo has no rules and if a future log or logging notes doesn’t work then you just don’t use it.
    If you are getting stressed for not following the method the exact way Ryder made it or not having a pretty handwriting then you should work on not letting peer pressure get to you.
    Also, there’s a nice subreddit that focus more on productivity and less aesthetics r/bujo

  • Think I’ve been going through like 60 videos of bullet journals now..! And finally I found what I’ve been looking for the entire time!���� My focus for doing this is absolutely the tracking for better health. I do so much trying to improve my health issues that I’m struggling to see what actually helps and what makes me worse. Thanks for the inspiration, I hope this I the start of something good for me ��

  • I get that you consider this minimalist because of the lack of decoration and that’s fine. I think I take issue with the fact that you’re implying that a bullet journal is inefficient with all of the decoration. To be honest, I don’t decorate my bullet journal because I just don’t like my own drawings. However, I don’t think that it’s inefficient to have all of the decoration. For the people who do it, it’s what they like to do.

  • My bullet journal consists of the tasks I need to get done, a to-do list, and a list of 3-4 habits that I encourage myself to do almost every day.

  • This was so inspirational. I never write comments on videos, but I really just wanted to thank you for this. I’ve been bullet journaling for a long time now but recently I dont have as much time at a desk (which I love) that I really had fallen off track with it. Such a nice and simple but beautiful way to keep track of everything. Keep spreading the motivation!!

  • I tried bullet journaling, but all I got was stress and in the end it was all a waste of time. Now I only use “To Do List” but I like to make them beautiful but in a way that is simple enough to be fast and less tiring (by placing stickers).

  • Love this!! I need one of those gold pens for my lunar calendar! I’m going to go binge watch all your videos now. Love your esthetic and your voice.

  • how do you guys journal on a diary.. i mean, am i too paranoid about someone reading my thoughts and feelings? i prefer a digital journal due to this reason. can anyone else relate?

  • I know I am a year late, but condolences to your family. I live in KC so my ears perked up when you said you were here. Sorry that was the reason. Great BuJo and good spread ideas!

  • wait… so you quitted bullet journaling because:
    You didn’t like to see the mistakes/errors
    You didn’t use the future log
    You didn’t like to have to prepare it each month?

    what do you do now then?

  • This reminds me of going back to the days of the 1980’s when Filofaxes were all the rage!!! Oh how we have come a full circle! lol

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve been bullet journaling for 1.5 years and I’ve used a notebook and a TN. In February I went back to a notebook and I’m so glad I did. I’ve given myself more grace when using this notebook and I’ve been more successful in using it. I’ve carried over some collections I had in my last one but for the most part, I’ve started from scratch. I love these tips and I’ll be using them myself.

  • What I’m learning is that you don’t need to start out with an expensive journal. A lot of pens, tape and markers. Making it look pretty like you see on the internet. Using what’s not needed just to fill up your journal. I’m also learning that it’s your journal and no one else’s and it needs to be functional for you and not the world.

  • Love this! I am fearful to start my own because it might turn out horid. I’ve been using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt for about a year now

  • Had estrogen fed tumor, healed but now menopausal…THIS bidy temp tracker would be very good for me to avoid estrogen levels and my thyroid…. but the video here seems complicated for this to learn. Make a video of that please

  • Thank you for filming this video! It’s really detailed and it has all the formats that I want. I’ve searching this kind of video for a long time but most of the video made me disappointed bc they focus on the drawings or sth else. But you did cover all of it. I’m so glad I find this video but for me it’s not like minimalist �� it’s still a lot of work to do haha

  • I really like many facets of your bullet journal, particularly sleep, mood, stress,chart and self care tracker. Thanks so much! Eithne