5 Habits to maintain your Heart Healthy


Five Healthy Habits to Prevent Heart Disease

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How to keep your heart healthy?

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3 Habits of a Healthy Heart | Pastor Steven Furtick

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Eating Right for Your Heart

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10 Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Five major tips to keep your heart healthy

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British Heart Foundation Diet, Exercise and Your Heart

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5 Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy 1. BE SOCIAL. Loneliness and a lack of relationships were associated with an increased risk of developing coronary heart 2. DO CARDIO AND RESISTANCE TRAINING. Research has also found that more active people have lower rates of heart disease.

3. EAT THE RIGHT. 5 Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy. 1. Exercise at least 150 minutes a week. You can break the time into 10-minute or longer sessions of moderate to vigorous activity. Your heart 2. You may have heard of the DASH and Mediterranean diets, both of which are heart-healthy.

Add fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unsaturated fat, good protein (from beans, nuts, fish, and poultry), and herbs and spices. Subtract processed foods, salt, rapidly digested carbohydrates (from white bread, white rice, potatoes, and the like), red meat, and soda. Here Are 5 Healthy Habits For Better Heart Health Fitness: Get up and get moving. If going to the gym daily sounds too intimidating, you can always start slow.

Take a walk daily for about half an hour. 5 Things to Do Every Day to Keep Your Heart Healthy. You know that exercise and a good diet can keep your heart healthy. But what else can you do to keep your ticker going strong?

Here are the six habits that mattered: Don’t smoke. Have a normal body mass index (BMI). Get moderate to vigorous exercise for at least 2.5 hours a week. Watch 7 or fewer hours of television weekly.

Drink one or fewer alcoholic beverages daily. Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, whole. Try to set a consistent bedtime and wake-up time: Doing so makes it easier to get your needed zzzs, and will also keep your body clock in balance, which is also important for heart health. Get better shut-eye by avoiding these 10 common habits.

The Rx: If you’re overweight, even just losing 5 to 10% of your body weight can lower your chances of developing heart disease because it improves your blood flow. Eat a healthy diet heavy in. Your heart does so much for you, pumping blood throughout your body 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, even though your heart’s attention is always on keeping you healthy, we often don’t return the favor, engaging in bad habits that put the important muscle at risk. What many people don’t realize, though, is that it’s not just the obvious bad heart health habits. Chia seeds, flaxseeds and hemp seeds are all great sources of heart-healthy nutrients, including fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Numerous studies have found that adding these types of.

List of related literature:

A healthy lifestyle consists of five essential elements: 1.

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3: Have cold water fish 3 times a week for heart-healthy omega-3 oils and EFAs.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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The only way to become truly healthy is by embracing The Five Basics for Optimal Health.

“The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit” by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
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Start with these eight strategies to work your way towards a heart healthy.

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These guidelines may do more than improve your heart health.

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All the usual recommendations bear repeating—and should now constitute a daily routine—exercise regularly, walk as much as you can, eat less but eat more healthy foods, drink a lot of water (up to a gallon a day), enjoy good wine in moderation, and get regular medical, dental, and vision checkups.

“The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life” by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
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6.Vyayaama or Exercise: Yoga and Pranayama (breathing).

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3: Have cold water fish 2 to 3 times a week for heart-healthy omega-3 oils and EFA’s.

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Walking—healthy habit—body fit—physical exercises—early morning—fresh air—blood circulation— heart—lungs—prevent heart attack—healthy—happy.

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■ The Life’s Simple 7 list from the American Heart Association feature seven factors that have been found to improve heart health: get active, control cholesterol, eat better, manage blood pressure, lose weight, reduce blood sugar, and stop smoking.

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  • Wow like once again I felt this message deeply. I came across it and I didn’t think nothing of it that it wouldn’t speak to me. However as he spoke about things that we hide behind in our hearts, it really made me think what am I hiding what have I been hiding behind. We all do have a hiding place and I know where mine is. But I definitely will bless the Lord have faith.

  • I’m in a place where I can can’t get to church on Sunday, but I stumbled on one of ur videos. I’ve been able to go to church every day since. I love it ��

  • everybody not the same, brother 60 yrs old ten yrs ago four heart attacks, got stents need another and doesnt bother with it. now diabetic doesnt bother with it, drinks six pack a day, three packs smokes a day eats ham, pork chops, on statins, don’t excersise, doesnt take all blood pressure meds ( feels better without ) also taking meds for liver! but he happy! thats a plus! ���� superman? Me 70 yrs old born heart defect, had surgery for valves, don’t smoke or drink for over 38 yrs, excersise, treadmill 40 minutes a day 5 day week, or do 25 flights. stairs 15 times up, eat veggies and 15 lbs of potatoes a week, lots of peanuts, no beef, once a month chicken, twice week fish, lots of vitamins, heart condition was getting worse but its stable and not in danger since changed everything, blood pressure 117 / 70 and excersise. till grasping for air and soaked with sweat! me happy doctor happy heart happy.But i still put catsup on my catsup! ����

  • I already do a couple of those things already. I never smoke and I never drink alcohol. But I do suffer from depression. And there is no way I will listen to blues and jazz music. Since I personally hate those kinds of music. I do like classical music. But I can’t handle listening to it all of the time. My idea of relaxing soothing music is listening to my Indian/Bollywood party dance music that I am always constantly listening to. As well as my Christian/Jewish party dance music and my favorite video games music. They are the only kinds of music that helps me relax.
    And because of my depression I suffer from really bad insomnia. And because of what cause me to suffer from depression over 10 years ago. I am very glad that I suffer from insomnia. Since I tend to suffer from very bad and very upsetting vivid nightmares. From what happen over 10 years ago for me. And since I never know when I am going to have one of those nightmares. It just makes me all the more glad that I suffer from insomnia. But at one time before my depression. I used to always get at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep at night. Now that is just a thing of the past for me. My insomnia is something I have since gotten very used to. And I much rather have insomnia than to have another one of those nightmares.

  • Know what to hate, Know where to hide, Know how to hope. This saved my day… I must hate it so much to change it. Praise so well i overcome it. Believe and keep working towards it. I can do all things.

  • I am watching this on 4/3/2020 I found Steven on TV and I enjoy listening to him so much he explains the bible like I need to hear it, he really keeps me interested,Thank you

  • U speak in a way that reaches me and it sticks. Usually I have ADD when it comes to listening and it sinking in, usually my mind is off in space in the middle

  • I am a new follower. Not a new follower of our Lord but of Pastor Furtick. As a Roman Catholic Parishioner I am often turned off by many Evangelical Pastors/Speakers because they Do Not Teach/Preach from the Bible.
    Pastor Furtic gets his message and energy strait from the Bible.
    I do not, and will not, restrict myself to only Literature and Teachings directly related to Catholicism.
    I am impressed with the topics and the Sermons delivered by Pastor Furtic. I intend on listening to many more of his videos. If they are as spiritually enlightening as this one was I will be hooked

  • Proverbs 4:23 New International Version (NIV)

    23 Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.
    New International Version (NIV)

  • watching in 2020!!! Just what i needed to reset my heart and incline it toward God!! Thank You Jesus for this divine appointment to talk to my Father who’s been waiting for me!

  • What I love about Pastor Furtick is that he equips my mind with a way out of sin. There’s no judgment nor guilt. Just facts and easy ways to get out. Galley this makes it easier on me (I’m talking about the part that requires action from me in the Lord). I don’t have to wrestle with myself. I just focus on what I should do and leave the rest to the Lord. Peace of mind. Whoosh thank you!

  • Which of these tips are you more likely to follow? Do you know anyone with heart problems? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • Just wanted to say. May God continue to bless ur ministry. U have helped me get through so much pastor steven. Everytime i hit a road block in life i always turn to ur sermons an it really bless me. Do continue to let the lord use u. Contiune to impact lives for the work of the lord. Many blessings and love pastor. God bless u

  • With the coronavirus outbreak going on these tips are great. Especially the ones having to do with managing stress. Great video ��

  • I am in the middle of a war where the world would see me fall back into the lost person before but I declare victory over my advisaries and the ones who would see me fall..y does it have to be this way..we are ment to lift one another up not knock each other over..this is war, a spiritual warfare that I come prepared with the full armor of God..

  • I watch and rewatch your sermons… They have been of great help to me and a source of courage while I was in law school… I pray that God continues to bless and use you. Thank you very much

  • I’m not a drinker for my doctor told me if you can have a glass of red wine but I told him I’m not a drinker he said well you don’t have to do it every day but he told me just one he told me I don’t like to tell my patients that because a lot of them are drinkers but he tells me because you’re not a drinker I can say that to

  • Thank you, for your sermons. My place to hide is in the word of God delivered through your sermons. You are a vessel of the almighty God. God bless you!

  • #4 Drink plenty of water is a pure myth!
    I’ve personally had heart problem, palpitations, trips to the hospital directly related to drinking too much water!
    You body, especially your heart, does not need extra water, and does not run on water. it runs on electrolytes, and not the BS amounts they sprinkled into Gatorade. Your body dumps water as soon as you start drinking it. Why? because your body really doesn’t like a lot of water. It flushes out the electrolytes your body needs! Extra water is a problem for the human body, not a benefit. You get pretty much all the water you need from the food you eat maybe have a glass of water when you wake up. That’s it!

  • Wow shaking my head this accurate… my dad passed away 14 yrs ago of a heart attack and he had hypertension but his autopsy also showed he had cardiovascular disease also ����

  • Gods word is such an eye-opener. God is good. �� thank you pastor Steven Furtick God really uses you so much. I hear you everyday when I am working out at the gym. And even at the gym I can feel gods peace. John 8:12 ❤️

  • Wow. When I tell you I NEEDED to hear this today, I mean I needed it. Thank you! Thank you for sharing and thank you for teaching!!!!

  • It’s kind of cute how Pastor Steven always says:,,help me to preach this”. And then there’s always this one voice in the audience shouting:,,that’s good, yeah pastor”
    But I think you don’t need no approval pastor Steven, you are as blessed to preach the word as you need to be. And you need nobody to confirm that but God.
    And he already gave his approval by letting you be that successful.

  • You can hide in plain sight knowing that you can trust in the goodness of God!

    Thank you Paster Steven! I have listened to this 3 yrs ago and I needed to listen to this again today. Watching from the Philippines and praying for your ministry always. ❤

  • It has to happen..circumstances can result in strength but also it can boomerang and result in failure when pushed to the limit..

  • ThankYOU to the one shouting in the wilderness sorry thats just how i see you lol!! i too hate doing the same things over over again like the children of Isreal in the desert. However i cry out to my Lord to show me his ways and YAY!! He does through the His wonderful spirit iam truly slowly sometimes very slowly learning to let The Lord change my dumb ways I truly appreciate your messages we need more spiritual leaders men that fear God The Great I AM!! Thank you The Good Lord watch over you and your fam

  • WATCH ��: 8 Signs Your Body Gives You A Month Before A Heart Attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIJN7sbqfwk&list=PL_fl96m7OLQUZuUwYCH7NnU9b_bP6sRlp&index=9

  • I listen to these sermons everyday I’ve grown so much in God I am always blessed after each one I thank God for leading you to broadcast these Have a very blessed day Shelly Hoboken Ga

  • Okay that sermon actually was the answer, I was praying for and I already feared there would be no answer.
    I really didn’t realize the problem was, I didn’t put myself out there anymore. I forgot I was hiding, and it worked so well, because I’m hiding for so long by now.
    I see now I need to not only have hope, and then be discouraged because nothing happens, I need to go out there and be in a church and face life. I’m so afraid people hurt me again. But I’ll give it another try now.

  • fitness and diet are extremely difficult to keep up for life. requires daily discipline. not as easy as it sounds. foundation of diet should be vegetables and nuts (if not allergic) along with spare use of meats and deserts. fruits are just as bad as candy. all that fructose from watermelon, mangoes, grapes goes RIGHT to BELLFAT.

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear today. This is the direct voice of the Lord for me. I prayed this morning and here is my answer. Thank you Jesus!