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Chronic daytime sleepiness is a sign of a number of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea (see below) and narcolepsy. The struggle to stay awake can interfere with work, school, activities and relationships. People who are very drowsy may fall asleep in. The following may be warning signs of a sleep disorder: consistently taking more than 30 minutes to fall asleep perpetual fatigue and irritability during the day, even after getting seven or eight. Common Signs of Sleep Disorders According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, up to 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

These people experience daytime drowsiness, nighttime wakefulness and increased risk for health conditions, such as heart disease. But with proper treatment, you can once again enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. Sleep disorders can also include sleep apnea (pauses in breathing), nightmares, sleepwalking or talking, loud snoring, and restless legs (throbbing, pulling, creeping, or other unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move them). A sleep disorder can be caused by a host of factors.

Here are 5 signs that you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. You’re still tired when you wake up. You got the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep, yet you still wake up groggy and have trouble getting up to speed in the morning. If you’re waking up this way, your body might not be getting the deep, restorative sleep that it needs. quicklist: 4 category: Signs You Could Have a Sleep Disorder title: It’s been a long, tired road url: text: The problem: You’ve had trouble falling asleep (or staying asleep) for at least a month.

You might have a sleep disorder if: You regularly have trouble sleeping. You are often tired during the day, even if you slept for at least seven hours the night before. You have a hard time doing. The other four symptoms include: Poor sleep during the night Cataplexy (sudden, uncontrollable muscle weakness or paralysis while awake, triggered by strong emotion such as excitement or anger). More than 26% of Americans suffer from some sort of sleeping disorder, and millions more cases are undiagnosed.

Here are 6 signs you may have a sleep disorder. FREQUENT MOOD SWINGS AND IRRITABILITY A good night sleep should result to a refreshed and energized individual. But when you are feeling irritable and moody in the morning, you might have a sleep disorder.

Aside from developing sleeping habits and ritual, you can also keep a sleep diary.

List of related literature:

Other sleep disorder symptoms 7.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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In addition to daytime sleepiness, three other major symptoms frequently characterize narcolepsy: cataplexy, or the sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone; vivid hallucinations during sleep onset or on awakening; and brief episodes of total paralysis at the beginning or end of sleep.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice” by Barbara L Yoost, Lynne R Crawford
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These include insufficient sleep, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy, and other medical conditions that may contribute to daytime sleepiness or fatigue (such as anemia or hypothyroidism).

“Otolaryngology Prep and Practice” by Jennifer J. Shin, Michael J. Cunningham
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This chapter focuses on the most common sleep conditions, including sleep loss, sleep-disordered breathing, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome (RLS), parasomnias, sleep-related psychiatric disorders, sleep-related neurological disorders, sleep-related medical disorders, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

“Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, Bruce M. Altevogt, Harvey R. Colten
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Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud periodic snoring, gasping and choking on awakenings, unusual nighttime activity such as sitting upright or falling out of bed, morning headache, unexplained daytime sleepiness, poor memory and intellectual functioning, and irritability and personality change.

“Ebersole & Hess' Toward Healthy Aging E-Book: Human Needs and Nursing Response” by Theris A. Touhy, Kathleen F Jett
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Sleep difficulty (e.g., insomnia, disturbing dreams) 4.

“Addiction Medicine E-Book: Science and Practice” by Bankole Johnson
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The most common presenting symptoms of sleep disorders include insomnia, characterized by difficulty initiating and maintaining sleep with poor sleep quality, and hypersomnia, the symptom of excessive daytime sleepiness.

“Conn's Current Therapy 2019” by Rick D. Kellerman, David Rakel
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Insomnia Middle 0 No difficulty 1 Patient complains of being restless and disturbed during the night 2 Waking during the night – any getting out of bed rates 2 (except for purposes of voiding)

“Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health” by Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais
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Other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, which we’ll describe in chapter 2, can have similar symptoms to insomnia, such as disturbed sleep, fatigue, and low energy.

“Quiet Your Mind & Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety, Or Chronic Pain” by Colleen Carney, Colleen E. Carney, Rachel Manber
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Symptoms • Daytime fatigue, compulsive falling in sleep • Sudden loss of muscle tone (cataplexy) • Sleep paralysis (when falling asleep or on awakening, the

“Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines” by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
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  • I had awful insomnia for 9 months, the only method I could sleep was by taking prescription drugs. I obtained this sleeping strategy from a medical professional. Right after Five weeks, I gained the best sleep of my life. People who have experienced sleep problems for many years must also look at this. My sleeping has drastically improved! I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I couldnt wake up this morning..
    I wanted to stand up but couldnt and was tired so i fell asleep again.
    Then i woke up again, still couldnt move, didnt have the power to overcome the paralysis, fell asleep again.
    Then i began dreaming i had sleep paralysis and i couldnt wake up..
    Luckily the third time i woke up, i couldnt move again but managed to stand up.. damn, what a struggle that was!
    I hear those explosions too sometimes, didnt know that was a disorder.. Learned something new today, thanks!

  • I have Sleep paralysis, i get them alot. I had 2 yesterday night, getting like 5 per month so i think Im going to get a doctor to talk about my Sleep problems soon

  • Ive had an episode of what appears to be Klein Levine syndrome once every decade now for 5 decades but there is no one qualified to diagnose sleep disorders here.
    I’ve had a couple hours of sleep paralysis but not significant. I have various sleep disorders.
    I don’t believe there’s an actual disorder called “Sleep Groaning”. lol
    Sleep Related Eating disorder.. Fatal Familial Insomnia.. non-familial fatal insomnia… numerous sleep breathing disorders… severe apnea, obstructive or central.
    Yes you can die from lack of sleep but often from heart attack, stroke or other chronic health issues that sleep disorders can cause if you can’t find proper diagnosis or treatment.

  • I feel like I might have this because I’m constantly staying up late, I get a morning headache almost every day now, I’m tired, and I can’t breathe during the night��

  • I had experience of sleep paralysis…3-4 of them…and it was super scary!
    Lucky that i aint getting them for the past 1 year or so..

  • I’ve been deprived of a good rest since I reached my adulthood. I am on day 7 of this sleeping treatment method and already feel far better. I’d never assumed I can achieve 8 hours of sleep once again. The procedure regarding how to remedy sleeping disorder is just impressive. It reveals some factors and a treatment for diverse circumstances of sleeping disorders. I`ve obtained loads of medication plans to select from.. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I don’t know what I have when I was younger I would wake up gasping for air and I would eventually throw up. Now I’m 19 the throwing up part pretty much went away when I was in Middle School but every once in awhile I wake up in the middle of night gasping for air sometimes it’s so extreme that I ripped my curtains off and I open the window gasping for air. It’s scary cuz the first 3 seconds feels like you’re dying it happens soo fast I did my research before but I don’t really see anything out there that I have. I get them like every 2 months like 7 times a year

  • I take a sedative for insomnia… I was given it when I was a patient in a mental hospital for attempting suicide. I can’t sleep at night. I feel overwhelmingly tired but just can’t sleep! And I always forget to take my medication for it. But I also have hypertension and medicate for that too. Soooo what do I have?

  • I have a question. I have a weird sleep condition but I don’t know what it’s called

    I have similar symptoms of narcolepsy and it’s quite easy to fall asleep,but I have trouble staying asleep at night and wake up several times and have trouble in the day with exhaustion like insomnia.
    (On rare occasions a few times a year I end up sleeping 16-18 hours of sleep if not woken up)
    And a hand full of times I had sleep paralysis only about 2 that I can recall

    It has been like this all of my life ever since I was little and I am 13 now
    my parents thought it was just a phase but the symptoms have not changed

    Idk what it is and since your a somnologist i think you might help

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  • im trying to find out what i have but basically
    ive recently started to bite my wrist in my sleep
    i would wake up to a sharp pain and then forget about it until later in the day if i notice the deep bite mark on my wrist

  • In my sleep I force my hand under my partner after a bit I will ball my fist and start twisting.. most I see this in my dream as me working. I have done this my whole life I can remember.. in fact when I was a baby I slept in bed with my mother and she refers to it as gauging.. I really need to understand this in hopes I might overcome it. I am not easy to sleep with. I am 6’3 and about 220 lbs. So it’s not a small inconvenience to my loved ones.. any info would be a great help

  • By utilizing this method, I was capable of getting away with this awful insomnia of which I thought is impossible already. You shouldn`t overlook employing this sleep method or program. I believe it is way too great to be real at the beginning but since I have used it, I started to be the product’s main believer.. I researched Google and found this guide on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Doc. While Im sleeping, I heard a sound of punch and I thought it struck my head. And I cannot move. Then I started hearing high pitch sound and it rumbles on my brain. And it happen not just one time. But three consecutive chances.

  • Lately I noticed that you guys take too long to come on the main point and you sway away from the topic by doing other discussion maybe keeping your video up to a 5 minutes would justify you viewers time

  • I have Catathrenia, I share a room with my sister and she always yells at me for groaning and I tell her it’s not my fault, but she decided to just believe I have weird dreams.

  • I did not consider my insomnia very seriously in past few days because it only develops every now and then. Not until Five years later in which it has become the most awful dilemma. It’s already a very good sleep to me if I am able to sleep for Three hours. Most often, I could not get my own self to get sleep the whole night. I used this unique program. I experienced fantastic effect right on the day I commenced utilizing it. In only 7 days I had been asleep 4-7 hours every night. My sleep becomes a whole lot better everyday.. I discovered this tip on Google.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I have sleep paralysis
    its really scarry at times sometimes I feel like I’m looking breath so I really try to control my breathing then I suddenly jerk out of it.. it’s aggravating a lot

  • I have explosive head syndrome.I felt scary till I came to know about it on internet.Intrestingly I had experienced someone sitting on chest.. when I was unwell…and explosive head syndrome was later..now I get such attacks very less frequently..it’s almist three four times a year..and intensity has reduced a lot after I came to know about it being merely a sleeping disorder and not sone fatal condition.

  • I got mild sleep problems for some time getting out of bed around 4 am on many days. A couple of months back, I began to get just two to 4 hrs sleep every evening, leaving me in a a whole lot worse scenario of insomnia. This plan has aided me a lot in bettering my getting to sleep challenge. This is in addition to understanding the essentials of sleeping. I researched Google and found this tip on a website.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • By using this program, I was able to get away with this terrible insomnia of which I thought is impossible already. This really is an item that you must not overlook. At the beginning, I found this method to be unrealistic but I tried using it anyway. There’s no harm using it anyhow. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • Checkout Meditation Sound: Deep Noise for Sleeping Waterfall in Deep Forest

    Best for Sleeping (Insomnia)


  • This sleep remedy is really effective. I started off suffering from sleep problems at a young age. Of all treatment methods I`ve used, this plan is the one that successfully broke the cycle of my sleeping disorders. I had a far greater sleep at night today that I had followed the treament program continuously without fail. I discovered Google and found this guidebook on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • This sleep system hasn`t just stopped me from getting different medicines but in addition allowed me to enjoy a great night sleep just after 3-4 months of nightly insomnia episode. Just before all these, I could just get 3 or 4 hours of good rest. Yet immediately after following the program, I managed to obtain Seven straight fine resting hours. A year had passed, I could state that in several years these latest sleeping are the best I have. Good luck, you will get the results, research it on Google. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I need to take medicines so I can sleep. This awful insomnia has frustrated me for Nine months. I discovered this sleep program from the medical professional. In only 5 weeks of applying this sleeping program, I acquired the very best sleep I never ever had. Individuals who have suffered from sleep problems for a very long time should try this. My sleeping habit every evening has improved substantially. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • Sleep apnea is also a cause of childhood and adult bed wetting. It stresses the heart and can greatly contribute to early heart attacks. I learned this from a lung specialist many years ago when I was first diagnosed.

  • Hi, Can’t find the little sleep apnea device to strengthen respiratory muscles that you demo’ed in the u tube video. (“7 signs u have sleep apnea….”)I don’t see it on your web site and i didn’t see the lik you said you’d show in the video. pleas help. thank u. it sounds promising. veronica:)

  • ive been experiencing this thing where im aware of my surroundings but when i try to wake up move or open my eyes, it just wont happen, my heart will start beating fast then it feels like im out of breath, i dont know if that is a sleep paralysis because a lot of people claim that they see a shadow on top of them and they are awake but for me, my eyes is closed and i dont see any shadows or anything, please if anyone knows this sleeping disorder id like to be informed what it actually really is.

  • I don’t know if i have insomnia, but i really can’t sleep at night, not even at 10 pm, it’s either because of anxiety, over thinking, being scared of death, or i just can’t sleep so i go on my phone, i can definitely say im a night owl.

  • I think the reason is that my dad died in his sleep when I was 11. It was from carbon monoxide poisoning. I also got really sick. He sent me to my moms ( because they are divorced) and saved my life. I had a lot of poison in me. Thank you dad and thank you god for not letting him die in pain. ��

  • I too have gone through this problem. I felt very bad at that time. I went to many Clinics & Hospitals but the result was not good. Then Someone told him about Planet Ayurveda, he went there and took treatment. Now he is fine. So, if anyone is facing such kind of problem or any other health-related problem. You should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  • This sleep program has not just prevented me from purchasing a number of medicines but also allowed me to acquire a superb night rest immediately after 3 months of nightly insomnia episode. Throughout that point, I can just rest 3 to 4 hours each night. But right after pursuing this method, I managed to obtain Seven straight excellent sleeping hours. Immediately after 12 months of applying it, my sleep became far better and much longer than I have accomplished in a few years.. I researched Google and found this guide on a website.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I can’t sleep well, I have shitty sleep patterns, even if I’m very tired I just can’t sleep and when I do get to sleep it only lasts for an hour, then the cycle repeats and I always feel so drained without being able to do anything.

  • This condition made not only my married life but also my very existence awful. My husband couldn’t sleep and we wound up in separate rooms. After using this sleep apnea treatment ( check the link below ), my loud snoring has all but ended. now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my husband and I now have the same bed once again. t.co/EmbhmJFTfC

  • For merely Three months, my very own nightly episode of sleeping disorders has finally gone. This sleeping medication I adopted had saved me costs from acquiring medicine. Throughout that time, I really could just rest 3 to 4 hours every night. Whenever I began employing the plan, I was able to accomplish Seven straight hours of sleep. A year had passed, I can tell you that in many years these recent sleeping are the best I have. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I had terrible sleeping disorder for Nine months, the only way I can rest was by using prescription drugs. I got this sleep strategy from a physician. In just Five weeks of making use of this sleep program, I obtained the very best sleep I never had. Folks who have suffered with sleep problems for quite a long time need to look at this. My sleeping has significantly improved! I discovered this tip on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • I usually wake up in the middle of the night and feel like someone is watching me,but I can still move,it’s just that when I look around I feel like someone is going near me when I look away and try to sleep

  • Okay when I try to sleep I takes me 2-3 hour to prepare, when I think I’m ready I lay down and try to fall asleep but right when I am falling asleep I immediately get shocked with fear and jump up out of bed, my body feels numb sometimes I’m sweaty, this happens at least 20 to 30 times before I actually fall asleep. Honestly I would say it probably takes me about 4 hours to actually fall asleep, The only times that I actually can sleep well, is if I have too much to drink, and have taken sleeping medication on top of that. Pretty much knocking myself the fuck out, i’ll take about three Benadryl, and I’ll be drunk. Only then can I actually sleep in peace

  • I think i need that breathing tool thingie cuz i have scoliosis in my thoracic region. I noticed it IS very hard to breathe sometimes. I practice yoga too to work that whole respiratory system & t is hard! Thanks Bob & Brad! ��✌✌����

  • For a long time I have got this sleeping disorders currently where I rise four AM early in the morning usually. Several months ago, I started to have merely two to four hrs sleep every evening, leaving me in a more serious condition of insomnia. This program has helped me a lot in improving my getting to sleep problem. This is apart from knowing the principles of sleeping. I discovered this guide on Google.. It is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • thank you for clearing up the difference. for so long i thought it was just “insomnia” now i realize it seems more related to sleep apnea. appreciate your guidance.

  • I got severe insomnia for 2 years and thought I was hopeless, however making use of this sleeping remedy, I`m resting normally again and REALLY ENJOY going to sleep. You mustn`t neglect using this sleep system or treatment plan. In the beginning, I found this system to be unrealistic yet I tried using it anyhow. There is no harm using it anyway. Good luck, you will get the results, get it on Google. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • There is this guide, a slumbering method that in some way is effective. I began experiencing insomnia at a young age. I have personally applied lots of remedies yet none of them works not until finally I found regarding this treatment. I acquired a far greater sleep at night right now that I had adopted the guide routinely without fail. I discovered Google and found this guidebook on a website.. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I struggled with lack of sleep for more than 2 yrs and assumed there seems to be no treatment for my situation. I acquired this sleeping treatment from the psychological behavioral specialist. It helped me find out more about sleep. And every night, I can right now sleep at night pleasantly. Sleeping on the mattress is a fantastic experience overnight. I got this guide on Google.. Name of the tip is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • I usually can’t fall asleep until after midnight and I always wake up when or before the sun rises. So during summer I may not fall asleep until somewhere between 1-3 am and then I’ll be awake at 5am or earlier sometimes. If I’m lucky and it’s a cloudy day I’ll sleep in a little later but I’m pretty much always up past midnight

  • Multiple studies show the cbd oil help with insomnia and sleep apnea. Research it for yourself.


  • I have always raised one arm up, stretched my fingers out, and gently scratched it up and down with my other hand. My husband was awake a few hours the other night and saw me do it at least 15 times. He took a video that I will try and upload on my channel later today. Can you tell me why I do this??

  • Another way to easily determine if you have sleep apnea is to download the snore lab App onto your phone or iPad. It will record your snoring and produce a graph that you can see your snoring levels throughout the night. It was show you the amount of light snoring, heavy snoring, and epic snoring over the evening. You can even listen to it so that you can hear how loud you are and also the gaps in your breathing. You will be amazed and it is a free app. It was recommended in an AARP bulletin.

  • What is the difference between The Breather and one of those gadgets they give you in the hospital that you breath into and try to raise a ball in a cylinder?

  • I hope that people who have no medical background or sleep apnea experience don’t get the idea that this is what you do to treat sleep apnea. It may be a good thing to use to help with better breathing in general, but will not cure sleep apnea

  • CPAP kept me awake so I found a good low cost solution which you could probably make if you are crafty or know someone who sews. I found a ready made Back-Off Anti-Snoring Belt https://www.amazon.com/Back-Off-Anti-snoring-Belt/dp/B00DTLLYQ6

  • Hi Bob and Brad Team, Please see my question below. What is the device you demo’d on your video to strengthen resp. muscles? Would really like to know. I didn’t find it in your “products” section. Resembles a little pipe of sorts. Thank you, Veronica

  • Are you gentlemen are so helpful the content you provide is so excellent. You have already help me with the hip issue that I have and now this content regarding the sleep apnea is just off the charts good

  • I’m a 20 year old male. My dad died from sleep apnea and my mother has it pretty severe. Should I go get checked? I’m just nervous. I don’t want to wear that damn mask, especially at such a young age.

  • This sleeping method has not just ceased me from acquiring a number of pills but additionally allowed me to attain an excellent night rest immediately after 3-4 months of nightly insomnia episode. Just before all these, I could solely get Three to four hours of good sleep at night. Whenever I started off applying the plan, I was able to get Seven straight hours of sleep at night. A year had passed, I could say that in several years these latest good sleep are the very best I ever have. I discovered Google and found this guide on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • What can you tell me about falling asleep and being woke up constantly with the feeling of something poking you non stop I even had the feeling of something grabbing my penis and when I wake up it’s very quiet and one night the clock in my kitchen feel down as I woke look I’m not crazy something makes me not sleep If I do I will surely wake me up like it wants me to be awake at all times

  • I can get only 1 hour of sleep a night. I AM 12! I can’t focus, cant go to sleep, when I finally do, I wake up at least 2 times because it takes me about 1 to 2 hours to go back to sleep. I am suppose to be asleep, but I am not and I am not going to for a long time. I have school tomorrow and it is 10:39. I am not going to bed till 2:00 AM. What do I do?

  • I have Catathrenia, I’m totally unaware of how I sound & it’s very embarrassing when it comes to my sleeping. Because of my loud moaning when I sleep my neighbors think im masterbating and random people walk pass my apartment filming me and posting it on the Internet. It really suck because I try to explain it to folks and they don’t believe me. It’s definitely not easy because I’m being stalked on a daily! I really wish people would understand I actually can’t help it or get rid of this sleeping disorder.

  • Thanks for all of your comments! Our mics weren’t working properly, so we apologize for the poor sound quality. We will be adding subtitles in the next day or so, and will make sure it’s up and working for our next round of videos. Thanks for your support! The Bob and Brad Team

  • Can you guys do a video on how to regain/retrain control of hips abs and glutes (8 years removed from a pretty severe brain injury and still going at it)

  • I had a job trail the next day and I couldn’t sleep from the anxiety so I guess I lost the job fuck it all. Been suffering from it for years now, I guess alcohol could be the reason. Whats funny is I sleep better after drinking usally

  • Would the breathing exerciser be helpful if the cause of the obstruction was a long soft palate combined with a narrow throat? My relative is a petite young woman, very athletic, and it took a while for her to even convince an ENT to test her, because she was so far from the expected OSA sufferer.

  • This video is like a long ad. Very disappointed! You don’t mention much but That machine, no alternatives given… �� that artefact would not beat the benefits of pranayama and breathing techniques to increase lung capacity and strengthening of muscles that aids breathing.

  • Similar to 02 Trainer by Bas Rutten-there is no evidence that this device or his will “strengthen” your lungs and make you more efficient/stronger at breathing. It sounds nice, but the evidence is not there that this device works.

  • Could the product possibly help someone that massive scarring on their lungs and subsequent asthma/breathing issues during hot and frigid temperatures?

  • I really try to listen to these vids. I try each time but invariable get bored before a minute…but still persist and even get alerts for new vids cos I think the titles are cool and useful, but I just don’t past beyond 4mins cos the thumbnails of others things on the page catch my eye and I’m off…..down the YouTube rabbit hole ( wading through other things). Oh jeez, I haven’t heard a word as I’m writing.

  • Hello I have been watching your channel since I have had a particle lamendectomy 1 1/2. Have since relocated from the state I had my surgery in and I think I have reinjured myself. The only difference is I have extreme sriffness and aching, and cramps on a regular basis. Whatare sifns that I could have reinjured myself

  • thank you Bob Brad great information..i suffering from back pain for a while..after wake up sever pain i have in my buttocks and my back.if you give me some opining it will be very helpful for me..

  • Damn. I was issued a CPAP and the end of December. �� Breathing stopped 143 times the 1st night and 151 times the next night. Average length was 56 seconds��. Would this device be helpful for folks with COPD?

  • As an adult with ADHD I can say that my ADHD worsens my sleeping habits and those bad sleeping habits still worsen my ADHD symptoms ��

  • If they really knew anything about ADHD, they would know they it doesn’t magically go away when a person turns 18. They also focused on hyperactivity because that is what they can see. The real battle is with concentration.