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i tried reading before bed every day for a week

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I read before bed every night for a month…�� // HABIT CHANGE

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10 HEALTHY HABITS Before Bedtime

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One study found reading for 30 minutes was associated with lower blood pressure and heart rate and significant reductions in stress — and researchers at the University of Sussex reported that reading for as few as six minutes before bed reduced stress by 68%, making it more relaxing than listening to music or drinking a cup of tea. Personally, I read a lot of nonfiction during the day. Some of the recent books that I’ve read are Bad Blood, about the Theranos scandal, HYPE by Dr.

Nina Shapiro and Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. Before bed though, I enjoy good murder mysteries and spy novels. My current favorite is the Vince Flynn series. 6 Reasons reading before bed may be the healthiest thing you do today 1. Reading improves cognitive function. Avid readers tend to perform better on tests of cognitive functioning than those 2. It can mitigate mild mental health concerns.

Feeling depressed or. The results don’t lie: Whether they crack open a book three times a month or every night without fail, all respondents said doing so promotes relaxation, reduces stress, induces sleep, centers the mind, and improves sleep quality. All good things. Nearly three quarters of bedtime readers believe they’d have a harder time falling asleep if they didn’t regularly read in bed, and almost. Relaxation is the most common reason that successful people read before bed.

According to a study by the University of Sussex, subjects were able to reduce stress levels by 68% by reading. Only six minutes of silent reading was needed to reduce heart rate and muscle tension. 4. The current evidence shows no physiological reason why eating before bed should cause weight gain. However, several studies show that people who eat before bed are more likely to gain weight (3, 4.

Several studies have suggested that using electronic devices like e-readers and smartphones, or even watching television in or before bed can disrupt sleep. Robert Rosenberg, DO, author of Sleep. While it may be better for your mental health to make your bed, it could be better for your physical health to leave it a complete mess, say scientists.. Those who are terrified of creepy crawlies.

It Encourages You to Keep the Rest of Your Room Tidy. Even the most organized, beautiful bedroom looks less tidy with an unmade bed, and the converse is also true: When the bed is made, it helps the rest of the room look styled, even if it is not perfect. Better still, once you are in the habit of making your bed, you’ll likely feel inspired to improve your bedroom’s appearance in other. Read More How Your Period Changes During Your 20s, 30s, and 40s Let Fleming fill you in on five wellness-inspired reasons to consider getting it on before you have your first cup of coffee.

List of related literature:

This book is dedicated precisely to memory: baths are helpful, as is moderation in drinking, eating, sleeping (it is better to sleep on your back, with your feet exposed), not to mention lovemaking.

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Methods common to adults include reading before bedtime, prayer or meditation, taking a warm bath, and having a light snack.

“Health & Wellness”
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#4 No Eating in Front of the TV—I know how important it is to be mindful, but there’s something very relaxing for me about taking a break from thinking about what to write next by getting lost in someone else’s story while I enjoy my power bowl.

“Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner's Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run” by Amanda Brooks
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Others prefer to read late in the day, and far into the night, keeping themselves awake by wet towels and vinegar compresses applied to the head; copious draughts of coffee; hard chairs, etc.

“The Anatomy of Bibliomania” by Holbrook Jackson
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One required so much less sleep in old age; she would stay up reading all night if needs must.

“Miss Austen: A Novel” by Gill Hornby
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Additionally, children and adolescents should avoid stimulation before bed including caffeine, exercise, and electronic devices (Moore 2012).

“Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pediatric Medical Conditions” by Robert D. Friedberg, Jennifer K. Paternostro
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Children may need a light snack before bedtime; a heavy meal immediately before bedtime may interfere with sleep.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children Binder Ready” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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1 Why is it that some people, if they begin to read, are overcome by sleep even against their will, whereas others wishing to be overcome by sleep are kept awake by taking up a book?

“Complete Works of Aristotle, Volume 2: The Revised Oxford Translation” by Aristotle, Jonathan Barnes
from Complete Works of Aristotle, Volume 2: The Revised Oxford Translation
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Some people find that reading before bed relaxes them, and others like to watch a little TV before bed.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
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Besides, there are so many reasons for early rising that if I can persuade the reader to go to bed early, I shall have little fear of his lying late in the morning.

“The Young Man's Guide” by William Andrus Alcott
from The Young Man’s Guide
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  • Number 8! Yes! I do that every night. But for me is kinda tough to have this routine (although I absolutely love it) bc University goes til 10pm. Madness.Still, I’m adapting to a healthy night routine.

  • I do use my phone before bed, but 30 minutes before I sleep I put on piano instrumental with earphones on and just quiet down, calming my mind and praying to the Lord.

  • Thanks for this! I have been in a rut for a few weeks now and it seems to happen often. I used to read late but because I work nights, sometimes I am exhausted when I get home. I think I will go back to reading before bed, even if it is a page every night. Btw, I love the way your bedroom look, could you film a tour?? I am moving soon and have to buy bedroom furniture and I am loving your bed and bedside table, where did you buy them?
    Thank you!!!

  • I go to bed around 10pm. Brush my teeth, wash my face, drink a cup of ice water turn on the ceiling fan and I am ready to sleep:)

  • Is it the same if you read books online and normal books before bed?
    Because I have the tendency to read books online only and I don’t know if it’s good for before bed.

  • 10 Healthy Habits before bedtime.

    1. Enjoy the sunset
    2. Only wear pajamas at night
    3. Drink lavender chamomile tea
    4. Put the phone down
    5. Stretch in bed
    6. Journal before bed
    7. Sleep in cooler temperatures
    8. Ready your home for tomorrow
    9. Your bed is for bedtime
    10. Eat almonds before bed

    Seriously, your vlogs are fun and not boring at all. Thank you for interesting ideas!

  • Really good video! What would you suggest for someone who doesn’t have a big house to have a bit of privacy for time with the Lord or just getting work done so that I’m not doing that in my bed/room for too long that I get tired again and irritable? Been trying to do the no phone before bed, im good most of the time but I love music so once a find something to listen to I get excited and want more or I find a new artist and in my mind I must listen to every song they have haha reason why my brain would not shut off for bed lastnight!

  • 1.enjoy the sunset
    2. Only wear jammies at night
    3. Drink lavender chamomile tea-wash teeth after
    Q4. Put phone down-opt for books
    5. Stretch in bed
    6. Journal before bed-poetry
    7. Sleep in cooler temps
    8. Ready your home for tomorrow
    9. Your bed is for bedtime
    10. Eat almonds before bed

    This will be the last night ill watch himym to go to sleep lol

  • You’re videos are so simple and beautiful they make me feel determined and alive again! Thank you for the inspiration!!! God bless ��

  • Any tips on what to do when your partner likes to stay up later but you like to go to be early to wake up early?? I hate going to bed alone and we live in a tiny apartment so even if I did, I would wake up from him being noisy. He will come to be early but he is never keen on it and it frustrates me having to nag >:(

  • summary:
    1. enjoy sunset
    2. only wear jammies at night
    3. drink lavendar charmomile tea
    4. put the phone down
    5. stretch in bed
    6. journal before bed
    7. sleep in cooler temps
    8. ready your home for tomorrow
    9. your bed is your bedtime
    10. eat almonds before bed

  • Lol i try not to think but even after putting my phone down i can easily entertain myself for like 5 hours just on my imagination which goes crazy and then i end up never sleeping lol.

  • What time do you put the kids to bed? I have a 7year old and it varies between 8:30 and 9.

    How do you deal with the SUDDEN “thirst” or “scare” or using the bathroom… even if I try to cover all this before her bedtime she gets very creative lol

  • You’re wearing Delilahs merch ���� another habit I love is counting at least three things I’m thankful for and say thank you to God like that and stay connected to Him. (Maybe for you it will count into journaling ��). And another thing couples can do is having a final good night kiss or hug every day. Even when my husband comes home during the night I’m excited to give him a kiss even though I’m actually just half awake. Thanks for your Ideas. Blessings to you and your family

  • I just subscribe to ur YouTube channel Sarah and I’m loving it….. It’s like I want to watch all ur videos today. You inspired me a lot to do/follow ur healthy and too organize life ♥️♥️♥️ much love from a fan starting 06302020 onwards from PH ����

  • This school year as been the first in a VERY long time that I allowed myself to read leisurely during the school year. I usually have to put my personal reading on hold to make sure I stay focused on school work and will maybe pick up 1 or 2 books in a 3 month period (versus during the summer when I am finishing 10 books a month). So far, it has been fantastic! In my first month back in school, I’ve managed to finish around 5 books while also managing to do my school readings. This has been through the use of Libby and really trying out ebooks and audiobooks. I’ve always been a hardcore physical copy reader. Reading on a cellphone screen didn’t seem like to fun to me (and I still hate sometimes haha) but it has made it so much easier for me to read! I am constantly on the metro, going to my internship or volunteer work and I can easily get through 2 hours of an audiobook on my way there and back. Using Libby has also helped me because I can switch between books easily, not having to worry about carrying multiple copies of books! For me, it isn’t about necessarily making a specific time to read it is making sure of using my free time (when I am cleaning, doing errands, during transportation hours, etc.) that I try my hardest to make sure I read. 10 minutes here, an hour there, 30 minutes here, another hour there. It never ceases to surprise me just how fast I get through content when I just make sure I make an attempt to read a little bit everyday!

  • the time I go to bed usually is 8am…..lol I am an night shift worker. in a weird way though, I pretend the sunrise is my “sunset” which kinda does the same thing for me that a sunset would do for a day walker:)

  • I go to sleep between 1:30-2:00 AM. But I work second shift so I don’t even get home until 1:00 AM. Makes the rest of the day hard with two littles and one on the way BUT! After my 3rd gets here I don’t think I’m going back. I’ll have a normal schedule for the 1st time in over 3 years. And I’ll see my husband more ❤️

  • I’m just an anachronism with no smartphone. I could not possibly listen to an audiobook before bed… I’d fall asleep and it would just keep going. I’m too pooped to stay awake for that after chasing my kids all day! And with baby #4 coming in February, my goal is just not to forget about reading entirely this year. I’ll be ok with 6 books.

  • I saw your abortion video. I needed to lose my lunch, thanks. You know it’s funny how my own parent said the same thing (abortion is murder) but he refused to pay child support, for my education, my schooling, and then when my life took a bad turn when I was 14 and was homeless, he wouldn’t help and I literally almost died. Funny how much empathy for the actual living human life pro-birthers, have, isn’t it? Just a marvel. Such sound, compassionate people. I had to come here and comment since you said you like people with opposite view points having a discussion, but for a strange reason your comments were disabled. Oh well, I’m kinda used to pro-birther’s contradictions by now. Btw, it’s “pro-birthers”, not “Pro-life,” because nothing screams “I value life” more than the demand that a clump of cells that literally feel nothing being forced into the world even if their decades-long life might be a living hell. Funny how “pro-abortion” people seem full of empathy but not the other way around….hmmm….

  • You are so inspirational and a beautiful soul. I have big difficulties with creating habits, especially healthy ones. You inspired me to drink tea, write my journal and read a book tonight before going to bed instead of watching a ton of youtube videos in bed

  • I cant wait for the day I am back to a dayshift life so I can do the sunset tip!! Right now I go to bed at around 9am, I get home from work, take a shower, put my phone on the charger, drink a turmeric cacao latte, spray this lavender essential oil spray on my comforter, read a chapter of a book, make sure my alarm is set (I have a sunrise alarm to try to mimic morning time!) Play some meditation music and finally fall asleep! I am constantly adding to it, I love habits.

  • This is random but If you ever catch wind someone looking to cast an adult Anne of Green Gables you (Sarah Therese) should try out! I think you would be so perfect to play her!! Basically no acting required, lol����

  • So needed this! ❤ I usually go to bed at 12 am but I’m working on earlier. My youngest is only 2 months so she usually falls asleep for the night by about 11 pm so I take an hr to wind down before bed. I’ve recently started doing some calming bed time yoga which helps me to stretch, slow down and calm my mind. I’m so getting lavender chamomile next chance I get! Thank you

  • Great and interesting video. Unfortunately the tips are not made for everyone and every lifes. If you live in a really tiny space maybe your bed is also your chair, your sofa, maybe even your desk… And some people can’t actually have habits because their schedule changes every days ou weeks, don’t you think? But still for those who can do these things, your video is great:)

  • Hi Sarah! I’m new to your channel. Do you have any videos of a minimalist kitchen? I’ve seen some on YouTube but I have kids so I have too many kids things I don’t know what to get rid of to declutter my smaller kitchen to a much more useful and mindful space with kids.

  • One of the habits that I created over the last 6 months is writing down in a notebook all the things that went well that day and how it made me feel and what it says about me as a person. This is actually an exercise that I got through therapy but I can’t imagine doing my night routine without doing this as well. It brings me into a positive mood and it puts my day in perspective (especially when something went wrong) and it helps to calm me down as well and know that I did well today

  • I love using essential oils. I have a diffuser that will intermittently diffuse for 10 hours, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Lavender is by far my favourite or a blend of relaxing oils. At times I also play instrumental music.

  • i cannot see the sunset… neither the dawn which is sad, i live in a space were the houses are really close to one another with no space or sound proof.
    Is sad because i used to live in a cottage where i could see both in some amazing views of my small town, also the moon always shows up on my window and when its full all the moonlight enters in my room which is fantastic.
    in my town there was little light contamination and i could see the stars every night

  • Wonderful, thank you for sharing your habit change journey:) I have been reading before bed since forever ago, and it’s awesome. I usually read from 30 mins to 1h before bed and I really like this habit that I’ve created for myself:) One habit change I want to make in 2020 is that I want to meditate in the mornings. I have been trying to implement it in 2019 but it was on and off and not that consistent. Hopefully in 2020 I can make it happen:D My sleep is okay but I feel like I sleep too much, and I don’t actually need 9 hours of sleep so I’ll also be attempting to wake up earlier as well:)

  • I read about an hour of one of the main books in my study (library and study room). Then I usually bed around 9pm, I have been doing this for 8 years.

  • I just took out my diary and wrote the date when she says:”I encourage you to journal “. Perfect timing! About journaling…I’ve kept a diary since I entered my teens, it has helped me a lot over the years to cope with my emotions, put my feelings on paper. My diary is my beat friend, it never judges me or interrupts me when I’m venting.

  • I would like to think I could do this but I get so invested in books that if I tried it I’d likely just read until I finish the book and still get no sleep

  • I absolutely love brushing out my hair while sitting in bed at night. I have extremely long hair, so brushing out the knots before bed and then sleeping on my satin pillow cases really does help with the next morning. I barely have to brish my hair or do anything with it as it’s already been done. Also just calms me ��

  • Phone turned off at least 3 hours before going to bed. Calls can wait until morning. It’s only 8,9 hours. Interrupting your personal time for yourself. Keeping you on phone, COULD be for hours telling you about their issues. “Oh! Can you believe it? Aunt (whoever) isn’t baking pies this year for family reunion!” Get what I mean?

  • Hi Sarah! Gorgeous throw blanket. I’ve been looking for something like that for awhile. Where did you get it? Thanks so much for all the life helpful tips!

  • This looks like an experiment I should try. I don’t usually scroll endlessly, but I do a lot of my reading on my phone, and my eyes are clearly unhappy about this. I like reading ebooks for conservation of space, but I should probably either try restricting ebook reading to earlier in the day or getting an actual ebook reader that’s easier on the eyes. Hmmm. Thanks for getting me thinking about this!

  • Gosh I get so excited when you post a new video! Just something I’ve been enjoying before bed is bone broth with maybe a few fresh spices. It calms me, makes me feel like my body is healing in my sleep, and its a light enough, but hardy enough filler to have like an hour or 30 minutes before bed. Just a thought:)

  • My problem with being on the phone is that I have insomnia so getting to sleep is a struggle anyway. So really it is just a matter of waiting until my brain/body decides it is ready to give up on being awake. This year I’m going to be getting more active and eating better. I was a couple of years ago and felt amazing, but when life got a bit too much I 180’ed back into my bad habits. I want to feel good again so I’m gonna be fixing it. Depending on the story, reading will actually keep me awake because it can over engage my mind. Some stories though don’t and I can fall asleep while reading them. Use to do that all the time as a kid. I’d read a story until like 3 AM and wake up at 6AM for school. Did that a lot… miss being able to do that. Hah!

  • When you said “rooibos” tea I got so excited. That is a native tea from my cultural roots. The name is Afrikaans meaning… rooi-red and bos-bush. Directly translated redbush tea��. Amazing to hear that people from other countries drink it as well

  • EH! I’ve been doing that too lately. It’s mostly been with my audiobook (Lovecraft), but I have been reading A Clash of Kings a lot more recently. I also want to say that for habits, personal care is always one that people let slide, and that’s one that I really want to tackle this year. Both physical and mental. Also, can I just say that the clip of you at the end reading while in bed is SO realistic when doing ANYTHING relaxing in bed. Like, I don’t know how, but we always end up in that pose. Loved that. Good luck with reading, Kate.:) <3

  • OMG! This quarantine has shaped me so much. For the last month I have been following almost all the things that you mentioned except for the tea and the almonds and it had made me so productive and happy. It like a routine now reading a book, writing down the things that happened that day, stretching before sleep. I have seen physical change as well as mental change which give confidence to do it all again next day. And thank you for the tip on having almonds and tea and I am a 14 year old

  • The one way I keep off my phone is I plug my phone in across the room, then read in bed and don’t want to get back out of bed to get my phone. The only issue is I use my phone to look up words etc, that I don’t understand from the book. So that’s a little annoying. I also think about my phone a lot and really want to get it, but I’ll just keep reading until I’m too tired to care.

  • One thing that really helps me before bed is to do a brief “minimum standards check” before bed. Clothes in hamper, keys on their hook, alarm set, purse in computer bag for tomorrow. Being able to go to bed knowing I have these few things done and ready for the morning helps me not be so anxious about the coming morning. ��

  • Hey Sarah, you talk about sustainability and I found something quite interesting its called barefoot shoes don’t know if you have heard of it but it might be something your interested in.

  • This is way late since this video was posted. But I just wanted to say that I feeling very unproductive today, so I was looking through back my liked videos to find something that would motivate me and I came across this video. It really did help! I love this whole concept. I love how forgiving you were with yourself throughout the whole thing and I just love how it shows that making an effort to do something everyday can quickly become a habit.

  • How do you have 3 children & have no dark circles or eye bags or under eye hollowing? I have 2 children and these are the bane of my life. What’s your secret?

  • My habits before bed are pamper my limbs some foot massage for relaxation any tea or milk thrice a night taking bath and brush befor bed with cozy outfits water bottle and my daughter with me on my bed �� sarah. I am malathi from India.

  • I am a 3-4am going to sleep person. If I’m lucky. Living in a studio where I have no bed room it’s apart of the entire living space I struggle with making my bed the place just for sleep. I have major sleeping problems even before I lived in studio but its gotten worse since not having a “bed room”. Also wish I wasn’t allergic to almonds. Sucky allergy.

  • I am so glad that I found this. I am pretty bad at sleeping and I need YouTube to sleep, however there are so many books that I want to read. Watching this has inspired me to read before bed. It’s a habit that’s hard to kick, but it’ll be worth it. Thanks for the video!

  • My husband and I both do this. We both read for about an hour before bed! It helps you read more, also it has helped me sleep so
    Much betters, I also have pretty bad insomnia and reading before bed has stopped me from staying up until almost 4-5am everyday tossing and turning and watching YouTube videos!��

  • I loved this! Reading before bed (and in the morning as well) is actually one of my reading goals for 2020:) And I’m currently reading Atomic Habits and very enjoying it and you’re right, stacking habits around existing habits like going to sleep is a clever thing to do according to the author haha:)

  • This is definite goals. I’m going to give this a go, though you’re probably right about not reading many pages.:D I’ll probably read one page and then want to sleep.

  • Limiting phone use before bed is something I’ve struggled to do for a long time. Time is so precious, and sleep is so precious, so why do I waste so much of both with pointless scrolling? I hate myself those nights where I could’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep if I’d just gone to bed when I was tired instead of falling down the “Oh I’ll just check Facebook quickly” hole. This video has definitely inspired me to crack down on it and spend my evening time reading instead of being on my phone (with exceptions, like the nights SuperCarlinBrothers posts new videos, which I am always excited for. And apparently this video which I’m finishing right before I head to bed, oops). I do read most nights before bed; since my brain doesn’t function enough to write at night, that’s always been my reading time.

    How does sleep go for me? Well, I have a baby and a preschooler. So not great. I literally cannot imagine getting eight hours of sleep at night. If I get six, it’s a huge success. Five is more typical. And that’s usually with being up at least half an hour at some point during the night. Then there are the nights when I wake up to use the bathroom at 3:30, then the baby wakes up at 4:00, I get back to bed at 4:45 but she starts crying again at 5:00, and once she’s finally settled my oldest wakes up at 5:30, then once I get him settled I know I’m not getting any more sleep so I cut my losses and get up to have a tea and write. FUN TIMES.

  • Reading before bed usually works really well for me. I tend to get tired more promptly and fall asleep more easily, less fitfully. I so would love to make this a habit because I read SO LITTLE now. Just gotta figure out how to get my 1yr old on board with the idea �� Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • I want you to know that I just found your channel and I really feel identify with you. I have pixie cut and people always think I’m gay and it’s so exhausting, but I’m not going to change my haircut because i love it… so, I hope you’ll keep your style. You have a new fan ����

  • I’ve read every night before bed since I was old enough to read on my own. It’s my main daily reading time and I love how it helps me wind down, and kept me from ever forming a bad habit of staring at a screen before sleep. I read for about an hour, or hour and a half depending on when I get in bed and read anywhere from 10-20 pages a night, except for when I’m sure tired, at which point the book falls on my face and page count goes out the window.:p

  • I decided this year that instead of beginning my goals in January I am going to begin them March. This is because March for me is technically a new year in my life since my birthday is in the first week of March. Also January is already so hectic with going back to school and life that it makes more sense for me to start my goals when times are more settled.

  • My goal is to read more and get on Netflix and Youtube less, so I read at kitchen table or in bed from 7pm to midnight. Then I get to the net at midnight. It has been working so far, but because my goal is to read more, reading in bed may cause me to fall asleep too early before midnight. So even if I feel the need to get cozy, while reading, I may need to not read in bed. (The kitchen table chair is uncomfortable enough to keep me awake longer).

  • I am teeeerrible at sleeping! Ever since I was little I take hours to fall asleep, wake up 4-5 times a night, and have a ton of nightmares when I actually to sleep. And now that my back is getting worse sleep is also physically painful. So I do try to read before bed, but mostly as an excuse not to sleep because sleeping is a miserable time ��

  • I really need to try this considering I’ve been wanting to be more consistent with reading. I tend to not read a book for months, then binge as much as five books in a week.

  • I am going to have to give almonds and lavender tea a try! I have such a hard time shutting off my brain at night!
    If I am getting up early I am in bed by 9 but lately I have been sleeping in(sleeping in to me is 7am.haha) and staying up until closer to 10:30

  • I’ve been struggling on the phone before bed bit for so long. I have a new kindle paper white to help reduce the blue light from screens and want to read more before bed as well. I need routines!

  • I have struggled immensely with scrolling mindlessly on my phone until past 1am. The end result is never pleasant (especially as a high school senior!). I want to reduce my procrastination this year as always, let’s see how that goes in terms of writing! What I find funny is that I had a reading slump this year as well because I suffered from writer’s reading guilt. I loved reading but had a hard time doing it in 2019 because I had this feeling that I should be writing (I also didn’t want to read romance and write my own romance like what I was reading at the time, which was normally mainstream novels). I also started reading before bed about a month or maybe two months ago. It’s helped me get back into reading a little bit and I never get through a lot as you pointed out, but reading exhausts me because I have to focus when I’m dead so it’s been helpful in keeping me away from my phone too. My sleep has been oddly filled with vivid dreams (ranging from amazing fantasy to things I didn’t need to imagine, even in my sleep). Long comment, HAPPY NEW YEAR KATE!!

  • I plug my phone in down stairs to charge at night so I never look at it in bed. But I was also having trouble with a reading slump a couple years ago, so I instituted a read before bed. Ebooks on my non-backlit Kindle are the easiest because it’s just easier to manage curled up in bed. I wouldn’t listen to a book because I would probably fall asleep and leave it running. I discovered that if I want to fall asleep more quickly I just have to read a less engaging book. LOL. And if I need my sleep I can’t read a highly engaging book because I will read it till 2 in the morning if I am not careful. So I keep aware of that and try not to succumb…try. I am reading a lot more now. Also I have a reason to go to bed sooner because I look forward to it and I tell myself I am not ending my day right then. I still have a battle tho between being downstairs scrolling endlessly for no reason…like I am literally not getting anything out of it…and choosing to stop and go to bed. I read somewhere that when you are tired you tend to scroll more. I was thinking I need to use my digital well being settings to tell my phone not to let me access certain apps after 9pm. But then a little voice said, “what if there is a Facebook emergency?” LOL. I will do it soon tho, because I don’t think that voice really knows what it’s talking about.

  • I so need to break the phone before bed habit. I know it’s not healthy or remotely helpful and I am ALWAYS tired. Reading at night seems like a really good habit to substitute for the bad one, so I’ll have to give it a shot. Of course, I’ll have to give up reading books in the Kindle app on my phone. That would defeat the purpose.:) I’m kind of worried about getting too into the book I’m reading and then suddenly it’s 2 AM and I have to be up in a few hours.

    One way to curb mindless eating that has worked decently for me is knitting! Are you still crocheting? It’s hard to mindlessly eat when your hands are busy.:)

  • This is something I’ve been thinking of implementing and decided I was going to start today was too out of it yesterday. I find it funny that when I was going to start you have this video. It’s definitely interesting and makes me feel more excited to try my own way through this! Good job though!:D

  • I’ve been struggling with insomnia for years and I used to get very anxious during the nights. Last year I started reading in bed, no phone and my anxiety definitely lessened

  • Reading before bed has been a life-changer for me. It stops me from working into the night and it helps me unwind. Not to mention it grants me the time to actually read. I LOVE it!

  • I always use to read before bed but have been out of the habit for several years. I’d love to get back into it and see if it improves my sleep.

  • I scroll my phone AND my tablet at night. I used to read on my Kindle, but then I get so immersed in a story that I’d keep reading into the wee hours, cutting out much needed sleep. Since I started writing more, I’ve been reading less which is bad. Now I’m going back to temping full time so we’ll see what I kind of reading I can get done along with my personal projects in the new year.

  • thank you for your amazing content. your videos make my day and calm my anxiety because they are so relaxing and beneficial to watch. keep doing your thing girl, I love you!

  • I fall asleep reading in bed and end up not taking anything in. It’s frustrating and ruins the reading as I always feel like I have to reread what I saw last night. But the phone before bed is bad. Problem is I tend to doze off well if a video I’m not focusing on is playing, the sound lulls me to sleep.

  • Have you heard of blue light? I suspect that one reason your sleep improved was that you reduced the amount of before-sleep blue light exposure. You might think about getting some blue light blocker glasses and wearing them in the evening when you’re on your computer or phone or in front of your TV. You may find your sleep gets even better!!

  • My normal routine, once I get in bed, is putting in my earbuds and listening to music for two hours while I do any endless amounts of scrolling or reading books on Wattpad. Sometimes, if I find a really good story, I want to stay up all night and won’t go to sleep until I finish reading it such is the case of last night when I found an a-mazing fanfiction at around 3:30AM and wouldn’t let myself go to bed until I had finished all fiftysomething chapters at 6:30AM. If that’s not a problem… I don’t know what is. I would love to undertake this challenge of reading a chapter of a book or so a night before going to bed because I feel it may accomplish two things: stop my endless scrolling on my phone before I go to sleep and help me actually finish some books!

  • Mmmmm, I used to read before bed but stopped because I linked books with sleep and so they’d send me to sleep. But still, I may well give this a go because it makes me feel cosy to think about it, nice wind down.

  • Hi Ariel, I think I saw you today in Toronto, I was too awkward to say hi. I’m a master student and I can’t read novels anymore, I basically am exhausted when I stop working on my thesis for the day so when I go to bed the last thing I feel like doing is reading.

  • Kat this is amazing! I’m so happy for you that you took the time away from your phone and created space for yourself before bed. <3 Personally, I'm trying to work through some, eh, "limiting beliefs" we'll call them where... For, instance, I say I'm a night owl, but I honestly feel my best if I do my creative work before I start my day job. Another belief around reading/writing and sleep is that I still tell myself I need at least 12 hours of sleep to be rested (I say this is related to reading and writing because if I'm sleeping 12 hours, working 8 hours, and doing all the housework things... When do I get time to write?). This was true when I was a teenager, and is still a guilty pleasure now that I'm *mumbles ages*, but it's likely not true now.

    Deep breath

    All this to say, thanks for creating a space for all of us to be a) inspired to and b) willing to address our sleep habits… Because sleep is so freaking important.

  • I am trying to read before bed each night and first thing in the morning while doing light exercise. (Hula hooping, steps, walking around the house) broke my books up with post it’s for a week or two reading depending on the length to try and get myself out of my reading slump. When I got a new phone I didn’t put any music on it so I listen to more audiobooks while driving. I have had awkward moments turning the car on when my audiobook has been at an inappropriate moment with others in my car. Good luck with making this a habit.

  • When I was a kid our bedtime was 8 but we listened to audiobooks until 9 when dad turned it off, after that if I was still awake (which I often was since I’m a night owl) I would read under the covers with a flashlight.
    Now though I have become much more dependent on ebooks and find myself staying up really late either on Netflix/YouTube or with an ebook. This is problematic since I have morning classes (college). This semester I am reverting back to my childhood habit of lights out w/ an hr of audio, 5 days in and I am finding it easier to wake up when I need to. I am also fasting from ebooks for 21 days and am finding myself on my phone/iPad much less. I felt like I was “falling behind” in reading (compared to normal) until I realized that I was “reading” just about the same amount but a larger portion was my two audiobooks than my one physical book.
    Over all this experiment is being used as a homework assignment and I think it is beneficial so far and will continue to be a new good habit.
    I find falling asleep to audiobooks easier in general than reading a book, I think the voice helps put me to sleep (if the story isn’t too adventurous)

  • I naturally just do this because my favourite time to read is before bed. It helps me sleep, and it’s the quietest time of day. I just delete any apps that I stay on for too long to stop myself from being on it all day/night. It’s not worth my time at the end of the day

  • My biggest goal for 2020 is to develop a solid night/morning routine so I can take advantage of the hours I have at my disposal before work. My shift is M-F, 12:30-9pm and I would like to start getting up by 8am everyday to work on my novels, read, get any housework done that needs doing…this way, when I get home around 9:30pm, I can just relax and unwind with my favorite show and get ready for bed.

    I actually have been using the Forest app the last couple of days to focus on my reading and not look at the phone. It’s automatically set at 25 minutes (I haven’t figured out how to change it yet), and I’ve found that I can easily read 15-20 pages within that time frame. So if I do that 3 different times a day, that’s almost 60 pages imagine how many more books I can get through!

    I also am reading Game of Thrones, but getting through it very slowly because I’m actually reading the physical book and the pacing is quite slow (not as slow as The Hobbit, thankfully). How are you enjoying the audiobook so far? I always love your experimental videos, and this one especially with the focus on developing a new habit. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit so the fact that you did it for a whole month is awesome. Way to go, Kate!

  • Really inspirational! I wanted to start reading every single day in January, and I think having a time of day, like right before bed, might be a good way to make sure I stick with that goal. I worry I’ll struggle with falling asleep before I actually get any reading done XD

  • I have not prioritized reading in years. I am changing that in 2020. I am fitting it in by not scrolling through public transport commute time. That is now reading time ☺️

  • Reading before bed has always been my main reading time since I was a kid, but the problem with that is that is a have terrible self control and don’t know when to stop. I will read for hours into the night, sacrificing my sleep to get to the next chapter, but then that chapter inevitably ends on some sort of cliffhanger, and I just have to know what happens so I continue. I need to either learn better self control or find a better time to read. My sleep schedule depends on it!

  • I’ve been reading before bed every night for several years now and I love it. Most of the time, I can read for 2 or 3 hours before feeling tired enough to sleep (I love reading when the house is quiet), but when I’m already sleepy, I try to finish at least one chapter (sometimes I end up sleeping on it and finishing it in the morning, ha!).

  • Now in Sweden the sun is not even setting or if it would it’s just a few minutes until it rises again and I love it. So I can’t really wait to watch the sunset before bedtime (it’s setting in midnigh).

  • Pro tip: If you have a hard time falling asleep, listen to “Suttree” by Cormac McCarthy (the full audiobook is free on youtube). The language and setting description is so well done and beautiful but there’s no plot so it lets you get more tired enjoyably as you listen to it. Before doing this it’d take me hours to fall asleep and I tried a lot of different things to help but this is by far the most successful.

  • This is interesting. I have always been a voracious reader, and I too, have been having a major slump, so much so that I’ve given it serious thought as to why. Coincidentally, I find I’m distracted easily, focusing on anything is an obvious effort, concentration isn’t what it was. Is this due to aging….or something else? Pondering it has led me to the conclusion that it’s probably both, BUT the “something else” is playing a huge part in all this… the something else is of course technology/phone/ scrolling/ YouTube etc…. I’m convinced of it. 2020 is going to see some serious reigning in for me.

  • Such a good habit to cultivate! I’m terrible about grabbing my phone and scrolling for way too long. I may have to try this experiment on my own because my TBR pile will fall over and kill me if I don’t do something about it.

  • This is so funny that you said 10:30 isn’t that late because I’m asleep by then �� but I really like this idea and I need to start doing it again! It really helps and it helps with the mindless scrolling of Instagram before bed.

  • For me reading before bed at least 80% of the time is almost as bad as mindless scrolling. If I get into the book it’s almost nearly impossible until i literally feel my eyes closing and I know that’s it. In a lot of cases if I dont keep track of the time I can easily get to my point of no return(3am). Meaning all nighter or I will sleep in and if I have work or need to take my kids to school everyone is late. Oops it has happened before. With that other 20% I may get lucky and sleep like a semi normal person. My bad habit is not knowing when to put a book down for the sake of sleep.

  • I’m hoping to change my negative mind towards my writing and get out of this ongoing burnout. ^ ^

    Have a lovely and Happy New Year!! <3

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  • 2020 is definitely going to be the year of experimenting for me.
    I don’t really know myself and Kate’s attempts of her routine made me admit it (well I kinda knew already but.. my pride bruh). So, I’ll be doing one or two 30 day habit challenge during the first 4 months of the year bc college. For summer break I’ll either continue building more 30 day habits each month or try to follow a new routine every week to see how I handle that.

    #9. Exercising 0:33
    #8. Drinking water 1:21
    #7. Napping 2:05
    #6. Being engaged in creative activities 2:55
    #5. Using electronic devices 3:42
    #4. Taking pills 4:36
    #3. Feeling nervous 5:25
    #2. Taking a hot shower 6:33
    #1. Sleeping with pets 7:24

  • OMG. All of last year, I ate plain almonds during my Comp Class. Every single day. And every single day, I would nearly fall asleep, but only in that class! I always wondered if it was the room… I didnt know why I was always so tired during that class! Now I do!!! Almonds… those darn almonds.

  • I’ve been reading in bed since September, challenging myself to log off of my chat groups so I can do something for myself. In the last few months I broke my reading slump, found some new books I adore, and have been going to bed at a more reasonable time. I’m a night owl but it’s been great to get to see new stories and that is really going to help me as a writer going forward.

  • I think I’m going to try this! Sometimes I’ll be lying in bed, absolutely exhausted, and I’ll force myself to roll over and start scrolling on my phone. It’s just a bad habit, and I think the deeper reason is that bed time is my time, with no responsibilities, so I want to do something ‘fun’.