3 Techniques for Learning a Crowded Gym After New Year’s


Sticking to those New Year’s resolutions with local gyms

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Gyms start to get very crowded after New Year’s

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How To Modify Your Workouts in a Crowded Gym

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January gym crowd coping strategies

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How To Survive Gym Newbies And New Years Resolutioners | 6 Fitness Survival Tips

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That’s why we designed the ultimate plan for avoiding gym crowds while still getting in the workouts you need to add slabs of muscle. Here are our best tips for navigating a crowded gym: 1. New Year’s Resolution Gym Crowd: Survival Guide Conclusion.

If you’re planning on hammering the gym through January, we strongly recommend employing these tactics to continue to make new gains in the new year. Out of all the points made in this article the key thing is. Let our expert trainers guide you through strength training workouts in our highly rated audio-based fitness app.

Creativity is key in a crowded gym. “As long as you know what kind of results you want, go after them in any possible way you can. The fact is all equipment is simply external resistance. While the New Year’s gym crowd will typically arrive in full force, their presence won’t last much longer than 2 months.

In fact, most people abandon their resolutions within the first couple of weeks of the New Year because they don’t want to put the work or effort in. The Crowded Gym Workout. Perform the following workout days twice per week.

You’ll notice that each pairing is done with the crowded gym in mind. In other words, you’ll do exercises that complement the limited amount of space you have without having you wander across the gym risking losing your spot. January is most definitely a busy time of year for health clubs, but instead of getting upset about the crowded gym, here are five ways to cope.

Snag some new gym members early by launching your gym holiday promo campaign with a November gym marketing blast. Sometimes the key to success is simply timing. Yes, Christmas, New Years, and other times are classic times for having a gym holiday sale, but give a Thanksgiving-themed gym sale a try and you might just be thankful for the results.

A crowded gym might seem like the gym owner’s dream, but it can have negative consequences for your member experience. You can mitigate overcrowding with in-gym tactics, like ‘in-between exercises’ and efficient training plans, or by taking your members outside of the gym. So, weight-training for men and women both as they age becomes challenging.

If you have not lifted in a long time, or have never done so, it can be difficult to start weight-training at 60. When beginning a weight-training program at 60 or after that, you need to. Not only popular but effective, bodyweight training is a great way to skirt crowded gym stress by getting in some good ole fashioned push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips and bodyweight lunges and squats.

Especially working well as finishers, these moves can provide a little variation and fun into your program.

List of related literature:

Gyms fill their facilities during off-peak daytime hours when other members are at their jobs.

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To avoid wasting time in the gym, make each repetition count and move intentionally.

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One of the great benefits to an open gym is that the leaders of the team begin to emerge as they take charge of the time available.

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PROGRESSION: It’s amazing how much this principle is overlooked in gyms across the nation.

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Make the hardest session of the three-day training block the first one, right after a rest day, and make other workouts easier until the next rest day.

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Rule 2: Promote a competitive atmosphere at the gym.

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The same advice applies to all of them: Stop training immediately.

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Train 2–3 days per week, using full ROM.

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Determine the placement of peak training sessions throughout the week.

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Add a third day of resistance training during the week.

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  • I was a New Years Resolutioner that stayed and honestly I remember thinking to myself “I doubt I’ll make it to February” and every month after that I would say the same thing every month after that but somehow never quit. I’ve lost 100lbs and couldn’t be happier

  • Honestly, I always wait for the squat rack. Other leg exercises are great, but I don’t think you can ever go as heavy as you can on squats unless its a leg press. I only do this for legs tho. If its chest, I could switch to other exercises like Dumbbells, hammer strength. There’s just more variety

  • Alpha dude you made some really great points but speaking as a qua si sorta kinda newbie, your unintended tone sounds gym rat douchie. And to the guy who probablyy was busting on planet fitness BITE ME I love that place.

  • i understand this video is mainly for the gym junkies but I think that the old gym people should be glad to see more ppl wanting to change there lifestyle. Yeah it’s a pain but it’s still a good thing. Just don’t complain about it.

  • That time of year again…
    Hogging the equipment is somewhat bearable, but hogging the equipment and doing it ALL WRONG is torture. And you dont wanna be that guy who goes around the gym criticising everyone’s form even when they’re using weights that are clearly FAR TOO HEAVY and using the lat machine as A FUCKING ELEVATOR.


  • It’s great that they want to “make a change in lifestyle” and all that jazz…But admit it, it’s annoying as hell when they come in and they tend to sit on the equipment texting and waiting five minutes between sets, then getting up and not wiping down the equipment.

  • Lee, I sprained my wrist about a few months ago and I still have a sharp pain whenever I bend it back. For example, I get a very sharp pain whenever I preform the bench press, push-ups, or overhead presses. Can you help me out please? Thank you.

  • Smith machines? they can take them all for all I care. I’m no pansie. the world needs to know I have a huge dick, not a deep vagina. in real life, you can’t just give up halfway through. that’s what a smith machine is. I do my sets to the fullest, knowing I might die and if I do, it was because I was too weak. I’ll forgive you for mentioning smith machine, only because your other videos are great and you got more charisma than, I dunno, me I guess. but, if you mention it again…. well… I guess I’d be slightly bothered or something.

  • Power of the home gym, I finally got mine set up with my own personal preferences for building. No more winter germs! You’re so right about getting on the floor for bell presses’. Just plain safer.

  • “theres a 20 minute time limit!!” you know what you say to them? “shove off, you won’t even be back here in a week, I’ve been here longer than you’ve been alive.” and just keep running. They’ll be so shocked they’ll just walk away and gossip to brenda about this rude person at the gym, and never come back. Boom. No more annoying resolutioners

  • I love this video!!! Dude thank you for giving me some great tips how to deal with this!! Thanks man!!! You got a new subscriber!!

  • Hey couch hayward I have been experiencing shoulder and lower back pain on certain exercises and although I have been doing stretches strengthening my rear delts, my core and Glutes the pain has not completely gone away I have avoided doing deadlifts, squats and barbell bench presses and barbell shoulder presses but the pain still has not stopped. Are some people just not able to do the same exercises as everyone else or is mobility a primary factor? Thanks!

  • well today is my third day at the gym lucky for me that my gym doesn’t get to crowded and the people there surprisingly mind their own business.

  • Hi Lee…I am Vipin Menon from India….Trust you are doing well. Please advise if drop / burn sets are better or the conventional method of increasing weights. I am 34 years old,height is 5’11 weighing 87-90kgs. My objective is to build a good body, decrease unwanted body fats and increase my strength, stamina and endurance. I have been doing drop sets in all my workouts whether it be compound lifts like bench, dead, squats etc or otherwise. I have been working out since last 7 months. I wish to know if I am going in the right direction or do I need to take a detour somewhere? Please advise. Regards

  • my gym is in my house, but i can relate to this haha. anyway, lots of my friends are starting to go to the gym already, and told me “oh my god i went to the gym today, i deserve the reward to eat the ice cream gelato that i saw on the way”. so i just give them a slow clap. yeah, go ahead and eat the extra calories that you just worked out.

  • My gym is packed with all the noobies…. I hate it because most of the regulars are in hiding and I get the noobies trying to tell me “you’re doing it wrong” my “trainer” said to do it this way…. Ummm can you shut up because my MAN is a personal trainer and my results came from him plus my parents are doctors… So i think I know what I’m doing

  • Thanks for this, I’m thinking about getting a gym membership for the first time this year, and it’s intimidating, but I want to stick to it

  • I have a gym at my job that no one uses when I’m done work in the AM. End of the year it’s packed that it angers me a bit. A-Holes who take up more space then needed, don’t wipe off equipment, and just generally hogging all the weights. I normally see a decline by two weeks into the new year, with the remaining dropping off right before filing for taxes. You also couldn’t be anymore right about Fridays for the New Years people. Fridays is a ghost town

  • Yesterday morning at the gym:
    Me: puts phone and towel on stairmll, walks away for 10 seconds to get a cleaning wipe

    Lady: Gets on stairmill and acts confused when I come back and look at her strange

    Lady: “No one was on here!”

    Me: *sigh*, I cant wait for February…

  • I find gym THOT’s of all ages regardless of whether their young kittens or older cougar’s too be quite annoying as they get in my way and are always trying too get attention & validation from us men at the gym! Not only that but most of them distract other men using gym equipment & both the men & the women just sit or stand their wasting time talking too each other when they should be working out… I enjoy SLIPPING my WILLY into PUSSY as well but it’s very annoying when you see men SIMPING at women holding up an area you want too use… Is their even such thing as a MAN’S GYM ONLY? That would be great no distractions from GYM THOT’S…

  • No dude, the most weirdest thing I’ve observed that on January first, my fitness gym had the usual people around, same amount somewhere between 4050 people, big gym can hold up to 250 people…next day on January 2 I come and I see everything taken, 150 people, managers walking showing off to people the gym and the equipment that we have…I was somewhat shocked because aren’t new year resolutions supposed to start on January 1st, not 2nd?

  • Whether newbies, resolutioners or regulars, I dislike anyone that act like assholes and jerks in the gym, thinking they own the place. How about you learn to share and show some courtesy?

  • Typically what my friends and I do is for January, when the gym is packed with fresh-sweat, we work-out outside. We do pullups on tree branches, we do pistol squats on benches, we do handstand pushups against walls, stuff like that.

  • I belong to two gyms, lost almost an hour of time in the last two days being patient with the newbies…95% of which, based on 30 years now at gyms, I know I’ll never see again. It’s the “go two machines ahead” in the circuit thing that just kills those who do not use the circuit, and need multiple sets on one machine. The new senior citizens are often among most of that 5% stick rate, and I’m so happy to see them there that I have no problem giving them right-of-way. It’s the texters that drive me nuts, and never have I ever seen even one stick around…maybe they are all texting their friends about how they’re actually at the gym working out; add a selfie in, and viola’, we’re convincing everyone we’re healthy now.

    I have never snapped even one selfie my entire life. I can’t figure out whether I should brag about that or be embarrassed…but mostly I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would care to see a picture I took of myself. It seems obnoxiously self-centered.

    (This coming from a guy with a torso pic in his profile avatar. WHAT a douchebag).

  • If I open a gym it would have two signs above the checkin desk: one arrow pointing to the juice bar seating area that says “texting area” and another arrow that points to the gym floor that says “lifting area”. Either that or I would install a cellphone jammer so that people could text or scream into their speakerphones OUTSIDE the gym.

  • In Kolkata, the same happens a few months before Durga Puja so that the hordes of people can look in shape or else look like Mahishasura

  • what i’ve been doing is spending 2-3 times longer in the gym and getting kinda like a full body workout in coz usually i do splits or only 2 body parts but lately its 3 maybe even 4 a day so that i don’t have to see the newbeies daily only 3-4 times a week…idk how much longer i can keep this up, i like to have my legs sore but not my legs and my shoulders sore at the same time while driving and doing workouts out of order has multiple body parts sore for me all in 1 day usually lasting 2-3 days to fully recover before all body is sore again…

  • There is some asshole at my gym that does 3 exercises 3 days a week, Hammer strength incline, curls and triceps push downs. He does them all at the same time, but not in a super set and with 5 minute rests in between each exercise. There is only one Hammer machine at my gym and he takes it up for a hour but only uses for about 5 minutes total, otherwise he sits on it playing on his phone. Total MFing jackass.

  • I’m in the gym right now but their is no equipment to be used its like everybody is dating the equipment I’m so angry right now god damn it ��������������

  • Dear Scooby. While I do not agree with every of your statements, I wanted to thank you enormoulsy for your channel, it’s really enjoyable and helpfull ��. Thank you scooby!

  • My biggest issue would be the assholes that either work right off the rack, or stand right in front of it swinging weights around. I cannot honestly believe that taking a few steps back does not occur to them. You’re literally blocking off half the rack and there is no reason at all to do that.

  • scooby1961, you’re the hommie, found you a while ago when i was a weak little chump. Started these, started a lifting program, started eating right. I started in 8th grade now going into my Senior year as a star d-tackle on my highschool football team, thank you for your advice over the years.

  • Everyone in the comments is acting like a gym-veteran, like they’re more muscular than Arnold Schwarzenegger, meanwhile never having touched a dumbbell in their lives.

  • I love how you use the Royal Rumble photo in the intro, seeing how it’s the January PPV for WWE.

    As for the gym, I go at night; my gym is 24/7, and after 10, it’s quiet.

  • It is much worse than you think scooby. You should think about gyms like planet fitness or local equivelents that get absolutely FLOODED with people. My gym went from 15-25 ppl at 7pm to 50-70!!!! It like to go to the gym to walk or light cardio, but too embarassed to use the weights infront of so many

  • Why can’t New Year’s Resolutions happen on one’s birthday? That’s essentially how I started my fitness routine. I looked in the mirror right before my last birthday and remembered what Dean Wormer said to Flounder, which was “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son”. Also, I think Gunnery Sgt Hartman’s “because you are a disgusting fat body Private Pyle” came to mind. That was in July of 2017. I’m down 25 lbs and my waist went from about a 37 to a 33. I started out lifting and doing some cardio, but have somehow gravitated toward more cardio. I’ve always HATED cardio, but I think the challenge of overcoming my hatred of it attracted me to it more. The gym I go to hasn’t been to bad, but I noticed a lot of new faces near the end of December. They’ll be gone soon, and it will be back to business as usual.

  • Amen, scooby. Voiced my displeasure with phone addicts at the gym online before, and apparently I was the one in the wrong. Everyone just told me that “it’s their business to do what they want while they rest between sets”.
    No, I’m not having that. I’m far from a hardcore gym-goer, but I’m there for a reason. I’m there to do things and use equipment I don’t otherwise have access to. You ALWAYS have access to your phone, and I think it’s quite pitiful when people can’t pull themselves away from it for 40 minutes, especially when they’re at an activity-specific location where they supposedly are there to have something else to do. If you want to change a track you’re listening to, or you have an app that monitors time or heart rate, that is A-OK. But it NEVER takes longer than two minutes to do any of that. They’re obviously checking Facebook, and using a specialised piece of equipment as ‘just a seat’ when somebody else wishes to use it for its intended purpose is simply selfish. I don’t care what backlash I get on this. I strongly believe my view is correct on this matter. If people are going to waste their own time, they shouldn’t waste others’ time in the process.

  • how about working out outside or getting at home gym equipment(this is for everyone) this way no one has to feel entitled to gym equipment or afraid to utilize gym equipment because of the negative assholes who feel that anybody not in shape……should not be in the gym.������ no matter the time people start…they started. Sharing and assisting is all it takes folks. Its not fucking hard. Be positive in 2017…please��

  • Yeah it may not be my first rodeo, yeah there are new goers every year. But god damnit, just because I’ve seen my dog get run over before doesn’t mean I’ll not be fucking crushed inside when my second dog gets run over in front of me!

  • Wtf is the point of a New Years resolution if you’re not even gonna stick to it?!.. You’re just getting in the way of people who ACTUALLY wanna workout!!!

  • I was in the gym today and it was so packed. I’ve never seen so many people. I’m going to you that free custom meal planner thanks ��!

  • I was one of those new years resolutioners and stepped in the gym 6 years ago for the first time in my life. Well never skipped a workout ever since and it changed my life completely.

  • When I decided to make fitness a part of my life it was sometime in June of 2011. I have since then become stronger mentally physically and financially. These people who use the “New Year” fad of setting resolutions in order to get into the gym are 9/10 weak minded and not motivated enough to stick with it. They simply are too lazy to stick to any type of program or eating plan to make consistent gains and the reason why we resent them so much is because they ruin the progress and success of those who are actually serious about succeeding.

  • I’m in a tough spot. the only thing exercise related that I love to do is outdoor jogging, but i’m in a state that gets cold in winter, and every winter my shtick goes sideways. I drag myself to the gym for sporadic treadmilling…. not often enough, because treadmilling is boring, and I just …. hate the gym now. Not getting enough exercise to stay positive or motivated. Re-subscribed.

  • “You are gonna see every machine occupied by someone sitting and TEXTING” ��

    I imagine that’s true. I haven’t been to the gym for over eight years now, believe it or not when I last went to a gym in 2010 it was pretty common to switch off the mobile and lock it in the dressing room. Maybe it was just in my area but I don’t remember people texting and I reckon those were pretty normal gyms for normal people, it wasn’t hardcore gyms.

    I do rest between sets sometimes, I sometimes don’t. If I am home I might as well text if I am not supersetting, if I go to the park (for pull-ups etc) I leave my phone home.

    My point is, if I am home and decide to use my phone between sets it’s only gonna affect me….but the gym and the park are like temples, we ought to leave our mobiles in the locker.

    Anyway as someone said home training is a good way to cope with all the weird stuff going on in the gyms. I am so glad I found out about Scoobysworkshop early enough to discover how to train effectively at home, with little equipment, it’s had a really positive impact on my training and my life.

  • I learned how to setup a home gym thanks to Scoobs. I love hearing the stories from my co-workers, like that DYEL that occupies the squat rack to do like 50lb barbell cheat curls and texts for 8min straight; never being able to get to the bench or chest press machine. No problem getting a leg workout in tho lol. As for me, I’ll good form barbell curl 100lb for reps in my own squat rack and bother no one.

  • This is so true. I went to the gym on Wednesday evening first week of the year and it was packed to the max. Every single machine was in use. But when I went to the powerlifting area it was all normal. Just the same 5 or 10 people that always train strength.

    Here’s my advice. Spend January and possibly February doing very little cardio in the gym. Just do some outdoor running or biking. Stick to squat racks and deadlift platforms, maybe the bench press rack.

    Most of the January people stick to the cardio machines and those retarded ab machines expecting to pop a six-pack in 6 weeks.

  • Thank goodness I live near a small, relatively unknown gym and I work night shifts which means starting my workout later in the evening

  • I hate it. My gym was terrible today. Couldn’t get my usual in as consistent because people with their cell phones sitting on machines.

  • Nutria System is really great diet plan. You get your meals sent to you and it miraculously keeps you out of drive thrus on the way home from work!

  • I was squatting today amd left the squat rack to drink water came back to see that one side of the bar was stripped down from the weights i had place ( i had my water right next to the squat rack smh

  • Lee I want to thank you for this video. The crowd is pretty consistent in the gym I go to and also I have no choice but to this gym that I’m a member to, because it’s right up the street from me lol. And I don’t want to keep switching up time frames because it will effect my rest and whatever I got planned for that day. Thanks for this tips and I subscribed and I will be watching more of your videos for more tips from what I’ve seen so far your tips are short and simple and beneficial. Thanks again.

  • I decided a few years ago to constantly invest and improve my garage gym best workout decision I ever made. I don’t miss being asked “Hey Bro, how many sets you got left?” Not for a second!!

  • Amazing to Be one of the two people that stuck to the resolution and became friends with the old gym Gs so we can roast this years resolutioners

  • Its why i joined a 24hr gym, i work nights so it works out for my sleep pattern, i usually go at 2am-3am, maybe 1 or 2 people are there, all the machines are open to use and most importantly no distractions and more focus. This works for me because of my life style and sleep pattern though.

  • I prefer working out at home… investing in a bunch of weights/bars etc. is better than wasting money on a gym membership, since it’s an investment that keeps on giving.

  • Hey, buy adjustable dumbbells on Amazon. Get a pair of Yes4all’s, they are a no-name brand which means you won’t be getting the premium tax and you can avoid the gym rush

  • I just took your advice and built a home gym in my basement. Don’t have to drive and it’s just what I need. Not only that but it’s an investment.

  • i hate working out in crowded gyms so much and used to go 3-5pm. about 3 months ago i switched to a 24/7 gym (Finland), only 20e eurps a month, a great gym. now i go before work, so my workouts last from 5am to 6am. absolutely love it, gym is so empty, can superset freely. onlu around 3-8 ppl working out at that time and most are the same faces and its really friendly environment with a lot of people saying good morning to each other etc. + no better feeling than going straight from work to home because gym is already done for the day:)

  • Scooby’s word is so important. I neglected my shoulders Aug-Nov, week-1 December I did a shoulder workout that felt great in real time but not so much the day after, it’s now a month later and my shoulder joints are still recovering and feel like they’re going to pop out when I reach across my body with no weight. Even if it feels right during the workout you can be doing damage.

  • I have been an athlete my whole life.I have been struggling with getting back to the gym this past year…… I have been going but not consistently like I want. So I guess my New year’s resolution is to get back to the gym. This situation is bad, because you can’t have a consistent workout with so many people in the gym…… so fuck it. So fuck it, I’m waiting till mid January to go back, I’d rather wait it out a couple weeks then constantly have to stand there and claim a damn machine.

  • Signed up to my nearest LA fitness and bought a bunch of stuff to start working out and i was very excited about it. So today was my first day going and I get there not only could i not find a parking spot but almost every equipment in the weight room was occupied. I know gyms make money by not having a capacity limit because they plan on people not showing up but when it’s literally stopping me from doing what i have to do then whats the point? I plan on going at an earlier time to see if its a bit better but i feel gutted. If all else fails home gym it is.

  • Some of the ‘New Years Resolutioners’ at my gym have already started to fall off. I hate how crazy packed the gym is at the start of the year.

  • Hey scooby I got three video ideas for you that could help me and a lot of your viewers.

    1. How to workout with a physically demanding job.

    2. How to shop with a $50 a week food budget.

    3. 15 minute full body workout.

  • They’re not texting, they’re maximising their rest period by working out their thumbs. Yes it may take awhile but think of the gainz.

  • I go to the gym at midnight now, I avoid the peak hours and sleep in blocks to avoid the busy periods. I don’t hate people for trying what i dislike is equipment hoggers.

  • Actually alpha you might be wrong because nobody can actually lift the dumbbells that i lift. So my pair will always be there no matter what.

  • I really do love your channel. Just listening to your bushwacker loving inspirational workout talks, turely motovates me to keep to my much improved diet and 3x a week workout regime. My 100lbs lost video is up on youtube and people like you Lee make it easier to live the right way. Thanks and look foward to many more videos.

  • Same story at my gym. People sitting on one peice of equipment for over 30 minutes.

    The atmosphere in my gym has become increasingly tame over the years when they brought in free Wifi, I’ve never been in a more casual gym (and I used to work in a gym where they played TV shows and football on the cardio machines and above the dumbell rack).

    At my gym now you almost feel embarrassed to actually break a sweat because you’re stepping outside the conformity of a relaxed workout environment.

  • Hey lee, Ive been training for the last 7 months now. I haven’t gained a pound. All my muscles lie flat as they were already. Whats wrong with me? What do I do?