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So, here are three sneaky signs that you may be doing the same things and self-sabotaging your goals: 1. Procrastination. I’m queen of the phrase “I’ll do it later.” I am the master of never finishing projects that I start—something I am very aware of and seriously trying to. Blending in feels safe. Standing out, and having a voice, feels like a lot of pressure that makes me want to take a nap. And, if your dreams come true in a. You push people away when they’re getting too close.

You feel attracted to elusive, distant people. Maybe you have been seeing someone but you’ve been on and off for a few months (or years. Self-improvement implies less of the things we like and more of the things we don’t – less food, alcohol and fun, more exercise and pain.

We know we need “give up” stuff to achieve our goals and maintain results. Fear of failure. 3 Signs You’re Sabotaging Your Retirement. it’s the steps you aren’t taking that can have the biggest impact on your financial goals. Here are three signs you’re sabotaging your. Even if retirement is a long time away, there are steps you can take now to make sure it happens eventually.

But sometimes, it’s the steps you aren’t taking that can have the biggest impact on your financial goals.Here are three signs you’re sabotaging your own retirement. 1. Avoiding the Topic. Whatever your plans for the future, you need to think about it. If you’re a controlling person, it’s likely you’re sabotaging your own relationships.

What’s even worse is that being a controlling person can take a toll on your partner’s self-esteem. 3 signs you’re sabotaging your Social, Marketing and PR strategy. nmcompany October 8, 2016. Share.

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Are you sabotaging your PR strategy? I recently found out that I’ve wasted a bunch of time and money. I don’t want you to make the same mistake, so here’s why you should not feel obligated to invest in tools you don’t.

(1) Never assume that anyone sees what kind of job you are doing, or that you are getting the appropriate amount of credit for your work. (2) Be your own advocate, and don’t be. Signs you’re self-sabotaging To be clear, self-sabotage looks different for everyone, says transformational life coach, mindfulness expert, and host of The Soulpreneur Show podcast Jenay Rose.

List of related literature:

I needed a way to quit my goals cold turkey, so I did two things after speaking with Leo: First, I asked myself, Why do I have these goals?

“Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists” by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
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You’ll notice the first four are the areas I identified as essential for success when I leadershifted from goals to growth.

“Leadershift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace” by John C. Maxwell
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11 Goals that are overly ambitious can discourage employees and decrease motivation, yet the idea of stretch goals is proposed as a way to get people fired up and motivated.

“Fundamentals of Management with Student Resource Access 12 Months” by Danny Samson, Richard L Daft, Timothy Donnet
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13 Ironically, procrastinators create their own obstacles all the time, an example of what some researchers call “self-handicapping.”14 Waiting too long to start a task is an example of self-handicapping, as is the tendency to spend too much time on impossible projects.

“Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now” by Jane B. Burka, Lenora M. Yuen
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3 Requires reminder to set work goals.

“Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning” by Arthur L. Costa, Bena Kallick
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I/ Bet on change, not lack of it: One of the most frustrating dynamics in business is spending years striving for a goal, reaching that goal, and then realizing you don’t get to relax as a reward, because another goal needs to be chased.

“Business Models For Dummies” by Jim Muehlhausen
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• Too Many Un-Prioritized Goals – If you don’t prioritize your goals you may become overwhelmed and not take any action.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
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Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer.”10 This advice—the written commitment to seventy-two separate goals per year—suggests a path toward individual achievement that begins with controlling one’s “subconscious computer.”

“Yoga, the Body, and Embodied Social Change: An Intersectional Feminist Analysis” by Beth Berila, Melanie Klein, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ariane M. Balizet, Jacoby Ballard, Diana York Blaine, Mary Bunn, Beth S. Catlett, Kimberly Dark, Lauren Eckstrom, Jillian Ford, Thalia González, Marcelle M. Haddix, Carol Horton, Kerrie Kauer, Roopa Kaushik-Brown, Karishma Kripalani, Punam Mehta, Steffany Moonaz, Jennifer Musial, Whitney Myers, Enoch H. Page, Sarah L. Schrank, Maria Velazquez
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The fourth reason people don’t set goals is that they don’t realize the importance of goals.

“Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills that Will Unlock Your Hidden” by Brian Tracy
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The challenges for number 3 are worry and self-doubt, the tendency to scatter your energy, exaggeration, intolerance, feeling unprepared, indecision, and irresponsibility.

“The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers: The Complete Personology Reference Guide” by Saffi Crawford, Geraldine Sullivan
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  • The damages my parents did to me I will not do it to my children. I vowed not to be toxic, let me absorbed all those pains, I know how it felt I do not want others to experience it

  • OK but number five does not apply to being sexually assaulted. There’s nothing good about that. Or let’s say your family being massacred while you’re not home. Telling someone to make light out of that is harmful

  • Yup. And idk how to fix it. I have tried to pursue my dreams ( I even put myself in debt over it) but it was useless. And now I’m too old to even consider it. I’m too old and too fat to go after what I want and every time I tried it backfired and made things worse. Nothing I’ve ever done has ended well

  • This seems like me. I know nobody will read this, but I want to write it down anyway. Although now that I’ve said that, I’m sure plenty of people will reply because that’s how the internet is.

  • Things I do that make me a toxic person
    1. I over analyze the relationship because I start to think why is this person still hanging out with me.
    2. I compete with all my friends and it’s hard to trust them.
    3. I don’t say sorry enough and don’t usual mean when say it.
    4. I tend to think my side of agreement is most the time right.
    At least now I know.

  • Free online CBT booklets my therapist sent me to use. They are good. I recommend also getting a therapist at least for a while, online options like Talkspace/Better-Help are relatively cheaper. https://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Looking-After-Yourself

  • I am most definitely self sabotaging. I have a very low self esteem and am always self doubting. I also have a little voice in me head telling me I’m not good enough. So how does one stop all this??

  • Now that I think about it, I almost always procrastinate myself. That’s why I keep on being hurt or feel like a loser because I sabotage my life. Bummer! ����

  • I think I have half of the signs but I also have a tendency to harm my body lil by lil like doing or eating things knowing that they are not good for me and I just kinda like to imagine myself suffering bad effects from it to the point of going to hospital or die from it…is it self sabotaging or self harm?? I don think its self harm for me doe��

  • Never had goals or dreams, always remember people asking me when I was young & in job interviews but I never had an answer. I just take life as it comes

  • thanks for this video, i now learned that my whole life I’ve had imposter syndrome. And sadly enough, I think I’ve always dissociated in stressful sitatutions because a lot of memories that are super stressful for me like interviews and test, I deadass don’t remember them. I just remember entering and leaving.

  • No wonder they told me I’ve changed ����
    Edit: i should just be the old me again (quite, and I don’t talk about my opition beacuse it always goes to being an argument

  • can you make a video about signs you’re selfish and how to not be selfish? I realize I have been having lots of negative thoughts about my brother’s wife and can’t seem to get along with her. Like I do act nice while interacting with her, but I feel frustrated when she eats the food that I bought with my own money (without asking me). I know it sounds so childish and I want to change the way I think about someone else too. I do not want to constantly have these selfish thoughts. I feel exhausted:(
    Thank you so much for your consideration!

  • @ 5:00 what does finally getting a relationship and losing it have to do with achieving your goals and losing them shortly after have to do with anything? How is that self-sabotqge��

  • Video: Do you think you’re sabotaging yourself?
    Me: Sweating bullets while sabotaging myself from letting my overbearing pride and one up issues from ruining my life.

  • most of the time, i feel ignored by my friends, and everyone. i don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. am i boring them? am i annoying them? every day has the same cycle. being stressed, crying, and then feeling happy again.
    if someone says something rude against me, it’s OK. but if i say something rude to someone, i’m getting called ‘insensitive’ and being told ‘to grow up’. everytime i try to talk about my problems, the other person just doesn’t care. i just want someone who can understand me, and ACTUALLY love me, not lie to me and then call me crazy in the end. i don’t want a fake friendship or a relationship. i don’t want to ruin anything. i just have problems

  • I got 9 out of 10, but I already knew I’ve been sabotaging myself. As of late procrastination has been my biggest downfall, but I’d like to know where the procrastination comes from and get to the root of it. Way to often getting to the root of our problems really isn’t discussed. Usually we only care about symptoms, not root causes, or how to correct those causes.

  • Families fight because people do not get along.
    People want relationships and jump into them being to trusting and hopeful.
    It ends as we learn we are not either comparable, our needs are not being met or we have been used or lied to.
    Many people did not get the self discovery in personal development in childhood.
    Many look for meaning when they loose loved ones to death.
    Mortality and lonesomeness.
    Social structures herding people like cattle.
    Physiology an be good but it is not always right.

  • it’s me. i’m the toxic little brat who hurts my friends and complaining about how they hurt me. i shouldn’t even be alive i don’t deserve anything, i’m too scared to apologize to them but i love them so much.

  • Very helpful. Procrastinating has ruled my life for too long. I change that today. I will face my fears to overcome procrastination. Thank you.

  • I am curious on what your principle is on the diet after a Cheato day. Keto Connect guys recommend just going back to normal Keto eating. Perhaps due to guilt and due to not really feeling hungry I tend to skip the breakfast the next day and have a regular Keto lunch and so on.

  • I am self sabotaging my life and I don’t know how to stop it when I also have external issues to my therapist does not seem to help very much thank you for creating these

  • Having had an intensely perfectionist father who viewed ANYthing I ever did never good enough, and a mother who hated me to the point that seeing me happy, and especially confident, would make her ANGRY… I was heavily imprinted to be extremely self-critical about pretty much everything I do.

    Many years of therapy has helped a lot, and most people see me as a quite confident adult, but it still sometimes attracts those parasitical, wildly critical assholes who are insanely jealous of another’s success.

    I find it much simpler to keep people at arm’s length, rather than discover they only want to get to know me to try to ferret out some minutiae they can criticize and publicize.

  • I sense my self sabotage is on deeper level. I always have to wait for something too long time. I guess I am looking for situations/ or creating them/ not to go in intimate relationship or commitment. Though I want relationship very much. But maybe partners don’t match my expectation. So I am confused.

  • 1. You cant maintain partners
    2. You cant fully trust your friends and you drain them out
    -3. You apologize once in a blue moon-
    4. Drama follows you everywhere
    5. Your addicted to social media
    -6. You talk about people behind their backs-
    7. You shut others out when they’re opinions are different from yours

    WELL SH-

  • I’m only toxic with my best friend…

    I’m so nice to everyone else

    I’m not the same person with her

    She made me toxic

    She taught me her toxic ways

    What wrong with me?

  • Great video until #10 WHO ARE YOU to tell humanity that it’s a WASTE OF TIME to ponder and question THE MEANING OF LIFE and ITS PURPOSE! As both a species and an individual being, this is perhaps the single most important question we WILL EVER ANSWER. Everyone should be so lucky as to take AT LEAST A YEAR of their life JUST TO SEEK THE TRUTH ABOUT REALITY for themselves… and here you are telling kids, “it’s a question that can’t be logically answered so it’s a waste of your time and another sign of procrastination.”


  • I’m a furry and get hate a lot yet I need to defend myself, so I clicked this in case I was really being/being a so called:




    & Rude… And I guess they were wrong.

  • Stop the bullshit, women want men who most importantly have money, next good looks, then status, this is why unattractive, elderly, or even cruel men can get the hottest young women. Men primarily want a women who is attractive, second someone they can get along with. Men don’t really care about a woman’s pedigree, accomplishments, or intelligence, just someone for sex.

  • And Renee you’re in love sometimes you called your bf and he is on another call and doesn’t respond you.. you’ll angry automatically because of love work like this.. but if you’ll understand and make it comfortable its the creativity of your mind..

  • I thought I was the toxic one. Nevermind it’s EVERYONE around me that is toxic. I wish I wasn’t sensitive and have so much emphathy WHAT A CURSE. ��

  • Im over critical on myself all the time and idk hw to make it stop or balance it out so that i would know the things i did and nt over critical on myself and i procrastinate on myself alot

  • The only time I shut people out for having a different opinion is when they say something that hurts me on a deeper level. I just need some time to think about it, ya know? Even in that case, I come back in like 2 hours and try to see where they’re coming from. Idk if this means I’m a toxic person, so please help me out if you see this.

  • Believe it or not, #10 actually happened to me on 2 occasions…

    When I watched, “The Predator” and “Hellboy” (the reboot). I’m not joking, it really happened in the cinema.

  • I have anger issues and sometimes get mad at my friends out of no where and after fighting i just feel really bad and I feel like im losing friends


  • I’m scared I feel like im losing control of my life one of my friends and I are constantly fighting which is a problem because I don’t know what side I’m on sometimes well fight and I say I’m sorry which sounds fine but I then blame everything on me and I end up just feeling like I’m an idiot who deserves nothing but death and twice now I’ve hurt myself doing it some of my other friends thinks she’s toxic and I shouldn’t hang out with her but I’ve nowen her so long I don’t want to lose her as a friend help my lifes a flop

  • I started talking to a coworker first. My male coworker was talking to another coworker that later quit. He then starts talking to the girl I was talking to first. He’s never dated or has had any kind of partner. He just turned 24 and she’s 30 with 3 kids I’m 30 with 2 kids. I started to get a small hype with other coworkers that would see me talk to her and I enjoyed it and wanted to really pursue it. Once my male coworker started talking to her more he started to develop feeling he shared. I started to feel that maybe he should pursue her instead of me. So I told him that I wouldn’t be mad if he talked to her but I have started to develop some jealousy. I tried to give her a gift on Valentine’s Day but she didn’t except it because she was with the father of her kids at the time. We kept talking but it was starting to get weird when all three of us would come together. So I told him and her that I would stop talking to both of them. She later came to me and gave me her Snapchat name and said she wanted to share something. She told me to stop the triangle thing and understand she doesn’t see my coworker the way she sees me. Two days after she gave me her Snapchat I blocked her. I felt that I was being kept hidden and couldn’t talk to her in front of people while my coworker would chat it up for minutes through out the day. Within 2 hours of blocking her I unblocked her. The next day I tried to apologize and all she said was it ok and didn’t come near me all day. After work they walked out together and I felt they eyed followed my car until I left the parking lot. We go back to work Monday and I’m over it, but wished I wouldn’t have blocked her and waited it out to see where it would’ve got me

  • I would say there are three things. #3: You’re letting hurt turn dark and not letting love in or becoming cynical with trust issues about the opposite sex. That’s my case anyway.

  • I have been a Safety oriented person, and I been respectful, and yet, I have not been described accurately by some, and I keep to myself, and I say hello, and goodbye, and remain respectful to others.

    *I DO NOT know how many times, I have *articulated, *written, *documented, and spoken repetitively over, and over again, that I do not use, drugs, I am not involved in a risky behavior, and I am NOT using any medications, and I have never had alcohol issues, or use, not making any judgement on others, just speaking about myself.

    I have had many of my concerns Misconstrued, Misinterpreted, Miscommunicated,
    Mis-stated, mis-understood, misquoted as well, my concerns, SAFETY SUGGESTiONS have been disregarded, ignored or on several occasions while being in a shelter program etc.

    Fact: I AM NOT, NOR have EVER been attracted to kids, children, teenagers, NEVER, EVER, NEVER etc.

    Fact: I am attracted to Women*****However, due to the above-mentioned statement it should be known that, although there have NOT been any intimacies of any sort, sexually whatsoever, or of kind, or dating relationships including this past year as well.

    In addition to this information, it should be expressed, and known that these Facts,

    *THERE (HAS NOT), and (NOR would EVER) anything to cause myself to be inappropriate, NOR EVER conduct myself in any inappropriate contact
    (of any kind towards anyone EVER NEVER).

    *FACT: I NEVER have conducted myself inappropriately with anyone, and I DO NOT plan to ever.

    *FACT: I CANNOT receive any pleasure, or gratification from someone else’s pain, or causing the pain, or suffering of another human-being whatsoever.

    *FACT: I Desire to encourage others, not in to cause or inflict pain, or suffering

    *FACT: I am a person that only desires a (Positive Reciprocal Relationship), Meaning a person that I, and that Person have the same mind-set, and shares the same thoughts towards Humanity, Life, etc..

    *FACT: I DO NOT EVER wish to cause harm to myself, nor cause harm to another person.

    *FACT: And I could (NEVER glean) any satisfaction from causing anyone else pain, suffering, or harm, in any way.

    *FACT: Although, I (welcome a positive relationship), (healthy fulfilling relationship), and I am not opposed to being in a positive relationship with someone which shares similar goals, and aspirations which I have, and to help promote Peace, Harmony, towards Humanity.

    *FACT: I am Not Married.

    *FACT: I have (NOT had any companions Ever) in my travels on the public bus, or otherwise since I have been utilizing the public bus system.

    *FACT: I have continuously believed that Women should be respected, and Protected from harm, and thus, I treat them with respect.

    I know that because I HIGHLY believe in this (SO VERY STRONGLY) that their are people which would wish to (Dishonor me), (Slander me), as well as

    *(CONSTRUCT, and *FABRICATE Slanderously, etc. and *EXPLOIT any *unemployed situations) *homeless situations.

    (Strictly, on the basis because they are fully aware, that I believe in Highly in the Preservation Life), and (Protecting Life, and Humanity),

    I feel so strongly to my very inner most Being

    *FACT: I believe in Protecting Women, Men, And Children, and All People, LIFE, I believe in Preserving LIFE, and the Well-Being of others, I always have believed this my entire LIFE.

    Additional FACTS;

    *Fact: I initially I became HOMELESS, because I had become unemployed due to being laid off, and I could no longer afford or contribute towards living expense, or to maintain rent for a place live.

    *Fact: In addition without having a operational vehicle finding employment became even more difficult to obtain or seek, Although, I never stopped trying, and eventually I did find and obtained employment part-time, until being laid-off again.

    *Fact: I am NOT, and NEVER been on any, NOR, have ever been on any Medications, nor Prescribed Medication Regimented programs.

    (This Does not include for example: antibiotics prescribed for the prevention of an infection from a cut for example 15 years ago

    *Fact: I DO NOT sell Drugs, and NEVER HAVE, and NEVER WILL

    *Fact: I DO NOT have a Alcoholism issue, and I NEVER have
    Not judgement on anyone else

    *Fact: I DO NOT smoke anything, and I NEVER have, I do not many any judgement on anyone else’s

    I DO NOT believe in the use of illegal, and misused drugs, because have the ability to impair cognitive activity, reasoning, and mental focus, coordination, memory, and Mental Awareness, furthermore, some drugs even have the ability to disrupt other cognitive functions etc.

    Therefore, I Personally, I prefer more of natural remedies, or a natural approach to (recover from sickness), or for (any pain relief for myself), an example of natural remedies I prefer, nutrients such as vitamins, and minerals being derived from eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, chicken, fish, vegetable soups, and teas etc.

    I make NO judgments whatsoever, on anyone else which may take medications appropriately, and safely for themselves.

    *Fact: I DO NOT have any psychical, nor mental impairments

    *Fact: I DO NOT hear Voices, and I never have

    *Fact: I DO NOT have a verbal conversations with myself

    *Fact: I DO NOT become happy, and sad, at the same times

    *Fact: I am NOT Sad or Depressed, nor have I been

    *Fact: I DO NOT become angry, mad all time

    *Fact: I have self-control

    *Fact: I am NOT a violent Person, never have been a violent person.

    *FACT: I AM NOT, NOR have EVER been attracted to kids, children, teenagers, NEVER, EVER, NEVER etc.

    *FACT: I am attracted to Women, and I would (NEVER HURT ANY WOMAN AT ANY TIME), NOR ANYONE else.

    *FACT: I have (NOT had any companions, girlfriends Ever) in my travels on the public bus, or otherwise since I have been utilizing the public bus system.

    *Fact I have Not ever at anytime paid, given payment, exchanged, accepted anything for sexual intimacies.

    *Fact: I have NOT dated, I am NOT dating anyone, I have NOT ever engaged in any sort sexual intimacies, NO kind of a sexual relationships, NO dating, NO girlfriends, NO anyone whatsoever, nor otherwise while in, or while enrolled any Homeless Shelter Program, as a Guest or patron, visitor etc. while in any Homeless Shelter Program.

    * FactI I have continuously traveled alone, and I have NEVER traveled with any girlfriends, women, anywhere, nor with anyone else during any time at a homeless shelter program including the room rental facility, No relationships, No Sexual relationships with anyone

    *FACT: I am a Very Protective individual, an think in regards of Safety and

    *Prevention of Harm of Women, Children Men.

    I prefer my privacy, and mine my business.

    Author, Advocate for Humanity,
    Jason Sandifer

    Michigan, 3/13/2020,

    11/05/2019, 11/04/2019

    Jason Sandifer, Michigan-(2019)

    8/1/2020, 8/12/2020

  • So I have a ex bestie, who rarely apologized, but she would come back to meand then on our last fight, I said “since you always apologize I guess I should” I DID NOT MEAN IT. And it got to her head, her ego went high, and she said: since I always apologize I won’t apologize now.” She would have never thought of that, I just said it to tone down the rage. Really it was me always getting mad, but I never was like that, she pushed me to the point where “Ok, I’ll be friends..but don’t expect me to be the same.” And I turned cold against her. She hurt me enough. Am I toxic tho? I don’t know. When nobody was around she’d bark like a dog towards me, and when her sister got involved…she’d cry and say “I’m not strong enough”. She was lying straight up. And her both of them said “calm down dude. She isn’t strong enough.” And it made me seem like the villian for being able to confront her. And I KNOW that it wasn’t my fault. I feel it in my bones! But there’s doubt..so help me.

  • Tell me your thoughts on this, but the last one kind of depends in the topic, if we are talking about, idk, human rights, and the others person is a “all lives matter” kinda guy, then….maybe

  • There are a lot of toxic people wherever you go. Online or IRL. I guess you just have to deal with it sometimes. But refrain from being toxic yourself.

  • See im confuesd because apparently I’m a mix of toxic but also too nice for my own good or to put it flatly pushover,,,sooo yeah im confused…I hope ill change I dont know whats going on really

  • I didn’t relate to anything in this video. I know a lot of people with these signs and I feel like I’m just criticizing them. So I still feel like I’m toxic�� (High level of anxiety, I guess?)

  • Before i became “toxic” i use to have this friend who would gossip about my best friend. And i wouldn’t defend her for some idiotic reason, was i influenced by her or am i just a nad person in general?

  • My fucking friend got mad just cuz I asked to delete my pics of from the camera roll and got mad then talked bad about me to my stupid crish

  • I used to have a boyfriend everything was well he started getting a little bit manipulative and stuff there was this girl she was my friend every since I was in 6th grade he used to go and hug her he even went to her house and then I tried questioning him and he started telling me that I was being toxic and since then I can’t maintain a relationship idk if I am really being toxic.

  • I long ago realized I’m toxic and it never bothered me bc it wasn’t in a bad way i just never really cared if i lost friends and always came up w excuses to why I didn’t reply, answer calls, canceled plans even tho i agreed etc. When I realized i was toxic in a bad way towards my siblings it broke my heart and even though being the problem is a hard pillow to swollow and hard to change i have to bc it will never be as bad as being toxic against people who doesn’t deserve it.

  • I’m here cus I did something toxic to an ex friend and part of it had to do with being inline and glued to my electronics. Let’s say I watched all of psych2go’s videos and was able to relate to all of them that point out the pros & cons of my behavior…what’s the treatment?

  • That first portion sounds like the many characters in Mob Psycho. The more egotistic characters…

    … that, and every damn writer and roleplayer I come across

  • I don’t think I am, I had a lot of phony friends in highschool and my twin (who is EXTREMELY manipulative and always spreads rumors) pretty much tried to make sure I had no friends. She is extremely jealous and hated seeing me have friends, and always accused me of liking her bfs which is just weird because i legitimately have NEVER tried to get with any of her bfs or take someone’s partner from them cuz that’s just bad. I’ve never started a lie or rumor either, my twin tried to imply to people that im a pedo (WTF?!). i am a kind person, i go out of my way to include people i think need some fun or some help, i shared my shroom spot with my buddy, shared my shrooms, tripped with him, gave him a ticket to see a death metal band with me. For nothing in return, i just like being kind it makes me feel good seeing others happy. Also once this girl moved to our school and no one would talk to her cuz she wasn’t wearing the right clothes and was ‘too friendly’. So instead of going with my phony group of friends to a trip to a theme park, i went with her and had a great time. I can be rude when i get meltdowns (autistic) but i always say sorry, i can admit I was wrong. I do not hold grudges, i even forgave the dude who sexually assaulted me because he seems to regret what he did and thinks I hate him but i don’t (what he did to me was bad but i dont hate him.). I’ve reconnected with old friends and apologised for how i treated them, they did the same and now we are friends again:D

  • i “came” here bc i’m scared of beeing toxic but actually it confirmed that one of my bestfriend is toxic, i really love her but sometimes well she’s toxic:/

  • I’ve been watching psych2go for almost two years now. Its helped me tremendously and I have to say probably the best self help tool on the entire internet. Love this girls soothing voice and the wise wise words spoken. Keep up the good work. It helps so many people. Thankyou xxx

  • My mom and her boyfriend need to see this video. Whenever my sister and I try to stand up for ourselves and give our opinion on what we’re talking about, they just go on their phones and ignore us

  • One fact is true in my life is there are many people’s who hates me I have haters more than lovers and even when I realised that they are always using me I try to be confident and strong and they started to hurt me with many things. I was broken emotionally and also mentally. I know that I was different person but now that person is dead just because of those nightmares. I’m a different person now and I don’t care if I’m being toxic or not cause thinking about myself and loving myself is the best thing. Being toxic is more better than living in a toxic atmosphere which you can’t tolerate

  • My old friend just texted me telling me that I’m toxic asf so I came here to see if I’m toxic because I mess up all relationships checkk

  • I don’t know whether I am being toxic. I try my best to maintain relationships but there’s always something wrong about me. I can’t say i have low self esteem but people keep leaving me and I constantly feel like I hurt them, even though I don’t know how.
    They constantly dismiss me from events and it just makes me think that I am just toxic and no one liked me. At this point if i even remotely relate to one of these points I’d beat myself up and say that I’m toxic.
    I really do hope I’m not but no one will confirm nor deny it for me…

    sorry if you wasted your time reading this

  • This video made me more depressed. Because I started isolating myself from all my friends deliberately. I think I becoming mean…

  • Sometimes I sit and think if we are just pawns on someone else’s chess board. I think of someone who made a legacy in this world and then think, “if they made it, then how many people had to fail or die to get that person where s/he is.” And then I think, “was that their whole life’s purpose? Just to assist the wo/man to achieve greatness and then be forgotten about?” Then I think, “not everyone can make a huge impact on the world so most people are just mere pawns to help a certain person achieve… so will I be like those people… a pawn… someone who has to die to help someone else create for themselves a legacy?” I thought of this time and time again. Someone comment what you think.

  • I just watched my first video by you and I’ve already learned a FEW things I’ve been doing wrong, and a couple of reasons I’m STILL single ����‍♀️ THANKS A BUNCH for sharing!

  • i have two friends who hate eachother but i don’t want to loose both of them, so i always talk bad about one friend to the other friend. am i the toxic one?

  • I dnt do #1 or #4, but guilty of the others esp procrastinating smh ����‍♀️. I’m not even gone say it lol but just know I’m trying.

  • i ruin everything, all my friendships and relationships. i can’t handle affection and if someone shows it i get defensive, angry and make them feel like shit. i hurt others and every conversation i have with my friends goes down hill because of me. everything’s my fault. and even my friends don’t see it, probably because i manipulated them somehow to thinking i’m a good person when i’m not.

  • 1. You cant maintain partners
    2. You cant fully trust your friends and you drain them out
    3. You apologize once in a blue moon
    4. Drama follows you everywhere
    5. Your addicted to social media
    6. You talk about people behind their backs
    7. You shut others out when they’re opinions are different from yours

  • Self sabotage can also happen if someone stays in a relationship or a marriage that ain’t working. It can be like the country music song: one step forward and two steps back.

  • Agreed with the principle 100%. We call them “Cheato” days. I also found that usually the next day after a cheat the weight (water) gain is not too bad but by the second day it peaks 3lbs more that before the Cheato day. Usually by the 4th day the weight is back to normal.

  • Hi, Cara, thanks for reply. My son is loosing weight while on gaps. Is it normal, he is not very active as before. And how much fat should I give him. He is 2.5yrs. Th7��������

  • I like the idea of NOT calling them ‘cheat meals’ because that reenforces the diet mentality, that keto or paleo, LCHF, carnivore is a diet, rather than a lifestyle you have chosen. I’m still working on having the high-carb meals once every few weeks. On weekdays I do very low carb and on the weekends two or three of my meals are high-carb. Because I am very overweight, I find even this format has improved my health and I am losing body fat slowly imagine how well I will go when I can go longer between high-carb meals. Cheers.