20 % People Die From the Poor Diet


Lionel Shriver on why obesity is the key Covid-19 determinant | Spectator Clips

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Poor Diet Linked to Half of Diabetes and Heart Disease Deaths

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Poor Diets Are Linked To 20% Of All Deaths Worldwide, Study Says | TIME

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Your Healthy Family: Study links early deaths to poor diet

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Poor diet is the Number 1 health problem in the United States

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Study One in Five Deaths Linked to Poor Diet (HD) FOR MEDIA

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Poor Diet Affects Hormones

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New research reveals just how devastating the effects are of a poor diet. 20 percent us will die with the cause being simply a poor diet. Poor Diets Are Linked to 20% of All Deaths Worldwide, Study Says.

But These Foods Could Help By Jamie Ducharme. Eating a healthy diet, along with getting enough physical activity and sleep, can help children grow up healthy and prevent overweight and obesity. In the United States, 19% of young people aged 2 to 19 years and 40% of adults have obesity, which can put them at risk for heart disease, type 2.

A Shocking Number Of Deaths May Be Due To Poor Diet Forty-five percent of all deaths from heart disease, stroke and diabetes were linked to diet quality. By Sara G. Miller, LiveScience.com. United States.

Health News. March 7, 2017 / 10:35 PM / 3 years ago. Poor diet tied to nearly half of U.S. deaths from heart disease, stroke, diabetes About 45 percent. More than 600,000 people die annually because of heart disease, or one in four of all US deaths.

Smoking, obesity, diet, exercise and hereditary factors can all contribute to person’s likelihood. Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals This article is more than 2 years old Study compiling data from every country finds people are living longer but millions. Each year, nearly 900,000 Americans die prematurely from the five leading causes of death – yet 20 percent to 40 percent of the deaths from each cause could be prevented, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. In 2012, an estimated 1.2 million adult men and women had a history of colorectal cancer. Bone Health. A higher percent of women are affected by osteoporosis (15%) and low bone mass (51%) than men (about 4% and 35%, respectively).

Poor nutrition is the leading cause of illnesses in the US, with unhealthy diets killing more than half a million people each year, a group of experts.

List of related literature:

Sixty-eight percent of people die from just three conditions that involve fatty degeneration: cardiovascular disease (43.8%), cancer (22.4%), and diabetes (1.8%).

“Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health” by Udo Erasmus
from Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health
by Udo Erasmus
Alive Books, 1993

One study (Powell and Blair 1994), found that between 32 percent and 35 percent of deaths attributable to CHD, colon cancer, and diabetes could have been prevented if every person in the United States were to become highly active.

“The Urban Design Reader” by Michael Larice, Elizabeth Macdonald
from The Urban Design Reader
by Michael Larice, Elizabeth Macdonald
Taylor & Francis, 2013

According to the World Health Organization, 70–80 percent of people in developed nations die from lifestyleor diet-caused diseases.

“Stop Alzheimer's Now!: How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders” by Bruce Fife, Russell L Blaylock
from Stop Alzheimer’s Now!: How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
by Bruce Fife, Russell L Blaylock
Piccadilly Books, 2016

Of the eight leading causes of death in adults, six have been linked to dietary excesses: heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis, and arteriosclerosis.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
from Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
by Adele Pillitteri
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010

Food, and poor nutrition in particular, is a risk factor in four of the six leading causes of death in the United States—heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer (Pollan 2008).

“Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability” by Alison Hope Alkon, Julian Agyeman
from Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability
by Alison Hope Alkon, Julian Agyeman
MIT Press, 2011

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  • Nowadays it doesn’t matter whether you eat processed or u processed fresh food. Everything meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruits is full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides.

  • Old age is linked to pissing yourself and forgetting what your own name is. Don’t be a beached whale, eat sensibly and get off your backside once in a while.

  • Unbleached flower, Fluoride, glyphosate, Soy, Bromine, High fructose corn syrup, SURGAR, Aspartame! hormonal changers/imbalances, rewire the brain! mood influencers! in almost all the food we eat

  • I linked all this back to NIH and CDC studies and not a single person commented on my post. How are you going to change the hearts and minds of America you could save 100,000 people or more a year

  • Why does this only have 4000 views? It needs to be a priority of the world’s government. We are mostly overfed but malnourished its disgusting.

  • funny how all these harmful chemical foods are FDA approved and able to be purchased by children. It’s almost as if the government wants to harm you and keep you weak and stupid.


    A study found that one in five people across the world die due to poor diet and lack of nutrients.Diets that are high in sodium,low in whole grains and fruit lead to deaths due to dietary deficiencies.India was ranked 118th with 310 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017.Countries with lowest rates of deaths were Israel,France,Spain,Japan and Andorra.

    READ FULL NEWS:  https://www.beyondpinkworld.com/newssnippets/science-technology-59

  • I have to disagree. Smoking hurts the smoker and OTHERs. I quit over 36 years ago and still suffer from 2nd & 3rd hand smoke. Socially, smoking is out. By the way, I quit for my health so I also believe in a healthy diet in every area.

  • If I may borrow from Krusty the Clown, would we want to live in a world without pizza and burgers? I think the living would envy the dead.

  • The people in India live to at least 110 years old. No fish, no meat, no sugar, no salt, no Alcohol, no dairy, no bread, a lot of Idle Contemplation

  • Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow we may die!
    We humans are body, mind and spirit. If you let your body (sense of taste for example) rule your mind (cognitive thinking) and let your mind rule your spirit (faith in a higher power whatever you believe that is), then you are destined for a short life of pleasure seeking. However if your faith guides your thinking, and your thinking disciplines your body, then eternity, happiness, and longevity will be yours.

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  • In usa if we arent home its either gonna be a cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, or pizza or subway. There isint anything else unless you want to pay for something special and most would rather get groceries.

  • Good thing I changed my diet a few months back. Still enjoy a good burger every now and then. Now I just meal prep everything. It’s fun and cheaper

  • The Lancet? I don’t take this seriously. Maybe if the article was published in something more authoritative like the Daily Star, then it would be a heads-up.

  • Thank you very much for this kind of information
    It’s great to know that sm1 can take time to let the world know about this kind of information

  • illegal to sell liquor to intoxicated people.
    should be illegal to sell margarine as a substitute for butter.. it is 3x worse for you than butter… just that one thing? many products sold are the root cause.
    #1 and #2 causes of death anyway. cancer and heart attack.. in USA #3 cause of death is medical mistakes.
    660K, 550K & 440K annually. LOL @ science being the #3 killer, yikes.

  • Big Gov., Big Food, Big Medical Ind. Complex and Big Pharma quit lying to the world’s populations while they lobby and profit from diseases. The BIGS making false claims about saturated fat while pushing sugar into all food products for generations causing the health epidemics of diabetes and all metabolic illnesses! #keto #LCHF #carnivore PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE NOT TO BLAME, PROFITEERS ARE!

  • Why are things like this not talked about on a national level? Instead we have to know who wipes Kim Kardashian’s butt? Also, “diet” also consists of what you drink, didn’t see anything about all the sugar consumption… ��

  • My dad died last year. He worked out 5 hours a day and died at age 70 because of cholesterol/plaque hardening building in the arteries, and had a stroke.
    Cholesterol hardening aint no joke!

  • they’re not really “immigrant residents”… some of the ethnic minorities are immigrants, but many were born and bred here and are as British as a box of teabags (myself included). I’ll let her off though as she’s American and I love what she says.