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12 Workout Myths That Just Need To Die. Low-key, we’ve definitely all believed at least one. Letting go of these 12 fitness misconceptions will help you get better, faster, stronger, and more. Shutterstock.

Fact: Despite what you may think, spending hours on the treadmill isn’t the quickest way to shed those extra pounds. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat.So, to burn that pound of fat, you’ll need to burn 3,500 calories. And, according to a 2018 article in Runner’s World, the average person burns about 100. Shutterstock. Depending on how hard or long you’re working out, you may not always need the extra calories. “People will do 20 minutes and reward themselves with a caloric protein shake,” says Kristin McGee author of Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You. “But unless you’re doing major training or preparing for a marathon, you may not need it.

This is one of those myths that got carried away from its original intent. intense half-hour workout, go for it. meal—a caloric intake you may not need if you’re just going to go home. Myth: It takes at least a couple of weeks to get “out of shape.” Shutterstock Truth: For most people, muscle tissue can start to break down within a week without regular exercise. But experts say that in the world of fitness, myths and half-truths abound – and some of them may be keeping you and your family from getting the best and safest workout. “Some myths are just. Pre workout myths. Myth #1.

Pre-Workout supplements help you grow muscle. WRONG! Myth #2. Pre-Workout Supplements help you get stronger.

WRONG! Myth #3. You need a pre-workout supplement to workout.

WRONG. Myth #5. Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that help you grow muscle. WRONG. I’m 42, yeah I’m old.

Now, for all the different types of fitness we’ll look at, change occurs depending on the amount of time from your last workout. Immediately after working out, your body will go. 32 Longstanding Health Myths That Need to Go Away 32 Longstanding Health Myths That Need to Go Away while others are just bizarre. Myth: After a workout, you need.

This myth is very common especially with women. But it simply is not true. To become bulky, as you see with men/women body builders, one would need to workout 2-3 hours per day, with very high intensity.

In addition, many body builders consume a large amount of calories, along with many supplements.

List of related literature:

That is, these articles would teach you “inconvenient truths” like you can’t get muscle definition as fast as you’d like, you can’t target just belly fat for elimination, and you’ll need more than 1250-word tips to build the body of your dreams.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

But even if it’s the scientific version of an urban legend, it’s worth repeating just to get people to pay attention to the importance of midsection fitness.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

Only one in ten of the group who used “I can’t miss my workout” did it, while eight out of ten of the “I don’t miss my workout” group completed the workout over the 10-day period.

“Best Business Practices for Photographers, Third Edition” by John Harrington
from Best Business Practices for Photographers, Third Edition
by John Harrington
Rocky Nook, 2017

Specifically, we’re going to go over the seven most common diet and training myths and mistakes that keep people from effectively building muscle and losing fat.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

In Chapter 21, we explain how you can lift weights four to six days a week without ever hitting the same muscle group on consecutive days.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Great video! Didn’t know you or your channel but I’mma digging in it now:)
    I love how secure, calm, technical and articulated you are I totally identify with it.
    Also, I pretty much agree with everything you said in this video (specially how Fit Industry skips talking about maintenance and the overproductiveness issue during this lockdown)!

    I’m currently following a specific program at home for strength and size (I actually have been working out at home for many years now) but being petite I have little appetite, so I came to the conclusion that spacing my meals more allows me to, as you so well said, eat a proper full balanced and anabolic meal each time I get to eat (instead of leaving food on the plate, as I usually do and therefore not hitting my so much needed macros nor micros).
    Less is definitely more for everything in this life! ��

  • It’s all about your body adapting to whatever diet and training you implement, not trying different hypes of diet and exercise because it’s popular. stick with ONE thing and you’ll see results….

  • Jeff is the best on YouTube and I like #7 myth the best, Age is just a number and I just turned 50 last April and I am building muscle. I gain easily and have good genetics. Anybody at any age can build muscle with hard work and persistence.

  • “Cursed with skinny wrists”…there is some limitation on how big one can get based on this all other factors being equal right?.because Jeff is definitely swole, yet still has a somewhat slender build. I think that look is more appealing anyway so I am happy to be cursed as well!

  • Am I the only one that appreciates she doesn’t have the fake high pitched voice fitness channels have ����‍♀️�� she seems more trustworthy and not fake, sounding sincere!

  • Older video, still totally relevant. I really like his part on stretching. Old school thoughts were if you didn’t stretch before the game then you were going to get injured. I didn’t know better back then. However, the scientific studies have been done and prove he is 100% correct. Warming up and getting blood flowing to your muscles prevents injuries. With that being said, a solid and consistent stretching routine should be employed. If you have better flexibility then when you get tackled and bent outta shape on the football field you might just avoid injury if your muscles can take the torque and he stretch. Flexibility can increase your performance. Stretching before an event or workout isn’t going to do much for you and the data shows that.

  • Add-on to #5. In the 70’s and 80’s, our coaches withheld water to toughen us up. If we were thirsty during 3-a-days when it was a sunny 95 degree day, we could take a handful of salt tablets.

  • I agree with all of your point except number 10. I do believe your body can go into a starvation mode and your metabolism will lower due to lack of food in a weight loss diet in extreme cases such as contest preparation. I love your research and all your points and still see you as a reliable source of information. I’m a huge fan Jeff, I hope this didn’t make you think I’m averted to all your future content! Keep producing brother and I’m also looking forward to any future videos with mountain dog! ������

  • What would I do without you? Hehe. You explain everything so completely. I often use your videos to show my horsemanship clients for better explanations & what to do for them & their horse. Build horse muscle & balance with the same concepts.

  • Totally wrong of you to take a guess on how much protein you can “use” in a single meal for muscle building. Because it’s false. The study you refer to uses whey right? It’s a fast absorbed protein which taken by itself only allows for about 30g to be absorbed as you say. However you can eat however much protein you want together with other foods to make the body absorb it all. Revisit?

  • The only thing i don´t appreciate from Jeff is that he is either conciously exaggerating or just straight up don´t know the facts about the REAL calories from his examples of food. Every time it is waaay to much.

  • I think that meal frequency depends on the person. I don’t eat throughout most of my day as I am just not hungry. In the evening, though, I am hungry. I tried eating 3 meals a day, then 5 meals a day, and I ended up always being hungry but not able to eat anything at the end of the day which made me “hangry”, so I would end up eating over my calories and giving up. So, I eat most of my calories when I am at my hungriest. It’s worked well for me regarding weight loss, and I am not “hangry” at the end of the day because I am eating when I am actually hungry.

  • I appreciate that you do these videos. My teacher actually taught us one of these myths (that you burn more calories by increasing the frequency of eating) as a part of our nutrition unit and some of the stuff we learn is dated in that class and this is just another thing we’ve learned that isn’t the best information.

  • My list:
    1. Running is bad for your joints. (Your poor programming is what makes your joints hurt-running is a basic human function.)
    2. If a girl lifts weights, she’ll get “too bulky.” (Said by women who are bulky because they are overweight.)
    3. You can’t burn fat and build muscle.
    4. “Steady state” (or any non-intense) cardio “burns muscle.” (This is absurd and ridiculous. Lots of cardio will make your type I muscle fibers a lot stronger. If you are a huge weenie and never stimulate your type II, especially type IIx, fibers, then you won’t need your type II fibers for daily living when your type I fibers are strong and so you can get smaller. Just LIFT SOME WEIGHTS, YOU WIMP and you will be STRONGER at any given size than you would be with weights alone.)
    5. HIIT is “better” than jogging. (HIIT only provides some adaptations, while a correct jogging program provides them all.)
    6. Squatting ATG isn’t possible for some people because of their “biomechanics.” (Every toddler squats ATG-if you can’t, your mobility sucks, but that’s okay because almost all Westerners have bad mobility and you can fix it pretty trivially.)
    7. “Bro splits” are for weenie bodybuilders. (Intelligent splits are smart for many-though not necessarily all-strength athletes.)
    8. You can burn as many calories with weightlifting as with cardio. (Not in a reasonable amount of time, unless you drop the weights and raise the volume to the point where your weightlifting has become cardio-your stupid watch does NOT provide an accurate calorie count for interval work, only for continuous efforts.)
    9. BFP doesn’t matter as long as you’re really strong. (Strongmen and powerlifters…looking at you.)
    10. Diet doesn’t matter as long as you work out enough. (Mostly endurance athletes fall into this trap…”even a big mac burns if the furnace is hot enough.”)


    11. You have to eat a gram of protein per pound to build muscle optimally. (It’s LESS THAN a gram per pound of lean mass that might POSSIBLY be useful…which means 10% of your diet from high-quality protein will be enough.)
    12. You should eat lots of meals per day to feel fuller. (NO. You should eat at least twice a day, minimum, because there’s no society that eats less than this, but every meal is a scheduled opportunity to feel hungry and overeat, and people who eat more often eat more total.)
    13. You should eat as soon as you get up and right before you go to bed. (NO. An overnight fast should never be shorter than 12 hours. Less than this upsets the anabolic/catabolic balance and is associated with poor insulin sensitivity and even higher inflammation and mortality.)
    14. Cold water therapy is good after working out. (It seems to blunt the adaptations that occur in response to exercise. Instead, HEAT therapy seems to be effective. Cold is still good for an acute injury, though.)
    15. You can only digest 30 grams of protein per meal. (No, all of your protein is going to be digested and eventually burned as calories-there’s just a limit on how fast you can dump protein for muscle use, just like there’s a limit to how much glucose can be taken up by the muscles for immediate use as energy within a certain period of time.)
    16. You can out-run your fork. (Not gonna do it-but also, all those nice “calories burned” numbers, even the ones that are accurate, include BMR!!!! This is a killer.)

    There is one problem with your list. It is harder-NOT IMPOSSIBLE BUT HARDER-for women to build and maintain muscle after menopause. Estrogen is an anabolic hormone, and the drop in sex hormones do lead to a decline in maximum possible lean mass. But most women are so far from that that it’s just a matter of getting to where they want to be taking a bit longer.

  • Hell yeah, Abby! I’m not even done with the video but I’m so pumped (and grateful) that you included the bit about ending calorie tracking during stressful periods of life. Calorie tracking itself can be a huge stressor on the mind AND the body and I feel like this issue doesn’t get addressed nearly enough. I also stopped tracking calories after years of putting myself under scrutiny for going over my numbers one day (which meant I’d have to reduce calories even further on another day to make up for it). Bleh! During that time I did learn a lot about the food that I put in my body and its effects on different areas of my health, but overall, I’m much happier (and healthier!!) now that I’ve ended the calorie counting battle with myself.

    Thank you!

  • You know, with how old this video is, I thought’d it be mostly stuff I’d heard of before…. but actually, this was really informative! I didn’t really believe most of those myths, but I didn’t know a lot of the information presented refuting them either.

  • Going to have to disagree with the diet over original version for energy drinks. Diet or sugar free versions are worse than the sugar filled option. Consuming non-digestibles that make you crave sugar is never a good option.

  • I like your advices a lot but I hate when you say dont stretch before training, you know that some newbie could get injure cause of this advice right? In EVERY sport I did they made us stretch before.

  • I’ve been trying to workout a lot more with all of my extra time but I have such a problem with food that I’ve still gained 10 pounds since March ��

  • Great video. Could you write the list in the comments. I ain’t got time to watch this video in between my reps, eating my bacon double cheeseburger and doing crunches.

  • I got resistance bands on the way from amazon. Until then I do bodyweight workouts to hold me over. As far as my diet I’ve been alternating between 3 weeks of OMAD in a calorie deficit and 2 weeks at maintenance eating 3xs a day. So far it’s been totally beneficial for my weight loss. I even feel my body change.

  • Fats are more easily stored in your body as fat. If you have a high fat intake along with carbs, your body burns the carbs first and stores the fats. Carbs actually take more energy and processes to be stored as fat than ingesting fats do. Really this myth should be fats CAN make you fat, depending on the other foods and macronutrients you are eating. ����‍♂️

  • As an academic myself, I really appreciate your content. You save me so much time by doing all the research! Keep up the good work!!

  • Hi I suffered from chicken pox, I don’t know if I am okay now coz I dont itch anymore, some blisters has began crusting, and some blisters. Stopped growing, It’s been one week. Do you think I can workout now and not worry getting sweaty etc


  • This may be a bit off point, but what is the name and artist of the song you have playing in the background during your video? Please respond!

  • me rn listening while im ganna start my work out and lit the end of my streching HE PULLED OUT THE YOU SHOULD NOT START STRECHING CARD ON ME. at that moment i think i am screwed

  • Carbs right before bed sure aren’t optimal to loose weight, I don’t care what studies are saying but this observation is bulletproof, at least for me

  • ive recently hit a plateau in gaining muscle/weight. i started doing liss cardio every morning and weights 3x a week in the evening. how long should my leg sessions be? will this help me gain muscle?

  • WTF was that annoying music in the background the whole time he was talking??? Shit was so annoying… Buddy needs to edit his video better!

  • Jeff’s videos are a model for fitness-related YouTube content. I love the clear and concise way that he explains the implications of scientific studies for achieving your fitness goals.

  • I was thinking if you had the time/availability to do a video on protein powders. Which brands are good, what ingredients are vital to a protein powder, what is not good, etc. Thank you!


  • Do you actually need to consume all of your proteins during any part of the day, or you can change things what’s on the plate, and the timing is not as important?

  • Always keep training hard and smart (by keeping proper form) and progressive overload over time other wise you won’t progress is my opinion.

  • Oh i can give a hundred more here is 8
    1: you can’t get super big and it’s bull no one trys they give up and they even do it for 10 year’s and most of them are small for 10 year transformations
    2: you can’t workout everyday this is bull I’m big and i did the recovery recovers almost all you body in 24 hours they all say it’s overtraining i don’t train 24 hours and only workout for 3 or 4 hour’s a day never had an injury
    3: you can’t look like Arnold I’m not going for this but the arm’s my dad is big but he trains with me he believes me my dad he said muscle shock stimulation occulation and lot’s of time and real meals and heavy i said exactly
    4: stop with the you can build muscle with light weights and get bulking steroid huge bull** it’s a complete lie ok you need stress in the muscle to really get gains and rip the muscle your just losing fat and making your muscles stay big but if you get to big you will need to lift heavy because at a type of size where you are starting to get big your muscles will lose muscle faster trying to recover it it’s like a healing a cut
    5: ok i can’t stand this the most and it’s a diet thing you see this a bunch on diet plans where there is like a list and none have protein you need protein because you will feel hungry and go crazy it’s like starving yourself and nit eating a single meal my mom was going to do this and i had to stop her before it was to lat and i told her about this and drink lots of water also
    6: ok never mind this pisses me off you should take protein shakes ok 80% of the protein shakes you see have less protein them an egg and that’s a big cup also my doctor told me this then i stoped it but i did eat real meals ok the shakes is mostly just filling you know how you eat one egg and you can eat more a shake is like drinking and eating you can’t eat or drink anything your so full but you need a real meal meats and eggs and stuff fish and chicken is the best not in taste but the protein and what they carry and the stats for them
    7:i was told this by a fat guy ok the bigger you are the less fat you gain the smaller the more i don’t know where he got this from but we was friends for a little bit but also it’s backwards
    8: lifting slow is better then lifting fast well this ain’t true i was told by some 30 or more years old small guy and he lifts heavy i said with light yes but normal and heavy are different and how do you even do that your heavy is weird normal should be normal speed but heavy is fast but not crazy fast where you are lifting stuff that can and will destroy your muscle and need to get surgery and fix it and lose lot’s of muscle

    Ok i could show more but this is only 6 and is long some was on Google some on YouTube was from friends and other’s being idiots and look up muscle gains from starving yourself like what the heck��yeah don’t do that

  • About sugar, I think Jeff that you should look at some graph about our consumption of high fructose corn syrup around the same years that sugar declined. It’s cheaper and make us more sicker than ever before. Sure sugar consumption drops but the industry just replaced it with high sugar corn syrup. Look at Robert Lustig if you have some interest in the matter. Thanks for the video, continue the good work.

  • Hi I suffered from chicken pox, I don’t know if I am okay now coz I dont itch anymore, some blisters has began crusting, and some blisters. Stopped growing, It’s been one week. Do you think I can workout now and not worry getting sweaty etc

  • If I train fed, I’m bloated throughout the day; I know that much. I also have a harder time motivating to train after eating, whether it’s just cardio, just weights, or weights and cardio. I don’t know if training fasted has ever made a difference in terms of fat loss, but for me it makes a huge difference in motivation and performance.

  • I recently read an article that suggested foam rolling could be detrimental to the body in the form of nerve damage and/or the destruction of blood vessels due to the amount of pressure that is applied.

  • I disagree with you on the sugar part. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum, meaning that it has a profound impact on the organism and leads to a very insidious condition, among other things: insulin resistance. I would recommend checking out Dr. Eric Berg’s channel. Other than that, great job!

  • you left a harmful ingredient out of your list on the energy drinks; citric acid. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4452714/ (energy drinks aren’t the worst, though)

  • I do miss being sore tho and I always think that way and my body thinks that way too. Being sore does seems more like I’ve had a better work out tho.

  • I love the #7 myth that Jeff debunked because I am 50 years old and I stopped training for over 4 or more years layoff and I gotta say I just started training again and my desire and drive for the gym is stronger than ever now than it was in my younger years and I am gaining back the muscle that atrophied and putting on new muscle so it just proves that it is never to late. You rock Jeff keep making those awesome video’s

  • there is a point to it in absorbing protein. you may be able to absorb a lot of protein at once. However, depending on your size, etc., you are not able to use more than 25-45 g of protein for protein synthesis. and it is something else entirely �� thats What the science says anyway.

  • . What about fasting and hgh? Its not how many meals u eat but th quality. U are wat u eat. As u get older its alot harder to keep in shape. Fasting diet and sleep is huge for me but everyone is different…

  • im pretty sure resistence training can AFFECT growth, not necessarily stunt it. i think that things that compress the spine like squats will stunt ur growth and things that stretch the spine like pull ups will boost ur growth. it could go both ways

  • This is literally the best fitness advice I’ve received in a long time❤️ Since I haven’t been lifting in the gym 4 days a week, I’m now walking 7-8 mi per day around our city hiking trails and I literally just hit my body fat goals…. I’m currently sitting at 18% (22-23% before quarantine) which seems so unreal to me because I was doing all of the macro counting/lifting 4 days a week (not at work) and my stress levels were always high either at work or at the gym! It was like the stubborn fat on my body melted away with less effort (crazy, I know)

    Figuring out ways to lower my stress has actually done wonders for my body composition goals that no one ever told me about!!

  • Protein are high and fat. Unless you actually work out. But depending on how active you body is. But you can’t starve yourself. More carbs you put the more you put out. You body got burn on something.

  • For every theory, study, thought, opinion, just wait 5 minutes and another study will come out and say the exact opposite. Then 5 minutes after that it changes again and every 5 minutes after that. I believe that global warming is real, but when scientist say that they have no doubt that global warming is man made, I call BS.
    They can’t even agree on the science of weight loss/muscle building and fitness in general. Keep doing what your doing, it obviously works, as for all the scientific studies you might as well pull out the Ouija board, its about as real.

  • Ive done 6 before, Not something someone should do, first time i overtrained i couldnt open my arms fully for nearly 2 weeks.. And it hurt.. A lot..
    i also overtrained my abs, lets just say it wasnt nice..

  • Can you do a video on ‘naturals can only gain x pounds of lean muscle throughout their lifting career’. I’ve heard everything from 30-50 pounds.

  • Of all the youtubers I’ve watched theres a few categories:
    1. Total broscience guys
    2. Full on science guys who overcomplicate stuff and a normal person can’t understand it.
    3. Then there’s Alain. Speaking scientifically proven things. No broscience. Nothing complicated. Explaining everything super simple and easy to digest!

    Keep it up Alain!

  • The protein research is a little misleading. It depends on the protein. If you are eating all of your protein from things like steak, red meat, or other heavy food sources then your body is going to produce more acid and when it produces that acid it will pull phosphate from your bones. when it does this your body pisses away the calcium that is connected to that phosphate therefore giving you a higher chance of getting osteoporosis long-term. Protein is found in just about everything so if you’re getting most of your protein from heavy foods that raise your acidity to a higher level then you are more likely to get osteoporosis.

  • I think that the study on sugar intake vs obesity shows that sugar consumption went down in 1999 while obesity went up is because they replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup. But I could be wrong.

  • For me, when I could still go to work and school I would always go to the nearby store in breaks to buy some snacks and food, and I kind of ate a lot, because I felt like I was hungry but in reality I think my body was just really accustomed to eating a lot during the day. But nowadays that I’m always at home and I also had a few really bad weeks where I didn’t feel like doing anything at all, I eat waaay less than I did before and it has come to a point where I really don’t feel hungry at all, I just try to eat at least 2-3 meals a day cause I know I have to, but I just don’t have the appetite I had when I was having 6-7 something during the day.

  • 9:18 stretching isn’t good, that’s true.. it increases the risk something goes wrong.. but this applies only to static stretching and in your video you show dynamic stretching.. please, double check your ”facts” before you say something

  • This is my favourite vid of yours by far, also the first vid of yours i’ve watched till the very end because you usually go grandpa simpson on us in the last 10%
    Keep it up jeffy

  • Good education bro keep up the hard work! I tried your pitch black and it was the shit! Got great sleep off of it I recommend it to everyone

  • Sugar doesn’t make us fat. But it makes us hungry, and THAT makes us fat. It’s like saying “gun’s don’t kill people because someone has to pull the trigger.”

  • I eat the 2 meals and snacks that’s awesome. Definitely what works best for me is a big health breakfast around 2pm snacks in between and a big healthy dinner at around 7-8pm

  • I clicked on this video because I was intrigued, and by the end it was really something I needed to hear. Abby, thanks for your genuine, down to earth style of encouragement. I love your personality and your videos!

  • The bowl thing really helped me. I used to eat my breakfast in a bug ikea bowl and basically overeating. I switched on a significantly smaller bowl that almost feels up with the yogurt grams i need eat for breakfast, and that helped me a lot to realize that i am full with the portion i am supposed fo eat

  • Hoping you will touch on waist training if its a myth or not.. since i see even Olympia competitors are using em to ensure their midsection aint bloated

  • I’ll be honest I’ve been eating HORRIBLY lately; I’ve had nothing but junk. I had a baby in December and I gained so much weight throughout pregnancy, I was planning on losing some during quarantine but I haven’t lost a pound despite strenuous exercise. I’m going to bite the bullet and give portion control a go and get back to working on my form when exercising because it’s rubbish. I’ve never been to a gym due to fear of looking foolish doing exercises wrong but these videos really help. Thank you!

  • Jeff: Puking doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working harder because of these anatomical reasons.
    Other fitness guys: JUST PUUUUUUUUKKKEEEE!!!!!

  • Hey man I really appreciate your content. I use to have many misconceptions and wasted tons of money on bs. You’ve helped me get even more gains and changed my perspective

  • Hi!!! I love your content very much! I did notice, though, that sometimes your voice gets very quiet, to the point where I need to turn up my volume, and then shortly after it gets louder. I think it’d be a bit easier to hear you if you kept a more consistent volume. That could totally just be me though-I love what you’re saying and please please keep it up!!

  • This is honestly the most helpful and reasonable fitness tips/guidelines I’ve heard from anyone during these last couple of months, thank you!

  • I won’t eat until after my workout which is around 6 and I take my protein during my workout and also my pre workout but I my body won’t be sore but I do work out to the point of exhaustion

  • Remember to read your bibles and get close to Jesus and build a relationship with him and praise and worship him,he coming soon��✝️��✌��.

    he loves you�� he loves you soooo much he died for you nails in his hands and feet
    and skin peeled off his back and face for you
    You know why.because you special to him☺️

  • Something that’s really puzzling me is that protein based meals don’t keep me satisfied. Everyone is saying that protein is what keeps you full for a long time, but when I cut carbs from a meal, I will be hungry again in no time.

  • This helps a lot. My first 6 weeks of quarantine were a living hell. I forced myself to workout even when I didn’t want to and to “eat well” because of the pressure and the fear of gaining weight and losing progress. I’ve always had eating disorders, but quarantine made it even worse. Now I’m trying to take care of myself in a healthier way. Thank you for this video! It’s really helpful ❤️����

  • This video made me follow you, smart, science based information, concrete… It’s all I’ve been needing… I haven’t worked out in about 2 months and I was so active, so accustomed to heavier work out sessions that I just lost control and gain 3 kg and a lot of will… But I’m regaining my self control and having patience, after all this times are hard for us all…

  • I loved that you talked about “productivity” and the cost of wanting to push yourself all the time.
    I agree with you. It’s about finding the middle point. Knowing where to push yourself and where to stop. Cause in the long term that’s what it will lead you to your goals and happiness.:)

  • What can I do if im trying to gain weight?�� Instead of eating constantly cause Im not sure I should burn too many calories till I gain some more weight, I suffered an ED for a long Time and im in recovery ✨

  • I tried to make my own diet, but it didn’t work. I went to Next Level Diet and let them create diet plan for me. I am delighted with the result

  • 2:32 what?? Everyone don’t listen to this guy, that’s literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. Do NOT eat one meal a day and starve yourself. You need to eat smaller and more frequently to increase metabolism. This video is not only stupid, but potentially dangerous to people that take the advice.

  • Tell that to the fitness YouTuber “my thoughts and opinion might offend you” or whatever her name is. She says you’ll never build muscles without weights. I KNEW that wasn’t entirely true!

  • 2:40 sugar is the fastest carbohydrate, and the worst part of carbohydrates (for a modern lifestyle) is that it spikes insulin and blocks ketosis (fat burning for energy)

  • In the natural world kingdom of athletes nutrition and body weight training/performance…………. minimum weight training and constantly changes will give greater results (American Oxygen).

  • If I remember correctly insulin tells tells your body when you are full, and low insulin levels make you feel hungry, I’m not sure what the advantage of having low insulin levels would be.

  • You also just said that does it matter if you have five meals throughout the day, or only one meal in the day, you will burn fat the same. is that really true though? Because you seem to have a lot of videos that favored the whole one meal a day regimen. So now you’re saying it’s just as effective as eating all day as long as you’re taking the same calories? Again I thought you said fasting played a bigger part in fat loss

  • I did low carbs diet and lost about 50lbs. It helped me to feel confident because of the quick result. And it helped me to do calorie deficit, too. Avoiding carbs means avoiding ‘eating’ in general because our diet nowadays consists mainly of carbs and sugar (pasta, bread, sweetened drink). The downside i experienced after doing low carb diet was losing muscle mass. But because i dropped significant weight, i feel more confident to do exercise and go to the gym. Now i eat carbs again but i significantly lose the craving for sweet and starchy food (especially sweetened drink). I also maintain my weight pretty easily.

  • I enjoy your post because they are very factually informative, but you eyebrows are so on point i can’t focus on the words. Amazing job on helping all our fitness goals and for being on point.

  • I was supposed to start working out before lockdown but I’m a key worker so I’m working 60 hour weeks now �� I still started and took 2 empty cleaning chemical bottles home to use as weights. Only 5kg but better than nothing

  • Some protein powders are cheaper than some foods you can buy and they have a flavor which outclasses ice cream, cake, or all junk food treats. But I upvote what you advise about total protein.

  • This is why I’m careful with who I follow on IG and youtube. I’ve found myself following more “home based” IG PTs and less of those that live by going to the gym and using that squat rack.

  • Whatever dude… enough with the bro-science. Several statements you made are contradicted by scientific studies. Do your research

  • People watch some stupid documentary about sugar and are suddenly nutrition experts. Jesus fucking christ. Documentaries aren’t science. Documentaries are a form of mass media that should in an ideal case sum up scientific content in an easier way to access but those kind of new documentaries are just here to get attention…

  • So abby I got diagnosed with MS a few weeks ago and i’ve been told off by my doctor that I shouldnt lift weights or do hiit for a while till I get used to the infusions and stop feeling so dead and tired all day everyday. She said the motto “no pain no gain” puts me at a risk now but im confused as to what kind of exercises I should do since I need to build muscles to increase my metabolism (it currently only burn 1000) and still lose weight without having to go against my dr’s orders? Please lmk if there are any certain exercises that fit this criteria?

  • What about basal metabolic rate? Does restricting calories affect that? What about “digestive system efficiency”, does it increase in cases of caloric restriction?

  • I started tracking my macros this year and I think it’s been so good for me to that during this time. Cause knowing me I would easily intake 3000 calories a day lmfa

  • As a MD and a person who’s been training regurarly for 27 years, Jeff is one of the few people on the internet I can depend on to give consistently sound and scientific advice.

  • This has got to be one of the only reliable channels on youtube. Most of what I see when watching is just plain WRONG but this is all backed by cited studies! Awesome!

  • My binge eating has gotten so bad, it’s crazy. I can’t seem to get a handle on it. I guess I tried to do too much at once when quarantine started and I burned out. But now I lack the motivation to do anything at all:'(

  • 2:36 I would not believe that chart that way.
    1) How do they know how much sugar people consume? Where does the data come from?
    2) Today, many foods contain sugar-like ingredients that do not need to be declared as sugars.

  • point 3 about cardio when jeff said can not out run fat, this came to my mind

    belly going to get you


  • I love the last advice you gave for the last myth. I think THAT advice applies to life in general. Society tells you that you need to grind through whatever you’re trying to accomplish—through work and the things that you really want to get done. But i learnt from experience that if you push yourself and make yourself grind and grind everyday without breaks, you’ll break down faster; you’ll just end up drained. If it doesn’t feel right, if you’re body is telling you that it’s not what it needs, listen to it! Usually, we ignore it for what we THInK we need instead of doing what our body is asking for. This goes for people with depression and anxiety too. Take your time. Do what you’re body and mind needs:) It’s the best you can do for yourself—cuz then you are respecting your body’s boundaries and being kind to yourself as well. Everyone’s timing is different.

  • I LOVE that you put a Health Canada link up and don’t shy away from talking about Toronto. A lot of Canadian content producers shrink down about their identity so as not to “offend” their American viewers. Bravo Jeff and keep up the great work!

  • Jeff’s vids do what a lot of ther fitness youtuber vids can not… Guide you in the right direction to better life and health and to actually see results.

  • Tbh I was on a really strict workout routine (trying to build more muscle) before quarantine and since my school let out for spring break and quarantine started I haven’t really been back on it I’ve been walking everyday but no strength training or anything of that sort I haven’t gained any weight but I felt like I threw away all my progress but seeing your video and especially the part where you talked about the people taking large breaks between pretty consistent workouts really motivated me it’s never to late to get back on track and something is always better than nothing when it comes to improving yourself and your health thanks for the awesome video and always backing up your information with facts I absolutely love that you do that and I really enjoy watching your videos��

  • I ❤ Jeff rants!!!!! So many people out there with bad knowledge need to shut TF up and do some research. Almost everything he says, I double check and he is almost always spot on. Common if he wasnt legit would the worlds best sports teams have hired him to do strength and conditioning coaching on guys they invest millions of dollars on. Hello McFly!?!?!?! Notice how his videos he doesnt cram supplements down our throats either. He actually reall cares about this stuff. So Jeff you are an amazing person and I thank you for every video. Do you have any job openings?:-) I’d love to work for you brother.

  • Its totally true that a diet plan becomes a failure the moment u call it a “diet”… Because its something u will follow for a short amount of time… & Also if it’s not appealing…u might keep craving for ur favourite foods & end up eating them!!!..& That is when u fail!!.. So stop making short term diet plans & start making a lifestyle….a lifestyle in which u eat healthy foods in a fixed calorie amount, feel satiety, Don’t’ crave for anything, don’t become restless!! & BAM!! U will be healthy forever!

  • you say that the 6 p.m. thing is a myth because the only important thing is a calorie deficit, but don’t you also contradict this and other videos by saying that a calorie deficit is not the only important thing, and the timing of your meals is important? For example, you say that I could eat at midnight. But if I eat at 6 p.m. instead, and I don’t eat lunch until noon, the next day, isn’t that a longer fast? I don’t eat breakfast.

  • You mentioned that it will be a net 24 hour energy balance that will determine weight loss.
    What are tour thoughts on tracking calories consumed on a weekly basis?

  • The worst is number 7 and number 7 and number 7. Why 3. 7’s? Because many doctors still tell you that as you get old it is OK to be out of shape, fat, and sick.

  • Is all this talk about diet in combination with workout for losing fat or just to make the muscle gains show more? I’m naturally skinny with a fast metabolism and I look like a stick so I never know if all this also targets me

  • dude in this video you are showing cheese, bread where in your other video you said it cause estrogen you should avoid it, are f*** kidding me??

  • ”I have experimented with low protein diets and low fat diets.. similiar results to low carb diet”.. yeah sure, you definitely tried all three of them.. and especially you are the perfect specimen which can apply his results to all other humans on this earth.. why not to stick to science base evidence? that can be at least applied to the most people on this earth (even still not to all of them..)

  • I still wear my boot camp uniform from 30 years ago No one in my gym believes I’m 50 and I’m honestly in the best shape of my life! I’m 5’8” 185lbs I’ve never taken steroids or HGH I do take protein cycle creatine & ashwaghanda I feel better then when I was in my 20’s I do follow some of JEFF’s advices the key for me is cooking your own food. There’s no limit if someone can convince you that you’re too old to build muscle than you may want to start working on your own mind strengthening first. I do have to warm up a lot more than when I was younger but that’s about it

  • I can relate to the ED part. Im a recovered anorexic and I am now a powerlifter at a healthy weight. However, now that I dont have access to a gym, being restricted to at home workouts I noticed I work out too much and panic about my calories. If I dont pay attention to it I intuitively eat around 1400 calories instead of 2000.

  • Thanks for your diligence, Jeff!

    On the last point, an additional reason for plateauing could be that we get better (more efficient) at executing various fitness tasks as we go, so our total caloric expenditure is not proportionately as high as our overall fitness level improves.

    Lots of great stuff to think about!

  • I’m eating a very balanced diet that includes carbs, protein and fats made by my doctor. I was really shocked to see that I have been gaining muscles during all this time!!! Like everybody else I was so sure I’m gonna lose it all, but it was the other way around! He did up my protein and I have been doing a minimum of 20-30 reps instead of 8-10. I have been using weights and I have been waking outside a minimum of 20.000 steps per day. There is hope♥️

  • you should still watch the video for the explanations!
    the myths:
    #1 if you stop lifting heavy, you will lose all your gains (tip: try more technical difficulty or reps to failure)
    #2 if you can’t lift weights, you can’t build muscle (tips: more range of motion, more awareness and control better form, more time under tension)
    #3 you need to use this time to diet (tip: do some planning, portion control)
    #4 you need to eat every couple hours to keep your metabolism revving
    #5 you need to use this time to be super productive

  • “At what point does pushing harder begin to affect your happiness, begin to hurt you? Which kind of defeats the purpose of getting fit in the first place.”

    That was a truth moment for me.

  • Ok so i know that bodyweight exercises are great but if i wanted to incorporate weights at home should I use a kettlebell or should i use dumbbells? and what if i wanted to lose weight and build muscles at the same time how can i do both simultaneously?

  • While your suggestion related to the concept around not taking meals beyond 6pm is good, you must not forget that the insulin surge is better tackled when the body is active and that’s why eating your last meal early still holds enough merit. In fact that’s also the reason why one should engage in a walk after meals especially after dinner.

  • In relations to the protein intake and the example about hunter gatherers, then you make a big mistake in your reasoning. Humans evolve. In Denmark (Where I am from) there was a popular fase where Stone age Food were the new miracle cure to healthy eating, back to our roots literally. Well research has shown that humans evolve to their environment far faster then we previously thought, for instance our genes and where those genes come from determines your ability to break down and utilize the beneficial nutrients in the food sources, for instance native people who originated near the poles (Greenland for instance) are much better at getting the nutrients they need from meat and fish, but not very good at breaking down and using the beneficial nutrients in fruit and greens, because there are were little of those things in the areas where they evolved. This resent discovery (was published 2018) surprised scientists and one of the conclusions were that we adapt and evolve to our environment much faster then previously thought, which made Danes go back and examine the benefits of for instance the Stone age Food dieting and they discovered it was a lot of hype that didn’t really give people the results they wanted and one of the main reasons is that our bodies no longer breaks down and use the course foods as well as they used to. So think about where you originate from and eating more of that food will most likely benefit you more.

  • I never quite fully understood “ calorie deficit “
    When I lost 60 pounds I ate around 2000 calories a day. I ran for 45 minute, walked at work all day and biked to work. That at most 1,200 calories burned on my best day, but I still lost tons of weight. How does that work?

  • Really loved all of these! I especially liked your last 2 point about diet and being productive. I find what you suggested on diet works best for me as well your point on your daily tasks turning into habits.

  • Some great points but I had to shake my head at the last point saying don’t stretch before exercise. �� This is ridiculous advice. If I didn’t do dynamic stretches before my cardio sessions my calfs and knees would soon ache and I’d have to cut my session shorter. Silly advice dude.

  • Jeff i need to tell you this that you are The Best youtuber on health and fitness man… so much info laid down for us in such easy understandable way…i am a physical therapist and i learn a lot through your videos…keep it up bro!!

  • Wow…work out in the morning and not eat your first meal till 10pm…ive listened to you twice…love your videos and your truly helping me…but wow

  • another myth or at least in my case is that you cant build muscle with low test mnumbers are t-3 128thyroxine free 1.25 tsh 3rd gen 1.140 testosterone 409 sex hormone binding 48.48 test free 6.3 test % free1.54 and im 52 and my muscles appear to be responding normally to workouts i put on 15 lbs muscle with this level so?????? i feel its because ive never taken caffiene i dont drink only drank as teen matbe 5 times a year neve ever put alcohol in my fridge havnt had any since age 18 i dont and have never smoked and eat a well balanced diet til last yr doc said go on low fat diet because of cholesterol level big mistake that was it made me put on a stomach fat now ive got to work that shit off and guess what triglycerides were higher now im on hi fat moderate protein no sugar corn syrup or bread and slowley getting my physic back to hell with doctors they got theyre heads up theyre asses

  • Hey Jeff I wanted to ask you if you could do a mythbusters about electronic ab belts. Would love to know if they actually help burn calories or not. Thank you and hope you consider my question.

  • myth? eating low carb? are you stupid or just plain dumb? ketogenic diet has helped all who tried it.

    all are right except the first. delusional!

  • I have a sincere question.

    Myth or Fact: Do you retain/gain weight if you naturally eat a very low calorie diet?

    I do not get hungry enough to eat even close to 2,000cal as a 155lb woman, even when I’m active, so on a daily basis I usually eat a pretty decent calorie deficit. However, I tend to not lose weight, or fat, and I’m not sure what to do differently? Because thinking of eating more makes me feel sick.

  • finally a not keto addict information. im just doing an omad and just being patient. It worked fine and I dont have to go all keto then find myself being fatigue

  • It’s crazy to think we’ve already covered 25 of these! This is my best, cliff notes summary of the first 10 and here are the video links to the full episodes. Enjoy!

    1. Are High Protein Diets Bad For Bone and Kidney Health?

    2. Is There a Post-Workout “Anabolic Window”?

    3. Is Sugar Making Us Fat?
    Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JrT84PeTgw
    Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_n2L0pBpcI

    4. Does Weight Training Stunt Growth?

    5. Can You Only Absorb 30g of Protein in One Meal?

    6. Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat?

    7. Do Carbs Before Bed Make You Fat?

    8. Does Foam Rolling Work?

    9. Are energy drinks bad for you?

    10. Does “Starvation Mode” Exist?

    Watch the full 25 episode season here:

  • How can you have the weight loss if you don’t fuel up with carbs to complete the workout neccessary to eliminate the weight. Feeling sluggish?? Don’t take carbs from McDonalds!!!!! get your carbs from oatmeal, proteins and fats from greek yogurt and a hard boiled egg and a small cup of black coffee <-Thats fuel for a workout. All the macros and no belly ache

  • He is actually super wrong. I’m not saying that it is healthy, but there are thousands and thousands of athletes, especially distance runners, who eat whatever they want and as much as they want and still cant get weight on. There are some people who can outrun any kind of diet. Their insides will be tore up for sure. They won’t get fat though.

  • Sure you can lose weight eating even all carbs. Butttt carbs are sooooo addictive so when I need to lose 20 pounds I just eliminate them as no carbs ketosis is much easier to follow

  • Good and easy to understand video. Some of these guys make exercise and dieting too scientific and complicated. Summary: Eat clean and work hard. Thanks man!

  • Put it simply I lose 45 pounds walking fast in a little over a month and eat 4 eggs 4 toast milk coffee for breakfast subs and pepsi for mid morning snack sub and pop and chips for lunch and meat and potatoes for supper I averaged about 6 miles a day ate what I wanted and proved like you mentioned burn more than you consume.

  • I love all the science u put in your videos, not like many utubers, just talking about their experienxies and make it seem like the general

  • Portion control has worked the best for me. When I used to count calories, I saw food as just numbers and couldn’t enjoy any meal properly. Stopping the calorie counting took a kind of stress off of me and let me just enjoy what I was eating,. But I still eat healthily and have been able to lose fat consistently:).

  • Carbohydrates are called carb o hydrates because they cause your body to hold water??
    I couldn’t take anything else he said seriously after that explanation

  • Once a week I roll over the foam roller like crazy all over my body. I love it, it feel good, see relaxes my body and I feel great and more flexible. I also use silicon balls. Def helps

  • Defense:

    1. Low Carb dietYou can lose weight with carbs, but some people can’t go low carb (Ronnie Coleman was one) and some people only lose weight on low carb.
    2.Don’t eat late at night-The body needs to cleanse itself while you sleep, it should not be involved in digestion. If you are starving and it’s after 6pm, have a small low carb meal that’s high in protein and not too hard to digest (Steak wouldn’t be the best idea.)
    3 having frequent meals with less foodI agree with the video, eating too often is bad for some people; find what works best for you.
    4 more time at the gym means more results with an easy workout30-45 minutes is ideal due to GH and Test release, if you need more time; do (2) 30 minute workouts (morning and evening.)
    5 anabolic windowprotein immediately after the gym (have some protein during your workout and after, as well as morning), don’t over eat.
    6 you can only absorb a certain about of protein per meal-Everybody has limits, 45g a meal is about right.
    7 fat makes you fat (it’s sugar)-I agree with the video, sugar or combining fat and sugar are fattening.
    8 cutting food groups to cut fatStarches and sugars should be removed to lose weight, or at least dramatically reduced.
    9 it’s harder to burn fat when you’re older (only for older people who didn’t take care of themselves when young)It is, I lost 10 inches off my waist at age 17 while eating pizza and simply walking to the pizza place, eating a pizza, walking to the gym and lifting, then walking home. 4 miles total walk round trip. I couldn’t do that at 21, by then I had to go low carb to lose weight.
    10 you need to feel sore to have an effective workout-I agree with the video, soreness is counterproductive when dieting; it gets in the way of more workouts.
    11 fat diet food sources help you lose fat-???
    12 stretching before a workout is good (do it after)It’s tough to warm up for sprinting, but I never needed a warm up for squats.

  • I find eating 2 meals a day and having snacks to curb the times when I’m hungry in between these meals is way more realistic than eating 6 meals/snacks per day! I’m able to have bigger portions and since my meals are made up of whole and nutrient-dense foods, I stay fuller for longer. Plus, after sticking to these eating habits, my appetite has honestly gotten smaller and I do not crave junk food as much as I did before.

  • Best way:
    2 meals a day…no snacks. Look for high protein, filling meals <700 cal's.
    Do a little bit of cardio every week for health.
    Done. Never listen to anyone else ever again.

  • I agree with the sentiment of that last bit. I’m starting to be less restrictive lately and it’s actually helped a lot. Instead of going crazy and bingeing, I can have something that’s comforting or not exactly part of my diet and I am still meeting my goals. For a while, I was feeling guilty about having a sweet item or having a second serving but if I can do that two or three times a week it’s better than bingeing on 20K calories of just pure junk food and then hating myself the next day.

  • I stopped eating sugar and anything with hfcs. I’ve lost 110 pounds. Pretty sure sugar causes obesity. I also only eat once a day and have no problem building muscle.

  • Great video Jeff! Does the literature say anything about protein intake and having only one healthy kidney? I have a client who only has one and she was told by her doctor not to eat much protein, meanwhile I know that healthy kidneys can handle protein. Thanks!

  • I had dream last night that jeff lives with me my house, he is telling me all this LIVE. And i was like a fan to him, hahaha

    Thank u Jeff. You are a gold of Fitness industry.

  • Im in a healthier headspace now, but in hindsight, my god i fcking had an eating disorder from March till end of April, when this whole pandemic hit the fan. I binged, and purged, and then exercised, went on a water fast, binged again, purged again, and at the time thought i was completely fine. It didnt help that i was in quarantine alone so literally no one could see or stop me. Its slow progress (been 8 days now) but ive started a morning work out routine that isnt harsh, started eating healthier foods at normal times, gave myself a cheat day a week, and it fcking worked wonders on my physical and mental state. Jesus, I’m glad i picked myself up before i really fell down that rabbit hole.

  • When you would work out in the morning and not eat until 10 p.m., how do you know that you did not gain as much muscle as you would have if you had a protein shake right after your workout?

  • 8:20 7 years ago I played wii sports boxing against Matt 24/7.One day my arms got sore and I thought I was in the process of looking like Terry Crews��������

  • when she told me to stand up, i did. And just to have something to do as i stood, i started stretching!
    What a simple, great idea to add a tiny bit of fitness to the lives of chronic slackers like myself ahaha

  • You keep saying that things aren’t legitimate if they’re not rooted in science. Sometimes science is wrong about stuff, sometimes science has it caught up to what we already know, chicken soup anyone?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger said in this book “Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding” that the longer you stretch your muscles before work out, the more muscle fibers you’ll engaged into the exercise and the more your muscles will grow. He was wrong then? I think he wrote it over 30 years ago, so we know more know. Stretch like a lion, he recommended. He even recommended both stretching and flexing the muscles in between the sets. I felt that was too much, so I never done it seriously. Also stretching too much after the work out, may lead to injury and decreased muscle grow, right?

  • Spot on with debunking these fitness myths. The elaboration of the first myth however, is a bit incomplete. What you’re talking about with regards to losing fat and building muscle is possible for individuals who have just started lifting weights for up to 18 months (its either 12-18 months according to the studies I’ve read). Once you’ve been lifting regularly for that much time, it is going to get rather difficult to lose fat WHILE you’re building muscle. Most studies have shown that cutting fat while hanging on to muscle is far easier to do than build muscle while keeping fat levels consistent. However, unless an intermediate or experienced lifter is on steroids, it is virtually impossible to lose fat WHILE building muscle at the same time for these group of people.

  • New studies have shown that foam rolling is practically useless, both before and after training, although it has slightly greater benefits after. It works like a placebo at best. Just stick to your mobilization routine.

  • Nice informative video. You look like you’re at Sunset park. I have a myth question. If I’m used to running in 10 mm drop shoes is it true that I have to slowly build up to running in lower drop shoes? Or can I immediately just run three miles in a lower drop shoe like a Hoka?