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20+ Ways to Get Your Nature Fix Indoors 1. Start an Indoor Herb Garden 2. Place Potted Plants throughout Your House 3. Decorate with Nature Scenes 4. Organize & Edit Your Outdoor Photos 5. Let Fresh Air In 6. Learn about Wild Plants & Medicinal Herbs 7. Get. There are lots of ways to bring small doses of nature into your home to influence your mood, performance, and health. Get some plants. Bring a bit of nature into your home and work.

Plants reduce stress and anxiety and increase attention. In addition, plants. How to get your family’s nature fix during a shelter-in-place By Holland Gistelli, families are looking for ways to keep healthy, active, and connected. or study the weather or night sky from your driveway. It’s also possible to engage with nature from indoors. Check out our ideas listed below for connecting with nature while indoors.

How Do You Get Your Nature Fix? Kevi Lipe in the conceptual artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian’s “NDD Immersion Room,” which visitors cannot enter without surrendering their phones. How to Get Your Nature Fix, Even When You’re Ill. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the health benefits from nature is to exercise outdoors.

You can cycle to work, go for a walk during your lunch hour or head to the woods on the weekends. Swim in the lake in summer, go for a sledge ride in winter – the possibilities are endless. Bringing nature into your home can be easier than you think.

It`s not about planting trees in the middle of your hallway, but more about creating that feeling of freedom you have when you are somewhere out there, with no worries to cloud your day. With no further ado, here are some original ideas that will turn your home into a cozy refuge: #1. Spending some time in nature can feel like a relief after staring at a screen or being stuck inside all day. There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature: you can exercise outside, document what you see, and even just commit yourself to really experiencing what’s happening. If you can’t get outside, bring nature indoors to you!

Try crops with short growing seasons (like lettuce, carrots and peas) so your students don’t get impatient. You can also plant garlic (and other bulbs) in fall to reap the rewards in spring. This is a great way to teach with nature and talk about healthy eating.

48. Plan a field trip around nature. Challenge yourself to go beyond the zoo for. Some couples fall in love with an indoor venue, but don’t want to sacrifice an earthy vibe. Other couples want an outdoor wedding, but weather gets in the way.

Regardless of the details, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your nature craving, and we know just how to help you bring the outside in. 5 ways to connect with nature in your every day life This post was written by Bearfoot Theory contributor Katherine Oakes. In concrete urban landscapes or busy suburban neighborhoods where the pace of life is fast and our to-do lists are never-ending, it’s easy to forget how disconnected we are from the natural world.

List of related literature:

But the essentials take place indoors and in words, never again outdoors with things.

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The following outdoor recommendations are basic, yet tried and true.

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I’m going to share two ways of doing this: outdoors and indoors.

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In this lifetime, you must create the space and freedom in your schedule to spend time outdoors.

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  • Okay i know its a Looooong video but trust me i had to edit out a few very useful info but I honestly feel this video is so educational and wanted to leave in as much knowledgeable info as possible ��

  • Bro Make an exercise routine for beginners and advanced of your exercises and diet to have your physique in the future. greetings and my respects

  • Wow, I mostly find your videos useful, but this one just answered so many questions that I’ve always had about my flat feet.
    Thanks for this.

  • Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus, live by his teachings, be led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is coming soon you must live by his teachings. The love of God is beyond our understanding God bless

  • Would the summary be:
    Run upright.
    Run at a pace of 180-185 steps per min.
    Engage the toes.
    When running make sure the feet does not overreach and strike with the heel first (Doing so means you are using your foot as brakes and hence the shock will be of no good to your joints).
    Further to the point above, when running, ensure your feet lands under your hip. (straight leg, so you convert the momentum forwards).

  • Perfect timing! Thank you so much. I stretch consistently but still seem to have massive pains in both my calves every now and then after HIIT running. thank you

  • Great video! As a road marathoner for the past 5 years, I’m always looking for new tips on motivation, getting stronger and preventing dreaded injuries. As a fellow YouTuber, I love sharing my experiences and knowledge as well. I know how much goes into these videos! Keep posting I just subscribed!

  • Obi, we need to see you do Pilates work on a reformer to work on your connecting tissue. Bet it will help you isolate and assist with some connective tissue issues.

  • Appreciate the analyses, but as somebody who has ran for almost 50 years in different environments, sporting and otherwise, I think it’s quite silly to suggest that there is any ideal running technique for any human being since efficiency, injury prevention and biomechanics differ so vastly from one individual to the next. There are also many appreciable differences between athletic footwear and barefoot running which alter findings significantly especially relating to loading response and toe off. Thus any known beneficial effects concluded through testable predictions and experimentation are based on unique empirical data which become completely invalid and useless when they are swamped by the larger effects of other variables that relate to differences in how we run. So you can essentially give people some tips as opinions, but you can never state with any certainty that those tips serve to benefit all runners. It’s an important distinction in my opinion.

  • how do i start running if i already train my legs twice a week..? i tried running before and my joints were killing me for a whole week

  • I don’t think this video is going to do gang busters on views, but I certainly watched all the through! It’s really interesting and informative. Cheers!

  • I got a plant in the mail that was way to wet. I put the plastic pot on a sheet of paper towel that I folded to the same size as the base of the pot. I used two sheets and switched between the two once the other had dried (trying not to be too wasteful). With gravity and capillary action, I think it helped my soil get to a moist but not soggy stage a lot faster.

  • Obi thanks for this. I am on a running break as i busted up my knee during the last run video. Keep up the cardio my friend as without a healthy heart and endurance, not much matters. It is great to see well rounded athletes. Thanks for this.

  • This is super amazing content, keep it up my guy loving the smile ��
    Anyone else know what metronome app he used to sync Obi’s walking?

  • Wow I actually didn’t realize this video was over 30min!!! That’s how informative and amazing it was������

    Really learnt a lot!!! Thanks for the content Obi��������

  • Obi. Thank you for these videos and the inspiration. I am concerned about going back to the gym and these videos have been so useful. I really appreciate all you are doing and keep up the awesome work!

  • This was awesome, the whole legacy old leather shoes still influence today’s shoes, toes being elevated for no reason. I will be more conscious about using my toes when walking and running. Thanks.

  • Amazing how wearing old leather shoes whilst being at school can really ruin the way you walk and run for the rest of your life. Walking with the goes up in the air whilst wearing leather shoes was a great information and how to exercise your toes to reconnect the feet with the head is just great advice. I’m an old man and I definitely remember wearing knocked old leather shoes at school. This advice could stop people getting arthritis in old age in the knees and hips. Thanks you obi ������

  • Man, I found out your channel like 2 or 3 mounths ago. I love the way you bring all the different types of experience from all sports and types of training. This really helps us to break some missconceptions. Thx bro! From Brazil here! ��

  • Awesome vid Obi! I am trying to get better with my 100 kgs in running an on the stairmachine as well. Started 2 weeks ago. It feels bad that im gettin muscular but cant run for more than 3 minutes:/ gotta improve! This video gave some awesome advices to take away and implement in my walking/running.

  • alright, i wanted to clown you for having the audacity of telling us how to run better… but this is actually a really interesting video and i started doing the foot stretches along with you!

  • Who would have thought so much stuff would affect your running. I’m gonna have to replay this a couple of times to get some of the things. I hate running, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of form and other things mentioned in this video.

  • Hi, very good Episode ��
    The “autowrangle” function of the critter dropoff can be used without a trap. Very easy in a stable to catch any Not wanted critter ��
    And: maybe think about removing the mini-cooling loop and place 1-3 Metal tiles between the rooms?

  • haha you did not need to kill the slickster. when its tame you can wrangle it whit auto wrangle. and they will automatic wrangle the slickster from the molten slicksters depends on you settings.:P

  • I am also watching cities skylines all DLC, rise of industry and 1 million population also
    Ah Nathan too much to watch such great content

  • Thanks for the content, everyone has their personal touch in how they build things and that is the beauty of the game. I’d just like to mention that with long cooling loops using normal pipes instead of insulated + radiant works just as well. Saves on a lot of recources and dupe work. Enjoy ;D

  • You don’t need any automation to make water compresor.
    Single few mg tile of liquid placed in same tile as liquid vent will cause water to presurize.

  • Awesome video and series as a whole, I have 1 very small thing to say that drives me crazy since like the 5th video though and that is the decorative roof thingy in the eating hall that has been missing since you made it bigger ;):)

  • if you click on your Critter Drop-Off
    you have auto wrangle. set all the one you want to keep all the other should be wrangle automatically as long you have a place to put it, instead of killing it

  • Ah! I was just thinking on how it would be cool to get another episoder of Oxigen not included, and you upload this. Perfect timing!

  • there is an much easier way to compress water, just put a blob of oil in the water and have a liquid vent build in this oil tile,however this would require 1 tile more space so your pump dont accidently pump the oil out, pumps aqquire liquid from a tile above,below,left and right from the bottom left of the pump,technicly this works with every other liquid to(it dont need to be oil) as long as you dont overpressure the liquid in the compressed water, this also works with gases, as long u have less then 5kg of liquid pressure at the vent

  • In Russia we use different style for infinite storages, which does not require compressing doors. For gases is vents, submerged in liquid. for liquids we use a pump enclosed in manual air locks with a vent and any gas in this chamber.

  • Next video go on exploration. I wanna see how large the map is, I wanna see what can be found. Reach the surface! Set up secondary bases to cut down travel time. Is some sort of trade possible?

  • Btw if you made a petroleum compressed room, to the left of the water room, you could bridge the locks automation signals and run them in parallel, or are they cheap anyways? And you should also make a temperature control on the returning petroleum, on the new cooling loop, before the outside of your base is -40*C:p

  • With your electrolyzer set up…just put a atmo sensor right above the door in the hydrogen and hook it up to the hydro pump….set it to below 500 it cuts off the pump….so when the hydrogen gas gets thin it stops pumping it out….so o2 can not get up there

  • On that Opinel, FRN stand for fiberglass reinforced nylon and G10 is fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin. G10 is a bit harder and more durable, but FRN is a decent product as well

  • you can find rather interesting EDC items on Kickstarter every so often…true some are better and more practical than others but the good ones are pretty awesome

  • Oh, man, I love my Heroclip for my tool bag when I’m doing field service work! It’s also pretty handy for keeping it on the back of my chair or the side of my desk when I’m not in the field.

  • Been looking for a RB enigma pocket probe or something similar any ideas I would love to get my hands on one and would even pay msrp or more for one second hand

  • I’ve used one of those pencils before and I did not like it, at least not for school use. I constantly had to sharpen the lead and the sharpener it comes with would always open in my bag and get lead everywhere. It could be good for home use where you don’t have to carry it but I would not recommend for edc

  • That’s a pretty bad choice for a light. I’ll stick with my olight baton pro titanium. I love the charger for it as it’s on my nightstand and every night I use it as a lamp and is perfect, as my room light shines glare on the tv. but the torch shines light up so it doesn’t reflect the light off the tv to your face.

  • I’m pretty sure keyport was one of the first key organizers on the market. I remember seeing them in a sky mall catelog almost a decade ago

  • The new Zippo inserts do not fit in the Pyrovault. The lid does not close because the insert is fractionally too tall. The Vector Thunderbird inserts work.

  • The lighterbro bic holder originated in the lacrosse community, when you string a lacrosse head you need a knife and scissors to cut the string, the lighter to stop it from fraying and the screwdriver to attach the head to the stick. Cool product

  • Ive used a hero clip before to keep my bag off the wet ground when it was raining by hanging it on a table. Its pretty useful

    Also is that shirt going to be on carry commission?

  • You know, the products you didn’t recommend,… how about you make a series about ‘popular’ EDC items showing up in online stores and make like a ‘don’t buy this’ guide?????? Would be hilarious and so informative at the same time!!

  • Good to see a video like this one. Like the idea and showing what stuff is not worth the investment is even better. Think I could find a few uses for the HeroClip.


  • I actually have a “stash it”. I use it when I go hiking with the dog. I put dog food in the bottom and use the bottom cap as the dogs bowl. It works great.

  • As Excessorize Me says the first time you hang up your backpack instead of putting it on the filthy floor of a public bathroom stall you’ll instantly fall in love with the HEROCLIP.
    He’s a great gear and EDC channel by the way… go check him out.

  • Best Damn EDC [Taylor Martin] Thoroughly enjoyed this video however, it came to an end:(

    I really enjoy videos that explore the various Amazon EDC products. A calming, yet addictive, viewing experience!

  • The original brand of the shape of that water bottle, I believe, is swell. The quality is pristine, though it hasn’t got the gap to store stuff.

  • If you really don’t wanna spend a lot on a flashlight, id recommend checking out Nebo flashlights. They come up with some interesting designs and the inspection light I have of theirs isn’t bad at all.

    If you want to go extra cheap, Coast lights.

  • I ain’t gonna lie, seeing you fidget with those Zippo accessories makes me want to start smoking again lol nothing like the first drag of a menthol off of a zippo.

  • And they’re known for “Tacti-Cool” products…especially finger rings for lights when conducting low light training or Operations.

  • I carry a heroclip clipped to my belt everyday. It is incredible how many uses you can find for it. Well mainly hanging things but thats incredibly helpful. It’s also a fantastic fidget toy.

  • The name brand bottle is called Swell great EDC for every day hydration… For a belt you should try a cobra belt… HeroClips are awesome!… Pass on the rest… Like the video when I was just starting with EDC I wasted sooo much money on useless junk before I developed my preferences.

  • That bottle the name brand equivalent is Swell in terms of style but they don’t have the pocket

    Also have that pencil it’s the only lead holder I have that the mechanism hasn’t broken because it’s so simple

  • I used to repot as soon as I received an online-ordered plant. I don’t do that anymore because I lost leaves that way. I also repotted into planters that were too big and, therefore, overwatered the plant. Now that I’m more informed, my plants are healthier. Keep up these great videos!!

  • Hey Crazy plant Guy, where can I buy the string of hearts plant from?! This plant is not in my local nursary. I’m living in Toronto. Plz help me finding that plant otherwise, I shall go crazier…..Thanx

  • This is such a great video. Great topic too. I mention this on my videos all the time. Great job on covering everything! Thanks for the video!

  • I really appreciate this video! I’ve only been a crazy plant mama for about a year and I am constantly learning from my mistakes. I’m currently struggling with a scindapsus (you know, one of those “unkillable” plants) that I overwatered earlier this year. I noticed that the leaves were curling while the soil was still moist; I took the plant out of the pot had some lovely mushy black roots on my hands ����‍♀️. Thank you for your transparency!

  • Yung mkkapal n halaman pang MGA mllaking bahay Yan at outdoor landscape hndi pede sa LOOB Yung mllaki mtataas nilalamok din Yan hndi msyDong madaming plants decoration..

  • When I have an overwatered plant, I crumple some Kleenex and put them on the top of the soil. Once they are wet with moisture, I throw them away and put more on. I keep doing this until the Kleenex stay somewhat dry.

  • Just wanna ask. Lately, I noticed my beautiful monstera leaves has brown spots and even the new one that just unfurl. I need an insight pls. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello. I have a question. I’ve got a new house, and we are so blessed to almost live in a greenhouse. LOL so so much natural light. We never flip on a light until dark. I have dropped cabinets in kitchen. Maybe 2 ft up there. It’s all the way across the kitchen. Any suggestions on what I can.put.up there? It still gets good light. But up at ceiling, it’ll be warm. I need ideas. Help.

  • My Chinese money plant when I bought it the soil around the plant is super hard like u can’t break it off. When it’s time to water I have to take the whole plant out of the pot and put it in a bowl of water so it obsorbs the water that way (other wise the water just runs through it)then I put it back in the pot. Thi seems weird that its like that do u have any advice

  • I keep finding mold on my plants especially my golden pothos. I’ve been cut off the leaves that I find with it as well as spraying with neem oil and water. However, it’s still not working I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’m not spraying often enough??? Help please

  • Do you ever use diatemaceous earth for gnats etc? I just got a huge infestation & have a thingy to blow the powder. Curious if you’ve tried?

  • Yesss, it happened to my Calathea Ornata, I was repotted too early, because i saw leaves are (it was 10 leaves) quite big, and i decided to repot to upscale pot from before. I was watered like i did before when my calathea growth fine. only for a few weeks after repotted, leaves stop moving, curl and dried one bye one, and now it have only 4 leaves remain, so I decide put it in water and remove any damage root yesterday, and seems it happy now, and it start moving again. After watched your video, I will keep it in water for couple weeks until the roots system are healthy. Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps us so much.

  • My biggest mistake is to go on vacation for… a month �� (and leave my babies home with my bf). I haven’t been home yet but I already know that it’s gonna be a disaster ����

  • Thank you!!:) I am truly sorry about your Tetrasperma!!! My mistakes helped 4 of my plants meet their demise in June & July!!!! Breathing very heavily! Perhaps I did things right & it was just their time, or I killed them! I am thinking it was the latter! Big Sigh! 2 Fiddle Leaf Figs, my prayer plant & my syngonium!! I am not gonna say I did not weep when my syngonium passed on!!! It was today when I found out! I am going to relax before I replace. I never thought I was lazy or ignorant…I went to the 10th miles for my plants, especially since we have all been under the pandemic. Great knowledge!:)

  • Your intros are brilliant. It’s so true that no one wants to admit their mistakes, but it’s how we learn. And I so much prefer watching someone who shows their failures as well as their successes. Great tips, thanks for sharing.
    It’s winter in Melbourne, but I keep overwatering my peperomias which are in peat moss. I hate the stuff, as even my moisture meter can’t read it accurately. Now I have 3 peps on life support. ������

  • It’s winter here in Australia but recently there’s lots of gnats flying around, it’s annoying but I want to keep my indoor plants, what shall I do

  • I just got a hoya and it has black spots one week later. Google is telling me shoreflies? I haven’t watered it at all tho, its not overly wet. Anyone know how to deal with this?

  • Have you been able to find anything like Mosquito Bits here in Canada? I heard those are good for pests but can’t get it here in Ontario

  • I got distracted by your kitty. I’m not gunna lie.�� what is him/her name? Soo cute and chubby! Haha. Anywho, thanks for the great info on taking care of my plants and well kind of fixing mistakes. It will help m out. I think i did that with my monster adansonii. ��

  • I did the EXACT same thing with my tetrasperma and I wanted to cry when it started to go downhill fast ���� I took some cuttings which have thankfully started to grow roots in water and then just today I finally took the whole thing out of the pot…there are almost no roots left �� hoping if I put the whole thing right into water it will come back….so please keep us posted on how yours does too!

  • Hi there, I am 57 years old, I’ve been a plant mom for 40 plus years. My mom always had a house jungle �� whenever I get a buggy situation, I simply remove ALL the soil, wash down the plant with soapy water, sanitize the pot, and repot. That always takes care of the situation. No chemicals needed. I hope this helps. Also to keep from over watering, let the plant tell you when it’s thirsty! Trust me, it will let you know.

  • I repotted my jade plant too soon which is very young and it’s root system is so weak, it barely shows. Any tips on how to encourage root development��? It doesn’t seem to be dying, it looks fine but it’s definitely not living it’s best life

  • Thanks so much for this! ��I’m new to this plant journey and these are good tips ���� For repotting, how much water does a plant need right after you repot? Do I water it until the water flows from the drainage holes? Thanks! I think I overwater some of my plants after repotting ����‍♀️

  • I had the most beautiful bushy Golden Pothos that was in a 6 inch pot growing for over 2 years and got bigger then 5 feet long, just gorgeous and healthy ❤️ It was very rootbound so I reppotted it into a much bigger than 2 in container! Not really thinking about it it drowned and died almost over night. I was heartbroken for many months and still am to this day �� worst mistake I’ve ever made in MY LIFE!

  • I almost killed my Monstera Borsigiana Albo by repotting into too big of a pot. Ikea pot sizes seem to be inaccurate. I realised when I got home but repotted anyways ��

  • Argh pests….the Curse of any plant lovers…that’s such a pain in the ass….
    Good Luck ��And stay focus…thanks�� have a nice day!

  • Nice������are you interested in mars hydro new version TS with daisy-chain function for dimming and on/off for all lights?email is [email protected] lgledsolutions.com,I hope to hear from you regarding any your ideas.

  • Very interesting video, really didn’t expect to sit through 35 minutes of a running video because, as someone who’s been weightlifting since I was 16, I’ve always hated cardio. Been trying to implement it more lately and do more running, hope these tips can help me forward. Thank you for the very informative video.

  • Repotting too early. It happened to my jade plant. I had to move it back to smaller ppt because she wasnt happy.I was just too excited. My analogy after i made this mistake was do I want my new born baby to wear size 12m clothes.��. Became a plant mama just last May.

  • I started to get into plants about a year ago and didn’t have any pests yet (as far as I know of) and it makes me really anxious.
    Everyday I’m expecting to find something, but when I’ll do I’ll still be overwhelmed. ��

  • I have spider mites on my aloe plant but it’s not a lot and they only come out when I water it. Can I use the peroxide and water mixture to get rid of it?
    Thank you ��

  • hi i just started to love the indoor plant…just a basic question here, do i need to change my plant from plastic pot to decorative pot..or just put my plastic pot inside my decorative pot..

  • I reported a few of my plants with a name brand popular soil. I’m now noticing the top of the soil is turning white? What is this?

  • Another great video from the guru of houseplants ������
    I just love when Nemo photo bombed the video, she’s so cute.��
    We are all guilty of all the things you mentioned in this video, especially the overwater and repotting too quickly����

  • Hi! Fungus gnats from my money plant were driving me crazy. Nothing I did helped…UNTIL..I tried this online suggestion to replace the top inch of soil with sand. No more stupid gnats! Seriously. It was amazing. Great minion!

  • Thank you! I am dealing with a huge fungus gnat infestation on my parrot plants, just got rid (I hope) of aphids in all my plants and I now have a kitten that loves trying to eat esp my Bromelia’s so I have my hands full ��

  • I’m having huge problems with my spider plant and considering it’s meant to be an easy plant ��
    Its got brown tips on the leaves and one is starting to go yellow
    Have I over watered or under watered it
    So frustrating

  • I’m using a ultrasonic diffuser with peppermint essential oil. Just in general for the house it works as a pest control agent. If I have a problem it’s usually mealy bugs, but since I’ve started doing this the problem has gone away. Could just be a coincidence as well. Good luck

  • Thank you so much this video was very helpful to me I have a satin photos and was not sure what was going on with my plant I upgraded the pot and now I see maybe I have to down size so thank you so much I was worried about my plat now I’m going to try and see if this works��

  • hi!! I just found your channel and im obsessed with you! seem like such a nice guy. so I’ve been a houseplant hoe for about 3 years but realized that i never see new growth i kind of just keep them alive so to speak. I usually just pot them in terracotta pots and use potting soil and cacti soil depending on what kind of plant. the terracotta pots have one little drainage hole at the bottom. I was wondering if you recommend keeping plants in a “nursery” plastic pot with more drainage? Should i repot them all into a nursery and then put the nursery pot into my other pots for aesthetic purposes? wow that was a long comment sorry. anyway love your vids and excited to get more into plants like you!

  • Hey Christian, love your channel! I just noticed some spider mites on my string of hearts:( any advice as to how to clear it? Should I spray it down with the homemade mixture of neem oil, rubbing alcohol and dish soap? Thanks for your help!

  • I been watching here from Phillipines! And I love the way you explain everything. So far away so lucky becouse we love planting…we had many plants and so far no one died yet…more power to your channel.

  • Omg, I’m going though the same things. Repotting to early, soil stays really wet much longer. Ugh, plant bugs. Thank you so much for the this video and the information provided.

  • Having just moved I purchased a lot of new plants and not quarantining them. I know the irony… but so many fungus gnats! Love your intro! I think you are the most adorable ever!

  • Omg, I experienced the same things as far as wanting to repot and the gnats flying around some the plants. What help was Google on caring for the problem and watching YouTube. I have a moisture meter and it helps. Being a new plant parent, I’m investing too much money trying not to destroy them. Lol I’m learning alot, thanks for sharing your info ✌