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This will change your life and is the easiest way to start creating good habits in your life. Think about it James Clear explains, “If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done. Conversely, if you get 1% worse each day for one year, you’ll decline nearly down to zero.”. 15 Morning Habits that Completely Change My Day! Duration: 11:09. Brittany Vasseur 629,836 views.

11:09. 7 NEW HABITS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2020! Duration: 11:01. Implementing Habits For 2020 + BIG Announcement. Today I am sharing my new website and the upcoming content for getting ourselves ready for 2020. Are you exc.

11 Habits to Change in 2019 for a New Lifestyle #1 – Quit Thinking Resolution. The first thing we think about is starting a resolution to do something. Instead of saying that and ultimately not following through on your wishes, it’s time to take a different perspective.

In this article, I’ll discuss how habits work, the science behind a process called cue-routine-reward, and how you can use this information in your life to reverse old habits and form new ones. Building new habits and making lifestyle changes can be challenging—but there are ways to make the process simpler. Bad habits may be hard to break, but the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start some good ones, especially those that cost little or nothing. A few simple changes can leave you richer, happier, and feeling more at peace with yourself.

Take a look at our list of good habits and see what would work for you. Amazing list of habits with a FREE PRINTABLE to help. Good or bad habits can make or break how successful you are in life in terms of what you can get done and how hard you find things to do. Use these 52 amazing habits now to change your life for the better.

Create more good habits for a stress free life!The truth is, good health is incredibly complex, and there are lots of tiny tweaks you can make to your daily habits in order to help you live longer, and with more energy, focus, and happiness. These seven simple lifestyle changes, for example, may seem small, but they can lead to big improvements to your health. Try them now to start thriving. I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression: Old habits die hard.

The earliest citation of this saying is in an article written by Benjamin Franklin back in 1758 that was printed in the London Chronicle-however, the expression has been traced back to the 1400s. The deep-rooted use of this saying goes to show that people truly are resistant to change. It involves a process to effectively. The key to creating good habits and breaking bad ones is to understand these fundamental laws and how to alter them to your specifications.

Every goal is doomed to fail if it goes against the grain of human nature. This article is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of my New York Times bestselling book Atomic Habits. Read more here.

List of related literature:

#1 Make new habit really Create a swarm of new specific easy to do.* habits you could do instead of #2 Make old habithard the bad habit.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

Six of the selfmanagement skills help you begin to actually make the lifestyle changes that are right for you (see table 2.1).

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2014

This is a long list of potential lifestyle changes.

“Symptoms in the Pharmacy: A Guide to the Management of Common Illness” by Alison Blenkinsopp, Paul Paxton, John Blenkinsopp
from Symptoms in the Pharmacy: A Guide to the Management of Common Illness
by Alison Blenkinsopp, Paul Paxton, John Blenkinsopp
Wiley, 2013

The 7 Habits give people their lives back.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen R. Covey
from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
by Stephen R. Covey
Simon & Schuster, 2013

Now brainstorm a third list: all the new habits you’d like to implement.

“Personal Development for Smart People” by Steve Pavlina
from Personal Development for Smart People
by Steve Pavlina
Hay House, 2008

I also suggest that you implement each of the ten habits gradually over the coming months.

“Millionaire Success Habits” by Dean Graviosi
from Millionaire Success Habits
by Dean Graviosi

Rituals such as New Year’s resolutions and slogans such as “just do it” offer unrealistic models of how habits are changed.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

7 Some of the changes may seem difficult as you try to develop new habits and fit new activities into your busy schedule, but the payoffs can be extraordinary.

“Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2015

All the usual recommendations bear repeating—and should now constitute a daily routine—exercise regularly, walk as much as you can, eat less but eat more healthy foods, drink a lot of water (up to a gallon a day), enjoy good wine in moderation, and get regular medical, dental, and vision checkups.

“The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life” by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
from The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life
by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
Atria Books, 2008

Examples from the 2010 item include the following: “Don’t eat by yourself”; “Visualize your goal”; “Announce your weight loss goal to friends.”

“The Handbook of Magazine Studies” by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
from The Handbook of Magazine Studies
by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
Wiley, 2020

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • When he said “thankfully I don’t have to live without coffee” I felt that. I took that challenge myself, and honestly, coffee works well for me, I’m more alive, more productive, and I don’t think the days I went without it impacted me greatly at all, just caused me pain is all.

  • She tells us to drink water but when I do I always have to go pee 3rd period and I can’t go unless I have a pass. Those passes are extra credit so no water for me bro

  • idk what to say i’m so thankful today i started to so new thing like workout and learning a new language and i decided to clean my room tomorrow and start making new things no more wasting time n in the end of the day i watched ur video i felt so good and satisfied by myself and find new things to do

  • 1) Wake up earlier
    2) Drink water
    3) Be more active
    4) 15 minutes of cleaning
    5) Eat healthier food
    6) Read more
    7) Write in a gratitude journal
    8) Create a daily to do list

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  • habits i’m going to start tomorrow:

    getting up around 8am
    making my bed every morning
    exercising for about 20 minutes everyday
    drinking more water
    eating less sugar
    eating more fruits and veggies
    less time on my phone
    sleeping before 12am

    i hope these can change my life and maybe you can do it too! <3

  • This year I turned 69. It’s just a number, but, it’s a number I was/am not especially happy about. I found you recently. I want to share that after years of life it’s very enjoyable, I would say ‘refreshing’ to hear the enthusiasm you have for so many things. It is helpful at my point in life to hear that enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is catchy, even if I cannot sustain it in the same way a younger person can, hearing enthusiasm helps one hold on to it if even for awhile. Thank you:)

  • You’re inspiring Matt! 

    I created a morning routine which includes a quick workout, study to deepen my knowledge on my field and a nice breakkie
    Track my day to be productive as I was having a lot going and didn’t know how to manage it.
    Track all my calories and food (and quit meat for 8 months, but then came back to it)
    Read every day (turned out to be something I really like )
    Train 6 days a week on top of my morning workout and sessions (I’m a trainer)
    And quit social media (this has been only for the last 3 days now)

    I’ve been doing all these for the last 3 months (except the social media cut) and I feel amazingly good!
    I keep going with no expectations, but the more you achieve, the more you want to challenge yourself

    Well, thanks for showing realness on this. Failure is a demonstration that you, at least, tried it.

  • I’m not sure if anyone has commented this but a really good book about self-worth and appreciation is You are a Bad*ss by Jen Sincero

  • Love it I just started adding drinking more water into my habit tracker. Thanks so much for your tips may 2020 be the year we are able to grow and get closer to the goals we’ve always dreamed of achieving.

  • you know what…when I move out imma just be be nocturnal, like… sleeping from 5-6 am to 2 pm which is still part of the day
    like no one does anything between these hours

  • I’m just gonna ask because I have always wondered. At 0:58 she seems to be striking some sort of pose, why? I have always wondered why women do this pose.

  • you should really read call me by your name, i know you prefer self love books but it’s an amazing love story between two guys and it’s just beautiful (the book isn’t focused on the facts that they’re boths guys it’s literally just about love). there’s also a movie if you don’t wanna read the book <3

  • Hi, Tara really love you’re video and would love to get your permission to put this on my fan page it’s called “Wise Slim Habits” also have a page called Stay Home, Stay Active it would be good content for my members and followers but if you could get back to me or message me on my fan page would really appreciate it a lot here’s the link https://m.facebook.com/WiseSlimHabits and thank you for your time I give your video a 10/10, 5 star rating love it

  • there have been a time where my mind was so cloudy. I felt losing myself spiral down into negativity, and when I do these couple of things likes meditating, exercise and also writing daily journal, its help me have clarity mind, clear up my mind from all the stuff that are suffocating me. I was so grateful watching your video about committing to something, experimenting on what’s work for you, doing the 30 days challenges. Thank you Matt. i really appreciate your work in getting this kind things to the whole worlds.

  • Absolutely love all of you habits that you gave and just you and your channel in general!!! I am definitely looking for ways to implement these habits into my own life and YouTube channel!!! Thank you so so so much!!!

  • I’m so happy coz i’ve found this video TODAY not tomorrow�� btw, I like the way u talk I hope soon I can talk like a native speaker too

  • Every weekend I ride 42/45 km with bike!How?I usually ride around places with no ppl and music on its awesome and when I go to bed after having a shower I feel awesome

  • i wake up at 4am everyday to catch the bus and then the train so that i can walk to college and arrive just in time for class, and lemme tell u, although its a pain in the tushie to get up so early, seeing the sunrise at the bus stop and seeing all the other sleepy people with their morning coffees and newspapers scrambling onto the train is just such an eye-opening experience. really made me more conscious and appreciative of the little things

  • I’ve changed my whole routine during this quarantine time. Not sure why I all of a sudden got the motivation to change my life style during this time lol.

    1) I’ve started walking and working out more. I’ve only started small and only doing little work outs until I can build myself to do stronger work outs.
    2) drinking alot more water.
    3) cutting out junk and pop all together.
    4) eat more healthy.
    5) get a nice amount of sleep.
    6) work on my hygiene routine and make it better so I can be cleaner and look better.
    7) save my money.
    8) clean and declutter things.

    This all so far have made me feel so so better about myself. I love changing and learning new routines and life styles. If anybody has any other tips let me know!!

  • How to glow up inside and out:
    1.drink water or herbal tea
    2.enjoy your food and have balance
    3.wake up early
    4.wash down there with hot water and toilet paper
    6.walk more
    8.sun cream
    9.when your emotional don’t stress eat
    10.have rest day
    11.think positive

    You’ll thank me later❤️

  • She really helped me to glow up.
    A short time ago i was really unhappy,hated my Body because i Always compared to others, i cared to much about the opinions from other people. Than i saw one of your glow up videos. I changed a lot,i cried and tried a lot but i am much happier now

  • When you have to wake up at 5am because you have to be at work 6 ��. What they really mean is waking up however many hours before work.

  • This vid is so positive that I actually read “Impossible” as “I M Possible”
    Omg!❤️❤️����������loved it so much!

    P.S.:I don’t usually comment on any vid but this one’s Guh-Reat!!!

  • What I like to do is play songs that boost my ego and make me feel like that b!$h. I know it sounds funny but I like to listen to the playlist and either act like I wrote that song or it’s about me and its helped with my emotions towards myself.


  • I’m Peruvian. I found your yt channel a few days ago, and so far I’ve seen so many of your videos, and I find them so inspiring and admirable. I’m trying to watch all the videos I can in order to grow up as a person, and also to become a minimalist (I need it urgently, need to declutter asap). I feel like I’m learning so much from you. Thank you for existing. I love your personality and your videos. Many blessings for you and your family!

  • I use to be really productive and i had an organized life. Lately I have been waking up at 8 or 9 AM and i haven’t been productive. Can you make a how to be motivated video

  • Hi! I am a teacher, i really need lots of tips to improve myself and most importantly improve myself to be a good person. I love your channel. These habits are really useful. Thank you so much for sharing��

  • When I wake up early in the mornings I just think of the people still sleeping, wrapped in their warm and soft beds, while I have to get up without wanting to���� it’s like waking up to a nightmare straight from fairyland

  • The first time my friend sent this to me. I didnt rlly focused on the message. I was focused on getting it so I could say that I watched it. So now I’m back and I missed a lot of helpful content.

    you are what you do ♥️♥️
    ‌MEDITATE… is a must do it in the morning… Make it real easy.
    ‌CLEAN for 10 mins daily
    ‌create visual keys
    ‌DRINK MORE WATERkeep a water bottle with you.
    ‌GRATITUDE… ♥️�� 5 each day
    ‌STRETCH and move
    ‌daily visualise… DETAILS MATTER GIRL
    Ily Aileen ♥️

  • Perhaps I’m becoming victim to my confirmation bias but I really thing these are some pro tips, lowering activation time and visualizing your future life. Top notch content.

  • Wooaaawww I love you, my first step: break up with my boyfriend:D hard thing, we have been together and living together for more than 3 years, now, I feel better, free, I started eating healthy, no fried food, industrial pastries, soda drinks..I do squats and crunches at home (I’m trying my best✌��) you are my best motivation to keep going, thank you very much to show us how to do it, you are awesome and you look amazing, what are your future plans? would you move to another city or country? Why? ������

  • I remember when I was in high school how much I dreaded waking up early. But when I started going to the morning classes, I appreciated the morning chill and how refreshed it made me feel, and some old soft nostalgic kind of music to put me in a good mood, I started liking early mornings more and my productivity gradually increased in my last year of high school. Don’t know how I would’ve put this in words, but thank god we have you ��

  • Hi I’d like to remind everyone that flushable wipes are horrible for the environment they are so bad for wastewater treatment plants and are completely unnecessary— be aware of what you are flushing (it should only be toilet paper!!)

  • Well clearly each week, my parents make the same thing, beans and rice with chicken, red beans with rice with beef, I tell them to do some new recipes but they never have the time or the inspiration to do it, but am still blessed that they make food for our family ��

  • it’s interesting that you say that about waking up early, because with my sleeping disorder i go to sleep at around 2. i cannot go to sleep before that.

    it doesn’t help that i live in a village rather than a city but when im still awake at 2 in the morning, there are no birds, no people talking, not even cars passing by. it’s so incredibly silent that with only the whirring of my laptop and my phone i feel this very oppressive loneliness.

    for this reason, i listen to asmr (just people talking) so i feel less alone. i usually cry every night because of it. or i’ll feel numb, in which case i’ll listen to married life from up, the one with thunder over the top you can find it on youtube just to make me feel something.

    it’s a horrible feeling, but do you get that lonely feeling when you wake up early in the morning?

  • I recently found your channel on YouTube and believe me you are my favorite channel ever on YouTube.. I love it.. Best content, elegantly presented and no bull shit…�������� lots and love!! Keep posting and motivating me..����

  • I like what you said about “what people say about you is none of our business”. �� Perfect timing. I needed to hear this. A lil blessing in disguise thru you from God. Thanks ��

  • Great work Matt ur work really helps me be productive and educates and inspires me to create habits and to be the best version of myself and when I share these ideas with my friends it changes their lives too and it keeps spreading
    So keep up the great work and good luck����♥️������

  • I know I’m a bit late on this, but as I was watching this I thought that you could maybe try breaking bad habits instead of developing new ones. Great Vid btw, really inspired me!

  • thank u so much for this video. you don’t even know how much you are helping me. you gave me the motivation to be a healthy person, like no one else ever did. thank u so much, seriously. love u ❤️

  • yeah i just started living the healthy life to stay away from diseases. i wanna maintain a healthy lifestyle if that’s the only way to not die early from diseases and suffer i’d also like my family to adopt a healthy lifestyle bcz it’s just very important.

  • I’m 13 and struggling with acne, so I decided to start a skincare routine ( Just to be clear I hated routines). A basic skincare routine is to wash and moisturize 2x a day. Since I’m almost dead when I wake up, I decided to start applying at night. The more I kept it up the more motivated I was, and I felt so good! But then right when I started getting the hang of it, I got the flu. I just didn’t have any strength or motivation to keep it up. A while after getting better I started doing it again, and then also started the full routine (2x a day). Now my skin is so much better and I feel so good just by doing this small thing! The size of your goal doesn’t matter, but once you start it it becomes more easier! Good luck guys!

  • I started organizing and cleaning my apartment, which I never do,while listening to you so thanks:) I also am trying to make routines again now that Ive less hours at school and work

  • ppl want to learn so much thing in their life but we only have one brain, one body and limited time. just START with ONE thing, while maintaining those habits that u have developed.
    same to me, i wanted to learn a lot of things but im so busy for study, my art commissions, etc., so i set up goals for the week like, practice calligraphy for three pages, workout for at least three days, learn new language one hour a week, how many chapters i wanted to finish in that week…
    like how Matt said, do little thing each day, be 1% better than yesterday, 6 months later u will thank yourself

  • i dont know you and dont if you are rwligious. that works for me: i make a list everyday with things that i should do, including does not enter on a social media, or spent many of my time there and for me, when gets hard, i just pray. so start your day praying, it gonna work.

  • This is how I’ve done my new years resolutions for two years now. I hope everybody here jumps on board its so much fun. Somehow shitty too

  • Hahahaha I’m getting up at three AM now because my husband has to work at 4! It’s easier than you’d think because willpower isn’t a factor! It’s just something I have to do now!

  • habits i’ve started to do this year:
    * making my bed everyday
    * making pretty to-do lists (motivates me lol)
    * exercising every day (walks on rest days)
    * eating more veggies
    * reading for 20 minutes everyday (using the app goodreads to track my progress hihi)
    nothing is impossible, just remember, baby steps are still steps:)

  • Hi there. thanks for this video. I appreciate you sharing these habits. Having a timer is a good way to trick your mind into cleaning and knowing that theres an alarm that ends the cleaning time makes it super helpful when you are first starting out.:)

  • I tried ooing one thing at a time, this massive grows your focus because when you focus on one thing you accomplish your task faster and better.

  • Cleaning overwhelms me nowadays. So your 10min tip is really great! ���� I will try 15min each time, so i can give myself a pat on the back after 4x15mins = 1hr of cleaning! All the Best to me! ������������

  • This is so sad watching just the beginning of this video on June 1st, 2020. Half a year has gone by already…what??! I’m still optimistic about everything but this year has definitely been a whirlwind: I bought a condo during a pandemic and I am fully adjusted to working from home, but I’m simultaneously scared for the safety of my mom, my 96-year-old grandma, my extended family, my boyfriend, & his mom

  • I am worried about this channel, Alivia, and the messages being received by viewers. These kinds of anxieties over food, reward, control, health these are not meant to be “fixed” by habit change. Legitimating anxieties by molding your behavior (for the sake of “health” or even well-being) merely reinforces the deep-down, base feeling of dissatisfaction with the self. The need to control the unideal. The better questions to ask: why am I dissatisfied with how I am now? Is this dissatisfaction necessary? Who told me this current state of mine was insufficient? Why is my happiness still tied to a future state? Why is a certain identity more ideal than who I am now?

    I would highly recommend cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for negative, recurrent thoughts even if they seem to propel you towards “health,” as in this video and channel. CBT is a practice of identifying dissatisfaction and negativity in the *now*, stopping it in its tracks, and redirecting it with gratitude, presence, and thoughtful third-person analysis. Drinking water, exercising, setting a regular sleep schedule these are all great and NECESSARY for our overall wellness. Do them! Really! But don’t do them because you want to be a “healthy girl”… “someday”… in your life. That mindset is tied to the future, and ultimately is just a different form of reserving happiness for a certain type of self, just like in Alivia’s previous diaries about reserving happiness for when she’s skinny.

    Healthy habits can reset your physiological, neurological baseline to better receive positivity. But after the reset, keep going. Dig deeper. Habit change is surface-level, often merely band-aids. What compels us to change at all is below the surface.

    My bottom-line: Don’t try to be a “healthy girl.” Don’t feel shame for being “unhealthy” or for being what you are now. Think deeply about what makes you want to change. Ask yourself, do I really have to? Be satisfied with yourself. Come as you are, accept as you are.

  • Thanks for the link to water calculator. I have been drinking less water than I should and learnt some very valuable insight into my water requirements. Love the topic. Have started building morning rituals for myself and it has been helping alot

  • it’s such an inspiring video thank you so much for sharing, you made my day and I hope not I hope, I will try harder to stick to this healthy habits.

  • I hate videos like this cause its so unrealistic and so illogical but yours is different. Yours is basically things we always do, and also things we should be doing. Thank youu��

  • You can check that web sait https://www.ourgreenstory.com/ they have very sustainable notebooks/planners ect.And the guys are very nice and when they send you what you ordered there is a nice note written by hand for you which is cool.

  • I’m definitely going to drink more water. It’s like the most basic thing that humans do after breathing. Water has so many benefits like u said and is really easy to do. I already keep a bottle on my desk, But I drink the whole thing and forget to fill it up for like 2 weeks. I’m going to try to fill it more often. Also that law of attraction. I’m a little skeptical but willing to try.:)

  • I haven’t finished to watch you video but I understand something: I am fond of your voice, your face, the way you edit this video… I fall in love with you! +1 ��

  • I agree that it’s important to think of yourself 2nd. It seems the world has been saying to focus on only you, but if you’re on your deathbed, you’ll want to focus on what you did for the world, not what the world did for you, or what you did for you. Yeah, self care is important, but there’s a time to selflessly care for others <3

  • A tip for Who wants todo drink more water is to use a reusable drinking straw. Drinking become Funny and you Drink 1 liter of water whitout Caring about it.

  • i have a question about the sunscreen habit. i have darker skin (indian) and i’ve heard that sunscreen isn’t effective on darker skin colours, but i don’t know if it’s true. can someone tell me?

  • I think its actually sunscreen that causes skin cancer not the sunshine. Humans have been exposing themselves to sunlight for hours for ages and yet they never had skin cancer and the only vitamin supplement a vegan needs is B12 that’s also available from vegan source.

  • love this video im currently struggling with a LOT OF SELF CONFIDENCE may need to ready more ive also interpreted yoga and meditation into my daily routine as well as cleaning the night before so i wake up fresh. im just stuck about when is the best time to read and do self gratitude either morning while im still bleh or at night??? idk i may just be in my head too much, and yoga in the morning?? SOS HAHA

  • Tara: it’s currently 65 degrees in LA. It’s pretty cold on the West side.
    Me who lives in Oregon: bruh where I live 65 degrees is like shorts and tank tops weather. Usually in the morning here it’s early 30s and 20s.��

  • Thank you for so perfectly melding faith and life without making it feel forced on others. You really are a warm, encouraging light.:)

  • Just found this video. Curious if you have done an update to this video. I.E. How the journey of 2020 with COVID has impacted your habits/goals for 2020. I have found this year to be so much harder than other years. Some things I planned I have still done, but a lot has been put on hold for months and then I restarted when COVID calmed down in my area, and still others have totally gone to the side so far in 2020.

  • If a marriage is toxic, then people should walk if they need to. You shouldn’t spend the rest of your life unhappy in a toxic relationship for the sake of saying you’re married.

  • You’re so wonderful Sarah! Thank you for encouraging people to do better for themselves, you’re doing a lot for God through this form of encouragement. (Gabs from South Africa)

  • Thank you for cheering me up. ��❤️

    I was tired of living…

    Your charm is irresistible!!�� You look energetic.�� You have a great smile. I love you!!��

  • This year is hmm different for me:D really bad cold, car accident, covid, drought in my country, depresion hit me again… all this things are bad and I was really sad about them (but!) all those things also gave me time to really think about life, myself, others. I’m starting to feel so much better. I love that video, good things to do in our free time now. I hope that we all will have much better second half of this year:P

  • After awhile of watching her videos chips no longer sounded appealing. I tried to eat chips and instead of liking the taste and feeling I got I felt like I was force feeding myself. Change is possible in little things. I believe in you and what you can do with your power. I hope you have a great day and evey day after that.��

  • Who’s ready to change their life in 2020?? �� Start the new decade right by planning early for the new year! Now’s the time to set your intentions and plan your goals for 2020. If you love planning or journaling, check out this workbook I made to help you plan for 2020: http://lavendaire.com/workbook

  • Ok you NEED to make a podcast!!! Your voice is literally so soothing!! You could literally talk about advice and stuff like that and I would wait for every episode!!!

  • Great video! Great advice. And thank you for bring your Christianity into your advice!!! I always love hearing ppl talk openly about praising God and living for His will and for Him! It’s something I always need reminders for. Thank you!

  • You’re right when you’re saying that it’s important to try and concentrate on the positive things but also as someone who struggles with depression and anxiety since early teen years hearing that it’s valid, it’s not your fault and other people experience similar things is really really important. We have to talk about it, it shouldn’t be a tabu. People need to feel they’re not alone with their struggles! Hearing someone who says that it’s okay to feel like that actually has a healing power this is what makes you start work on yourself. Until then, if you have depression, you tend to feel like everything’s your fault, that it’s your fault that you feel that way and that will just make it worse…

  • Damn how big is your planner? ��
    I have a bullet journal and it really helps out a lot. I felt like I couldn’t fit everything I wanted in a planner so I created a bullet journal and its also just a really fun productive thing to do to stay organized.

  • Well I to did cut my social media life for 3 months, meditate everyday for 20 mins, take cold shower, as well as reading book for 1 hour everyday. It was totally life changing and felt much more better than before. Well cold shower went well for me though and I still do it as it helps me in healing of wear and tear done during my workout schedule. It is quite fun and motivating!

  • Hello! Your videos inspire me to be productive. I love your channel. I changed my habits, like cleaning for 10 minutes, drinking more water, yoga, and my morning routine. Thank you so, so much <3

  • Drinking ginger lemon tea as I watch this ��
    Fresh squeezed lemon, fresh sliced ginger, manuka honey and a splash of apple cider vinegar

  • Good advice… My Dailies: Breathing (diaphramic), Diet (whole plant food) & Supplement (medically advised), Laugh, Exercise, Learn (whatever / science), Read A Positive Belief System, Music (uplifting), Fast (after 6), Seek Beauty (in all), Sleep, Work (as worship), Help / Teach:-) Most concepts by Abdul-Baha, Baha’i Faith

  • i try waking up early but honestly sleep feels way better than being awake. is it the feeling of sleep or my lazy mindset begging to stay?

  • A healthy life hack that I LOVE is to replace sugary drinks with bubbly it’s so good and it’s way healthier than soda and I love it

  • https://youtu.be/97oub6mESNU hi guys please today is my birthday can anyone subscribe to my channel it will means a lot for me #BlushbyShaaZ

  • There are so many healthy habbits people need to incorporate. Thank you for this. Thank you for reminding everyone to do these things.

  • I watch your videos while on the elliptical, they make the time pass effortlessly. Any more celeb inspired diet and exercise videos planned?

  • Love the healthy habits videos! definitely will be incorporating some of these into my day! thank you nicoletta! love you girl <3:)

  • @lavendaire I love the fact that you mentioned the use and importance of sunscreen, but do you seriously recommend it for indoor use��

  • Although am dying for u to respond to my comment,I just wanna say how much I love u and love your videos,and thanks so so much for inspiring me to start up my very own most recent fashion youtube channel

  • Check out Cacao Bliss Here: https://earthechofoods.com/nicoletta-dewhirst
    ►Use Coupon code: NICOLETTA for a FREE FROTHER with the purchase of Cacao Bliss (make sure you add the frother to your cart when you checkout for code to work)

  • I wake up at 7 even if I sleep relatively late. I’m a natural early bird, I guess?? I take cold showers too. But that’s because I live in a tropical country. I adopted a healthier lifestyle years ago and that has definitely changed my life for the better.

  • This video is wonderful. Is so well edited, the message is amazing and it shares us all the work you have done last year. It`s amazing

  • Y’all this man speaks truth. Journaling sounds terrible to me so I don’t do it. If you don’t like doing something like that don’t do it. You do you boo.

  • I recommend You some habits Which is very common and a part of my life, like if it’s helpful:)
    1. Waking-up early
    2.Being Hydrated
    3.Spending some time for yourself [apart from your mobile phone,laptop and p.c, and morning is the best time to do this]
    4. getting a fresh shower
    5. doing workout daily
    6. reading a book
    7. journaling
    8. gratitude walk
    9. connecting with nature
    10. organizing
    11.listening to soothing and relaxing music
    12. self-talk [in morning]
    13.caring for your skin, hair etc…
    14. meditation
    15. Yoga

  • Bro I used to hate the taste of water too, but when I started to play higher level sports i was like damnnn water kinda taste good thoooo. Now I only drink water. Carbonated drinks make me sick bc I haven’t had them in years, juice is too sweet now… but cold water? Perfecto. NONE OF THTA DASANI BULLSHIT THO WTF DO THEY PUT IN THIER WATER, tap water all the way.

    Can’t stand tea tho, like bro are you juice or water? decideeee

  • Habits I started last year and still going strong:
    1. Budget and expenses tracking. I do monthly budget and track every expenses daily.

    2. Journal. I love journalling on notebook but I find it’s not really practical. So I start digital journaling and it’s really helpful as I always have access to my phone. I can write my thought or brain dump anywhere anytime. If I missed todays journal I would make up and write it later. (Sometimes I would make time to transfer these ideas into my notebook).

    3. Reading. Although I don’t put limit on number of pages I read everyday. I just make sure at any given time I always have a book or I call it reading project I’m into. If I finish one book I take enough time to digest and quickly move on to the next to keep the momentum going and avoid reading slump.

  • Hello Matt! I decides to build habits starting today, for example working out, reading and do some business that i’ve had in mind a couple weeks. I’ll edit my progress every 3 weeks.

  • they arent my friends, because they will never introduce their social cirlces or girls to me, and mostly they just waste money there

  • I could watch this over and over and get so much out of it. Waking up early: I’m 44 and I’ve been out of my own for a year and a half, and I know for a fact that waking up early works if you’re an employee because it gives you your morning before you give the rest of your day away

  • the fact that you had so much free time….something that i don’t have and that affects every human being for their own development

  • It relieved my mind when you said that it is okay to start with one habit and focus on what truly improves your productivity and daily life. ALSO, I appreciate you pointing out that cutting out coffee was not some huge breakthrough, just made you more appreciative than anything. Definitely going to start trying to implement some new habits more religiously.

  • Love your video!!! I been reading a book that help me a lot to be more realistic and positive!! The name of the book is: ¨Girl, wash your face¨ I highly recommend that book!!:)��

  • You should read the travelers gift and then the final Summit there brother very good books there both written by Andy Andrews these book will change you life I hope you consider them!!����

  • 1. No FAP
    2. No Social Media
    3. No Junk
    4. Gym Everyday
    5. Write my Book
    6. Smash my Studies
    7. Wake up at 5 AM everyday
    8. Pray 5x everyday
    9. Read Quran everyday
    10. Meditate

  • Thank you for all your advice. I have cut down on toxic people in my life who try to put me down.. but how would you cut out a person who is an important part of your spouse’s life but is toxic to yours? ��

  • Going to try to kick my unhealthy eating addiction. Been trying to diet since I can remember (6th grade probably) and have never loved my body but that changes now! I definitely over eat to cope with stress so it’ll be hard but I’m so ready for this life change!

  • Everyone: I’ll do this step, then the other ones. Me: Why can’t I do all of them over time? I mean, who said we just had to choose one? People who follow things orderly: I’m about to end your whole career. ����

  • I bit the bullet and literally deleted about 4 years of emails. I said to myself that hey, Im not refereeing these things really at all. Social media cleansing:)

  • Yes, I’m really late but I think you should read the book star girl. it’s a beautiful story and it makes me feel special when I read it ❤️

  • I’ve reached a point where I really feel like garbage. I’ve been realizing for the past few months that I used to say « I didn’t have time », but when quarantine arrive, I did NOTHING, because of procrastination. It was hard to admit, because I was wasting my time on internet, and I love internet. Internet is my second home, but in this home some room are time wasted or toxic. So break relations with this place is hard, but required. I want to make new habits, habits that will change my life for good. I don’t want anymore to waste my time on social media when I could be doing much more interesting things like continuing to learn foreign languages, doing even more sports, or just getting out of my house, talking to people, but this time for real.
    In a month I’ll start university, in a few years I will definitely be an adult, and I want to be a responsible adult, I want to take advantage of this age to do a maximum of things. I just don’t want to regret this when I’ll be old, I’m doing it for my future self.

  • Waking up at 5 is so over rated. I did it for a year. I ended up with two VERY unproductive hours in the morning which I could have made use of at the end of the day. Our bodies and schedules are different. Waking up at 5 and going to bed at 9 isn’t any better than waking up at 7 and going to bed at 11 (for someone who sleeps 8 hours). Working out in the morning at that time does have one benefit and that’s the fact that no one called or interrupted me during that time, so I really had no excuse not to do it.

  • Research says the best way to bring  into  is by creating new routines and sticking to them until they become. The way to make sure we cultivate the new behavior is to reward ourselves. With motivation, we repeat the action again and again until it becomes ingrained.

  • My 30 day challenges this year:

    Cold Showers

    No Sugar

    Social Detox

    Scheduling my day

    Waking up at 6 am

    I’ve never found a benefit from caffeine tbh

    Love you,


  • I love your videos. Here are some ideas. No sex for 30 days. ��������No job for 30 days. No talking for 30 days. Be a statue for 30 days. ��No bread for 30 days. No scratching for 30 days. No porn for 30 days. �� No car for 30 days. No fighting with your wife for 30 days. It that possible? �� No meat for 30 days. Good luck!

  • Maya thank you so much! You motivate me to become a better person in a healthier person and be closer to God! Thank you for being you and spreading your positive vibes

  • thank u so much for this video. you don’t even know how much you are helping me. you gave me the motivation to be a healthy person, like no one else ever did. thank u so much, seriously. love u ❤️

  • all of these people just writing down their goals and plans in the comments makes me unbelievably happy and motivated to go do something

  • Not sure if you’ll see this Matt, but can you please tell me where you buy your tshirts from? Specifically that green one? They look super comfy and good quality! Thanks!

  • How about quitting a car? That would be a challenge.
    I try to do that I ride a bike everywhere or walk. I even take my kids to kindergarden by bike (6km, mostly uphill). And I love it! But I guess this will last only till the first frost bites.

  • a really good habit is to recall what good had happened during the day, before going to sleep. Either writing it down in your journal ( ;)) ) or just replay it in your head when you are in bed already. The key is to have positive emotional feedback, not only logical thoughts, like ‘i’ve done this right’ something that you would feel that it was good.

  • hello I apologize in advance for you guys having to hear my alarm as soon as this video starts LOL but hello ily & hope you enjoy this video!!!!

  • You really should add Spanish subtitles to your videos. They are amazing and I see so many people missing them just because they do not speak English. I know your videos could change so much of their life. I am a Cuban woman living in Mexico and I want to share your videos with family and friends but the language problem is that a PROBLEM. Thanks for all of your advices.

  • The thing about waking up at 5 am, is that you also need to sleep early enough to counter the exhaustion. A lot of people are under the misconception that waking up early will solve your problems, but you also need to sleep early for it to work. I used to hate waking up at 5 am, but then I started focusing on sleeping between 9:30-10 pm every night, and then it started working for me.

    It took a lot of effort to force my body to sleep at that time (cause prior to that, I would sleep by like 12 1 am ), but after 30 days of practise, it started to show results. And now, I just wake up at 5:30, energized and ready to go.

  • According to what i heard, the order for teeth cleaning is supposed to be: Mouth wash, floss then brush teeth. Anyone wanna chime in? Dental workers hopefully.

  • I’ve been want to do stuff like this and establish good habits before seen this video. But this video just give me more confidence and inspiration knowing someone is already doing this.thanks a lot!!��

  • Putting crazy pressure on yourself to be perfect is actually far more detrimental to your progress than just forgiving yourself and keep going on imperfectly.

  • A lot of things you said in the video are actually the ones I wrote down last year. 2019 didn’t turn out how I planned so thank you for reminding me that the end of the year and 2020 can still be saved.

  • You make me so happy and joyful. ✨ I love how disciplined you are without ever sacrificing kindness. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. ❤️

  • I’ve created a schedule for myself that I am so far keeping up with. Go to sleep at 10:00 P.M. and wake up at 6:00 A.M. I then stay still for a few minutes to try to recall dreams I had, I then record them in a journal or voice recorder. I get dressed, then brush my teeth, then mouthwash after. On weekends, I don’t eat anything (Unless if there is a special breakfast that I make or my dad makes) until dinner, and workout while on an empty stomach. On weekdays, I go to school, or to my grandparents, and have breakfast. I then exercise with a lot of Boxvr. At the end of my day, I take a shower, brush my teeth, then meditate for 30 minutes, and finally go to sleep.

  • So weird seeing Taylor in the videos now, I am actually happy that we don’t see him anymore and that now you are an indepedent queen ��❤

  • I drink 1/2 a gallon of water everyday and I read up to 80 pages of books everyday. I meditate once in a while, I pray every night, and I study the Bible. I count my blessings very often and I stretch quite often too. The one thing that I must improve is organizing and cleaning my room, which is very hard por me cause I dont want to, but I have to.

  • Humans are amazing for their quality of self-improving. The fact that we can adopt new characteristics is remarkable, but…
    I think that everyone is different in their own way and thus each person may require to develop their own, custom approach. I tried waking up at 5:30AM for a few months and that has changed me for better. This habit made me a lot more productive and normalized my routine that before was really messed up. But that also had side effects, like fatigue and loss of focus, until I adjusted this habit to my preference by not waking up at 5:30, but instead at 6:30… That was my ideal mid-ground. I got the same, positive results in other habits that I tried or did develop, such as working out, learning a new language, reading, etc. So what I learned, is that sometimes, you don’t need to exhaust yourself and jeopardize your mental or physical health over commitment for your goals. Listen to your body and soul. That definitely doesn’t mean you need to be within your comfort zone, but the complete opposite. After succeeding and failing at making myself a better person, I realized that by far, the most important tool for self-progress is to simply try and adjust… Pick a habit, commit, adjust, and grow.
    Just don’t forget that our body and mind are tools that will work best if its specifications are taken into account.

  • You should ready 2nd Chronicles 20:20. (The lord shares a lot about what this year is all about). Perfection, completion, sufficiency.

  • Hye maya i love to watch all of your video. Its very inspire and relax but if you’re dont mind can you put subtitle in your video�� it is because im not understand english well so i need time to catch up. But if you attach subtitle in your video its so helpful. Im very appreciate it. Last but not least ❤ u MAYA������

  • U r a sunshine, thank u so much for making this video
    U really helped me
    I hope every one knows that 2020 is your year
    Stay hydrated, stay healthyyy
    By healthy I mean good food that is nutritious And never restrict yourself from any food ( because that leads to a loop hole, I know that )
    Leave all the toxic thoughts and food restrictions in 2019
    Hope u have a healthy, happy 2020

  • Hi Alicia, I really like your videos and this one is no exception, but also, flushable wipes are actually really bad for the environment and the sewage system. Here’s some info on it: https://www.today.com/series/one-small-thing/are-flushable-wipes-really-flushable-t151945

  • i disagree on walking away from a marriage. in the best case scenario and how it should be it would be a holy bond, but people often times marry for the wrong reasons and also fall in love for the wrong reasons, psychologically. childhood trauma and their partner reminding them of their complicated relationship with their parents, for example. if they haven’t healed and understood that before they marry, it’s not a holy bond, it’s torture and i wish for everyone in a situation like that to see that they deserve better and their partner does too and to walk away from each other.

  • I like these, however not the one about spending more time with family. Many people have toxic/criminal family members and is better to stay away from them as much as possible.

  • Watched your video for first time and immediately I subscribed your channel. Felt so good after watching your channel and looking for a Happy 2020 ����

  • I quit porn….. Weed….alcohol…and social media….and it’s barely the third day…it’s awkwardly hard but I replaced those things with books…journal…exercise…family time and umm…I’m struggling to know what else to do with my day.

  • Yes other people’s opinions of you are none of your business… Most people don’t like themselves, why should you care about what they think about you? ��

  • These are such lovely tips. Thank you for bringing more light and positivity in the world!! New subscriber here.:) Happy New Year!!

  • Maya, I feel like you have completely read my mind. This is honestly the exact video I needed to see right now. I feel like I had these great goals at the beginning of this year, but I lost inspiration. But I feel in my heart, that 2020 is going to be a good year for me. Thank you for this video girl! ��

  • Having a good morning/evening routine helps jump start/end the day. You can get even more done with virtual assistants which can do all kinds of tasks for you: http://www.virtualassistantservicesnow.com/

  • I foam roll my legs arms and back it can relive muscle tension and help with feeling overall better, you can find foam rollers on Amazon

  • These arent 2020 goals. More like ‘things you should do every day’. Goals have a deadline. ‘Drink more water’ is good advicebut not a goal