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Top 10 Work from Home Productivity Tips (and How to Not Go Crazy!)

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WORKING FROM HOME TIPS (& How To Stay Sane ��)

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my daily work from home routine + 10 tips to work indoors and stay sane ��❤️

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Working from home during Coronavirus 10 Tips

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Working From Home? Tips to Stay Sane & Productive!

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Tips To Stay Sane (And Productive) While Working From Home RecordingRevolution.com

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10 Ways to Stay Sane When Working From Home. START SMALL. Although this list has 10 tips, do not take action on all of them, especially not all at once. “If you try to revamp your entire REARRANGE YOUR SCHEDULE. CONSIDER TIME BLOCKING.

MAKE BREAKS PRODUCTIVE. DON’T DRESS THE PART. As the list of companies mandating employees to work from home to stop the spread of coronavirus grows, you might be wondering just exactly how you can stay sane if it happens to you. The panic. Get some exercise.

It’s really easy to feel stagnant when working from home, so this one is really important. Try to integrate some form of movement into your working from home days. Unless you’re ill of course, in which case you should be resting at home, not working from home. 10 Ways to Stay Sane When Working From Home. “Having these different environments available throughout the day not only helps me stay more focused, it also makes working from home more fun,” he says.

You don’t need a big house to achieve this. Berger lives with her fiance in a 400-square foot, two-room apartment. Working from home can create a sense of isolation due to the lack of socialization. Make time to stay connected with others, make dinner plans with friends over Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom with your favorite coworkers.

Take Breaks: Aim to take a 15-minute break every 75-90 minutes of work. Make sure that your break does not involve any screens. Live by your hourly calendar from waking up until night time.

Block exercise time, kid time, work hours and “do nothing” time. Within work hours, specify what you will accomplish. Before closing. 10 Ways To Stay Sane When You Work From Home.

May 30, 2019 by Andrea Leave a Comment. 50 {icon} {views} These days, more and more of us are working from home. And it’s such a miraculous thing to be able to do.

You can choose your working hours, choose your work, and take your career prospects into your own hands. It’s incredibly exciting. 10 Ways To Stay Sane While Working From Home With Kids. Read full article.

0. Rebecca Henninger. July 19, 2020, 6:00 AM. When I started this whole journey of self-employment, it was with my kids.

10 Ways To Stay Sane While Working From Home With Kids. 1. Accept failure. You will absolutely not get the things done that you planned.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.

2. Build an “Oh, Sh*t” block into your schedule. 3. Get up and move. 4. Exercise. 5. Get dressed and put on makeup. Set yourself small, achievable goals.

Do not try to do too much at once. Focus on one issue at a time, then reward yourself with a coffee break or hanging the washing out. Stick to your working hours, only focus on a task at a time and get it done. Outside of working time, be good to yourself and others.

We all complain how busy we are.

List of related literature:

On the other hand, working from home can be incredibly productive, as there is no work phone, students, and colleagues to walk into your office – you can be hiding away from the world and move your work forward.

“The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey” by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
from The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey
by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
Springer International Publishing, 2018

All of these built-in movement opportunities go away when you work from home.

“Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams” by Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, Mike Webber
from Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams
by Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, Mike Webber
Barrons Educational Series, 2020

Working from home also has its drawbacks.

“Day Trade Online” by Christopher A. Farrell
from Day Trade Online
by Christopher A. Farrell
Wiley, 2001

This easy-to-read source has excellent observations on working from home, especially for the first-time experience.

“Organizational Behavior: Integrating Individuals, Groups, and Organizations” by Joseph E. Champoux
from Organizational Behavior: Integrating Individuals, Groups, and Organizations
by Joseph E. Champoux
Taylor & Francis, 2016

By avoiding the overhead of an office, working from a place you enjoy, and chucking the rat race, working from home can indeed be great—and don’t forget that easy commute to the extra bedroom.

“The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business” by Steven D. Strauss
from The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business
by Steven D. Strauss
Wiley, 2009

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  • Great tips-I’m completely binge-watching your free content until I can afford to jump into Pat Flynn’s University of How to Succeed-loving it-thank you for all you do!!

    Small token of appreciation, this totally off topic and of course, unsolicited advice: @ 4:54: “I was very very grateful that she called me out on that…but we didn’t have kids yet…I definitely don’t want to behave like that when my kids are talking to me…” as if doing it to her is any less of a problem?

    You and she were a thing before the kids came along-keeping that relationship a priority-yes, even above the kids-will help ensure you two are a thing long after the kids are grown and gone. They are a PART of your relationship and life. Ideally, the two of you are a team for life (not just parents) and it’s every bit as important (I daresay quite a bit more so) to make that relationship a priority and keeping that in mind in order to help avoid kids driving a nearly-impossible-to-remove wedge between you two. Wishing you continued success-in ALL areas ;0)

  • You should work with The K1D on soundcloud, he just started making music but he’s got potential if he had help from someone like you

  • Us work at home music dudes and gals are lucky during this crazy pandemic relative to normal people who look more forward to going outside. I love the outdoors and going to stores to interact with other humans, and stop for a coffee and hang out in a coffee shop with my laptop or iPad. But I also look forward to spending time at home playing with gear and software and connecting a new gadget or midi thingy. Bloggers and youtubers are also less messed up and are actually part of a team of humans that help make this stay at home torture much easier. Thanks Mr RecordingRevolution for a higher quality home experience. You are responsible for challenging us to keep us learning new things and improving whatever musical thing we do.

  • Hi Erika I’m ready to wake up to this terrible nightmare. The number of death is getting higher in Italy it’s terrible. People cannot even go yo their parents or relative funerals it’s just brutal. �� Keep doing videos it helps a lot ❤Please can you give us a Playlist of the beautiful music you use for your videos they are so relaxing it would help me a lot thankyou ��

  • Erika you queen this is so helpful to me and has been helping me all week keep some form of a routine. In terms of your content just seeing what your doing in general to deal with this is very helpful xx

  • Hi Pat great video, I was working late again and listened to “Beware the Temptation to Work When You Shouldn’t” when It was 9PM already and my kids were about to go to bed. I stopped the video and hung out with the family. Great reminder, thank you.

  • I love you and all but your suggestions are what everyone is saying at this moment, and honestly (I come in peace) seeing your beautiful house with so many green and space and EVEN A POOL <3 I really envy you
    I live in an apartment in Italy and we can’t absolutely not even go “for a walk” because parks are closed and you need a certification to going out or you risk a fine ;-;
    I’m going insane doing hours on hours of uni lessons at the pc

  • That was so helpful for me. I work from home anyway, but I schedule meetings with designers and architects, and they’re all cancelling because they’re also working from home or their office is not accepting visitors. I have never used my diary efficiently and my time management skills are not great. I’m a Gemini easily distracted. I think scheduling the day even for minor things is a great idea. Stay well. ��

  • Hey graham, i know you post a lot of audio related content, but what about video related content? your videos look amazing and i would like to see your process of editing and recording your videos:)

  • Find people you can co-op with and do what you can Putin’s tactic is what could be going on too I’ve read notice the Dr. In Wuhan who was forced to NOT TELL the public? We assume it’s an accident or something was it? Read about how proud the Chinese were of this facility and others like it The doctor took it for granted that what he’d reported would be taken care of doctor talk stat and wasn’t He became alarmed when it wasn’t Do what you can for work Demand your jobs from who ever you can and be creative and safe

  • Thanks so much Erika for the work tips. I leave the tv unplugged until I want to watch something special. Best to you and your sister in the city. ����

  • Finding you spot has been great for me. It allows me to find a place where I can go crazy with post it notes, the white board, and all the other things that I am handling.

  • I’m a retired software developer. In the morning I create synth-wave and write reaper plugins. The perfect geek daw. The afternoon is piano and bass practice. Then the evening is watching you and Produce like a pro. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • All my paying gigs and recording sessions have been cancelled. So I started my band’s new album a week ago. More than half way completed already!

  • This has been a great resource. Especially the loneliness part. Working from home in an apartment I live in by myself when I’m used to being in an office with awesome coworkers.. Yeah. That loneliness hits hard.

  • I love how well balanced this video is. You come across up front as this really macho MMA announcer type and then all the sudden have all these really well though out, thoroughly researched health and productivity tips and tech advice. Loved all of it, the Yoga, breaks, scheduled time off, time outside, sit/stand, blue light reduction, watching water intake super well rounded and transformative stuff. I have been doing almost everything on your list and can testify that this stuff really works and makes a massive difference in your mental and physical health, happiness and productivity. From a life long WFH career guy, huge props and really well done. To everyone else: this stuff works guys try it!

  • Lot of good tips here!
    Also recommend getting a proper desk chair (or best you can afford). A foot rest may also seem a bit extravagant but they make a huge difference! A monitor stand will give you a lot more flexibility than most OEM stands so you can get them in a better position. Do yourself a favor and focus on your desk ergonomics.
    Have to partially disagree with the closed back headphones though. Closed back vs open back is really dependent on a number of factors, But I tend to find open back better sounding, but I’m willing to loose some bass for better sound stage. Tend to be way more comfortable when wearing for 8+ hours a day!
    If you’re in the office OR home and don’t need to drown out noise and don’t have someone a foot from you, the sound leak isn’t a huge deal AND it’s easier for someone to get your attention.

  • I’m struggling with separation of work with personal time. I am fortunate to have a room dedicated as an office/study, but normally this is my relaxing zone. I’m not working from here and all my work stuff is here and it’s difficult to have that physical separation. Is there any tips or tricks that people can recommend to help with going from work mode to personal mode in the same physical space

  • Hi Pat, I really enjoyed your working from home tips! I’m a physiotherapist/pilates instructor just started my own channel. If you would please check it out and support me it would mean a lot.

  • Thank you for providing the planners, they are really helpful. I’ve taken screenshots and will share them with colleagues tomorrow!

  • Thank you for sharing this information. The one I chose was #5 Taking breaks. As being a work-a-holic, I have to learn how to take breaks. I get caught up into my assignments and try to finish them in a timely fashion without taking a break (whether at home or at work). I am learning through this video.

  • As one already experienced two months working from home, here are my tips
    1. First, get changed out of your pajamas every morning. It’ll help get you in the right headspace for work and allow you to take video calls on the fly.
    2. Pick one or more dedicated workspaces, ideally with a decent chair that will support your back.
    3. But try to keep your bedroom as a sacred space for sleeping and relaxing where work is banned. It’ll help make the work-life divide a little clearer.
    4. Wake up more than five minutes before your workday starts. You need time to prepare for the day, both mentally and physically.
    5. Try wearing shoes, because let’s be real: You probably wouldn’t be chilling barefoot in an office.
    6. Sign out and turn off notifications for work-related email and instant messaging when the day is over — especially if you’re signed in on your personal devices.
    7. Overworking can be a real issue, so clearly define what hours you will be working and stick to it.
    8.Also, take frequent breaks so you don’t burn out. You’re probably not actually working 100% of the time when you’re in an office anyway.
    9.Be sure to socialize after work, even if it’s just a video call, to keep the loneliness at bay.
    10.Communicate to people you live with that you’re working, like if you have a video call with your coworkers and need everyone to be quiet.
    11. Use headphones and mute your microphone during conference calls (unless you’re speaking) to minimize the amount of audio feedback and times that random sounds interrupt the conversation. Make a conference call highly recommend this tool Dingtalk Lite

  • I came to the video looking for tips that’d help me get organized and motivated, because I have been struggling for the last few months. But I leave feeling like a friend has just given me good advice. Thank you for being so kind in your words!!

  • It seems so weird to use face wipes in the morning. They’re probably better than the average wipe, but we should still probably be avoiding using tugging products on our skin.

    On a positive note, your home is beautiful. And that coffee looks delish

  • Hi, I have started working at home the last couple months and I really needed this video. So big thanks for that! And where can I see your live streams?

  • Thank u so much Erika. I agree with every word. Take care. Stay strong as you always are (!!) and be safe. A “virtual hug” from Portugal. Keep up this good work.!! Stay healty guys. Be strong everyone! LOVE ***

  • Huge respect man. Over the past few months, I’ve been doing more and more computer work at work. And I’m alone here at the shop. And it is SO HARD to stay working. ( I should be working now ) and I just thought I was a lazy shit. I see I’m not alone at all. Thanks for this bud.

  • this is great, Graham. I’ve been self employed for over 25 years and have learned these things by trial and error. What you’ve summarized here is TRUE!! Thanks so much

  • I’ve got about $250 to spend on a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad. My main purpose is for gaming. Do you have any recommendations for that price range?

  • Your tips are great for people that need separation. Others, like me, enjoy the flow between private and work. I have an office, also my music studio. I get up 5 minutes before I need to start work, log in, check mail, then go down and drink coffee. Then I do what I need to at work, then maybe take an hour and do some home chores, then check back in at work. I am prof. enough that I can do my work fast when I need to. I have two screens, one for work and one for YouTube. So, you should recognise there are lots of people that don’t need to compartmentalise, but can switch between work and home seamlessly. Stay safe!

  • Really appreciate this, working IT from home isn’t great and rather be in the office. I found it better for myself to use another PC for work and leave my gaming PC off during that time.

  • The first tip of all is to wake up rejuvenated if you understand sleep cycles (and the importance of waking up in a lighter sleep cycle), you’ll already be more ready to start your day. In other words, just download the Sleep Cycle app!

  • Hey bud!! Haven’t seen one of your videos in a while�� Hope your doing well and keeping sane lol. Awesome to see you with a new vid. Much growth and success to you my guy! Take care buddy ��

  • The one I would add that I have to do some is if you are wanting to procrastinate, start small. It’s easier to talk yourself into doing something if you know you only have to do something that will take a few minutes. Then once you get in those few minutes, you can do anything you want, but chances are that you will want to keep going once you get the first few minutes in.

  • Hi i am looking for someone to help me and my husband with affiliate marketing. We do not know where and how to start. I hope you can help us.

  • very very helpful tips thank you for sharing this with us ♥
    I wonder how long or how many hours should I set this schedule (roughly)

  • I need that ScreenBar light! But can’t find it for sale anywhere in Europe that ships to me:( Only the smaller version. Thanks for pointing out it’s existence to me though!

  • Top tips:

    Comfortable headphones. Cannot stress enough how important this is. If like me you prefer in ear for long periods of time, or you simply cannot afford some decent headphones, I would HIGHLY recommend Comply ear tips. They are a godsend, super comfy and great noise isolation.

    A 6 button light mouse and a decent mouse mat. You don’t have to get a eSports ultralight mouse, just one that is light. Amazon have a “gaming” mouse from Teknet that I used for the longest time.

    Also things to consider, Spotify and Audible have web players. I would highly recommend listening to an audiobook or a podcast during the day. Despite what some may say, silence is not your friend. Chatter is a good thing. But, while at home why not listen to that book you’ve put off for so long.

    Now if money is not an issue there are two other things to consider. First an ultrawide monitor. No it is not just for gaming, my productivity on my ultrawide is considerably better than a traditional aspect ratio as I have more screen real estate to multitask and have larger windows of information which helps with mistakes. A good keyboard is also a godsend. I personally use blue switches, they are loud and obnoxious and not for everyone, but there is something for every typing style.

  • Another great tip is using apps that help with productivity. I discovered the elocance app while doing my EMBA (and balancing work) and used it to turn my case studies to audio so that I could listen while doing dishes, exercising etc.

  • As always, amazing video but… you mentioned healthy sleep and then at the end you say “stay up”…. so which is it??? lol Love your content.

  • Thanks very much my brother,for ur opinions,so wealth,I have been following ur tutorials,it helps so much to acceralates my talent in music production.again am so proud of you Graham,moreover,much love from East Africa Tanzania��������������

  • Honestly bro you deserve so many more subs. Your content is clean and your videos are some of the highest quality videos ive seen in the tech community

  • But blue light filtering glasses don’t do anything lol the biggest blue light contributor is the sun…… it’s just marketing….. blink more so your eyes don’t dry out from focusing on one thing for long periods of time

  • What a brilliant, brilliant video! Sound advice and really made me think about it differently. Thanks man, loving the channel greatly. Only discovered you 2 weeks ago and subbed right away. Keep it up man ��

  • Thank you sharing, it’s really helpful to me, under current situation I have been working at home and leading a small team remotely. These tips are so practical. Especially the tips No.1.

  • Such great tips! I’m definitely trying to stick to my normal work routine by getting setup and working at my home desk just as if I were arriving at the office �� thanks for sharing!

  • Thank for your advice. It will help to some degree but we have do realize that many people will lack the motivation to do it, will have stress or anxiety.

  • My favorite tech YT’er comments on a topic that’s extremely close to me right now. Brian, I’m so glad your channel has grown so much over time now. Brilliant work as always. Thanks brother.

  • I found that maintaining my morning routine has been the most beneficial. Learning that maintaining a schedule is also very important. Thank you for the time to put this together!

  • Hey Pat, you rock brother. Enjoyed this video. The segment that inspired me the most was simply the part where you talked about feeling reassured just knowing that someone is on the other end of a Webcast even though we can’t connect in person right now. Your weekly office hours have been that exact inspiration for me.

    I’ve worked from home since 2009. The two things that have most helped me are: (1) understanding the 8020 principle and using it to stay focused on the 20% of my work that generates 80% of results, and (2) A book called The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months
    by Brian P. Moran & Michael Lennington. (No affiliate relationship.)

  • Why do you like the DT 177x GO more then the FOSTEX TR-X00 Ebony? I was actually looking to get one of them but i don’t know which one to pick.

  • I just want to say that blue light glasses don’t really do anything. A lot of doctors have proven this. But everything else is wonderful!:D

  • Thanks for these timely tips, Graham (typed while working from home…:-/)!
    But you mention separation as your tip #1…does that mean one should work from home in mono? 😉

  • Thanks Erika, so true. I use my phone calendar to outline my day. I find it more useful to do this digitally than on paper. There’s definitely something to be said for keeping track of habits and ticking them off ��

  • Great video Josh, I work from home every day as does Jib. we utilize a lot of the same tricks. I also use a task board with postits, very much in the agile style from my tech days. I’ve used trello, but I’m just not a fan, i much prefer to use the board, something about actually moving the postit is nice.

    I also get stuck in that hermit mode. I’ve probably gone a week without leaving my place when I have not meetings or travel planed. I ended up having to delete my food delivery app to force myself to go out and get food at least once per day so I get out of the house.

  • Thank you for your sincerity. As a result, I’m gonna follow and reach out. I’m making preparations to work from home. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but didn’t have the guts to do it. With this current situation, it has put things in perspective to move forward. I’m still in the research faze. Tryin1 to find the thing or things that attract me. So far affiliate marketing stands out. I see the creative potential in it. And being able to express myself creatively is very important to me. I’m gonna dig around in some of your content but if you have anything I can abosord I would greatly appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Thanks mucho!

  • Is you and your boyfriend’s name actually Sei and Mei? Because that is so ironic how you guys met out of pure coincidence and are a perfect match and have similar names! You guys are really cute btw, also, thanks for this vid, I’m trying to be more productive during this quarantine ‘w’

  • Thank you Graham. Your messages ring true and hit home all the time. This is terrific advice for everyone, shut in with or without work. I’m very grateful for the time you take to help us in the Home Music Biz keep our hats on straight and do the right thing by our jobs, our music, and our creativity, regardless of work situation. You’ve covered it all. You also moved me last week when asking us to put in our comments ways that you can pray for us. I would ask you join me in praying for our brothers and sisters who are most at risk through this either with health concerns, job/finance concerns, or lack of musical outlets and performance opportunities. I pray all will have creative fires lit that stay bright to light the way for us all. Also, I want to ask you how we can pray for you. You aren’t as incredibly helpful as you are just by putting yourself there yes you have worked hard and sacrificed but how can we pray for your continued success in guiding us, and your continued ability to care for your family? Thank you again for all you do for this community.

  • lol… I’m using 58Xs… I do have my room so I’m not bothering others… but i do always have Netflix in the background…

    I started using earbuds. fk me lol

  • Thanks to your livestream with Brain @ BPS, I found my way over here. Subbed for sure. This video was more than helpful. Been finding it really hard to focus and I’ve been doing a couple of things you mentioned but I’m going to give the other things a try. Specifically that focusing technique, but I also really need to remove the distractions, like watching other people’s YT videos as background noise. Thanks for the tips.

  • I KNEW all of this… but having it aid, and put into print was a real slap-in-the-face wake-up call. I IGNORED all of this…maybe now I can “GIT-R-DONE” Thanks, much needed!

  • I’ve worked from home for 3 years now. It defiantly has its pro’s and con’s and I do miss the collaborating with Co workers. What keeps me sane is going for walks 1 or 2 times a day. I recently moved from a house in Vegas to small studio apartment in Southern California so getting out of my small place helps.

  • I don’t have a job, but I do have to do schoolwork from home, and I plan to apply these tips to my work, as I have been struggling to get anything done at all.

  • ►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process → http://RadioReadyGuide.com

  • Can you just start an ASMR channel? LOL. The raspy voice is actually calming while working from home. Thanks! PS. Love your tech videos. Will be looking at those mouse pads in your prior video.

  • Love this. Been working from home for a month plus now due to covid 19. Great tips and sometimes you just need to be hear this again and again and again.

    SPI Podcast 419 Best guests contributed podcast in a longgggg time. Highly recommend a listen. From one day to another It will make you tear up a bit.

  • #10, #7, & # 4 are biggest problems when working from home. I get less work done an spend too much time on things that “don’t move the needle!” Thanks for this video. I’m an architect still working in an office, but tried going into business on my own from home.

  • Sorry to burn your vibe but thats a macchiato not a late, you marked your drink with the matcha making it a macchiato. If you had put the matcha 1st you would of had a latte. Latte is coffe(your matcha) first and then milk. yes it actually tastes differently. Macchiatos have a more milky flavor even when you mix it and latte are more strong on the flavor concentration than the milk mixture.

  • I’ve got you all beat… 35 years working from home in some way, shape, or form — 24 years completely working from home. And I totally agree with everything that Pat says.

  • Why do you put on sunscreen if you’re inside? Like I don’t really have big windows and they’re always closed.. do I still need sunscreen?

  • Some of the best tips I’ve heard on YouTube. Love how genuine you are, and I just love your videos in general. Keep up the great work; you’ve gained a new sub that’s gonna be here for awhile.

  • Love these tips Erika. And love that you made PDFs. You’ve always had a great work ethic, loved that you made these. You should 100% make more! Stay safe x

  • Loved your advice! #9 Find your Spot, #5 Take Breaks(because that is hard for me to do. I tend to just want to go until I am finished no matter what) #1 Communicate as much as possible w/ people around you (because I push hard and sometimes that means I want to keep going without stopping to explain myself). Thanks!

  • Sadly I dont have a gazebo but we did some work on our balcony to make it a little more cosy, I might try some of these tips while working there

  • not to be a dick but most people are straight up unemployed. youtubers making money off of us watching them ‘work’ from home is so sad.

  • This has been such a helpful video! I really like the way you pitched a morning routineit can we hard with an infant because sleep is so precious but its REALLY HELPFUL!

  • Thank goodness you are keeping us entertained! If you can do some styling tips for mini capsules and accessories in expanding our wardrobes, planning for spring tips. I have to say I miss your come shopping with me videos been binging on these lol!

  • What if you work from home, but for a company, not yourself, and your schedule isn’t constant. With my job, we do software deployments in the early AM when the fewest number of customers are using our services. For example. I might work 8am-5pm Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday 3am 5am I have a software deployment. Then Thursday 4am 6am another deployment, and Friday back to 8am-5pm. After each deployment, I start work late and work the rest of my hours for the day I can’t establish a routine like that.

  • I’m front line staff as a care assistant I wish it was a dream. 2 long days ahead of me in work will miss my husband and children x

  • Amazing Part. There is not too much data out there about working from home with kids…looks like every productivity sabant doesn’t have kids.
    I’ve being working remotely as Engineer from 7 years but was after having kids (4 years and a little one 1 year) that the struggle really start.

    And now with the sanitary crisis is even worst.
    Wife work at home (teacher), kids are at home and I have to do my work too..
    I still working out to find some balance but what work for us til now is a calendar with blocks for each of us to accomplish our work. Is hard than every because some days I have to work really late but flexibility is key I think..
    The harder? Is not only about work and kids..there is a house to run, clean, sort, Cook, clean again, eash dishes, clean!!, kids, etc etc.
    Do you have any advice or experience about house management, kids and work from home?

  • You got an affiliate link for that Primate Posture strap? Not even kidding, would love to help you/the channel if I’m gonna snag one.

  • I have to admit I haven’t been doing too well the past couple of days. When you got emotional about the healthcare workers i could relate my brother and sister are both ICU nurses and ive been worried sick for them. But I want to do my best in this situation and it is such an amazing privilege for us who can be safe at home. I will do my best to make lemonade out of lemons and be productive given the circumstances. Thank you for your practical useful tips. Ty for the templates. I need to make a schedule to help make use of this time and keep from going crazy. i definitely need a bit of a break from the news. we are in this together from nurses to doctors to us at home doing our part to limit spread.

  • Have you tried using any software based blue light filters? If so, how do they compare to the blue light filter glasses? I’ve tried searching but all I found were biased opinions from glasses retailers lol

  • I’ve been working from home for 3 years in the software industry, I still learned a TON from this video. I’m really digging the even keeled approach of this channel.:)

  • Just got my g-wolves stardust edition and its all thanks to your vids, coming from a dethadder croma to the g-wolves was a game changer it relly improved my game and comfort so thank you for the great content

  • I’m mid age and just released my first ever video the other day for my instrumental song ‘Everest'(after the great mountain). Yes my recording space is literally 1 foot in front of my bed,when I mic my acoustic guitar,the mic is in front of my window facing me sitting on my bed and the bed squeaks so need to be very still LOL!

  • heya, thanks for the vid.
    but in the links section you’ve only linked the Philips Headphones can you also provide us with the LED strips?

  • luv the vids thanks for the content. can I ask you what is that keypad/clock thingy device you have, to the left right next to your keyboard?

  • Hi, Josh! My husband and I work from home as a proofreader and VA. I’ve been doing this three years full time and my husband just completed one year.

    It’s amazing to be able to choose where and who you get to work with! Congrats to you!

    Just a heads-up, though: Have you heard of the AB5 law in Cali? It’s a law that’s intended to fix worker misclassification but it’s causing hundreds of freelancers and independent contractors to lose their clients and income.

    The scary part is that Oregon is considering a similar law.

    As one freelancer to another, I just wanted to give you a heads-up. I’ve worked hard to build my business and keep my clients happy. I don’t want to lose that.

    Check out Freelancers Against AB5 on Facebook. They have a lot of info and personal stories on how this affected them.

    Awesome content as always!

  • badseed hope you’re going well! stay safe from the virus! just wanted to ask, what are your specs of your PC and will there be a video of a reveal of it?:)

  • how to work from home!
    step one: have the privilege of being able to “work” from home!

    step two: use expensive wasteful brands every day!

    step three: live at your parents! dont worry about being able to afford your bills UWU

  • 6:34 Highly recommend eliminating/limiting blue light as much possible later in the day. It’s 100% real and can mess with our circadian rhythm. For anyone who might not want to drop the money on the glasses if you go into display settings on Windows 10 there is an orange tint mode (similar to the one on iOS). Also, there is an app called f.lux for free which is an alternative

  • 1. morning routine
    2. beware of temptation that is not related to work
    3. eat well
    4. take a break
    5. schedule parts of the day
    6. communicate with people around me.

    this is the tips that i will try to follow.

    thanks a lot.

  • Excellent thoughts and structure Brian. So true about minding your mental health for your sake and those you interact with. There is no commute to help separate work and home life. They are in a face off the entire day. Cheers and thanks for the inspiration.

  • BRILLIANT! Going to be printing out some of these sheets to help me balance my life now. I don’t work from home, but I am a mom of 4 and trying to help my hubby work from home, so this is going to come in SO handy! Thank you for putting this together for us!:D

  • To add on to eating well, I would suggest even doing meal prep. When you’re at home, you don’t really think you need to prep meals because there’s food readily available to snack on. But it does save time, much more than making an individual meal every time you eat (or living off of peanuts and chips)!

  • This is a thoughtful and actionable video. Pat, because of YT rankings, don’t forget to say if you found this video helpful, don’t forget to hit the like button. It’s unfortunate how YT rankings things based on user interaction. I can understand it from their point of view. And I’ve always enjoyed that you help people first and the monetization comes organically later. But like SEO optimization, you need to encourage people (beyond simply commenting) to at least like the video.

    I hate saying the words because I hate the YouTube beggars who just plaster you with begs for subs & likes before you even watch the video. Because they know most viewers don’t complete a video so best to ask for a like before the viewer has even seen the video. I personally think that is a destructive metric YT has created that simple engagement whether positive or negative is actually the thing that helps rank the video. But with consistent release schedules and valuable content, you can turn the channel into something special.

    But I wouldn’t get too reliant on a single platform. Look what happened in March 2020 to all those people making 3% 8% off Amazon affiliates program. With no notice, Amazon changed their policy and blew up the business model of almost every affiliate. Because as a platform moved to a monopoly or duopoly status, even the best intention companies (remember Google’s “do no evil” moniker in the 1990s & 2000s? That was a belief by the founders who are now sidelined while the company is run by mega-business guys who have no belief in that. Suddenly in March 2020, Amazon dropped payout rates from 3-8% to 1-3% for affiliates which wiped out so many business models. People spent their whole career building on a platform which they don’t control. So you need to get users into your funnels if nothing more than to capture their email and avoid a platform policy change that could turn years of effort into something meaningless to the creator.

  • Could not focus on my masters work at all, and just found it difficult trying to set a routine back home in my rural Ireland village in comparison to the city where my college is, so this really helped! Thanks a million! Maith thú.

  • I’ll be starting to look for a telecommuting position soon. I like a few hours of work time alone, but 8 hours can be tough day after day. I’m not good at self motivation unless people are around me, but not more than a few hours, then they just suck my energy. It’s a challenge working alone, but brings a lot of personal growth with it.

  • Tired of seeing all of the “ThiS iSn’t ReLaTAbLE” comments. Can you guys not enjoy a video without having to wonder what her job is, why she buys expensive products, etc? Are y’all really that jealous that people have more money than you??

  • I agree, good video…in my case, a morning routine that in between other things include stretching exercises, meditation, short cardio session, and ends with a cold GOD FORSAKEN shower really helps me feel prepared for work. Another is to know when extending work hours and “going the extra mile” is really necessary and if not then just close the computer, add it to my work agenda for the next day (so that it is out of my mind ), and move on. Cheers!

  • Brian, I’ve been working about 75% from home over the past 10 years. No joke, I do almost all the same.
    Get in a schedule. Wear a posture-shoulder brace in the morning. I personally do a 10-15 working in the afternoon as well.
    Blue Light glasses. Keep the workspace clean. Try not to eat at the desk. I do 50min intervals of work, followed by a 10min break.
    Recently, I added two Dwarf Snake Plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) on my desk. That’s helped me stay more relaxed and focused while working.

  • Hey Pat!!

    I have been following you since 2014 when you had that other site design.

    I have been listening to your podcast. I just love them. You are my inspiration for building an online business for building a passive income empire.

    This work-from-home video was so helpful to me I can’t even tell.

    You said to communicate one tip that was helpful, I would say all 10 of them were super-helpful to me.

    Thank you so much for putting these videos out. Putting your podcasts out.

    You rock. Love you!!

  • What’s up Pat, I just wanted to thank you for these value bombs. I quit my graphic design day job just over a year ago and work from home. I suffer from migraines and ADD. How do u deal with working from home if u get sick or if u get super distracted? Long time SPI follower Nick, South Africa.

  • At the start, I thought she was in a local park and I was like “wait, thats not staying at home”. Only to find out that IS her home omg I feel so dumb ��

  • this is pretty cool! Thanks for the tip. I am a computer science researcher and have been working at home quite often but not as much as I do now, since necessity demands it. But how do we combat the “you-can-get-stuff-done” because you have access to the office all the time?

  • This was perfect! So detailed and helpful, even though I’m lucky enough to not work from home these are just great tips to help structure my every day. ❤

  • I can deeply resonate with what you said to Find your Spot. I was using my sister’s room as a home office while she’s in abroad. When the lock down happened in our area because of Covid-19, my cousin took refuge in our home and he used my sister’s room (my home office). During that time, I transferred to our dining area to do some work my productivity dropped. There were plenty of distractions as I can just go to our food storage immediately to get some snacks and eat, go to sala and watch Netflix, or be called up by my family to do something as I am always in their sight. When I had the room back as my cousin transferred to another room, I am becoming productive again.

  • Loved this video. Feel exactly how you do regarding those essential employees doctors nurses scientists groceries deliveries etc. they are our superheroes. Love n prayers to all ������

  • Thank you for the tips! Being close to a kitchen is definitely an advantage of working from home. I start my morning, rain or shine, with a walk. I sit down to the computer only after that. I’ve been working from home for about seven years, and I consider this part of my daily routine as probably the sanest.

  • I shared this video with my daughter who has to work remotely from home until the end of the semester. She works at Penn State University. This will be so helpful to her as she is single and you hit all the important points with your advice. Also want to say thinking of you because I know it’s hard with your family in Ireland and you in a hot spot. So glad you are working from home and thank you for remaining positive and giving us some routine to our days. xo Be well!

  • Not to sound rude. But using any kind of face wipes are bad for your skin as they cause wrinkles and damage your facial muscles because of how you can tug and pull your skin constantly when you use face wipes for the long term. They are also a waste of money and a gimmick. I do not care if they serum infused or have something special. If you want to use serums on your skin, please use actual serums and have a proper skin care routine. Don’t be lazy and use face wipes they are not the best for your skin. I also personally would not trust a skin care brand/company either if they promote face wipes too because they literally are scamming you for money.

    I understand that the video is sponsored but don’t be so low to promote such a useless product. I know your better than that Mei.

  • Excellent video!
    I travel around the country as a work camper but took 3 months off for vacation last year. I took that time learning and prepping my mind and body to become self reliant as well. I will be taking off eork for a month during April again this year and will definitely incorporate going outside amen!

    James & rescue kitty

  • Thank you for being a great person! ❤️ and thanks for continuing your content, it gives us something to look forward too! I unfortunately lost my job but we’re very blessed that my husband still has his and doesn’t need to go to work right now but he is still getting paid. My 3 girls are now homeschooling and we’re making it work. If we all are obedient and stay home we will make it through ❤️

  • Coming to the end of the first week of Corona Quarantine haven´t left my small 1 bed apt for seven days. I´m a school teacher so connecting regularly with my kids by video calls and reading their work is my morning…music in the afternoons!! The extra time working at home let me finish my second home studio EP a week ahead of schedule though, so that´s a bonus. It´s on my channel, would love to have some home studio community feedback!

  • Hey I’m a student, our schools were because of corona but because of the district, I’m in we don’t have reliable internet access so there aren’t any deadlines on the work we are assigned. I’m trying to hold myself accountable because the grades will still go on the fourth quarter. I like the tip about the morning routine cause that’s the one thing I dream about in school cause the first period starts at 7

  • Thank you for this, I’m a full time on air personality in several major markets plus online influencer for them. I’m also in the process of building my own brand. Just got my real estate license. Plus the biggest of all full time parent. I’m super creative with times of being on track and highly motivated to lacking time management and feeling alone in this journey hard to get my fam on track even after expressing the benefits. I know I need to improve, if you have a team would love to join. Thanks again for this ultimately it’s up to me to pull through. Thanks again, I wrote too much lol have a blessed one.

  • I’ve been working from home for almost 2 years now. The three things that keep me sane are GREAT coffee, podcasts and music. Working from home is the best thing that ever happened to me as I am now able to drive my pregnant wife to and from work. From time to time I also go out to work in a coworking space or coffee shop. Once you go freelance, you will never go corporate again. At least that’s true for me.

  • Thank you so much for this! I’ve let all my routines go during this quarantine and it’s been giving me anxiety and thus the cycle repeats. I just got out of bed and it’s fucking 5 PM. I’m going to start taking your tips NOW. Thanks ��

  • I have one question: How do you handle headphone and glasses? That’s sound kind stupid but after 2-3 hours of work it can be painful to wear all the kind of headphone you showed us with glasses.

  • What jobs can or services can you do for people, I really want to have my own set schedule but I do not know where to start. I am tired of working in a job I do not like

  • Dear Pat, Many thanks for your effort & time, very well explained. I’ve implemented all of them & I personally love the 10th Get onto Morning Routine, that sets you for the day! Cheers, Santosh.

  • Thanks for this! I need to find my spot. I’m moving later this week, so things are all over the place. Once I move and get settled, the dedicated space will be super helpful to my productivity. *insert prayer hands:)

  • Physically and mentally being with family THIS IS HUGE! And crazy hard for me… Im a full time potter working from home and with everyone here right now I keep finding myself trying to escape back to work for breaks. I am doing your courses, reading your books and taking action. You have been my entire reason for taking my business into action. Thanks for all you do Pat!

  • hey badseed you should review this keyboard I found on amazon called chonchow and I think you should review it. also I think it is a fake mechanical

  • Great video post! I have worked from home my whole career, but constantly need the focus to keep on schedule and focus on what is important at work and with family. So many things that can distract you news and social media are time sucks that can throw you off! The 2 big things are the morning routine and the face to face connection both so necessary! Thank you!

  • Hey Brian. Blazed through a lot of your videos this past week, researching and looking for advice as I get into audio. First comment but this is super important. Do you have an affiliate link for that posture brace. Cos I would love to support you through that along with the 58X link. Thanks for all the audio info btw. You are seriously awesome man. Keep up the good work. And the beard!! GOALS.

  • Love the shirt Pat! Also the video is looking SOOOO good. Have you made a video or will you plan on making a video on your setup? Lighting, sound etc…

  • Hey Erika, helpful video thank-you! Small request…any chance of making the daily trackers as a word document rather than pdf? Most of us don’t have printers so I’d love to edit on a desktop. Btw even when I save as a word doc it won’t format to let me type so if you could post an update version as a word document that would be super:)

  • Oh, I knew that morning routine and getting dressed is super important but I never realized that ‘end time’ is important!!! Literally light bulb moment! That was the reason why our family evening routine is always messed up because I am trying to fit in as much work as possible…. THANK YOU!!!