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ADD WEIGHT. To yield even more benefits from walking, you can add resistance by wearing a weighted vest or hand weights. Extra resistance means muscles need to work harder, so added weight can help increase strength and translate to quicker speed on the days you train without those added pounds.

10. Here, she shares ten tips to help you get the most out of your walking program. 1. Commit to what is reasonable for your level and not that of your neighbor or an inspiring person you see on TV or in a fitness ad.

Do strive to do something every day. 2. Add weight to your walksA good way to get more challenge from your walks is to simply carry a backpack with something in it.

It can even be some actual weights. Try adding 5, 10 or even 20 pounds to a backpack and walk with it on. I DON’T recommend using those wrist or ankle weights to add weight to your workout, however. Keep things interesting and avoid overuse injuries by switching up your walking techniques try adding in moves like side steps, high knee marches, even walking backwards (only in safe areas and very carefully, of course) to mix up your miles while you walk. Tips for learning how to walk again: 1) Use your core: I have only a vague notion of what my core is, but all this time I’ve just imagined that I’m an apple and I have to focus on my core, or I’m supposed to engage the trunk of my tree.

I make jokes about i. Always warm up by walking at a slow or normal walking pace for five minutes before picking up the tempo of your workout. Pay attention to your heart rate and breathing. Walk at a pace that challenges you and elevates your heart rate, but don’t overdo.

Before you start your walk it’s a good idea to practice some warm-up exercises for just a few minutes. Also, during the first two or three minutes of your walk, start at a slower pace, and then gradually pick up the speed, trying to maintain it for the rest of your walk. Enjoy the fresh air!7 Invigorate your social life.

Suggest a walking “date” with your partner, friends or family. Invite dinner guests to stroll around the block after a hearty meal. Instead of meeting someone for lunch, a drink or a movie, begin the occasion with a walk before you sit down together.

“An injury like that can derail your walking program no matter how great your walking shoes may be,” Leahy adds. Opt for a wedge or low hee. Pokemon Go has taken over the world (and maybe even made America great again).PCMag welcomes our cherub-cheeked electric mouse overlords.

Not even a global pandemic can slow down its momentum.

List of related literature:

3 Improving quality: walking should be an enjoyable environmental experience, with a good sense of safety.

“Social Determinants of Health” by Michael Marmot, Richard Wilkinson
from Social Determinants of Health
by Michael Marmot, Richard Wilkinson
OUP Oxford, 2005

Dr. Ploughman: What research shows us is that the best way to improve walking is to walk.

“Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery” by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
from Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery
by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
Hay House, 2017

Do not walk quickly at the beginning, but as you begin to take larger steps, increase your speed to a normal walking pace.

“K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement” by Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak
from K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for IPO Training through Positive Reinforcement
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Encourage personal choices in walking.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
from Mosby’s Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

Gait activities are also important and should include changing direction suddenly, walking backward, changing gait speed quickly in response to a command, walking under time pressure the distance required to cross a street with the light, and stepping up and down from a curb.

“Guccione's Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book” by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Guccione’s Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book
by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Advise the patient to walk slowly; obtain verbal clues from the walking companion, if present; and touch objects or borders with the tip of the cane to determine the boundaries of obstructions.

“Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
from Adult Health Nursing E-Book
by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Each of the three ways of walking has its own quality.

“The Ultimate Athlete” by George Leonard
from The Ultimate Athlete
by George Leonard
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Gait activities are also important and should include changing direction suddenly, walking slowly and very quickly in response to a command, walking the equivalent width of a street in time to cross with the light, and stepping up and down from a curb.

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook
by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
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As obvious as it sounds, the best way of improving the quality of walking is to walk.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
from Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
by Peter G Levine
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Second, create a walking program that is reasonable and keeps your walking fun.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

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  • Sir I am from India.. I searched walking videos on YouTube from 3 years, at last I found your channel… I can’t explain that you solved my life’s biggest problem about my wrong walking style.. Now I became james bond style walking…
    Todd sir God bless you… You are my hero… Thanks from my heart.
    You give me millions dollar information about correct walk in free.. thanks again.

  • A great talk! Spot on that a very high % of Australian marketing graduates are entering their careers focused on the 8% part of being a ‘marketer’ and not clear on (or excited by) the equal importance of research, strategy and tactics. How though do we develop the next generation of marketing leaders to excel in each of these aspects whilst the pipeline to senior, strategic marketing roles is often purely via tactics-based role? Is part of the problem that we have marketing leaders who have tactic’d their way to the top and, in finding they are under-prepared to deal with research & strategy, are happy to take on a tactic-focused role and keep ‘marketing’ in its box?

  • I use to read the quests back when I first started, stopped it… But, classic comes I’m gonna nerd out and read everything. This is gonna be my new life.

  • Great job! All good tips. One I like to have on is “Target of target.” Great for world PvP to see who is targeting what, good in PvE also to help manage mobs/aggro.

  • Whats the point of this. Eventually, we all shall die……even if anybody think i look bad or i dont walk properly or confidently,one day he will die and so i….after both of us die then nobody knows who we were and how we used to look or even exist

  • Point No One, loosen the button Mate!!
    Point No Two, don’t ever walk with your hands in your damn pockets!!
    Your pockets will be sewed closed the next time, if my Mom is around!

  • Also good idea to bind A and D to strafe, so you learn not to keyboard turn from the start (just holdt down right click to turn instead). That also frees up Q and E for important abilities

  • My legs are so long that I can travel from A-B without using a mode of transport.

    One advantage/or benefit of this is it saves money and doesn’t harm the environment.

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    Do you follow the rules on how to walk confidently?

    WATCH NEXT: How Should Men Sit? https://youtu.be/QRF2n5RRirQ

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ Join the RMRS Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals:)

  • Very helpful vid. Done a lot of hiking around Britain the past 10 years or so and pretty experienced at wildcamping, but only for a day or two and with a pack weight verging on the ridiculous at times. Mainly because of packing too many beers if I’m honest. Just getting into planning long distance multi-day walks and was looking at the coast to coast, in late summer, but I think it might be wise to do the SDW first to see if my legs can handle it. And to get my pack and myself dialed in to a long hike.
    Some great info here and very handy water point pdf, thanks for that.

  • They have to be used this way in this arc.. there is no other way to tell this arc, so it isn’t her, it’s the story (as on the comic)

  • that was brilliant Proffessor Ritson. People like you make us proud to be marketers and reminds us the importance of the marketing education. Cheers from a Strathclyde Marketing alumni from Greece

  • Sound in background is very important. If you need to alt tab for any reason, it will let you know when you land from a flight or even if you are under attack.

  • Really great video, for some clarification, i have never seen a man so charming with confidence and yet he walks while looking down most of the time as in the character name Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders

  • Blimey…. getting up at 4am??? I’m doing SDW in August. Planning to do it over 9 days as I’m an inexperienced hiker. I’m staying at campsites along the way as I’m not sure about wild camping and I’m doing it on my own. Love the tips. I also have the same jetboil gas water cooker. I’m in awe of you doing it in 3 days. I’m definitely not in your level. But I figure that’s okay!

  • I know about the fast walking, but I am 41 and need a hip replacement already, so walking fast isn’t a possibility and I have to wait a while before I can get surgery, any recommendations in the meantime?

  • When it comes to walking I’m the fastest human in the world.

    Maybe I should slow down as I’m to fast for normal human beings and makes me stand out as different.

  • Awesome and insightful, my wife and I are in the planning stages for a charity walk in aid for Martlets. Looking forward to walk. Thanks. Trev

  • I think it is obvious everyone will go to options, and to figure out what is what is not that hard since it is designed for everyone to use, it is not like supercomplex

  • I liked this video. A lot of the suggestions were helpful. Unfortunately, I do have a back problem that most people can’t tell by looking but it will keep me from speeding up. You win some, you lose some:/

  • Girls at my job make rude comments on how I walk, gonna practice. But if a girl doesn’t like a guy, they wouldn’t be talking about him. ����

  • I’m not going to use the instant quest text. I do like reading them. In retail WoW I have the instant quest on because I don’t even really care about the quests. But in Classic I’m totally going to read and pay attention to all the quest.

  • I agree with travel light but how does that tie in with carrying 3kg of water as that’s a massive extra weight? I’ve done some big hikes (400 miles, 350 miles) and never carried more than 1litre with an all up pack weight of 7kg plus food plus water.

  • Hello, I would also add name plates and display of name to this List, I also think there is a way to display health percentage which is very helpful:)

  • Man, I am guilty on many counts. But…have arthritis in feet and knees, plus walk like a goof with my feet pointed out. Trying to work on these, but as I sit here, I have pain level 6 in my left knee. So….will have to make up for it by being extraordinarily smart and savvy. Oops, I am in trouble….

  • Hello doctor, great stuff on gait. I am trying to understand, in the push off phase or pulling ahead as you say, would you pull the glutes in or push the glutes out, it feels like in pushing the glutes out,I am stressing the sacroiliac ligaments

  • 1. 0:32 Lightly Float Up The Head

    2. 1:18 Gaze Forward

    3. 2:02 Shoulders Back and Down

    4. 3:38 Move From Your Core

    5. 5:07 Be Aware of Your Arm Swing

    6. 7:44 Level the Pelvis

    7. 9:12 Feet Facing Forward

    8. 10:32 Don’t Push

    9. 12:32 Hover and Place Don’t Strike with Heel

    10. 14:37 Proper Footwear

  • Very insightful how Angela Kang moves the story.
    It is fear of the Walking Dead that ramps the intensity.
    So let the horror play in our mind, instead of action for the sake of action.
    Have you noticed the payoffs are coming quicker now?

  • Help me out with the whole ‘walking behind’ thing. I get it, but when I’m with my wife or family, I prefer to walk behind so I can see and account for everyone. I feel the same when walking my dog I prefer that he’s out ahead of me so I know what’s going on, rather than him being behind or beside me. That seems wiser and safer. At work or in other social situations, I can see the merit, but I’ve heard criticisms of the man who always walks in the back and that don’t seem fair. Who else thinks this way?

  • Hi Russell. I am a huge fan of your videoes and your perfect english pronounciation (nice for foreigners like me ��) I don’t think however, that your gearlist on your website is updated?�� Greetings

  • I’m actually surprised she is running the show so well because the episodes she wrote in the past were some of my least favorite. She seems way better suited to being a showrunner than a writer. Gimples the opposite. His writing as I recall was never too egregious, but as showrunner, he frustrated many people.

    I really don’t hate Gimple any more than Glen Mazzara as showrunner. Glen made a lot of bad choices. In fact, I may like Gimple a bit more. I also never thought Darabont was that great. He was the best up until Kang, but when people pretend there was a golden age of TWD, I scoff. The pilot was perfect, but a lot of season 1 seemed to waste the little time it had with the Vatos story that had no impact on the main plot, and a lot of things that felt more like LOST than TWD comic.

  • I think you missed one very important one. And that is strave right/left to bind to A and D. The turn function is a terrible idea and new players are better of just getting used to the strave option right away. What do you think about this?

  • Don’t you have any powder to sell for the week shoulder? omg this guy hungry and in hurry for money and of course full of bull crap. so now people gonna learn things out of their comfort zone….what they are not….for what? Again, you want 7 billion people to walk the same way with spread legs, hands never in the pocket because you might need your hands to fight off someone? what the hell really! Go away with your rehearsed n phony personality Mr fake Anthony.

  • Hiya mate, myself and 12 others are attempting to walk 180 miles in 5 days. We are doing this for charity and need someone who has expertise in this field. The walk is being covered by ITV and keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. We are looking for someone to come in vlog the trip and point us in the rite direction with kit, equipment, nutrition etc. The group is mostly military and ex military with a few civilians. We start on the 08/04/20. Let me know if you are interested mate.

  • It’s very helpful:) Quick question?! How could you charge your drone while wild camping? I want to go with my Mavic air too. but I’m not sure if i could charge a battery while camping. In my country (Korea), almost every cafe or pub let customers charge their phones(or some electronics) behind the bar. I think things are gonna be a little differently in UK. So should i make a reservation for a room at a hotel to charge my batteries? Thanks for sharing! I love your vids!

  • I practice walking like John Travolta playing Tony Manero carrying a can of paint in the movie, “Saturday Night Fever” with the song, “Staying Alive” playing in my earbuds. Lol ��

  • To be honest as I don’t know exactly how all quests go in classic I will probably read through the quest texts and won’t activate the instant quest box:O

  • This is great for someone who’s never played. But, I feel that not only is every streamer desperate to profit off of Classic’s return, but we’re at a point where you’re seeing so many “fluff” videos that (coughs @Esfand) some folks are literally just streaming what they’re thinking about that given day. lol.

  • 1.Walk while looking upwards and chin slightly upwards and don’t look down.
    2.Walk with feet a bit apart and pointing only a bit out not too much.
    3.Make eye contact not being aggressive.
    4. Put your chest out and shoulders back.
    5. Sway your shoulders while walking.
    6. Avoid putting hands in pocket.
    7.Avoid being tensed while walking.
    8.Don’t walk way too slow(not too fast as well)
    9.Avoid walking behind and walk at the side or lead a group if necessary.
    10.Avoid taking very small steps and take considerably long steps.


  • I get a giggle at all the snowflake straight guys who don’t know how to powder down there. Any other tips on how to be a toxic “masculine” male? Not sure about you being a former Marine, but in my 25 years in the USAF, we did not receive walking lessons. Marching, a little bit.

  • In my culture, walking while having a raised gaze is considered a sign of arrogance instead of confidence. What would you say is a better alternative to looking confident and not having my nose raised.

  • does anyone know if the controller add-on for current wow will be available on classic? I am disabled in my left hand and cannot use wasd but can use a controller in both hands and its how i play currernt wow. I know people might make fun of me playing with a controller but its the only way i can

  • This is a great list Quissy! I’m saving this video to rewatch on Classic launch day. I think I might try slow quest text if I start on a RP server, but it’ll probably only last a few levels before I’m back to instant text.:)

  • I got some top tips for street hiking cos I walked 28 miles in the streets
    1) pack money for something to eat and drink
    2) plan a route you know well and one that has benches because walking 28 miles in a day is a drag
    3)if your urban hiking bring a spare set of shoes and t shirt and socks… Bring music and pod casts because you will get bored with listening to the same soundtracks for 9 hours…
    Make sure you know where toilets are on your route and just enjoy your experience it is better on your own because others might go too fast or too slow if you listen to music they might think your ignoring them it’s just not worth the Hassel and pack a hat and sunscreen or winter coat if it’s cold

  • Yes I’m one of those who read the quest text. I even use an RP addon that really enhance this, its called “StoryLine”. But I’m also one of those who play on RP server and do my best to engulf myself in the fantasy setting both for myself and the players around me. I want to feel alive while gaming:) “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=350kUS3Z8m0

  • Played Vanilla WoW ages ago. Quit before the Pandas joined the fray. This was an excellent reminder of important key bindings and settings. Thanks. I join others here in recommending the strafe option since fleeing with your back turned can get you dazed and you can’t parry, dodge, or block attacks.

  • Yul Brenner had a very masculine and powerful of walking! He swaggered but it was not so exaggerated to look stupid. He was extremely sexually attractive! You guys should watch him in a few movies, and try to emulate him. Very awesome to women!

  • You can actually download the client and do the graphic settings already from the menu on the title screen. You don’t have access for keybindings and interface tho.

  • FACT = iam a man, so iam definitely not going to be videoing myself walking, so I can correct my walking LOL.
    Nice save with the how to keep my balls from burning directly after that suggestion.
    My wife doesn’t like it when I walk behind her, because she can’t see if iam starring at other women lol

  • I really don’t get fans of TWD who didn’t like this show the last few seasons. When Negan was teased fans of the comics went crazy. Negan arrives. The fans: This show sucks. Negan gets jailed. The fans: This show is great

  • Great video, Russell really informative. Considering doing something similar (maybe shorter) later this year. Bit cold at the moment so might head out for a short day trip and go back when it’s a bit warmer and I can wild camp. Look forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Do you have any favourite sections? I am, irrespective of tip 10 looking to do some of the SDW with 3 friends before one of our group heads off traveling. It may be that we do the full trip but time permitting if we were only to do 60 or so would you recommend a certain start point?

  • Nice vid on the basics. I have a request: how to stop being a keyboard turner. I’ve been playing since two weeks before BC launch and I’ve always been a keyboard turner. Please help Quissy, you’re my only hope!

  • Move your shoulders slightly back and forth
    Dont put your hands in your pockets
    Dont be so tense
    Walk fast
    Walk beside or in front of them but dont walk behind them
    Dont take small steps

  • OMG EVERY YOUTUBER HAS ONE OF THESE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… erm.. I mean.. Holy shit I didn’t know about the instant Quest Text option, you saved my life. Thanks for the video Quiss.

  • Best advice video for the SDW I have found -thank you I plan to do the SDW next year (2019) as part of my scheduled midlife crises then I plan to do the Coast 2 Cost most interesting for me is your suggestion on lightweight footwear I have been training wearing boots and my feet are in tatters after 15-20 miles! Am going to try all of your suggestions I already learned the hard way about traveling light my first training hike I packed everything second hike next to nothing! I do have a question how do you get over the ‘fear’ of wild camping? Thanks again and subscribed to your channel Mike

  • Scott gimple already used them against Negan when Rick attacked sanctuary, also when Simon attacked Hilltop + Carl died because of them. People are just trying to make Kang looks better because they hated Scott gimple. For s9, story needs walkers.

  • Rule no. 1 walk looking up
    After 0.001 sec you get a bumb on road and fall on ur face
    And loose your key
    *i mean Confidence

  • I will be using the non-instant quest text (for my main/first-replay). It’s been so long that I want to enjoy and absorb everything in the game. Even though I’ve done some pserv, some stress test, and it slows things down, I’m still going to try to read everything.

    Now, at the same time, I’ve only just decided that I’m going on a PvP server, and not PvE like I’d initially planned. I absolutely expect there will be times when I hate the non-instant. Trying to accept or turn in a quest before getting ganked, and being prevented by the text type out will be frustrating for sure…but still gonna try!

  • Antonio thanks for this, I survived a stroke at age 27 so I walk with a cane now (pretty cool huh?) and even 12 years removed I have to pay attention to my walking posture and gait almost at all times. I walk 3-5 miles everyday for exercise and as a part of my morning routine so I have tonnes of time to make micro-corrections. Over the last 12 years I think I’ve gotten to a point where my walking looks mostly normal albeit with a slight limp which the cane reduces a lot. Anyway, thanks for all of the content on your channel. You help guys A LOT more than you probably realize!

  • After everything our survivors have been through and the skills they would have had to acquire and develop I cannot imagine Walkers as a threat anymore… I like your take on it

  • The nicest thing I can say is her hair is less weird than Scott Gimple. Apart from that, TWD has been shat upon by the writers for SEASONS now. Garbage

  • At this point in our Survivor’s development it should be a ‘Herd’ that ‘frightens’ them not the onesies, twosies… it’s why the Online fandom was upset that both Carl & Ken died from just a few Walkers because that small number should no longer hold a ‘threat’ to anyone except those dummies who have been BEHIND WALLS for much of this time still don’t know how to defend themselves against the Show’s Main threatWALKERS!

  • Enjoyed that thanks Russ and feeling inspired. It’s not the South Downs Way (yet), but have started walking the Thames Path today as it’s my nearest National Trail. Just done 6 miles. Will do another section another day or weekend. Building up the ole legs which surprisingly feel a little stiff! The aim is to eventually make it to the source of the Thames in the Cotswolds which, according to my calculation, is 174 miles from where I am sitting! eek! Using a website which breaks it all down into chunks averaging about 10 miles a piece.

  • This focus on herds will slowly payoff with the next villain. I expect the next arc to be about a conflict between “animals” and humans.

  • The Walkers feel somewhat revitalized and…alive…almost like they are a threat again. Just the way certain Walkers acted in S9xE1 gave them more personality than they’ve had in years. It reminded me of Season 1 and Season 2. Back when Walkers felt threatening and actually terrified you by having inconsistencies that made them more dangerous. Whether it meant them running and not walking, or throwing bricks. ��

    EDIT: And early Season 6 as well with the No Way Out Walkers. That’s still my favorite episode in the series. ��