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Taking the time to make yourself a priority by being intentional in your approach to your nutrition, activity, and self-care can make a huge difference in your health and wellness.

How you feel every day starts with how well you care for yourself.

If you skip out on sleep, if you grab your food wherever you can – or skip meals because you don’t have time to eat, if you move your activity plans down your to-do list, and if you continue make your needs less of a priority – your health will suffer and you will feel, well, like crap.

The good news is you can change this. When you decide to make yourself the rockstar of your own life, we can help you build better sleep habits, plan to eat in a way that fuels your body and soul (or learn how to wing it better!), find activity that you enjoy and can re-charge you energy levels, and help you reclaim your space in a crazy, challenging world.

Life will never be perfect. Don’t jeopardize your health by waiting for the right time. The right time is now and we are skilled at finding ways for our clients to make progress towards better health in the middle of the craziness that is our lives.

Health Coaching

For those looking for a partner to provide support, education, and accountability as they work towards their health goals. You can expect your coach to listen first – to understand your lifestyle, your challenges, your successes, and your goals. Then work with your coach to set goals.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

For those looking for specific guidance to manage health conditions. Registered and Licensed Dietitians work in partnership with your physician for individualized treatment. There is a surcharge to cover the administrative costs of working with your physician.


Get More Information

Schedule a 10-minute free – absolutely no obligation – phone call to learn more. Please make your appointments through Schedulicity or contact us if you need an in-person appointment or have other questions or concerns.

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All health coaching is done over the phone. All first appointments for Medical Nutrition Therapy must be face-to-face in-person or via FaceTime (per Florida Law for Nutrition Licensing). There is a surcharge for travel if you would like to meet in-person in the Jacksonville / Ponte Vedra / St Augustine area.

If your needs are considered Health Coaching or Medical Nutrition Therapy will be determined before coaching begins and is subject to change based on direction of coaching calls. Coach will notify you prior to providing any Medical Nutrition Therapy so that you may decide how you wish to proceed.

Choose a Coaching Package

Get Started Package (1 month): Not sure where to begin or if coaching is going to work for you? Just have one thing that you want to focus on or improve? This package is perfect if you want to test the waters with our health coaching services.

Focused Goal Package (3 months): Ready to transform your health and not sure how or where to start? Have a new health concern that you want to learn how to better manage with nutrition and activity? This is the right package for you if you are ready to work with you on building a long-term flexible, approach and increase the chances that you can continue to be successful after your coaching is complete.

Lifestyle Change Package (6 months): All in? Ready to take some giant steps forward for your health? Have a medical condition and want to gain better control and see those lab values improve? Tired of following plan after plan and ending up where you started? Partner with a coach to dig deep into your habits and choices and make lasting changes and map out your long-term approach to health.

Get Started

1 Month Package

Focused Goal

3 Month Package

Lifestyle Change

6 Month Package

Initial Consultation X X X
Follow Up Sessions 1 3 6
Goal Setting X X X
Informational Resources X X X
Emails with Coach 2 per week 2 per week 2 per week
Choice of:

Virtual Kitchen Walk Through

Personal Grocery Store Tour (Locals)

One Online Course from LYH Plan

Choose 1 Choose 2

Initial Consultation: 45-50 minute initial consultation for us to review your history, explore real-life ideas to move you towards your desired changes, and set 1-3 goals.

Follow Up Sessions: 20-30 minute follow-up appointments to assess how your goals are working and make a plan to keep you moving forward.

Goal Setting: Get clear about where to focus your efforts and energy with specific, realistic, and flexible goals that you set based on your desired outcomes and a coaching conversation to enhance goal-setting activities.

Informational Resources: After each session, your coach will email you practical health information and resources to increase your ability to be successful.

Weekly Emails: If needed, you may also take advantage of 2 emails each week with your coach to ask questions or request additional support between your sessions.

Virtual Kitchen Walk-Through: 45-minute virtual kitchen walk-through (FaceTime or Skype) where we take a look at the food in your kitchen, review nutrition labels together, and discuss ways to swap out foods to fill your kitchen with nutrition-rich foods that you enjoy.

Personal Grocery Store Tour: (Local Clients Only): 60 minutes to walk the aisles of your preferred chain grocery story to get information, review labels, and find more-goal-appropriate substitutions where you make your food decisions.

Love Yourself Healthy Course: Choose any 1 course from our Love Yourself Healthy Plan. Choose from topics on nutrition, exercise, or handling the mental challenges of making lifestyle changes.

A La Carte

You may schedule additional Follow-Up Sessions to be used during any Package. Once any Package is completed, you may schedule additional Follow-Up Sessions or another Package (initial consultation appointment will be swapped for a follow-up session).

  • Additional 20-30 minute Follow-Up Session
  • Virtual Kitchen Walk-Through
  • Personal Grocery Store Tour
  • Online Your Healthy Life Group Course (13 courses will be available)


  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Travel Fee (to be determined based upon location)


There is a 25% discount for any members who are also enrolled in the Love Yourself Healthy Plan. Packages may only be purchased one at a time during the group.

Specialty Package – Go Gluten-Free

This 2-week specialty package is focused on giving you the tools, information, and strategies to eat a delicious, nutrition-rich, gluten-free diet.

  • Initial Consultation and 2 Follow Up Sessions
  • Learn to find hidden sources of gluten by investigating food packaging
  • Explore alternative gluten-free grains
  • Review food choices to ensure your are replacing nutrition commonly lost when following a gluten-free lifestyle
  • FREE copy of ebook: Celiac Disease: Real-Life Nutrition Strategies to Improve Symptoms & Heal Your Gut

Specialty Package – Meal Planning

This 2-3 week specialty package is right for you if your goal is to find a meal plan (or strategy) that works for you and your family.

  • Review health and nutrition goals, food and meal timing preferences, cooking skills, and food tracking or planning preferences
  • Build a basic meal plan with your coach
  • Find recipes that fit your meal plan guidelines & learn how to adjust recipes when needed
  • Learn to decipher food packaging to determine how foods fit into your goals
  • One follow-up session after implementing meal plan to assess progress, adjust plan, and ask questions

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