Health Coaching – New Motivation Coaching


For those looking for a partner to provide support, education, and accountability as they work towards their health goals. You can expect your coach to listen first – to understand your lifestyle, your challenges, your successes, and your goals. Then work with your coach to set goals.


For those looking for specific guidance to manage health conditions. Registered and Licensed Dietitians work in partnership with your physician for individualized treatment.


Use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to email a coach to schedule a 10-minute free – absolutely no obligation – phone call to learn more and find out if New Motivation Coaching’s Health Coaching or Medical Nutrition Therapy is a good fit for your goals!

You can meet with your coach in person if you are in the Jacksonville / Ponte Vedra / St Augustine area or you can work with your coach over the phone or via video chat through FaceTime. All first appointments for Medical Nutrition Therapy must be face-to-face in person or via FaceTime (per Florida Law for Nutrition Licensing).

First appointments tend to take 30-50 minutes and following appointments take 15-30 minutes. Coaching can be as quick as one appointment if you just need reliable information or on-going if you desire continued support and accountability.


Please use this form to contact us.