Love Yourself Healthy Online Group

This is our non-diet program for those ready to stop all the counting, tracking, and mental gymnastics around losing weight or improving their health.

Join us for 12-weeks to start your health transformation! You will take a focused look at your nutrition and activity, and start to overcome the mental obstacles of making lifestyle changes. You will learn strategies and tips to make real change and improve your health during the online group meetings which will move you towards your personal most healthful life – physically and emotionally! You will also get support via a private Facebook Group and with Live check-ins from your coach.

Why groups? Because research shows that people who join groups are more successful than individuals working alone!

By focusing on health, this plan provides the foundation and step-by-step plan to manage your weight and it works for everyone – if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight, this group gives you those tips, tools, and strategies because we focus on health first and weight follows!

See our FAQ page, check out our reviews page to see what our clients have to say, or use the form below to get on the wait list for the next in-person group meetings.

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Nutrition: Learn which lifestyle habits promote health and quality of life for the long-term, find out why relying on willpower will not get you where you want to go, and review ideas and simple small steps to set yourself up to crush your nutrition goals.

Week 2: Nutrition – Quality & Quantity: Explore the many reasons we may turn to food, how to start tuning into your body’s signals to figure out how much to eat, and a simple way to improve the nutrition quality of your meals.

Week 3: Meal Planning – Eating at Home: Put the first two courses together with a step-by-step strategy to plan and prepare meals at home and learn the importance of having a Plan B.

Week 4: Food Package Detective: Dive into the details about food and learn what those food packages are really telling you with the nutrition facts panel and ingredients list; find out which nutrients to focus on to reach your health goals. Feel free to bring food packages from home to explore the foods you eat!

Week 5: Month One Reflections & Food Choices: You’ve learned a lot and have been focused on making changes for one month so it’s time to take a welcome pause to reflect – you will consider how your nutrition has changed and gather your personal “lessons learned” as we transition into exercise next week.

Week 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Exercise: Learn the many benefits of regular, enjoyable activity and cover the different components of a well-rounded exercise routine. You will determine if you should speak to a physician before becoming more active and learn how to get started on building your foundation for activity.

Week 7: Handling Challenges – The Mental Obstacle Course. Learn about the Stages of Change and Decisional Balance as tools to help you focus on realistic strategies and becoming more gentle with yourself as your motivation levels, life, and situations change.

Week 8: Cooking Tips & Recipe Modifications. Ready to up your kitchen game? You will learn about food and recipe math, making recipe substitutions, different cooking methods, choosing the right oils for cooking, and ensuring food safety.

Week 9: Principles of Cardio & Strength Training. Ready to up your exercise game? Learn about frequency, time, duration, intensity, FIT, FIRST, RPE, LISS, HIIT, DOMS, and the American Heart Association guidelines for exercise.

Week 10: Strategies for Dining Out. Investigate the many tools you have to enjoy a decadent restaurant meal and stay focused on your long-term health goals. Information on healthier choices by cuisine is included.

Week 11: Handling Challenges – Make Peace with Yourself. Investigate what you believe about yourself and your ability to be successful by exploring some Cognitive Distortions many people have about how they fit (or don’t fit!) into a healthful lifestyle, then learn 3 steps to challenge those faulty thoughts.

Week 12: Make Your Plan for Parties & Holidays. Learn to navigate social occasions successfully while keeping your health a priority with these 10 Smart Tips.

Week 13: The Remaining Pieces – Sleep, Stress, & Self-Care. Now that you’ve got a solid start with nutrition and activity to promote a healthy, happy life, explore how some other lifestyle habits can contribute to – or take away from – your health and happiness for the long-term

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