Love Yourself Healthy Plan

Are you tired of trying diet after diet and losing weight that always comes back (plus more!)?

Do you find that none of the meal plans or exercise routines are realistic for you to follow?

Are you ready to stop blaming yourself and lay that blame where it belongs – on the shoulders of the billion dollar diet industry with it’s uncredentialled celebrity spokespeople and false claims?

The plan gives you the structure and guidance to reach your health and weight goals and learn to love yourself healthy.

Tevy D says:
What I learned… was how to change my, not eating, but living for a better life. There’s no such thing as an easy fix with weight loss. The pills, the diet, they all come back but this is something that you learn that you carry for the rest of your life to not only lose weight but live a better and happier life.

This plan gives you a step-by-step plan to manage your weight and it works for everyone – if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight.

Focusing on your weight will not get you where you want to go. When you shift your focus to what is going on inside your head first and your health second, the weight will follow.

No more hating yourself with restrictive meal plans, having to avoid foods you love to eat, and exercise torture sessions.

THIS PLAN changes everything!

In 4 months, I can reset your mindset and show you how to lose weight, improve your health, and feel better in a way that will fit into your hectic – and unique – life and without a set diet or exercise plan!

Tracy W says:
“I have a very busy lifestyle that requires a lot of plan B’s and a lot of flexibility.
Alexia opened my eyes to the fact that there are tools that you can have that when life gets crazy you can still make good choices. She also taught me not to get down on myself when you do kind of fall off the wagon for a day or two. That it’s okay, it’s normal, and you just pick right back up and a lot of times you don’t lose any groundwork at all.
It was great to not have the standard nutrition jargon all the time. I liked trying a different approach and modifying or adjusting what I do instead of completely changing and being so strict.”

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