“Your Healthy Life” Group – New Motivation Coaching

Why groups? Because research shows that people who join groups are more successful than individuals working alone!

Join us for a 12-week group support class with topics on nutrition, activity, and overcoming the mental obstacles of making lifestyle changes. You will learn strategies and tips to make real change and improve your health during the group classes which will move you towards your personal most healthful life – physically and emotionally!

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Nutrition

Week 2: Nutrition – Quality & Quantity

Week 3: Meal Planning – Eating at Home

Week 4: Setting Yourself Up for Success with Exercise

Week 5: Month One Reflections & Food Choices

Week 6: Strategies for Dining Out

Week 7: Food Package Detective

Week 8: Principles of Cardio & Strength Training

Week 9: Handling Challenges – The Mental Obstacle Course

Week 10: Make Your Plan for Parties & Holidays

Week 11: Cooking Tips & Recipe Modifications

Week 12: Handling Challenges – Make Peace with Yourself

Week 13: The Remaining Pieces – Sleep, Stress, & Self-Care

We know that many of you want to lose weight. We get it. In our culture, the pressure to look a certain way is hard to avoid. We are often asked if this is a “weight loss” group. No, it is not. It is a health improvement group. You may find that focusing on small changes to food and activity over 12 weeks will result in weight loss or it may not. What is more important is that our group clients FEEL better and have reported they see blood sugar, blood pressure, and sleep improve. These changes continue after the groups have stopped! Check out our reviews page to see what our clients have to say!

For more information on the group, please see our FAQ page.

After completing a group, continue with individual health coaching, workshops and grocery store tours, or look for on-going group meetings coming soon!


Please use this form to contact us.

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