Grocery Store Tours

About Tours

Grocery Store Tours let you meet your nutrition coach at the grocery store. This is the best place to talk nutrition because this is where you make your food decisions. You will walk the aisles with your coach/nutritionist where you have a chance to ask questions, review multiple foods, and walk away knowing exactly which foods fit your health goals the best.

Most tours will have an advertised topic. Personalized tours available.

For local clients only. Minimum 3 participants. $25 per person.

Scheduled Tours Available

Grab-and-Go Grocery Store Meals

April 4 from 7-8pm OR April 13 from 10-11am

I’m tired. I’m hungry. And I have no idea what to make for dinner.

Sound familiar?

Then, join an interactive grocery store tour and walk the store – where you make most of your food decisions – with a nutritionist by your side.

You will learn strategies to walk in and out of the grocery store as quickly as you can go through the drive-through and bring home a healthy – and delicious – meal.

Every one of these Grab-and-Go Tours is different because once we review the strategies, you get to practice putting together your own grab-and-go meals!

And there is swag! All participants receiven an insulated grocery bag, grocery list and pen, a Kind bar, and coupons for Dannon yogurt and Kind bars.


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