Grocery Store Tours

About Tours

Grocery Store Tours let you meet your nutrition coach at the grocery store. This is the best place to talk nutrition because this is where you make your food decisions. You will walk the aisles with your coach/nutritionist where you have a chance to ask questions, review multiple foods, and walk away knowing exactly which foods fit your health goals the best.

Scheduled tours have an advertised topic that is general in nature. Examples include Grab-&-Go Grocery Store Meals or Heart Healthy Proteins. These are not personalized tours, but each one is unique! We cover different foods and store sections based on your questions and concerns – as long as they are related to the tour topic! While we aim to answer all your questions, there may not be time based on other participant’s questions.

If a general tour you are interested in is not currently scheduled, you may gather a group and schedule a tour. Group tours can accommodate 3 – 6 participants. $25 per person for a 45-minute tour.

Personalized tours focused on your specific health and nutrition concerns are available. This is similar to a nutrition counseling session with your dietitian coach but we get hands-on in the store. These do not have a set topic or format. They are designed to be flexible to be sure to address your questions and food concerns. $50 for a 45-minute tour.

For local clients only.

Scheduled Tours Available

None are scheduled at this time.

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