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Getting ready for a zombie apocalypse HIIT Treadmill Training

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

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Minecraft, But It’s a Zombie Apocalypse

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MAD MAX Workout: Zombie Survival Apocalypse тренировки

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Zombie Apocalypse Training: Ready for Anything

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Zombie Apocalypse Workout

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Interval One: You see zombies in the distance and then one with a missing eyeball pops out in front of you. Two-minute jog. Speed: 5.0-5.5. Incline: 4%. One-minute sprint. Speed: 6.0+ Incline 0%. Interval Two: You’ve turned a corner and the zombies are out of sight for now.

Take a quick break before there are three following behind you at a brisk walk. Zombie apocalypse training is a great way to train more like an athlete or a warrior. The Interference Principle and Zombie Apocalypse Training.

So, what is the best kind of training to do in order to be ready for anything taking the zombie or alien apocalypse as our example (I think aliens are cooler, but I thought that zombie apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse Interval Training. Fitness. 2015-10-30 | By: Snap Fitness Don’t let Halloween pass you by without a little training for the upcoming zombie apocalypse! We highly suggest this speed work before digging into any sweet treats the holiday might bring. The workouts using the Chopper are HIIT—High-Intensity Interval Training—style, meaning that they consist of several different movements that really get your heart pumping.

The workouts last for about 20 minutes and can be done pretty much anywhere. A custom app leads you through the workouts, providing videos, guides, and tracking. With Halloween around the corner, this 4 week plan will consist of a combination of HIIT drills and strength workouts to get you ready to knock out any Zombies that get in your way. Workouts include cardio and agility training. Plus, strength workouts incorporating bodyweight, dumbbell.

Lifesaver Lunges. Typically squats would be the first weighed exercise I recommend to clients or friends but this is an exception. Lunges, while they don’t exactly mimic running, do an amazing job of incorporating hamstrings, glutes, and adductors in a way that can benefit a zombie survivor. ZAT Zombie Apocalypse Training: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and Not Freak Out by Richard Flentge. 138 pages The book takes a realistic approach to apocalyptic events occurring over the last 20 years, focusing on evidence-based connections between biblical text and current events.

ZAT covers a wide range of conspiracy theory subject. Zombie Apocalypse Training 13 that all humans make mistakes and to get along you will have to forgive one another. The modern voodoo magic is now contained through recorded television data.

Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? As it turns out what first began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. Get Started with 5K Training!

I tried Zombies Run for the first time today, & I actually stayed moving for the whole 30 minutes instead of giving up 15 min into the.

List of related literature:

Outdoor survival camps and fitness programs frequently use zombie apocalypse as their chosen terrain.

“Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis” by John Vervaeke, Christopher Mastropietro, Filip Miscevic
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In a decade of zombies or “infected” whose hallmark is speed and agility, the fluid grace of these parkour zombies is a natural development.

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“Interval training” may be all the rage today, but it’s been documented for decades.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
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Discontinuous training: I This type of training, also known as interval training, involves the use of repeated high-intensity exercise bouts that are interspersed with rest intervals.

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It’s called sprint interval training.

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Random assignment to a total-body resistance training program with rest intervals based either on individual heart rate (55 seconds) or a fixed 120second rest interval.

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Some instructors use a progressive model of interval training.

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The zombies themselves are one massive obstacle course of shifting dangers.

“Horror Video Games: Essays on the Fusion of Fear and Play” by Bernard Perron
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Exercise E.46: Simulate human-zombie interaction Suppose the human population is attacked by zombies.

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  • I find making my training tailor made for the fulfillment of my seemingly insane, fantasized desires has worked best for me. Of course I will always do whatever it takes to be prepared because I hate the feeling of being unprepared!

  • Running is for flat chested men and women. Any girl out there with cup D and more knows how impossible it is to run when you have big breasts and not have them escape the bra. But I must say these videos of your make me want to start power walking again. Live long and prosper and thanks for the advice.

  • WAIT!!!! I got to 0:40 sec.. this only a HYPOTHETICAL zombie apocalypse…. what do you have search in YouTube and google to get real zombie apocalypse preparedness.. honestly I give up.

  • I really liked this workout it will be great since I just joined my middle schools wrestling team and plan on playing football in eighth grade next year

  • I would get in trouble in my gym for not putting the safety clips on the barbell. Lol. Nice job! Everybody needs to get in better shape. You gave me some extra ideas to try in the morning. Thanks!

  • for skill days has practising doing magic tricks ever come up and any potential benefits to over all performance come up. Magic tricks are studied by some psychologists for various reasons as I have heard.

  • Dream and George: Wins in zombie apocalypse in Minecraft
    Me in that game: Dies at the second where the zombie spawns
    Dream and George: Bruh-


  • JOE ROGAN!!! btw subscribed love the content.Was incarcerated 8 of the last ten years nonconsecutive, this is exactly the stuff I wouldve loved to get mt hands on inside. Alot of convicts ignore the cerebral side of physical fitness and the weight pits are bastions of bro science. Much respect from Boston MASS

  • Question: what style of music is that first piece that plays in the video? I ask as that’s the kind of style I’m looking for to use for exercise music and don’t know what term to use for search.

  • Definitely will be running with the parkour guy. The bodybuilder will get eaten for sure. All that muscle and shit stamina to run 12 feet ��

  • Plenty of free runners know some martial arts so choosing parkour might come with a bonus depending on the person. I know both so myself is an example

  • Omg, more of you shirtless please. You could be speaking swaheelee and pointing at the sky and Is still be glued to the screen. Woof

  • If you want to learn to shoot but cannot have a firearm, then training with crossbows, pellet guns or even airsoft can help a lot. Or get historical firearms because they’re often legal even in countries that aren’t the US

  • Interference principle is the biggest issue with cross training in martial Arts. It’s important to think it through. Mixing from kung fu to hard style karate might not be the best idea due to it for example. But mixing karate and Judo on the other hand has less of an interference

    Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Hey bioneer thanks for your incredible videos.
    There is a movie I want to highly recommend you called District B-13 and you would absolutely adore if you haven’t seen it already!

  • CP,

    Thanks very much, my muscles are aching like they havent in a long time.

    After watching this video a few days ago I was reminded of how fit I used to be before a visit to hospital in 2012. I had been in the Army and fitter than your average bear up until that point. Since then I have been……..sedentary.

    Your video reminded me of the necessity of a baseline level of fitness for, well, life. I am now a stay home dad with three kids and a better level of fitness will help me to stay young and better interact with them.

    So a sincere thank you for helping to motivate me.

    Kind regards,


  • Hey there, have you seen Max Muscle Method? (look for it on google) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Max Muscle Method, you will discover how to build strength fast.

  • Pretty much Batman’s and Bruce Lee’s training programs, and you’d be ready for an apocalypse. For a demonic invasion, I’d advise playing a game called Doom, and some weapons training would come in handy haha

  • With a bare fist, it might be best to throw a quick hook. The old boxers would break their hand if they threw a full punch. Gloves let us be more brutal.

  • Hey CP, here’s the video I did partly inspired by your video (the one I asked about using clips of your video in). https://youtu.be/9xrt6ob6N1M
    I hope you feel okay with it. I totally agree with your message in your workout video (and probably all of your videos), but I wanted to add this thought as an additional layer for the average joe-prepper. Again, thanks for the permission to use clips from your video. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Hey CP, what is the mask you are wearing at:47? Harbor freight here sells a mask VERY similar that is a charcoal filter mask, but it’s BLUE, like replying to comment blue. If that is the same but camo I would love to know where you got it from.

  • If you’re going to own a firearm, TRAIN with it. That means a tactical range where you learn to shoot on the move and engage at multiple angles, not benchrest at a static range.

  • Hey man, good vid. I’m glad to see that we agree with our workout routines. I’ve basically been doing variations of all these exercises for the past 4 years in different combinations. I’m not quite sure why you included muscle ups, though. That’s a pretty advanced move and is basically a combination of pull ups and dips with an added complication of internal rotation. Yeah, its a good movement pattern to master but what’s the purpose of this video? Advanced athletes or weekend warriors to give them direction?

    Shrugs seem kind of a wasted exercise cus deadlifts do so much for your traps, as well as overhead press. I think the farmers walks should be placed in the top ten, too, since they do wonders for grip endurance and core stability.

    Good job including the weighted vests! That’s on my list of things to buy soon. What’s your opinion on those alpine masks that reduce the oxygen in each breath (i think). Supposedly they train your system to handle training with less oxygen, which might be good for prepping situations. Have you ever tried one?

    Thanks for the putting all the effort into the vid

  • I have no idea why people get surprised when I say a historian. I’d pick thwm so they can teach others knowledge on how to grow crops, manage animals, etc. Of course I’d have to pick some other people to help make the stuff but a historian seems important

  • as someone who used to work at a gym, thank you for racking your weights! at our college gym i can’t tell you how many times, at the end of the night, it was just a bunch of us tiny girls having to put away heavy weight that the huge guys would leave out! XD

  • I can’t stand the gym and don’t go. There’s nothing stopping you from working out at home except yourself. I just woke up and did squats with weights I picked up for cheap. Most people don’t seem to realize that just 30 minutes a day of weight lifting could entirely change their bodies.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a good choice based not so much on his physique (although he was very strong and fit) but on who he is: a planner. Whatever his flaws might be, Schwarzenegger planned things out, and that rational approach to problem solving is crucial in the zombie apocalypse.

  • Started going back to the gym after spending the summer tending the yard/garden. Not good. Lost a lot of mass and stamina (as in 1/2 km on the rower):(! Maybe start walking the doggo again, too. With BOB, even (her, too). S**T thing is, I’m >60 yo, so it goes quickly!

  • Calisthenics training is one of the most overlooked training method when it comes to a situation like this yes you may be good at free running but once you jump on to the ledge of a building just simply knowing how to do a pull up or a muscle up to get over that ledge can decide whether you live or die in a matter of seconds

  • In my opinion the most important lifts for survivalists are big compound movements that mimic everyday patterns. Deadlifting, squatting, pull-ups, and overhead presses, especially push presses.

  • +Canadian Prepper Loved the video bro. Think about doing one with strictly grid down workouts and materials outside of a gym. The few outdoor scenes you had was an amazing start.

  • I’d duct tape magazines to my arms and legs like WWZ, put on boots jeans and a hoodie, and run with decent sized pistol and a hatchet. And do my best to avoid people. I’d only try to stick with my immediate family.

  • Everyone in a zombie apocalypse:
    Dream-leader of the group, somehow survives any and everything
    George-Scout, looks after everyone’s health
    Sapnap-Fighter, one of 3 OP people in the group
    Skeppy-the chaotic one, killing sprees all day, not really trusted with a gun
    Bbh-he shoots and throw knives. Yes I know this muffin could fit the killing of the zombies role very well
    A6d-will have absolutely no problem betraying everyone, also op but no one really knows that, stays behind a lot

    Georgenailed bat
    Skeppy-butcher knives
    Bbh-shotgun, kitchen knives
    A6d-bow and arrow, bat

  • I don’t see why there is so much confusion in regards to figuring out what he’s saying in this video. He’s simply saying stay fit and move more daily that way your body and mind have a slight advantage on the situation at hand. Rather than being unfit and worried…. That’s it lol why are you theorizing bench presses and jogging so damn much lol get out there and do something. All that gear isn’t going to carry itself for a possible few miles! Lol

  • Fitness is the one major thing so many preppers don’t do because it takes effort and isn’t a ‘cool’ as buying tactical crap on the internet.

  • Very good video, cuts through a lot of nonsense promoted by the fitness industry, sure way to get fit if you follow through.
    However, as a matter of personal preference, I hate using machines and dumbells, so my workouts are designed with a mixture of weighted calisthenics and barbells.
    As nothing is perfect,my only criticism, which doesn’t even has much to do with the actual content of the video itself, would be Canadian prepper’s form when running, very odd, stifle, fashion. I think that if he work a little bit on that he would probably improve his time in 25%. Otherwise, very exemplary form on the exercises, very solid well-rounded physique and very smart workout.

  • Just for the way a human’s body works, if your brain is infected, you can’t hear. Or feel pain. Or walk fast, or have a physical limit…

  • Farmers carry is my single most go to work out. But mostly because I have to carry water to feed my animals xD LOL living in the sticks def has its perks

  • Wow! As a 53 year old woman with EDS I could never do this but, I really can see I need to fit up a bit, give up smoking again and quit the booze. I’m ready for SHTF in many ways though. Xxx

  • Fun fact: Bruce Lee was so focused in his Martial Art that he never learned how to swim nor how to ride a bike…Cool Channel, I’m subscribed. ����

  • Sweet video, You should do front squats and barbell hip thrusts as they are really good for building jumping and sprinting power, I wish more gyms had strongman equipment too. Do you know of any vegan MRE’s by any chance?

  • Tabbes: okay so this is how we gonna survive
    Me, who’s played every Resident Evil, both TLOUs, and DOOM (doom technically counts as a zombie game):
    loads shotgun say no more fam

  • If there was an apocalypse I would go and take the seeds out of the fuits and vegetables so I can regrow them in a safe place with soil.��

  • excellent stuff, well presented and a good work out. I much prefer the follow along videos to the ones with a demonstration which say “and then do three sets of 15 of that” or whatever. This kind is much better.

  • good work! you have inspired me! I saw a fitness vid you did just over a year ago and I have made very positive changes in my life. I still have a long way to go, but… it’s been a year!:)

  • Loaded Endurance – Train to ruck and run far and fast.
    Functional Strength – Train to be efficient at lifting equipment & gear of odd shapes and sizes, and be able to drag and fire carry people.
    Tactical Mobility – Train to be able to easily over and through urban, uneven, and rugged terrain.
    Grip Strength – Train to carry gear in your hands, climb ropes, building and boulders, grab things and be capable at grappling with people.
    Water Skills – You’ll need to retrieve water, cross large bodies of water or escape non-swimmer type zombies, so train your rescue swimming just in case.

  • Awesome and motivating. My lift is great but admittedly have let the cardio slack. Thanks for the reminder to get on it. Great job!

  • Your videos, especially about health and fitness, are a huge inspiration.

    I live in Beijing, China, and the intense pollution makes it really hard to exercise. Exercising outside always causes me to hack up thick, tar black phlegm at the end of the day, and exercising at the gym can be a risky proposition with poorly maintained equipment, and it’s ridiculously expensive to join a decent gym. I’m in the worst health and the worst shape of my life.

    I’ve been doing what I can to eat healthfully and get what exercise I can, hiding away in my concrete coffin of an apartment. But it’s a losing battle.

    My health has declined to such a degree that I’m abandoning China, and returning home to the US after 10 years here.

    Your videos on healthful preparedness give me a lot of motivation to try to find new and creative ways to exercise at home, despite having a lot of limits.

  • Hey, Canadian Pepper! Awesome montage. I’m into fitness and just recently started getting into emergency preparedness. What’s your average caloric intake and body fat percentage? And how do you plan to maintain your caloric intake and muscle post-collapse/SHTF? I’d like to emulate your training.

  • Ok, going to be honest here, i skipped this video because i figured it just be some ‘gym stuff’ explained, combined with some power talk, i’m not always into that kind of stuff. Then i had logged out and ended up on your mainpage, where the vid started playing… So then i just had to log on and tell you I rather liked the vid, not so much for the gym stuff, but mostly for the comparable stuff you could do instead out doors… I get why maybe you didn’t have footage for all the exercises, but maybe for a similar video in the future you should, like just watching made me realize that one handed sawing would be equivalent to one handed dumblebell pulls (or something like that)… but also the other things seemed much more interesting to combine with out door activities, see i tried doing the gym thing during university, but i got bored way to quickly, it just wasn’t the environment for me, but it never really daunted on me that i could just go out and do the same thing… not saying i will do so right away, but this did make it look a lot more appealing than the though of dragging my lazy ass to the boring gym… so tnx for that from a possible future me…

    (ps. also nice editing and sound matching, must have been quite the work and brought quite some frustration, but it was surely noticed, at least by me).

  • I’ve trained both ways. High interval body weight and kettlebell circuits coupled with some running including sprints was the most complete training. I do Martial arts so bulk works against me for multiple reasons. In sparring we use cardio and muscular endurance for extended periods.


  • What would be a hell of an improvement is to be able to perform box jumps holstering a backpack starting at 5 pounds and so on. Similar to pull ups with chains and plates.

  • Not a bad thing is you probably have 0% body fat here in America down in Florida a few years back unfortunately we had a bunch of soldiers that died of exposure in Florida in 40 degree weather they had 0% body fat there’s something to be said about us portly people we will stay warmer

  • i feel like i became a zombie
    not alive but I’m still walking
    when the sun rises up on me
    I’ll be waiting for the day to pass by
    oh why

    if u know what this is we’re automatically friends

  • I noticed that, on far too many of your movements, you are not utilizing a full range of motion, but kinda ripping yourself off with 2/3rds or even 1/2 range of motion. Is there a reason you’re cheating your body of many of the benefits of these exercises?

  • As a part time personal trainer i can approve! Very good program indeed.
    However, you have a slightly crunch on you’re lower back when you are all the way down on squats. Be careful so you don’t F it up.
    Its been 7 months with no dead lift or squats for me, because of prolapse.
    Take care bro.

  • @ehiwvhm yes. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. worth watch here now => bit.ly/12h3IW0?=vthvfp

  • Just MOVE! I’m over 50 and was in AWESOME shape even at 45. There’s no excuse. I take responsibility for me. Do what you can even with any health issues. You or another’s life may depend on it. Age is a mental issue!

  • Just curious. But what race are you? Please don’t take that offensively, as it makes no real difference to me. I myself am mixed race, and it looks like you are as well, and so I’m curious.

  • I have an idea what if in a zombie apocalypse we have to bite zombies so that they can turn back to humans like zombies when they bite us they turn us into zombies

  • Cool montage.

    Thanks for continuing to shed light in the need to exercise. Lots of folks in videos out here that give visual permission to ignore exercise.

    (That’s about the most polite way I can put it.)

  • Who directly the FUCK gave this video a thumbs down!?! You are fricken in awesome shape dude, loved this video hopefully it can motivate my fat ass to get back to the pull up bar. I am curious as to why you didn’t include swimming though I always find after swimming a kilometre or two that I feel fucking huge when I leave the pool.

  • If someone were to team up with me and I see a fat dude as a partner. Either I sacrifice myself and or leave him behind. If I can partner with some who has a better fitness than I do, I will partner with them because I have knowledge, observation, and resourcefulness. The goal is to survive and there are no one to be around. You depend on your wills to stay alive.

  • Nice piece dude. Great production and message. I’ve been working on getting my body back (after a year of personal SHTF management) and seeing your piece just lit another fire under my ass. Thanks.

  • You are an inspiration, brother! Never too late to learn something new, and I definitely picked up some lessons from this vid! Question, do you find the colder weather gives you more stamina? I am down in Texas, don’t get a lot of cold here.

  • You have achieved a level of fitness I’m not sure I’ve seen before. My compliments. Only two questions…Doesn’t it take a lot of food to feed/support a body with that much muscle and after doing such hard workouts, and wouldn’t the need to find so much food pose a problem? And, not to be disparaging, but how does such fitness protect you against microbes, which I personally believe would be the single biggest threat to survival in an SHTF, after all the infrastructure breaks down.

  • Ever considered war veterans with extreme experience? I mean best of both worlds, little bit of hand-to-hand combat training and a skilled marksman if possible in larger success rate of accurate infected/savage human kills and got hunting/tracking skills. Although I would also like to be accompanied with a science nerd with professions in the field of chemistry ( in creating homemade explosives and medicines), biology (i.e. botany and zoology to identify animal predatory behaviour and prey migration patterns, and to know the difference between edible plant materials to hazardous and poisnous ones) kinda late but this video seems very interesting to watch ��

  • Not guuna lie i was all gung hoe watching this and then half way through vid even I am getting tired. How long is he at the gym any way? i get maybe a good hour at the gym. All this has to take way longer then that.

  • This is a stark reminder that all the gear in the world wont save you if youre not physically ready. Super inspiring, in the gym going hard, in the mountains tomorrow. Thabk you CP!

  • I got so triggered he kept saying “the fortress” There’s more than one fortress in the world it’s not like how there’s only one strong old with an end portal

  • Yeah I’m waiting for the zombie apocalypse imma grab a car grab the fellow losers get a boat and go to a deserted island, can’t forgot to record all your shows while you can tho children.


  • Great content. However, not sure about the VR recommendation, how many of such gamers are highly likely to be alienated, asocial (like VR ostriches) and too busy immersed in gaming with the Zombies all around them.

  • What about for a women, do I do the same things with less weight obviously, lol. Cuz I know that I have diff muscle groups then u and I thought that women r suppose to do diff things then men, great vid brother btw. Thxs. I go to the archery range a few hrs a day with my 45 lb draw weight now, and hike to and from it but is that enough I’m getting back into this from about a ten year addiction and prepping has gotton me clean and I need to get my body back in shape. Love ur vids brother,

  • 8:51 who leaves a good sword in a companion who will for ever be one with thus sword as it was written in anchient ruins that he who be zombie and killed by friend after fighting alongside him for such long time only to be left with sword stuck in his body in his death will be reborn as zombie jeff and reunite with his friend to slay those zombies and highly possibly zombie jeff just being op and gg zombie

  • Game theory did a theory on the walking dead and they said don’t use guns a lot because a every time you shoot you might become more and more deaf and then you have a higher chance at getting attacked by a zombie wait cross that the quote on quote “zombies” in the walking dead are called walkers???._ Ooooookay

  • I’ve been thinking about going for neighborhood walks while wearing my emergency pack. Has anybody else done this? My pack is gray, so I don’t think it would turn heads, so I figure it’d be good for strength and knowledge that the weight is manageable.

  • Some pretty common sense workouts I really need to incorporate into my workouts. Thank you. Back in the doomsday prepper show hayday a local crossfit place offered a ‘doomsday workout’ program. 2x a week was $40 a month, after a couple of months they saw how popular it became and raised it to $150 a month (without telling us) and instructors/owner became even more douche bags then a few were already. Basically if you didn’t puke at least once during workout you were berated constantly. Seriously, they had 5gal puke buckets stationed throughout the place.

  • wait, if you bit a zombie, would they turn back to a human?

    oh wait it’s normally a virus in those zombie movies so…. DAMN IM STUPID

  • u see i would be the maniac running around and killing whatever zombie or not i my path oh zombie behind me? stab its head path of zombies it about to be a horror movie their the victims im the murder