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12 Horoscope: When they are in the GYM

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Your Perfect Workout Based On Your Astrology: Part 1

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Zodiac Sign Workout

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This Is Why You Don’t Exercise According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Signs as Types of People at the Gym

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12 Zodiac Signs In The Gym

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Zodiac Fitness offers unique, high-quality fitness accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals your way. Capricorn Fitness Horoscope. Capricorn people care about the practical part of an exercise, the benefits, more than the actual act. The best exercises for this zodiac sign are ones that have a direct result. Doing exercises that build muscle and tone their body are great for this sign.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Team fitness classes, like SWERVE or Throwback Fitness “Competing as a team pushes people to work harder than they might otherwise have if they were working out alone. The team holds you accountable to work your hardest, but is also there to cheer you on and support you every step of the way,” says Dyan Tsiumis, head instructor at SWERVE. With the kind of chaotic energy the Gemini zodiac sign person has, you need to find an exercise routine that satisfies your need for variety. Swimming, gymnastics, machines at the gym, Zumba – all of these and more are perfect for the Twins.

Click Here To Read More About Fitness Workout For Gemini Zodiac. Known as being a zodiac that thrives on stability, those who fall under the Taurus sign are more health and fitness orientated due to their desire to stay on a structured schedule that they are able to depend on. Making a program with a specific date and time to workout will help these zodiacs remain on track. 4. The Zodiac Workout: Yoga Flows for setting and embodying intentions + dissolving negative energy every New Moon and Full Moon.

Align mind + body + soul. Hosted every month on Zoom by a certified Personal Trainer, Master Reiki Energy Healer, and 200 hour certified Yoga teacher, Lupe. Zodiac. Fitness by Sign Our astrological signs determine so much about our personalities and what influences us, but did you know that your physical body and health are also influenced by when you were born? Click on the signs below to discover this mind/body link, and get recommendations of how to stay well from your Astrologer, Susan Miller.

Well, turns out there are certain exercises that are better suited to your body’s needs based on your zodiac sign. Sounds strange, but stay with us. CAPRICORN.

December 22-January 19. You are dedicated and disciplined, so workouts that require endurance, patience, and precision work best for you. Try signing up for a marathon or take part in challenging classes such as SLT where you force your muscles to work at a slower pace to get the achievement you crave.

Scorpio: Exercise Workout Regime But because the Scorpio zodiac sign can be obsessive you tend to go overboard, and if you’re not seeing the fitness results you want you may increase the intensity of an already intense workout. This can cause pain or injury, which will get in the way of your routine, and you may end up dropping it altogether.

List of related literature:

Being one of the most fitness conscious zodiac signs, their idea of staying fit includes aerobics, yoga, jogging or dancing.

“YOUR ZODIAC HOROSCOPE 2020” by The GaneshaSpeaks Team
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Scorpio’s determined demeanor makes aqua jogging another perfect form of in-pool workout.

“The Little Book of Self-Care for Scorpio: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore—According to the Stars” by Constance Stellas
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The best exercise for a Sagittarian, at any age, is walking.

“The Little Book of Self-Care for Sagittarius: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore—According to the Stars” by Constance Stellas
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If not, some good Taurean exercises are yoga, low-impact aerobics, and simple nature walks.

“Astrology of the Moon: An Illuminating Journey Through the Signs and Houses” by Amy Herring
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In terms of fitness, earth signs like measurable results.

“The Little Book of Self-Care for Virgo: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore—According to the Stars” by Constance Stellas
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The above exercise should have provided you with more information about your birth chart and therefore about yourself.

“Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart” by Demetra George, Douglas Bloch
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During the week of Sagittarius, focus on your appearance, body, and health.

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Librans like to dance, and light sports such as golf, fishing, pool, and badminton will also help to keep this sign healthy.

“In Focus Astrology: Your Personal Guide” by Sasha Fenton
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One routine that might work well for air signs is a Pilates class, which focuses on both the mind and the body as you work your way through different moves.

“The Little Book of Self-Care for Libra: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore—According to the Stars” by Constance Stellas
from The Little Book of Self-Care for Libra: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore—According to the Stars
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Libra: The Libra-born is lean and of middle height.

“Libra Ascendant Secrets: Vedic Astrology” by Saket Shah
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  • I’m a capricorn, but I was still irritated after the Virgo person reordered all those weights because they weren’t in order from smallest to biggest ��

  • Hmm mines not really 100% accurate but…yes I’m a phone addict and because of that, I don’t wanna go outside so I don’t go to the gym

  • My bf is sag and always love making his body muscular and hot while my ex Leo was abit fat and when he works out he became musculkne and now he is married with Chinese he never go abck to gym and have a very Banana face shape after he lose alot of fats and muscle

  • HILARIOUS! All signs on point! My ex is a Pisces and he never left the couch. Workout was the beer can, remote control, and a blunt. Never again!!! Spot on! ��

  • I’m a Virgo and I can say I’m always frustrated at little things that are messy and unorganized. After tidying it up, I would always step back and take a look at the results and feel proud about myself. But even then, I can also be lazy sometimes.

    Also, dirty and unorganized are two different things. I’m more frustrated into things that are unorganized more than dirty.

  • My zodiac sign is pisces.
    Hey, cmon, I’m not that lazy, I sometimes get hurt too badly from working out or don’t have time to work out, but it’s not like I sleep half of the day, if anything, I like to work out, and I love it when I see my muscles become stronger. I’m a 14 yo boy (will be 15 on February 28) and I’m a first year highschooler, what do you expect from me, to just sleep all day, heck no.

  • Im capricorn but my ascendent is aquarius and when i go rollerskaiting make 10 km and i have smile on face and after i think how im is stupid

  • As a Scorpio that like being in shape dating a Capricorn you say cares more about work than working out… Well ugh to that.
    It kind of true though…. ��

  • I am scorpio and I love gym but yes you are right I mostly watch others working out and yes one thing I also become jealous when other lift more weights than me lol I am so stupid

  • I’m a Cancer I like the gym and keeping up with my nice figure aka former health addict. After two kids I lost my way… I’m working on getting back in shape/good health…

  • Cancer sun, cap moon. The working out at home bit is def me, then there’s the struggle between saying fuck it and the inner pressure of being intense �������� I can’t be consistent

  • Dumbass mostly famous bodybuilders are Cancers also fighters. Kevin Levrone, Lee Priest, Kai Greene. CONNOR MCGREGOR and Mike Tyson ��

  • Im a virgo, but i believe my leo part is the strong part, that i train oftentimes.( im 1st decade) love it. I look much on my body!:)

  • I almost agree to every cancer but I don’t stress eat at all. I actually can’t eat when stressed. I become a stressball underneath the blanket and drink tea.

  • 9:08 Jimmy: Hey bro, u come to the gym?
    Scorpio me: A gym? a gYm a gYM a gYM A gYM A gyM A GyM a Gym a gYM A gYm
    Person walks by
    Scorpio me: Where did he go?
    Person: oh jimmy? He went to the gym
    Scorpio me:…….
    Person: oh no…….
    Scorpio me: a gym? A Gym A gYm a Gym A gyM a Gym a gYm a Gym
    Person:* runs away*

  • Bruh I guess I’m not like a Virgo at all. Work with what I got and grab the nearest set of dumbbells that I can lift and just start lifting

  • WATCH ��: Here’s What You’re Addicted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgGpzz6KI8o&list=PL_fl96m7OLQVMVfawdTaidxvuu-3sohAs&index=3

  • Not everything you see, or hear is true you guys. For an example I’m a Cancer, and I love working out and staying healthy and in shape and I’m young as well.Not only do j workout, but I do boxing and other sports and enjoy it!

  • Nah you don’t have to clarify shit about Tauruses. As one myself, I am LAZY AS FUCKKKKKKKK. don’t even get mad, cause I know it’s true ��

  • I don’t believe in this horoscope. It is not about the horoscope. It’s about the interest. I’m Taurus, it is said that it is lazy but with God blessing, I’m energetic and still doing workout no matter what happens. Still I’m strong and active. It is all about the interest and effort, but not astrology. If you wanna change bad luck in good luck, it can be done only by your faith, effort, interest, believe in god and hardwork. Only u can change the luck and God job is to show only way, support and protect

  • I hate social media though and would never use snap chat. Since I can’t go to the gym right now, I been using app called Zombie run and been working out at home.

  • When I was in North Dakota we went to a hotel. Me and my family along with some of our cousins came with us and me and my cousin decided to go the gym together and when we went inside the gym I put my earphones in and I was going all out like lifting some weights that were light bc I was 11 at the time anyways I was running,lifting weights and my cousin she’s a Leo but she was tooooo lazy to actually work out so she just stood there and watched me exercise and motivating me ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️���������� and at the same time she was looking at herself in the mirror fixing her hair and saying “omg I look good,oh good job Sherenity.” I looked at her and I said stfu look ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️��������

  • I’m a Virgo, and even though I’m not at my goal weight yet, I strive for it with the help of my loving boyfriend ���� As of next month on the 6th, we will already been together 6 months! He’s a Capricorn. We both love the same exercises such as biking, swimming, walking, lifting weights, and yoga. Him and I are open to any healthy tips! ��

  • Haha, I loove this! Reminded me of my sister, too! Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio yes, perfect, nailed it! This really made me laugh! Thank you for your videos and helpful contentyou make everything fun to watch, Grace! ��

  • Its true as fuck..I am Capricorn and my age is 15..once I made of goal of fat loss and I did from 87 to 59…but now I have my work( studies) so I am giving this more importance

  • I’m a Escorpio and you’re right about being private that’s why I work out at home and at the park I have access to everything it’s more enjoyable and it’s free

  • I’m aquarius, i don’t give a f what is in trend, i don’t work out because i’m a lazy ass, but i wanna start, i started and quited many times, i hope in the future i’ll get the damn motivation from something!

  • I’m a Scorpio lol says I need a fitness trainer… I am a Certified Fitness Trainer zodiacs are not always true. They’re more general than anything else

  • I’m a sag and my Capricorn best friend is my gym buddy �� omg. You describe us best. I’m gonna get a good concussion from her someday cos of my forgetfulness. “I’m almost there at the gym” ����������

  • I’m a Virgo, yes I haven’t worked out yet, and I agree with what was said. Not only do I feel I need a perfect consistent schedule when I’m responsible, but if I don’t see all the other Gym equipment inside, I don’t wanna be in that Gym. I can tell I’m gonna be picky��‍♂️

  • I’m a virgo man that’s has worked out for over 40 years. Nothing pisses me off more than a dirty, disorganized gym. Also, death penalty to those jerks that cant put weights back in the correct rack or dont wipe down equipment after they use it. Also death penalty? Sitting on equipment, texting for minutes between “sets” and slamming weights.

  • Lmbo love this,Virgo status here,mine was accurate,just like almost all of them. I cant stand the gym rats that just sit there on equipment people are waiting on or staring at others hoping they notice them,join a dating app��

  • Happy Birthday!! I love this! My rising sign is Virgo, zodiac is Leo, and Moon sign is Gemini. I’ll be doing this tomorrow morning after my resistance band exercises! So excited!

  • You mic sucks, stop using your android phone to record. And how the hell does some dumb zodiac sign determine the way someone lives, I did some research on this dumbass zodiac shit and apparently I’m a taurus, what ever the fuck that is, and according to this video I apparently go to my local gym to workout…… HAHA I’m the laziest motherfucker on planet fucking earth ���� the zodiac sign are just for people who cant live there lives without at least one person/thing telling them what to do or how to live ���� and if you dont like hate comments then just delete this one ��‍♂️ to lazy to get into an argument with someone with less than 2 brain cells ��‍♂️����

  • Hahaha haha I’m sorry mwhahahahahahahaha I’m dieing from laughter right now even though I am a proud leo. But I am a lazy somewhat chubby son of a “beep”.

  • All my Cancer friends are under-weight, or standard, but all the representation of them in the media are over-weight or obese… ��������

  • Listen brother I am 12 a Taurus and am not aloud in the gym but I go to athletick practice 4 times a week and I have won 9 mendels and 6 trofhees so back of i am the difrent Taurus

  • This is like attacking people in an misinformed researched study. I am a gemini and I love working out. I could even workout all week and all day if I could but I have to have self control because I worked out so much that I lost too much weight. My brother’s a cancer and he is super built goes to the gym all the time and can lift heavy amounts of weight.

  • I knew your rising was a Leo!!!!! wow I love your moon sign, what an angel!!! btw thank you for this video<3
    Btw I’m a leo/sun, cancer/moon, and aquarius/rising!

  • I hate it people think cancer always emotional even if emotional cancer does not cry every where the feel bad fast and hurt fast just I am so angry sorry


    Ur so inspirational and you give me so much motivation like bittccchh once you start talking about going ham on weight loss & NO half ass effort, all the WAY! I always wanna jump on my treadmill and GO!!!

    much love gorgeous ❤️

  • I’m a Scorpio. I’m not a vindictive person at all. I’m very good friends with my personal trainer for years. I respect and admire the guy. “hurrr, durr scorpions are poisonous and scary so Scorpio people are bad”. Seriously, really tired of that bullshit.

  • Omg I’m also a Pisces, and I got Pisces energy from you the first video I watched of yours. Love your personality. Happy birthday! ��✨��

  • That moment when I’m a Gemini and Ascendant Leo AND my moon is in Cancer!��All of those signs were all about talking not working out! ��

  • Ommmgggggg Another FEBUARY BABYYY!!! Like if you were born in Februaryyyyyyyyyy!!! Happy birthday my virtual personal trainer!!! I literally love you and your personality, you make my day everytime you post and make me so motivated even when I’m in the darkest of dumps. Thank you for everything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTENNNNNNN❤️❤️������������������������ love youuuuu

  • I’m a Sagittarius and believe it or not that happens to me every time I get ready to go to the gym that is so crazy how accurate she is

  • Wow! Incredibly inaccurate. So many people don’t get Capricorns at all. Wanna know the real reason? Convenience. Plain and simple. And work isn’t our religion. Achievement is our religion.

  • girl…my sun and moon sign are pisces and my rising sign is gemini. the thought of doing burpees for a minute each circuit makes me wanna cry

  • Aquariusus are smart? Lol, I have met only 9 aquariusus and 8 of them were so dumb on the things they liked and wanted to work at XD.

  • MarcElvin

  • In reallity, when aquarians get in the gym, they are the worst beginners, after some time, they become the best advisers, and guides.

  • damn, haha pisces is facts tho iahve piusces in my moon and some other more specific placements and i can totally relate some of the time

  • Erase the libra men video, my gf is judging me unfairly because of your stupid toxic lies, erase it or ima sue you in a civil court.

  • Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • This is all true:/
    I’m virgo and that’s what I do like cleaning,doing the chores
    My friend is Aquarius she’s smart My classmate Is Aries he’s like a leader

  • Aries was awesome! �� that’s all we want. Do something crazy cool and adventurous, jump over stuff, climb stuff and feel super accomplished ��

  • I KNEW you would post today. I swear that every time I workout, the next day you post a video, so yesterday as I finished I said to myself “I bet Kristen posts tomorrow”, and here we are. Also, I’m so excited to watch this vid!:P Edit: HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 luv u so much.

  • I’m an Aquarius, I don’t miss workouts, its actually like therapy for me. The whole zodiac sign thing is complete bs and anyone who allows it to influence any decision they make is a complete buffoon.

  • I’m a Pisces and I think that you made it look like we’re way more energetic than we really are. Napping? More like Rip Van Winkle lmfao 😉

  • Um im not sure about that tea Grace ��. I never heard of those ingredients. But if i get the courage; I’ll definitely try it with a Cancer cup ��. Speaking of my sign; your sister totally described my sign to perfection. I swear after exercising, I’m always super hungry ��. Gemini & Leo definitely love to publicize every work out. This was such fun thing to watch. You should definitely bring your sister back again cuz you two make a great team. Have a bless rest of the week my fit Capricorn friend & congrates on the sponsor ��

  • I have a serious question. Why in the hell does a Gemini get mad if they don’t know what they want to eat and throw a temper tantrum if all you say to what do you want is “I don’t care”??? And then when they get mad you throw out suggestions and they like NONE of them!??? And they get even madder!

  • You know what really triggers me? The fact that people say that cancers always cry. I am a cancer and I love to go to the gym. I’m trying to find a good video but all I see in these videos is cancer crying, which really triggers me.!!

  • Hi, I’ve got sun and mars in leo (as well as a couple of other planets) and one of the few exercises I truly enjoy is walking dogs..

  • That awkward moment when you’re a Capricorn with a Sagittarius rising. Sometimes I am forgetting everything and other times I am conquering anything I put my mind to ��

  • I’m a ♊��Gemini and you right i don’t go the gym < cause i have my own home gym and i do lose interest in boring females ���� that's a Gemini ��✌

  • As an Aquarius, I have that same onesie, and the twerking during yoga couldn’t be accurate �� I’ve also worked out with a Capricorn and a Cancer TOO ACCURATE

  • I missed U!�� I LOVE UR VIDEOS��… U are really deep Iam scorpio stellium so I really love to hear U ♏�� i appreciate Ur deep thoughts ��

  • Love this video youre doing such an amazing job girl! Your hardwork never goes unnoticed and its always fully appreciated!!! Happy birthday love xx

  • For cancer goes in to the room full of things, thinks: there is nothing to do here. Does one thing and walks out. But still pretty accurate