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Extreme Makeover: Budget Home Gym Edition

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How to build a budget home gym

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Best Home Gym Equipment (FOR ANY BUDGET!!)

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Build Your Own HOME GYM on a BUDGET!

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7 Must Have Essentials For Your Home or Garage Gym!

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A yoga mat ($10) is a multiuse and functional addition to any home gym. You can use it for stretching, yoga or body-weight exercises, such as planks, supermans and pushups. ADD THIS KEY EQUIPMENT TO SPEND $200 OR LESS Dumbbells ($10-$100) are great for strength exercises and are very versatile, allowing you to work most muscle groups.

Building a home gym can be both a daunting and expensive task. I’ve had one now for nearly a decade and have taken pretty much all of my best advice and compiled it in this home gym guide. Whether you plan to build a garage gym, basement gym, spare bedroom gym, or even a backyard gym, this guide will help show you how a gym at home can not only be done on any budget. Rep Fitness Hex Dumbbells.

If you’re keen on fixed-weight dumbbells, rubber hex DBs are typically very good for a budget home gym. The ones from Rep Fitness are priced at $550 and they come in 5lb increments. On pairs up to 15lbs, the shaft is. Because of this, we don’t feel the need to recommend as high a level of quality as we do for a barbell.

The squat rack we recommend to most people on a budget is the PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack from Rep Fitness. The PR-1100 features a footprint of 48” x 47.5” with a height of 84”. Horizon FS-40 Home Gym Save space (and time) by doing everything from rows to lunge presses on just one cable-based system.

With four sets of pulleys, a removable seat, and a strength-training guide, the number of moves is practically unlimited. $699, for info. That can be more expensive, but in your quest to build your budget-home gym you have to ponder the following: A power rack with safety pins will cost you maybe $300 more than a squat stand Basic flooring (1-inch horse stall mat) for 65 sq. ft. of surface will set you back $400 So what is your workout goal?Here are the recommended equipment options for the Bodyweight-Budget home gym: Suspension trainer – this is the first piece of equipment I recommend because it’s not too expensive, is travel friendly, and allows for a lot of variety.

If you can only get one thing, make it a suspension trainer. A home gym doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t take classes at other places. The movements I learned at Subversus Fitness were very crucial in being able to workout at home. It’s never a bad idea to train with the experts. Once you start building your home gym, you still have to find the motivation to workout.

You just need room to move around. Get rid of all cable machines, elliptical machines, total home gym machines. These aren’t perform functional exercises, which are the basis for WOD at Home’s programming. Sell them to make money and clear room, a win-win. You want as flat of a surface as possible on which to lift.

How to Build a Home Gym for Less Than a Benjamin. To ditch the expense of her fitness membership, Constantine built a home gym for under $100. If that still seems pricy to you, keep in mind: You might spend that for just five Pure Barre classes or a few months of a gym membership.

List of related literature:

Above, we discussed how inexpensive it can be to set up a simple home gym.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Articles on how to build a home gym and follow the program online are also available.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

Even those homeowners who are highly motivated to work out and maintain a home gym may benefit from starting with a few pieces of equipment and buying additional items progressively as they deem new items necessary.

“Residential Interior Design: A Guide To Planning Spaces” by Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen
from Residential Interior Design: A Guide To Planning Spaces
by Maureen Mitton, Courtney Nystuen
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But if you want to build your own home gym, here’s a rundown of everything worth

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Even if you can afford $10,000 to build an elaborate home gym, you can stillfind more options ata health club.At home, you may have a stationary bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

I don’t expect you to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym setup and a menagerie of equipment just so you can work out effectively in your house.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

The success of a commercial gym depends on its location, the space you have available, and the investment you care to make.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
by Franco Columbu
Creators Publishing, 2017

You may not need an “industrialstrength” piece of equipment, but some of the cheaper stuff doesn’t give you a very good “feel” compared to the state-of-the-art equipment you find in good gyms.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

This part helps you set up a home gym for lifting weights on your own, and you’re introduced to strength equipment that fits every budget.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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I have a small closet in my office into which I’ve managed to stuff an entire home gym, all for about $200.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

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  • Would love a supplement video! Or a workout clothing/accessories haul if you have any recommendations. I love wearing headbands but they always fall off during dance videos.

  • If I were to build a gym in my garage, I would have to get rid of my eight bicycles, three canoes, two lawn mowers, set of four snow tires and toolshop work table. That’s why I have only a small combination (from 20 to 40 lb) of dumbbells and a bench in my basement.

  • Thank you!!! I was working out at the gym before COVID, and didnt have any gym equp at home. Since then, Ive bought some Under the Sun Bands, which come with instruction videos/ workout plan. The bands have replaced the dumbbells and cables.
    Even now, I cant find any weights. I got a workout mat from WalMart, and last year’s model of the Assault fan bike from Amazon. (The old model was cheaper than the new old.) Ive picked up a few other things along the way, but my loacl sporting goods store still is out of stock for most items. Thank you!!!! Love your videos!!!!!!

  • gets a pretty decent hoist bench “yea it isn’t too great, kinda sucks, should buy something more expensive.” pretty sure top end gyms use that and it will pretty much last forever even if your wife backs into it everyday with an escalade….

  • I’m trying to build my own home gym at the moment and i’m also currently looking for a squatrack/powerrack but they are so exspensive at the moment…
    Do you guys think i should wait with buying one when the prices drop a bit?

  • 1. Door way pullup bar.
    2. Recistance bands and resistance handling tubin.
    3. Kettlebells.
    4.Skipping ropes for cardio..

    That would be my cheap top 3 three

  • Envying this setup.. just dropped about 2k into a home gym. Had to buy all new because of COVID-19’s effect on the second hand market

  • The best rowing coach has now become an interior designer �� why a squat rack as oppose to a power rack? Also, you forgot the hot tub ��

  • Corona brought me here too. At least there are few benefits of it. Even corona made me think of making videos like many ideas. Thank you #CORONAVIRUS

  • Nice job! Looking to tear down my garage gym and turn it into two garages (one workshop and one gym) and will be documenting like you did. Sound system is top of my redo as well as a bigger white board and mounting my timer.

  • 1. seated calf raise maschine
    2. standing calf raise maschine
    3. donkey calf raise maschine
    4. Leg press maschine for calf raises
    5. Hack squat maschine for calf raises
    6. iso-lateral leg press for calf raises
    7. vertical leg press for calf raises

  • I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. How sincere and honest you are with your advises. Using your videos for home workout during this pandemic here in Pakistan. I was looking for reviews on adjustable dumbells and i am so happy to see you mentioned them. Hope you’re making thousands of buck from views on your old videos 😉 You deserve it an!!

  • For dumbbells I went with these dumbbell handles that I can slap on 1″ standard plates. Nice thing about them I could use those with a 1″ standard barbell and bench press. Eventually I outgrew them and went with 2″ Olympic plates and barbell for bench pressing. I still kept the 1″ plates for curling and my lat pull down attachment for my bench. All my plates are CAP.

  • lol I love that each of the “7” essentials is a multi buy… barbells and plates, dumbbells (you can buy 30 kinds), kettle bells, etc… while you’re at it get ready to spend $10k in a home gym

  • the reason he used toaster was because his personal gym couldnt afford incremental dumbbells Im so proud of him he’s come so far that he his gym now has more dumbbells than just powerblocks

  • Uhhhh kettle bells. Not something I would say is essential as you can get the same results if not better with tradition strength training gear. If you find them fun and want to do weighted conditioning style stuff I guess they are good but if your into pure strength training or just bodybuilding I would say skip them if your on a budget.

  • Must haves for a home/garage gym? 1) home with garage
    2) lots of expendable cash
    3) hangers to neatly keep your jackets and loose clothes on it as you walk passed it everyday from the garage.

  • For the best home gym equipment and amazing prices get your set up at They specialise in home workout equipment

  • Man I love those wall mounted plate racks. I will hopefully be seeing some of those in my near future.

    One thing I’d say you should add would be an outslayer muay thai heavy bag, even if boxing/ kick boxing ain’t your thing it’s still a great workout

    Here is the exact one that I bought

    I bought it from it is not a Walmart product, it is in the walmart market place, which is Walmart’s answer to amazon, outslayer also sells through their own site and used to sell through amazon but o believe there is some exclusivity agreement now that they are on walnarts website.

    These are still professional grade equipment and really nice, will give you faith warning though Walmart’s estimated delivery time and realistic delivery time are completley different Walmart says delivery in 7 to 10 days for me it took a month and a half, shipping was complicated because outslayer makes the bags as they are ordered and once it goes past the 10th day walmart cancels the order in your best Interest, then I had order it a second time, contact outslayer have them generate a tracking number with FedEx then it was another 3 or 4 weeks before it actually shipped, a bit frustrating but worth it.

    Might be easier buying from outslayer directly but expect to pay at least $100 more buying anywhere but walmarts website, walmart also gave me free shipping where other sites will charge for that.

  • I’ve invested in exactly these, can’t wait too get in the best shape could you do some videos on workouts with all the equipment maybe a 6 day schedule!

  • Answer me:-
    Is it easily possible to make muscular body without bloody shit injections and steroids and tablets and medicine and bla bla bla bla chemicals.
    Because from last 6 months i am going so well with a preety good transformation with just consuming milk,soyabean,pulses,egg whites and that’s it… I am not going to consume any chemical. Hahahahaa. And i wl defeat other competitors who are on injections.. i just hate them who promote posion for body… Faak yeah..

  • Where can I buy these equipments? I’m trying to buy good quality equipments and these seem the best, so can you send me a link that would have the equipments showed in the video for sale please

  • I come home from university at like 5 pm every day. Then I travel half an hour both ways to the gym. My dream is to build a sick ass gym so I won’t have to waste time

  • Lol you do not need all of this���� this would be a cool setup to have all 7 but you only really need the rack bar bench iron weights and a couple of stall mats. I made due with that for a long time before upgrading. Or just a set of dumbells and a bench.

  • I bought a cheap Powertec rack for 400 dollars 12 years ago and it’s still indestructible. You don’t have to spend 1000 dollars just because it’s from ROGUE…

  • The UK is just 40% of the size of the USA. The homes are also 40% the size too.

    Anyway, the treadmill is a waste of space when you can road run.
    Your friend also has an issue with his squat as he seems to have “butt wink”, this will overload the lower back and limit his lift.

  • Fuck Rogue, over priced shit.. All I need is a heavy bag, rings, kettlebells, wrist roller, weights, barbell, battle ropes, tractor tire, beer keg and push sled..

  • Funny, I was thinking on getting an elliptical for cardio, dunno if I can find an air assault bike here in town, otherwise I’ll have to keep learning how to jump rope.

  • This dude looks like he lives in Texas for all the people saying that’s a big ass garage. If you’re living in California yeah you won’t be touching that shit

  • Good video. For now I’ll skip the kettle bells and med balls. If fact I’ll go as far as to say “no dumbbells for my home gym. I’ll go with a functional trainer to go with my power rack. All the other knickknacks I’ll use at the gym every now and then

  • 2013… Time goes by, too fast… However,still dedicated and persistent in battle for self-imprevement,as well as bringing value to others,as well both of us….:)

  • I have a home gym and this video is so true. I wish I had known this when I first started, but I learned along the way and have a killer set up based on these essentials.

  • Loving to see how fast your channel is growing, i mean 50K subs in just 4 months, that’s what happens when you put quality, fun content and your awesome personality in each video. You are the best and motivate us in every workout, i personally never get bored of them.
    Just wanted to thank this amazing girl for all the great work, helped me so much to feel better in really hard times.
    You earned my appreciation without even knowing. Keep on that amazing work

  • Nice home gym. Just started when my kettlebells, bands, sliders. I can’t wait to get some stuff post Covid 19 when people be selling their stuff. lol

  • I built my own gym too, it is not so expensive actually, it is very comfortable you save time and you can train whenever you want without waiting

  • If you fold that “commercial 1750” treadmill up there is a sticker on the frame that says “NOT COMMERCIAL GRADE” it’s a $1700 POS treadmill. Icon Fitness (owner of Nordictrack) is very sneaky in their model names… Only a fool would think they are getting a commercial treadmill for less than $5k LMAO. Do your research…

  • Yes!!! I actually just ordered almost those same resistance bands earlier this week. ☺️ Can you do a video on the correct way to do things like squats and simple exercises like that?

  • How do u find the powerblock adjustable weights? I have all of the other “top 5”. No dumbells or kettlebells yet. Drawn to the space saving benefits of the power block dbs bit just wondering are u limited with ROM?

  • For anyone in the UK looking for booty bands there are some great ones on amazon for SOOOO cheap!!!! I bought them when they were £7.30 but I believe the price is going down day after day?! Set of 3 fabric ones and I’m loving them!! Great quality and don’t slip, and to be honest the resistance is soooo good on them!!! Hope this helps anyone else in the UK!!!

  • omg girl keep us updated on the mat-journey!! me and my knees are struggling big time on hardwood floors lol. thanks for this great video!

  • I just got the amazon basics yoga mat and with tax it came to $44, it’s thick and pretty good quality if anyone is looking for one!

  • I went into quarantine with a set of 3 lb weights, 5 lb weights, and a single 12 lb weight…..and I’m someone who loves doing my squats, deadlifts, snatches and cleans hahah. I’ve been making due so far but I might have to expand my home gym…..

  • Ooo loved this video! I’m here for more like it! I ordered some nice fabric resistance bands from Amazon as well. 3 pack for under $19 including shipping. They’re great, no complaints. I actually just switched up to the strongest band a few days ago and boy am I feeling it in my glutes and legs haha. ETA If anyone is curious the brand of the bands is RENRANRING and they’re currently only $14.99 with free two day shipping with Prime!

  • oooh I definitely need one of these mats, I do your workouts barefooted but my floor is NOT nice on my feet and I totally wanted to keep barefoot for noise reduction. I’ll look for it here.

  • Please do a supplement video!!! I am probably going to go broke buying all this equipment haha thank you for everything you do! You have helped me lose over 20 pounds!

  • I took over my living room. But it was a slow process over the course of about 10 years. Then last January I made the big move and put the couch that was never getting used anyway in a spare bedroom and now there’s just one chair in the room but it’s become something I use for sitting exercises. This pic is a bit old. The old red rower is at the end of the room behind the fan. Look how close to the floor it is. The new one has pride of place next to the treadmill. My weights are on the bookshelf at the far end.

  • i would be afraid to use your bench,lots a peoples got hurt using those bench,when you use over 300 lbs on bench press these bench have a tendency to break.

  • Nice tips from you and there’s a few things we are in the same page…since 2 months ago,i love spend my money just to buy more exercise equipments…i love using all of my equipments in my living room when exercise in front of tv or mirror and sometimes in my bedroom too…much love from Malaysia ������������

  • Wow, you guys’ gym is insane!!! I furnished a home gym last year as my present to myself for finishing grad school. I went with a Sorinex Base Camp rack with an Elite FTS high/low cable set-up. Best decision ever!!!

  • I would love to see a supplement video! I’ve been seeing a lot of “Instagram girls” I follow talking about a liquid collagen. And supposedly it absorbs better? It’s hard to tell if it’s just because it’s a paid promo, or if it’s really better than powder. Would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Squats, weighed dips, weighed pull-ups, deadlifts. Power rack with pull-up and dip attachments, quality power barbell, quality plates, dip/pull-up belt, 3/4″ horse stall mats, cardio machine of some type.

  • Sick probably be cool for when the time to get to the gym isn’t there but I like the actual going to the gym getting out being around people with similar goals ect. Still would be awesome to have

  • I’m really loving this kind of videos ❤️ It may seem silly but I didn’t even know there were resistance bands this long and I’d really love to buy them ’cause I don’t really feel comfortable working with weights, but I’m Italian and the only ones from the Italian amazon look cheap as fsoo guess it’s time to go to the store. ��❤️

  • I can’t even begin to express how helpful this is. I spent an hour trying to find affordable, quality gym equipment and I had given up until I saw this! It’s fate lol ��

  • Just did a review of a decent priced gym system if you guys are looking for one.

  • first of all, THANK YOU for including amazon canada AND amazon usa links!! i know you are from canada but other people NEVER include both and, being canadian, it is very frustrating lol! secondly, i know this is an amazon haul but where did you get your dumbbells??

  • He overpaid on that rack it’s online for $300 with no attachments you can buy all the attachments with the rack probably for six or seven hundred brand new

  • This was awesome because I just bought a bunch of stuff for a home gym and it was exactly what you listed. I’m already a pro i guess lmao

  • Shane how do you like you PRx folding rack so far? Ive actually been looking to get one myself for my single car garage/wood shop (Mostly just wood shop and beer fridge).

  • I like my 20, and 30 lb pair of rubber Hex dumbbells. But I also have the regular standard plate dumbbells. a 14 inch handle pair, and 18 inch (I need to get a 16 sometime), and these are spin lock. They work great especially with 1.25 pound little plates for the progression like your talking about. I personally think the rubber Hex is safer. I will look for your Atleen Block if still available, im curious. But yeah I just use my regular standard weights

  • I’m so jealous that many people in the US have a garage big enough to turn into an amazing home gym! Living in a flat in Asia, I just managed to make a 3.3 SQ meter home gym in my place, but I will tear down my ROOM to make a greater home gym one day! Thanks tons for your inspiration!!

  • I would love to afford a home gym but i am poor i need to save enough money one day i will buy a home gym i need to loose weight your gym looks awesome.

  • I love the gym! Thank you for sharing! I love my basement gym, but it still needs a little work to feel finished! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lucky you’re set up pre-pandemic �� hey you said you could basically do everything w dumbbells i just ordered Powerblock dumbbells up to 70lbs, and am looking for an adjustable bench. Do you think I need a power cage/barbell or can I do well with just those?

  • Just wondering if you do anything to control the temperature in there. I live in Toronto Canada was thinking of doing a garage Gym…however it the temperatures get so extreme in there. In the summer it is better I can at least open the door but still it can get very hot. In the winter it is worse though even with the doors closed it is particularly as cold in the garage as outside!

  • I used a heavy stone to do weight exercises. My mother saw me doing it once yesterday and said that she will get me Dumbbells next month. \(^o^)/

  • Just spent thousands of dollars on a home gym then seconds later found this clip, happy to say I bought exactly what is suggested here but still wish I found this earlier.

  • Broo today i am going to buy gym equipment for home..
    So i was searching on YouTube for best important equipment for home gym.. and your video is seriously a waste of time… Thnx to waste my 8 minutes and 3 second plus this comment

  • I’ve also had troubles with the Matt’s! The foam one I also love it bc I can do planks or run my knees and it doesn’t ruin it! I take collagen too! And I think I’ll get the bands! Because I’ve broken floor tiles in my house and my parents want to kill me and took my weights away lol haha thanks girl!

  • 30 bucks a mat wth. Here in Canada they are like 90 bucks. Heck ya kudos on the power blocks. That gym is perfectly functional well done and way to keep on a budget

  • 7 essentials:
    1) Smith machine
    2) hammer strength chest press
    3) leg press
    4) 6 Station cable Cross
    5) hip adductor
    6) hip adbudtor
    7) power plate

  • For me only thing you need for your home gym with low budget is resistance band set. You can do anything with them and its simple to use. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) and they have more home workout thing but for me only you need is band set.

  • Great information!!! And with everyone selling their used equipment, I was able to collect a variety of quality, used hex DB’s over several months. I recently sold them as a complete set (5-60 lbs) and purchased a “nice” set of DB’s, 5-40 Lbs., with money to spare. Recently added a set of 50’s to my home gym. (I know they don’t perform any different, but an upgrade is an upgrade!) I’ve got a pretty nice, complete home gym, with very little money invested; relatively speaking, and it actually serves as motivation to working out. The amount of quality, used weight equipment online these days is staggering!!

  • ….My fitness gym….with scads of equipment is $100/year…so you are telling me…..for 50 years….I should do this gym instead of local…??… $5000 instead of paying the local gym for 50 years???……….dude…I don’t know….

  • Most good quality racks are 500$ or more but my home gym buget is 500$ so can anyone please list a good quality rack for under 200$

  • I’ve got a new Marcy bench, bought it on Amazon-damn, the one Jeff has looks “el cheapo!” LOL Mine is pretty nice-Total Gym, free weights, (dumbbells) 15# and 25# kettlebells, (gonna probably buy a 30# or 35# soon) a Stadia inversion table, flexball, rollout wheel, a chinup/dips apparatus, and a treadmill. I get a good sweat going, either during my 90 minute workouts, or doing cardio on the treadmill. I was 205 lbs. on January 5th-yesterday morning (February 15th) I was 196-I’ve put on SOME muscle, and I want to get to at least 190, maybe 185, by May 1st. I was wearing 34″ waist Wranglers, but I’m back into my 33’s already. I WANT to get back into my 32’s by May 1st. Not bad for a guy who turns 64 next month-I really need to keep things going year round-in the Spring/Summer months I stay busy working outdoors, but even just hitting my Total Gym for about 20 minutes, 3 times a week would help me retain my gains… lol

  • Alternative for the dumbbells: I have a pair of dumbbells that work just like a barbell; a 5 pound bar with collars on each end, to which you can put standard plates. It was like $40 for the kit, which had enough 10, 5, and 2.5 pound plates to do anything between 5 and 40 pounds.
    They’d probably be impractical with 45s on both sides, and possibly even 25s, but you could probably get everything up to 65 pounds with just 10 pound plates.

  • This is not entirely accurate. The by far most versatile “gym” on a budget will consist of:
    1) bench (make one! anything that takes you a few inches off the ground will due)
    2) door pull-up bar like the one in the video ($10 on amazon)
    3) homemade suspension trainer (rope simply hung over bar with a few loops to move the handles around)
    4) adjustable spin-lock dumbbells with 1″ cast iron weights (buy used!). You need 12 10 lbs plates, 4 5 lbs plates and 4 2.5 lbs plates. If you need more than 70 lbs you can buy 18″ or 20″ handles…

  • For me the essentials are:

    Barbell + Plates
    Adjustable Dumbells
    Adjustable Bench
    Rack (with Pullup+Dip bars)
    Cable/Pulley system.

    Dont really need anything else.

  • Good advice and good presentation. I haven’t watched one of these in awhile.
    I bought one of the chin-up bars at a garage sale. Some door frames (or furniture)
    won’t hold up under the extra stress of exercise or increasing resistance, but
    there are usually places to use equipment. Thanks for the video.

  • And $4,000 later you’ve got a complete home gym. Be sure to hit like, subscribe, and turn on the notification bell.

    Seems a bit unrealistic to someone just starting out there chief…

    How about this,

    Dumbbells 10-50 lbs.
    Quality flooring (horse stall mats)
    Adjustable bench
    Olympic Barbell bar
    Olympic plates 5-45 lbs
    Jump rope (Amazon $22) bearings, weight and length adjustable.
    Power rack (not a cage). The ones rated for 500-600 lbs. with safety arms. More than enough for a beginner.

  • I feel like your circle has an idea of a budget that is out of touch with people are actually on a BUDGET. With that said, the best way to build a garage gym is piece by piece, not instantly. If you can drop 3200 on a gym at once, kudos, but don’t go toting around this is a budget build. Two benches and three XL mirrors are luxuries.

  • This was a great video!! Other smaller equipment that we use quite a bit at home are sliders and mini bands. I have found a lot of great exercise to use with those. I also love bringing those when we travel to be able to workout wherever we go! Someday when we have a bit more space we want to build a home gym like yours!

  • You don’t look like you even workout, i have a gymnastics ring and a park nearby and i’m more buff and definitely more strong than you.:P

  • “This used rack only cost him $900.” You could have got an expensive ass squat stand from Rogue for half that amount and it would still do all the things you can do with that full rack.

  • Craigslist is price gauging like crazy right now due to corona and everything being closed. I was going to buy a ton of equipment a few months ago and didnt and I regret it soooo much. Things were literally half priced a few months ago.

  • Thank you!!! I was working out at the gym before COVID, and didnt have any gym equp at home. Since then, Ive bought some Under the Sun Bands, which come with instruction videos/ workout plan. The bands have replaced the dumbbells and cables.
    Even now, I cant find any weights. I got a workout mat from WalMart, and last year’s model of the Assault fan bike from Amazon. (The old model was cheaper than the new old.) Ive picked up a few other things along the way, but my loacl sporting goods store still is out of stock for most items. Thank you!!!! Love your videos!!!!!!

  • Me buys a treadmill for 60 dollars and it works perfectly and also has air and incline

    Him:Buys a treadmill for 1.3 k dollars and calls it a budget ��������‍♂️

  • I made my budget home gym in a 10×10 den room.
    Treadmill (Norditrac) $550
    Dumbbells (CAP from Costco) Pairs of 10,15,20,25,30 lbs $210
    Dumbbells (CAP from Walmart) Pair 40 lbs $80
    EZ curl bar (Dicks Sporting Goods) $50
    Adjustable Bench (Dicks Sporting Goods) $140
    Weight plates (Dicks Sporting Goods) 5,10 lbs $30
    Stall Mats (Tractor Supply) x2 $80
    Mirror (Lowes) $50
    Kettle Bell 10 lbs(Target) $10

    Total so far: $1200

    I slowly add to my gym. Next purchases include a pair of 50lb CAP dumbbells more weight plates. Eventually I will get a squat rack and olympic bar.

  • Mr. Farmer, I am an old dude, started erging 4 mo’s ago….6ft 5in and 280lbs…used to be 365lb’s erging and Keto changes. Question? can’t catch with my arms above my knees….I row with my legs splayed…my shins are to long?? I do got some legs but I wanted to know if you ever ran into someone who couldn’t erg with their legs together??? Thanks

  • GET…. could of gotten a lot nicer garage gym for same price. Plus a rower and bike instead of a used treadmill. Does this guy even know about gym equipment??….

  • Cheap gym equipment is still being sold

  • It sucks right now man.. can’t find ANYTHING on the classifieds unless you want to pay double what things are worth. Completely sucks. Cheapest rack I have seen in the last 3 weeks was like 500$ amd it was some generic off brand thing. Can’t even find an adjustable bench. I had to build a damn power rack oit of wood. I did get somewhat lucky and found like 800lbs of plates in the first week of everything and it was still a good deal. Now there’s slim pickins

  • How is this a budget gym. A budget gym is getting used shit off kijiji. I have a home gym with more equipment with this and only paid 300$ for mats and dumbbells and some other odd stuff. Everything else free

  • if i was on a budget and needed a bit of cardio i dont think id go out and buy a 2000$+ treadmill, id just run around the block…. much more budget friendly

  • Big money, dream gym. Good luck finding that high dollar equipment anytime soon. I had to go to a scrap yard and luckily found enough rusty plates, a bar and a couple dumbbells to try to stay in shape during lockdown.

  • Came here seeing the word budget….ya…nope. Also I think dumbbells are essential! I couldn’t have a gym without them personally. But nice gym ��

  • Best move I made was building a gym in my house. I actually just finished it about 8 months ago. I never did it because of no gyms or worries about extended gym shutdowns.. I am a RN and I work twelve hour days and basically it just allowed me to workout at 0400 before I go into work.

  • I would’ve passed on getting the treadmill for the initial build, simply because cardio is something that can be done anywhere outside (running, jogging, speed walking, etc) or even HIIT inside. That $1,300 could’ve filled out the rest of his gym.

  • omg… after i checked the price on your athlean blox i almost choked on some water i was drinking… i wish i could afford those things… maybe if they were like 75% off i can afford them….. i havefound cheaper ones but still too expensive for my poor ass…. maybe if you got a defective pair or something i could buy off you? i dont need a stand either… its just too much money…

  • Forget any mistakes Jeff has made. Nobody is perfect. But the way he inspires people to get off their ass is amazing. He’s not trying to just make a sale. He’s in it in part for the money, just like everyone, but he actually wants to help people

  • I mean the treadmill really bumps that budget up. But I got all my stuffsquat rack with safety arms, ohio barbell, bench, 500lbs of plates, plate storage, etc for a lot less. mostly new. but ate it on shipping, and for being in a rodeo town… stall mats were still like $50 each. sigh

  • “Budget gym” and “treadmill” don’t go together lol. I built a home gym for $2,000boxing bag, powerblocks, adjustable bench, power rack, deadlifting platform, olympic/trap/EZ bars, gymnastic rings, and a handful of accessories. I feel like my setup is on the high end of what could be considered “budget”, if I want cardio I’ll hit the bag or go outside. Any cardio machines I see as a luxury and exceed what can be reasonably called budget

  • People seem to be confused, this isn’t a “Your Budget Gym”, it’s HIS budget gym. For some bizarre reason some people automatically think “budget” means low cost, he’s buying equipment based on the budget he formulated based on his personal financial situation.

  • Ahh I love this video! I’m so excited for all the content you’re putting out, it seems like you’re venturing out of just hiit hop, which I’m here for all of it!! Just wanted to say I hope these are affiliate links/Amazon influencer program so you make some money off of this, and if it is you should totally start one of those Amazon store fronts!

  • It’s not 2×2 steel its like 2.3×2.3 or something 6:18. This is important because you can’t add accessories from other brands because of the unique sizing.

  • I know this video is form a year ago, but man I have been watching your channel a lot lately. I built a basement gym in August to have a more convenient workout spot and have the weights available when I need them. Got a great deal on a York 400lb barbell set that was on sale, but I went cheap on my rack (more of a stand) and regret that, but my basement ceiling is about 70″ high and I knew this was temporary. Come the Spring time I am getting my garage set up with a proper rack (I’ve been missing pull ups and my overhead for awhile now).
    But damn a good rack is expensive. And low and behold I watch this video form a year ago and you bring the MyRack by Force USA to my attention, not only is it easily customizable it is affordable. And they are currently offering a 0% financing X-Mas special