Your 9-Minute Total-Body Kettlebell Workout


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TOTAL BODY FAT BURNING WORKOUT 9 Minute Follow Along Workout

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20 Minute // Full Body KETTLEBELL Workout

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8 Minute Kettlebell Workout Follow Along Tabata

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5 Minute Total Body Beginner Kettlebell Workout

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Your 9-Minute Total-Body Kettlebell Workout KETTLEBELL DEADLIFT. The circuit starts with the kettlebell deadlift. This is a strong movement for most people, so feel The move:. Stand over the kettlebell with the handle facing horizontally. The handle should be.

In a 9-Minute Time Cap: 1) Kettlebell Swing x 30 reps Holding the kettlebell between your legs, initiate the movement by hinging your hips back like you’re trying to push a door. Start in a standing position with feet at shoulder-width distance, holding a kettlebell by the horns (in other words, the sides of the handle), bell closest to your face, racked at chest height.Iin. The move: Grab your kettlebell and flip it upside-down in your hand.

Grip the handle so the weight is facing straight up. This requires a lot of grip strength, and you might already feel wobbly. Bend your arm so your triceps are against your ribs and the kettlebell is just above your shoulder. Slowly walk, keeping the kettlebell upside-down in the air. Check out your new kettlebell workout at!

Stefanie, your amazing Studio Tone It Up trainer, is taking ya through this total bod. Kettlebell Swing Make a triangle with the kettlebell and your feet, with your feet at the bottom of the triangle and the kettlebell about a foot in front of you at the top of the triangle. With a. This Explosive Kettlebell and Bodyweight Flow Workout Will Torch Your Entire Body Eric Leija combines explosive and controlled movements in this advanced routine. By Philip Ellis.

Right at the top of the motion, pull the Kettlebell towards your shoulder. Keep the wrist straight and horizontal with a high elbow. Push the Kettlebell back out along the same way and repeat. Kettlebell Snatch. Finally, the Kettlebell snatch is one of the most mentally and physically rewarding lifts a man can do for a total body workout.

Fun & challenging total body kettlebell workout @ Take out the guesswork; affordable workout programs that work @ A full body kettlebell workout for beginners is a quick way to get a lot done in very little time. If you want to improve your cardio, burn fat, add muscle and improve the way you move then full body kettlebell workouts are for you..

Below I have listed 3 full body kettlebell workouts that can be performed in only 7 minutes.. 7 minutes don’t sound like much time to workout but wait until you.

List of related literature:

The companion video for this book is superb as well, and a must for mastering some of the nuances of the unique kettlebell exercises.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
Dragon Door Publications, 2001

The best part is, the entire drill took only 10 minutes because I wasn’t resting for long periods between sets.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Each circuit training participant moves from one station to the next with little (15–30 seconds) or no rest, performing a 15to 45-second workout of 8–20 repetitions at each station (using a resistance of about 40–60 percent of one repetition maximum [1 RM]).

“Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Mark Dutton
from Orthopaedics for the Physical Therapist Assistant
by Mark Dutton
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

One example would be to set a timer for 8 minutes and complete 25 kettlebell swings at the start of every minute; once you complete the 25 swings, you can rest and recover for the remainder of the minute.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

For muscular endurance and aerobic capacity, nothing beats Tabata sets: four minutes of going all-out for twenty seconds, resting for ten seconds, and repeating.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Starting at 5:30 a.m., four days a week, forty-five minutes per day, we worked out consistently in the living room of our house, using only a broom handle and two five-pound dumbbells, letting my body do the rest of the work.

“Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
from Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness
by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
B&H Publishing Group, 2011

I don’t have a specific routine or plan, I simply take a 30­second break between sets, bouncing from one exercise to the next.

“Essential: Essays by The Minimalists” by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
from Essential: Essays by The Minimalists
by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
Asymmetrical Press, 2015

After a warm-up set with the bar weighted to about 50 percent of your body weight, the goal is three to six heavy sets with a rest of at least three minutes between sets.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
by Eric Horst
Falcon Guides, 2008

This exercise consists of two sets of 10 repetitions, with 30 seconds rest between sets.

“Noyes' Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book” by Frank R. Noyes
from Noyes’ Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes E-Book
by Frank R. Noyes
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

I do five rounds of the 12 exercises, starting with just the bar (45 pounds) and ten reps of each exercise.

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
from Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
by Timothy Ferriss
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

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  • That was great! Besides having killer exercises, I liked the format. I’m an intermediate kettlebell user so the twenty second demonstration was great.

  • Looks like a great workout. I think it fits me.
    A few questions:
    1. Is this good to end a workout with weights?
    2. Do you use a same weight the whole time? If so.. what do you recommend to start (i am 51 and normal i am at more at cardio as weights)?

  • OMG! What a great workout! I just bought a 15 pound kettlebell and this workout kicked my butt! Love the format and music onlyvery easy to focus on the workout!

  • Amazing workout. I like to think I am in good shape, but this workout had my tongue hanging out. Part of the challenge is trying to emulate Heather’s beautiful form. I also learned some new exercises. Thanks so much Heather. Stay well

  • i just bought 8KG kettlebell.. huhuhu.. i am pretty sure.. its heavier than you are using.. how many kilograms that is good for a beginner like me?

  • This was simple yet effective! I did the whole circuit twice through and it wore me out. Best thing is you can do this anywhere! Thank you!!

  • I love this video because there is not a lot of talking���������������� I’m motivated to do the work as it is being modeled… and I like the countdowns. Thank You!

  • After 2 straight days of this workout I FELT IT STRONG in my legs and lower part of my butt & a little in my arms. Awesome. I’m gonna stick with it. Definitely building strength.

  • A great routine but 8kg would sort me out currently.This is far better than hours on a treadmill for those wanting overall strength fitness and weight loss, or a tabata

  • would be good to know what weight the kettlebell should be…I only have an 8kg bell, and for some of these exercises it was too heavy!

  • Love the workout! love the trainer! but she didn’t tell how to hold your body position on the last kettlebell swing move. that move always hurts my back. any suggestions.

  • This was a great workout. I love how all of your workouts are easy to follow and there is no guessing work involved. Thanks for helping this skinny fat girl get toned!!

  • oooo! i recently got a new kettlebell and ive been doing the kettlebell flow workout. i’ll def be adding this to my routine. thank you!!

  • Good workout, but some instruction at the beginning of the exercises in the first set wold be good, to ensure proper form, and eliminate having to watch the screen so much.

  • Thank you!! My kettlebell has been sitting on its lonesome in my room for a month now and decided to do this and had a lot of fun doing it! ������

  • Great workout. A suggestion for future videos: If the text saying what the next exercise is could appear earlier, eg. still in the rest 10 secs, rather than only once you’ve started the movement and the 20 seconds commence, it would be much easier for me to follow along. With this one, I had to get my teenage daughter to keep pressing pause/unpause. She happily ogled your physique for the 10 minutes, but I won’t always have her around when I work out ;P

  • The workout seemed fairly simple but using enough weight it actually made for an ok workout. I’m not sure how often the instructor in the video works out a day, but the muscular definition in her body is phenomenal and perfectly balanced. So whatever her daily/weekly routine is plus whatever her diet is, her body workout(s) she is using obviously has amazing results because her body is practically perfectly fit.

  • It wd hv bn btr to use tabata music becoz we hv to continuosly watch u while doing these. If music was thr we wd know wen to stop n not just keep looking at u to see wen to stop

  • Tried this 10 minute workout, with a 35 pound kettlebell and oh man I am sweating like anything. Great pleasure for someone looking for a quick workout.

  • This is a very good starter lesson. It’s good that is emphasizes keeping back straight. Many videos just assume you know the technique.

  • Nice workout…I’ll try this today…by the way is that rack position so far from your center of mass a voluntary choice? When I’m doing lunges or squats or thrusters I usually keep a very tight rack position to shift the weight of the bell from the shoulders to the lats and try to keep my elbow as close to my hips as possible

  • I love your style. No talking and chill music. Clean atmosphere, clear timing and audio signals. Just wondering, what do you do for your daily or weekly fitness routine besides these videos?

  • im missing the gym, so glad i have a few kettlebells at home, but dam doing this with 12kg my smallest weight, is as tough as [email protected]@k! but loving it! Thank you Joe, loving this during lockdown! UK fan! xork out vibes! xxxx

  • Thank you this video showed me how much I am out out of shape. I tried, but had many difficulties. Thank you I’m going to start working on myself.

  • great point is when you are getting started, doing planks and things for core, spread you legs wide to offside the weight and balance like he is doing,

  • Should I be buying a kettlebell? maybe I’ll just do it at the gym on a corner mat. Love my YMCA cuz there’s child care!! ��❤️❤️

  • I have been frustrated lately because I’m stuck inside because of COVID and I live in AZ where it’s 115 right now outside. But I’m overweight and I can’t just sit around, so I had to try something. My girlfriend has a 10-pound kettlebell so enter heather. If I’m being honest I thought this was BS and gonna be kind of easy, but now I will see heather in my nightmares. Halfway through I stopped because I was seeing spots and felt like I was gonna puke. Thanks for the gut check! ������

  • Good workout. However i had to fight my voice that asked me to stop and the guy on the video who kept remind me how hard it was. A bit more positivity (finish strong, go on, etc) would be appreciated!

  • Can this noticibly increase muscle mass within a few months? If so then how often would be recommended to increase the workout length and/or weight in order to get good gains? (Already a skinny guy, just want a stronger body). Cheers!

  • This was a tough workout. I’ve been surviving on your videos during lockdown. I’m missing the gym so much so thanks Joe for keeping me fit and sane. I hope your hand heals up soon.

  • Oh wow! I’d forgotten how hard this one is������, especially in this heat I’m melting!!! Thanks Joe. More like this one please������

  • Simple yet amazing workout! I want to thank you for the immaculate form of each exercise. Will repeat this flow tomorrow morning! 😉

  • Awesome workout! I did a 15 min kettle workout before this one and this one killed but I was able to do it 3 rounds! So I happy with that! Thanks!

  • I want to say Thank you my good fellow. I have just got done following you tutorial and man, my glutes and abductors are shaking. I used a light weight but man, after the second round my legs thought they were dying. As a parting word, I want to say Thank you very much for taking time to put together this program and also more heartfelt thanks for putting it on YouTube where we can learn from it. Shower time now!!!

    16 kettlebell swings
    10 Pressups
    16 Goblet squats
    10 V Ups
    16 Burpees w/o pressup
    10 overhead press

    Awesome and ����

  • Excellent for those not quite motivated to do a 45 minute workout. Great way to begin your conditioning regimen. Great job, brother!

  • Thank you very much Stefanie for this SIMPLE and EASY beginner friendly workout. Today is my first day of workout after years. I really find this workout doable and beneficial. Enjoyed this simple workout very much. Thanks once again

  • hi joe, just discovered you a couple of mouths ago, as im training for the london marathon 2020 next year, im doing 5 of your work outs a week on top of my running training, god its making a difference, i feel amazing after you workout, keep up the good work buddy, best thing about your training is they only take 20 minutes, when your a busy dad of 2 that does shift work it works well for me, thanks buddy

  • I started home working out again… left barbells and dumbbells… i am now only with kettle bell…. and i tell you… this work out was LETHAL ��������������������

  • I like exercise vids to help people. But… When you have a belly like me, this is all comedy. You pretty much have to be in shape, to do this to get into shape? Though I do kettle bell, if you can do all this chances you don’t have to do this lol…

  • If you do the swing, keep your shoulders down. That’s very important. And the Thrusters are more effective if you turn your arm to the outside and than push it up. Like the Arnold press. During the squat keep the arm in the rack position. Always in balance.

  • This is such a great, quick kettlebell workout. Been doing this along with some running and I’m definitely seeing drastic, positive changes in my body. Keep up the good work!

  • Would love to see more of these, especially with this instructor. I’m finding KB really handy during the pandemic as my mini gym and weight-loss jumpstart, but would love videos to use with it. The shorties are great.

  • Brilliant workout and incredibly well put together video. Easy to follow, clear and the right side of tough! Sweating buckets after that!

  • Can Bodybuilders just stay away from Kettlebells already?? They never know what they’re doing and give bad and false information to people who watch them… Also they always use light Kettlebells because they have no idea how to properly handle them.

  • Finished* with a 16kg. Absolute killer. Had to suitcase carry for the lunges as having it racked was wrecking my shoulder too much to do the thrusters properly.

  • Can these workouts be used as finishers 2 be used after a strength or hiit cardio session 2 really burn u out. Thanks new videos look really good

  • Loved it as I love all your Kettlebell workouts ���� Usually I prefer those from thirty to sixty minutes but today I matched this one with a sixty minutes HIIT workout ����

  • I’ve got a 12kg kettle bell and a 15kg power bag, is there any circuits you’d advise I could do with these 2 peicces if kit for upper body improvements? Cheers

  • Great workout! Sweat sesh for sure! I used a dumbbell, but I’m definitely getting a kettlebell for these workouts. It would be easier to use �� Thanks again Heather! ������

  • I havnt worked out for years. Had to modify to 2 hand swings and press the bell with both hands, but I did it! Feeling very proud of myself ♥️

  • Hey babes!! You’re going to love this new kettlebell workout at! Remember to check in with us after on Insta! xxo

  • Heather you are honestly my fitness guru! I love all your videos so much! Since 6 weeks I train every day with your videos (whatever i feel for) and I am as fit as I’ve never been before!

  • Loved it! Love the fact that you use sound to let me know that this exercise is done. And it’s so useful to show how the exercise has to be done. Great workout

  • Thank you so much for posting these workouts! I really enjoyed this and had a good workout. ��������keep up the good work. Just subscribed.

  • Seen this workout many times but never gave it a go. Today I did and I can say this is one of those workouts that you do once in a life time. It was brutal.

  • I really love the fact that you do not give verbal instructions and instead let some good workout music play. Good stuff.
    Thanks a lot for the workout! ^_^

  • First timer. I did this with a 8kg kettleball after 3 year without any training. This was brutal all my body is numb. Thank you buddy for the effort

  • His form on the first exercise, the kettlebell swing is bad. If the momentum takes you past parallel, regardless of how far, that is fine. But he’s doing what I see a lot of crossfitters do, the momentum takes them to parallel, then they continue to push the kettlebell up with their shoulders. WRONG! This puts a high load and strain on your lower back. Bad form dude.

  • OMG! This is brutal, it looks simple but you really feel it. Surprisingly, didn’t add any extras today lol! Thanks Joe. Can we have some more kettlebell workouts please������xxx

  • I too invested in a kettlebell. One 10 kg and the other one 12 kg. And they have been lying around for eternity. But not anymore just gonna do this workout now. ��

  • I loved this workout! It was challenging and definitely left me sweating but didn’t feel way too intense. It was the first of your videos I’ve seen but I’ll definitely be subscribing for more!

  • This is not made for fat people. I hardly got it around me. And I dropped it like a thousand times. I cant wait till I can do this easy.

  • First time doing any of your workouts!! I falling in love with Kettlebells!! Thank you so much for this amazing work out!! I love how simple you make it!!!

  • Done at a very controlled pace, really got the benefits as I wasn’t being rushed. Forces you to do each exercise properly. Will look out for more similar workouts in this range.

  • Music choice is very, like a bain seizure…I know that was not playing when you hit it. You have great ideas, love this training…