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If you are overwhelming yourself to accomplish a goal, it’s a sign to re-evaluate your process. Most of the time, it only takes subtle adjustments if you are already active.” Keep in mind, too, that everyone fails to meet goals. “Even elite athletes get in slumps and don’t reach their goals and want to quit. You could take photos and or measurements, or if your goal is fitness as well as weight loss focused, a time trial or specific workout routine you can complete once a month to see if you beat your.

Now, you must have an idea of why you were not able to achieve your fitness goals last year! So, prepare your SMART fitness plan right away. Good luck to achieving your fitness goals this year. Comment below on what topic do you want me to write next on.

So that it is helpful for many other people like you. This not only goes for your fitness goals, but any other goal in live. A supportive environment will definitely be a benefit.

See results and then quit. We have all done it. You kick ass in the gym, your clothes are fitting better, your skin is clearer and you feel pretty good about yourself. You did it.

Months and months (or even years and years) of hard work, proper habit building, smarter food choices, and quality exercising habits have lead you to reaching your goal weight and size! First and foremost, congratulate yourself! DING! You’ve leveled up..

Feel free to pat yourself on the back, post your message in the Woot Room, and look in the mirror with pride: you rescued the. Not meeting your fundraising goals doesn’t mean you or your business is a failure, but it does mean you need to take new steps to insuring the capital that you do have. For more about fitness goal setting and getting, check out this blog category, dedicated to the topic. Work 1:1 with Elly to address the deep seated barriers behind changing your exercise and food behaviors. Achieving fitness goals is much easier alongside the support and knowledge of a qualified fitness professional.

Now that you have your exact fitness goal in mind, you’re ready to start putting together a workout routine that is aimed at reaching your goal as quickly and effectively as possible. The next step is to figure out what your training experience level is. Now, I don’t want to say that not achieving a goal is always acceptable and embraced.

But on some level, it’s okay, as long as you learn from it. When you don’t have success with your goals, it’s your responsibility to figure out why. Finding out the reason.

I like to think of my personal fitness goals in terms of what I want to be able to do in several years. Or what I will be able to do at 50, 60 or 80 years old. For now, I’m 22 and in decent shape.

I like running and exercising, but enjoy short wor.

List of related literature:

I always wrote down my goals, like I’d learned to do in the weight-lifting club back in Graz.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Step by step, I got to the point where I finally joined the gym.

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Getting serious about fitness seemed like a good next move.

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I continued to push my body with marathon running, cycling, swimming, and dieting because I believed there was no other way to achieve the physique I so desperately wanted.

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After completing the first step, make a list of your general fitness goals.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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I will do these things for one month and then check in to see if I need to reevaluate my goals.”

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I mean, I’ve been going to the gym and, um … reached my goals, so … was going to bin it, basically.”

“Noah Could Never” by Simon James Green
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What were my goals?

“Egan's Skilled Helper Model: Developments and Implications in Counselling” by Val Wosket
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I knew that the next step was to get more active, but I still dreaded the thought of going to the gym.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
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I’d done strength training in another season of life, but this time I couldn’t make any progress.

“Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals” by Michael Hyatt
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  • I did not know that halo tops are selling gulten and dairy free ice cream btw I love u. “Don’t give up and try your best plus successful as you can be anything that you can do it and live your best life as on YouTube ��”

  • glad you’re back to eating healthy and getting some nutrition education, seems you were healthier, happier and had more energy in japan. So taking probiotics may be a great idea after a round of antibiotics, but your body actually cant assimilate and use exogenous probiotics efficiently, smilier to vitamins, you want to get them from the food you eat fermented foods are excellent source of probiotics, like kimchii and sour krout. Probiotics need Pre-biotics that’s food for probiotics the best source of prebiotics are fiber, like lentils, bean, fruits and veggies. Your gut micro-biome will change depending on what you eat, so you can create a diverse and healthy micro-biome or you can promote the growth of bad bacteria, like putrefying bacteria from meat sources, which are very strongly linked to colorectal cancer

  • I wanna say thank you for posting the videos you do, I’ve struggled a lot with losing weight whenever I feel like all hope is lost I rewatch your weight loss story because how relatable it is. Thank you for what you do and for being my fitness inspiration as well as just an inspirational person overall!

  • This really spoke to my heart and encouraged me!! You are such a light in this world, and I know that God led me to this video for a reason����

  • So I just found you today and have been catching up on some of your videos and I really appreciated this one for where I am today. About a year ago I started getting serious about my health and fitness. I started running… counting calories and weighing weekly. I wasn’t overweight at all. I just gained about 20 over the last 18 years of being married so i decided to make a change. I’m still at it today but I find myself at times obsessing about it. I’m afraid to gain it back. But your video was such an encouragement. I was blessed by it. thank you for your words of encouragement and being used by God.

  • My goal is to lose weight and not be scared to use the clothes and make up i like
    I feel like anything in my chubby and full of acne face looks awful, I have such a bad relationship with myself and I really just want to change it a bit
    Let my hair grow, go down 2 sizes is enough and I’ll finally have the confidence to even paint my nails as i like…

  • Cambria, this video is WONDERFUL!! Simply amazing and beautiful because it is what SO many people need to hear, including myself! More than hear… Really Listen and take it in. I put it in my favorites folder because I think I need to watch it once a week until I really think this way consistently.

    I have decided to accept myself and my true desires, especially around fitness. I have no desire to exercise Everyday. I desire to exercise CONSISTENTLY, and feeling like a failure for not doing it 6 days a week.
    I would rather be consistent in exercising 4 times a week, than to only workout in spurts with months in between! I intend to alternate periods of time where I will workout 6 days a week with times of 4 times a week until I’ve released the excess weight and am fit. Perfection keeps me from being consistent because then I feel like a failure for less than 6 days a week and it feels like a chore. I want it to feel fun again!!!

  • I tried daily harvest last year and bought I don’t know how many smoothies and I think the only one that was tolerable was the cocoa mint… all the other ones were so hard to eat and were nasty ��

  • I have PTSD so I hardly have the energy to get out bed most days. I doubt if ever have the energy to work out or cook. Hell I’m in bed right now.

  • Constant mood swings and bloating for me!! My face retains soo much water when I have one food that triggers me… but it is SO hard to pinpoint the culprits sometimes!

  • Just what I needed today. Truly appreciate your genuine love and care for others. I praise God for God-fearing woman like you! That is exactly how you let your life speak Christ. Best wishes!

  • I’m so into the self-love ��,, I never used to look at Instagram all the time or stress my self about almost everything,, but this past year I don’t know what happened,, now I’m literally stuck on my phone,, this needs to change quickly before it become an obsession if it is not already,,,, and yeah I’m bloated all the time, I’m afraid it’s a dairey proplem,, I can’t live without cheese ��

  • this stupid 8fit app. After this video I started the free trial and now I’m being charged $90 even tho I had already unsubscribed!!! I cant afford that! and apple refuses to give me a refund. urghhh

  • This literally might be the best video I’ve watched on youtube fitness, and I’ve watched a damn lot of youtube fitness. Instant subscribe.

  • You are literally so amazing and inspiring. I have had the “wrong mindset” of being healthy. All I wanted to do was lose weight so I could look prettier. And honestly thinking about that now, I’m actually ashamed of that thought. That’s what the world teaches us today, and I can now ignore that. I am now healthy and I love my body and take care it so much. Beautiful message btw!!!

  • I want you to do podcast so much. I listen to you talk well doing things productively and it really helps me. Just a thought if your not to busy, if you do podcast I’d totally listen and let everyone I know about you and get them to listen to you as well. I’m 100% sure they’d be interested as much as I am.

  • Just wanna say you motivate me! I’m so happy I found your channel.
    My goal right now is to move my body every day. Whether that’s a workout, going for a walk outside, yoga, dance party in my kitchen. Anything!

  • Needed to hear this today. I have been so hard on myself with my progress. I have lost 45lbs so far and I have hit a plateau. So this video helped! ��

  • Yaass I find routine is number one..I’m done school at 3, so right after that I go straight to the gym cuz Laying down and looking at my phone right after school is just not enjoyable anymore

  • an amazing activity I do as exercise is ariel pilates/fly gym/ariel yoga. i do it for 3 hours a week but it’s so fun that i want to do more! I don’t think of it as exercise or a chore, but as a fun activity that i look forward to!

  • One thing that works in my favor is that I don’t have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately I love red meat. I could eat a steak Burrito every day.

  • I had skin problem for the last couple months. I have been struggling but I thought the reason was my skincare products and the fact of turning 30.
    I’m really glad you mentioned gut health and shown face mapping chart! Now I know I need to cut out gluten of my diet… i defiantly have gluten face with red cheeks and all! Shocking!! Also a bit of dairy face (I’m lactose intolerant but I like having cheese every now and then).

    Changing eating habits is a mindful ongoing process, which may take some time. However Mindfulness and being deliberate are two great approaches to take this year.

  • Wow this channel has almost doubled in subs since the last time I saw one of her videos. Very cool. Also, looks like she doesn’t do the whole anime look anymore which is cool. She’s very pretty au naturelle! Also, props on the Roots clothing! Oh Canada!

  • I needed to hear this so much. I’ve been in this negative loop n I’m having such a difficult time with strengthening my body after an accident that happened over 3 years ago. It’s not easy finding the motivation when your tired sore in pain everyday. My biggest challenge is eating healthier so I don’t put on the pounds since I can’t workout like I used to. I would love to feel strong balanced clear headed n feel healthy inside n out. Love you so much Taylor and thank for being your passionate self

  • Hi I’ve been wanting to listen to more podcasts but the truth is I don’t really know where to start. Could anyone recommend some really good ones where you learn new things or even some funny ones for days where I just want to relax a little that would be great

  • Such powerful words! I love this video so much! I just wrote down like 95% of this video so I can use these quotes as affirmation for myself. I have struggled to get out of this negative thought process I believe a lot you said will get me through it. I was just beautiful words. So thank you so much:)

  • Not at all rambling…Coach u have given me the reason why I was making progress in fitness and not in other areas of my life..I need to set some solid goals❣️Thanks

  • I am a 17 year old girl who is trying to make new fitness goals and lose about 35lbs this 2020. I’m looking for someone who wants to be my fitness buddy (give each other motivation, ideas, and just overall support). Comment below if you’re interested:))

  • It’s so sad that you’ll probably never read this but this video, this channel, you, honestly and sincerely changed my life. I love my body, I love who I am, I love my life as imperfect as it is, you inspired me to try to dig deep and find my passion for religion, I’m so so healthy…the list goes on..I just love you Cambria from the deepest part of my heart I do❤❤❤ have an amazing day!

  • 10:06 yes omg my friend recommended oat milk to me and it has changed the game. I drank almond milk for 2+ years and never liked it (too watery, tastes weird) and I hate that I never knew about oat milk until now.

  • So motivating, I love working out I have no issues working out I find saying no to comfort foods difficult I can’t find the balance ��

  • wow.. you’re such beautiful soul. nothing has ever hit or sunk to me as much as this, thank you so much for putting everything you believe is right into this video, I feel very appreciative towards this video, and definitely has helped me have a better understanding of who I am.

  • Great work, maybe you could recommend a couple of goals for someone reaching that level, such as improve strength, improve metabolism, perform a photo shoot. Any other ideas of good goals for someone nearing the end of a weight loss journey?

  • You have really inspired me! Thank you so much! This video just totally put things into perspective. This is what I needed to hear! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much for this video! You have inspired me and your words have certainly not fallen flat! I am in awe that God moves in such interesting ways.. So thankful that i “stumbled” across your channel. Cant wait to watch more of your videos, keep up the good work!!

  • I love how realistic and understanding you are. This is what I needed to hear. I’ve been feeling very frustrated lately because I am not seeing the results I want to see and I get to a point where I just want to quit. I feel so guilty if I skip a workout or I do not follow my diet all the time. Thanks for sharing this with us Maryana!

  • Rosie does the same thing my grandparent’s dog does, just leaves a bit of her tongue out of her mouth, we always say her tongue is too big for her mouth, it’s so cute

  • Wanna lift the fog try the ketogenic way of eating. I have been doing it for nearly 4 months. I am feeling the best I have felt in 10 years.

  • This is a fantastic video Cambria. It is God’s will that we take care of our selves. A long as He is first in our lives and we are seeking first His kindom; we can indeed do all things through Christ (according to His will) who strengthens us. God bless you. I’m a fairly new subscriber and I love your videos. You are of such a cheerful disposition. It is so motivating to watch you’re videos in the morning to help me wake up with my tea after first hearing the word of God preached and also in the evening to wind down. I have sciatica at the moment so working out for me to the extent I’d love to is something I refrain from but I can do a few things which I’m so grateful for. My physio and hydrotherapy are helping so I hope by spring to be much more active. You’re motivation for exercise is excellent! I love you guys and urge you to keep growing in Christ whether you have much or little or whatever your circumstances; remember that growth the fruit of the Spirit in His eyes is much praise worthy than growing in the gifts of the Spirit as such were the words of Paul the apostle:
    If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,[b] but do not have love, I gain nothing. 1 Cor 13:1-3. The reason I say this is because many a young person and even older people in the church are fooled into believing that the gifts of the Spirit are mire inportant than the fruit of the Spirit but I tell you according to His word that God the Father wants us to grow into the likeness of His Son and you know He was full if every fruit if the Spirit and grew up learning obedience. We cannot run before we can walk and in order to know how to use every good gift that comes from God we must grow in His fruit but I do not say this to judge or critisize or undermine you but in love, in care, in hope and i preparation for yet further growth and armouring you further to keep you from any alteration of the truth of God’s word and teaching. You and your fiance are such a blessing to see and the laughter that you have with your friends and sister is wonderful. You and your comical videos (out takes) are so funny and make me laugh so much. God bless you. �� ��☺

  • Been nonstop watching your videos for the last couple of weeks, and I have to say amongst all your excellent content this one is just gold.

  • Just catching up. Have you heard of Whole30? It’s an elimination diet for 30 days to help you figure out what your body is sensitive to. I’m on day 21, and it’s amazing the changes you go through in 30 days!

  • Basically tonight I cried to my boyfriend over the phone about how i feel worthless (it has to do with my past and relationships I had with others) and I watched this randomly and I know it was God. Thank you for showing me that I’m beautiful and worthwhile

  • Have you tried stop drinking coffee? Also Green Tea and sweetener Aspartam makes me breakout.. Quitting these all helped me to super clear skin

  • You topics are Always spot on. Like a going to church and feeling like the preacher is preacher just to you. I broke a sub-2 hour half marathon and completed a full marathon those were 2 huge goals for Me and definitely feel the lack of purpose. I need a new goal. During the video I was thinking this almost like post partum depression. I feel you on the goal setting.

  • I love ❤️ the way you edit your video on YouTube I love �� watching your video on YouTube you make awesome �� video on YouTube you make an amazing �� video on YouTube I’m your biggest fan

  • Thank you:) it’s been terrible for this new year. Last year around September I began and lost some weightbut then I got surgery in Novwhich put me off for about a month, December I restarted but on the 31st I tore a ligament in my knee which put me off for the new year. I gained my weight that I lost since September, slowly it’s crawling back and it’s one of those points where you just don’t want to do anything anymore. Dec was going so well I was on a roll and now I’m not allowed to walk or put pressure on the knee for at least a month….. ��
    But this was great to hear thank you:) Dedication is what I need to stick with

  • I am at 143 and I am trying to get to 130 that’s my goal and I working toward it doing my work outs I will get there I know I can do it it will happen definitely happen.

  • I feel like Maryana is one of the first gym influencers I’ve heard say that motivation is fleeting, and to not rely on it… I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that from someone until today, thank you ��

  • I wish more people would have more awareness & specify that they ship here in CA, not all places. Unless your specific audience is meant to be for Cali ppl…��

  • Paul again, thank you for answering my question and for all your advice and tips you bring to the table for everyone. My new goal is now set and I’m excited to start this new journey.

  • I literally love your videos and this video was so helpful. My husband survived a heart attack last year and I finally have him on board to a healthy lifestyle. We went out today and bought so many of the foods you recommended in your previous videos, thank you for your postive videos.

  • I love you ❤️ you make my day everyday and u have inspired me to go on a fitness journey and change my life completely. I want to thank you for everything ��

  • What does the app 8fit mean with “target calories”?

    Is this supposed how many calories you need to eat a day to reach your goal? Mine says: 2879 calories.

    And target weight: 64,2 kg

    If it’s like that, isn’t that too many calories? I’m afraid I might only gain more weight if I eat that much calories, I don’t even eat that much calories a day, I think it’s between 1600-1800 a day, sometimes even less.

    I weigh 80 kg right now but my ideal weight isn’t 64,2 kg. I just want to gain some more muscles and weigh under 70 kg, that’s all.

  • Yes please make a video about gut health! I think that’s really where I need to make my changes. Also, the face charts were really helpful, I think I have a gluten face. Thank you for doing all the research and sharing it with us in a way that’s easy to understand!

  • I totally get you, I have a lactose and disaccharide intolerance. Changing my diet has made a dramatic change to my overall well-being.

  • I love love love every tip you gave. You are so right! My goal right now is just to make it to the gym every day. After just a week I feel so much better and more energized. I was definitely setting unrealistic goals when I started my journey March of last year. Now I’m just tracking my progress with how good I feel and how much more active I’m becoming. That alone is what is getting me to the gym daily! Definitely feeling more like a lifestyle change now!

    Thank you for your videos! Honestly always so informative and inspiring. ✨

  • my biggest struggle is caringb too much in the day and eating very healthy but then at night i just say f*ck it and binge eat junk food����

  • you should have a podcast where you just talk about this change. LIke I have watched this video so much just to refresh my thoughts on myself and my goals.

  • I keep on coming back to your channel because your videos are just so encouraging and inspirational! It is so unusual to find a fitness and health channel which is revolved around Christ rather than appearance!! Thank you so so much ❤️❤️

  • Cambria your videos are truely spoken from the heart and has helped me to see another side to me and begin to over come the felling of in severity of my body and my mind. I cannot THANKYOU enough for the pleasure of watching your videos.

  • Hey Taylor where did you get that fuzzy beige-y white sweater (when you were talking about chia seeds)? I need it!! Also what size is yours for reference, I’m pretty small

  • I absolutely loved this video! You spoke with such kindness and understanding for the journey, and I hope you’re able to speak the same way to yourself more this year! One of my New Years resolutions was to try couch to 5K, and it’s been a great way to track my progress. Two weeks in and I can already run way more than I could before!

  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this video. It came to me at a time in which I really needed it. I will make sure to come back to it for inspiration often. You are a truly gifted young lady!
    God bless!

  • I have Been following you since 2016 �� u were the reason I became healthy and made me exercise and look up the vegan life style �� i’m Vegetarian but I do eat meat from time to time☁

    I used to be TOO SKINNY but thanks to you I actually gained healthy weight��

    Ps: I’m only 18 but I hope that when I reach the same age as you I’ll be in the best shape health wise

  • Did you try a heating lamp? My friend swears it helps the skin. Rosie is the same as my 2 cats when I try to work out at home ����

  • i come back to your videos from time to time. tbh most of your content, while fun and very well thought out, isnt my style, i watch very different videos. but these inspirational lifestyley videos are so important and i genuinely love your personality. you being like a faraway sister sounds very right.. so i wanted to thank you for everything. stay beautiful inside out and god bless xx

  • thank you for this video I was told by my doctor to exercise twice a day if possible but at least once and I am prediabetic  you really encouraged me

  • One of my favorite YouTubers of all time, I’ve been watching your videos for years now. However, I just want to say that you inspire me so much to follow my dreams and to keep going and not to be afraid of change. So thank you for staying all this years with us on YouTube because we need people like you here, beside all of this you are so creative and interesting unlike the others but most importantly you are real.


  • Dear Taylor I know you won’t see this but other fellow Hong Kong-ians (haha) are there a variety of green spaces to explore? I’m starting the Working Holiday Scheme for a year there and 100% am a city girl but also need nature exploration to balance….

  • Just wanna give out a shoutout to Walden Farms when I heard you mentioning the stuff about salad dressings having a deceptive amount of calories. They’re a company that makes sauce/dressings/syrups with 0 calories. (Not actually zero because that’s impossible, probably more like 2 calories per 2 tbsp?) Some of their products can taste strange due to the nature of being crazy low cal, but for salads, I encourage people to try the French, Russian, Balsamic and Thousand Island dressings as they please even finicky people.:3 Goodluck on everyone’s fitness journeys!

  • you inspire me so much. u are different from every youtuber i watch because your love for christ shines so bright and i needed to hear what you had to say. your courage inspires me and your videos make my day and i never leave them feeling empty. thank you