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In other words, you don’t need to be a strongman to train like one. “ [Commercial gyms] are starting to get variations of strongman equipment that won’t destroy their facility. You might see super heavy medicine balls that people use to simulate a stone load. Or you’ll see people carry dumbbells like farmer handles. In other words, you don’t need to be a strongman to train like one. “[Commercial gyms] are starting to get variations of strongman equipment that won’t destroy their facility. You might see super heavy medicine balls that people use to simulate a stone load.

Or you’ll see people carry dumbbells like farmer handles. In other words, you don’t need to be a strongman to train like one. “[Commercial gyms] are starting to get variations of strongman equipment that won’t destroy their facility. You might see super heavy medicine balls that people use to simulate a stone load. Or you’ll see people carry dumbbells like farmer handles. ‘You don’t need to have the physique or strength of a strongman to get the benefits of training like one,’ says coach Luke Chamberlain, as I arrive for my first ‘modified’ strongman session. When you need a mental vacation from the traditional lifts, but don’t want to slack off and lose strength, pivoting to strongman training is hands down one of the best ways to do so.

The best part is, you don’t have to compete in the sport to reap the benefits. So why don’t you train like one? Strongman isn’t Olympic lifting, it’s not powerlifting and it certainly isn’t bodybuilding. People who follow a powerlifting routine coupled with the odd event session are selling themselves short.

You must be strong, you must have technique, and you must be able to adapt to whatever is thrown at you. This leads us into what could be an enormous topic. The mentality of a strongman. In order to enjoy the sport, you must be adaptable, dynamic, and.

But you don’t need to be a monster to incorporate strongman training effectively into your gym routine. Strongman training methods are just like any other training method. It’s all movement, and it can be fit in anywhere in a variety of ways. Bodybuilding-like benefits – Oh, and it turns out strongman lifting can make you bigger, don’t worry ladies, your bodies operate in a different way But for the guys! You may be of the mindset that the only way to get bigger is to lift like a bodybuilder, but that isn’t really true.

I’ll be one of the first to tell you there are huge benefits to incorporating strongman style movements and events into your training program. But I’ve also pointed out that depending on your goals and level of conditioning there are particular exercises which are inappropriate and more specific to competition than general strength or fitness.

List of related literature:

And sometimes you train too hard and get hurt.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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It is human nature to want to skip ahead and start the good stuff and train with weight.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
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I believe that all strength trainees should master their own body weight as a form of resistance before moving on to free weights and other training systems.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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But free­weight training requires several muscles to move, balance, and steady a weightas you lift and lower it.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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Then develop strength without wasting energy.

“Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life” by Dan Millman
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I’m not saying that supplemental strength and conditioning training isn’t beneficial or part of the MovNat method; I only mean that it may not be mandatory when learning the majority of the techniques and skills involved in Natural Movement.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
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Today there are still reasons why some don’t strength train.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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The personal trainer needs to be aware that the ability to develop maximal strength or power (or both) with body weight training will be eliminated because it cannot provide the intensity necessary to develop these physiological adaptations.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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But if your recent training hasn’t been well structured or very scientific, if you’ve missed a lot of workouts, or if the training hasn’t been all that challenging, then you have a lot of potential left to realize.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
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I don’t train to keep my body in shape, I train to have my body beaten.

“Floyd Patterson: A Boxer and a Gentleman” by Alan H. Levy
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  • I’d really like to achieve the body type/look of a strong man with some added strength. But not looking to get into competitions.
    If you haven’t already could you go over eating habits that I could combine with your ‘at home strong man works outs’

  • I want to start strongman but I don’t know if I have a gym close to me that I could train for it in. Im in Kansas. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it

  • So on point on the percentage of max work, no one can lift there pr every day so why expect that you can do 75% for 6 reps everyday, rpe is where its at!

  • I’m only 160 pounds but strongman is so interesting and unique I’ve been thinking for a while of trying out some strong man style workouts, just for fun. Obviously scaled waaaaaaay down lol

  • 0:52 I mean sure, unless Bjornsson, Shaw, Pritchett, Caron and Heinla are also competing. Martins has a huge deadlift, but he is not even in the world’s top 5 pullers.

  • Wrestling is a sport in high school as well. In football you can excel and be compared to other players. And you win and lose as a team. In wrestling 1v1. Its either you or him. Love strongman just putting in my opinion

  • commenting on the size or bodyfat percentage of a strong man is like commenting on how weak a bodybuilder is. who cares. he doesn’t train to look good or be small. he trains to be strong as possible. bodybuilders train to look big at very small body fat percentages. You wanna look at half naked dudes and judge their body weight, cool. Watch those kind of videos when they’re posted. respect all styles and shut up.

  • The first professional on men’s health workout is actually the strongest guy in the world? That’s an ambitious step up from random actors.

  • I love how much attention Strongmen are getting these days. It’s a hell of a sport and these guys have always deserved more attention than they previously had (at least in the US.)

  • hes not the worlds strongest man. Hes the worlds fastest man lol the only reason he won is becasue the entire sport of strongman has been ruined by using much lighter weights and essentially turning it into a speed contest rather than a strength contest

  • Mad respect for the man being one of the strongest men in the world and for doin this video, but logically, who BENEFITS from this?! Already by the first exercise, lifting something that’s 1100 POUNDS! I know that many BODYBUILDERS follow this channel (obviously) but what percent of us can lift fucking 1100lbs let alone do any of these other exercises?! XD

  • I didn’t see this asked yet but may have overlooked. Do you sell programs for strongman? Any direction you have for me would help, thank you.

  • I never could understand someone not wanting to be strong. I’m no amazingly strong person or anything, but I’ve never found being stronger than average to have a downside, other than getting very strange looks when you HAVE to pull over and try to lift something that looks heavy on the side of the road. Keeps the neighbors away almost as good as a fence.

  • For novice men, what weight do recommend to be able to do on the 3 core movements (OH press, deadlift, squat ) so that you don’t make a fool of yourself in your first competition?

  • How tall are you? You have a similar build to me from what I can see. I have shorter arms and a longer torso. I was thinking this might make strongman exercises like Atlas Stones difficult for me but it could make other lifts easier like log press. Who knows though!

  • Brian Shaw is one of the Strongest men on the planet to date. Barbell looked tiny in his hands. With all the injuries associated with training and competing, a big high five for all the strong men out there. Takes a tonne to do what they do. All that eating, all that training. The life!

  • Have you guys done an MMA fighter video yet? If not you should. Someone like Kamaru Usman, Robert Whitaker, Tyron Woodley, or Paulo Costa.

  • I have 2 QUESTIONS:
    1) assuming same weight cathegory… Who would do better in strongmen competition? A strong woman who is top level? Or a powerlifter/bodybuilder who never competed in strongman? I know in martial arts technique makes enough difference that women can beat men if the men are not used to the competition…

    Second: i want to be good enough to do the events, i dont plan to compete and be the best, i just want to be good enough to be able to go through the events(doesnt sound like much but not only most people wouldnt win such a competition, most wouldnt be able to even try it)
    So, the question is… How should be my routine to do so? Like… What would be the day to day routine for someone to try this out?

  • I just started my YouTube channel and I’m thinking about posting random gym stuff. I would like if people check it out and give me feedback or anything I can improve.

  • As of now Brain Shaw is 4time world strongest man and number 5 is soon coming to reality, go Brain, your advice has helped me much in my training. Thanks you and your lovely family. Paul from Stockholm Sweden.

  • What I like about Martins is that compared to most strongmen in size he’s not really the biggest guy out there but still is st the top in strength

  • Oberst is the least winning strongman of all time. Don’t listen to a word he says lmao he can’t even deadlift one rep at a deadlift for reps contest.

  • I’m 6’5, ex wrestler (9 years) and football lineman (7 years). I have nerve damage in my left brachial plexus that i got in hs, ending my wrestling career (3 different specialists refused to clear me after completing 7 months of PT)

    I’ve been trying strong man routines and noticed a significant improvement in my physic and strength, but do you know of any Strongmen who have nerve injuries that are still able to compete?

    Robert Oberst mentioned tearing his bicep and still having to shoot a pilot for the show, but I haven’t heard of any lifters who had nerve injuries.

    Thanks for the vid btw!

  • Finally! Men’s health uses a legitimately strong man, wearing clothes, with a vocabulary beyond “lift to pump”. Don’t c #ck it up MH

  • Quite impressed! obviously Martins is a incredibly strong bloke, but his mobility and flexibility is impressive for his size for sure. I also do the single arm holds, hanging leg raises, i got into that habbit from my days rock climbing(bouldering)

  • Strongman doing… CALISTHENICS?!?!?!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    But in all seriousness I think his very strategic use of his body weight is fucking dope and I wish more people would realize how useful body weight exercises can be.

  • To get at his level, you have to do insanely! unhealthy thingskind of funny considering the name of the uploader. Love MARTINS tho. Impressive to see him outlift bigger and much heavier guys.

  • Martins! You are one of the only current strongmen whom I think is not sports doping, or even if you are, you would still be one of the strongest natural people in the world! I aspire to be World Strongest Man too one day, and I look up to people like Brian Shaw, Magnus Samuelson, Jouko Ahola, Sven Karlson, Raymonds Bergmanus and obviosly yourself too!!!
    Keep up the good work man! ��

  • it’s kinda sad that we’ve separated gay people from normal people. idc if you’re gay or not, if you lift weights than you a strongman. there shouldn’t be gay strongmen, just strongmen. sexual orientation has nothing to do with it.

  • Lots of dumb comments in here already: “he shouldn’t train like that if he’s In pain!” “He’s not really the world’s strongest man compared to power lifters!” “You shouldn’t train like that, you’ll hurt yourself!” Bunch of amateurs that don’t even watch strongman lol

  • Brian Shaw you are my favorite I wanna become just like you

    Please support me I want to represent my country in strong men champion ship

  • The premise of this video is way off. If you are trying to learn about lifting, don’t try to emulate the training style of a super elite. Do a novice program.

  • I’m in my late 20s and I just want to get more in shape and I figure strongman lifting is a good direction to go into to achieve that. I have a slim build but I’d like to do this to get bigger. Am I on the right path?

  • I love Martins but I just don’t see how Brian does not win in Santa Monica. So it just sucks that both of them can’t go to Ohio because whoever wins will be the only one going

  • Watch the Full Episode on London Real for FREE only at

  • Strongman doesn’t help all other types of lifting ������ if you put 2017 eddie hall up on a bodybuilding stage that would be funny af���� but i get ur point

  • So would someone with an athletic background have a big advantage in the sport? I played sports all my life. I didn’t get into heavy weight lifting until last summer. I deadlifted for the first time in december, then took 5 months off and got back into lifting in general last month. I currently deadlift 500lbs, with a goal to get as close to 700lbs as I can by the end of the year. Not sure if all this is worth the time and effort. I seem to naturally be very good at deadlifting, and am currently 270lbs. I feel built for this sport but am behind strength wise getting into it so late. I turn 25 in a few months.
    Other lifts: 300lbs bench(was 400 for one before I took 6 months off), 400 squat(was 500+ before break), 245 OHP(with leg drive).

  • I hope Martins wins Santa Monica.

    Perhaps his biggest rival will be Shaw. I looked up the events and it looks like Martins has an advantage.

    The log for reps is in Shaw’s favor. If he doesn’t take too long in between reps, he can crush the competition in this event for sure. Same with the bag over bar. However, I think Martins has an edge with the farmer’s walk, the carry medley, and the deadlift. What’s more, if Shaw is slow on the medley and farmer’s, there might be other competitors edging in between him and Martins, giving Martins more of an edge. The deadlift is a big question for me when it comes to Shaw. I don’t see his Youtube channel devote time to it, but Martins has given some insight to his deadlift and it’s looking pretty good. As there will be other big pullers, Martins can once again extend a possible lead in this event, if Shaw doesn’t do well in this event. I don’t think Martins is weak in any of the events and he’ll be consistently scoring big points, whereas Shaw might be off on the deadlift. Still, the events are heavy and that favors Shaw. If the deadlift for reps doesn’t bother his hamstrings, it’s going to be close. In any case a very interesting competition, with much at stake, and lots of top competitors and people being stoked to doing well and get to the Arnold.

  • My gym has a fake gym version of the tire. It is not as heavy or large as the real deal but it could do the trick for beginners. I never see anyone using them though.

  • He’s technically not the world’s strongest man.
    He is the winner of the world’s strongest man competition,
    but that competition does not test pure static strength,
    it’s a combination of strength, fitness, agility, endurance, etc.
    and that’s fine, but ‘strong’ has a specific meaning in English.
    The guy who has the biggest raw total in deadlift + squat + bench press
    is the actual strongest man in the worldcurrently Kirill Sarychev.
    Licis is strong, but his numbers aren’t even close to that guy.

  • This video doesn’t give his sheer massive size justice, even if it’s 2009 Brian. He makes the tyre look like an average large tyre.

  • Brian Shaw is one of the Strongest men on the planet to date. Barbell looked tiny in his hands. With all the injuries associated with training and competing, a big high five for all the strong men out there. Takes a tonne to do what they do. All that eating, all that training. The life!

  • Yeah I’m 5 foot 6 pretty sure if there was a why not list my height would be on It. I would be pretty screwed on atlas stone and the like

  • I’m 6’5 and about 190 and body fat percentage is probably around 12%. My metabolism is out the roof still being that I’m 24 and I’ve never felt like my low rep, heigh weights have done it for me. Does this mainly come from not maintaining a calorie surplus?

  • I have a desk job, 35yrs old 200 pounds 5’8″ and just now want to start strongman. Many people around me say I am stupid for doing it.

  • I don’t do strongman competitively but I definitely do strongman events in my workout routines because I feel like it’s good for functional strength. I just warm up my rotators and my joints before I do anything. I try not to overwork any particular muscle group. And I try to push myself every time at least a little bit. And make sure that your diet and supplements are pretty good and you’ll make progress very quickly.

  • This brian kid has a lot of potential! He’s young but he’s already come in 3rd on the world stage. With his positive attitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if he won it all one day!

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  • How can I recover or work around sore tendons. Can you guys do a basics exercise video for wrist,arm, and leg tendons. I love the content keep it up.

  • i wanna be a strongman too but you guys made me think that i would never break a world record by the time i am strong enough. all you 2020 guys did/will do things that were thought to be impossible, and the competition wil be just as hard in the future, so i think it would be too hard because im only 5’11, So yeah… should i go on or not?

  • Born in 73 hench my name Was born in a house no toilet just a sheed in the yard and no shower have pics of me sitting as lill kid getting washed by my mom in the kitchen sink haha ( dont worry we got showers mom n dad at work me and later my lill sister in school and so on ) was first in 81 we got a house sens my pops started to earn good cash fishing so yer i grew up a bit poor maby thats why i still hate mony and rich people today

  • Awesome video �� I’ve recently moved from powerlifting and into strongman and loving it. I use a modified version of swede burns 5th set as my basic barbell program. I’ve removed heavy bench press and replaced it with log power clean. I squat as the speed technique routine. Heavy deadlift and the second bench day is now strict over head press. That’s the basic form of my training, then is event and accessory work. I’m an under 105kg strongman so even us small people can compete in this amazing sport ������

  • Great video!
    Would you recommend getting a certain amount of strength behind you doing (squat, ohp and deadlift) before finding a strong(wo)man gym to learn the skills/ events to compete or can you work both at the same time?

  • How to be come a pro strongman at this level? drugs…lots of them. This is a joke. Robert Oberst isn’t special, he’s on powerful, dangerous drugs. He is a victim of people like the executives at IMG Worldwide, the corporation that own “World’s Strongest Man” and Arnold Schwarzenegger, owner of “The Arnold.” Both IMG and Schwarzenegger are the founding fathers of Steroid Nation. They pocket millions while these guys risk their lives for peanuts. IMG executives and Schwarzenegger should be in jail for poisoning our kids..Videos like this are poisoning our kids. Powerful laws are on way to hopefully end this madness.

  • Phenomenal athlete, makes you wonder how far he could go in other strength based sports which brings me to the question, what is considered more prestigious olympic gold or Worlds strongest man?

  • Gay people: we want to be equal just because we love someone of the some sex doesnt make us diffrent
    Also gay people: WoRlD StRoNgEsT gAy

  • If you wanna do both powerlifting and strongman in the same year, how would you program? I mean how ‘bout a basic hybrid program? Or, alternating six weeks 101 for each?

  • MARTINS!! ✊ I have become a recent fan of strongman. I used to have a good home gym, we were planning on 5th wheel living while my wife did travel nursing. Family issues delayed that for at least two years. Unfortunately, we sold off all my gym stuff Olympic weights, power locks and all. Then I had shoulder reconstruction and biceps reattachment. Then my gyms closed on February 19th. I have purchased new gloves, straps and even a ratchet belt (I have DDD as well). For home a Fusion HCT, rower, dumbells, straps and TRX system. My rehab is almost done and I will be hitting it proper soon, once our Activist, Left Governor let’s businesses open up (totally unconstitutional). I am almost 55 and will enjoy getting back into it hard. Martins is just fun to watch and he has good knowledge on the sport.

  • Yeah, I’m working up to a 500 pound over head press. If I keep up with this rate of progress I should reach my goal in eighty years. Yep, I did the math.

  • 24 yrs old and thinking about getting into lifting again weighing 60kg at 1,89cm at the moment not alot of food intake at all worth it or not?

  • Agree totally. Pisses me off to see all these gym instructors recommend 3 sets of 12-15 reps or somethin with certain weights and ppl just follow these blindly for months. While your goal each day should be based on how your body is feeling and how heavy you wanna push up until fatigue. I work with finance, so leaving maths out of the door is very therapeutic when lifting.

  • I think this is a pretty good unofficial endorsement for RPE scaling, essentially.
    if you ask people how it works, you get a fucking essay, but if you actually try it yourself and strip out the bullshit, it’s a damn good way to train. You just have to be honest with yourself don’t psyche yourself out of it, but also don’t let your ego run wild.

  • Great video, you really explain everything well. I would do maybe a local strongman comp but I would never expect to be world class. I’m only 6′ foot and I’m kind of scared of getting injured so I don’t have the passion enough. It’s one of my favorite sports though.

  • I took a kids picture one time he drew which I thought was good. I took it home and showed my mum to impress her. She said “ you can draw better than that.” I said what? She said it again and was serious “ I’ve seen you draw better than that.” I went up stairs and got a shoe out my cupboard and drew one myself and to my surprise she was right. I always underestimate myself and am impressed by others doing well but I can draw and still enjoy to. I never show my mum now but in my mind and still seeking her approval everytime I do. Always do it well in case she sees it. I’m now 40 lol

  • Wow haha I just got into strongman and I’m so happy I did ��. It’s so much fun, I’m not very good yet but I want to get the “experience” first, and grow within the sport! I have so many goals. Loving the content ��.

  • I also want to join i want to become an idol for people but the thing is in india their are many fakes than the real ho w can i get to u guys

  • I’m thinking of getting into strongman training and competing when the gyms reopen.

    I’m 32 and have been training calisthenics for the last 8 months and before that I had no training experience.

    I just want to compete I dont care too much about winning. Well I do but it’s more about the fun and the exhilaration of competing I’m looking for.

    I’m thinking either powerlifting or strongman but strong man looks like it’s more fun!
    Is calisthenics a good base to build off? I dont really have any other option til the gyms reopen

  • People rip on Oberst, but this is some solid advice. Literally the hardest thing to do is sit there, looking at the weight you want to do and having to drop it down a wheel