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Researchers found that obese adults who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt a day as part of a reduced-calorie diet lost 22% more weight and 61% more body fat than those who simply cut calories. Yogurt for Weight Loss: Yogurt Burns Fat! Yogurt is a tasty and healthful treat, but not many people realize that it can burn fat and can serve as an excellent weight loss aid. In a study by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, it was found that women who ate three servings of yogurt each day lost more fat than a similar group who was on a lower calorie diet.

When you opt for yogurt, you could lose up to 22% more weight than those who choose another snack. In addition, it can reduce belly fat by up to 80%. When you carry a lot of weight around the belly region, this can force your body to produce more cortisol.

And since cortisol is the stress hormone, this can cause anxiety and stress. Yogurt May Help Burn Fat, Promote Weight Loss. 18 August 2020 Posted Under: food No Comments.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service assures you could freeze nearly any meals, including yogurt. Loaf cakes hold up properly in a lunch field, and a slice can stand in for breakfast on a busy morning. Adding fat-free yogurt to the main meal can help you to cut down the calorie intake up to 100 calories. As yogurts are packed with protein, it promotes fat burning and regulates your appetite by making you feel fuller for a longer time. Your bone health also improves with the calcium present in yogurt.

How to Choose Yoghurt For Weight Loss?Sixty percent of the yogurt eaters’ weight loss was belly fat, while only 26% of the comparison group’s loss was belly fat. “Not only did yogurt. According to USDA data, yogurt is an especially rich source of protein, with 8.5 grams in a cup of whole milk yogurt, 13 grams per cup of low-fat yogurt and 10 grams per cup of non-fat yogurt.

Protein is often touted as the perfect weight-loss food, and for good reason. Due to its complex chemical structure, the body breaks it down slowly. More impressively, the cumin group members decreased body fat percentage by 14.64%—almost triple the 4.91% loss posted by the control group—apparently due to the addition of the fat-burning spice. It’s easy to find ways to incorporate blueberries into your day.

They go great in some yogurt, a smoothie, a dish of oatmeal, or a snack. 12. Green Tea. The fat-melting properties of green tea have long been known. A study showed that drinking green tea or taking an extract before a workout session will burn weight faster than a session.

Non-fat regular yogurt: 18.8 grams Wondering why different yogurts have different amounts of carbs? Different brands and types of yogurt end up with different carb counts for a couple of reasons.

List of related literature:

Yogurt: it’s full of calcium (400 mg. per cup), which has been proven to help burn fat and promote weight loss, plus protein (8 grams per cup), which helps your body build muscle.

“Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever” by Lisa Rinna, Maureen O'Neal
from Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever
by Lisa Rinna, Maureen O’Neal
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A study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that dieters who ate high­calcium yoghurt lost 81 per cent more belly fat than dieters on a low­calcium diet.

“The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days” by Harley Pasternak
from The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days
by Harley Pasternak
Simon & Schuster UK, 2013

Both regular and low-fat yogurt will work well here; do not use nonfat yogurt.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

Besides reducing the uncomfortable abdominal bloating often associated with unsettled digestion, yogurt may also help trim your waistline by encouraging weight loss.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books, 2013

Of course, the yogurt was low fat and had tons of added sugar, but back then, the message from the experts was that we should avoid dietary fat.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

An 8-ounce (1 cup) serving of nonfat yogurt contains only 110 calories, making it a very healthy addition to any diet.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
Penguin Publishing Group, 2003

Lowfat and nonfat yogurt must meet the same standards, except reduced fat content is defined as 0.5-2% fat and no more than 0.5% fat for lowfat and nonfat yogurts, respectively.

“Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology” by Y. H. Hui, Lisbeth Meunier-Goddik, Jytte Josephsen, Wai-Kit Nip, Peggy S. Stanfield
from Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology
by Y. H. Hui, Lisbeth Meunier-Goddik, et. al.
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Instead, try low-fat Greek yogurt.

“The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes Including Smoothies for Weight Loss and Smoothies for Optimum Health” by Rockridge University Press
from The Smoothie Recipe Book: 150 Smoothie Recipes Including Smoothies for Weight Loss and Smoothies for Optimum Health
by Rockridge University Press
Callisto Media Incorporated, 2013

I like the flavor of full-fat yogurt, and there’s some research that suggests the fat in full-fat grass-fed yogurt may actually be best for us.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
by Travis Stork, M.D.
Bird Street Books, 2016

Taken properly, yogurt adds good bacteria to the system and also promotes weight gain (according to Ayurveda, yogurt is not a good food for weight reduction, as is advertised).

“Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide” by David Frawley
from Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide
by David Frawley
Lotus Press, 2000

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  • Every morning I eat 2 bananas with 2 Cotton Candy flavor GO-GURT Yogurt. I mix all those ingredients and make a delicious Smoothie to start off my day.
    2 bananas + 2 Go-Gurts = 320 calories

  • Because the calcium in it prevents fat from getting absorbed into the body. �������� Thank you. Should be eaten before meals. Plain yogurt is best.

  • sorry but this is insane. Yogurt is by far one of the worst things you can put in your body get constipates the lymphatic system. Dairy is not designed for human consumption and is extremely hard on the body..

  • Salam mam mein apni weight loss journey mein hun or 21 kg lost Kiya Hai Kiya mein yogurt juice apny meal mein use kr sakta hun please reply kriye GA

  • I like Greek yogurt. Not always plain but I do take note of the sugar content. I use it in smoothies and I’ll make a snack of Greek yogurt and trail mix. Its surprisingly satisfying.

  • I make my own yogurt from fresh whole goats’ milk. I usually eat it plain, but when I need a little extra flavor I add unsweetened berries and then add a little real maple syrup or stevia.

  • Mam mujay constipation ka bohat msla hai bohat actually mainay depression key bohat dawaye khaye hai aur dics prblm b thee…ab mujay constipation bohat hoti hai…plzz kuch batayay

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  • Greek yoghurt creates chemical waste known as sour whey. They struggle to get rid of it all. Almonds take thousands of litres of water to grow in southern California where they have recently had major droughts year on year.

  • I love Greek yogurt. I used to eat the yogurt that had all the junk in it, but I finally got used to eating a better kind. I add fruit, walnuts, & honey to it. It really does hit the spot without all the preservatives in.

  • A search of yogurt videos will yield results that are all over the place. Here’s what’s happening: No one knows the answer; everyone thinks he knows the answer; everyone knows part of the answer; or, everyone just wants to make a video.

  • Apparently, she does not know that artificial sugar cause holes in our brain, causes health problems because it is a chemical, and the body takes chemicals as unknown substances and stores them as fat. She need to do more research on artificial sweetners.��

  • What about Mucus? Medical Medium says Yogurt and Eggs feeds Viruses? What about calcification of the bones, spine, arteries and prostate calcification, etc. Just checking as I love organic low fat greek yogurt and realize the benefits of good bacteria in the gut.

  • If you like the taste of plain 0% fat greek yogurt more than plain greek yogurt couldn’t you just add some healthy nuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter to get the same benefits as the yogurt that contains the fat? I think that I am one of those strange people who rather eat the Fage plain 0% fat greek yogurt than the 2% kind haha. As a side note/question; is plain greek yogurt glycemically low (I know that their is no added sugar in it so I am assuming that this is the case). Also, do you think a lean meat (i.e. fish) would be a better protein option for fat loss or are both options basically the same. Thanks!

  • Google how to make homemade Greek yogurt. I make it, it’s easy and just use organic full fat milk. After you make it, put some in yur bowl and add in some fruit, granola and a little local honey. Delicious! healthy!

  • The study you reference in this video was debunked years ago…. it was sponsored by the dairy industry. One woman even sued the university trying to recover the money she spent on dairy products after she GAINED 20 pounds!

  • I eat vanilla flavored yogurt about three Times a week. Seems like my metabolism needs a strict liquid diet to jump start. Gotta do what I gotta do.

  • I started watching your videos a short time ago and I really liked it because it really helps a lot and really work, thank you for showing small ways to get better body, thanks for the tips. but i’m portuguese and i wonder if i couldn’t see the translated videos? thank you very much

  • Fat around your belly has no connection to cholesterol, high blood pressure… also yogurt is the worst thing for losing weight. I would never believe the report. Yogurt is nothing but carbs. Even the plain stuff

  • I saw a series weight loss study in England that an “little cheese” (like about a inch or two of swiss, etc.) sequesters fat and makes you poop fat more out resulting in greater weight loss. (Sorry to be graphic). I guess yogurt or cottage cheese would work too!

  • Thank you…. this is what I have been doing all da years in fact it’s because. After birth I changed alot n after every child I lose weight naturally I eat alot n I’m very active but da more I eat da more I lose weight I eat everything n anything not because I’m greedy is because I’m always feeling hungry n I drink 2 liters of water everyday from the 8 years old til now, I’m 35 years old n I gave birth to 4 kids natural n healthy kids n I had a hard life but God is great I never gave up. There were times I had nothing I lived on water n i turned out well…I never really knew about da yogurt now I know thanks doc for explaining I understand so nice.god bless u.��������������

  • i make my own plant based yogurt in my Instant Pot. super easy to make. none of the preservatives or added crap and absolutely delicious!

  • I stopped eating all dairy. I recently had pain in my foot and the podiatrist is thinking i have a major vitamin D deficiency. I know the other options but i dont think they have as much D, i eat salmon and nuts. Ect. I do eat plain Greek yogert now and cottage cheese. Good point on the fat!��

  • Madam,
    I have few questions regarding curd.
    (1)Is it good eating curd in empty stomach?
    (2) Also Is it good eating curd after Jogging in the morning?

  • Remember the Hunza people and also the Bulgarians….they eat a lot of organic high fat yoghurt their whole life and can boast the most centenarians in their societies. I make my own here in the U.K. with organic milk and Yeo Valley yoghurt starter…a British organic company. The Bible talks about the ancient land flowing with milk and honey, blessed by God….meant for humans. I find the anti-dairy folk tedious but I would also campaign for no cruelty for the cows. It’s a difficult situation in the West with no easy answers!

  • Dr Mandela why do humans need to consume baby calf growth fluid? No other animals do it? Surely dairy is bad for fully grown human?

  • My lower belly fat is from my 10 pregnancies 2 sets twins and 5 surgeries there that’s the only spot I have extra fat legs and thighs r thin and Doc I cant have dairy and I’m a vegetarian….I am just out of luck ����

  • Wow! I didn’t know all that about yorgart! This will help me with my weight loss goals because I love yorgart! Now I know how to choose wisely. Thanks for sharing!

  • DOES THE BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS??? LOL������������������SORRY I HAD TO DO THAT. IM 70 YEARS OLD NEVER GET OUT AND AM CANTANKEROUS TODAY. My back is almost broken it hurts so bad but I still hs ‘ve a QUADRIPLEGIC kid to care for thats 50 years old. I’m 70 and cs n still pick her up.she’s 100 lbs. I had a big guy at the hospital offer to put her in the car for me. I should of said no…he dropped her on the cement. Thssts the second big guy thats dropped her. I’m talking guys that are buff. Lol old 70 year old broken DOWN lady can do it but they can’t. Go figure… babies

  • Animal based food is not necessary to lose belly fat. I’ve helped a friend who weighed 190pounds lose 30+ pounds and lose most of his belly fat by having him go on a whole food plant based diet. He really enjoyed the foods too!

  • Thank you! I’m learning things from you every day so far and thought maybe it was time to subscribe. I kind of knew about the yogurt thing per Jamie Lee Curtis you know? But let’s move forward on that shall we?

  • Too fast to grasp what you say, what a waste of time. I can’t use stronger language then this. Watch some other presenters for guidance, please, I want to see you successful, please forgive me I am not trying to discourage you. AllahSWT bless you

  • Dr. Mandel, I’m going through kidney infection now. Please give me some suggestions. I really enjoy your videos and value your opinions.

  • Can you please do a video on cleansing parasites? There are ALOT of people out here who need help! In the USA! Particularly with the ones that get into your tissues, brain and spinal cord! I am one of MANY MANY people who can’t even get validated by the Dr.s out there! They treat us like we’re nuts! We all get back negative results from their lamo stool tests! I am expelling massive amounts of worms of so many kinds but it’s pretty freaky feeling them in my head and spine! I actually brought a 12 inch tapeworm in a glass jar and dropped it off at the Dr.s. Nurse calls back (really mean!) She told me there was nothing in the jar! I took a picture of it! Named it Larry!! It’s ridiculous what is happening! I don’t want to go back to them as be treated so badly again! It’s very very scary what’s happening to people! I’ve spent thousands of dollars on natural remedies and have finally found a good combo for the gut ones. Is this an issue that you can make a video about? Not just for me! For the thousands of people I have learned from other videos comment sections. Sorry to gross people out! This is REAL!

  • Physiotherapists should NEVER give health advice on foods…… Dairy is also a lead cause of breast and prostate cancer doc, good going advising cancerous foods.

  • The fat you can pinch around your waist is not visceral fat, visceral body fat is internal, for God’s sake get off YouTube with your BS

  • Assalam o alaikum Dr mjhe yougart ziyada pasand nahi h lekin me PCOS ormotape ka shukar hon to mere liye koi diet plan ya koi nuskha btadena.kiuonke insolence problem bhi. Infertility bhi h.plz help me

  • Dr sahiba kindly help me.im suffering from stomach Acidity reflux.stomach cramps, and heavyness in chest by gas.heart burning..I took medicine for 3 months but after stop medicine the problem return again. my all tests are normal

  • Any dairy products contains casein protein….including yogurt…..which makes you fat….do not eat yogurt….stay away fro the standard American diet…..go plant based…..do your research……

  • Dr. Mandell, I have severe asthma. I was told that the lack of oxygen affects even my hair and nail growth. The worst part is it’s even more difficult to do any exercises because I feel like a can’t catch my breath and I end up standing close too a fan, breathing deeply. Is there anything different asthma patients can do as far as exercises and food are related. My whole body feels run down. I eat healthily. Please any advise would really help. I can’t even sleep at night

  • Thank you dear daughter
    I want to I to know how to reduce belly fat
    تمہارے لئے
    سر پہ رہے اللہ کا سایا کبھی ناکام نہ ہو

    بہت بہت شکریہ اتنی اچھی اور کار آمد معلومات کے لئے
    اللہ آپ کا نگہبان ہو
    Love for all hatered for none
    آمین ثم آمین

  • If you’re diabetic dont eat yogurt. One it’s not good for severe diabetics? It raises cholesterol and puts weight on you as a diabetic

  • All those are worse than the regular ones because they contain more sugar and sugar turns into bad fat. Healthy fat is not bad, I would rather eat regular healthy yogurt, the ones you suggested.

  • میڈم بہت شکریہ آپ کے تمام لیکچر بہت معلومات لئے ہوتےہیں۔ جس طرح آپ نے آج ہمیں آگاہ کیا کہ ڈبے کا دہی صرف ایک قسم کے بیکٹیریا پر مشتمل ہوتا ہے جبکہ کھلا دہی یا گھر کا بنا ہوا دہی بہت سارے اقسام کے صحت مند اور انسان دوست بیکٹیریا پر مشتمل ہوتا ہے۔ اسی طرح اگر آپ کھلے دودھ اور ڈبے کے بند دودھ پر بھی ایک ویڈیو بنائیں تو بہت مہربانی ہوگی۔ اگر ہم کھلا دودھ لیتے ہیں تو اس میں اور ڈبے کے دودھ میں کیا فرق ہوگا؟ دودھ کو اتنے لمبے عرصے تک محفوظ کرنے کیلئے کچھ نہ کچھ پریزرویٹیوز تو ضرور شامل کئے گئے ہونگے؟ آپ سے بس یہ پوچھنا تھا کہ ڈبے کا دودھ صحت بخش ہے کہ نہیں؟

  • I eat almost 50 grams fennel seeds during a day. Is it safe for health? My age is 36 Male and weight is around 76KG. Please advice. Thanks.

  • Mis ayesha Mara wight75kg hai or height 5.2 inch main ny bhut zaida diet b ki likin koi faida nhi howa plz kuch is Tara ka tarika baty Mara weight km ho gay

  • There is no such thing as food for burning fat, especially not for belly fat. Caloric deficit and exercise is the only recipe for fat burning..

  • Yogurt is too little food for the calories. You could eat a giant salad with less calories. Heck, Blue Bell (full fat version) ice cream only has 10 more calories per ounce. Yogurt will not satisfy you for long. Hunger will come raging back. The only time anyone should be eating yogurt is for dessert.

  • I am from Turkey where the most yogurt consumers lives in the world and i agree that you should not eat fruit flavoured yogurts with sugar but i dont agree the part where he says low fat yogurt. Yogurt must be prepared by using raw milk with natural fat, not from an industrial processed one without fat.

    Also if you like flavoured taste, then you can easily add any fruit to raw yogurt

  • Am i the only one who gets so mad with these type of people? They claim to be nutritionists with degrees and knowledge and bla bla and every single time they say nonsense or stupid things, that’s why i rarely trust them. Do your own research people and educate yourself, just because someone is a Verified nutritionist with degrees doesn’t mean he is right when he talks about things. A great example is of course this video

  • Its the probiotic in the yogurt that’s doing it….so just take a probiotic
    before each meal….(yogurt company probably paid for the study)

  • Question, So if the calcium is what blocks the fat, then could I eat any high calcium food or even take a calcium supplement before meals to get the same result? Thanks

  • Ms. Ayesha Nasir is a Dietitian practicing at Cosme Studio (DD Block, DHA) Lahore. Ms. Ayesha is also available for Online Video Consultation at oladoc.com. To book an appointment with Ms. Ayesha, please visit the following link or call 042-3890-0939.

  • If you want to stay fat, consume dairy. This is 100% lies by the dairy industry I can’t wait until they are gone. It is just as cruel as the meat industry. Watch “Earthlings” “Dominion” FREE on YouTube for visual proof

  • گناہ کرنے والوں کو حقارت سے نہ دیکہو اور نہ نفلیں نیکیاں کم کرنے والوں کو اپنے سے کم سمجہو اور خود کی زیادہ نیکیاں اور نمازیں اور روزے وظائف وغیرہ پر نہ خوش ھو اور نہ گھمنڈ کرو کیونکہ نہیں پتا الله کے ھاں کون مقبول ھے اور کس کا عمل مردود اور کس کا خاتمہ اچھا ھوگا اور کس کا نعوذ بالله بُرا….
    نصیحت کرو بغیر فضیحت کے
    اور شکوہ کرو بغیر کسی کو شرمندہ کئے……