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Mix 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of honey into the yogurt (roughly 1/2 to 1 1/2 cup, depending on how hungry you are), top with fruit of your choice (1-2 cups of fruit). Top with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter. Apr 5, 2017 A healthy, fresh dessert that will make your tastebuds dance without wrecking your diet. Fill each mason jar with 1 cup of FAGE 0% Total Yogurt. Add parfait toppings to individual jars.

I recommend leaving them on top of the yogurt and stirring together only when ready to eat. Cover parfait jars with lids + store in refrigerator for up to 5 days. Yogurt-Fruit Parfaits This yogurt parfait makes a great snack for after school but it’s also a nice healthy dessert choice for after dinner. It’s light, fresh, and full of fruit, and you’ll love the contrast of crunchy toasted nuts in each spoonful.

3 hours ago · With the abundance of fresh Summer fruit available right now, let’s have some fun! Fruit is nature’s nutrient-packed candy, after all! This fruit salad actually reminds me of something my aunt used to make and bring to parties when I was.

In a medium bowl, stir together the Greek yogurt and stevia until creamy. To assemble each parfait, add ½ cup of the yogurt mixture to a glass, and top with ¼ cup of sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of the chopped Simple Nut Bar. Almond butter & Banana Yogurt Parfait: I love this version, but chopped bananas will only last a day or two max in the fridge, so make this only if you are going to eat it quickly.

Slice a banana and top with a tablespoon of almond butter, some chopped almonds and some cocoa nibs for extra crunch. Rainbow Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is a healthy and delicious treat. They are great for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

Blueberry Wine Blueberry Sauce Sauce Dips Sauce Recipes Move Over Fresh Cranberries Thanksgiving Menu Thanksgiving Stuffing Cranberry Sauce Cabernet Cranberry and Blueberry Sauce Averie Cooks. Yogurt ricotta dip with fruit Whisk equal parts yogurt and ricotta, then add a drizzle of honey and a generous dusting of cinnamon. Use as a dipping sauce for chewy, candylike Medjool dates or. In a medium bowl, stir together yogurt, undrained crushed pineapple, and vanilla. Cover and chill for 1 hour or up to 2 days.

Step 2 To serve, spoon 1/4 cup of the yogurt mixture into each of the 8 dessert dishes.

List of related literature:

Some parfait yogurts use a blended vanilla-flavored yogurt on top of the fruit layer.

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Layer the yogurt with fresh fruit to create a parfait.

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mm‘ ANY FRUIT THAT SUITS your fancy or fills your fridge can be layered into a yogurt parfait.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Make a parfait by layering fat-free Greek yogurt with chilled oatmeal, or just add a dollop on top!

“Hungry Girl Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes with 6 Ingredients or Less” by Lisa Lillien
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This version of a macaron turns the decadent dessert into a quick snack, ditching the refined sugar and replacing it with sweet mango and raw honey.

“Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day” by Lily Kunin
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Think about serving the crémeux and cocoa crumbs with prunes (poached exactly like the cherries), fresh raspberries or bananas (no need to poach these or have a syrup), or pair the fruit and cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a little crème fraîche.

“Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere” by Dorie Greenspan
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Topped with a little cinnamon and plain nondairy yogurt or nut cream, chopped fruit or berries turn into a delightful parfait.

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In two tall parfait cups, layer the yogurt mixture with the kiwi, raspberries, and cantaloupe.

“The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet” by Karen Frazier
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Yoghurt cakes are wonderful flavoured with honey, citrus zest and spices.

“River Cottage A to Z: Our Favourite Ingredients, & How to Cook Them” by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Pam Corbin, Mark Diacono, Nikki Duffy, Nick Fisher, Steven Lamb, Tim Maddams, Gill Meller, John Wright
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Scoop about ⅓ cup of the yogurt mixture into the bottom of 6 footed glass parfait dishes or small bowls.

“Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking [A Recipe Book]” by Dana Frank, Andrea Slonecker
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  • It seems a very nice and yummy Parfait…a perfect blend of taste,health and happiness.

    I have tried to do something of the same kind…


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  • I just wanna know what size those mason jars are!!! 250 or 500ml? Haha I don’t give a shit what anyone’s diet is as it’s not my business!

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  • Hey Lacey, did you know that frozen berries are more nutritious, better and fresher than your “fresh berries that I like to freeze.” Just as a heads up.

  • The matcha bowl looks fantastic. Make sure you are cracking the hemp seeds otherwise they aren’t really digestible. Since I’m not a sweets person I like to put leftover Japanese simmered kabocha on yogurt. Goji berries work well with that too

  • Hmmm. I followed the granola instructions to the letter, but they were burned to a crisp less than 20 minutes into cooking. Not sure what went wrong there..
    Threw it out and started again. Put it in for 10 minutes at 350, checked on it half way through. Took it out and tossed it, then put it in for another 10, checked at 5 minutes or so and it was starting to burn on the edges, so I took it out, got rid of as much burned stuff as I could, and just used it like that. Turned out pretty good overall, but I never expected granola would be so frustrating to make. Next time i’ll see if I can get storebought if I want to make more parfaits.

  • These are some of the most diverse parfait recipes I’ve ever seen and I can’t quite seem to find any of this level on YouTube. I mean you such ingredients as maple syrup, peanut butter cocoa powder. Every other recipe I’ve found thus far is just yogurt, fruit and granola. I want to see more recipes like this. Can you post more, please?

  • I’m number 44 Dom’s down for the simple fact that you’re saying this yogurt is good for you when the bacteria in yogurt is mostly destroyed when frozen and he can also become grainy You might as well eat some low fat or no sugar added ice cream and pop a few vitamins then eating this

  • Watching this today, for the first time! It’s super informative. One suggestion: can you please post YouTube links in the description. Otherwise it opens on my web browser while watching on the YouTube app. Thank you!

  • I used cold greek yogurt and frozen fruit. used blender high speed. Came out as smoothie. I froze it and better but not like yours. Not giving up but, Help!

  • lol everyone is arguing and i’m over here like “there was a stem on one of the blueberries in the jar wouldn’t that be gross to eat?”

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  • This is perfectly timed!! I have been looking for a recipe to serve during Christmas week for my busy household for breakfast…thank you!!

  • How could you sweeten the yogurt? I find it sour on its own but I don’t like to buy it ready sweetened as I like to keep it healthy. Any healthy flavour ideas? Thanks!

  • Love this format, sort of quick and dirty! All the chopping, peeling, whatever, is already done. I think I’ll try cocoa and berries first!

  • Yogurt bowls are the best as you can throw them together so quickly. I seem to always default to berries and banana, but the orange chocolate one looks delicious!

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    Snapchat: fitnessfiesta
    I’ll be starting my updates on 3/20:)

  • Hiiii, can you please make “healthy brownies”, for those who are on a diet or just beginning to eat healthy!!.. I like your recipes! I ate this for dinner. Yogurt + strawberry + kiwi and granola. It was great!!!!!

  • Hello from Silicon Valley, these yogurt bowls are pretty and yummy. Love your recipes and video! I like the berry yogurt the best too, thanks for the recipes.

  • I’m having a yogurt bowl with vanilla greek yogurt, unsweet oatmeal, blueberries, walnuts (for my brain) almonds, and banana while I’m watching this. ������

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    btw √your channel is gorgeous
    love and hug from your subs in indonesia ❤��
    (i’m sorry for bad english)

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  • The apple pie inspired option looks like a winner! I have to try that out. Healthy food that tastes like dessert is a win-win. Thanks.

  • I’m vegan but I watch these videos anyway cause they’re so calming and happy. If I made these I’d probably use oatmeal instead and agave for honey

  • Random question… where did you get your gold flatware? I have been looking for some but the only ones that seemed good that I’ve located so far were from Anthropologie and cost something like $99/per place setting! Ouch.

  • Two thumbs up! I was hesitant to use my yogurt with flavors…this confirmed my undone experiment. Question though, if I don’t use Greek but plain yogurt only, how will flavored yogurt be?

  • Personally i wouldnt eat this, (only because i dont like yogurt and fruit im so unhealthy) but for like a dinner party i think its an amazing idea, gonna try this out x

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  • Hi, SweetTreats. Your parfaits look simply beautiful. What’s your best tip for the best vegan ice cream? Have a good day, SweetTreats.

  • What the best way to eat at lunch time it the best way to eat oatmeal at night are can I eat at night but I don’t like your yougert what I can put extra milk in

  • love your you tube page and love your recipes! Thank you for putting the # of calories!  Please continue to do that so I don’t need to compute for it!!!!

  • @Honeysuckle Hi, I just wanted to let you know that it is not safe to eat chia seeds dry. They have to be soaked beforehand, otherwise they will expand in your stomach and they might give you stomach aches. They have to be soaked for at least 10 min, for each 1 tbsp chia seeds add1/3 cup of water. You can also soak them overnight, they won’t lose their nutrients and Omega-3. Hope it helps xx

  • I make one similar to your apple pie flavor. It’s just Greek yogurt, a diced apple with a bit of splenda (because I’m diabetic and can’t have syrup, honey or regular sugar) and I top it with Kashi Go Lean cereal in honey almond flax flavor.

  • Hi Sara,
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I love you channel, especially your meal prepping ideas. I have been following them since last year and they have helped me loads in my fitness journey. You are really doing a awesome job:-)

    On a separate note, I have a request to make. I just don’t like yogurt ( in any format), cannot digest it ( I am not lactose intolerant though, can have most other milk products). Will greatly appreciate if you can suggest some alternative to yogurt in these parfait recipes.

  • Hey Dzung! Love these ideas and your sweater! I think a banana nut bread flavor would be great and so would chocolate and raspberry ��

  • hi Sarah, how long do you think these can be stored in the refrigerator if I make these as make-ahead breakfast or snack?
    (I just tried going thru previous comments in case this is already answered but didn’t find any. Pls help, as i am suspicious about fruit like raspberry or strawberry staying longer. And I wanna do it for my kids.)

  • what’s a good ratio? Granola to yogurt to fruits?

    I was trying 1/2 cup all and yogurt dominated.
    I will try more ratios, but is there like a simple standered?

    Thank you…

  • hi! these look absolutely amazing and so delicious! I was wondering how long they would keep in the fridge if you made them for a weekly meal prep? While weekly meal prep is in my mind, i think it would be very helpful to students and people who are very busy in the morning plan their food for the day ahead of time and i think it would be great if you did a weekly meal prep video. I love your work!

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  • I just made my second batch of yogurt, found this frozen fruit and yogurt icecream, made mango and just ate it-just fantastic thank you

  • interesting, im going to try this.  Just without the sugar, and im going to replace the granola with crushed almonds, walnuts, pistachios.

  • Sometimes i make yogurt with apples&honey…just grate the apples,freeze it, scrape it off, put on the yogurt then just a bit of honey…its awesome.
    “Mix mix mix” again, yay

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  • When I get my food stamps i am going to buy some good low calorie greek yogurt and granola and make me a parfait for breakfast. If you like I can make u one too. ��

  • Tbh here is my way

    Step 1: get yogurt
    Step 2:get fruit
    Step 3: put yogurt and fruit in blender/mixer
    Step 4: put in freezer
    Step 5: EAT

  • Thank you so much for this recipe is simple exactly what I want to do I love simple and I love ice cream and frozen yogurt thank you so much for sharing I can do this����

  • It was so satisfying to see your reaction to that first bite. It looks delicious. Thanks for the tip with the raspberry and sugar.

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been so busy with being a new mom and working part time that I haven’t been taking care of myself and feeding myself properly. I absolutely love your channel, your recipes, and your personality! Thank you for these quick and simple yogurt bowls. They look delicious and I can’t wait to try them out. You saved me!!

  • I would like to make a chocolate chip mint yogurt ice cream I bet that would be so yummy and that is one of my favorite ice creams but I try not to eat it because of the sugar so if I make this I can add how much sugar I want

  • love all your videos!!! every recipe you put out is amazing! I love trying them all.
    and I definitely needed this one because I’m not a morning person either, but my 1 yr old boy is ��!

  • Terrific combinations and instructions! Thank you for giving me more yummy ideas. I think the best tasking and super value of Greek yogurt is at Aldi’s whole milk Vanilla Bean qt. is around $5.50. (all natural and bonus, real vanilla beans)!!

  • Who else likes this type of “quick and easy” type of videos? I know it’s the Holidays we’re all busy, so I want to make it easy for you!! xo

  • Love this video. I actual did an article of this please check it out. http://sewmuchcraftiness.com/how-to-make-frozen-yogurt-bites-at-home-highly-delicious/

  • Well I am not a cook lol. I made it tonight and stored it in the refrigerator tomorrow. Mine did not come out like yours, but it will do. I did everything except the peanuts. I added the granola, and topped it with the raw unfiltered honey. We will see how it taste tomorrow.

    I honestly felt weird doing this since I have not had chocolate in 4 months. I lost 63lbs, but since it is healthy I will give it a go. My yogurt is non fat so i should be good and i think ir is way less calories that you provided:)

  • Hi! I’m shooting some cooking videos myself and I’ve come to a problem shooting a yoghurt parfait. If I may ask, how can you get the second layer of yoghurt to stay at the top? Real yoghurt slimes to the bottom so I’ve thought of using whipped cream, or even frozen yoghurt since the one I’m using is “orange-ish”. I would really appreciate any comments or ideas. Thank you for your time! OOHHH YEEAHHHH!

  • Hey, I want to make this to a competition, a fruit salad competition, and I don’t know if I can make this recipe. Is it ok to make this at the competition?

  • Hello I tried to make the chocolate Parfait, it did not turn out it was really bitter!! Please help. What kind of coca powder do you use i purchased the Hershey coca powder unsweetened i have never bought it so i was not sure maybe i used to much!!

  • Was wondering if you can do a video of bircher muesli. I hate oats but this is the only food that makrs me eat oats but i lost the recipe:(

  • It would have awesome if you calculated how much calories does those recipes contain, but they are good anyway.
    Can I replace the yogurt by curd since it’s unavailable?

  • the matcha & persimmon one!! can’t wait to try it tomorrow. thank you so much for this; i love your channel and the positive energy you radiate in your videos. <3

  • Love the video, but the oats were a problem when making it. I made them exactly as instructed, put them in the oven at 350 degrees set for 40 min. With 10 minutes left, my house was filled with smoke and my oats are black and welded to the pan.

  • I bought some gingerbread spice granola @ Trader Joe’s yesterday that I thought would be a good yogurt topping. Tomorrow I’m starting my free trial @ my workplace gym to get exercise over the holidays! The egg nog bowl was my favorite!! �� ��

  • Just wondering, what’s your favorite go-to brand of plain greek yogurt? Some of them have a really strong yogurt-y flavor and I’m on the hunt for a relatively subtle one.

  • You are so awesome! I have been watching your videos. I am so in love with your overnight oatmeal. I am going to try these parfait recipes. THANK YOU!

  • please check into your greek yogurd, how is made and it is killing the environment!!! GO VEGAN!!! you don’t need the yogurt at all… TRY and you wont even notice the difference. Avoid processed foods. At 49 I have the same elasticity on my facial skin, less the wrinkles on the frontal area:) healthy vegan family here! Because peace starts on your plate!!!

  • I love all ur videos but Could u put English subtitles please Bcuz English is my second language so subtitles can help me a lot and understand much more, thank u so much ❤️����

  • I adore your videos because they are indeed healthy recipes but that don’t use 345 ingredients or rare stuff you can only find in special stores and cost too much for food.
    So simple yet so awesome! Thank you sooo much for thinking of these amazing ideas, keep up the great work:D

  • I just finished eating a Fuyu persimmon and thinking how I need to move to California so I can grow my own tree since it’s one of my favorite fruits (not counting exotic fruits like jackfruit or durian, which I’ve yet to see someone grow in CA….did see pics of custard apple, guava, pomegranate, etc., this last week from my cousin who was at a wedding in the LA area). Then I started dreaming of growing my own fig and avocado trees, which I know should not be a challenge there…better save up so I can buy land to grow all these fruit trees! LOL. Thanks for sharing these yogurt bowls!

  • Wow my favorite food is fruit so when I grow up i am definitely gonna make this! I want to be a veterinarian but I want a little cooking hobby so I can make for my kids!

  • tried doing it and my yougurt just seep through the gaps and i end up with a glass of yogurt mess:( any tips on making sure the yogurt stays firm in position so i can see the cross section of each individual layers?

  • I love this recipe. I had a birthday party and everybody loved it. I found the perfect cups on Amazon and they looked beautiful in these cups. https://www.amazon.com/Disposable-tumblers-Eco-Friendly-Double-Royal/dp/B07NSBDRTP/ref=sr_1_50?crid=1RJPDXGKAMBIS&keywords=plastic+cups+9+oz&qid=1564834873&s=gateway&sprefix=plastic+cups+%2Cfashion-mens-accessories%2C171&sr=8-50

  • Best way to pickup energy and get slap back down after an insulin roller-caster
    Awesome recipe, just why the hell while the fruit already have all that is needed

  • Got to prepare these this weekend. I’ve been doing your cheesecakes, cupcakes, and a couple of cakes this past few weeks. Guest over each time or taking to an event. But the cupcakes I think I had a dozen of…at least. My pants told me OK buddy, you might need some fruits and yogurt recipes…love your channel. Still the best.

  • I like your turtleneck very much!!! But just a question, why do you add vanilla extract into the yogurt? what difference does it make?

  • They could’ve at least changed the fruit. Why do they all have to have strawberries, blueberries etc what about mangos and coconut flakes? Lazy.

  • I tried the cheesecake parfait and it was sooo delicious. Idk why I never thought to mix cream cheese with yogurt. It tastes like a tangy cheesecake or something else bad for you, its so decadent. She mentioned using full fat yogurt due to being more filling and she’s right. I used nonfat yogurt and I was hungry a few hours later. Thanks for all the great recipes, they are going to help me with my resolution!

  • I just love your recipes and how you make them, are you a chef? You show so much passion every time you share with us a recipe and last but not least how that you are so thin with all the goodies you make? I would probably gain 5 lbs only tasting the finished desert the way you do…lol

  • I can’t wait to make these! They look delish! I made your potato dish and it was yummy! Looking frwd to making your sushi too. Thank you sharing all your amazing videos! Love them all!!


    Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

    2 large ripe bananas, sliced and frozen
    1/2 cup full fat plain greek yogurt
    1/2 cup creamy natural peanut butter
    raw honey, as needed (for sweetness)

    Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

    2 large ripe bananas, sliced and frozen
    2 tbsp dark cocoa powder
    3/4 cup full fat plain greek yogurt
    2 tsp pure maple syrup, plus more as needed (for sweetness)

    Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

    3 cups blueberries, frozen
    2/3 cup full fat plain greek yogurt
    1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
    1 tbsp raw honey, plus more as needed (for sweetness)

    Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

    3 cups raspberries, frozen
    2/3 cup full fat plain greek yogurt
    2 tbsp raw honey, plus more as needed (for sweetness)

  • Looks so yummy! I’m curious Tatyana, do you grill much? I don’t recall any of your recipes having used the grill and I’d love to see what kind of fresh, delicious grilled dishes you know of for the summer season.

  • Fab recipe.  I was wondering what brand your chef’s knife is please?  It looks fantastically sharp.  And I don’t know whether you’ve done this before, but would you consider doing a video on your favourite kitchen gadgets and tools?  I’d love to see what kitchen brands items you love to use.  Lee x