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Yes, lifting weights is one way to build strength but Duchowny notes, “Activities of daily living like climbing stairs and picking up groceries count as strength training.” In fact, research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed exercises such as situps, pushups and lunges — are all strength training moves, which use your own bodyweight, no weight machines required. If you want to up your odds of living a longer, healthier life, you might want to consider lifting weights. People who have strong muscles are more likely to. The secret to a longer life may be a barbell: Strength training as you age reduces your risk for death, according to a new study from Penn State College of. But for optimal power training results, you should go beyond typical strength training and add speed to your weight lifts.” Muscle power gradually decreases after 40 years of age. “We now show.

Keen to do what it takes to live longer? Here’s the type of exercises suggested by the European Society of Cardiology to increase your muscle power. Choose multiple exercises for the upper and. If you want to up your odds of living a longer, healthier life, you might want to consider lifting weights.

People who have strong muscles are more likely to reach an older age than weaker peers, according to new research from the University of Michigan. In addition to helping you live longer, weightlifting and exercise, in general, can greatly improve your quality of life as you get older. Weight lifting has been linked to increasing bone density, improve balance, increase stamina, and above all strengthen the muscles that weaken over time.

Based on the format of Pure Strength, where participants lift heavier weights with fewer repetitions to build strength not muscle mass, I’d recommend starting at 7kg in each hand for a dumbbell and. The largest study to date of cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy people found that moving more is linked to living longer, regardless of age, sex, and starting fitness level. To Delay Death, Lift Weights Two new studies remind of us of what we already know but sometimes forget.

List of related literature:

strength training and powerlifting actually make you live longer?

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Once you have incorporated resistance training into your exercise routine, you will have increased strength, which then improves daily living and overall quality of life and keeps you from getting old.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
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Resistance exercise, exercise aimed at increasing the force generated by muscle, has been shown to have the most beneficial effects on aging muscle.

“Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care” by Kristen L. Mauk
from Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care
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Muscles keep you young: Building muscle can literally turn back your genetic clock.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
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And perhaps most important, strength training can improve older people’s ability to get out of a chair or off the toilet, climb stairs, bathe, prepare meals, and generally take care of themselves.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
by Judy Foreman
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

When considering resistance training for individuals older than age 80 years, it may be particularly effective to exercise less frequently (one time per week), at higher relative intensities, to optimize the sustainability of strength gains while not exhausting the older individual’s energy reserves.

“Guccione's Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book” by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Guccione’s Geriatric Physical Therapy E-Book
by Dale Avers, Rita Wong
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Physically active people live longer, have higher quality of life, and report being happier than people who are sedentary.31 Engaging in regular exercise throughout your life will help you control your body weight as well as improve your circulation, strengthen your heart, and maintain your muscle and bone mass.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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Similar strength and endurance gains can be made from lifting weights more quickly, by using more lifts so that total muscle work remains the same.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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So by lifting weights you’re not only becoming more powerful, you’re also reducing the risk for lost training time.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
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Exercise helps maintain stamina, strength, circulation, joint mobility, and increases your lifespan!

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
by Linda G. Rector-Page
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  • Very intelligent and handsome…hope he is not gay. I wish i had the money to be seen by him as a patient. I have a lot of health questions to ask him.

  • I just stumbled across your channel and you have great tips. As a 55 year old male I am trying to ease back into lifting but to do it smart and safely. I hope you return soon.

  • TRT and a clean diet with supplements work for me.
    I’m 61 and hit the gym 4 to 5 times weekly plus stretching, cycling etc
    I look better than men half my age let alone men my age

  • @crossFit I sent this to my mom. I hope she hears it. I’m L1, but she doesn’t hear me. Maybe you can reach her with this excellent video. Thank you

  • Fascinating stuff. The bit about treating those who are closest to you poorly, is something that resonates with me. I’ve had a hell of a time this year and really have to focus on being a better boyfriend, brother, and son… I know it boils down to how I handle stress but the difficult part is how can I effectively control my emotions around the people I love.

  • i dont understand.what kind of these excercise..i know its good but i saw all videos crossfit..people are not doing chest workout,shoulders, biceps, triceps, they are not these body building excercise still.they have muscular body chest. also six packs. shoulder bucips.etc. they are just doing few excercise squat.kellte bell, still they got in shape…how? any one can tell me? which sport is this?

  • You look incredible mate (23 year old speaking). I have a herniated disc as of a couple years ago. I’m grateful for it as I am now more conscious of how I train.


  • Can’t believe I am hearing so much sense out of a video that then advertises meat and even specifically bacon (first line of video description), a class one carcinogen!

  • Are you natural or on steroids (maybe only testosterone)? Do you think your advices apply to naturals too or only for people on gear? Please clarify this, because most people say that the only way for naturals to grow is to get stronger, so we must lift heavy, the pump is a thing for steroid users. Also, this relaxed approach you promote now is only applicable to maintain the mass you already have, don’t you agree?

  • damn, a grandma can do better pull-ups than me and I’m a 29 y.o. man… I’m so embarrassed, but not for long grandma, not for long ¬¬

  • What a tough Lady I have no choice or excuse to sook out, thankyou you are now one of my hero’s. Mike Box 505 Burpengary Australia.

  • I am 58. I was scared to try it, but once I did, I was hooked. I just completed my first 6 weeks and I am seeing big changes. Thank you Fort Mill Cross Fit.

  • Thanks brilliant
    But dude,I think I have a solution for you,bank details not available.
    Just smile and laugh a bit more.One of my top ten don’t say it to me phrases is ‘ I don’t take myself to seriously’ WC!!
    But Sleep. Nutrition, All round fitness,Bain stimulation ( tough for most people!!!!) Sex and LAUGHING. Are my big 6.Tom B who is just amazing even my option could smile laugh or joke a bit more? I am ex South African

  • Been training at an affiliate for nearly 3 years. I’ve seen it transform people’s lives. And there’s really only one reason for it people come back because they find it to be a social activity. It’s an hour out of their busy working day where they get to have fun and be social. The results flow from that both physically and mentally.

  • As a dolphin I try to stay fit by swimming everyday and getting high asf from puffer fish. My diet consists of fish, shellfish and sweet potatoes. I’ve been doing this for 19 years, wanna fight me, fight these tears.

  • This was really fascinating, the only part I dislike and thought was actually ironic was Tom’s need to swear, is that due to insecurity? Saying something like “fucking smart” sounds dumb, and out of place when having such an intellectual discussion. I find this tends to me an American habit for some reason.

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    මෙන්න ඇයක්‍රේක්ලින් කෑගැසුවා හෝර්සා පෘථිවි ඉවුර දිගේ බැලූ විට සමාගමේ කිහිප දෙනෙකුම ඔහු සිටින ස්ථානයේම සිටිනු දුටුවේය වබ්ස්ලින් අවිගර් ක්‍රේක්ලින් කෑගැසුවා ප්ලාස්මා වලින් අපව ආවරණය කරන්න නයිසින්ඔබ පිටියේ සෑම පැත්තකින්ම මයික්‍රෝව තබා ගන්න අනිත් හැමෝම මාව අනුගමනය කරන්න

  • At 75 I can do all the things mentioned by Peter Attia and much more……… Interval training, heavy weight lifting but not excessive, 20-25 minutes in a 180 degree dry sauna 3 times a week…Intermittent fasting…ALL whole foods. No Sugar/fructose or grains of any kind…… I just have to keep it going another 25 years.

  • Hey, come on. There’s no expiration date on people, they don’t become overdue like a library book. Especially for people involved in a field that they love and contribute to, that they know deeply, they continue to make contributions and give insights into their field that are not only valuable but that would remain undiscovered for decades or centuries of research and creative work by others. I work out, so does my 80-year-old neighbor. Working out with resistance training is imperative, in my opinion. But it isn’t the criterion of value in a life, and everyone’s situation is different. If you say I’ve had it if I can’t tie my shoes, which I can’t, that doesn’t help me. Tell me how to regain that ability, or how to avoid losing it. Requiring everyone to be a kick-ass 100-year-old is like expecting women to be superwomen, performing at peak efficiency at work, at childcare, at housekeeping, at cooking, at caring for aged parents, and at self-care, all at the same time. It’s easy for you to say as long as it’s somebody else that has to do it.

  • If he stays this honest with his thinking and actions, eventually he will find himself,which is actually right where he always was,is and will be.

  • Two 25lb bags of groceries…wha?? Where is he getting this? What common grocery bag, whether paper, cloth, or plastic can hold, or is even ‘attempted’ to be loaded up with 25 lbs of groceries?? Maybe I misunderstood? Maybe he’s saying 5 lbs? If he IS using a 25lb grocery bag as a common example… that should sort of inform us that he at least to this point does not have a solid grasp of reality. Surprised that this 25th lb grocery bag example of his did not seem to register with Tom.

    And again I do love Tom’s interviews, he has the most interesting and knowledgeable people on his show, BUT…yet another clickbait title how to protect your joints? Ummm, where in the interview is that concept even mentioned? Typical, however, of titles Tom chooses for his interviews not relevant.

  • This guy is wondering why he can`t balance himself like he did at 15 years old. Maybe the fact you weigh 50 more pounds might have something to do with it. I used to break dance at 15 and could do windmills like a muther fukker. I tried it at 40 years old and my fat ass could not get a roll going if my life depending on it. I am bigger. You need to be light to have great balance. Glad I could help you Mr. MD man..

  • This knowledge is in the Bible. The wheel has already been built. The Words that come out of the mouth describe the Heart. God is inside of us. (culture of cells)

  • As someone who has completed 12 marathons (started when I was 40) I can attest to the ‘joints’ aspect. Thankfully, I was always the type to listen to the bod, (schedule be dammed), and let areas heal a tad before re-stressing them. I’m 60 this year and no part of me creaks.

  • I love this guy! He is so incredible! His wisdom about being insecure about his intellect and what he does, makes him even more incredible.

  • I can’t squat nor deadlift whatsoever due to my skeletal structure. It’s not even an option. Do I just give up on legs or there’s hope?

  • I was extremely suprised by that 0.08 alcohol limit because in my country it is 0. I checked the limit for all countries and was even more suprised that only a couple of countries have 0 limit. Imo anything above 0 is bs because it kinda promotes drinking and driving and obviously your riding skills are impaired even after just one drink. fucking bullshit:D

  • A vast majority of the people who have lived to be a 100 years-old did NOT plan to live that long.. It just happened to them.. This was confirmed by a study done on the blue zone countries..So, I am not really sure if it takes this kind of a mindset to allow yourself or to force yourself into being a 100 years-old…

  • A very insightful and inspiring conversation! Lots to ponder about!
    Self worth, self doubt, humbleness, vulnerability, empowerment, competitive, high intelligence and just being human definitely my favourite podcast in quite a while!��

  • Loved this interview! I am soon to be 68 so it gave me some great ideas about getting older. I gave up junk food long time ago. I have fasted for 48 hours and do IF everyday with limited carbs..KETO. My issue is that I have had a few people run into my car in the past and it left me with injuries to my back, neck, and knee. So chronic pain is my issue. I still walk 40 minutes a day and walk in the hilly woods afterwards everyday. I am only able to do this with medication. My goal is to get my nutritional status to a point where I feel I could benefit from a longer fast and then some stem cell therapy. I would love to hear someone talk about this on your show.

  • Fantastic interview! Both men seem to be wonderful people. However, I could do without the unnecessary supplemental words. Maybe because of the way I was raised or because I am a mom of young children-anyway, I could do without it. PEACE

  • He is a nice, introspective guy, scholarly and disciplined. He should contribute alot to his field(s) of study. He is also a mature and responsible family man.

  • Now the trick is to get more of her demographic using social media so they can see this! I’d send it to my grandparents if they could turn on a computer.

  • Not in this flesh. We have a limited time and then judgement. Where you will live forever here on earth in God The Father’s Kingdom or you’ll be least in the kingdom in the lake of fire. Either way, it will be in a spiritual body, not this flesh. Repent and turn to Jesus and follow his laws.

  • Would a woman follow the same exercise regime as a male counterpart to achieve longevity with incredible functionality? How would it differ?

  • Who would want to live a long life in Hell?
    Don’t you know where you really are?
    Many may not be affected yet but more than most are affected.
    Humans are in hell and aren’t even aware of it because they have become accustomed to love their hell as their home.
    This is the reason for all of the crimes, corruption, depravity, murderers, rapist, thieves, liars, pedophiles, child blood sacrifices, devil worship, perpetual wars, atrocities against humanity, fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, air and sea and earth pollution, lightning strikes, toxic poisons in your air foods waters and vaccines, love of money, satanic ritual music concerts, cannibalism, abuses against children and animals, wife and husband bashing, divorce, hatred, cursing, witchcraft, black magic rituals, abortion, birth defects of every kind imaginable, human trafficking, children sex slavery trafficking, organ trafficking, stabbing shootings hangings, burning alive, church corruption, Vatican corruption and pedophilia, injustices of every kind, etc. etc. etc. As your souls are imprisoned in the pitch black dark universe above you on a prison laboratory earth in a prison sabotaged human body skin sleeve, and all of this is a soul trap ment for you and you aren’t even aware of it, but you wouldn’t know that would you?

  • I had option to watch a movie on Netflix or a youtube video. I watched 2 of your videos and 1 valuetainment video. I am 100% sure I made the correct choice.

  • I feel Tom’s insecurity when he feels the need to constantly use words like FUCK and SHIT, hoping to appear young and COOL! You are an intelligent well informed man with a strong vocabulary, why the need to use these useless words. Okay if used once or twice…but annoying when it becomes part of the discourse. Notice your guest never felt the need to use these words. BTW, that insecurity he feels is felt by most who are not narcissists. It’s called IS, meaning Imposter Syndrome. I was made aware of it during a seminar taken to prepare me for being a TA at university.

  • You’re still the smartest dude around Peter. Even with the insecurities. No one knows everything. But you sure can know a lot. As you do. Keep up the knowledge (or not)…..lolol…..see what I did there?

  • How? Don’t eat starches, peanuts, homogenized milk, nor concentrated oils/fats, especially seed oils,.. with rare exceptions, variable per climate and individual.

  • It looks impressive but those large plates on the weight lifting bar are home gym plates not solid iron plates. My guess is she is lifting around 165 lbs, which is pretty good for her age.

  • Great video too many people focus on the short term fitness goals abs and weightloss etc….there are also more beneficial things going on inside as well and Freda touched on it! Awesome!

  • As a former TV personality and producer, make sure you shorten your intros to your guests, seems like he didn’t have one credit that was the overall bio to give us an accurate snapshot of who he is. also your first question didn’t give us a sense of why he would be the one to ask, you should have sepnt the first two questions on his back ground and what he does now, then we would have been properly set up to watch the rest of it.

  • i completely agree the last statement regarding lack of sleep one of my country man Nicolae Buceanu just won a legendary ultramarathon in Athens where he ran 5000 km in 47 days and 19 hours.I don`t think he got more than a few days worth of sleep during this time.The competition ended March 16th and in a recent statement he said he is slowly coming back to life.