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If you can, try the move with the lightest weights. If that feels too easy, work your way up until you find a weight that challenges you without compromising your form. Never sacrifice form for weight. You won’t get optimal results and will most likely create muscular imbalances. Gaining strength all comes down to fatiguing your muscles, and heavy weights will get you there faster.

It just takes longer to get tired when you’re curling a 5-pound weight. Motor unit recruitment is full despite the light weight, and rate coding is *many* times higher than when we lift heavy weights. Lifting weights quickly therefore involves a. In this range, you’ll lift moderate loads—weights that are probably heavier than you’ve tried lifting before, but not so heavy that anything is going to give. If you lift weights with any frequency—and if you’re reading this, you probably do—then you know that veteran gym rats love to fight over a classic gym argument: lifting with low volume and heavy weights, or high volume and lighter weights.

For example: One recent study recently suggested that weight doesn’t matter as long as you lift until your muscles fatigue. When you pile on the pounds, you typically lift on the lower end of reps; it’s as few as 1 to 5 for some people. That doesn’t sound like much, but by doing so, you’re increasing your overall. Lifting heavy weights in a stop-start fashion (e.g., a set of eight reps, followed by a decent rest period) empties the muscle of its glycogen stores (stored sugar).

This emptying and later refilling (through eating food) helps improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. 4. Lift weights with a ballistic intent. In other words, you need to move the weight as quickly as possible with your best form and technique possible, regardless of weight. Sometimes the weight will move slowly, but your “ballistic intent” will preferentially recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers. Training type II muscle fibers with heavier lifting and power moves can improve speed as well as help you at the tail end of a long race when your type I fibers are fatigued.

Strength training has also been shown to improve distance running times! Runners benefit from. If you’re looking to build muscle fast, you might want to consider lifting weights slowly.

Training with slow reps increases muscle size quicker than fast reps.

List of related literature:

For example, if you run a given distance three times a week, in a few weeks you can run farther; if you lift weights a few days a week, in a few weeks you will have more muscle and will be able to lift more weight more easily.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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Similar strength and endurance gains can be made from lifting weights more quickly, by using more lifts so that total muscle work remains the same.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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You will move up to using heavier weights more quickly, so your muscles will grow that much faster.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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In a weight-training program, lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions increases strength, while lifting lighter weights with more repetitions increases endurance.

“Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” by Richard Swenson
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If your purpose is to improve speed skills, force, muscular endurance, power, or anaerobic endurance, the answer is yes.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
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Similarly, lifting weights is mostly a process of muscle enlargement, or hypertrophy, but if you lift weights fast, that adds an endurance component to the training.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
from Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging
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Force will increase with time and muscle grow stronger.

“Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin” by Jin Jing Zhong, Andrew Timofeevich
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Most research shows that neural factors contribute prominently to strength gains during the first 8 to 10 weeks of training.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
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Doing it more frequently would use up training time to make very small changes that wouldn’t make much difference in the weights you use.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
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And high repetitions, even with light weights, do expend some of the fuel in your muscles, which can be better used in the work sets.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
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  • Everyone is different. Try various methods, keep a record of gains, and keep doing what works. Do you want beach muscle or functional muscle? Do athletic movements, not cheat methods with too heavy barbells.

  • Once your ligaments and tendons are conditioned and feeling good, you need to lift heavy. Most people don’t work hard enough the gymperiod

  • Absolutely loved this video! Thank you so much, love. Always a big question on everyone’s mind and still I am afraid of the weights section!

  • Question is what if i am already over weight and NEED to lose weight but weight training is just going to add to that. or help me lose some as well?

  • I’m having a really hard time. I’ve been skinny fat before and now I’ve been weight training for 6 months and I absolutely love the strength I have gained. I love how I can walk up the stairs sooo extremely quickly and easily now. But I have gained a lot of muscle in my legs. My core has become so much stronger as well and my waist has become really tight. Though I do still have body fat to lose and so my legs look bigger because of the fat as well and I know the fat is going to decrease, I am having a hard time because apparently having strong legs or just a little bit of muscle in your legs is not a standard of beauty. When you look at mannequins or models they always have very thin legs. Jeans are not even tailored to fit a tight stomach with muscular legs. It is so frustrating to me also because I really don’t like the way my legs look when I’m wearing a dress or jeans. I do want to stay this strong but I also don’t like having thick thigs and that is so hard to me right now. Why does the beauty ideal have to be weak stick legs?:( like what I’m trying to say: according to the beauty standard any kind of strong muscle in women’s leg look bulky really quickly

  • Hey my friends! Here’s a question I get asked about a lot!! I think all body types are beautiful and you should rock whatever look you like this is more about sharing all the things you can do with weight training! Love you lots xxx

  • I broke my wrist couple days back, it absolutely sucks. I can train legs only with machines basically, but almost nothing else. Been watching hell of a lot of your videos, and i gotta say im full of motivation and energy, when im able to go to the gym normally again, gonna kill it like crazy. Thank you so much for your amazing content, Mike.

  • Hi Natacha, please, what is the name of the exercise at 4.06? It is EXACTLY what I need to learn to do! thank you so much for your inspirational and helpful content as always!

  • Wazup Mike, whats your thoughts on mixing calisthenics and gym workout to gain muscles? (and your opinion on calisthenics in generally). Thanks coach BIG MIKE:)

  • I’ve gone all out weight training mad for over 3 months. And I’ve always employed a slow rep style to try a maximise my muscle usuage. I’ve struggled to make any gains until the last 4 weeks when I started doing exercises as fast as could smashing through my reps and sets. When I realised this was a better training method for me I started ditching sets altogether and started doing each exercise to failure and moving on to the next exercise. A huge difference had been observed I’ve gone from struggling to do 8 pull ups to smashing out 12 in just 2 weeks. My conclusion is all this science around body building and athletics is mostly utter nonsense I’m sticking to new regime where I’m getting stronger and faster at everything I do.

  • Is it bad that I dont count my reps and just go by when I feel I just simply cannot do one more?? My primary concern is if one day lets say I do 15 reps (I didn’t count the reps) and then when I do the same excercise again by feel, maybe I only do 12 or so, but I felt as though I couldn’t do more (again no counting). Obviously I am increasing my reps and building strength but will this become bad in the long run once I’m able to reach a much higher number of reps??

  • I lifted for 3 months consistently in the past, but took a 3 month break. I am unhappy with my level of body fat, i would consider myself “skinny fat.” Should I recomp or eat in a slight caloric surplus? I just started a recomp program a couple days ago, but unsure if it will work. I am currently consuming 2,700 calories on workout days (5 days) and planning on eating 2,100 calories on my rest days. P.S. my maintenance is 2,600 @ 150 lbs. 5’9. Any advice would be much appreciated

  • But the truth is.. if you look at pilates instructors and ballerinas they are more lithe looking and lean.. but with those who lift weights especially on Instagram their legs look more muscular and bigger compared to how ballet dancers train and look. I keep reading and getting told that lifting weights wont make you bulky but I’ve seen it for myself and other women.. that’s simply not accurate and its misinformation. The proof is out there just look at yoga/pilates/ballet dancers body

  • So I am skinny but I have a lot of thigh muscle because of that I weigh 120 lbs and I am only 5ft I am 14 years old how do I cut my weight down to 100lbs

  • That’s why ronnie what a 8 time Mr.O.He was lifting super heavy…but for a big amount of volume!! No bodybuilder do this nowadays

  • Hey Mike, how do you remember what exact weight you are lifting week to week for every exercise? Do you have an app that you store the info in or just a solid memory?

  • Increasing total training volume is misleading. It does not consider that training at low vs high reps elicit different muscle building effects. Although progressive overload is essential, it needs to be by increasing weight or reps in one set. Improving on the same volume as last week will build muscle, but simply adding in more sets of the same weight to increase volume will not be effective.

  • This is so important. I never weight myself but today they weighted me at my gym and after a month and a week of 2 hour training sessions 5 days a week, I weighted the exact same 72,5kg as when I started. It was disheartening but I also feel my clothes getting loose and I’m dressing one size smaller 38. I feel really good overall but for a moment I was terrified that all these changes I’m going through inside didn’t show on the outside.

  • Heavy weights does not build size… if it did all these Macho ego lifters would be big… fact is heavyweights you will lose size… however beginners will make some progress, irregardless of stupid form!

  • For me high reps is 12 reps plus. I do 40 reps which is more than enough, but 5×8. I bench press 70% of my max for 8 reps, so for those doing more weight less reps you should be aiming to do 4 or 5 reps, 80 or 85% of your max

  • People that use heavy weights are not fatiguing the muscles at all… they’re only going through neurological adaptation… bodybuilding is a complex process… no matter what the stimulus is your body always adapts… that’s called hitting a plateau!

  • Thanks for the video! I’m 4’11 and 125 lbs, how many reps/ weight is suggested I lift for results? just started working out about 3 weeks ago but I’ve been doing 12 reps, 3 sets, 10 lbs lol

  • literally when u go beyond your limit, u feel what gym actually isthat soreness, that numbness for very few minutes, that tightness that heavyweight give��

  • Muscle works by tension so the longer you can hold it the more stress it puts on the muscles and the better the results why else do you see ripped gymnast ��‍♂️ they don’t even use weights just there body

  • What is your diet? I struggle with diet….what the hell should i be eating? I have gained 20 pounds in 3 months eating more but I feel like I am just getting fatter even though I gobble up pounds of chicken and protein powder…

  • I’m lifting heavy from long but i see my muscles tightening up n also getting bulky i do not agree to wot you say n i can’t really eat everything n still be fine

  • Lol 30 degrees and you are boiling haha, here where I live we are at 40, yesterday we reached 44 I couldn’t even breath
    Nice video btw you are awesome

  • Follow this man he knows his stuff. And talks to you like a normal human being, in words we can understand. I just wish I could follow the diet, lol

  • I’ve lost exactly 30 Lbs in 2 months! The best part is knowing that I did this myself. look at the method I use to lose weight here: http://the2weekdietnow.com/losing-weight

  • The thing that isnt often talked about with muscles is how many people are using drugs to gain. i do want to get muscles and lose fat and learning that it will take years was pretty demotivating for a while. when hollywood is telling us that you can go from potato to thor in 3 months its easy to think that we will change quickly but the truth is that they ARE working hard but 100% theyre juicing

  • Hey Natacha, love your videos and YOU!:) I am a bit confused though,,, I walk 2-3 hours 5xweek, and workout 4 times a week: and I do full body weight training mixed with 8-15 min HIIT sessions, Do you think this will make me lean instead of looking big:)))

  • Good points. You look really strong! Doing the weights you do WILL give that strong look. If someone is going for more a ballerina look then cycling up hills and around town is more helpful.

  • Hey man I find your videos very interesting and im wondering if you could make a video of the most common injuries when hitting a gym and how to treat them… if you already have a video like that i pretty new to your channel so if not it would be a lovely one cause everybody has gone through injuries! Thanks

  • This information is incomplete dude.. What about when using lightweights. Does time under tension is more beneficial than fast higher reps?

  • I worked out for a long time but didn’t get results because of a poor diet. I then found a website called NextLevelDiet, finally I started seeing results

  • Hey Mike, I have question should i like start with normal weight and go heavier every set or should i complete every exercise set with one weight?

    For exFor biceps barbell curls i start with 15kg then go 25kg for next set and then 30, and the last 35kg set i can do only few like 5-6reps, i can lift 30kg properly, should i do the all 4 set with 30kg?


  • I just had this conversation with my friend who didn’t want to do push-ups in her workout because she would get bulky. I should show her this because you explain it better.:)

  • I’m building all these great muscles but there’s still a stubborn couple inches of fat on top of them that is incredibly frustrating…so I feel like the more my muscles grow the more the fat sticks out (lower abdominals, quads, triceps). Please help. I’ve been training consistently for two years.

  • Hi mike can you do a video on form please and how important it is. I have been training over two years and coming upto 50. I find I often injure my self when I lose form squeezing out the last couple of reps. Is it better to keep the form strict and if you can’t get the weight up with out losing form just stop? Cheers Terry

  • You say that you would lift for 2 days on and one off while trying to lift for strength but do you change that if you are lifting for size? Im kind of confused, as some people say there is almost no difference in lifting for size over strength. What classifies lifting for strength? Below 5 reps???

  • Not locking out is the dumbest shit ever. Any range of motion that you don’t train in you’ll be weak as fuck in. In other words do what they say on bench for two years and then take that same weight and lock out see what happens

  • Hey Natacha!!!! Because of you I am becoming more and more interested in incorperating more calesthenics and plyometrics in my lifting workouts!!!!!!! Can you make like a workout video with like a good starter base and tips??? I know you have a guide and I wish I could afford it but for now this broke student has to do it with youtube hahahaa LOVE YOU ♥

  • Before this i go with (for example) 10kg for 10 reps, but now i go for 20kg but with 5 reps, im talking bout muscle gain, am i doing the correct way?

  • Big facts!! I didn’t start to grow until I started using a spotter and going for reps of 5 and then sets of 4,3,2, and 1 with my bench and saw huge improvements

  • I do Calisthenics with a slow tempo, wile doing each exercise for reps I flex and keep my muscles tensed during each rep and slow the rep tempo down keeping my muscles under time under tension I can not get many reps doing this but I am recruiting more muscles fibres creating greater muscle damage wile doing this which in the long run will create and build a harder Denser stronger looking muscle, rather than getting. Heavy weight and seing how many reps you can do as fast as you can, that’s a waste of a session!

  • How do you find a balance between cardio and weight training, I weight train four days a week and do cardio most days aswel because I enjoy it, will this hinder my strength and progress? Thanks for all the information that you share xxx

  • Hi Natacha! I train 2-3 times a week since almost a year and since then, I gained a little bit of weight, like 2-3 kg because my appetite has increased and I still hold on to fat. What should I do? I don’t eat junk food and I eat pretty healthy. Maybe I eat too much? But I don’t think I eat more than 2000 calories a day, let’s say 2200 max. It is still ok, isn’t it?

  • I’d like to see you also speak in U.S. weights and measures. I didn’t grow up with both and by the time I do a quick calculation you’ve moved on. You’ll probably get a better response using both. I’d bet the bank on it.

  • I’m 50 yrs old, my muscles are 2X larger and defined than yours, and I lift Baby weight for 20-25 reps, the key is short rest periods. Bottom line TIME UNDER TENSION.

  • I would love to see a video all about freestyle gymnastics! I’ve been resistance training for about a year and I love to try new things but I’ve always struggled with coordination. I’d really like to know how you built up to the level you are now!

  • I got a nice little public servicesales announcement about this guy Max he is extremely legit I filled out something and I got to be honest he responded to me almost right away and spoke to me for quite some timeand the best part was I was talking to Max I wasn’t talking to a sales rep or an assistant it was Max the guy was willing to work with me and he’s going to call me back I mean what a guy and help me out with my own personal goals in routineso don’t look up mr. Cookie cutter YouTube guy from some other channel stick with Max he clearly knows what he’s doing and he really wants to help he cares

  • Thanks for that Natacha, its really helped me put into perspective why I don’t look massively different after less than a year of hypertrophy training, but I did wake up with my first visible six pack this morning! You have to enjoy the process!

  • After your warm up, is it better to start heavy and work down, or start light and work up?   I go light to heavy, but I am thinking of switching up.   What do you all think?

  • I agree about not needing a traditional scale.
    (I’m a guy btw with no thyroid)

    As i was starting to workout and dieting I got depressed because I was going at it but I weighed more than ever but I found out by getting a total body fat test it was because I was burning body fat and adding muscles

  • I wish more people like you were out there. So sick of these garbage gurus who push the “pump” and don’t know the first thing about natural lifting

  • I know i had a weak squat so i started doing 5 sets of 20 with like 135 and did that till i could do it with 315 gave me a strong base strength to work with ive used that method for getting stronger in pretty much every other area as well with good results for myself

  • One of the research you posted says clearly that slow speed had better hypertrophy, so why are you saying the opposite?
    “The SS group had bigger effect sizes than FS group for hypertrophy and strength from pre to post training. SS training was more effective to improve hypertrophy and muscle strength in well-trained adults.

  • Yall could’ve seriously one some natural bodybuilding competitions in that shape. I know that’s not your goal but would’ve been cool to see yall walk on stage with a tan, hitting mandatory shots and shii

  • The first study says that they train each set for around 140 seconds… that’s like A LOT of time under tension. The perfect TUT should be around 40-60 seconds and that’s how the other group of individuals were performing, pretty much says it all, they were not training fast reps at all, since 40 seconds sets are pretty much optimal for muscle growth.

  • Thank you for another amazing video <3 I like how you film in different locations, makes it so much fun to watch! Could you do a video on calisthenics exercises for beginners? xxx

  • Hey Natacha! I would like to say that I got bulky from lifting weights…it took me a long time of cardio, dropping the weights, and being in a caloric deficit to get rid of the excess muscle. My arms and my quads got huge!!! But I usually did 3×12 so maybe that’s why. I lifted for years and I rock climbed, so maybe that’s another factor-my shoulders were very big as well. Because I got huge! I’ve lost like 15 pounds of pure muscle and I look so much better lol.

  • Great video! But! It is really possible to get “bigger”. I am a type who is building muscle quite easily. And without very controlled diet i get too big very easily because i can gain fat all over my muscles. Considered the fact that im quite short and… Ugh

  • But lower weight decreases chance of injury and also you have to consider time under tension, by this logic just do a 1rm every time

  • Thankss for this video ❤️ finnally a fitness youtuber who knows what she’s talking about and is based on science. I liked how you explained the different types of training like hypertrophy and strenght beacause people tend to think they are the same.������������

  • Well, I REALLY LOVE YOU NATACHA! I really do!!! But I have to say your arms appear to me bulky:( I’m afraid of gaining too much on my arms too like you.

    BUT HEY! Still better than having flabby arms right!

  • Hello Mike ThirSty! Like your videos! I have a question: in what proportion should we increase its calorie intake during this kind of evolution?
    Sorry for my English:S ��

  • Thank you, Max!
    I have higher medical education and I have a real pleasure to listen to your arguments: your knowledge, personal experience, research and especially your YouTube videos are pure gold!

  • You’re passion for life and fitness is so inspiring and beautiful! Love how strong you are from the inside out. So So so happy to be watching you’re videos because you’re such an amazing influence and put out such quality content! ������

  • i find its working more for me with 6 reps rather than 8-10 reps. If i can do 10 reps all im feeling is the burn. When u feel the burn. You burn muscle. Dont train for the burn its a mistake.

  • Great tips and awesome video. Ultimately, each individual must figure out what works best for his or her body and metabolism. Everyone is different. If you find yourself at a plateau change up your routine a bit.

  • soo, an example of me having 2chest days a week.. u want me to lift 30×10 3 times both sessions? and 32,5 both sessions week after?

  • Hey Natacha, really love your videos, so informative:)

    Doesn’t the amount of muscle you put on depend on your body type? Moderate weight training for me makes a big difference in my muscle mass since I have a naturally muscular physique. Of course it will differ from person to person though

  • High reps with lighter weights are much healthier, great for the circulation and bringing oxygen to the muscles.. Straining with heavy weights and low reps are terrible for your health

  • As much as I agree with these findings, they keep changing with time because they are heavily influenced by the test subjects used. The body does not understand weights. It understands stimulus. If you are reacting well with a slow lifting pattern then all is well and good. For me, I mix things up to make sure I do not get used to the same type of training. It makes things challenging and interesting. I will also use drop sets, high rep training, supersets and a combination of all. Test it out yourself.

  • And that’s why I love your channel the most of all fit/sport ones. You honestly show the biggest variety of workouts, experiment with many styles and explain everything the easiest way possible. I honestly think you’re such a big inspiration and hopefully one day I’ll get to the beast level as you! You go girl <3 lots of love

  • Noticed you’ve been travelling about lately via your instagram. Hope you’ve enjoyed that. Another informative/great video. Thanks.

  • Watch Mike before the gym, listen to Eric Thomas, Ray Lewis and Greg Plitt shout in your ear during the workout is a recipe for success

  • hey Mike, awesome advice as always!! today at the gym i challenged myself. i did tricep pushdowns 4 sets, 210 pounds, 20 reps for the first 3 sets, 16 for the 4th set. chest presses 4 sets, 165 pounds, 20 reps all 4 sets. shoulder presses, 4 sets, 105 pounds, 15 reps all 4 sets. bench presses, 4 sets, 20 reps all 4 sets. tricep cable push downs, 4 sets, 140 pounds, 20 reps all 4 sets. overhead triceps on the cable machine, 4 sets, 140 pounds, 20 reps all 4 sets!! when i left the gym, i felt like i had added 4 pounds of Muscle. i know i didn`t, but that`s way my Muscles felt after getting a really good pump on!! tomorrow is pull day!!! i`m going to challenge myself yet again. not bad for 67 years old, and after having had quadruple bypass surgery March 9th. 2017!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

    p.s. i need to apologize!! i gave the weights for my tricep push down (extensions) for my tricep overhead exercise. for the overheard triceps exercise i`m actually going around 60 pounds and 15 reps. for 4 sets!!

  • u mentioned “eat in moderation” what if someone has had a history of eating disorder wherein they eat less. like an anorexia or something. like I dot understand moderation. I feel I eat fine(waaaaaayyy better than before); I have increased 5 kgs now. But now since I am doing weight training seriously I feel I should eat more, but I already eat every 2-3 hours. so don’t knw. my average calorie intake as on date is somewhere around 1000 -1200 (during workout days coz it makes me feel hungrier) which I am tracking. initially it was around 800ish I think. but I cant get myself to eat more. so am I good or need to FORCE myself to eat more.???

  • Awesome Video Mike I think this is one of the major factors that affect all of us in some way or another in the fitness world great advice!!!!

  • I am stuck in a hole, I’m pretty sure my metabolism is messed up. I havewatched your reverse dieting video but I’m unale to know what to do. I gained 4lbs ina few weeks when I ate around 1600 calories a day and that was with weight training…I am not fat but I am fatter and I hate it and really want to ‘recover’ and eat normally but I don’t know how

  • Legit advice. Fitness information about what works and what doesn’t work for true natural lifters has been extremely polluted by steroid users, for a very long time. It’s been confirmed by studies that steroid users can literally not work out at all, and gain more muscle than someone natural who is working out hard at the gym in the same length of time.

  • if i weight lift for a year, then the year after stop weightlifting ( because study abroad ), will I get chubby again? will that turn to fat? or will I be fine aslong as i continue eating 1300 calories?

  • I just get joint pain if I’m going heavy. I’ve tried doing it and everytime I do I just end up with injuries. I much prefer lower weight, higher reps, squeeze, mind muscle connection. No injuries, still awesome gains.

  • Mike…I laughed my ASS off during 5:20 when you entered the doorway from the side. I love your humor and love the videos man. Hopefully i’ll cut down some fat over the next few months and will enter the gym this coming fall. Looking into getting your website/app stuff so I can know what to do in the gym:)

  • This meant so much!! I recently added more heavy weight lifting to my plan and it has boosted my confidence so much. I recently recovered from an eating disorder and this type of exercise has given me the strength to not only lift heavy weights, but also throw away the scale. <3 much love!!

  • You DO have to step up weight a bit to gain bulk tho, if you’re curling 15’s or 20’s over and over no matter how many sets you do, you’re going to more commonly become more aerobic and lean. You have to use a more significant amount of weight for bulk, just fine that sweet spot and dont over do it. Find the right tension for the amount of bulk you want.

  • Hii, do you check your IG messages, can you please check my message and help me out? I’m kinda desperate for help, I’m in a really bad state �� @bananabearry

  • Start at 20 reps on every exercise and add 5 10 lbs every set. Do this for 6 sets on every exercise while staying within 12 18 sets total per muscle group. This ensures you train for endurance, mass, strength, and power every time on every muscle group. Plateau???? You will never plateau! This is how you get jacked! Simple

  • So if you do it fast you get tattoos and if you do it slow your tattoos go away thanks for the tip!

    Edit: it didn’t work but thanks for the vid mate

  • 3:40 that’s exactly why gymnastics teaches u to lock out on everything! U just said it yourself.. your joints will be making all kinds of gains! All kinds.

  • After those 4 weeks when you’ve reached that 32.5 for 3 sets at 10 reps. Would you continue week 5 with 32.5 for 1 set of 10 then 35 for 2 sets of 8? Or would you stay at 32.5 for 3 sets of 10 for a few weeks?

  • You don’t need to lift heavy to get big…stop fooling people..that shit fucks your joints up when u get older you can go medium or light & still get big.

  • With regards to increasing strength & size whilst cutting, What are your thoughts on this when coming from a lay off period. I was bulking and then was unable to train for 6 weeks at all, after which my training wasn’t consistent at all. Now I’ve got back in a routine looking to bring my lifts back up but also in a calorie deficit, do you think it’ll be possible or one or the other

  • I remember watching this like six months ago when i started lifting. Ive watched a lot of the other videos too and I gotta admit, as a natty. The shit works.

  • Natacha you’re so amazing <3 Appreciate your advice thus far! Could you do a video on targeting stubborn lower belly fat? Much appreciated.:)

  • Usually when I try a new exercise I do it very slow to understand how I’m working the muslce, once I start gaining strength and have a better understanding of the exercise then I start doing them faster, sometimes unintentionally

  • Can you do a video on those different forms of training; explaining exactly what the differences are with examples?? |
    That would be great! Love your video’s! Thanks!

  • You’re so full of misinformation you don’t know what you’re talking about… high-volume training is for advanced bodybuilders has nothing to do with weight lifting… if you’ll never learned how to fish you’ll never catch a fish!

  • People get so caught up by the word “overload” that doesn’t mean busting a load on every rep. It means just make it harder every workout. Heavy weight is useless if you cant control it

  • Why wear a hat so often when u have a good head of hair….people will just assume your bald underneath…jacked and bald is as common as muck(joe delaneys brother for example)…

  • Here’s the thing, as a girl no matter how much you workout of lift or anything as a woman you aren’t going to get bulky. Which sucks because women who want to get the bulk it’s very hard for them, so you aren’t going to ever get bulky muscles from lifting weights

  • The problems with fast tempo are there when the form isnt perfected and muscle-mind connection isnt there yet. Better doing slow tempo if u have those problems

  • Volume simply cannot continue to increase over time! Only the weight should increase over time! Only weight!
    Also, when the weight has gone up to a certain degree, the volume must come down as the weight will be the sole factor that will determine muscle breakdown!

    Higher reps work it’s simply mathematics!
    Bench press:
    225 x 8 reps = 1800
    185 x 16 reps = 2960!
    So who’s done more work?

  • Fat loss, hypertrophy and strength training…thats the 3 things you can do at a gym. If you don’t want to plateau, there needs to be a time each no matter wat your goal is.

  • I say light just because I’m stronger the bigger people it’s also hard to do hypertrophy with heavy weights and I never feel sore with heavy

  • I laugh when losers with BAD GENETICS AND LAZY


  • Followed you for such a long time, and your spirit and awesome energy keeps me going to with my training! I’m so happy for all your success, and can’t wait to see what more is to come for you. Everything is so well deserved, because you give us so much in return! <3 So much love for you.

  • Loveeee your videos so so so much <3 I've started going to the gym 6 days a week and changed my diet COMPLETELY. I love watching your videos because their very motivating <3

  • I’ve been weight training, my legs and hips would be really big once I get back to lifting heavy, and I get bulky really fast. And my diet is relatively clean. Any advice??

  • Gaining muscle is not that difficult..it’s just hard work. Here is what will always work..even on just two days a week training. Full Body Day-Lift HEAVY with the big movements(SQUAT, BENCH, OHP,) 4×4 sets…etc…take two days off…and repeat, but instead of heavy…lift 70% of your heaviest weight from the previous workout with volume.3 x10.sets….take two days off and repeat. Alternate Heavy-Intensity day…and Light-Volume day. Look around YouTube and you will see other Fitness YouTubers that repeat this mantra. It works!!!

  • Volume = load x sets x reps ( and times frequency if you want to calculate it per week). In theory, you can build more muscle by increasing volume through increasing either one of load, sets, or reps in a session or over the course of a week or a month. However, in practise, there are limitations on each variable. For example, there is a limit to how heavy you can lift (load) at any given time, how many sets you can realistically do in a session (given that you need to go to work, have a social life, sleep, etc.), and how many reps before you get to failure. What you need to do is balance those variables (just like when it comes to diet with macros) to suit your lifestyle/schedule and where you currently are at in your bodybuilding progress. But otherwise, I can say by experience that total volume increased over time and a caloric surplus and 1 gram of protein/lb of lean mass is what matters for building muscle, however you manage to achieve that. I progressively lifted heavier and heavier since starting bodybuilding to the point the weight got too heavy for my joints. So I decided to lower the load but do more sets and reps to keep, even exceed the volume I was doing before. As a result my muscle mass increased compared to when I was lifting heavy with 6 reps/set and 3 sets. I have to say though that lifting heavier does develop strength a bit more, but not stamina and can be damaging to joints over time (I was getting coagulated blood on my hands because of the sheer weight of the loads I was using).

  • The majority of people execute movements incorrectly. You can swing 50 pound dumbells around and call em bicep curls, but you’re not gonna see good gains and you’ll probably get injured. The numbers on weights are to gauge your progression with PERFECT FORM, not to compare yourself to other people or feel badass.

  • Funny how ive down so much research and this guy threw everything i found and have experience into one video ���� sheesh what else you going to make videos about now ��

  • I do my reps not fast not slow just normal so it’s not that fast that i go full force, and not control my power but not slow enough to make me go insane cuz it takes too long.

  • Weight lifting gives you haphazard results… that makes you a nutcase…. you’re letting the weights control you… does the Tail Wag the Dog?

  • TUT and progressive overload, if u dont wanna go down the secondary route, make sure your lifting with Time under Tension, then add in drop sets and negative reps.

  • So you’re talking about lifting weights what about Calisthenics? Im trying to do more Calisthenics due to my lack of equipment do i follow the same principle? Because i feel like slower might be better

  • Great video bro
    I got the same problem I’m surrounded by people that tell me to lower the weight even when I’m doing perfect form they just want to be the person that lifts the most

  • Hey Natacha, I am 18 years old and 66 kgs. Can I start lifting weights at home tho I haven’t done it before. This will be my first time

  • Everybody uses heavy weights and using bad form… and getting no results… using light weights and using strict form is bad form… they’re only moving the weights! Bodybuilding is about working the muscle not moving the weights!

  • Hi girl!
    So you repeat quite frequently that enhancing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat mass causes a greater metabolism. Well. It actually isn’t very much at all.

    1 kg of fat tissue uses 4,5 kcal/day and 1 kg of muscle mass uses 13 kcal/day. So let’s say you build 5 kg (!!) muscle mass then this enhances your resting metabolism with 65 kcal/day. Which is not a whole lot..

    With that said there are tons of other reasons why you should favor muscle mass over fat mass ��

  • What is the best way of developing muscle mass fast? Sqeezing contractions with slow movements or exsplosive movements which are faster?

  • I never understood the need to gain a shit ton of muscle mass that at a point you look like the hulk on steroids

    Can someone explain??

  • Thank you for taking a firm stance against stigmatizing muscle weight gains…and also providing such specific details about your own weight changes since weight training. I’ve gained four pounds since weight training three months ago and with a history of an eating disorder, it does scare me. But I’m also super proud of my muscle developed and my arms and legs look stronger, more defined and fitter than ever.

  • I love your overall message so much!! It’s so unfortunate this idea of getting bulky is still so prevalent so thanks for putting this info out there!

  • Man you fucking ridiculous man…you starting to fucking piss me off���� show boating interrupting your speech, y’all too damn funny man

  • Gosh I absolutely love your videos Natacha thoroughly informative and always so body and health positive��❤ Keep on keeping on girl ��

  • Also the thing you mentioned about cheating in the last few reps not thinking about the form..has really helped me gain more muscles on my shoulders. Its a personal experience…it works.

  • No shit? I really would’ve thought slower would be better, but makes sense. I have been experimenting lately with calf raises slow up and down, but I guess more is better. Thanks.

  • Your athleticism is insane. I consider myself fit but you were doing chinups with a dumb bell and literally hovering over the ground in a pushup. ��

  • I’m a natty for life, & I been lifting weights since I was 13, & as a kid weightlifting not only help me build more strength, & muscle, but it also help me build much needed confidence too. I’m 42 now never been injured going light, but I had quite a few injuries going heavy! I still do both light, & heavy with Barbell and Dumbbell workouts, and they both are very beneficial to the body, no pun intended to GT, Athlean X, or Lethal Thurman, I am a fan of those 3, they give very good advice, & are very educational in fact, I would suggest that if you are young or a beginner you should definitely tune in to those 3 guys! You have to keep in mind though, you greater your risk of injury too lifting heavy all the time, you have to mix it up, along with a lot of R&R, water, & protein intake! I hate to say it but, look at Ronnie Coleman, he was a successful professional heavyweight bodybuilder, 8x Mr.Olympia who trained with, & was reping insane heavier weights then most if not all other pro.body builders, plus, lets not forget the steroids role in RC always wanting, feeling like, & actually going heavier, & now he looks like he has always been handicapped, he needs help getting around, he had more surgeries then the buttons on your keypad, his favorite workout words was Lightweight baby, ain’t nothing but a peanut, has almost made him a vegetable! I give you another example, & he did it before RC, he is also an 8x Mr. Olympia pro.heavyweight bodybuilder that used mostly lightweight for his body build, & success & that is Lee Haney. Lee is still in good shape, can still get around on his on, still look healthy & strong for his age, yes of course he used steroids too, but what was the difference between both bodybuilders physical results today, could it be one trained heavy or the other trained light, they both are 8x Mr.Olympians? I will provoke your thoughts with another fact, the healthier (Lee Haney) of the 2 is also the oldest! Everyone wants to stress heavy, light, or both, but I want to stress to the young, & beginners, the X factor that help me pack on strength, & muscle throughout my youthful, & prime years, & helped me to still be healthy in my aging years now at 42, is I had to educate myself by doing research, can’t just go & lift without knowing what you are doing. You have to get to know your body type, study the human body, study your own body, listen to, know, trust, obey, & respect your body limitations as you train safely! Your body will let you know when it can handle more, never try to look like or be like some one when training your body, because everyone is not honest about being a natural, everyone is not the same so therefore everyone will not look the same, you may get same results, but not look the same, & please don’t fall under the influence of PED heads, (no drugs is needed to build natural muscle & strength) from them turn away! Stay natural cause natural is truly better, live longer, natural is healthier, & stronger longer, have a great,& safe day people!

  • Gravity Transformation, you are right. I completely agree with you because I have experienced all the ideas you articulated in this video.

  • Mike I’m training for like 5/6 months now. Started with 10 kg bench and im benching 15 now. With the dumbell press im not getting any progression, just staying at 12 kgs. I always ask myself what im doing wrong cause my strength is just not getting better how it should be I think. Hope this tips will get me any further! Thanks

  • intensity is more important as long as form is not sloppy, even partial reps are cheat reps but at the end of the set it will help.

  • The fact is that women just don’t have the hormones to get bulky. I get so annoyed when people tell me I’m going to get big. Nope, been at this for a year and I can hardly tell a difference. Even the female body builders still aren’t HUGE, and it takes them soooooo much work to get to that state, like you said.

  • hey Natacha, i just bought your guide and i can’t wait to start the program on monday!:D can’t thank you enough for being such an awesome role model and inspiration! i’ve been struggling with anorexia and restrictive eating for a long time, and your incredible example of confidence and positivity has changed alot about my mindset towards food and exercise! can’t wait to start changing my life for good <3

  • Oh my God thank you. After decades of lifting I totally agree. I found out basically through trial and error that I had to lift heavy as a natural. And I’m totally OK with a little body English or cheating towards the end of a sad. Thank you thank you thank you you are 100% correct.

  • Stepping it up later this week.,yea was thinking of slow tempo. For last few weeks while body was getting UST to gym…,.now will up days to 4 a week.,,..not sure of plan yet…any ideas. #8

  • Hey Mike, what do you do for your hair loss? Your hair looks awesome lately… Being that I’m losing my hair rapidly,I need all the help I can get ��

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritional intake. While they might induce quick weight loss, these kinds of diets will never be a long-term solution for your weight problem. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Would you consider a class like BodyPump with low weight (for instance, 30 pounds / 15 kilos for squats) endurance training? I get tired and breathing heavily by the end, but I’m not making loud noises from the effort:P

  • How did you get your hands on the nikki b collection? What do you think of it? That coral color is SO pretty on you! Oh and your upper body when your doing those rows is serious GOALS. you look so good!

  • Hello Mike,really enjoying your videos,I have been lifting for almost 25 years and still learning techniques you provide on the nutritional and recovery from your tuition.
    Keep them coming.
    Dominic from South Africa

  • Love your channel, a lot of good tips and scientific facts, in my experience guys best thing I’ve found to build muscle is eat good nutrition all the time, and pound weights and then take a day or 2 off, turns out I was overtraining all these years, soon as I started adding rest days I felt my muscles literally start growing in a couple days, starting to get pecs now that I’ve never ever had in my life, I guarantee if you give yourself more rest between your workouts your gains will skyrocket as a natty

  • Completely false. The most important thing is to work the muscle using moderate weight. This guy has almost no muscle mass. Again work the muscle not the weight. The muscle only knows work over time. Heavy lifting will gain you size but you can’t do that forever nobody can just keep increasing weight infinitely. That’s why finding a moderate weight that’s still somewhat hard to lift and work the muscle works better. This guy looks like he’s 165 on a good day. I’m 225 and I don’t lift heavy.

  • im trying to tone up more and get more defined but i dont wanna gain any more mass i just wanna shape up what i got. will light weight high reps help?

  • I personally love your previous videos just like this one, i found that i am more enjoy it better than the mostly newest videos… when ever i feel bored to continue to workout or lack of energy to hit the gym i will watch your vids, it inspired and motived me to workout. It also makes me wanna keep it on track, keep eating healthy and nutritious food. Looking forward to see these kind of videos again. Ps. Ive been rewatching your old vids for countless time! love xoxo

  • Good advice. I rotate heavy and light. One week of of 8-3 reps, next week 12-15 reps. And just alternate. Been doing this for about a year and liking my results.

  • Hi Mike
    How’s ur injured shoulder right now??? Did u recover from it completely??? If yes and possible could u please share with us how did u go about fully recovering it. Thanks.

  • There are two basic ways a muscle cell gets bigger. One is called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and the other is called myofibrillar hypertrophy. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is when there is an increase of fluid and noncontractile connective tissue within the muscle while myofibrillar hypertrophy is an increase in the size of the contractile muscle fiber (actine and myosin).
    Traditional body builders do higher volume resistance training while lifting moderately heavy weights for 10 to 12 reps. It is not uncommon for a body builder to spend 30 to 40 minutes just training their chest while a power lifter will lift very heavy weights for only 1,2 or 3 reps.

    A typical body builder is more muscular then a power lifter but not as strong; therefore, the higher rep and higher volume of training will contribute more to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Now keep in mind that there is always some carry over. Whenever you resistance train you will get both sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy.

  • i am not asking about slowly lifting the weights. I am asking about shall i try to reduce my sweat levels. Shall i try to go slow and dont sweat or go full on sweat

  • I appreciate you’ll gotten far in the gym in life bc of you’ll keep pushing to anyone who needs to here this its worth it in the long run

  • Hi Mike, m from India and regular follower of ur channel and videos. I like most of ur content as it’s very logical and scientific.
    I along with my friends request u to pls make a series of videos on proper technique and sceintific way to do exercise.., cos ppl here are just lifting weights without proper technique.

  • It’s depressing to hear things like this time and time again. Lift heavy, hit failure, eats nutritious meals timed perfectly throughout the day, sleep exactly right and end up being a scrawny weakling when compared to a juicer that can eat sleep and train however they want and be way stronger a fitter than the natty will ever be. Take Jeff cavilier for example, he’s probably as muscular as you will ever get as a natty but he looks so small standing near the athletes he trains. Long answer to build muscle is everything he said here, short answer is juice up if muscle is your goal or like all nattys you’ll be the weakest guy in the gym.

  • Some look just alright natural. Some people look great natural. Working hard is the key. Just keep pushing yourself with a spotter, sleeves.

  • Great advice Mike really good tips to break the plateau! Related to this how important are deloading days to help muscles repair?

  • Yo mike have you got a personal I could contact you on? Rly need help I’ve been going gym for 2 years but only recently have been taking it seriously, your channel has been so educational it’s mad but I’ve reached a plateau my form and diet is good and idk what to do

  • Your hair is so long and beautiful in this video! I like your shorter blonde hair you have now, but this style is gorgeous (when you’re in the grocery store)

  • can’t believe ur near 150k! I remember when u were at 20k! I watched nearly all ur vids and I never stopped supporting u. I’m so proud of u. Thank u for inspiring me so much. I appreciate u xxx

  • Your so Creative with your workouts�� how are you doing this? I’m stucked at all my ‘normale’ moves and get really bored:( when i see your workout, it looks like soooo much fun��❤️

  • as a ex royal engineer, ill agree with the body and to much weight after building bridges by hand for few years, now i have arthritus every where setting in, im only 34 now nearly ended up in a wheel chair bridge building fucked me

  • Your video sums up what i have been trying to tell everyone, and you explained it in the most sophisticated way yet very simple to understand,
    I will surely show those people this video and hopefully they willl get something out of it. ☺️☺️��

  • steroid losers, man this is why i train at home good squat rack, barbell 350 pounds of plates and the good old strong lifts 5 x 5 squat deads, bench standing press and bent rows all you need.