Will I Really should Warm-up Before a good work out


How to warm up before exercise

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Five Minute Warm Up // Before You Workout

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STOP Wasting Time With Warmup Exercises! (Warmups That Do and Do Not Work)

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Apartment Friendly Warmup Do this before your workout!!

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Do This Before Every Workout (Best Warm Up Routine)

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Still, she and other experts still recommend warming up before exercise to prime your heart, lung, brain, muscles and mind for what’s to come. “A warmup is necessary to prepare the body. Patients ask me regularly if they really need to warm up before they work out. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but you need to do it the right way. (I’ll get to that shortly.) Warm-ups are crucial because they get your muscles ready for activity. Without warming up, you not only risk injury but you also get less from your workout.

Still, she and other experts still recommend warming up before exercise to prime your heart, lung, brain, muscles and mind for what’s to come. “A warmup is necessary to prepare the body. As a general rule, you want to warm up until the point of a “light sweat”, Mr Alexander says. It’s a sign you’ve got your body moving and are not yet at the point of fatigue. Remember, though, there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest your warm-up.

All we remember is ”Make sure to warm up before you exercise so you don’t get hurt”. Come to find out, the advice wasn’t all that accurate. Stretching and warming up are not actually one and the same. And, by the way, stretching prior to exercise has never been proven to keep injuries at bay. Stretching can certainly be part of your warm up, but that’s not all you need.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but you need to do it the right way. (I’ll get to that shortly.) Warm­ups are crucial because they. Warm up before you work out to prepare your body for the impending challenge, even if that challenge is isolated to one muscle group. A warmer body is better able to execute the moves and is less likely to be injured as you crunch, twist, plank and stabilize.

2 days ago · Perform a dynamic warm-up at a low-to-moderate intensity before each workout. Make sure parts of the warm-up mimic the activity you plan on doing, but at an easier pace. For example, Decker says if you’re preparing to go for a run, two great warm-up moves would be high knees or butt kickers. Warm-ups need to last for at least 5-10 minutes before you ramp up your intensity and begin your actual workout.

If you prefer to do your stretches before exercising, this is when you can do them as your muscles are nicely warmed. I’m new to exercise. What should I do?A warm-up before a workout prepares your body for the intense stress that you gonna put on your body in the workout.

It elevates your body temperature and increases your heart rate. This, in turn, increases the blood flow to your muscles.

List of related literature:

You should stretch for 5 or 10 minutes before every workout but only after your body temperature has increased, as indicated by the presence of perspiration following some large-muscle activity such as jogging.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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Depending on the temperature, you may need to actually warm your muscles by raising your heart rate, especially if you plan to strip off layers and hit the start line wearing less than is optimal, knowing you’ll soon be exerting yourself and possibly sweating.

“Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond” by Hal Koerner, Adam W. Chase
from Hal Koerner’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond
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To get warm, you can do a general warm-up as described in chapter 1 or start your workout with moderate activities before doing the stretching part of your workout.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition” by Corbin, Chuck B., Le Masurier, Guy, Lambdin, Dolly
from Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition
by Corbin, Chuck B., Le Masurier, Guy, Lambdin, Dolly
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To get warm, you can do a general warm-up as described in chapter 1 (page 6) or start your workout with moderate activities before doing the stretching part of your workout.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School” by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
from Fitness for Life: Middle School
by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
Human Kinetics, 2007

However, there is evidence to document the beneficial effects of warm-up before strenuous exercise.34-36 Warm-up enhances blood flow to active muscle and increases muscle temperature.

“Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse E-Book” by Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson
from Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse E-Book
by Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

A warm-up does not mean simply stretching and doing static stretches before your workout.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

The purpose of the specific warm-up is to help you avoid injury and prime yourself for optimal performance.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Before exercise it’s more important to do light cardio to get your muscles warmed up, but after the workout, when your muscles are nice and warm, is the perfect time to stretch.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

There are a couple of typical claims about what a warm-up does to help prepare the body to lift weights: that it increases blood flow to the muscles, and that it increases the muscle temperature.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

Once you’ve warmed up, it’s a good idea to do some light stretching as you ease into your workout.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

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  • Warmups are important because the warmer you are,the more elastic your muscle fibres are which prevents you from tearing a muscle when doing your activity.

  • This might be apartment friendly only if you live on the first floor of your complex or something else. But other than that this is a great workout.:3

  • Mah man you have NO idea how long i’m waiting and searching for something like this. I hate not the fat but to be weak, This IS helping a lot, as i’m forget the exercises and good routines now i Have EVERYTHING I NEED. Man thank you enormouly!!

  • Best warmup is to just use lighter weights. 1st set of 25% of the weights you normally use, 2nd set 50%, 3rd set 75%. For example 100kg squat is your training weight, first set is 25kg, 2nd set 50kg 3rd set 75kg and 4th set is 100kg.

  • What do you think of increase your soccer skills with Episoketren System? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Episoketren System.

  • This was an awesome, low-intensity warm up! It was perfect for me, with a repetitive stress knee injury. Muscles all warm and ready to go and no weird jumping.

  • Hey Igor. You have two different programs on your site, witch one should I do? The description seems almost the same. Another thing, theres no problem doing abs almost everyday?
    And one more thing, thanks a lot!!

  • Just come across your channel. I like how you have set it out and don’t complicate things, you’re honest, not overwhelmed with useless info. Great work keep it up.

  • Don’t be fooled by YouTube videos always do your warm ups prior to workout and stretches preferably after workout. It’s to help you in the long run!

  • A month or so ago I discovered this warm up and needed to take breaks just to get through it! Now, after using it as a way to prep for most of my workouts I can kill it without huffing and puffing haha thanks Casey for all of your videos! Slowly but surely I am getting stronger and taking less breaks. If anyone is having trouble getting through thisjust keep pushing and allow your body to get hyped for the transformation it’s about to go through <3

  • In school we were taught the three phases of a warm up:
    Pulse raiser which was usually running to get the heart rate up
    Dynamic stretches which is stretching with movement
    Sport specific activity to get you in the mindset of what activity you’re about to do.

  • Hi igor. I will propose a friendly suggestion. Could you pls add some kind of feature that we can check the workouts as done on you web site “ http://igorvoitenko.com/usp

    for example today i am in 10th day and have to track my workout days by myself. in “ http://igorvoitenko.com/usp” this website you can make it easier for us to track our workout days.

    ty for you videos keep up man

  • I am a 59 year old slob: been watching your videos for a while now and today I told myself to get my ass into gear and do it.
    I just did this “WARM-UP” just managed to keep up and I can feel my whole body complaining so I think I will miss doing the first day of your 28 day program:
    BUT I am planning on doing this “WARM-UP”!!!!! this evening and then every morning and evening until it just feels like a warm-up.
    THANK YOU you have help me get up and start I just pray I have the guts to keep it up.

  • For anyone who’s getting ready to lose their weight do this then wait for 5 mins then do 25 table push ups then go up to 100 so cut 100 through your day like 25 25 25 25

  • Cassey: Ok now KEEP your EYES on the FLOOR and follow what I am doing! Alright now ONE, TWO, THREE!

    Me: using the eyes in the top of my head. “ok yeah!”

  • Fraser, thank you very much for your workouts and videos about mistakes and tutorials…You’re giving me inspiration and a lot of help thank you for that. And respect to you for NOT putting ads in your workout videos.

  • absolutely love this workout! I always do it before I start my day and my workout. But after some time, my kness really start to hurt. Now I skip the regular lunge because it puts a lot of pressure on my knees and just do the side and reverse lunges. It works really good.

  • I had a music teacher who had tendinitis, and he regularly has physiotherapy to deal with it and consults with a doctor about it. As it turns out, stretching your arms before playing or working out will be harmful, if not immediately, in the long run. It’s advised to stretch after the said exercise, or way before, as stated in the video.

  • In my experience as a long distance runner, warming up properly before a work out is vital for performance and avoiding injury. I stretch before my workout, during my workout if I get a break, and after the workout.

  • Warmup is really gold thing,despite lifting more or not,you need to warmup muscle so you dont get hurt like i do when i dont warmup

  • After you’re done warming up try it this ultimate fat burning HIIT cardio workout with no equipment I burned 150 cal in 10 minutes https://youtu.be/rBFkZieWHbA

  • please make a video on: does stretching improve muscle definition???? take factors like if the person is flexible or not. I am talking about stretch over a period of time like months and a few days. Thanks i hope you take this into consideration

  • Warming up is a must. I mean sure, the warmups themselves may very from individual to individual, but you have to have a warmup…

  • To me Yeah It’s important depending on the workout, some times when i don’t warm up i get light muscle tightness and i think It’s good to make the blood flow little faster before starting to do heavy workout

  • I really like this warm because it is one song, gets everything, and is more like a dance. But I didn’t realize I need so much space around me for the lunges and was scrambling like eggs.

  • When I do the hip opening stretch at the end, it feels greatbut there is always a popping noise and feeling of a “pop” just before putting the leg down, while hips are at widest. I’m just wondering what that is, if you know, and if that goes away with more flexibility?

  • What the actual fuck first got tired during warm today was a horrible day everything whwn wrong so why the fuck would this go right I don t even want to workout now but gonna complete it fuck this day one of rhe worst days of my life

  • I have stopped doing the warm up cardio and now just go straight to the weights. I complete a couple warm up sets and I am ready to go. Thank you for the video, as I will continue doing what I am doing.

  • Far as im concerned there is no debate, you need to get your body hot and malleable, making it ready for any intensity & rom. Fad talk like dynamics wont change that.

  • No science here but what I like to do is somthing like 50 burpee pull ups and then as I catch my breath I stretch I’ve notice that helps my strength output my mobility and my mindset. It’s also a good workout in itself

  • Can you do a video on compound workouts vs. Isolation workouts..?
    Huge debate on pros and cons of each and what should be targeted for certain people etc etc

  • I lifted really heavy weights on the first day of my gym, thanks to my trainer, with no warmup
    Now m just sliding on the bed, crying of pain
    Any suggestions??

  • i think if you’re a beginner……consider this warmup your workout for now and when this gets easy enough that you actually have some energy leftover, either repeat this warmup to build up more endurance or expend the extra energy doing incremental actual workouts:|

  • Those aren’t even warmups. It’s basic workout exercises so it’s basically jumping straight to the point. The point of doing warmups is to ready the body.

  • A warmup should depend on the intensity and duration of the exercise that will be done. Very intense but short exercise requires a longer session of warmup. A low intencity and long exercise requires a short warm up.

  • Who else finished both of his workout program and since he hasn’t uploaded a third, came back to the 0 to 100 hahah
    Love these workoutsss!

  • I do the max weight I can do five sets of five with such a small increase in weight I have never “warmed up” before starting. Does one warm up in the real world before lifting something? I doubt it.

  • It’s a very Interesting subject to me this, if I’m gonna do a strength and bodybuilding style workout I’ll do two light weight warm up sets within the excercise that I’m doing

    But what fascinated me is this if I do an extremely intense circuit style workout to the point where you are literally gonna drop! then I get my breath back I find that after such a grilling workout that I’m actually very fast and powerful on a punch bag

    Which is strange becouse I shouldn’t have anything left in me yet it feels like the circuit even though it was very intense was a mere warm up in the realm of martial arts

    So I’m confused but I must be on the right track as I’ve only ever been injured from training twice in my life

    Once my calf just randomly went while skipping and once my shoulder went while using a shoulder press machine (I think those are bad news) just use barbells or dumbbells instead

  • No jumping made this warm up and actual warm up and not a workout for me lol. Jumping kills my heart, hopefully I can improve past that soon!

  • 7/11/2020
    First day starting Herbalife with the hubby. Even though I don’t actually have much fat to loose I wanted to show him some support by doing it with him.

  • I use this warm a few times a week. Needless to say, I love it!
    Approaching 40, warm up is getting more and more important… I like this one because it gets your pulse going a bit but at the same time stretches out your back some. If I’m warming up for a back/arms session I’ll switch out the high knees for inchworm to activate shoulders and back some more.
    I would love a variation of this warm up, to be able to alternate:D

  • I think u r the only one who can do One punch man workout 100 push ups,100 sit ups,10km run.. For 100 days.. Please do it n show us result..

  • Can you add a voiceover to inform us about the workout we’re about to do next like in every video..like:” coming up next we gonna do push-up”.etc

  • I really like how the April calendar is looking. These cardio warm-ups are some of my favorites! Thank you for putting this together. You work so hard. I will work hard too! Thank you Cassey!

  • I don’t know why and if it’s just me but whenever i do this warm up my harmstrings starts to ache even though i’ve already done a 10 minute warm up before this.

  • Cassey #blogilates you are one of the few BEST, Energetic fitness online trainer ever and I LOVE your workouts!!! Absolutely loveeee YOUR narration and I can only imagine how much work and effort you poured into every single video you created!!

  • Apartment workout because of social distancing, to realize your apartment doesn’t even have the floor space for a yoga mat ���� Happy April fools to me

  • hey next workout its my 7 th day i forget to do the back workout cause i was busy yestaurday as i went to my brother house what shalll i do shall i do the back exercise today

  • I hate warmups. Always hated them, specially stretches. I live in a very hot place, but people still bother warming up.

    Why do I hate them? Why don’t I just ignore them and shut up? Well, I do that now, but as a child I had no option.

  • I’d love one of these for a cool down! For when you’re doing a quick workout and want to make sure you get a good cool down but that doesn’t take too long!

  • Favorite warmup of all time! Quick, doable, no equipment, doesn’t need a ton of space, no embarrassing moves lol, and it’s actually fun to do! Also bc I love lauv, and warming up to chasing fire is one of the best things in the world ���� tysm Casseyy

  • I used to not warm up before working out but then things started cracking and breaking and pulling all over my body so I kinda had to start. Felt like Mr. Glass. I literally have to crack my knees into place before doing any lower body workouts. After that, I do body/lightweight full body mini-workout for a warm up before my main workout. Gets my blood going as well which is also super important for me. Takes about 15 mins. And even after that my first set of every compound movement is a warmup set.

  • Hey blogi…. appreciate your dedication and initiative but I suppose this is more of a moderate intensity workout routine than a warm-up routine…!! But who is gonna ask right..!! These days anything sells and anything goes without much in retrospect or a bit of scrutiny…��������

  • lifting for 3 years. All the “warmup” I ever do is rotating all the joints involved in the planned movements for 1-2 minutes; and doing 1st set a little lighter than working weight.
    Warming up won’t save you from injuries if you do dangerous exercises or with shit form

  • Typically starting with:

    -> Joints rotation (all joints from fingers to toes..)
    -> Light Cardio (brisk walking to light jogging to brisk walking again to increase cardiovascular and respiratory rates..)
    -> Dynamic Stretching ( All major muscle groups of the body )
    -> Sports Specific Exercises(greatly varies)
    -> Main Activity(the reason why you warmed up)
    -> Static Stretching(to relax and elongate muscles right after your main activity(ies))

    I’m a badminton athlete and yep need these explosive legs to be really warmed up prior to a tournament. (We do really do these in that order respectively.)

  • hi…….i really admire ur workouts and warmup routines……this warm up is structured very well….and warms up ur entire body in
    few minutes….your channel have workouts for all kind oof people…..may be a begginer…..advance…..or somewhere in middle
    ….i really enjoy doing ur workouts….they are at times intense as well but the way u motivate ur audience is incredible…and you
    do it all so effortlessely…..! the way you communicate with ur audience seems very relatable and feels we are really working
    out with someone…………….love ur friendly NATURE….!

  • Thank you so much for this and all your other amazing non-jumping workouts. I don’t live in an apartment, but I am pregnant and finding it more and more difficult to do activities that involve jumping. Your workouts have been an awesome fit for me during this season in my life!

  • Can you help me im 13 years old and my height is 1.62 my weight is near to 40 can you do good breakfast list and body abs,biceps etc. for adolescents please? By the way I love your channel.

  • A tip for anyone just starting out or having a hard time keeping up; I rest in between each set for 3-5 seconds. When I first started I had to pause the video after each exercise just to catch my breath!

  • Hey I did the 28 day challenge while I can’t go to the gym.. Lost weight a some weight. I can see the top of my abs. No six pack haha. Not much of a change before I started.

  • Please check out my friends channel. He’s just starting but please help him out by watching his videos or subscribing.:)

  • I’ve been using this any time I have to exercise early in the AM before work(which is most days) since you’ve uploaded it! So I just want to say thank you so much for making this.

  • Iv watch u for a while now with no account but thank you man you’ve really changed me if u hadn’t appeared on my recommendation I’d be at home watching tv and eating but u have changed me so thx man

  • Sorry to say but this warm up was all over the place and I didn’t know when I had to do what when you were doing the lunges. Personally I would need more information beforehand to know when I need to go front, left, back of idk

  • I have never done a leg day before yesterday, so I forgot ti warm up my lower body. I worked so hard and 2 days later I can’t walk… not joking, every step is a pain.

  • Depends on the program of my training that day (push-pull-legs) but I always start with light cardio (5-10min), just to feel that I’m getting warmer, without breaking a huge sweat.
    Then I go on with: either dynamic stretches on leg days, a shoulder warmup with a wooden stick on Push days, or a cable lat pull-in on Pull days. And when lifting heavy (dead’s or squats) of course I warmup on 4-5 sets of low reps prior to my working set.
    I tried a lot of different things and I find that’s what works best for me!

  • Can you help me im 13 years old and my height is 1.62 my weight is near to 40 can you do good breakfast list and body abs,biceps etc. for adolescents please? By the way I love your channel.

  • Hey Fraser, thank you so much for this warm-up before training! It is super important to have more productive exercises that give faster results! ��������

  • I like the movements, but for a warmup these are done WAY too fast for me. I like to be able to keep up with the instructor; this time I was about 30% slower than her.

  • Hey Fraser Wilson pls answer this comment. I love ur vids I’m 13 and u got me muscle it’s incredible. I really hope u reach 1M subs this summer u deserve it. Hopefully u can do longer workout vids and do other muscle groups like ur back muscle, calf’s legs, biceps and triceps. Best YouTube ever!!!

  • I wish this is how other “fitness” youtubers do their stuff. This is nothing but animation and a voice over, no showing off of abs no clickbait cleavage butt shot thumbnails etc purely science based infos. Not including workout videos and tutorials ofc

  • I think I will leave my progress here because I come to this video often
    Day 1:
    The chest exercise part when doing negative, that was intense and the final part where I must maximize the push up makes my chest and triceps hot

  • For deadlifts and bench press I warm up with light weights. If I don’t do that then the whole thing goes FUBAR lol.

    Btw I know this is unrelated but I was wondering if someone knows why this happened… yesterday I was going for a 1 rep max on deadlift and next thing you know my left knee starts to ache a little bit. It’s been 24 hours now and the pain is there… But it doesn’t get noticed unless I put pressure on it. Like if I try to sit down it’ll flair up a tiny bit or if I “take a knee” it’ll flair up a small amount as well.

    Was it due to bad form or is it the fact it was because of heavy weights doing a number on my joint? I have no devices when I do deadlifts… I come as I am.

    I know it’s a long shot that anyone will shed some light on this but hey it’s worth a try lol

  • hey man, there is some bro science about wearing a belt in the gym, some guys say you should not because your back gets used to it, so they naver use one. Can you make a video about that?i love your work

  • After 28 days no six pack or abs but I feel 100 times stronger and bigger arms gonna do it again but this time focus on diet
    Remember guys eat healthy

  • привет игорь
    здесь большинство иностранцев, потому что этот канал сделан для их. в вообще хочу пожелать тебе быть таким же мужиком с яйцами и остальным тоже ����

  • Very informative video as always. This is why I have stayed to subscribed to your channel and don’t subscribe to any of the bro-fitness channels, or “buy my program” channels.

  • Can you help me im 13 years old and my height is 1.62 my weight is near to 40 can you do good breakfast list and body abs,biceps etc. for adolescents please? By the way I love your channel.

  • I did this day 1 of my weightloss journey and I couldn’t do a work out after this! This WAS my damn workout I’m just so disgusted with myself, I could BARELY breathe ��

  • I’m only on day 18, but man does this make me feel happy. I have seen physical improvement in my shoulders, arms, abs, chest, and back. However, these workouts have really just made me happy most of all. They have helped me become more in tune with my body and showed me how to love my body no matter what. I am I really skinny guy with a disproportional lower body that makes me look like a potato. This workout routine has not only made me look more proportional and healthy but also extremely mentally stable as well. I know I am probably repeating myself here, but I really want to emphasize working out to people who don’t do much working out. If you doesn’t make you look amazing, it will still make you feel amazing. Thank you so much Igor!

  • I always do a short warm up especially before leg training because I always get some pain in my knees when doing squats etc. if I’m not warmed up.

  • As a rock climber I do a few slow and controlled pull-ups, warm up my fingers by holding my body weight on the first digit of each finger (on some type of ledge), stretching everything out, and getting the blood flowing by moving around and shaking arms rapidly.
    Then I climb easy, gradually getting harder and harder.

  • The difference in my performance when playing field hockey with or without warmup is tremendous. I can’t even understand someone would question the purpose of warming up before doing exercise. If I don’t warm up, i can’t run as fast, I’m less agile, my technique lacks precision, and I get hurt so easily.

    I agree with static stretching not being done before exercisie. They should be done after.

  • I do active stretches at a big box gym where I do high kicks, high knees, butt kicks and external rotations. I look crazy to some people but this psychologically gets me psyched up. If I am OK with looking dumb during my warm up then I shouldn’t GAF what people think when I lift. Results are what matter.

  • hurt my quadricep doing this warm up and I have done other of the warmups on this channel before. now I can’t do my workout on a pretty important workout day… super disappointed. wouldn’t recommend it.

  • A NEW warm up routine!! Yay ���� I will have this apartment friendly warm up video linked under every workout from now on (along with my other warm up and cool down) ���� See you guys tomorrow for another killer workout ❤️ Xx Maddie

  • Typically a light row up to 1000m, but gradually increasing stroke rate per minute. Then a short circuit of KB Squats involving placing elbows on the thighs to stretch the groin then a bicep curl, hip thrusters and finally KB around the world’s. Each for 5 reps for 3 rounds.

  • In calisthenics most of the primary exercises are very heavy on the joints and will cause injuries if you dont warm up properly.
    Front levers can dislocate your shoulder, handstands can contuse your wrists and elbow tendonitis is always lurking around the corner for straight arm presses and pulls.
    Warming up for weightlifting is something gymnasts have perfected. Prioritize snooth functioning shoulder and wrist joints, warm up elbows with rows and pushups.
    A good guideline is that of any of your joints are clicking do not fucking lift heavy weight with it.

  • warm out for std gym bro workout? useless..
    warm up before skill session (handbalancing, planche, rings work, mma, ballet, contortions etc2.)? it’s a must..

  • ʎɐp ʇɐǝɹƃ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ ’ʎɐʍʎu∀ ¿sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ ’oǝpᴉʌ ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉɥɔʇɐʍ oʇ ʞɔɐq ʇǝƃ ’osl∀ ˙ʇᴉ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ puɐ ʇuǝɯɯoɔ sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉʞᴉl ɹoɟ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ I ’ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇᴉƎ ˙ɹǝʌo uǝǝɹɔs ɹnoʎ pǝuɹnʇ puɐ pǝʇɐǝɥɔ noʎ ǝqʎɐɯ ɹO ˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ sɯǝǝs ʇI ˙ᴉH

  • I would never start lifting without warning up. I guess is just a mindset and also cuz is freaking cold. I feel like my body needs it

  • 10 mins of cardio before I lift to wake me up and get the blood flowing

    1 set at 50% for muscle recruitment

    I do Yoga 3 times a week so I am sure that counts for stretching

  • U done it all in 3 minutes 43 seconds whereas we’ll do it nearly 1 hour..������
    Anyways thanks for the motivation bro..����

  • This is now my go-to warmup. That squat and reach helps my back. I wish I could figure out how to put moves together. But then again, I have you!! It takes a gift for sure. Thanks, Heather. Have a good day!!

  • I’m so unfit that this warmup was a workout in itself! I know how to listen to my body and modify exercises so I don’t flail about and hurt myself, and it feels good to get the blood flowing after having been sick and tired for so long. Thank you very much for sharing your workouts with us!

  • Thanks for this very nice workout. I really appreciate your work but i really Belgien to overthink the forces in between your music tracks for me it is very demotivatingja der track ist Doping in the middle of a very intensiv section. This is the pattern in your otherwise workout s. For me music is key for Motivation effect like in les Mills or strong by Zumba etc programms. So i would highly recommend and appreciate it very much if you would try to mix your music Serrano courses in between all to use tracks that fit the rhythm the interval you have chosen for the sections in your workout. Thank you.

  • Can you help me im 13 years old and my height is 1.62 my weight is near to 40 can you do good breakfast list and body abs,biceps etc. for adolescents please? By the way I love your channel.

  • Hey guys I’m doing full body workout mainly compound movement is it enough to only warm up with the exercices of the workout like empty bar and slowly increase weight to reach the finally working weight

  • Don’t do stretching before workout do warm up its base on scone cause warm up increase your blood flow that’s why body builders are more energetic and while the stretching increase the flexibility that’s it