Why Your Joints May Pop and Crack Throughout a Workout


Here’s what happens to your knuckles when you crack them

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Do Your Joints Pop & Crack When You Workout?

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Because muscles and tendons tend to loosen up with movement, you may notice your joints are louder when you begin a workout, but get quieter as you keep exercising, especially if you’ve taken time to do gentle stretches as a warmup, which Stearns advises is a good tactic for joint health. WHEN TO SEE A DOCTOR. Here’s why. Some of that popping is crepitus, a natural process where gas bubbles pop in your joints.

You may also hear cracking or popping sounds as your cartilage loses its smoothness. When this. Aging is a common cause of cracking and popping joints during exercise, as is weight gain. As long as the cracking is not accompanied by pain or swelling, there is no reason for immediate concern.

But if there is pain or a previous injury is acting up, a visit to your doctor is a good idea. “There’s lots of reasons why you might hear popping sounds during a workout. For example, many people who take part in more plyometric-style training (jumps) complain of knee creaks. This may be due to the joint drying up from loading, potentially the ankle and hips could be stiffer so the knee isn’t tracking correctly, or perhaps the tendons have thickened due to overuse.”. A: As long as the sound doesn’t come with any pain or swelling, you don’t need to worry.

Popping or cracking noises could just be gas bubbles bursting within the fluid surrounding the joint. When you crack your knuckles, the sound is coming from the compression of nitrogen bubbles that naturally occur in the spaces of the joints, Dr. Stearns says. The cracking is the sound of gas being released from the joint, an action called cavitation, Dr.

Stearns says. The sound is not a cause for concern. Why Your Joints May Pop and Crack During a Workout | Fitness | MyFitnessPal Here’s what’s normal about when your joints pop and crack, and when you should see your. An injury to your chest can place additional pressure on the muscles in your chest and your rib joints, which can ultimately lead to rib cage popping.

It can also damage your ligaments and tendons, which may cause subluxation — or bone slipping — in the joints. Hypermobility is hereditary, which is why clicking joints may run in families. You will probably have heard in childhood that if you crack your joints, you will give yourself arthritis. Several studies have shown that this is not true.

If there is no pain, crunchy/grating sensations, or movement restriction involved, the most likely explanation is that the sound is caused by gas escaping from the joint. This is what makes the noise when you pop your knuckles, or a chiropractor “cracks” your neck. It’s perfectly normal, and not a.

List of related literature:

The air causes a popping or cracking sensation when the joint moves.

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The joints become stiffer and less flexible, and fluid in the joints begins to decrease, causing the cartilage to rub together and erode.

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This is different from the audible ‘‘pop’’ that can be induced by actively ‘‘cracking a joint,’’ which is instead due to sudden release of nitrogen gas from the synovial fluid under the negative pressure of joint distraction.

“Physical Diagnosis Secrets E-Book: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by Salvatore Mangione
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Joints become stiffer and less flexible and can lose some of their fluid, causing the cartilage to rub together and wear out.

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Crepitation from within a joint should be differentiated from cracking or popping sounds caused by the slipping of ligaments or tendons over bony surfaces during motion.

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(The crunching sound you hear when you move a joint isn’t the same thing as ‘cracking’ your joints by applying pressure to them, which causes a harmless release of nitrogen bubbles and isn’t associated with OA.)

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Because the muscular system is known to increase compression across the SI joint,65,66 resistance during passive gliding of the joint can be due either to extrinsic causes (i.e., muscular) or intrinsic causes (i.e., capsule, ligaments).

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Your warm-up also lubricates your joints.

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As the condyle overrides the disc, a loud crack is heard, and the condyle-disc leaps or jogs (subluxes) forward.14 “Soft” or “popping” clicks that are sometimes heard in normal joints are caused by ligament movement, articular surface separation, or sucking of loose tissue behind the condyle as it moves forward.

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When a vacuum is applied to the joint space by pulling on the bones, say by flexing the fingers strongly, nitrogen suddenly comes out of solution and enters the joint space with a slight popping sound.

“Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?: And 114 Other Questions” by Mick O'Hare
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  • Thanks! I was just doing squats when I heard this light popping sound in my knee. Decided to watch your video and took your advice and the sound is definitely less audible now after stretching my quad and glutes. I do not stretch these often, but will now and thanks again!

  • Ok here’s the idea: I hate self promo but it’s kinda gotten to that point now if you could maybe just watch some of my videos and give me feedback that would be great

  • At one moment, i was 13, doing wide pushups (the wrong way) with a backpack with a lot of books on it, the pain after was to me “sore” because my muscles were growing. Now, im 19, both shoulder pop when i rotate them with internal rotation, now im trying to do it right, and i see how FUCKING wrong i was doing those exercises, thanks to a lot of information given by people like you, thank you, wish my 13 old me had the information

  • Sometimes when I do Push-ups, I feel this clicking pain in my elbow. And I DON’T LIKE this feeling!
    I think it’s because my arm positioning is wrong, usually my arm and my body is supposed to be 45 degree apart. Maybe it’s because my arm is 90 degrees apart instead, maybe my arms are too inward??
    I always have problems getting through this problem. I realise when you don’t think about it, it won’t come. But that’s only a theory. I need solid evidence.
    Can someone give me some advise???

  • My bf shoulder cracks and it doesn’t hurt but when he touches his left side of abdomen with his right hand the joint by the rear felt he has unbearable pain.

  • when I do press ups my right elbow clicks and I can feel and see it moving but no pain it’s very uncomfortable when it’s moving when I am trying to do a push up can you help me come to terms why it’s moving all the time. it only does when doing puch ups nothing else

  • This info is very useful cheers Matt. Had the same issue as you. Recovering from a shoulder injury atm and my physiotherapist said exactly as you have said.

  • What about meniscus damage? For me that is what the sound comes from; reason I do not squat too deep either. Actually feel it movinginside my knee. And if so; I would go to a doctor… and get it fixed… mine is unable to fix anymore, as long as I do not go too deep no pain or problems later….

  • The cracking happens all the time and not from time to time, whenever i start exercising my pelvic bones start poping i am not sure whether the sound is coming from my pelvic bones or my tigh bones but it is so loud and creepy,the good news is that I don’t suffer from any pain.

  • Shoulders (when warming up with rotating arms) and hips (during bar knee raises, but only on the way down). No pain, but especially the hips feel weird

  • Sir, I am Indian from Kerala. My knee have crack sound and pain. 1 year before this started. Doctor tells operation is only solution. I’m in 26 age. Not married height is 153 and weight 73. Pain is high. Pls tell any solution without operation. I’m suffering this problem

  • when ever i do push ups and only push ups my elbows crack and its now really annoying and it makes me cringe, so i refuse to do push up what shall i do?

  • Hey thanks from your video i found out my quads where too tight and stretching them instantly made a difference in the clicking. Thanks ��

  • my left elbow cracks every rep when i push back up any weight. it is a bit uncomfortable but not too painful. any advice as to how to approach this?

  • my knee always cracks in each Nd every repetion even it is squats with weight or without…even if I told my knees while lying it cracks…I m really worried…can u help me out?

  • poor mom’s, now they will have to be suffering that utterly “annoying and harmful” sound coming from the hands of the child -_xD

  • i am 21 years old.i get crackling noise in my left knee when i bend it. also sometimes knee pain radiates to my left testis. that pain only goes away after jerking off, why. it usually happens in the night or evening sometimes.

  • Pray —dr. Jesus, restore the knee make it whole all noise pop crack readjust it supernaturally! Thank you Jesus I can walk without the noise hurts or pain all inflammation to go now.! In Jesus name. Now receive your healing tell him thank you..!! It is done!! For all your needs. Hand wrist shoulder finger bones be made straight. Strength en the. Body amen!! Thank you Jesus… I am healed

  • Cracking knuckles is already my habit. And yes sometimes i couldn’t write properly coz it’s a little shaky or sometimes it has no strength. Idk if itzs related to my habit.

  • Is there a way to get rid of it? I suddenly started getting it when I started exercising, only in one knee. I have cerebral pausy in my other leg so the one the cracking is coming from is my stronger knee and I’m worried it could be something serious? It doesn’t really cause pain there is just a dull ache now and again

  • If your elbow does that little pop when you go down for a pushup does it mean that i don’t work out often?? because i lift weights and workout almost everyday?

  • My collar bone used to pop a lot at the point above my sternum. I could feel it and it freaked me out. It was extremely off-putting, but there was never any pain. I started doing more controlled exercises, especially for the upper chest, and it eventually just went away completely. Absolutely nothing now.

  • My both knees pop daily while walking but they don’t pain. Now recently my right knee is started paining a bit when I squat etc. I’m just 17. Anyone plz suggest should I visit a doctor or just rest at home and see for a few days myself

  • 1)Your not famous!
    2)why do “doctors give a fuck what people think?
    3)it’s youtube not an Not an audition for the discovery channel
    4) can barely hear you after you did that awkward intro

  • My knee has been popping out since i was little and it has been ruining ky life since the ln i wasnt able to play sports or any physical activity, my parents never took me to see a doctor instead they told to atop doing sports it really was pretty awful from them, now im 21 and my knee just popped out and now im worried thta i cannot fix this problem no more

  • I’m literally CRYING because I find this “snap” so awful, and idk, it just makes me cry…and…idk why I’m writing this, maybe just to get my frustration out

  • My knees click since 1 year ago when I got flexible. (Splits). It doesn’t hurt but the sound makes me worry. I think I have weak inner thighs so I’m working out those muscles.

  • I had a injury 5 months ago it was patella dislocation ( no ligaments damaged ) and i did physical therapy and after 2 months they said it was safe to work out and after a month I heard pops but it doesn’t hurt what do I do?

  • yea imbalanced could be a very possible reason, but i myself have experienced popping/cracking mostly because of bad exercise form and improper muscle activation those are mine two probably most common reasons

  • I have knee cracking and it feel pain but not to much and it anoyyings cuz im an athlete and this issue happen to me since i was 11 years old can someone help me please?

  • When I do calf raise or squats my joints always cracks at all times, when i do calf raise my angles always cracks and when i do squats my knees always cracks at all times too, and i hate that,

  • When I walk for awhile (maybe 15-20 mins) it pops sometimes and it hurts. I have to lay down when it happens. Going to my primary doesn’t really help. He doesn’t do much to fix it. When it pops sometimes it has a sharp pain related to it

  • Will it changed if it popped many times. I mean the position of the bone, will it like change or will the size gettin bigger if it popped to much?

  • my knees have been making embarrassing noises for years! but doctors have told me it’s fine as long as they don’t hurt… These easy exercises from a doctor have helped though 1 set takes 15 min everyday:

    1. sit in chair, straighten 1 leg tight horizontally, toes⬆, count to 10, slowly lower: ​10 times each
    2. ​hold ankle, pull 1 knee in as close as possible, count to 30, ​lower slowly, move gently front to back: 5 times each knee
    3. straighten leg, rest foot on chair in front,​ press knee ​with both hands for 30 secs: 5 times each side

  • Sir I dislocated my right elbow, now it is 3months since my elbow dislocation, I can feel a click in my tennis elbow regularly when I do pronation and supination
    Please reply…. anybody

  • Hey i need help ASAP.
    Im 17 and this summer i noticed my left elbow clicking every time i do a rotational movement. Been to doctor was told if Its not swollen or feel pain i should give IT time.
    Now i hear clicking in Boths of my knees when i squad or strech them horizontaly in mid air.
    Hopefully this Is going to help

  • ……,hello,,my mom is 35 years old,,,when she wake up her bones in her knees and hips make a loud crack sound,when she walks,,,,why??? plzz reply

  • Everytime I pivot even while standing my knees crack and creek have you any suggestions is it worth seeing a PT no pain but its a constant all day thing

  • My knees mostly, mainly during pistol squats…good info though, I guess I should pay extra attention to proper warm, maybe warm up better…keep up the good work Matt, awesome videos

  • Okay so I need advice. Should I see a doctor?

    In Nov 2018, my knee cap popped out and back in, I collapsed to the ground and I felt a lot of pain. Days later the pain had stopped but my knee has never been the same since; it feels more fragile than it had before. For example, if I were to stand on my non-injured leg and bend my knee as much as I could, it would be normal. But if i were to stand on my injured knee and bend it, I could do it but it feels like my knee is about to give out from under me and I could collapse.

    It has really effected me in a huge way, but I notice that it cracks differently; when I crack my non-injured knee, it cracks normally, one big crack. But my injured knee cracks like bubble wrap, multiple smaller cracks.

    Another thing I want to talk about is that sometimes I crack my knees /too/ much, to the point where I feel pain. The pain feels like growth pain. That has always been a problem, even before I injured my knee. I’m 14 so I don’t really know what to do…

  • I have that problem in my left shoulder and my left arm is weaker too. Sometimes I feel pain( especially when I Do close grip chin ups) and sometimes it’s just the cracking noise.

  • Don’t get me wrong. I am so thankful that I have legs, but when the knee pops in public, I get so embarrassed because it gets loud.

  • Every time I extend my arm back and forth my elbow cracks or pops, if you put your hand on it you can feel something moving and it makes a really loud crack, it doesn’t hurt or anything but it just cracks and I don’t know what to do

  • I get real bad pain in my knees. Disturbes me when I’m sleeping. My hamstrings are so tight to and hurts when I try stretching.
    Do you think this could be a sing of arthritis. They also feel really hot and burning, when sleeping or if I sit for to long.
    Hope you see my comment. And can give me some advice:)

  • Thanks bro I got chicken legs and I’ve been wanting to get them bigger but I get this click all the time and I was worried that it was dangerous so I stopped squatting

  • Well in video it say it takes atleast of 20 mins to make that crackling sound again but I can do it continuously without any time gap on same joints

  • They worn out and the tissues in each joints for smooth movements, they dry out get and that cause the “cracking” sound. That’s why kness are big because we move legs all time even when setting down �� Any way…. Vitamin D make sure the tissues stay stronger or longer.

    Cracking is scarier than popping because you only give the joint push down and it gets back and that where the sound comes from…..I know you guys got it I just was trying to think of example hmmmm fk I can’t. Enjoy popping ears �� joints lol

  • My joints only started popping once I switched from the gym to suspension training and especially when I perform mobility exercises. All joints pop and crack. I’ve been researching the subject and not finding much helpful information on the internet. I thought maybe I was in worse shape than I thought before. I started taking fish oil supplements to help. While it hasn’t changed the cracking and snapping, it has made my joints feel better after heavy chain training days. I’m grateful to finally have answers; yet, I’m bummed that it means I have full body imbalances. Guess I gotta keep grinding. (The progress not the joints, I hope.) Thanks for the great (and surprise) info!

  • well im barley even a teenager and cracking in my knee always happens but it happens to my 6 year old brother, is it bad if its genetic? becuase in my case It’s Genetic

  • i just fill a pop every time and i dont like it but i can get over it i just thought it would be better for it not to happen so I will deal with it.

  • Hi!

    My LCL (?) is popping and causing some soreness in the back of my LEFT knee. I recently strained my RIGHT MCL. I believe the issue in the LEFT knee has something to do with me bearing a lot of weight on it while my RIGHT knee was recovering. Should I be concerned? There is no pain, only uncomfortable. Do you have an idea what might be causing this and/or some exercises I could do?

  • Thanks for speaking slow and clear. Im not a native english speaker, so this helps. Also, i speak way too fast in my own language, i wish I could speak calmly like you.

  • I couldn’t do this without hearing a pop because I’m not flexible enough from the hamstring graft I got after acl surgery any advice?

  • When lift my right while left leg is on the ground, my lower back on left side pops.
    if i twist my lower back while laying down on the bed, it pops too.
    Is it not normal? And can it be fixed??

  • Hey Matt. If I habitually externally rotate, I should concentrate on internally rotating my legs. It sounds like i am fighting the way my body wants to move and I can get hurt. Or am I thinking all wrong? I also thought your knee collapsing in during squats is bad for your knees. Is that true?

  • back, rear delt, posterior chain conditioning and general posture improvement sure help lot with clicking but sometimes it’s unavoidable genetics.

  • When i do pushups,my shoulder bone sounds weird when i go down,and if i continue the pushups,the pain appears,what should i do to fix this?

  • When I do 40 pushups, my wrist, elbow, collar bone always cracks or clicks.
    But when I squat, it literally became sore and hurt, eventually went away

  • I have crunching sounds when I bend my knees. I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis but I don’t have any pain in my knees. I’ve been trying to figure out how to build any mass in my legs without making my OA progress faster.

  • When i extend my left arm or when i do pushups,my left elbow pop continuously without pain,i have experienced that for more than 1 year and a half from now,what is my problem and how to fix it and it is dangerous?

  • Hey Matt. Just to clarify, so unlike upper body exercises where you want to externally rotate the shoulders,with lower body exercises such as squats and lunges it does not matter if you internally or externally rotate the hips and legs? Is that correct? Thank you for your input and great information

  • Cracking my knuckles for some years caused my hand to look bigger and man-like hand. Not ideal for women to do so especially when you’re thin

  • I’ve been dealing with snapping hip for years and this video is the first one that addresses maybe my excercises are wrong. No BS bands on the inner thighs, or stretching wierd. Just focus on proper movements. Boom. Massive difference. My hips dont pop if I do exactly as you say and stabilize the deep core. Love it.

  • mine is popping everytime i bend my left knee in the right position but when i bend it on the left position and stretch it out there’s no popping sound. however i feel no pain when it pops. i think i got this as a result of side effect of the medicine i took for 6 months.

  • I played football and my shots were too hard, then overwards my cliking sound started. Its been more than 3 months. Still if i bend my right knee i can hear the cliking sound. I does not hurt much but it freaks me out every time. Please please reply me sir������

  • Sometimes when I don’t move my right leg while I’m sitting for laying down, it gets stuck and then pops really loud, doesn’t hurt, just feels uncomfortable.

  • I’m 16 and I play soccer but due to this it’s difficult to play as good as before�� it’s just so annoying and i was so scare, hope this video tips help me out but y’all pray for me and for everyone else going thru it as well.
    ����︎��︎�� �������� ������������︎��������

  • I feel alot of popping in my shoulders. I know now for sure it’s the lagging of my rear delts. But i’ll hit them next time with a new exercise i just found on your channel! ��

  • i get it in my knee and in my lower glute. whenever i squat i get it, the non chronic one, but how do i prevent it? because the sound puts me off

  • I am growing up and do not workout but my elbow pops whenever I extend it. Same with knees, shoulder, toes, neck, and ankle. WEIRD

  • I have cracks and popping in every joint hips, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist. No pain though but I am continuing my gym. Some people advised (MBBS doctors) to get Vitamin D3 and Calcium, which I took for 3 and 3 month(6 months in all) but those sound remain as they were. I am 35 and experiencing it for almost a year now.

  • Knee popping during squats my whole life until I really focused on form and tension. Rarely happens now. Shoulder pops during warmup arm circles…which has not really changed at all, unless I rotate my hand. Don’t know what’s up with that, but it doesn’t happen during any exercise, so I don’t worry about it too much.

  • For YEARS i have a clicking in the right knee on the lateral side when I flex my leg to 90 degrees. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it doesn’t. I’m only 20 and no doctor at all helps me ������������

  • I’m 41 and my knees are making crunchy noises when I squat? Does it has to do with eating too much rice or drinking cole? Or lubrication?

  • I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Can you talk about how we would identify problem areas that are causing the popping in a joint so they can be addressed?

  • My right elbow cracks and it hurts, sometimes it’s hard to crack it because it’s painful and I discovered this back when I was doing push-up every 3 days a week. Now that I stopped it starts with normal crack but later on comes in with pain, but the pain was deduced already, was it because of my inactivity of push-up? Just so you know, I spend all day in my computer now. I felt like going to exercise but it hurts when I do push-ups, sometimes it crack but sometimes it doesn’t. I can feel something moving and pain during push-ups. Oh, and I don’t normally do warm-ups before push-ups, maybe that’s the reason.

  • just now 2 months for right knee is popping alot it is so uncomfortable it feels like fluid and gas and i have to continually straight my knee to just relieve the discomfort and my lower back has been painful and hard to stand, could overpronation cause this problem as i have been suffering with overpronation for a long time and it’s hard finding the right shoe due to an ankle injury i suffered at a young age

  • I have a question.

    Whenever I have my knees in one position for too long and extend or bend them, they either crack in 1, 2, or 3 places. This is all in the kneecaps and it HURTS LIKE HELL… I’m only 10 and don’t know if I should tell my parents. I’m afraid they might say that it’s nothing to be worried about. What do I do???

  • i had 2 years ago an arthroscopy and the quadriceps on the opearted leg is still weaker than the other. My ligaments were fine the arthroscopy was just to make holes in my bone for cartilage to start growing but now even after 2 years i hear loud cracking when i straighten my leg. tI doesn’t hurt anymore i had a huge area without cartilage even though i am 22 years old but i don’t want to live my whole life with a leg like this. I think my weak muscle makes my ligaments crack or maybe my ligaments got somehow weaker cause i was resting for 1 whole month after surgery. What do you think what can be the reason other than weak muscles in the leg?

  • Okay mine hurt and since I turned 13 it has always hurt. From the summer I couldn’t stand up and had to drag myself around the house on my elbowsto now, at 37when my knee pops I feel a pain in my leg just above the knee joint. On a 1-10 it ranges between 3 and 7. It’s worse when I’ve been standing with most of my weight on one leg (usually left) and I start to walk it pops really loudly and I feel that sensation. However, the doctors I’ve seen told me it’s nothing to worry about and that it won’t get worse than it is. One gave me a similar presentation but didn’t explain the groove and the patella. Should I seek further treatment.

  • 90% of you who have knee clicking are just freaks.. you cannot have mechanical parts moving without slight noise.. my knee clicks are loud that people on the street can hear it.. then it will swell to the size of watermelon in the second day.. I lose ability to move it for a week because of unbearable pain.

  • I been to 4 doctors, spend so much money, drink colagen no help.i recently started massage with foamroller my quads and its painful i think I have tight area i hope it gets better.

  • When i got to the end of the video i cracked my knuckles for a laugh and im pretty sure it was one of the biggest cracks ive done lol

  • I’m 18. I was 16 when I sprained my knee and i know I was dumb but I never iced it or treated it till 7 months in Cause the pain was so bad I couldn’t even walk. Today I have osteoarthritis stage 4 and both my knees have shifted in. I can legit feel bone spurs on the side of my knee and burstis that’s never healed. My life is screwed. I can’t even walk no more I have to use a wheelchair. All thanks to basketball my life is screwed

  • My knees hurt like hell! Had an extra and they told me all is good. I’m like do you not hear my knees? Both do it but my right one is the absolute worst! There’s times if I do a lot of work using my knees that I won’t even be able to stand. I just want this shit gone but I’m young and they probably think I’m being a whimp. I don’t have scars on my face and fist from being a whimp! They’re there cause I’m stupid.

  • Money has been bad for 17 years and I’m finally able to get an MRI done on it my doctor thinks it’s just fluid build up but she wants to check just to make sure

  • I use to have constant popping in the outside my elbow during push ups no pain, fortunately! but the cause of it was a lack of tension in my triceps, Delts and Upper back to a degree. These days, I actually use it as a gauge of how well my muscles are switched on during the move and it helps me to get more out of the exercise.

  • I do workout since 2016 and my bones started cracking in the half of 2017 and it kept cracking till now. It is not painful but i don’t know how to make it get normal.. Any advice?

  • Yeah. Always and everytime I bend, it makes sound. I even have regular bruises on my knees and thighs. I’ve been doing some stretching and got rid of prolonged pain in joints. Still I’m waiting to see the changes if it doesn’t happen I will go for a diagnosis if there’s any chronic issue.

  • I did the stretch and see method and I concluded that it was my thighs that were contributing to my knee pops. Now I just have my ankles left to figure out ��

  • My elbow kind of creaks when I use dumbbells. It isn’t painful but I do worry that if it happens continually (and it happens every time I stretch my arm out doing curls with 2KG weights) then it could cause a problem or deterioration. And it’s a really irritating noise.

  • I’m 32 and have had regular knee clicking on my right knee for at least 6 years (probably a lot longer)… had the odd bit of mild pain every now and then but often cleared up when strengthening my glute medius… seems like nothing gets rid of the clicking though. I saw a physio recently and he said my knees are very loose and that I should strengthen my VMO so I’m hoping that’ll sort it (even though I’d read some people saying the VMO doesnt make any difference)

  • From popping knuckles to wiggling ears, some of our strangest bodily traits can be traced back to our Triassic mammal ancestors. Watch the video: http://bit.ly/2K0eo8d

  • I had arthroscopy 2 years ago to make holes in my bone for blood to flow and fibrose tussue to tegrow in the place where i had a huge hole without cartilage. My ligaments were fine. Now after 2 years my knee still makes noises when i straighten it. It pops very often when i rotate it. My quadriceps is still weak can that be the reason for my knee crepitus cause i don’t feel pain?

  • I’m no expert here by any means, but I believe that cracking joints are NOT normal for anyone. Other problems are disguised initially without pain, so I will continue to research. But thank you for the video.

  • hi men i was doing bodyweigh bridges everyday to increase my flexibility and mobility until now when i progressed back pain which stopped me to do sit ups and bridges at ease or arching my back. what are the causes? how should i fix it? please answer me

  • Nots gonna work I can barely walk and my hip is huge and swollen. Snapping hip left untreated turns to bursitis and can disable you like it did me. I have to get surgery Drs left me like this since 21 I’m now 41 been going to Drs for 20 years.

  • My knee makes very small high pitch pop, almost like mouse click every time I make a squat.
    Squat click squat click. It hurts on scale from 1 to 10 at about 0.5 but gets worse.

    I sit and stand allot and don’t do much walking or running.
    I am not overweight.

    Any ideas?

  • Thanks a load,as soon I did this it took those muscles in which I had pain for a while.When I do this it brings pain,should I stop it or how may I do this?

  • Bro,I have a cracking sound in my right elbow as i go down and up in pushups,but i dont hear/feel it while doing pullups.What does that mean?Even if i do right hand pullups i do not feel them.Only while doing HSPU And PU.

  • I am 14 and when I do any ab exercises that involves having my legs up and slowly lowering them, my hip makes a popping sound when my legs get to a low position… Is it healthy working my abs out like that or should I do any other ab exercises?

  • Hi Bob and Brad.
    I would like to ask about my case specifically about the popping of the knee after my acl surgery and meniscopexy.

    After 8months I asked the doctor for a MRI because I felt like something was wrong,so the results where there:The medial meniscus yust again torned,but the acl(hamstring graft) was beautiful on his place.

    The question is:What could be the reason of the huge sounds average of popping(like two bones are moving,it feels like..) after straighten the knee even when I am sitting and then standing after the squads)and yeah it’s not only a terrible sound but sometimes is very painful.

    Could it be caused because the torning of the meniscus(I honestly don’t think..).

    I don’t trust my doctor anymore therefore searching the answer.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I fell and hurt my knee and it’s been popping every now and then when I squat and stand back up. I thought I tore my acl but I still somehow I have a full range of motion. It was hurting on the left side of my knee.

  • for my entire life i’ve never had any clicking problems at all SPECIFICALLY in my left knee. My right knee clicks all the time, whether I’m walking, squatting, running, etc. Squatting is the worst culprit by far every time i go down, and every time i go up, CLICK. Very loud, not really painful at all. Everyone I’ve ever talked to has said that they’re probably just those “air bubbles” from bones in my right leg that might be oddly shaped but that has never made any sense to me, since they never go away during exercise/stretching.

  • I didn’t have any problems with knee clicking until after July 7th of this year, I did a 3-mile race for the first time, and now my right knee clicks every time I do squats. I don’t know what happened.

  • I don’t know what to do… I’ve always been able to crack my knee since I was little but then one day my knee started to feel really uncomfortable and the joint almost dislocated so now I have to kind of keep cracking it back into place. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s really uncomfortable and I can’t bend my knee without it irritating me. I’m still a minor so I can’t get it checked, since my parents are very weird about modern healthcare and come up with weird home remedies instead. They do end up working but the effects wear off so yeah. I am not really sure what is wrong so if anybody has experienced it or knows whether I’ve dislocated something or etc, can you reply to this comment. Whenever I bend my knee or put too much pressure on it something feels off, like a part of my knee dislocated. It feels irritating and weird but it doesn’t hurt or anything. I’m not sure what it is and just want to find some way to fix it ��

  • The video is informative I sometimes get scared to exercise because when I do I k knee gets swollen�� but when I stretch it feels better.

  • My shoulders like to pop when doing push-ups, but not during dips or overhead presses. Not sure what’s up with that. But I found that if I tuck in my elbows and lift my head up a bit when doing push-ups, the popping goes away. So maybe it’s just bad form?

  • when i’m sitting on a chair for a long time and move my legs i fell this poping sound and my pelvis well hurt for a couple of seconds and then that pain would go away. It’s kind of embarrassing because it sounds like you just farted.

  • So I tried the first example 2:38 and WHOA! The pop and grinding sounds have both apparently decreased a LOT! From every rep to maybe once in every 5th rep. And that after a couple of stretches only! I was limiting my squats to very few reps because I was afraid to cause damage if something wasn’t right. Thank you VERY VERY much! Please take my like, my subscribe and my eternal gratitude!

  • Seeing this video as the last thing yesterday night…
    Today morning me: cracks knuckles, elbow,wrist, hip and neck saying I believe in that 60 yr Grandpa’s research!!

  • My right knee clicks whenever I bend it. If I rest on my left hip (with my weight on it) and my right knee slightly bent, then stand up straight the knee clicks. If I bend my knees to perform a squat or deadlift dam thing happens. Always when I get back up and straighten my leg.
    I feel a bit concerned about it. Have some troubles with my pelvis and wonder if that could have something to do with it.

  • My kne cracks everytime i move it the 0sin is meh but its annoying and still there my upper legs are quite thin so that might be the issue

  • OH MY GOD!!!!!! I’m logical and I am the type of person that needs to verify everything and I looked at the video at first with the title and was skeptical because I’ve watched so many videos on snapping hip. Then…you actually broke it down very simple. I went to a guy that was really good he was a Chiropractic physical therapist and he was really good got my vastus medialis to release after being tightened for about three months and I was having some Psoas issues, but, this video really broke down simple, thank you so much!

  • I went skiing and I fell on my knee and this loud click happened and since then every time I use my knee to hard for example a extension in football it clicks and I can’t walk for a few minutes

  • I can pop my joints on the regular, whenever I want and especially after weight training some joints get “worse” so to say than before

  • The best techniques i’ve found for achy joints (crunchy or not) has been Super Joints by Pavel and Flexible Steele by Jon Engum!
    More movement is better than no movement ��

  • Everytime i bend my knee i get a few click noise, I think I’ve it since 7th grade, now I’m in college now and it’s still painless. Should i even be worried about this?

  • All my joints crack literally everyone one of them especially my back and knee doing exercises is quite painful at times I feel like a broken doll

  • I always had clicking since I was 20. I also click in my jaw. I’m a naturally clicky person I guess. My right knee is feeling uncomfortable. It’s as if it’s wasn’t put together correctly and when you describe a tag of war… something like that. It’s like all my bones are misaligned? I Excercise daily. Stretching doesn’t do anything, I do 4 hrs worth of Excercise a day and I also hike

  • Omfg, this dude has been uploading vids on the exact things I’m concerned about on the exact day I’m concerned about them…
    My right knee pops when I do squats.

  • Hey Matt. During standing twists,should you twist from above the waist with the hips staying stationary or do you rotate the hips as well?

  • so i’m 14 and i’m going through puberty and my doctor said that the clicking isn’t something i should worry about because i’ll grow out of it when i fully get through puberty. is this correct?

  • For some reason my foot gets stuck in place and I have to move it a little, and then it cracks. Is it the same for knuckes but you do it on your own?

  • Uhh well…i must disagree with the statement of you can only pop it again after 20 minutes. The thing is, my right food can do it over and over again in a few sec