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5 Tips for Outdoor Calisthenics Workouts in Winter

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5 Reasons to Take your Workout Outside

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Why it Pays to Take Your Workout Outdoors Men’s Health Minute

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Take your workout outside!

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Top 10 Reasons To Take Your Workout Outside Change of scenery. Tired of that same old, boring gym spot? Exercising outdoors will give you a new positive perspective.

Vitamin D. We hear it over and over again, get outside to take in the Vitamin. Going outside in a beautiful park or natural space helps you feel more relaxed and at ease, which helps make your workout feel easier. If the air is nice and crisp, it’ll feel like you can exercise harder and for longer (even if it’s harder because of the environment). You’ll get some sun Vitamin D you get from the sun affects everything from your physical to your emotional and mental health.

So, if you take your workouts outside, expect to catch a lot more of this “sunshine vitamin” than when workout out in the gym. You’ll get some extra sweat on. SUMMARY: TAKING YOUR WORKOUT OUTSIDE Clearly working out outside is beneficial for many reasons. It’s good for strength and balance, proprioception and becoming more aware of your environment. It’s also great for health and Vitamin D production as well as a change of scenery and the social connection.

Here are six more reasons to walk, bike, run, climb, blade and even strength train in nature. You’ll work out longer. Whether you power up and down a.

Working out outside promotes “muscle confusion,” which can help your body burn more calories. While outside, you will probably also work out longer than you would indoors at a gym because indoors you’re probably constantly checking how much time you have left. When we work out in nature we resort to natural movements like sprinting, jumping, throwing, pulling, and pushing, to try to get super-naturally fit. These “compound movements,” as they’re called, work a bunch of muscles at once, which most gym machines and exercises don’t do.

Why Should You Workout Outside? Reason #1 To Workout Outside – Breath of Fresh Air. The first great reason is to get some fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I love my air conditioning and I love it when the heater is on in the winter but you need to get outside and get some fresh air. 5 Reasons You Should Take Your Workout Outdoors JENuine Nutrition When the clocks get pushed up an hour, you start to hear the birds chirping and see the flowers blooming and the weather is just impeccable, you know Spring has sprung!

It’s like an automatic invitation to. You can avoid these hazards with some general hygiene. Like washing your hands often, changing your socks daily, using foot powder, wiping down equipment before and after use and wearing flip flops in the shower.

But you can also simply take your training to the streets. (Even Rocky left the boxing ring every once in a while to run around his.

List of related literature:

Some people lack a safe environment in which to be physically active outside, others live in areas where extreme weather (heat or cold) limit outdoor activity, and others simply cannot afford a membership or transportation to their local gym or fitness center.

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Others don’t want to be inside a gym at all and want to pursue outdoor activities.

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Most people find that outdoor training in the fresh air is much more invigorating than training in a stuffy gym.

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So the more folks you cram into an indoor space who are running on treadmills, rowing, riding bikes, lifting weights, and jumping around, the worse the air quality in that space.

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If you’re training inside, sometimes you have to help your body get the oxygen by taking a lot of vitamin E. But if you have the opportunity, it’s best to exercise outside and get the oxygen naturally.

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Avoiding exercise during the coldest and driest part of the day, or exercising indoors in a more controlled environment with fewer allergens or pollutants, may also reduce the risk of EIB.

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Many gyms use obnoxious amounts of air conditioning, and that is the primary reason I wear warm clothing when I workout.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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Passive heat training involves sitting or standing in dry-heat saunas or steam rooms and induces the same cardiovascular and sweat changes as active heat training, but without the recovery implications or discomfort that comes from, say, setting up your bike trainer or treadmill inside a sauna.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
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But we conveniently forget that any kind of indoor workout is limited by the equipment, the environment, and the boundaries of physical walls, which in turn limits our development and caps our learning.

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Since the early Muscle Beach days, bodybuilders have taken advantage of sunny weather and trained outdoors.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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  • Thanks for sharing this i guess the baby on the background is also doing thesame�� i really like your work out outfit nice equipment for exercise thanks for sharing

  • When you said this is your corner, your baby said it’s her corner too ��
    And sis, one thing we need at home is motivation because I have some of these but I end up not working out

  • I really can’t manage to work out from home and the hustle of buying the equipments for myself, it’s really like am troubling myself.

  • You are are the best, I started years ago losing weight with your videos, are just amazing.
    Now I actually create my own channel called ( Fit Mom Healthy) to show even more.
    Check it out and I will always follow back

  • So beautiful weather for calisthenics… Even on the ground. But not when it’s just above freezing and raining all day like in Europeeeeee uugh

  • Hello

    I am French and I watch your video and your genial performance never the same exercises it is varied we are not bored and it is effective good continuation

  • I want to ask you something. All this stuff about “you’re only allowed to workout 3 times a week because you need to rest for an entire day between” stuff..

    It doesn’t make sense to me.

    My uncle is a scaffolder. He doesn’t go to the gym, he doesn’t work out. He just.. works. Putting up and taking down scaffolding.

    Every tuesday and thursday he doesn’t call up and go “oh sorry boss I need a rest day”? No. He goes to work! EVERYDAY. Putting up and taking down heavy scaffolding, carrying it around above his head, on his shoulders.

    And he is JACKED and RIPPED with huge BICEPS.

    Other examples are builders, bricklayers. Why are they all so jacked and huge when they work EVERYDAY?

    Or dustbin men of the old days before wheelie bins. They were also always huge, carrying those big metal bins everyday over their shoulders.

    They didn’t have rest days?? So how did they get so much muscle?

    Since stopping my 3 day a week workout and working out everyday instead I’ve seen so much more improvements and feel so much better. monday-thurs I work at maybe 75% intensity, then friday & saturday I workout to 100% intensity. Sunday full day of rest, then back to 75% intensity monday-thursday.

  • You can buy great winter workout gloves at home Depot or Lowe’s. You’ll need to look around for gloves that don’t have padding but you can find them. Super durable, warm, and grippy.

  • Hey Matt. How can I progress to the side starfish style plank you do? I can do 3×30 seconds of a normal side plank but I’m having trouble progressing it further to something that is challenging yet attainable for me.

  • Winter training outside is the perfect opportunity for developing and increasing your grip strenght, if you’re using thick gloves. It makes your forearms work harder than usual in order to just keep hanging on the bar, for example. And when it’s time to take those off, you’ll feel much stronger and confident when it comes to hanging/gripping movements.

    Second thing I’d like to mention is that depending on the actual winter itself you might want to schedule your workouts either in a circuit style or split them in a manner that will allow you not to freeze over the course of workout. If during the winter it’s -5/-7 celcius degrees outside that’s fine. Where I live temperatures occasionally can go down straight to -25/-30 celcius degrees. Working out for more than 30 minutes during such temperatures could prove to be, well, problematic.

    Last thing is kind of very specific, but maybe someone had the same issue. During really cold weather be careful with breathing and, specifically, with handstanding exercises. To elaborate whenever I’m doing handstand pushups, bloodflow goes directly to my face and head, which is normal. The problem is when I try to push myself during those exercises, I breath really deep through nose and mouth. And due to the cold exposure and increased blood pressure in blood vessels and capillars inside my sinuses, they often rapture and then I have either bloody snot, or minor nose bleeds. So, in case you have shitty sinuses like I do, you might want to pay attention to handstanding exercises and breathing during those.

  • I contracted everything as hard as I can leading to no muscle dominance during a squat but I don’t feel fatigue after squatting continuously for 15 min. Of course I do feel tension while pushing myself up from the concentric phase. What should I do to feel the fatigue without mixing isometric for the squats?

  • This is perfect! My friends and I from Sweden bring my rings and parallettes to a playground close to my house multiple times a week. This will surely help!