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But experienced exercisers also benefit from slowing down. It’s a principle called time under tension, which refers to how long your muscles are under tension during an exercise. The slower you move, the harder your muscle fibers have to work to control the motion, which leads to muscle growth, McCall explains. Here are four reasons why slowing down can actually help you accelerate your success, enjoy a deeper sense of fulfillment, and create the life you want.

If you’re erratic and hustling all the time, anger will get the best of you, and you’ll act on it. The adverse effects can undo your progress and keep you from the success you want. Slowing down helps you channel emotions into actions that serve you well and lead to success.

8 Ways to Slow Down (and Get Better Results) Physically slow down. Changing your physical body is a great way to shift your psychology. Start by sitting still.

Put your devices away. Breathe deeply for a few minutes. Sit in meditation. Or, go for a walk outside. Anywhere from 5-20 minutes can create a profound shift.

by Justin Standfield Where do you have your best ideas? Where are you and what are you doing when those moments of clarity come, and you manage to answer those questions that have been niggling you for weeks? I’m going to make some bold predictions here. I’m willing to bet that they will be when you are: Making dinner, probably whilst chopping vegetables and listening to your children moan.

Whether we’re stressed, anxious, or trying to work out how best to achieve what we want, the less we have on our mind, the better life gets. So if we are learning to move away from thinking our way to solutions, what do we do instead? We slow down. We take away.

Being a slow speaker can also make you a good listener, something that might improve with age. Slowing down can also make you more aware of the simple dangers of walking and falling. Enjoy the time that you have. Don’t get caught up in doing nothing but work, trying to make a living, no matter how important this is.

Its equally important to simply enjoy the benefits of slowing down. Sometimes work is better and life is richer when we take the time to slow down. Why? Because those great designers take time with concept after concept and revision after revision before they share what they’re working on. They understand that to produce a quality product means taking the time to stop, drop the project for a minute and then roll back with fresh eyes and new ideas.

5. Slow builds resilience. The lyrics “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees” might ring true, but I’m betting you’d still like to be around for a long life. Slow is about building legacy, and along the way, resilience.

That can only be won through endurance.

List of related literature:

One possible interpretation of these studies’ findings is that people with high PSPC push themselves harder during exercise because they are more confident in their ability to perform the exercise-related behaviors (i.e., running faster) that will lead to self-presentational success.

“Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise” by Glyn C. Roberts, Darren Treasure
from Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise
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This is attributed to the penalty in the performance measure on control-effort expenditure; as time increases, the magnitude of the control signal required for tracking grows larger, so the contribution of control effort to the performance measure becomes more significant.

“Optimal Control Theory: An Introduction” by Donald E. Kirk
from Optimal Control Theory: An Introduction
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Doing so consistently amplifies the speed with which you are able to influence and get results the next time—and there is always a next time.

“Smart Trust” by Stephen M. R. Covey
from Smart Trust
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Because of testing, when a coach or triathlete sees that training is no longer yielding the desired results, a change can be made quickly.

“Triathlon Science” by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
from Triathlon Science
by Joe Friel, Jim Vance
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Decreasing the pace of the next training session to reduce the load on the body might also be beneficial.

“Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise” by Peter M. McGinnis
from Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise
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This is because in the study by Paavolainen et al. the improvements in 5 km running time were actually associated with a shorter ground contact times and, thus, a more economic running pattern.

“Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications” by Moritz Schumann, Bent R. Rønnestad
from Concurrent Aerobic and Strength Training: Scientific Basics and Practical Applications
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Speeding up performance often results in imprecise movements that have less certainty in terms of achieving their goals.

“Motor Learning and Performance: From Principles to Application” by Richard A. Schmidt, Timothy D. Lee
from Motor Learning and Performance: From Principles to Application
by Richard A. Schmidt, Timothy D. Lee
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This means that working on the same programme for a long period of time will not cause the athlete to improve; this is because the body will adapt to the training load over time.

“Coaching Children in Sport” by Ian Stafford
from Coaching Children in Sport
by Ian Stafford
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The idea is to create rapid progress and snowball motivation, but it’s almost always thwarted by the slow-change nature of the brain, fickle motivation, limited willpower, and the unpredictability of life.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
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Examination of the speed curves, however, does show a more precipitous decline after overtraining.

“Psychology of Learning and Motivation” by Kenneth W. Spence, Janet Taylor Spence
from Psychology of Learning and Motivation
by Kenneth W. Spence, Janet Taylor Spence
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  • When he says you only use 10% of your brain, could this be because whenever we gather data of brain activity, each participant is aware they are being experimented or watched?

  • WOW!!!  That explains it!!!  As a one-man band, people often ask, “How do you play so many instruments at the same time?!?!?!”  I explain that once I trained my individual body parts to play their assigned instruments, it really became a matter of simply “shutting down my brain and getting out of my own way.”  Now, my best performances occur when I am NOT thinking but simply enjoying and feeling the music.  

    Transient Hypofrontality explains this process AND why “time flies” when I’m “in the zone”.

    On top of that, finding out that it also explains the “religious experience” of transcendence…Mind Blown!

    SO COOL!!!

  • My PC is relatively new and I use it mostly for after effects. Sometimes my ae takes ages to load stuff (such as effects or rendering clips) and the usage of my CPU is 4% but it shows 67%-68% on memory ( process window in task manager) does anyone know how to fix this?

  • I do nothing important, but I can’t let myself relax and think, I make myself busy with anything that doesn’t make me think about my life and the thing I am afraid of, I just be anxious in the inside, it’s painful feeling stay weeks and months with me.

  • When I focus high at something time is slowing.I can see and notice tiny details that other ones can’t see and when I work on something it seems to me that working tooks hours and hours but it tooks so much less.

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  • I recently spent a lot of time playing a game from the early 2000s, I spent about 500 hours in a month playing Garrys Mod and my computer has felt a little slower. I had a feeling a while back that I might have had a virus, however I scanned my computer with Windows Defender, CCleaner, and Malwarebytes and nothing came up. I’m very confused, everything seems fine, I have a modern PC, but now clicking on things takes 10 seconds to open tasks like Chrome and Steam.

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  • As far as providers go I’m really waiting to see what Space X, Amazon and T-Mobile are going to be like. Technically where I live I have two providers, Xfinity and Verizon, however Verizon doesn’t offer Fios at my specific address even though it is in my neighborhood which means the only internet I can get from them is 25 down. Even if were weren’t in this pandemic situation I work from home two days a week in normal times and 25 down just isn’t enough. Seeing as how internet is so important now, I would advise anyone (learn from my mistake) that is moving go on any internet providers website to see exactly what they offer at that specific address before making a decision.

  • In your honor I dedicate 15 minutes of each day to simply petting my dog. Thank you for the excellent message and sharing your story.

  • Although it might sound crazy to some, when I start thinking to much or when my mind feels sluggish and “lost” I usually take a deep breath and let out a quick but loud yell. A deep yell though from your balls (courtesy of Elliott Hulse). It clears my mind and I am instantly more focused on whatever it is I’m doing, especially exercise

  • Reading the comments on here many are asking how to quiet the mind. 1) Step away to a quiet place it could be shutting yourself indoors, waking an hour early, or heading to a beach, a hotel, a lake or river…anywhere you can be alone and quiet. 2) NO CELLPHONES turn them off. 3) Just breathe to begin with, pay attention to your breathing. 4) Journal your thoughts… if you really want to, otherwise be still and enjoy the quiet moment.

  • when i was playing my last football game(soccer) the opposite team was good….they were playing sharp passes and hardly let us keep ball possession for more than half minute….they dominated game and i was so nervous and frustrated that every time i received the ball i would loose it due to nervousness….i was afraid that i will loose the ball every time their player charged on me…. it reminded me the day when i started training with big guys and i decided to stay calm whenever i get the ball…i told my team mate the same thing….i told my mates that we have already lost the game and only thing in second half we can do is play the game and not let them humiliate us….this thing worked we scored twice and almost won the game that we lost in first 20 minutes

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  • think the lag while playing geometry dash with windows security scanning over 2million (yes, million) files, Intel i5 @2.3GHz CPU, over 200 processes running, 8gb of ram and over 50% of drive space being used, (My memory is still at 4gb usage)

  • I live out in the country where we literally only have one provider available. And we’re paying for 12 megabits per second but only getting about 1-3 megabits per second. And that’s the download speed. The upload speed is sitting at a comfortable 220 kilobits per second. Which is terrible. We have called our provider multiple times now (they have terrible customer service) and they claim that they have fixed it, but it still just doesn’t work the way it should. And I was doing all those tests with Ethernet, so…