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Why Recovery Isn’t Just For Pro Athletes. by Julia Malacoff. April 7, 2020. No Comments. Share it: But, according to expert trainers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why Recovery Isn’t Just For Pro Athletes.

When you think of the phrase “athletic recovery,” you might think of the high-tech tools you see pro athletes using, like compression boots and percussive therapy guns. And because these tools look complicated and confusing, it may seem like a recovery regimen is only for the elite athlete, as opposed to the average, everyday exerciser. Now, when we don’t get recovery, right, we see a big decrease in a whole bunch of stuff for your athletes.

Number one, they have a decrease in energy. They’re not able to take that to the next level. Like in sports, if they’re going to practice, they’re not able to bump that up because they don’t have the energy stores store it up. Whether you are an elite professional athlete and competitor, or are just working on that beach body, or building your body to improve mental performance and productivity in the office, there are several types of recovery to implement. Immediate Rest (Intervals) The first type of recovery and the easiest to implement is intervals between sets.

The student-athletes at UC particularly enjoy cherry juice as well, another great recovery drink. Both of these items are readily available to student-athletes after competition. • Depending on the sport, after competition, Lauren and her colleagues may take student-athletes through a “cool down” to allow their heart rates to decrease and. Without sufficient time for recovery, high-grade stress (practice, training sessions, games, social and emotional stress) over a period of several months can cause an athlete to fall into extreme exhaustion (mental, neural, and adrenal) and increase risk for illness and injury. Here’s why athletes are not overpaid: 1. Every kid dreams of being a professional athlete.

OK, so maybe not every kid; but walk into any elementary school classroom and ask what everyone’s dream job is. I guarantee you, an athlete will be among the most common responses. It certainly was my dream job. What money can’t buy, however, is the pro athlete’s overall strength, work ethic, and motivation, all of which help speed recovery. Our mission to.

Athletes understand the importance of exercise training for optimal performance and improvement. However, rest and recovery is also an important aspect of an exercise program because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts. It also allows the athlete to recover, both physically and psychologically. The best part of any exercise class is the few minutes of cooling down and recovery at the end.

And, it turns out, it doesn’t just feel great; there.

List of related literature:

Helping athletes develop a more optimistic coping style helps them to see that injuries are not personal, recovery is possible and they can be proactive in their recovery.

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Recovery in athletes tends to be even more rapid, as these individuals are often highly motivated to recover and return to play.

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Very few of these athletes, and coaches, realize the value of rest and recovery.

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The desire of athletes to continue to compete in their sport can aid in their recovery.

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Without adequate recovery, athletes will not optimally progress and reach their full potential.

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Recovery is one of the keys to high performance in sports but is little appreciated by most athletes.

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance” by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
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Recovery should be a planned component of athletes’ schedules.

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Athletes tend to do better in rehab as they can use such skills, their natural determination, and physical muscle memory to get better faster.

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Although recovery plans occasionally allow competitors to completely return to form, they usually just provide a means of damage control and help athletes take something positive away from a negative event.

“Sport Psychology for Coaches” by Damon Burton, Thomas D. Raedeke
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As with any protocol, each athlete has unique needs, and the individual circumstance will dictate the recovery process.

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  • I’m a 49 year old male. I work out 6 days a week. I get up at 4am and run and then strength train. I run about 30 miles a week and incorporate heavy weights with body weight exercises. I eat at 7am, 12 and 5. I try to eat healthy. Normal breakfast eggs and protein smoothie with spinach and fruit. Lunch huge veggie salad maybe too much dressing and dinner meat, veggies and potatoes. I weigh 210, I would like to lose 15 pounds. I thought about intermittent fasting but as it is I crash after 2pm. I drink coffee in the morning other than that I drink milk and water. I use creatine and turmeric. I need more energy in my day. I go to bed at 9pm. I thought about intermittent fasting but I work out in the morning and I feel I need to eat to recover. I don’t drink or smoke. I would really like to lose the weight and get more energy. I love working out. I feel like I’m useless after work because I have zero energy. In the morning I feel like I could take on the world. Do I need more food but then I won’t lose the weight? Thank you. You have the best show around and I listen to the elite. Short, on point and no BS. Thanks for investing in others. God Bless.

  • I recommend a book by Renaissance Periodization called “Recovering from training”. It contains all important info about recovery (passive, nutrition, active recovery, etc.) and different strategies. Amazing book!

  • The ice/cold shower for recovery is something that juggernaut touched on as well and is really interesting. In their opinion it is mostly about stopping inflammation (which makes sense when
    you for example compete the hole day), jet it decreases adaptation, which comes from a process of inflammation. So it would be a matter of how you define recovery: if it’s about feeling better, ice would in that logic help, because slowing down inflammation in a stressed muscle should make you feel better earlier. And due to not cooling the muscle for hours at a time, there can still be something like active recovery afterwards. If you want to enhance for example muscle growth, cold showers etc can slow down that process. So If recovery is also about coming back stronger/having the best training effect possible, ice might decrease that effect.
    At least that’s how I understood the juggernaut explanation.

  • Ive used it for a over a year practically very morning. Im thinking about discontinuing as often get readings that vary considerably with repeated measurement on the same morning i.e. do 3 repeated measurements with quite large variances in results. Think the reliability isn’t in the software yet.. Any other experiences like this?

  • Hello, I have a client interested in implementing HRV into his training, he does not own a smartphone or tablet however. I’d like to help him, but cannot seem to find a device that can be used without having to download an app from the app store or Google play. Anyone know of any options I can recommend for someone like this?

  • Her HRV was in the 70’s and that’s considered low? I thought the higher the better, with most people being at 50. Any clarification on this?

  • Confused. Your video says when your HRV is high, you will not perform well? I thought high variability was more tested/ recovered and low variability was stressed?

  • Hi! Great video! I’ve just started checking my hrv and am trying to make sense of the numbers, av. hrv, I get. Is there any idea to compare the numbers between runners or are they completely individual? And what’s considered low and high? Would be really great if you could recommend good reading or videos here on youtube. Thanks! ����

  • Really liking this new two minute tuesday. Very short, precise and to the point. None of that long winded shit where it take 10 weeks to get to the topic everyone is interested in. Good job!:)

  • I wouldn’t worry about your 76 hrv, mine is below 20 and I feel fine. Plus, no one seems to know weather to go by the max, the min, or the average

  • I have relied on HRV to inform me about my recovery for so long! Not an ad..but I was so happy when Ouraring came out and it has become one of my staples! All-night HRV tracking <3

  • I’m trying to get fit but exercise has always made me unwell. However I’ve started some 20mins light cycling and after that I felt pretty worn out but am determined to get healthier. Do you think measuring my HRV might help me diagnose an issue? Btw I’ve been to docs and had many blood tests and heart exercise tests and all ok.

    Can there be an underlying condition if HRV score is consistently bad? Thanks

  • Wait. Higher HRV is supposed to be better so why are they saying high means stress and “coming back down” is good? Which is better? Higher or lower?

  • But… What’s the difference of Heart Rate (ex. 85 bpm) and HRV? Yes HRV is about the time between our pulse, but, isen’t the BPM that as well…?

  • Hey Mat, I love all you vids, and I was thinking if you could maybe do a video on your stretching routine? Because I think stretching is a really important part of football and I don’t really know what I should do… Can you please do that? Love all the vids

  • 2 more months until I can come back and play basketball. Doctor said it was probably just mcl. Turns out it was meniscus, acl, lcl, and mcl��. I play high school and aau basketball. Thanks for the video!

  • Can resting heart rate taken first thing in the morning be a substitute for HRV? If your heart rate is 5-10 beats higher than normal it’s probably better to rest or do very low intensity (active rest) that day.

  • I absolutely rely on my HRV results. As a young athlete I was a track sprinter and even won the U17 AAA championship gold for the 200m. Back then we didn’t know about training load. We would just beat ourselves to the ground 3 nights a week on the track. As a result I still struggle with identifying how hard is too hard. So when I would go for an easy run, it would turn out more like a threshold run. As a result, I would always get burn out after about 6 weeks. However, now I use HRV I can tell every morning as to my state of recovery, it evens gives me a good 2 day notice of an impending illness. This all means I don’t need to follow a strict periodisation protocol, I’m able to train based on my level of recovery.

  • Hi Matt! So I’m from Ireland and I’ve just moved to Missouri for college! I’m attending Missouri Valley College and we are currently training 3 times a day! I hope to see you soon!❤

  • I’m all about data and have tried two different apps and several good quality hr strap monitors and found HRV to not be any help too inconsistent and did not correlate with how I feel and/Or performed. There was also a recent peer reviewed study discounting the use of HRV… best indicator for me is simply my mood

  • Hi! This was great to watch�� Did you ever play semi pro on your journey to pro? If you did how much do they get paid a week/month? I don’t think I can play pro because of some circumstances but I think semi pro would be an option. What do you think?

  • Great video and good in theory But like some other replies testing seems too inaccurate to be useful.
    Question around actually taking the HRV measurement. I’m using a Garmin for the last month which advises to take reading standing up, although different resources say to take it sitting. I have tried lying in bed, sitting on bed and standing all immediately after one another (and in reverse order). I get very different readings: lying = very low Garmin HRV Stress 1-3 (high HRV); sitting = low stress 18-28 (moderate HRV); standing = moderate to high stress 30-54 (low HRV). If I use the standing readings I’m always too stressed to do a workout, so a bit confused as what’s best to do..???

  • I was impressed with info, especialy the nutrition. Matcha tea, cinnamon, curcumin and black pepper are brilliant recommendations and calling out dairy as well. In fact going plant based is the way to go if you want to recover faster. Beans (including lentils, chickpeas, and all the beans ranging from kidney beans to navy beans etc), Greens (spinich, kale, broccoli etc) and Berries (blueberries, but there are so many more you should try). My friends it changed my life and also happens to be good for the planet and the animals. It’s like a win-win-win. Watch the game changers on Netflix. Bonus tip: a table spoon of ground flax seeds. Include it in your diet as well.

  • Life always sends me signs some way or the other. so recently I’ve been wanting to get back into soccer and the World Cup has definitely motivated me tons. With that I’ve also came across your channel, and I landed on this video. I’ve been training more now and a couple weeks ago when I was taking a shower, I noticed a lump in the femoral area but I had no idea what it was. I came to the conclusion that it may be a cyst. But of course as you just mentioned it, I have a sports hernia

  • At last, I was waiting for this topic! I’ve been using HRV for the past couple of weeks and been trying to schedule my training around it. Don’t know its effectiveness yet. I’ll use it for the next year, let’s see what comes of it! Although it’s much more effective to use it with a coach who knows about it in depth, but using an app is better than not using HRV at all.

  • easy, thousands and thousands of dollars put into their medical care unlike anyone normal. when i was in college it was insane compared to what a normal doctor gives you, its pathetic tbh like these idiots are doctors but u get a lazy one and he ruins your life forever, even worse when your insurance is as expensive as it is over there in the US.

  • I used HRV4Training for a couple of months earlier this year and I didn’t find it too useful. My general conclusion was it just told me what I already knew, i.e. if i felt tired or stressed it would just back that feeling up with a number to confirm it, it didn’t add anything extra.

  • Well interesting video but most of us here are not pro. When we get injured we DON’T KNOW how severe it is… and definitely don’t know when to start rehab. Does feeling a bit of pain in the area you’re injured at means that you still need to rest, or is it just normal to feel soreness when you’re exercising that area? Pros are really happy not to have to take these decisions and make these judgements by themselves… Doctors don’t know shit that’s for sure, they just give you extremely general advices that you have already read on the internet. Talking mainly about knee & ankle injuries here.

  • how do you master the body faint? whats the technique? Help me! I keep practicing and nothing is happening loll and the step over….

  • Hey Matt, myself and other football youtubers who are trying to go pro are making a whatsapp group to communicate and motivate each other. would you be interested in joining the group and giving us advice?

  • 6 months is short for a return. My daughter has just had her ACL surgery and we will take a much more conservative approach. 20% of her age group are likely to re-injure the same ligament or rupture the other knee upon return. I’d assume these numbers are much higher if you return to play to soon. Kudos for all the hard work and determination! I hope the result is an extremely positive one and you go on to smash your dreams in soccer.

  • Either they do what he says (the long way), or they use steroids/glutamine supplements for an easier, more effective and quicker fix.

  • Wow Heather’s HRV is high I listened to a podcast where the founder of elite HRV said they had very few users with baselines in the 80’s and they were all elite endurance athletes impressive!

  • Is there an easier way to identify over training fatigue from your mind playing games with you when you are doing an endurance training? Does spending a significant amount to time in a higher HR zone when you really shouldn’t be considered a way of identifying fatigue?

  • sleeping is important for recovery but sometimes i cant sleep because my legs feel fatigued. i cant exactly explain it but it kinda feels cold. i have the urge to strech or foamroll it but despite doing that it still feels cold and i cant sleep. what should i do

  • I really like this serie Matt keep it going!
    Next EP: what is better for soccer? And what is the difference? 8 reps VS 15 reps..??
    Other Suggestion: Should you train your biceps and Triceps for soccer if you don’t need it?

  • Hi Matt! i love all of your videos and it is really the type of channel i have been looking for, for a long time! I am 12 years old and i played club for 1 and a half years and i improved a lot. I am pretty good at soccer and these videos have inspired me a lot! Over this summer I have became a lot stronger physically because i can now play with ninth graders with out being shoved around a lot, and sometimes i beat them with my strength. Im also really fast, my coach said i was the fastest boy that he had ever met. My question is that I am not really sure how serious i should be and if i should try to go pro or not. i just feel like there are so many people out there better than me. my dream has always been to go pro and I am starting to realize that soccer is my thing. I remember last winter in a futsal game, i scored 5 goals in one game for GPS elite level. i have scored over 100 goals for my town team and prbably 20 or 30 in club. If you were me would you strive to become professional? Also i have good grades in school and if i want to strive for pro should i pay less attention to school?

  • Heather, what app + finger sensor are you using here? I didn’t catch anything in the vid description. Great video and thanks for the TP HRV-focused articles!

  • Hey Matt I just started with my first year of high school soccer an currently in preseason. Unluckily, I have a knee injury that comes on and off and I’m really struggling to decide whether being sore and treating my knees so poorly will pay off. Your videos are truly an inspiration but I’m really starting to doubt whether I should work on strengthening my leg muscles so I’m less likely to get injured and play through the pain for now like the trainer tells me to or drop HS soccer altogether. The problem is I’m kind of being pressured into running strenuously because if I don’t play this week I won’t get noticed in tryouts… Where do you think the borderline is on that standpoint between the two?

  • A more specific and accurate title would be ” How to pro athletes recover from INJURIES so quickly”
    yall had me thinking this was about standard game recovery etc.

  • Awesome video! I love your videos because they are very helpful and I always use them in my training! Keep up these awesome videos, 7mlc!

  • I mainly use HRV to find how to recover and adapt better to training, with lifestyle habits, etc. My training has little effect on it, my choice of food I eat and habits have a greater effect. Using Primal Beats with a Polar H7 my HRV is up around 100 though, 100 is definitely not the highest possible score.

  • Best of luck in your fight through this tough phase in your career. I know you can make it and you’ll bounce back just as strong and quick as before. I know I’ll be with you the whole way. Thanks so much for making videos even when injured and keep going!

  • Great video mate, giving an insight on one of the most important days that most often forget about. Although a lot of people may not have access to the facilities and technology you showed us, even the gym session will be so helpful to most. So well done there mate! Hoping you’re fully fit for the next game, looking forward to the next episode!

  • I had groin pain 7 months ago havnt played soccer since and it sucks I went to the doctor and apparently the pain is coming from a bone spur in my knee so I’m getting surgery

  • Thanks for another great video. Could I please have some advice I want to go to an academy that will benefit me to go pro. I have being trying to research but I have no idea were to start from any suggestions.

  • Truly exceptional video buddy. Athletes really do need to see all angles of the sport. Recovery is just as important as a ball in the net. I am grateful that my kids have mentors like yourself to learn from.

  • I love soccer but I love other sport like jiu jitsu and muay thai been for four days and my recovery is take cold bath for 8 or 10 minute. so love recovery from other company I decide to save my money until I come back. thank you for show video about recovery your body and be responsible. I been busy got so many that learn for you but one by one again than you.

  • Love learning new things from your videos, I follow your new routines religiously because I think they are really helpful! Is it possible you could do a video on how you prepare the night before a match?

  • How do think the NormaTec work for you and do feel relieve after having those boots on because I’m thinking whether to buy the NormaTec or the g3pro which is a massage machine to speed up recovery

  • I’m really against the ice therapy. Reasons are because ice is going to stop the natural process of healing. Ice is used so that constriction of the vessels happen and therefore the vessels become less leaky and thus reduce swelling and inflammation. But the swelling and inflammation contains all the nutrients sent by the blood to the damage tissues to fix them. So it is a natural process and it is being prevented by applying ice

  • Hey!! cunningham,I face breathing problem due to blocked nose in winters it kills my stamina and hinders my performance,any suggestions?

  • Great content. Tell me what are the 3 best characteristics in a football player. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Good luck in your games!

  • I worst injury I’ve had was a concussion. I then recovered and got another concussion a week later from falling on concrete. I haven’t played the same since

  • so how do you actually measure it? I mean do you use an app? you use a device on your finger BUT which ones can couple with your phone or what????

  • I’v read else where that if the time between heart beats is the same ie, the heart beats every one second, then your not particularly healthy, but if the gap between is variable, the better the heart condition.

  • What are Bergerons thoughts on vitamins and supplements. As far as what he has seen that works in his athletes and what are not good?

  • Great video. I haven’t tried cryotherapy or the compression therapy but I’ve heard really good things about both. Please update us on whether you think they do make a significant difference in your recovery vs just getting into an ice bath or using compression bands. I would also recommend hemp seeds and chia seeds in your foods and shakes. Not sure what protein powder you use, but I like Vega since it’s plant based, organic and non-gmo. Cheers and enjoy the weekend

  • Wow! It’s no accident Michael is a good player. He packs a lot into a recovery day. The mention of a good sleep was missing. Also important for recovery. The amount of smart work he does must also give him a mental edge over his opponents and a level of self confidenceknowing he has given himself the best chance to improve. Thanks for the insight Michael��

  • Ice baths are definitely the most effective for recovery for me but definitely not the most pleasant thing at the time. Also simple swimming when recovering from an injury seems to help me out loads:)

  • And how long does this rehabilitation process go? Of course it depends on the injury, but let’s say the injury we’re talking about is not that serious (e.g. a light strain). Btw. you are really helping me on my journey. I want to be a professional just like you. I’m 15 1/2 now and I think I have the chance to play professional sometime! I’m one of the key players of my team, I work a lot and hard and I am really dedicated to the sport. I hope you continue with your videos and help me and thousands of other young players in the world. Greetings from Switzerland!

  • Michelle plz tell me about how I can convince my parents for play football at pro level. They always talk about risk that there is no scope of football here.. plz tell me the solution

  • Really interesting watch Michaelhow was it sitting in the oxygen chamber? (also how long did you stay in there for the session?) I feel like I’d get a bit claustrophobic hahah. Hope your injury/strain isn’t too bad and you’re back to 100% asap. Keep it up matelooking forward to your highlights from your next match. Cheers!

  • Never thought about recovery as you said it may be taking time away from playing in the short but allowing you to play longer in the future. Always learning from your videos 7mlc

  • Can you make a vedio just on nutrition what to eat what not how much protien which kind of carbs and you definitely know what I am talking about

  • Yes, i agree this contents. It’s very useful information for us. Thank u

    India’s one stop destination for sports medicine and the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sports related conditions.For details, visit http://www.vshospitals.com or call us at 9021123000.

  • Just had the Acl surgery with meniscus and cyst. Need to know what to expect in 2/3 month and what braces brad you have on? Please share thank you

  • I’m still suffering with a lower back pain while watching this video. I get this pain after intense workouts i dont know how to recover from this i also do stretching but it may be heal overnight…..

  • Feedback: I would like if it wasn’t 2 minutes, because it’s too small amount of time to describe everything you know, prefer extended version.

  • So if u tear your ACL u can’t walk? Cause I just hurt my knee playing ball I walked home like I had a ankle injury over night my knee was swollen now I’m in pain and walk slow with a limp it’s been like 4 days

  • Due to medico-legal concerns and the sheer number of questions I receive from these videos, I can no longer answer questions left in the comments. If you have a medical issue and would like more information, go to https://www.drdavidgeier.com/resources/ for other ways I can help you.

  • II’m 66 years old, I have moderate arthritis in my knees, feet and back, I have some complications like torn meniscus but I haven’t had an MRI so I’m not really sure about those… I;ve been workingout on the elliptical and the rowing machine on the elliptical I do a HIIT routine and light deadlifts and chestpress and shoulder press on machines.. I feel like I’m doing ok but you never can have enough information. ow do you know how bad you arthritis is and when your overdoing it.

  • Hi guys! Today is all about recovery, and although it’s not the most entertaining content, it’s so important. Sometimes taking a little time off the pitch in the short term, will extend your time on the pitch in the long term.
    The methods I am using in today’s video accelerate recovery and I know not everyone will have access to the same treatments I received but know that you can still recover by resting, icing, stretching and strengthening at home, it just might take you a little longer.
    Finally, I also know some people have other commitments in the day (work, classes etc) so it might not be possible to dedicate your entire day to training/recovering, but I encourage you to use the time you do have as effectively as possible if you want to get the most out of yourself. Keep working hard guys!

  • Doctor i got a lower back pain 2 week ago so should i continue my training or take rest of how many days?iam 16 year old triple jumper suggest me something please!!