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Getting in your steps is a great goal. And the more, the better. Or so they say After all, in a PLOS ONE study, people who increased their daily step count from 1,000 to 10,000 steps cut their risk of dying during the study’s 10-year follow-up by 46%. But here’s the problem: When we get zoned in on steps, pacing around our living room at 11:55 p.m. to hit our step goal for the day. Why Steps Still Matter But don’t ditch your pedometer or step-count goal altogether.

According to PLOS ONE research, step count is inversely related to one’s risk of death. The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, or roughly 1.5 to 2 miles. It’s a good idea to find out how many steps a day you walk now, as your own baseline. Then you can work up toward the goal of 10,000 steps by aiming to add 1,000 extra steps a day every two weeks. Completely put your goal out of your head. Instead of your goal, focus on 4. G.T.N.T.D – This is the magic formula for attaining ANY goal, no matter how big.

G.T.N.T.D. stands for: G-Get. T-The. N-Next. T-Thing.

D-Done “Get The Next Thing Done” is the key to hitting your goal. Get your copy of my practical step-by-step script here. Let me know what you think about this mental rewiring strategy and what kind of results you have from following my guide.

Don’t forget: download my practical step-by-step script and learn how to commit to your goals and habits consistently. Big goals matter to us and they matter immensely. We attach tremendous meaning and significance to setting and achieving a goal.

Still, reaching the goal is a temporary mark and a means to an end. Setting the goal and hitting the goal is actually the starting place, not the destination. 10,000 steps a day is a trendy goal. We humans like big, round numbers like that. They feel right.

But does taking 10,000 steps a day really have. It’s a common scenario. It’s the end of the day.

You’re tired. And you’re still short of your step goal. Bummer.

If you’re as competitive with yourself as I am, you want to make that goal. So here are some of my favorite ways to walk more steps to make your goal. 30 Second Dance Party. Just like Meredith and Christina, with or without music, get your groove on for 30 seconds and watch your.

No matter who you meet along the way or what you see (assuming nothing is out of the ordinary) your goal allows you to stay locked in. You subconsciously keep away from distractions and your focus remains only on the goal. A 2019 study by Lee of 16,741 older women found that those who took 4,400 steps a day over the course of a week had a 41% lower risk of dying than those who took 2,700 steps a day during the same period.

The death rate progressively declined until about 7,500 steps a day, when the benefit leveled.

List of related literature:

Clarifying your goal makes it easier to know when you have reached it and when it is time to stop.

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Equally important is the need to change any of the timing or strategies you are using to reach the goal.

“Artist Management for the Music Business” by Paul Allen
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So you don’t aim for the corner of the goal but in the middle.

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Sometimes you don’t want to, or can’t, identify a conversion goal page as the end of your experiment, or you just want to measure an action taken on the test page.

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You don’t get extra points for making larger steps; you still get to the goal line when you go one small step at a time.

“Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
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Sometimes it reduces to a difference in temporal commitment to the goal.

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You sometimes have to remind them that if you hit your subteam goal but you don’t hit the overall goal, you will have failed.

“3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams” by Bradley L. Kirkman, T. Brad Harris
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This happened because I concentrated more on the result and the goal than on the method to reach them.

“New Mindset, New Results” by Kerry Johnson
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Thus, for volleyball athletes, working on first-step quickness is vital because speed is required to react quickly to a rapidly moving or spiked ball coming over the net.

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It is about you and your coach not letting the goal drop, staying in the conversation about how to accomplish it, and celebrating the little steps as well as the big ones.

“You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: The Classic Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder” by Kate Kelly, Peggy Ramundo, Edward M. Hallowell
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  • @ryanengel I love you so much! You have literally changed my way of thinking. It’s like you dropped a seed into my brain & heart! ��❤️ thank you so much for sharing this information!

  • I am not agree with two points:
    1) If you have a goal you don’t have a clue how to accomplish it you are in the wrong way, you have to know what you want to do and you have to plan it. A) decide

    And sometimes you can’t tell to to everyone your goals or your plan you just have to careful because you don’t know who hates you.

  • This was eyeopening in so many ways! I thought I wanted abs but I’ve realized I only kind of want it, as a freerunner what really matters is how good you are att parkour and flips, it matters how explosive, strong and powerful I am. Having abs is just a plus but really it doesn’t mean anything in my sport.

    Thank you Ryan! Have a great day!:D

  • This is def a revelation. For the longest time I have wanted that perfect physique but I’m missing a quality of life. Thanks for this video.

  • You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. I’m a combat vet and I’ve been spiraling down on this path of self destruction for really no reason at all other than my fear of never doing anything great again. Thanks man, you are a true inspiration.

  • Zen Buddhists do the same with goals. They aim for enlightenment knowing they don’t know the path and will never really achieve it, but they work toward it anyhow because the practice of Zazen is simply what they like to do. They call this simple mind. To do something expecting a result or for a reason other than just to do it is dualistic and not the right way. A lot of people lose the initial excitement of going to the gym because they worry too much about goals and results instead of just enjoying the experience and recognizing the intangible benefits.

  • This is for the young people I think.
    If someone asks me when did I start lifting, I will say that I got serious at about 30.
    I did start when I was 18 but it was mainly on and off, then huge gaps of years.
    If I told them I started at 18 and now, at 33, I should look pretty damn amazing! Not like the marshmellow man…

  • Dude, I love you. Fuckin a these videos are always so on point and hit pretty close to home. This channel LITERALLY got me into powerlifting, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a fucking Mark Bell fan boy, but god damn, mans a legend.

  • left my job to start up an ecommerce few weeks ago,i love the small progresses im recording.i see how much time I have wasted waiting for the right time to start.i’m so happy with myself and feeling fulfilled already. Having time is truly what makes one wealthy.

  • Not to be corny but this video hit me right in the feels. I needed to hear this so much. I will always support you mark and the message you preach.

  • Goals in the gym matter! The first time I saw anyone squatting 4 plates I though “steroids!!!” becasue everyone on my gym with a decent physique was on juice! 2 years later, different country, different gym, I did it without any ACLs in my knees. 4 plates ain’t shit. A specific amount of money ain’t shit. Invest in you, save and progress!

  • Sifu, I am working on an article and so I want to ask you a question. What is your take on Rationality and Irrationality, your personal perspective on it?

  • I started working out when i was about 14 with the vague goals of looking better and building muscle. I didn’t really know what I was doing until I was almost 16, and most of my progress has been over this last year (about to be 18). The problem I had was I didn’t know who or what to listen to, and I feel like that’s a problem a lot of people in fitness have; there’s just so much misinformation out there and it is just honestly very frustrating when I see people asking the same questions I had because there should be more authority about what actually works instead of people (especially fake natty’s, i’m okay with people taking roids as long as they’re honest enough about it lol) putting out some BS and making money off of misleading people

  • I got meet again
    I got doing again
    chances are good
    be yourself everyone else is already taken
    chances are that be you THANK YOU SO MUCH
    if you know set a goal and you’re you’re very clear you know exactly how to accomplish it your goal is too small your goal is too small your goal is to fucking sue you should have I such a big goal you know what man
    i’m gonna make it happen
    i’d only carry i don’t care if it takes six months
    i think if it takes a year I don’t think it takes ten years
    what skills do I need to upgrade
    I want to lose weight
    they’re losing momentum by march oh my god
    they’d wait till december
    i didn’t set out what i was gonna do
    what am i doing today to move they’ve been more closer to that goal reversed-engineered
    my goals in 2020
    is to set my skills well
    be better than yesterday
    be more prepared
    have a better mental development
    get what I want and work with great entrepreneurs

  • Sifu Dan,
    Thanks for such amazing video! You nailed it like always!
    Would you please make a video about how you immigrated to canada and the process and how you became a citizen? Im looking forward to immigrating to Canada for more opportunities and I’d be more than glad to know how you did it.
    Thank you again!

  • I can’t thank you enough for the message that you send. I don’t know if you can grasp the impact that you have or the legacy that you are going to leave behind. #GarageInkPowerlifting

  • 1. My goal this week is to sign up 8 clients and make minimum 160k from them
    2. Goal for the month get funding for a colliery
    3. Goal for the year to have Xmas lunch in my 8 figure first house

  • tbh I needed to hear this real bad. So much anxiety and second guessing. I’m in a weird place with everything but I think I’m doing alright. Thanks man.

  • One key component of goals that Mark didn’t mention was that if you have a clear defined goal AND you manage to achieve it, it’s easy to lose direction afterwards. To wonder what’s next to do. You may even abandon a pursuit after reaching a certain goal you had in your mind. I know I’ve done it. Goals work best just over the horizon so you’re always stretching for them. As Mark said, “it’s never enough.” That’s how goals function to drive us forward. But it’s just as important to stay mindful of everything you have achieved during the chase, because that’s how your life is playing out. The most important is the journey, not the destination. Hitting that goal is just a brief moment in the times of your life.

  • Take risks in 2020! I love the risk Elon Musk is taking every single time, here is his quote of the day:

    “When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse?’ That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.”

  • getting close to Rhino status on your videos Smelly, not only are you a millionaire now but you are getting eloquent in explaining your thoughts, good on ya

  • My 2020 goals are being a good player for my football/soccer team and being important for my team but my biggest goal is to become a football/soccer player

  • i was literally in the middle of watching this when my friend walked in and started telling me about how bad she felt about going off her diet yesterday XD

  • I really appreciate that you take the risk to put this info about the extreme of the fitness world, specially because like you mentioned you are a fitness coach, all thou I’m 8 weeks from my first competition because it has being a gold of my since I was 16, it’s really an eye opener to understand what’s healthy and balanced and what could be the opposite of that.

  • Hi Dan, two Q about goal settings:

    1. Is there any difference between:
    ‘I want €1.000.000,till……’ or ‘I have €1.000.000,till……’.
    2. Does due date support manifestation or no?…from your experience.

  • At the morning making the plan of whole day and at night before sleeping 10minutes remember what I have done today according to my plan

  • Last year early on I said one way or another I would get a 6 figure income, told my closest friends and family members, and then I worked hard and finally accomplished that goal!

    Accountability and hard consistent work towards the goal really helps with achieving it!

  • I think I seen all your videos from the beginning, in that moment I was an employee, I working hard for few hundreds a week. I discovered by random your videos…And that moment change my life forever!
    Now I’m entrepreneur, I started a small business and I’m happy because growing up month by month!
    I learned a lot from you but the most important thing it was differences between “people payd per hour and people payd by results ” and “to bring value first and ask for revenue later “.
    I set my goal for 2020 is to earn my first million from my business and to meet you in HTC ��

    I’m grateful for you!

  • I watch Dan lok videos for a long time and I’m from Brazil, I learn so much things that people here where I live would never think about lol

  • Emmn actually sir you saying, telling the whole world your goals is really dangerous and bad, a research was made and it stated that people who say out their plans and goals to other people creates this false memory that they have accomplished it and feel relaxed.

  • God bless you brother. I order a couple of items from slingshot (again) awesome products. Anyhow today is Thursday I order it on yes cyber Monday free shipping and stuff 20%, awesome stuff. However Mikey I have not a receive a “Tracking number “. Talk to me bro. Scream at your employees or something. Just kidding about. Thank you peace and grace. ONE.

  • Happy New year ��..
    Plz sir tell me.. Through which app do you edit your video? I wanna know this app for editing my videos. �� I wanna clips like this..

  • To quote Jordan Peterson, “anything worth doing, is worth doing badly…”. Sometimes all that matters is you get in there and try, even if you suck at it. Then the next time you try, you can aim to do a little better then before. And boom, you’re on your way to progress!

  • Highly motivated content, your words straight hits through my heart.
    GOAL OF 2020: Stop wasting time
    Clarify goals focus on it, don’t get influence by the others
    Develop high income skill
    Read books, learn, improve, improvise where i am now.

  • To become a copywriter is my first priority in 2020. I started mastering it 2019 and this year am putting more effort… And am planning to start your course just looking for money to pay for your course.

  • For me to hit my goals, it takes extreme focus. Like Mr. Pena says, it takes laser-beamed focus. No social media, no TV, etc. It’s so easy to get distracted. I recently just qualified and got a loan from PayPal to get more inventory for my store. So my goal for January is to increase my inventory to 10,000 items. I’m not even worried or thinking about the sales because the sales just come. Now it’s income tax refund season so people are blowing their income tax on anything.:):):)

  • I feel like the intro some how makes me not want to watch the videos. It gave me a sense of advertisement like when you watch a new movie trailer, or listen to some ads on tv. There is no originality of the simple and effectice danlok’s intro i knew back in the days. Now i felt like it is too much comercialized as if the videos are absorded into the far too familiar ads and comercial patterns.

  • One of the most raw and realistic channels on youtube. So refreshing to see someone not trying to be something theyre not for views. Please never stop.

  • Mark Bell simply gets it. This is dead on… Mark truly is the Peoples Coach. IMO, he has done more to educate and promote the sport of powerlifting then anyone else in history. He deserves every penny he has earned, because he never did it for the money!

  • Thank you DAN for the wise words and keeping us motivated and think for the best.
    ‘Telling to whole world and becoming accountable’ is so true. It is scary but works great if we are genuine to ourselves.