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Why Glider Workouts Are Plateau Busters Why Glider Workouts Are Plateau Busters Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. When it comes to your workout routine, there are loads of different equipment options to kick your fitness to the next level. Glider workouts are great plateau-busters, too.

Here are five reasons trainers say you should be working out with gliders. Add gliders to many exercises, and you target your core more. “This means you can get a good abdominal workout without ever having to do a single situp or crunch,” says. So, you’ve reached the dreaded sticking point. You’re hitting your workouts consistently but there is not much happening. You might have a specific body-part that is stuck, a specific lift that is stuck, or your entire body might be stuck, but rather than search for the next magical routine, try some of the following plateau busters.

Let me know some of the plateaus that you have hit during your weightlifting workouts, and then I’ll be sure to post more tried and tested ideas for overcoming them. See you in the comments. Incoming search terms: workout plateau (44) weight lifting plateau busters (38) workout plateau busters (15) plateau busters for weight lifting (2). Plateau Buster #2 — Technical Perfection. In this day and age, the average trainee is bombarded with training information from a variety of sources.

While I’m sure all of them mean well, the “average” trainee often falls victim to overanalyzing their body and/or training program. To be a genuine plateau, the pause in weight loss must meet the following criteria: No weight loss or loss of inches for at least four weeks. You haven’t altered your exercise regimen or made any other significant lifestyle change. You’re not taking any new medications (including hormone therapy) that may be interfering with weight loss. In part, this is because when you cut calories, the body gets needed energy initially by releasing its stores of glycogen, a type of carbohydrate found in the muscles and liver.

Glycogen is partly made of water, so when glycogen is burned for energy, it releases water, resulting in weight loss that’s mostly water. This workout is not for the faint of heart, but if you give it a try, you’ll realize that it is one of the best plateau busters there is. I’m talking about the 100 reps training system. Yes, you read it right, I am suggesting that you do 100 reps of an exercise. What?!

Why such a ridiculous rep number?The reason being, there are still lots of growth potential when you reach a plateau and the most ‘bang for your buck’ plateau busters are the ones that stimulate those type 2b muscle fibres. This technique is still useful and should be experimented with after trying all. These workouts will help you blast through your plateau. Using these workouts, you will see muscle growth in the near future.

W e are all in the pursuit of the perfect workout routine. You know, the one that gives us continued results forever. If you have been bodybuilding for any length of time you know that there is no such thing.

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Too much time spent doing the same type of workout using the same equipment in the same environment can lead to a plateau.

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  • I really liked the workout, it was challenging but fun. However, I have bad knees, so the move where you’re gliding on the knees was something I just couldn’t do:(

  • She is a great and hot promoter of female fitness. I love athletic women, especially blue-eyed brunettes, they are the hottest and fittest!

  • this is why i love you Anna!!!
    i Will do it for SURE tomorrow and i want to thank you for help me
    to stay fit and happy!!! kisses from
    Francesca venice italy.������

  • Talk about feeling the burn! I love finding workouts where it’s a bit of a slower pace, but the moves burn like crazy! my daughter even tried joining me lols

  • WAY to many sets for one muscle… Your never gonna get any growth from such extreme regiments… Great for a fat person looking to burn fat I guess…

  • to all the hoes in the comment section bching and complainingthis life ain’t for everybody im sure theres a aerobics channel thats a perfect fit for you. We all can do this and get shredded af but theres those that put in work and theres those that complain

  • is this appropriate for beginners? like would it be too much. and if I can’t do that all at a go. can I divide in 10-10 minutes of it each day??

  • great workout..love u anna..
    I am doing daily workout and reduced a lot of weight. But I am very disappointed with my belly fat. It seems that nothing happens to it..plz suggest me workout plan to get flat abs.

  • Abel knows what he’s doing, just take what you know you would do fine, and just leave what you think is controversial,
    For me behind neck presses and those pinkies at side raises ain’t my favo but I’m gonna tell that this beast is wrong? Hell no.. look at him for f sake

  • As specialist, I think Fenoboci Diet Plan is good way to lost lots of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  • Hello! I just found your channel and I need your help please! Basically I have been over weight since years. I started crash dieting around 3 years ago but didn’t work. Since then, I’ve started eating very less (less than 1000 calories a day). Then I stopped crash dieting but my diet has always been low ever since. Then I started doing pilate’s and it is helping but its too slow. I’ve lost like just 7 lbs in 1.5 years even after working out for hours including cardio for 30 40 minutes and pilate’s for an hour 5 times a week. So I need to get rid of this situation. It’s like working so hard and not getting any results. Please help me out with this.

  • I did not imagine sweating this much, it’s incredible how just a couple of towels can make such a huge difference! Thank you so much Anna❤️��

  • Sometimes after shoulder workout whenever we tried to train other mussel groups like chest or back it’s come on shoulders as the shoulders are activated so what should we do to avoid it? Thank you in advance

  • That’s too much sets, you will burn your shoulder muscles or you could get shoulder injury. Best workouts 4 exercises of 4 sets with 8-12 reps

  • towels are better then sliders because they soak sweat and clean the floor.
    But seriously: they are better, because they are bigger.

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  • Way way to many sets for muscle growth. This advice is a recipe for injury and overtraining which renders zero results and frustration. Two thumbs down

  • too much sets not enough weight you just do the basics well and youll grow big lean muscle provided youre dieting right and sleeping well you are slim and weak you are burning the muscles out thats why

  • Really not liking this.
    From muscle building I’m sure it’s great but behind kneck press and upright rows can mess your shoulders up big time!

  • Alright brothers take a look at the video name it says “for mass”. So stop making your perceptions like it’s very heavy or lengthy.

  • Oh thanks a lot for ur immediate response i am in my 50s but i admire u a lot by the way of ur presentation and the care u show to the subscribers

  • He clearly says this isnt a daily workout lmao, you use this beat a plateau so id say 2-3 times a month tbh. And any natural lifter can recover from

  • Weak bitches are gonna wine about how high the volume is and how ur gonna overtrain well that’s why u look like shit that’s why u will remain average what a bunch of pussies

  • I loved this workout. It was enjoyable and effective. The only part that didn’t work for me on paper plates was gliding on the knees. My knees slid right off of the plates. I will be doing this one again though.

  • Question for Able: You said you do not recommend for every week. How often should it be done? Every other week? Once a Month? I would like to try it every week for 4 weeks straight. Would I see gains? What would you recommend?

  • So I tried this after adding a cannabis cookie to my morning shake it made me more focused definitely going to be using it more with workouts I smashed this out in 1 hour 30 mins an amazing workout just what I needed

  • he is a beast, i use this workout for one year,before i couldnt even do a single barbell,now after some heavy super set shoulder exercice i can still do 15 more reps shoulder barbells

  • Hi Abel,
    my left shoulder looks more macular than other or vice versa means to not sure which side is correct
    Can you please help on this how to make both similar

    I tried training right part more but no results yet

  • I ✨LOVE✨ this workout! The length of time is perfect for doing at home on a regular basis. I recently bought a set of gliders to do just that. Thank you so much for recording and publishing this! ��

  • What’s the music used in the beggining as background? Awesome with his intro, especially in the line “this is very high volume” ���� at 0:15

  • Like I probably would not do the behind the head barbell press, and instead would do focused handstand push ups as well as rotator exercise.

  • I hav been doing this work every week frm the past 2monts…have to tel…it has got me very good results and my shoulders strength and growth increases after every work out…it takes me 1 and half hour max…
    But can we do this regularly…?i mean every week…
    Thank u for this wonderful workout…and i even follow ur other body parts work out too…and has got me very good results..
    Just hav good protien food after work out for recovery and growth…��

  • Holy shit, standing shoulder press is so fucking difficult, I normally do like 155 seated military. But standing I can barely get 95!

  • 0:33 dumbell shoulder press (5 × 6-12 reps)
    1:29 standing barbell press behind neck (5 × 8-10 reps)
    1:58 side lateral raise (4 × 12 reps) into dumbbell upright row (4 × 12 reps)
    2:46 leaning cable side raise (4 × 12-15 reps)
    3:23 incline dumbbell reverse fly (4 × 12 reps) into face pull (4 × 12 reps)
    4:08 Smith machine shrug (6 × 12 reps) (3 sets in front, 3 set behind)
    4:58 seated side lateral raise (3 × 12 reps) into dumbbell seated front raise (3 × 12 reps) into bent over reverse fly (3 × 12 reps)

  • I like these kinds of videos that just get right into the workout. Ya boy’s ADD does not help with science-y stuff

    Thank you for your hard work

  • The only way to go through this whole workout is by using like 10% of your 1RM. Relying on volume alone is trash. It’s all about matching volume with intensity. There’s no way you’d do 55 HARD intense sets in one session. Prob for the first 2/3 exercises you’d be alright. Then you’ll start training half assed for the rest of the session

  • Stop complaining this is plateau buster.. So if you are not working your shoulders like the way before this one will really shock your shoulder and it will bust your plateau

  • Too many exercises!! Go ahead n hurt urself!! I only do 3-4 different shoulder exercises.. I keep 1 main exercise n change the other 2

  • Dear Samyuktha, hope u will be doing great. It’s really motivating video for people who wants to lose weight but face plateau. Tips are wonderful as always. But what’s more wonderful is it beautiful wordsYou all are amazing (you too are amazing) and don’t judge ur mood by weighing balance. It will help many people. With lots of love, warm wishes, prayers and hugs. God bless u n family. Regards, Vandana

  • I am ur recent subscriber all ur videos r very usefuli saw ur pcods meal plan inthat r u mentioning it as jowar flour for making rotti for dinner i couldnt catch the word plzzz reply me is that flour is jowar

  • I’m not trying to lose weight or anything, just be fit.  I love your routines and am so thankful that I found you.  Keep it up and keep bringing it harder and harder.  You are absolutely the best at this!!  You ROCK!!!

  • Dear I always wanted to loose my weight and start my day with healthy breakfast…but end up with the recipies done fr my family and couldn’t cook fr my self separately…the portion control is not at all happening as we all sit together fr lunch n dinner and serve like any thing else…I loved the motivational vdo..
    And one more question is can I have corn in my diet I mean does it have lot of calories..is it a fat cutter r not..options like corn poha, and corn flakes r corn flour..
    Thanks in advance����

  • God Damn, Woman you are beautiful and that ass, Im in love w/ that body of yours, plus youre Beautiful too
    On the thumbnail for a moment there you kinda look like Julia ann