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Should you PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN? (muscle burn vs. burn out)

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Why you shouldn’t push through pain.

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PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN Bodybuilding Lifestyle Motivation

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Dragon Ball Z Motivation Push Through The Pain

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How do you keep going? PUSH THROUGH PAIN

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It’s when you feel pain in your working muscles at the start of a rep or set, pain in your joints, or pain in non-targeted muscles that you should stop. It could. Obvious signs that it’s time to scale back or stop your workout altogether include joint pain, dizziness, heart palpitations and any sharp pain. “Our pain receptors are there for a reason,” Nelson says. “There’s a difference between pushing through a heavy weightlifting set and ignoring our body’s signals to stop.”.

WHEN TO STOP Obvious signs that it’s time to scale back or stop your workout altogether include joint pain, dizziness, heart palpitations and any sharp pain. “Our pain receptors are there for a reason,” Nelson says. “There’s a difference between pushing through a heavy weightlifting set and ignoring our body’s signals to stop.”. Now, if you still feel pain when you revisit that exercise a week later, consider visiting a doctor or physical therapist for help. The post When You Shouldn’t Push Through the Pain appeared first on the Under Armour Health and Technology Blog Under Armour. The truth is that when it comes to musculoskeletal issues, most of the time it is not dangerous to keep pushing through pain with exercise if that’s what you choose to do. The danger in doing so is largely dependent on the individual and their level of pain tolerance and self-efficacy.

Healthy pain should only last as long as you are doing the activity, Cosgarea says. A little soreness post-workout is fine, but if you’re chronically having severe muscle pain to the point where it’s limiting your daily activities outside the gym, then you’ve pushed too hard. (Shocked at how sore you are?When “Pushing Through the Pain” is a Bad Idea.

Jan 27, 2015 Categories: Sports Training. We’ve all heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.” Whether playing sports or working out at the gym, the saying often motivates you to dig a little deeper so you can hit a goal or break through a fitness plateau. Pain is not something we want to head towards and barriers usually signify a no go area, so the idea of approaching and then pushing through your pain barrier feels far too unpleasant to me and actually makes me want to sit in a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea and piece of chocolate cake instead. We’re all familiar with the slogan ‘no pain, no gain’ but in reality, it’s not the best motivation.

Sometimes injuries do happen and trying push through the pain can actually make them a lot worse. If you’re experiencing pain from any of these four common injuries, it’s time to take a break and seek treatment. Keeping this in mind will enable you to push through the discomfort so you can run faster or longer.

The Pain: Long-Run Fatigue Deal With It: Think of the Payoff “Don’t get too emotionally involved with the pain or get upset when you feel it,” Taylor says. “Detach yourself and simply use it as information.”.

List of related literature:

D. Push slightly past the point where pain

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Pushing too hard may cause relapse, but fearing pain may

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Every time the pain comes, push.

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When you’re told to push,

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I was giving the doctor orders, and he would say to me, “Don’t push” and I would say “I am not pushing right now” as if it were my idea ‘not to push right now.

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But when you push your body past a certain point, you enter a whole different area of pain when you can barely will yourself to go on, and it feels like the more you think about it, the less you even care about pushing.

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When you push into

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We call this the “urge to push.”

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While it is always good to physically push yourself, push only to the point of pain, then back off.

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When the pain

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  • The best way to overcome pain is to let go of the things that you cant change.keep your eyes on God open up your hearts to him. he heals and he fills that void in your heart.the lord jesus christ wants to give you his true pure love thats the real love you need. i promise you when you allow him to enter your heart you will be complete healed. you will never feel the need of anything to try to fill your heart. he is the most important puzzle to your life.pray to him. start building a relationship with your creator. open up to him from your heart no empty words.

  • The cure for pain is put yourself through more of it. Till not much is felt. You can’t escape pain. You can’t escape hunger. But you can build yourself enough to tame it. And totally control it

  • This is the best audio I’v heard this makes me want to go to summer workouts and work harder than I did the day before and the day before that this is such a great audio to hear before workouts this makes me push through every challenge I get in life

  • So good I had to hit repeat! Keeping me motivated! I’ve put on 10lbs of muscle so far over the past year and these vids have helped me tremendously.

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  • I love you all for i love myself i am Dennis Vidot i am the new God i am alive i am not six anymore i am 28 and i do not back down or give up

  • Going through hell lost my family went into financial downfall ruined credit and on top of it all lost my job. Through all this hell and adversity I never stopped training. Some days in the gym I would feel like crying and stop working out but something inside of me told me to continue. I can’t say how many times I wanted to just let everything go from the depression. But someone told me that this dark time is here to make me stronger mentally and that life does this to filter out the bad to make room for the good.


  • Every morning I wake up and put on a video from your channel, it keeps me focused throughout the day. I have my goals on the ceiling so ever day when I wake and go to sleep I see this. The first and last memory of the day

  • I fell in love with pain so much that im willing 2 go through the eye of da storm to become succesful and achive greatness in every area of my life what i want 4 christmas this year is end 2018 strong and make 2019 my golden year.

  • Every morning I wake up and put on a video from your channel, it keeps me focused throughout the day. I have my goals on the ceiling so ever day when I wake and go to sleep I see this. The first and last memory of the day.

  • You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

  • Thank u guys so much for all the support, we already at 300k! None of these would be possible if it wasn’t for you, so thank you. As some of you may know, the channel has been demonetized a few months ago and I wanted to ask for your help! If you guys enjoy these type of videos and want to support the work that I do, you can donate any amount you can to our Patreon page, where I’ll be posting all videos in mp3 format!

    Link is in the description ��

  • Why are they always talk about get up early?
    I didn’t getting up early. And I doesn’t getting up.
    But I’m learn and work till my eyes are starting to stick together and only then I’m going to sleep.

  • Thanks…i think i am the worst employee ever in world history…from today…i am going to change my daily life….i am going to push my self…let’s see what will happn

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  • Bro, I wanna thank you for making this video, yeah I like dbz and stuff, but with the motivational part, that shit just made it 200% better, and i just gave my 200% and just broke past my limit on weight lifting, all thanks to this video, I felt so weak and my arms were numb, but my mind still wanted to keep going, I wanted to keep going, and I just couldn’t find a way to reach past my limit, and thanks to this video, I did, and I’m proud of my self that I’m lifting more than my own weight now, i weigh 175 pounds and now I’m lifting 185 pounds, thank you bro����

  • If you want to be happier, healthier and have more energy in life. Take action and define what motivates you to change and look at them every day. This is the reason I started my YouTube channel.

  • I’ve always used Dragonball music while working out. Helps me push out an extra 1 or 2 reps. We gotta power is my personal favorite. Long live DBZ!!!!!!!

  • You are a true hero for us all. I have learned and gained alot by following your videos since very long. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Follow the kitchen homework for some amazing recipes
    Channel is new to yt and doing very good and also getting good response from audience ❤️❤️��

  • When I listen to this it make feel like to push myself to the limit if you put your mind to it you could accomplish anything in life it won’t be easy but let’s face the facts nothing never easy in life. Face it with Determination ����������

  • That’s not all the battle. Don’t forget the heart and spirit. Push past what hurts understand why you live and trust what you feel. I learned this by going through it with everyone. They just have different point of views.

  • Motivation meditation ��‍♂️ inspiration.


  • Man I can’t even tell you the amount of credit you deserve for this video. Perfect work that’s coming from a new youtuber. Keep it up man.

  • I love your vids but that dude is being a pussy about having to push on his sets. If you act like that in say wrestling, your teammates are going you smack you up side the head and tell you to suffer in silence.

  • These help me not to suicide I think of my family mt fiends my girlfriend everyone that care about me I realize that running from problems is not the answer thanks for the video ur the best keep doing these types of video man

  • Thank you with honest sincerity in 2020 im 27 you pushed me to get back in shape like i was at 19 and achieve the highest peak in my career i love you and appreciate you you are a king thank you so much please never give up on us or yourself

  • dragon ball is just a motivation show why do you think it tells you to push through the limits it tells you by doing it you are the people in the show it shows what you can do you can break through and become a super saijan human version with no gold hair

  • “can only grow with resistance and struggle…”
    This is the problem I have with being around nothing but positive people, offering only support and rewards even if you fail, you get the mindset of “why even try? Everyone is happy anyway.”
    When you tell people what you hope to accomplish, and they give you positive feedback as if you’ve already done it, it takes away the drive.

    However, when people say things like “You can’t do that” or “you’re not good enough to do it” It lights a fire under my ass to say “OH YEAH?!” and the goal changes from doing the thing to just do it to prove them wrong! Which feels far more motivating.

    Although it is a double-edge sword, if negative feedback is given at the wrong time (such as immediately after a minor setback) it could decimate the momentum.

  • This video is good I love it no cap, but if the tournament of power was out in this time, the time when Vegeta challenged Jiren it would fit perfectly with this

  • My bf recomended this to me cause he has an obsession with dragon ball. I told him a million times that i dont like it but i guess i could watch it because of this video

  • Tell this to Steven Hopkins, mind over body, you can build your body, you can break your body but your mind can stay strong for all these idiots that say muscle building put your mind to working out, how many geniuses have ripped bodys? The real struggle is your mind saying I cant take anymore, and that little voice inside saying I’m not done yet

  • This is only motivating in that I want to get to my goal in my own way, disregarding every tired sentence of his so that I can rub it in his face later. “Work harder” is stupid advice. Work, track progress, and if no progress is made, readjust. If you readjust and no progress is made, QUIT. You can’t be good at everything, so pick the few things that you can be good at, and don’t be a lifetime failure at something just because it’s your “passion.”

  • People who care about making progress track their progress, they don’t waste their time frequenting motivational videos that beat the dead horse of “work harder.” Go watch videos on HOW to achieve your goal, because you’ll get more out of working smarter, not harder. Lifting heavier stuff will get you no where unless you know what to do with your diet and grams protein per pound bodyweight.

  • Thanks man �� Honestly, this video actually changed my life. I watched this two years ago, and it has changed my life ever since, I have to thank you for everything that I have achieved in these two years.

  • Last night at the gym I was going to run my usual 2 miles at a speed of 5mph… this video motivated me to run 5.5mph for 5 miles! POWERFUL VIDEO!

  • I can’t tell if this is a joke or supposed to be actually inspirational. I mean I was laughing but ended it wanting to do pushups so I srs cant tell haha

  • I cannot understand why black speakers simply cannot motivate me. The way they talk seems to be artificial.:( Jordan Peterson is boring but intelligent. I mean, his daughter is a complete opposite of what he is teaching us, just as TD Jakes’ son. Its hard to find God’s people these days. I guess the best motivators still are lives of legendary politicians, such as (33-45) & Jesus Christ.

  • Holy shit man this hits fast and hits hard, consider this video saved to my favorites, liked and often quoted to others. Don’t ever take this down for I will be listening to it often.

  • I’m fortunate to be at a stage in my life were I’m content.
    But I’m here because I realise I have everything a man could ever want. People who are always pushing always wanting more whether it be money or gym vanity I ask them ” to what end “? I’ve met alot of these people they are impressive at what they do but seem to struggle to be happy.
    These motivational videos are great but when you reach happiness remain there and remember happiness comes at a cost.

  • Your work is good that you have mixed the dragon ball videos and prince’s motivational video together, But you should have given him credit of the voice you have inserted here.

  • Along with my everyday grind and watching makaveli motivation videos makes me stronger mentally I sincerely wanna thank you brother for making these awesome videos��

  • The way to feel the burn is to do the reps faster. It’s the speed you do the 20 reps which determines if it’s a burn or just fatigue in my experience. Doing reps faster for sure burns more lactic acid and it works well on machines as long as form is good.

  • I hope you realize when you workout, or when you get uncomfortable, you only benefit yourself. Sure, you can stop, but what does that do? It makes you weaker. Don’t stop, keep going. You have this.

  • WOW.
    Hany Rambod is a beast the way he pushes and takes people and their bodies to the next level is insane.
    I have never seen nor watched anyone make people work and strive to becoming the best.!
    Check this guy out if you don’t know him. EPIC EPIC EPIC.!!!!!

  • I love this channel. It is very inspiring and truly motivational. Thank you so much for your hard work. I know that is takes many hours to put each of these 4-6min. videos together. I wish you continued success, and may your channel continue to grow and reach more viewers.

  • Ese brother es afortunado de tener un excelente entrenador pendiente de el. El resto de los mortales nos automotivamos y nos entrenamos solos sin ayuda ni patrocinios de nadie… ESO SI ES PURAMENTE VALIOSO Y PURO ESFUERZO������

  • I’ll punch hany quick if he tells me don’t get up after a set like that. Gtfo my way! �� I don’t know how Andre and Phil does it lmfao

  • If you are a advanced bodybuilder or weightlifter it not so much pushing through the pain but the fatigue.We can push ourselves harder,you will pay for but be well rewarded!

  • He yells a lot.. and that weight it’s so easy to handle..and without roids… We need the old school bodybuilders.. not this child yelling and trowing himself to the floor.

  • Why do you keep going, because if my life is easy why not, why not build my life to make things I used to look at as hard as easy, push through, so many people let their minds hold them back, “why would I do it there’s no reason”. There’s nothing pushing you on but yourself, and you can do it it’s whether you do it


  • At first I was skeptical..but this video showed me something..life can be hard and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace it. Work hard. Never give up.

  • where does the sound excerpt about what sounds like a commencement speech about time starting just before two min “what kind of a story can u tell in one min “

  • Wow I’m listening to a fitness motivational video and all of a sudden I hear Bill Hicks talk about LSD?? How cool is that??!! Love it.

  • This is very motivating!!! Follow me on my journey to become successful!! Its 3:00 am and im the only one in the gym!!! Lets get this!!!

  • sorry but roids you can get away with 5 hours a day so that is bull he is on roids look at him after no roids he shrinks and then boom he is a monster later yeah hollywood$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • I’m just watching his workouts like why wouldn’t this guy do real dips instead of between the bench dips or why not weighted pullups instead of later pulldiwns… then I remembered steroids and anabolics oh silly me just the natural lifter how could I mistake that. This guys a rich soft lame

  • Yeah that ticking of clock, is what the ticking in brain, my 3:30 am time, when I shoot out of the bed and it’s really helpful now on last phase of daily routine exercises

  • Peace love and light, please sleep with your head racing east or south and I promise u from my soul u will jump out of bed when the alarm goes off ��������✍️����❤️�� try it please ����

  • my trainner is forcing me to the point where i can only depend on my mental strength, i have no strength left yet the trainning is still going, man it is very bad, my body shakes everytime

  • Get up at 4am and start your day with what is most important in your life. It´s not your work, your friends or even your family. It is Yourself!
    Because if you are the best “you” that you can be, it won´t only be for yourself. It will be for everyone around you as well! But you got to start with yourself!

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  • I mean we all know The Rock is on The Gear tho right.? 50 years old and got more muscle definition and mass than he was in is 30s. Either way i respwect him; probably one of the hardest workhorse i have ever seen.

  • That guy that starts at min 6:00 that tries to make that deep voice is annoying, use your real voice dude! Making your voice deep only makes it annoying lol

  • About the attempt to run 140 miles in 7 days. Still gona have to work 8-5 every day while attempting it. No one can tell me what I can and can’t do accept me. I CAN, I WILL, I MUST!

  • I’m watching this vid just past 1am after my usual 4hrs of sleep… while at my first morning cardio, started at 20mins past midnight. [I go 100mins a pop; I’m aged 60yrs.]

  • Key takeaways:

    + Schedule your day

    + Workouts don’t need to be long, 40 mins of focus > 2 hours of meh focus

    + Define your day

    + Lean into & seek discomfort.

  • As a fat fucker life was and still is very tough. I was put into care at 11. Mum died at 19 of cancer. I was drinking to excess I got to the point were I was slightly over 25 stone I i also I suffer with asperges syndrome I rescued a dog for companionship 18 month later I had to put him down. My life just fuck deteriorated. But I knew there was something inside me telling me to get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself enough is enough. Time to get the dreams u always wanted l. In January I decided to turn my life around and said I can. Since January I have now lost nearly six stone I have now to jobs 1 part time and 1full time job. I even now cycle 8 mile to work and back every single day I have gone from drinking and eating shit to working approximately 55 hours a week I am now going to start kickboxing I am also weightlifting now because I want to have the best built body in my town. I have typed this because I am proud of myself and I hope it also helps other people.

  • I’ll walk to the gym through rain, hail, fire, I don’t care, I make sure I get there in the early a.m. I let nothing stand in my way. If something stands in my way I run it over. If I start to feel fear, I walk it off. I punch and burn my fears and watch my anxiety die. Be the fire, be hard to kill!

  • AGREED form! Form! Form!!! I messed my back up pushing through the the last few reps because I started losing a good form pushing hard… you don’t feel the damage being done right away but you wake up one morning and you feel like you were hit by a bus. Now I haven’t worked out in a month and a half and I feel like a wet noodle. Hopefully I will start working out in the next couple of weeks again after massage therapy is done. and I love your videos Ron.. you have a positive vibe. God bless.