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German Volume Training For Muscle Mass Explained (Shredded Sports Science)

Video taken from the channel: Shredded Sports Science

If you want to add lean muscle, you need to give your body enough stimulus to grow. One of the most effective — and most brutal — training programs to get your muscles to grow is called “German Volume Training.”. The idea behind the program is simple: It’s a high volume of work with lots of sets and reps with a focus on slowing the momentum and loading your muscles by emphasizing the.

German volume training originated in, you guessed it, Germany. The time was the 1970s. Its original purpose was to help off-season weightlifting competitors quickly gain a lot of muscle and lose fat that they had accumulated. The German Volume Training Trial Workout The workouts correspond to the training split outlined above.

You’ll perform three different training days for. As you may have guessed, the German Volume Training method is based on volume (volume meaning overall sets and reps, and volume also means blasting metal music while you workout – my personal favorite!). The technique was made known by the famous strength coach Charles Poliquin.

German Volume Training isn’t for the faint-hearted, says personal trainer Russell Lee from leading Sydney personal trainers – Ultimate Performance. But this fantastic protocol, popularized by legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin, is a fantastic way to get you out of a rut with your training and elicit some serious hypertrophy. Recommended German Volume Training Split. The following is a recommended 5 day German Volume Training split: Day 1 – Chest and Back; Day 2 – Legs and Abs; Day 3 – Off; Day 4 – Arms and Shoulders; Day 5 – Off; Due to the intense recovery demands associated with this program, natural trainees may wat to consider working each body part only once per week.

Here’s what you need to know German Volume Training has a reputation for adding rapid size to new lifters. It’s a series of ten sets of predetermined reps for each big lift. GVT can be adapted for the advanced lifter.

Decrease reps to accommodate heavier weight and. The goal of the German Volume Training method is to complete ten sets of ten reps with the same weight for each exercise. You want to begin with a weight you could lift for 20 reps to failure if you had to. For most people, on most exercises, that would represent 60% of their 1RM load.

At its heart, German volume training is very simplistic; you perform ten sets of ten repetitions (10x10) using the same weight across all sets (i.e. straight sets). This adds up to a whopping one hundred reps in total for just one exercise, which is a lot of volume (needless to say). What Is German Volume Training?

Popularized by legendary strength coach Charles Poliquin, GVT involves a lot of volume, little rest, and a limited timeframe. Generally speaking programs.

List of related literature:

Poliquin’s German Volume Training (10 sets of 10) as well as German Body Composition training also fits this description, as do many other systems.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
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The training volume one uses is 83 7 typically dependent on training status and goals.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
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You should not hesitate to skip exercises, or even whole units, if you have a sound in your variety of English which will do in German too, for instance Irish speakers will mostly not need to practise the clear German /l/.

“Modern German Pronunciation: An Introduction for Speakers of English” by Christopher Hall
from Modern German Pronunciation: An Introduction for Speakers of English
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The training cycle (phase or stage) will dictate the volume and intensity of the exercises.

“High-performance Sports Conditioning” by Bill Foran
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In other words, the volume or intensity (or both) of training has increased to an unaccustomed level.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
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During the highintensity training session, all exercises should be dynamic and of short duration and should contain mediumto high-intensity loading.

“Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training” by Tudor Bompa, G. Gregory Haff
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Effects of a Modified German Volume Training Program on Muscular Hypertrophy and Strength.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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A low-volume, highintensity approach to training will increase your aerobic capacity, or VO2max, as much as a high-volume, low-intensity program.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
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Training volume is a summation of the total number of sets and repetitions performed during a workout.

“NSCA's Guide to Program Design” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Jay Hoffman
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The volume of the training program will also vary, with the classic program starting with a higher initial volume and the volume gradually decreasing as the intensity of the program increases.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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  • Typo Alert! For Poliquin’s Advanced Model at 11:48 it should be 10 * 3 at 85% (not 90%). I said I was ‘skeptical’ of it anyway and the same thought applies. Sausage Fingers Out.

  • I am following this type of training for the squat and bench press twice s week in order to improve strength so far I have seen improvement.

  • I’ve been doing 10×10 for 5 weeks and worked well to get me back into shape after a few bad years of training like a pussy. I may try 10 sets of 5 as I miss throwing around larger weights. I do think everyone should try it, I think it worked well for my chest, shoulders and legs. On the fence for the other body parts. Maybe a hybrid version

  • Bro science… Three sets does everything I need it to do. I’m sore and the next week I feel stronger. Five sets is overkill for me but someone younger might do better.

  • Hello everyone. Good film clip.

    My brother was formerly obese. He went from 290lbs of fat into 217lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. We think it is amazing! I just registered myself coz I plan to expand my entire physique. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  • Hi James, I’ve just recently found your channel and found myself binge watching your videos. You’ve got a great way of presenting and a wicked sense of humour. I’d be really interested to hear if you have a bias towards a workout program for beginner lifters looking to build muscle mass. Thanks for keeping us informed, helping us to think for ourselves and showing just how ridiculous some of the “main stream” advice from youtube “experts” really is when you shine a bit of science and common sense on it. I look forward to seeing plenty more from you. Many thanks, Nick

  • Clever using an Austrian to discuss German Training and then commenting you don’t know where this originated. (Apologies if already pointed out…)

  • I’d like to see what the strength results would be additional week of rest/deload for the 10×10 compared to the 5×10 in that study

  • Hi James. Really appreciate your work. I have only recently started working out and my goal is to go from skinny to muscular. I came across GVT while conducting my own research on different styles of workouts. One style of workout that caught my attention is “Eustress Training”. I was wondering if I could get James Eustress’s opinion about it.

  • So im a soviet commie scum still upset about ww2. i own adidas, puma, and i drive an audi… May i also take this german item for my own? ��

  • On the first leg day, would 10 Sets of 10 Leg press, and then 10 Sets of 10 one Leg press not be considered overtraining? Im not hating but i would like some logic

  • Hardcore ectomorph here (was 6’1” 135 lbs in high school).  Been lifting for about 5 years since, nothing has given me explosive gains like GVT.  8lbs in 6 weeks.  Just be sure to eat a LOT.

  • Whats the best way to activate my chest? Especially with no weights? I feel like I can never get it worked well enough at all, my triceps always take over, its odd.
    Edit: Spelling

  • As we can’t get to the gym for a while, can you do German Volume Training at home using bands and pushups etc…. no barbells no dumbbells?

  • Hi found your channel during lockdown.
    What do you do if you want to get stronger but want to get lighter in body weight too? Is this possible?

    Eg if I wanted to get good at Spartan races so need to be lightweight for running but strong for the lifting/carrying/dragging/climbing of the obstacles?

  • I understood like 5 words in this video, I have no idea about fitness, I’m as broad as a cow sideways. But I really enjoyed it so thanks bruv.

  • definitely an upper limit to volume but the definition of “junk volume” is whats important. For example 10 sets of 10 reps is going to be barely more effective than 5 sets of 10 if they’re working with say an RPE of 3 personally I think RPE is bs without taking sets to failure no protocol will be maximally effective, In my opinion thats what “junk volume” is. If those sets like you said don’t feel hard enough…well thats the problem right there and yes thats “junk volume”. “Intensity” as a subjective measurement should be the same no matter the rep range you should be working with a weight where your last rep should be just as difficult wether you’re doing sets of 10 or sets of 5 anything short of being on this brink of failure or better yet taking each set to failure or even better through failure with drop sets and supersets is “junk volume” any protocol that fails to bring this level of intensity will be less effective. I was recently in jail, the difference between the guys who get results and the guys who don’t is the guys who get better results do more sets and more reps with more intensity because regardless of the rep range they are working with they are putting in the effort and working to and through failure. To simplify this because “intensity” in my opinion is an ill defined term the guys who train “harder” build more muscle because they train “hard” its really that simple. I work with 80% of my 5×5 weight so basically 80% of 80% of my one rep max as a general starting point but I can adjust the weight to whatever is the heaviest weight that I can safely and comfortably perform 10-15 reps with where I am struggling on my last rep and I perform 10 sets for my main lifts using this weight, sometimes I will just go for max reps to failure on each set. Then I will perform 5 sets of another assistance movement then another 3 sets of yet another assistance movement and do the same thing but with even lighter weight say 50-60% of my 5×5 weight and do the same thing just basically going for max reps. Some days I will even add calisthenic movements for more volume, this training has been effective for me and I continue to get good results because I do not sacrifice on intensity by using lighter weights because I take each set close to or to failure, sometimes through failure. Personally I think the definition of “intensity” is erroneous and that it is incorrect to assume you are sacrificing intensity by working with less weight “intensity” does not = weight it instead = stimulus and the stimulus is not simply the weight used. I also believe the definition of “junk volume” used in this video was close but incorrect as well the volume described as such was definitely junk volume there just appeared to be a failure to recognize why it was junk volume which is that it lacked intensity. While of course there exists an upper limit to volume somehwere 10 sets of 10+ reps will in my personal experience always be more effective than 5 sets of 10+ reps granted that the final rep of each set is challenging to the lifter. The problem with these studies is there are too many variables and too much subjective terminology those who did 5 sets of 10 reps could have been using a weight that made their final reps challenging while those who did 10 sets of 10 reps might have used a lighter weight believing that the increased volume would make up for lack of intensity, I am willing to bet based off of experience that if all other things are equal including intensity 10 sets of 10 reps will build more muscle than 5 sets of 10 reps. At the end of the day “sets” and “reps” dont really matter if the stimulus they provide is inadequate for muscle growth 5 sers of 5, 10 sets of 10 means nothing because without knowing how much weight is being used, how strong the subject is, RPE ect. the number of sets and reps isnt really telling me much of anything its not enough information to know how effective a protocol will be. The besr advice you can give someone who wants to get in shape and be stronger is to “train hard” but dont hurt themselves.

  • I am surprised by your statement that calories influence muscle growth. I will make my first attempt at correcting you (lets see how that goes) by claiming that nutrition influence muscle growth, not calories.

    Whats your take on that?

  • German volume training is not high volume training… Well unless you are a potato on a couch and the hardest thing you did in your life was 5 sets of 5 of squats or maybe 25 pull ups in a row…. It’s 2020, stop training old-school, stop training lazy

  • I really hate your videos as you never give a clear answer. With all the other fitness gurus I watch, they tell me: “Do this and you can gain 30kg of musle mass and look like the incredible Hulk in 3 month” or “Buy this supplement for only $60 a pop and you lose 20% bodyfat in 4 weeks”. With you it’s like “Here’s the information, think about that!” My brain hurts.

  • More good videos please and a lot less of “i want my hair back”. You look better and more intelligent with your current hairstyle. Yes i have hair but same style as you have.

  • I pulled a muscle in my back this morning…while wiping my butt! They say, it ain’t over till it’s over. As of this morning, I think it’s over.

  • For me I’m gonna lengthen my workouts and take more days off when I come. For me that works since all this time off. I’m only getting back my old gains so I’m not gonna get my biggest. Once I get my size and density back I dial it back. Then I do anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and increase the frequency while still doing a few sets of high reps with a heavy weight. I add in a few supersets and then the second time I do that same muscle I don’t do a superset.

  • You can’t do 5 reps a set and then go around calling that volume training. Let alone GVT. If you mix it up, like you did, it’s simply not GVT. Espcially not if you switch out the single most important thing about GVT, which is the actual training volume.

  • i actually do this every workout. ive been doing this on my own since i started. i usually do 3-4 compound lifts and i dropset my last set so i end up doing more like 11 sets on each compound movement. this is my permanent way of lifting. i lift every other day and that is a lifestyle commitment.

  • Please do a video on Convict Conditioning/ the naked warrior/ bar brothers
    all the more effective calisthenics training styles! Especially in this time, but also just in general

  • I have done it in the past, squats and deadlifts are just fucked up thats all i can say… in my opinion best way to optimize training you cant beat push pull legs
    2x per week and do the first 3 days with 75-80% of your 1RM for 3×7-9 reps and the other 3 days at 85-90% of your 1RM at 3×4-6 rep range that way you get enought volume and enought intensity and you work both muscle fibers by doing higher reps with a moderate load and low reps with heavy loads and my plan has 3 blocks of 4 weeks where i start at 70% and finish at 80% for the moderate days and start at 85% and finish at 90% for the heavy days thats pretty much how my routine goes there is more to it but i would be here forever trying to fit it all in lol

  • I do as many sets and “work” as hard as I can. I do each specific body part as hard as a I can’t or i cant do another rep. This is wrong? I’m working hard? This science stuff is bs. Just train hard and eat.

  • Brilliant video. Straight forward and clear explanation, which seems to be the trend in all videos of this highly underrated channel. You, sir, have earned a subscriber.

  • Bodybuilding is an art form and what all these guys and magazines do NOT tell you is that you must experiment and hopefully sooner rather than later you will discover what works for your body.

  • your wrong everyones different at the start 5sets are ok u keep doing that for 2 years u will kill your gains look at the guys from the 70s

  • You got several things wrong. German Volume Training originated in the 60’s by Vince Gironda as Cumulative Fatigue Training, and it was renamed and popularized mainstream as German Volume Training by Charles Poliquin. It’s 10 sets of 10 reps with 1 minute rests between sets (unless you’re alternating 2 antagonist muscle groups each set then you rest up to 90-120 seconds max), you purposely start with a weight you know you cannot complete all 10 sets of 10 reps with (typical is starting with your 20 rep max) considering such little rests between sets. How you do it is you NEVER go to failure on any of the sets and you STOP your reps 2 reps shy of failure on all sets. Example: If you get 10 reps on the first four sets but on set five you only get 8 then all sets thereafter are reduced to whatever rep you stopped at your previous set. Again, you NEVER push to failure. At next workout you try for at least 1 more total rep than you achieved last time with same exercise using same weight. Once you can perform all 10 sets of 10 reps IN GOOD FORM and WITHOUT GOING TO FAILURE you then add a TINY amount of weight at next workout. Vince Gironda created CFT/GVT because it causes faster vascularity while burning more calories. He used to get paid to whip Hollywood stars into the quickest shape possible for movies and this is how he did it, devising this specific system after much trial and error, having them perform this usually multiple times per day every day for several weeks while on a low carb/high protein diet (only steak and eggs for 3 straight days, day four you ate only salad, then back to steak and eggs for 3 and salad on day 4, repeat). It’s in his Book The Wild Physique, which i have right here on my book shelf. This is NOT a good way to build long-term size or strength, and Vince even said doing this for more than 2 or 3 weeks (at least via his method of several times per day every day) will cause muscle deterioration and joint and tendon problems. He also used this as a fast way to get bodybuilders more vascular a few weeks before a contest. CFT/GVT was specifically designed as a SHORT-TERM aesthetic fix only, though stupid meatheads have taken it and twisted it over the years, but these are the same morons who champion 20 rep breathing squats as, “Take your 10 rep max and don’t stop until you get 20! Yeah!” so obviously they are morons. For 20 rep squats, you take your 5 rep max, subtract 90 pounds, then THAT’S your starting weight. You add 5 pounds per workout and, if squatting 3 times per week, after 6 weeks you’ll be squatting your old 5 rep max for 1 set of 20 breathing reps. THAT’S how you properly do 20 rep breathing squats, though you should lower to 2 days per week which extends the cycle a few weeks but your knees and lumbars will thank you in the long run. Read ‘Basement Strong: minimalist training for the caged manimal’ on Amazon.

  • skull crusher work the long head (the part of the triceps that is close 2 your body) more than the other 2 heads, I think that’s the reason. try ‘bench tricep dips’ or ‘normal dips’ these exercises work all three heads thus makes a total tricep development
    OR you can do these workouts as told by Elliot /watch?v=yz73VdbpIPs

  • Understanding that everyone does not have the space for a home gym, for the rest of you that have a basement, garage, a spare room you’re not using, get some home equipment. You need three things, a power rack, an adjustable bench, a barbell and weight. Ok, four, but weight goes without saying. Or adjustable weights to replace buying a barbell and weights. If you are a serious lifter, you should have this, I don’t get how people don’t, and call themselves “serious” lifters.

  • Using these principals for my quarantine training. Because I don’t have a lot of equipment, some sets are up to 20 reps. However, I am resting VERY LONG between sets 5-8 minutes. So over the day I’m doing 30 sets, 3 exercises and each set within 1-3 reps of failure. Let the games begin!

  • I have done 10×10 german volume training and it’s really good in my opinion. I had a hard time building muscle in the begining of my lifting but after doing the german volume training i began to gain muscle and some fat wich i wanted to gain (about 2-3kg of muscle and about 2-3kg fat in 2 months). Really recomend to try it.

  • Sir
    I’m doing gym from 1 year.. can I do GVT..
    Is this exercise cut down Fat??
    Because I’m 110kg… Fat man
    Please guide me sir

  • I like your videos, very knowledgeable. But you have a tendency to repeat yourself several times within the same time frame. Not trying to be an asshole, just giving you some criticism on your presentation skills. Anyways, good info as always. Cheers

  • All this “research” is kinda pointless at the end of the day because there are so many variables you cannot control and physiology can be unpredictable… best piece of advice is if your primary goal is hypertrophy then the classic formula that works for almost everybody is to structure your program around low forces for a great distance. Doing more physical Work(work=forceXdistance) is the key to all gains so when you keep the force low you reduce the neurological stress thus allowing you do move the weights over a greater distance. It’s simple math, doesn’t matter how you get it done just get the work in and your muscles will get bigger, provided you have the proper diet and sleep as well…

  • My main criticism of GVT for Hypertrophy is the first few sets are probably going to be way too far away from failure if you try using the same load across all of the sets

  • Would you do a video regarding this debate: https://www.reddit.com/r/changemyview/comments/fp1z08/cmv_trans_women_post_hrt_should_be_allowed_to/

  • You forgot the 4th thing. Do you like being nearly immobilized and in excruciating pain for 5 days afterward? I did a 10×10 on bulgarian split squats once. Just one exercise. I regretted it for a whole week.

  • Bro Poliquin advocates 10 x 5reps for advanced lifters. AKA strong as fuck. If you’re moving huge weights, the intensity at 65% of 1RM is incredibly high and 10×10 becomes too much. Can you squat and DL over 200kilos? Why are you considering yourself an intermediate/advanced lifter at 160lbs?

  • Did it for 20 days and got so overtrained I didn’t even want to get out of bed most days! Took 2 weeks off to recoop and lost it all just a lot of pump and no real gains!

  • Personally I don’t like 10×10. I find it too restrictive just doing one exercise per bodypart. Plus using a light weight to get through all 10 sets isn’t great for strength. I prefer to do more exercises in GVT style. So instead of doing 1 exercise for chest I’ll do at least 3 for 3-4 sets of 10.


    Bench press 4×10
    Incline press 3-4×10
    Dips 3-4×10

    This way I can use a heavier weight on each exercise plus get more development instead of doing the same exercise for a large amount of sets. I use a weight where if I pushed to failure I’ll get 12 or so reps but I stop at 10 reps. Rest 60-90 seconds then repeat. Each set it gets harder to get 10 reps with the same weight. So for bench press it’ll look like this

    10, 10, 9, 8

    Something like that. Sets are not to failure. I stop at least a rep shy of failure. Once I can get 10 reps on most sets, I increase the weight.

  • I’ve been using GVT for 25 years. I love it! Short rest intervals gets your cardio up at the same time as strength training. In and out of the gym quickly!

  • If you’re natural, German volume training will just turn you in to a crying bag of cortisol.

    Build real strength and muscle with 75% to 95% of max

  • GVT is only for limited amounts of time. Your conditioning has to be on point, as well as sleep and nutrition. I was sore constantly. I vomited on the squats and was constantly sore. I got a little weaker, but was extremely cut when I did this. The weights will be so light, I would only recommend this for bodybuilding and no strength or power sports. Consider a 6×6 at the most.

    I probably would’ve grown if I had eaten more and rested, as well as cut the volume. I tried to use it on main lifts and accessories, but it’s too much. Do a 10×10 on squat, bench, press, row, chins, RDL (God forbid) and what have you, but don’t go on to do leg press, leg extension, leg curl, etc, all in one session, after squats. Unless you are eating like a pig, have supreme genetics and on some big pharma, you will overtrain. Maybe I can’t handle it because I’ve always been very explosive with little endurance, but hey, that’s me.

  • Have been doing this sort of high rep training without knowing about it for the longest time. For years with bodyweight exercises, and now with weights, specifically bench first. Have been benching 160 for 100 reps every day for the past month or so, and was benching 150 previously for 100 reps each day. Contrary to every random joe telling me that I won’t get stronger without resting and that I’m going too fast, by the end of each month the next weight feels generally as light/easy as the previous weight. I know that I’m insane, but I think that my body is a bit abnormal and can actually handle it. My gut tells me that the longer I beat my body up with the same level of resistance, the better it adapts to that resistance. If you can manage 100 reps of a weight at 20% of your maximum strength/endurance/output for a significant period of time you slowly adapt and overcome it while handicapped and then when you’re back at even 50% it makes a massive difference in difficulty. This is what I have personally experienced, I have noticed gradual strength increases even without resting for 2-3 weeks of lifting and then when I rest what I struggled with the month before becomes cardio. I’m aware that this is as simple as saying ‘just lift heavy weights a thousand times” but through pushing myself to an extreme I know that my body is generally capable of an intense high rep routine. 160 took an extra month or so to adjust to because I jumped from 145 out of impatience and wanting to be at 200 by the end of this year at a rate of adding 5 lbs a month.. But by doing high volume training my best lift puts me at a nearly double bodyweight bench (255 lbs) in like 10 months of lifting total. It can’t be that bad to try, if anyone’s curious. At the end of the day, you want to lift heavy ass weights with ease? The only way to do that without drugs is to lift the weights. Over and over and over and over and over again. I’ve clocked in at 1500 reps in a week. Doing 200-400 reps of a weight on a single Saturday. Playing video games all day and then throwing in 10 to 25 bench reps in-between matches of league of legends. Play a game that pisses you off a lot, gets you in the mood to throw around heavy shit. League’s perfect, a bunch of toxic childish 20 something year olds who’d rather argue and troll each other than play a gosh darn game. lol.

  • I ran a 12 week GVT program about a year ago and loved it. My bench went through the roof. It is very tiring though and expect the first two weeks to be extremely difficult. Especially if you stick to the four second eccentrics. I agree with Steve that this would not be a good workout for a beginner. There is too much about it that would discourage. I would suggest trying a 5×5 for 8-12 weeks and see how you progress with that and if you like it and your body doesn’t break down try out the GVT.

  • I was wondering if you would see anything if you did german training every other week on chest? Do one week with my normal heavy lifting and then the next week do these 10X10’s with short breaks in between.

  • Just my experience! I took my 10×10 bench from 145 to nearly 190 on ten weeks of GVT. I ate a lot, slept a lot, and slowly and carefully progressed. Only lifted three days per week and did classic pairing (bench super setted with chin-ups, etc.) Accessory work was limited. I fully intend to run another eight to ten week program of GVT sometime in 2019!

  • Somehow missed this video, good information as usual!! Could you give me your thoughts on Mixing rep ranges in the same session? I’ve been mixing heavy 5 rep Max sets with 12rep Max sets all in the same session. I have seen alot of progress as in maintaining my strength and improving endurance while I lose fat but I’ve had my gym bro friends (smdh) and read articles about this method actually taxing on my progress? Granted these to me aren’t reliable sources and have no scientific statements so I figured you’d be the guy to ask.

  • This video offered up some good info, well done.
    Will probably do some research on it tho to check on how I could better implement this kind of training into my current program.

    P.S. Bald head is on point mate��. Never change.

  • GVT is 10 compound exercises with rest in between, plus 3 isolation exercises with rest, so not sure why this guy is talking about supersets which are completely different things.

  • Thanks for this and all the other informative and helpful videos… I like your channel a lot… but I can’t get my head around one particular problem: I hear more and more often that 1. volume matters and 2. that the real benefit of volume only starts at 10 sets a week… my current program provides more volume per muscle each without generating that much fatigue, because I hit each of them twice… If i have to recover each muscle for a week, I don’t get that much volume… should therefore GVT not be called GIT?

  • When I hear all the programs you’ve followed and what you plan to do, you sound like Superman to me. Well done. I’ve recently switched from heavy training to failure, to a more high volume no failure training. I’m happy with the size I’m getting but not so much the strength, which I feel I’ve lost a bit of. On the plus side I also feel like I have more energy, eventhough my workouts are longer. Training to failure on every set for the past 4 years was very taxing. I had to fight to not lose consciousness every day and felt dizzy constantly. Must have been high blood pressure or something, from working out to failure all the time.

  • i was a 4x a week lifter for years but i fell off (struggled with alcoholism and am now clean going on 5 years) and i jumped right back in to GVT with a gap of years since i last lifted.

    it works, the secret is to start L I G H T. dont try to be he-man and sure as hell don’t try to lift what you could years ago. doesn’t hurt that i was doing a high volume training routine before and hit every exercise to failure every time, and i’m so goddamn stubborn i wont quit. i dont give a fuck if the other guys in the gym laugh at my pathetic weights, im going to power through and they won’t be laughing long.

  • 8 x 8 = 64 workset reps. Doable, as is the 100 reps of 10 x 10, if you lower the intensity enough. 12 x 12 is bad enough, but the 225 workset reps of 15 x 15 sounds really silly, since you can get big on a single set of 20 after your low rep strength work. I suppose if you really want to see how sick you can get from excessive volume, go for it.

  • yeah I always kept it simple and it worked. OLD SCHOOL GVT-The traditional 10×10, 60-90 second rest between sets beginning with 60% or slightly less of my 1rm worked. I added 2.5lbs or 5 lbs to that exercise the next workout. A healthy caloric surplus is mandatory also

  • There is a reason why its called Volume training. When you stop at 5 Rep you will focus on Strength rather than size. You could have gotten better results by keeping the 10 reps.

  • Let’s put it this way Arnold Schwarzenegger did this he had eight sets eight reps and it certainly served him well back in his day

  • if you’re going to completely rip off and plagiarize the work of Charles Poliquin right down to the weight used on exercises and the workouts, at least give credit where it is due. The breakdown is almost exactly how he has written it on multiple sites including AGVT. Its a good explanation you give but at least give the credit where it is due and where your information obviously came from

  • I’ve been going gym less than a year and still benefit massively from this. Still definitely worth considering if you’ve trained under a year

  • I’ve done GVT before, interested to try advanced. 10×3 @85% sketches me out too. Would you still be using the 4second eccentric tempo?

  • James amazing style of narrative and easy to understand explanation. Good job, saw your video first time and I immediately subscribed and forwarded link to many.
    As an Indian saying goes stones are thrown only at trees laden with fruits. So idiots are going to troll you, throw crap at your knowledge.
    Another saying the dogs bark when the majestic elephant strolls, but he remains unaffected, ignores and continues his journey, unfazed, dogs shut up after a while. Keep up your fantastic work. Look forward to regular informative scientific videos from you.

  • I’m 14 and I have been going to the gym on and off for about 1 year and want to put on a lot of muscle during the summer. Do you think this program will be good for me? Also, instead of training Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, can I train it like a push/pull/legs split. So I will train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Rest, and then train Repeat it on Friday Saturday and Sunday?

  • This is first, honest review I’ve seen of German Volume Training. Seen loads of guys knocking it in YouTube videos but then loads of people saying they have had great results from GVT in the comments. It’s as you say. It may work for you it may not. But you gotta mix it up!

  • Hey man, for arms, there’s only one exercise per week for biceps and one for triceps. That isn’t good at all though right? How will u grow big arms with one exercise a week?

  • I assume you do the 10 sets of bench com0pletely, then the 10 sets of back not alternating like a superset correct? Thanks great video!

  • I’m a 13 year old pretty experienced athlete, I’ve been doing calisthenics since I was 8 because of my father doing all these cool push ups and stuff you know, recently I got a pair of dumbells and a barbell. I wanna start on packing some muscle because calisthenics didnt really bulk me up but gave me immense strength, would this program work for me? I really want to bulk up and pack on some serious mass. Have a nice day!

    Forgot to mention, not bragging but I wanna really be honest not selfish but I got some real good genetics, I just wanna hear ur advice about this and if this would work so I thought I’d mention this too

  • If there’s anything I’ve learned from this channel it’s that there’s no shortcut to your fitness goals. My sense of what kind of size and strength gains were realistic was skewed from looking at enhanced athletes.

  • How about do 5 sets of 10.. if you can more pick up another set.. if that’s not enough get another set. Find your breaking point everyday with whatever workout you strive for. You’ll find growth in diet

  • Hi, I’ve got your PDF now.

    I notice in the first week that your program not only stands out from other GVT programs by adding in Deadlifts, but also that it pairs them with Squats. That’s 200 reps on the legs in one go! Is this optimum, or even advised?

  • Sir For This 3months exercise. It has to be with same weight or can we increase the weights. And Can we change exercise and weight together. or Same weight different exercise.?

  • starting in week! excited,but after i’m done with german volume i have read somewhere that you should take a break from it for about 10-12 weeks…what would be the best workout program to do in that time period guys?

  • I am grateful for the video. Youtube is good for this type of info.My friend used to be bullied. He explained he was gonna get bigger. I didn’t believe him. Til he packed on 40lbs of natural lean muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible Google it. He does not get bullied any longer. I actually signed up a few days ago. Not to mention this guys emails are interesting!!!

  • Is this real? Because I can’t download any workout and there’s no link down below. God I’m tired of being skinny. I seriously believe there is no workout plan or trainer out there that can get me strong. I simply don’t believe it.

  • I actually adopted German Volume Training into my personal calisthenics program. Which said program is inspired by the One Punch Man challenge. Which looks like this:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
    100 push-ups (10 reps x 10 sets)
    100 body rows (10 reps x 10 sets)
    100 squats (10 reps x 10 sets)
    10-minute HIIT (1 min. sprinting intervals)

    In between those days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) are my recovery days. Which I just do a good bit of light jogging. 20-30 minutes to be exact. Nothing too taxing. And just for that bit of fun on the sixth day (Saturday), I do sledgehammer and tire training. Cuz come on. What kind of training would be more fun than that? ��

    In all honesty though, German Volume Training is not a joke. Whether you’re a calisthenics student or weightlifter, it really makes you work without completely exhausting yourself to serious fatigue. Which is a well-balanced training method in my opinion.

    As what was said in the video, the first couple of sets in will feel a bit easy. But as you pump out more reps and sets, they progressively get harder and harder and once you pump out that last set (10th) of 10 reps, you’ll definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. I can honestly see myself doing this in the long term provided I modify my main exercises with different variations to increase intensity and thus difficulty every now and then. And once in a while, experiment with different workouts outside of my normal parameters while applying German Volume Training for those exercises. In fact I would definitely say that German Volume Training is my all-time favorite formula for volume. It’s simple to follow yet it’s effective in getting you results in a relatively short amount of time. Provided you’re consistent with it of course.

    As for supplements, I really don’t see a need to use those for myself. I made noticeable gains and fat loss just by eating lean meats such as eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, and beef. While also cutting back carbs to a minimum and throwing in some veggies and fruits here and there. Big breakfasts, medium lunches, and small dinners make quite the difference when it comes to nutrition in my humble opinion. Of course, this may not work for everybody else as everyone’s bodies are different. And for all the newbies out there, I suggest looking for what works best for you and you only.

    Edit: For those that don’t know what the One Punch Man challenge is, it is simply this:

    100 push-ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 squats
    10 km run

    Now on paper, this kind of training looks pretty solid. But in practice, I know there are problems with this. I’m sure for all those experts out there, you probably know what they are.

  • 10×10 monday 3×8 friday for chest dips wednesday with bench form check:D it took my bench to 150 kg i used conccurent programming

  • I am 65 kg and a lil bit skinny but i am going gym for two years. My deadlift is 110kg squad is 80kg and bench is 65kg.. Am i eligible to do this programme?

  • What I want to know is what exercise is best for health. I’ve watched a few people come out against cardio as a form of exercise, but the reason is always about looks being more muscular. But if the goal is health and not a specific muscular look then what’s best? I read that running is very good for heart disease treatment and prevention.

  • I was reading an article on volume somewhere and the author quotes someone when referring to volume training.
    He says “Maybe the reason Arnold Schwarzenegger and bill pearl(I think it’s bill pearl) were able to leave so many of us in the dust using volume training is that they were able to use volume training effectively.”
    I think he was referring to the constitutions, genetics, etc.

  • a friend from work showed me this, gonna start in 2 days after the break ends.

  • Hi, Thanks for the clear video. Just few queries. What if we are unable to complete all 10 reps at the later sets? Do we reduce the weight so that we start hitting 10 reps again? or do we just continue with the same weight and doing the lower reps? and on the next workout of the same muscle do we use the same weight and try to hit 10 reps on all 10 sets or do we reduce the weight? Thanks in advance for the response.

  • I’ve been using this workout since 1995.
    I love it because it cuts down my time in the gym (cardio and strength training is sort of combined short rest intervals).

  • Hope somebody reads this! I’m on a programme at the moment which constitutes leg training 1x/week (it’s a push pull legs split). Would a good backsquat regimen be 10×10 squats (at 60% 1RM) not only to maintain but to gain? Is it possible to make gains on legs training only 1x p/w? I could do another leg day, but 6days a week is a lot for me with social/family commitments etc.

  • Do you guys think its stupid when I do 36 reps on the bench press warm up 135. I do this once a week and im trying to hit one set for 50 reps in the coming months. Just for a fun challenge to myself not really for anything else.

    Once I can hit 50 reps in a row in one set ill up the weight to 155 for 50 reps and so on until I hit 225 for 50 reps.

  • Not hating but why he never shows his body. For someone who talks like they know so much about training and building muscle he never shows it

  • Do you think I’m strong enough to do this training? I’m 155 pounds, and I bench 140 for 5, squat 180 for 5, and deadlift 205 for 5 currently. Also, I’ve been training for about a year.

  • We just started doing gvt at my gym, half way into week 3. It is difficult, but then again I have never had an easy day at my gym. Excited to keep going, and see how the results end up looking, especially after seeing a few videos on you tube, nothing but good things im hearing

  • will doing 3 sets incline bench 3 sets decline bench and just add the other 4 sets of regular bench count as a 10×10? or… just do 10 on regular bench? I normally don’t do more than 25 sets per day TOTAL given that on chest day I do triceps, flys etc…. Will this kill my body? and how many exercises could I do, If I apply this then no more than 3 different exercises? say tricep extention, bench press and flys?

  • exercises like what focus on other body parts + arms. And is it ok if I change the shoulder + arms day to 10 sets of curls + 10 sets of tricep extensions then 10 sets of lateral and frontal raises plus 3 other exercises of 3 sets each focusing on triceps biceps and shoulders?

  • Wow, for somebody that is an advanced lifter and just now utilizing GVT as a re-entry program after 1 year off, this video was exactly what I was looking for. The breakdown and explanation of periodization was the cherry on top. Liked, subscribed, and looking forward to future videos. Thank you!

  • Could I do an U rest L rest U rest L?
    Also, on off days, could I hit the treadmill for an hour at a moderate speed, say 3-3.5 mph and a 7% incline? Or would that be excessive? Thanks

  • I did the GVT superset Leg day for the first time today. Squats supersetted with leg curls, 10×10. I knew it was going to suck, but Jesus Christ monkeyballs…. My legs are already very fatigue resistant from doing MI40x style workouts, I guess that’s why it didn’t burn much. BUT IT WAS SO FUCKING TAXING!!!! Near the end I just couldn’t take it anymore. I felt horrible… nauseous, cold sweats… really cold! I honestly felt like if I did one more superset I would faint and lay there in my own puke, sweat, snot, shit, and foamy ass rabies like saliva. And I didn’t even get a burn, wtf! I liked the GVT Chest+Back day (hardly any burn either) but GVT style leg training with supersets is just not for me I guess. Maybe I did something wrong… Maybe there’s something wrong with me lol.

  • This video is so exciting to me because I was already thinking of using GVT as a hypertrophy supplement to 5X5 because I keep plateauing at low weights. Is there a certain level of strength a person should be at in order to justify beginning a 6 week cycle of GVT to see actual noteworthy hypertrophy results? 60% of my 1RM is a pretty low overall load in the absolute sense. Of course it’s just as relatively heavy as everyone else. Also is there a good way to minimize strength loss through 6 weeks of GVT?

  • yo elliott huge hello and support from Serbia. I literally watch you every single day, and
    I always wanted to write you and ask you tips about leg routine, because i really have trouble with my legs i m doing them each 5 days (squats-front and back, walk lounge, deadlift..) and i after my training my legs are sore for 5 days but i’m not seeing any serious progression after 2 years of serious work routine.

    You can check my channel as well

    Thank you

    Best regards


  • For a motherfucking year when I first started working out, I did german volume training with push ups/straight bar dips and pull ups, which means, I would simply divide my my max rep on the exercise by two and do that many sets and reps for the exercise resting 30 seconds between sets evry other day or every 2 days, after a year I could d0 140+ straight bar dips and 70+ sternum pull ups in a row(not those resting 5 seconds between reps shit, non stop) at 218 lbs at 6ft height, I was ripped and had 17 inch arms at 8 percent body fat. When I started lifting, my first ever max bench press was 300 lbs. I was in shape from just calisthenics.

  • How do you establish what weight to use? What percentage of 1RM should be used? What happens if I fail to get 10 reps on set 7 of 10? Do I rest and get the remaining reps or do I lower the weight?

  • There’s nothing more detrimental to your progression in the gym than not listening to your body. If you didn’t get enough sleep to recover from yesterday’s training or are under so much stress from your personal life or work, or your nutrition has been way off and you’ve been eating excess processed foods and not enough proteins and enzymes/vitamins  and healthy fats, this will show and will effect your training. Rule of thumb: consistency is everything. If you follow a strength program, follow it to a T even if you aren’t seeing results right away, following a decent program all the way through will be benefit you more than following an amazing program every once in a while. Same goes with nutrition. Why? Because the body is not separate from your muscles and your muscles are not separate from your immune system. As much as we’d like to believe; we are not machines! (this is why you grow stronger with the more rest). If you are feeling like crap, lower the intensity and go for volume at light weight to get blood flow and oxygen/nutrient delivery to the muscles and body for recovery and to save your CNS. If you feel great, go for intensity or balance intensity and volume according to how you feel, what your day is like etc. This is also why you’ll see ADVANCED and elite lifters (10-20+ years of consistent training) rarely going over board with their training, rather they’ll do their mobility, hit a strength lift to create a stimulus and may or may not do accessory work (get in, get out, no bs) and leave because they have experimented and learned first hand what works for their body and balances with their overall lifestyle! Again, no magazine or website or whatever is going to tell you what works best for you, they may give you different ideas to try out (always keep an open mind be open to new ideas and philosophies), but in the end YOU must find what works for you! Being fearless and stepping into the unknown (yoga, bodybuilding, strength or powerlifting, martial arts, gymnastics, maybe a combination of all??) You’d be amazed at what the body CAN do when it is recovered and has the “money in the bank” because you listened to it! Volume vs. intensity is only part of the equation! Good luck!

  • Can i rotate back to day 1 after day 5 rest day? I’m endo/meso and find that I can typically do more than average. Thanks in advance.

  • So you put on 8.8 lbs how much of that was muscle mate? Im a novice tbh but i want give this a go tbh what ya reckon thanks mate?

  • I used GVT for two months with my legs….BOOOOOOM huge strength and size gainzz. LOTS of pain. Worth it. Had to eat like two horses a day though.

  • I fully agree! I use this concept for leg training, I only use 3 compound exercises but with many sets and don’t do shit like leg extensions or leg curls

  • 10×10 works, make sure you have at least 2 mins break between sets, increase by 10kg per week and don’t do more than 6 weeks, you will break your 1RM guaranteed!

  • I have trained using the traditional GVT model and had very good results in the past, but where can I find that advance GVT model that you posted about 11min into the video?

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  • hey Elliot is it true that the optimal volume per week for bigger muscle groups (pecs, back, qauds) is 60-120 reps and for smaller (bicep, shoulder, tricep, calves,…) is 30-60?

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  • Sience: “10 Sets per Muscle group a week”
    Me: Training Legs 2x a week with 50 sets at the limit on every set��

    And still want to do more

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  • i’m the worst hard gainer on the world!!! believe me. german V Training last for 3 weeks, after 2,5 weeks i gained 12 pounds of pure muscle mass. diet shit load of carbs(even junk), intensity 60% respect the pauses(45s-90s depends of exercise) pauses are St. buy magnesium cause you’ll get spasm’s like never in your life

  • I have a question about GVT!! I’ve been doing 10 sets of 10 skull crushers for triceps, but only experience soreness in my inner triceps (the part closest to the body). Is this because of the exercise, or because my outer triceps is stronger so doesn’t feel it as much? Are there any triceps exercises that will work the whole lot? I cant really do dips because I cant weight them

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  • Hi… wanted to know if I start GVT… whether I can alter the training eg…D1 chest/tri,D3 back/bi, D5 shoulders/legs… as I’m going to start GVT probably next week or so… I am creating a program that will consist of exercises I know that will specifically hit those specific muscle through different compound movements

  • GVT is 10 x 10 for2 complementary big exercises every training day. Six weeks later you do a few weeks of lower volume. Then you either repeat GVT at higher weights, or do the intermediate version, which is 10 x 6. Again you follow with a few weeks lower volume for strength. Then, if you are up to it, you do AGVT, advanced GVT. You wave the reps and intensity 10 x 5, 10 x 4, 10 x 3. Again you follow with lower volume strength training. If you can run a mile after GVT you didn’t do it right:).

  • Great video mate. I think i will still increase my weight and lower reps as you say to break through a plateau on my deadlift. Squat is still going up. Bench is going up. Added same routine on overhead press.

  • if you cant do 10 sets of 10 pull ups…do 10 sets of 5 pull ups.or howver many you could do 10 sets of the same reps…that how GVT works for a bodyweight exercise, if your on a weighted exercise you can just lower the weight and bang out 10 reps

  • What are you even talking about? I wasn’t trying to compare myself to anything. Just saying your original comment that GVT is only for dudes on gear is completely off base.

  • I did something like this, 3 days a week. But it starts at 8×8 week one, then 10×10 week two then 12×12 on the third and finally 15×15 on the last week.After that you take a week off and start all over. Brutal doing 15×15 on squat day i can tell ya! This volume stuff is fantastic for hormone stimuli but should’nt be done for long term imo.

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  • I’ve been doing this for about a month now after strength training. Basically after a 5×5. I lost a bit of strength. Will that come back or is it going to be as hard to gain the strength back as before? If so I don’t really care I just want some mass.

  • Extremely informative video. For someone lifting for 22 years you explained all of these concepts perfectly. Your channel is priceless not only you new lifters but all experience levels. Well done. Keep up the great work. Thank you sir.

  • I am confused about how this method is effective. You mentioned using short rest times to accumulate fatigue in GVT. Due to the high metabolic stress of doing compound exercises (especially in superset format) wouldn’t using short rest times cut down your ability to achieve a certain amount of volume?

  • Starting a 5 week german volume training program this week. Will be doing 10 sets of 10 reps @ 50% of 1RM, increasing by 5 lbs a week. Will be doing strict press, bench press, front squat, and back squat. Will also be doing some cardio/metcons and eating paleo 80% of the time.

  • Question: do you have to be at your litmit already on the first set? Is that even possible? I’m pushing to the linit every Set but then I have 14 reps in the beginning going down to 8 at the 10th set.

  • I am 57 years old and I still go to the gym.but yet I started weight training in 1978 and I i have been a bodybuilder in the 80s and 90s and the 2000s drug free yes I was a monster in the 80sand 90s too yes you can get big muscles naturally but there are secret one I will tell you after read thousand of books and magazines way back before I ever took up weight training it was about education your self first I already new a lot about nutrition and hard work I was raise on a farm in Jamaica in the bush before I come to the uk in 1977 the uk was very cold then I was a skinny kid so when I was 23 I took up weight training and if I tell you the all what really read in those books were useless I find out what work for me and I keep writing ✍�� it down yes I did win a shit lode of EFBB bodybuilding championships I even when to the USA ���� and I train at gold gym great but I stick to what work for me the I discover it still work up till today young men in the gym cannot keep with me even if the take there little pre..work bulk shit.and so call hard core training they do so many of them in the gym ask me stuff on training I just laugh �� you be amazed some of the stuff they ask me even women it is so funny tell some one to do ten set of bench press and see if they get there and ten reps each set.they might look at you straight yes and even get up into the five hundred of real iron �� 4-week train work for me back them and it still work for me now but there is hundreds of ways to train but there is ways for you to grow fast like wildfire or wild bush too many people jumping on the band wagon talking crap yes I see them come and see the go even the pro bodybuilder of to day and back then so much ego in the gym and now brain �� crazy Rome was not build over night understand but i will tell my son the truth so he will not in the future if we not there now.fake city real planet.����

  • im gonna try GVT next, but I’m not sure what weight to use. Someone suggest 60% 1rm is good for the 10×10. my squat is 405 (x 60% is 243), and I know there’s no way in hell i can do 10 x 10 of 243, especially with the short rest period that most of the GVT routines suggest. I think I’ll just start at 225 and see how it goes.

  • Sorry, tried it for 20 days and got DOMS and overtrained so bad I didn’t even want to get out of bed some days! Laid off for 2 weeks and it all went away! Just a lot of pump and no growth.

  • I started this training method this week. I’ve worked out twice. I did bench 10×10 I couldn’t finish it I had to drop the weight a bit by my 8th set but it’s ok. I then went onto triceps and did 3×20 pulldowns focusing on negatives. Day 2 I did rows on a machine cause I’m coming back from a herniated disc, 10×10 then I did biceps 3×20 to finish them off,and I shit you not I can see my muscles gaining size already that puffy muscular look German volume will give you that big look

  • Nice one James! Loved this Video! More of these please! ���� Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy all the other Videos you make, but this style is really helpful for me as you not only explain the concept, you give examples of actual real World application! I’m Anabolic already! ������

  • Finally! Found your video on periodization! You mention it a lot on other videos, and I wanted to find the one that explained it.
    I would love to see a whole video about it with more detail though:)

  • Ive been using the GVT workout since 2007, which was my junior year in high school. GVT goes great with olympic lifts. Ive literraly have been in great shape since day one of doing this. So im happy to hear this program is still very relevant today.

  • But Jeff just said volume training kills gains! Idk who to believe! I really want to add in volume training so I think I’ll listen to you ��

  • 60% of 1 rm is not the same % of fibers used when youve been volume training for a few months vs when you have been lifting heavy in sets of 3. Fiber recruitment after prolonged volume training goes down per contraction as opposed to when you lift heavy as hell. This is why people frequently complain that they have lost strength after volume training. Conversely when you have been doing high volume and have alot of mass built from it, when you do begin to lift heavy and frequently you will get strong fast.

  • Was pleasantly surprised to see the plan was legit free with no need to give email or anything! Thanks for that, as soon as I saw that I instantly subbed.

  • Nice shout out to Athlean-X. I’m here because I’m doing his Max Size, and the first month is GVT. Helped me better understand what I’m doing.

  • Perfect timing!! I enjoy doing different work-outs sometimes. I enjoy the feeling after. You’d think it may be hard on joints but it’s just the opposite. Didn’t take long to figure out why. The body isn’t shocked by huge weights all at once but the volume does catch up. My joints are much happier and was much needed Wht I’ve noticed is that the rest period is so important. Have to keep it short and don’t guess at it. I’m a fan!! And you aded some things not normally told commonly included in other videos. But I expect that from you..

  • i did this program for about 3 weeks! it was amazing all my lifts went up! but about 3 weeks after i lost almost everything i gained..

  • for me 6-8 sets per body part works the best and it may take years to figure out where you need to be. some body parts i only do 3 sets like arms as i grow them much more quicker with less volume as the compunds do the rest.

  • That’s 10 sets per bodypart, right? Because I just tried it with Hacksquats and Deadlifts and there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to do another 5 sets of each.

  • Is it better to superset exercises on GVT? I thought that was the whole idea of it but lots of people do for example 10×10 bench press then move on to do 10×10 rows. I thought it was supposed to be supersetted to allow full recovery in between sets. Because the weight you can use for 100 reps could be quite a bit heavier when supersetting (due to longer actual rest before returning) is this not the best way to do it??? Why do so many people do it 10×10 straight sets????

  • What do you do periodization-wise when you reach your target, rather than a plateau? When homeostasis is ok? I mean, you’re hitting the weights you want, the athletic goals you have (if any), etc. You look how you want to look, perform how you want to perform. You don’t want to lift heavier, do more reps, or get more hypertrophy or whatever. You just want to maintain the gains you have made.

    If homeostasis is a gain-killer, and periodization is a homeostasis-killer, will just doing the same series of broad cycles year after year be fine? Or will the gains you’re trying to maintain begin to decline?


  • hello James, i’ve not been training with weight seriously for very long but I first discovered athlean x then, lately your channel and I think your content is a beacon of light amidst the dark miasma of utube fitness, so thank you for your work. I have one question, what do you make of studies such as Carpinelli ‘Berger in retrospect’ which concludes that in terms of muscle growth (hypertrophy) one set of a well performed exercise with the right weight stimulus and good form is no better than more, say 3 sets. This seems to go in the face of all excepted thinking. Be interested to hear your comments on this.

  • I’ve had super great success with GVT with my athletes in the offseason. (After some time is spent on mobility and fixing issues).

  • It’s actually better to do 4 exercises for the same bodypart for 5 sets of 10 each. More variation, more development of the muscle, plus you can use a bit more weight as you’re only doing 5 sets as to 10 sets. Doing 1-2 exercises for 10 sets each can be repetitive. Volume rules.

  • Clear and detailed explained. I just want to know if we follow gvt how much can we increase mass in two months. Your new subscriber here

  • The German volume training is great for someone that doesn’t have a job and nothing else to do and tons of food to eat and an endless amount of rest. for people in the real world that work for a living. Less volume higher-intensity-mindmuscle connection works best. at best people need to figure out how much is too much is first and then they will know how much enough is��

  • I like old Vince Gironda’s “honest workout”, basically the same thing, just 8×8, 10-30 seconds rest between sets. He called it the honest workout because he said use a weight that you can complete each set with that felt like an 80-85% intensity challenge, no hitch, no cheat, no momentum. He said this work would keep you honest about your actual strength and health levels and let the muscle do the actual work. Once again, the name of the game is focus, and intensity. Great stuff! Would you recommend trying a P/P/L type of setup with this? As long as you took adequate time between days, if you were pressed for time?

  • I like Advanced German Volume Training. It really jumped up my Bench and Squat. What’s your opinion on that style since the Rep range much lower but sets are still at 10?

  • Hi James, I’m taking up sports science and I love your videos! I can’t stop watching since I’m learning so much from your channel. Does this work for calisthenics based training programs? Also, is it possible to get work a body part twice a week with the use of this program? Thank you very much!

  • I dont believe in negative.
    I do think, muscles are done for positive movements. For instance… in bench press a negative is affecting lats(the one that are involved in negative, that looks like row if you pay attention)
    Bench press ALWAYS the faster you can do… no matter the weigh.

  • You said that we should do explosive concentric repetitions because it creates intramuscular tension and stimulates the nervous system. So are you saying that doing slow concentric contractions does not create as much intramuscular tension? Are you also implying that slow concentric repetitions does not stimulate the nervous system as much as explosive repetitions?

  • Out of those 10 sets, how many were effective? By the 6th and 7th sets, they would have began to fatigue, lose focus, and may even had to reduce the weight by the later sets.

    For me personally, low volume, high intensity works the best. By low volume, I mean 1-3 work sets. 2 exercises per body part. I train each body part every 3-4 days

  • Appreciate the dissection my man��One of the better ones.I get bored sometimes listening to some(no offense to them)pretty sure you hit it on the head with the info.thanks��