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12 MIN HAPPY SWEAT WORKOUT good mood HIIT workout / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Video taken from the channel: Pamela Reif


HiiT Workout Song w/ TIMER 45/15 NEFFEX & TABATAMANIA

Video taken from the channel: TABATAMANIA: HiiT Workout Tabata Songs


HiiT Workout Song w/ TIMER 45/15 Feat Tobu TABATAMANIA

Video taken from the channel: TABATAMANIA: HiiT Workout Tabata Songs


HiiT Workout Song w/ TIMER 45/15 Intense TABATAMANIA

Video taken from the channel: TABATAMANIA: HiiT Workout Tabata Songs


HiiT Workout Song w/ TIMER 45/15 Feat NEFFEX TABATAMANIA

Video taken from the channel: TABATAMANIA: HiiT Workout Tabata Songs


HiiT Workout Song w/ TIMER 45/15 BRUTAL

Video taken from the channel: TABATAMANIA: HiiT Workout Tabata Songs


15 Minute Full Body Calorie Burn (SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE!)

Video taken from the channel: V Shred

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List of related literature:

The HIIT protocol was combined with resistance training (“RT-HITT” group) or 20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on a cycle ergometer (AT-HIIT).

“Exercise Oncology: Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis” by Kathryn H. Schmitz
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For the first 10 exercise sessions, all subjects in the exercising groups performed the same HIIT protocol of 8 to 10 bouts of 60 s of cycling at 90% to 110% of peak power with 75 s of recovery between bouts.

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Total training time for the HIIT group was 38 minutes.105 Breathing Diaphragmatic breathing may help reduce excessive accessory muscle use and reduce the work of Exercises breathing.

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Workout 2: Tabata Sets Perform a 10-to-15-minute warm-up, then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats, treadmill running, cycling, rowing machine—you choose) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

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Twenty minutes (excluding warm-up and cooldown) of high-intensity interval training on a 30-seconds work/60-seconds rest cycle on the elliptical trainer, bicycle, rower, or running.

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It’s 4 minutes of HIIT – high intensity interval training, though without the intervals!

“The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers” by Bobby Seagull
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HIIT protocol 2: Sprint 50 seconds, walk 90 seconds, perform eight times.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
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For example: In a HIIT running workout, after warming up, you might sprint at an intensity level of 8 out of 10 for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of recovery-level jogging (maybe a 4 or 5) and continue to alternate this way for the duration of your run.

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  • 1. Jumping jacks (15s)
    2. Knee + toe touch (15s)
    3. Squat + punch (22s)
    4. Squat hold + arms (22s)
    5. Jumping jacks (15s)
    6. Knee + toe touch (15s)
    7. Reach up + put down (30s)
    8. Jumping jacks (15s)
    9. Knee + toe touch (17s)
    10. Plank + toe touch (30s)
    11. Lift it up plank (25s)
    12. Up & down plank (15s)
    13. Reach out + cross touch (32s)
    14. Ab hold (15s)
    15. Sitting kick (37s)
    16. Half squat + box (25s)
    17. Half squat hold + arms (15s)
    18. 1x jump + 1x plank jump (30s)
    19. Half squat + box (15s)
    20. 1x jump + 1x plank jump (15s)
    21. Half squat hold+ arms (30s)
    22. 1x jump + 1x plank jump (17s)
    23. Arm circles (30s)
    24. Squat hold + Kung fu (17s)
    25. Ampelmann jump (14s)
    26. Mountain climbers (30s)
    27. Plank + pike (37s)
    28. Squat hold + kung fu (16s)
    29. Ampelmann jump (12s)
    30. Mountain climbers (30s)
    31. Plank jacks (20s)

  • 3 days �� i lost 3.5 pounds because im doing it not only three times but i make it 6x…you will lost a lot of extra pounds. ����

  • A Vince, you shorted us 2 rounds according the the time clock above your tight shoulder! Don’t cheat yourself. Its all good man, I appreciate your channel! Thanks!

  • I used to run long distance for years and really loved it. In recent times my ankle and knees have started to play up. I find this workout a great replacement for running while I wait for my injuries to heal.

  • It’s so good to see your own progress. When I started I couldn’t finish this workout, now I can do it 2 times in a row and do another workout on top of it. REMINDER NEVER GIVE UP!!��

  • I had discovered how carbohydrate food were tied into weight gain and generally to abstain from carbohydrates, in spite of this had never thought as using them to lose fat. The fundamental idea behind the four cycle weight-loss strategy is to really train your whole body to burn fat for energy and not just carbohydrates. It’s based on scientific inquiry into the high carb eating habits of the Japanese coupled with their outstanding long-life expectancy. The conclusions suggest that it’s their substantial carb-cycling dieting means that helps to go on remaining healthier into old age with a minimal body mass index (reduced incidence of overweight).Read even more here https://goo.gl/tLjnbf

  • Let me just say I burned 500 calories after 3 rounds and when I say the heat felt so good after! Sooo loved this workout ��️‍♀️ will try it every other day to see results
    Thanks VShred

  • Always remember that if it was easy everyone would be fit and have a six pack. This is supposed to be hard and it’s only gonna get easier

  • Another fitness instructor with gyno showing. Anyone in the fitness industry knows what that means….taking angiogenic compounds ��. Aka not natural

  • How many calories does this workout burn? I weigh 210 I’m 5’7 and I want to be able to add it into my fitness pal because I use it for losing weight

  • She looks like she hasn’t even realized she’s working out! You’re AMAZING Pamela! I can’t wait until the day comes when I get to be as fit as you! You are my inspiration! And helping me through all these though times!
    Thank you!

  • I tried this workout and it is great. I am about 5’4 and 127 lbs. I have a lot of body fat and aim to decrease it. From today i will do this workout daily (except sundays) and post results here. Please like if u see this comment if you want to see my results. I will edit daily. It was hard to complete it but it was possible. Just take more breaks if you need. Day 1 127 lbs

  • Hi ola bom dia bonjour buongiourno!:) New HiiT version 45/15 interval training. 45 sec maximum effort, 15 sec resting. Tell me what you think! <3 Sarah

  • I am doing the 18 week 45 min Workout Plan! This was 5/5 of the videos. Definitely didn’t like that this was the last of 5 videos!! So much intensity. But I still enjoyed because me feeling the music helped a lot. I finish day one of the workout plan and I’m so excited to see my results on day 7! Tysm Pamela! You’re so strong and amazing������

  • I regret doing this everytime I hear the Feel Right Now music starting and think about the 1x jump 1x plank jump. This exercise is my worst nightmare I need to mentally prepare myself not to cry while doing the half squat hold + arms

  • This is what I want to do. First I think I need to start with lower back stretches and hot packs to get rid of this dang back pain.

  • Thanks man your video is the one that helped me lose most of my FATS NOT WEIGHT. I started doing exercises at one of the lose weight apps for one month and i lost 4 kg but didnt see much changes on my physical appearance. Then i started doing this, the first time I did this, IT WAS HELL. Then i continued for one month and I lost another 3 kg but this time i saw a lot more changes than i continued by doing muscle exercises and overall after 3 months of lose weight journey I lost 14 kg. Hope yall can yake any benefits from my feedback right here:))

  • Day 1 of doing this:
    1) First exercise: Completely forgotten about calf raise until the last 2 sec
    2) 2nd exercise: Managed to complete it
    3) 3rd exercise: I stopped when there is still 5 secs left as it was too much for me and skipped the bicycle completely

    I need to lie on the mat for a good 15mins to catch my composure back to normal, my body is burning, sweating everywhere while i got totally dizzy after this short period of exercise, obviously my body is in bad shape. I will look back at this comment many months later, hopefully i can report a better condition by then.

  • Vince, I love you bro…Im just a casual person whos average age 14 Height 5″4 I was lookin for someone whos just happy to help your the only person who understands every1s stress like mine im tryin to fall on diets, Take Supplements, Eat Healthy, Sleep 9-11 hrs And workout regularly. All i wanna say is Thank You and God Bless you. (Love✌❤)��

  • So disappointed by this. Pamela puts a total of 8 advertisements into a 15 minutes HIIT workout. Was really expecting more. Can’t support further and will definitely stick to youtubers that do not bombard me with ads during a super short video…

  • so im going to do this along with 50 pushups, 50 squats and 50 leg raises every day. Currently 87 kgs (192 pounds), 5’10. I will keep you all updated:)
    Goal: 161 pounds
    Starting weight: 191.8 pounds
    Week 1: 190.3 pounds

  • I started this routine before my usual abs work out!! Trust me it gets a lot easier after the third time. Its indeed a happy sweat workout i loveeeee this soo much ❤️❤️

  • Is a 12 minute workout like this, done the whole way through, enough of a work out?! I get mega sweaty during this, but the quick duration has me worried.

  • Love ur song selection which makes us take effort, how happy u r doing this, loved ur enthusiasm and energy, I wanna hv body like u, did today full with second attempt. Keep inspiring��

  • _Timestamps_

    1:58 explosive squat w/calf raise
    2:57 speed skaters
    3:59 high knees
    4:57 alternating toe taps
    5:57 bicycles

  • do this consistently and you will see results, trust me. Also try to eat on smaller plates so you eat less but it still looks full, that helped me out as well. Went from 86 kg to 78 after like 3 months. not a major difference in looks, but i still looked better and had more confidence, plus the number was under 80 so i was glad. (i was 17 at the time and it helped me gain confidence to talk with people more and wear t shirts more often which i didn’t do before because i looked kinda fat in them. But later it resulted in people telling me i look better and more buff so yea)

  • Can i do like 2-3 min rest in between rounds?
    Cuz I barley managed to do it (not even perfectly) with 1.5 min rest between rounds and i was sweating buckets
    I wanna know if i will get the benefit of it with the rest or the benefit of hiit cardio disappears when you take longer rest (1-3 mins) between rounds.
    Excuse me if my english is bad, and thank for the amazing video❤️

  • Explosive squat w/calf raise 40 sec
    20 sec rest
    Speed Skaters 40 sec
    20 sec rest
    High knees 40 sec
    20 sec rest
    Alternative toe taps 40 sec
    20 sec rest
    Bicycles 40 sec
    20 sec rest
    Repeat 3 times

  • Idk how but I had been stucked with Abs in 2 Weeks Program of Chloe Ting for a while and when I move dto Pamela Reif Week Program, I felt more comfortable and much more relaxed than doing AI2W. I’d took like 15mins break for each workout in AI2W, but in this Week22 Burn Fat, I did it continuously and non-stop. Feel better!

  • Thats an amazing workout!
    I will do it 10 days on a row! Wish me luck and plz remind me! ��

    Day 1:reaaaaaly exhosted but finished the whole workout without pausing. I am still going!
    Day 2: also exhosted but finished the whole workout. (i started to realize that after workout you are not hungry whitch iš amazing)
    Still going

  • Ola Bom dia Bonjour Buongiorno! Always here for you girls and boys! What exercices are you doing for that song? ✌️ Sarah y Oriel

  • I have a problem… every time I hear Rover/Mulala anywhere I feel a sudden urge to start doing jumping jacks and knee+toe touch �� I hope im not the only one lol

  • Ola Bom dia Bonjour Buongiorno! Do you know the show “Ballers”?
    Well a NEFFEX song reminded it to us and we mixed it with other songs. Really nice to workout with NEFFEX again! ����

  • I’m 5’7″ (171 cm) and 61 kg (134 lb) female starting this workout. Someone with similar body stats, please let me know if this worked for ya! Many thanks <3

  • I am 15 year old and i gotten fat during this quarantine and i am trying to get back in shape and this workout is really good and i am going to continue to do this workout and right now i just did 1 and a half rounds and it got me sweating like i was a waterfall and it was worth it am going to keep using this work out.

  • It would be so helpful if you would do all 3 rounds. During the last 15-20 seconds of rest I have to back it up, twice, so I can do it along with you for all 3 rounds. It’s so much better to have a timer on the TV or phone and follow along, like so many of your other videos. Thanks a lot!

  • I like how I was doing this workout like huh, its not that bad, and then galantis played and now I have so much sweat in my eyeballs I can’t see ��

  • This is literally my favourite workout ever! Such good music to make you smile and put energy in, you make my workouts fun and amazing ❤️

  • This is perfect timing for my ab workout
    High knees
    Russian Leg Twist
    Leg Raises
    Flutter Kicks
    Plank Knee to Chest
    Chair Sit ups
    Seated in and outs
    Jumping Jacks
    I watch this vid twice to do my workout and I feel obliged to say Thank you!

  • SO THRILLED about this workout! �� by far my favorite HIIT routine ever.
    It feels like a mix out of HIIT and a Dance workout. Have fun with it!

    xx Pam

  • When is the most effective time to do hiit sessions? Am or pm. And also is it counter productive to do other training after or during rest days?

  • Thank you Pamela for this wonderful workout video!! Could you do a happy sweat 2.0? I absolutely love the final portion of this video where we do high intensity movements in sync with EDM! Always look forward to that beat drop